Catholic vs. Protestant - 2018-02-16 - Triple Post-Mortem

Author Recorded Friday February 16th, 2018

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This Triple Post-Mortem dissects, in purposefully vague and general terms, the vetoed interviews of three baptized men who shall remain unnamed to protect their identities. All three men were very antagonistic and objected to my use of the word versus. • Support the CVS Podcast: • Be a guest on a livestream:

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I'm gonna take this opportunity to dissect three vetoes from three different guests who are all baptized Christians and I can sincerely say that I love and respect all of my guests but this idea of vetoing an interview I don't understand it because when you have a full control and I give my guests full control and what that means is that they can request any edit that they want they can request a do-over where we completely scrap the first interview and we'd do it again I have no problem with that I've done that several times but when you're invited on to a show called Catholic verses and then after the show is recorded and edited and presented to you and you decide you don't want to publish it because you don't like the idea of verses I find that a little bit hard to accept I find a little bit difficult to believe I think something else is going on the word verses just means to turn against or to turn towards that's what the word originally meant adversary I think shares the same route the one you turn towards or the one you I have a certain version and a certain hostility in a certain animosity in a certain opposition to the Antichrist I do that's why my podcast is called Catholic verses because if you're not a faithful Catholic there is a certain amount of opposition inevitably that I have toward your worldview you are not necessarily my enemy if you are not a faithful Catholic but if you've carefully considered your worldview and you've chosen something other than Jesus Christ and his mystical body of the church you are standing in opposition to me there may be invincible ignorance it may not be your fault that you don't see what I see I didn't always see what I see now so how can I blame someone who has not yet seen what I have come to see I can't but I am opposed to the old me that's why Saint Paul calls it the old man we have to kill the old man if that's not opposition I don't know what is I'm accused by all three of these guests who vetoed of being hateful smug I'm not saying that all three accused me of all of those but the this is going to be a general postmortem where I take into a consideration all three guests who vetoed and there's a lot of overlap but the listener doesn't need to know who these people are the listener doesn't need to know who said what this is just going to be a general meditation on some of the most prominent themes that came up in the course of these there's a poem that the venerable Archbishop Fulton sheen used to recite one of the many poems that he used to recite often called when Jesus came to Birmingham and I find it a very touching poem it was written by an Anglican an Anglican in the 20s 1920s who was very disillusioned with the world of religion and with his church and with the general atmosphere of indifference towards Jesus Christ so it's a very touching Paul I won't recite it to you I haven't memorized it and I don't have it before me but it basically talks about how cruel the crucifixion was on Calvary and how people today aren't as cruel if Jesus came to Birmingham they wouldn't mock and beat him and scourge him force him to carry across peel the bloody clothes from his ragged wounds pierce his flesh with nails and raise him on the cross and they wouldn't pierce his side with a sword know what the people of 1922 would do who was much less cruel they would simply pass him by on the street in the cold rain indifferent careless and self-absorbed and the poet ends in a very touching way with Jesus leaning against the cold dirty brick wall on the street and sighing for Calgary it's a very moving poem and what it brings to mind in the context of this triple postmortem is the stark contrast between Judas and the Roman soldiers what you do do quickly jesus said to Judas do it quickly one of the worst things is anticipation this idea that you know something bad is coming and you don't know exactly one if it's inevitable you kind of like to get it over with it's a very human reaction and when Judas snuck off and I think snuck is a good word because his fellow apostles didn't know what he was doing so he snuck off from the Last Supper and he went and did his business with the Sanhedrin and as we all know who Jesus was eventually arrested tried illegally in the middle of the night mocked tortured and crucified and the soldiers I have to commend the Roman soldiers who quickly and efficiently nailed Jesus to the cross I have to commend them and I have to Judis could not have done that judas would not have done that judas wasn't cruel enough quote/unquote in the sense that if he were in birmingham he wouldn't have been cruel enough to pay attention to Jesus I think the Roman soldiers passing by Jesus on the street in Birmingham in 1922 would have gotten down on their knees not because Jesus is God because it's a human being and they are men the Roman soldiers who nailed Jesus Christ to the cross were men unlike Judas they were real men and they would have intervened with the person in need on the street that's the impression that I get there's a sense of duty and honor and one of my favorite saint st. Anselm of Canterbury said that if those soldiers for whatever reason lacked the discipline or the guts to finish the job to nail our Lord and Savior to the cross if those soldiers for whatever reason had backed down then our mother Mary would have picked up the hammer and picked up nails and she would have finished the job very powerful so I'm finishing the job here that nine hours of interview started nine hours of hesitant non-committal wishy-washy lukewarm anti-catholicism God wants hot or cold he doesn't want lukewarm he's going to spit you out of his mouth if you're lukewarm if you're going to hate the church hate it if you're going to be a Satanist be the best Satanist you can be this is what st. Teresa of Calcutta said if you're a Muslim be the best Muslim you could be if you're a Hindu be the best Hindu you can be if you're a Protestant be the best Protestant you can be and if you're a Satanist I say be the best Satanist you can be it's what led me into the arms of God I took Satanism seriously as seriously as you can it was always a joke but I did believe that I was God that is the teaching of Satanism a theistic satanism it's basically hearts ellipses and with a lot of window dressing when they asked Chesterton who most influenced your conversion to the Catholic Church he said Satan and I say the same thing I God's produced he knows what he's doing there's a reason why he allowed the mystery of iniquity there's a reason why he allowed Adam and Eve to fall from grace it's called good news people it's good news god looked at creation all of it and said it was good it was very good and if it was very good it is very good because God is not in time so if you're going to attack the church for God's sake don't be shy don't hesitate if you're hesitating maybe that's an opportunity maybe that's your window to actually pick a side why do you want to remain in the gray zone why do you want to remain safe take the plunge take the leap I've had guests who are very openly anti-catholic and they hate Jesus Christ on his church and they admit it publicly openly and they have what they think are pretty good reasons and we're going to talk about some of those reasons because they're pretty much the common reasons why people hate what they think the Catholic Church is so this post mortem is me trying to finish that job that these three men started and didn't have the nerve or the guts to complete I want to start by talking a little bit about this idea that came up about the truth as being something propositional meaning that there are ideas there are words there are doctrines which are enshrined and it were sort of deifying an idea or a Dogma or something like that this is something that my guests all talked about these three guests who vetoed their interviews they all wanted to make the doctrines of of Christ into some sort of academic assertion this attack on my faith brings to mind the famous Regensburg address that pope benedict xvi gave in germany because these guests are indulging whether they know it or not and they probably don't they're indulging in a sort of transcendentalism which is the evil fruit of the ideas of Immanuel Kant this idea that there's no way to access the Newman allure just stuck in the phenomenal world that we don't have a justification for a mediator it really is a very subtle but direct attack on the mediation of Jesus Christ it really is dangerous and both the Protestants and the Muslims as well as the secular humanists are criticized they're singled out by pope benedict xvi for this sort of transcendentalism this tendency which of course not many embrace willingly or knowingly but which is nonetheless there and we can see it when when these three guests attack my faith the articles of my faith by trying to reduce them to some sort of word salad some sort of mere propositional truth some sort of ideology this is sort of agnosticism in terms of religious epistemology it's saying uncle well I don't say uncle to anyone but God God is a jealous God he doesn't want anyone being led astray and I don't want anyone being led astray not myself not my friends not my acquaintances not my enemies I don't want anyone being led astray so I'm fixated on the truth the truth will set you free and a lack of truth will enslave you this is not an attempt to bash anyone's character how would that serve me it doesn't serve me I want to serve God and what serves me is to pursue the truth to identify error to understand why these three guests all felt like they were serving God when they were persecuting Jesus Christ reducing Jesus Christ's mediation to some form of what they call ideology propositional truth or whatever it is that however they labeled it Jesus Christ teaches that our faith does not terminate in ideas it does not terminate in propositions the Christian faith terminates in the realities that those words and ideas and propositions express our faith terminates in the person of Jesus Christ who is fully God and fully man who is the mediator between God and men this is deadly to Immanuel Kant's philosophy destroys it if you have the Roman Catholic Church if you belong to the mystical body of Christ you are immune from transcendentalism you won't buy into secular humanism you won't buy into Islam you won't buy into Protestant but these people think that they are crucifying a false god they think they're crucifying an ideologue they think that they're crucifying a proposition they think that they are and when you persecute the church you are persecuting Jesus Christ I'm not being rude I'm just being Catholic and there's that old saying too much clarity not enough charity well I think we need a certain amount of clarity injected into our Western culture just like Jesus when he came to Birmingham I think he had his fill of charity I think he wanted a bit of clarity on that dark street corner I think he wanted a bit of clarity the clarity of a Roman soldier who would firmly grab him by his wrists stretch him on that cross and do what he had to do and do it quickly we don't know how many were converted that day how many of those soldiers were converted we know that some of them were but I'd be very surprised if those watching with bemused indifference and a half-hearted lukewarm curiosity I doubt that they were converted grab your hammer grab your be a man embrace your worldview so there's this idea that my guests wanted to foist on to Christ the idea that he's just an idea for Catholics but of course they believe for some reason that they have an accurate idea of who the historical Jesus Christ was and is so interesting now the other theme that was very very prominent was sexual morality or sexual immorality more to the point I now this is so common as to be hardly worth mentioning except that in this context of the veto it really becomes much more interesting I've had many many guests when I invite them to question my faith I've had many many many guests the overwhelming majority bring up this idea of the so called pedophile priests I'm not denying that there are pedophile priests the reason I say so-called pedophile priests is because there's the implication that this is the dominant and predominant sexual sin or fetish of those priests who lack self-control or who fall into temptation concerning chastity the wholeness celibacy we can completely leave to one side because everyone is called to chastity not everyone is called to celibacy and celibacy is a discipline that can be changed tomorrow in the West it's not dogmatic it's a discipline so we don't need to talk about celibacy the pros and cons let's focus on chastity chastity talks about purity sexual purity married couples have to be pure single people have to be pure priests have to be pure widows have to be pure everyone has to be pure it's not optional and it's not only for priests so to characterize the lack of chastity in the Catholic priesthood as being predominantly a problem of pedophilia is completely absurd and flies in the face of the facts I'm not going out on a limb here with some sort of wild speculation the predominant act of impurity that priests fall into is the same act that most of us fall into which is masturbation and yet somehow we don't see any headlines in the newspapers or on the internet about the masturbator priests I've never heard that I've never heard anyone up in arms about the masturbator priests ever if the enemies of Christ were honest they'd see how foolish it is that they're straining out the NAT of pedophilia but they're swallowing the camel of masturbation it's completely absurd and the they're doing it is because of pride because they want to look down their nose at somebody and they can't mock the masturbator they can't do it it's very controversial but in my opinion every act of pedophilia every act of homosexuality every act of adultery every act of fornication sex outside of marriage they are all acts of masturbation even within marriage if it's not chaste that marital act if there's a lack of love I classify that as masturbation the most heinous rape of an innocent child is an act of masturbation my atheist friends are very critical of the pedophiles they've separated themselves they've removed themselves from the contamination of these pariahs these lepers of our society the pedophiles I'm not condoning any sexual perversion inside the Catholic Church were out I'm not applauding any sexual sin or any sin ever but I want our eyes to be open to reality you are not better than the pedophile priests you're not I know that I know that but for the grace of God there why I have it in me I have it in me to be a Hitler or a Charles Manson or whatever monster you want a name a Judas that's the old man and I've signed up to have him killed he's on death row I'd like to say he's dead now but I don't think so I'm not worried but I'm aware I'm aware that I am NOT superior to the pedophile priest I love and respect the pedophile priest and I think the pedophile priest is not being treated fairly yes he's a sinner yes he's a criminal yes he's sick in the head yes he's a pervert why pretend you're superior to him that I don't understand that is not Christian and my three guests made it pretty clear that they feel superior they hate the pedophile I love the pedophile I hate pedophilia I hate adultery I hate abortion I hate fornication I hate pornography I love pornographers I love adulterers I love of all kinds but I hate masturbation and I think we think it's clear I don't think I need to say that pedophilia is one of the most heinous and in most criminal forms of masturbation but in my mind it's just a very advanced version so my hatred is better not because I'm better but because I submit to Jesus Christ and His Church my hatred of pedophilia is better than your hatred of pedophilia not because I'm better but because it's truer I submit to Jesus Christ on his church so think we need to humble ourselves and stop gloating and stop exaggerating the epidemic of pedophilia in the church while denying the impurity of masturbation in all its forms that's not honest it's a lie it's a lie that you tell to your neighbor but more importantly it's a lie that you tell to yourself and it's dangerous your eternal salvation is on the line so I think we need to be honest with ourselves I think we need to humble ourselves and I think we need to take a fresh look at impurity all the sins of impurity we're not going to look down our nose at each other we can't afford to be judgmental when it comes to sexual sins we need education we need a good Catholic education what is the human nature what were we made for what is marriage what is the family we need to look at these things if we're going to succeed in having peace because peace st. Augustine famously said is conforming to our human nature that involves sexuality sexuality is good but it's subject to abuse and it's being abused today in ways that are schizophrenic looking down our nose at our neighbor and we're hiding all kinds of sick perverted sexual sin hashtag me too this is not much revelation this is not much of a step forward it's more self-righteousness we need to be honest and we need to move forward and we need to educate ourselves and the next generations about what sexuality really is what human nature is what marriage is what the family is who God is who Jesus Christ is and who the church is but another idea that came up frequently in these interviews was the idea that Jesus is nice and therefore who would never allow anyone to go to hell not if hell is permanent and of course it's a dogma of the Catholic Church that hell is eternal and it's real and that at least some humans are going to suffer eternally in hell many Saints portray a very dark image where most people go to hell that is unpleasant but if it's I do accept it if that's the reality I will joyfully accept that reality in the obscurity of faith where I presently dwell here below I prefer to naively perhaps think that often said like Hitler to go to heaven why because hell is horrible people are too quick to condemn their brother I mean there are many people I've heard say that they wish the pedophile priest would burn in hell let's - if you thought about it have you considered what that means when you prefer that he you can't blame Jesus but in any case even if Jesus is a liar or a lunatic or a mere legend I would still believe in the Eternity of Hell for the simple natural reason that otherwise there is no basis for morality we must have an eternal consequence for doing the wrong things if we're to do the right things there is no rebuttal to that argument if it doesn't matter what I do there is no morality period you can dance around in circles all you want but it doesn't change the facts if it doesn't matter what I do if there's no lasting then there's no morality period and this brings to mind the whole topic of the conscience which speaks to us and tells us that there is a right and a wrong and the connected notion of the free will the idea of the conscience and the free will to go together and they were brought up in all three interviews that were vetoed our conscience guides us but we also need to guide our conscience meaning that we need to educate our conscience when I joined the Roman Catholic Church I had been an atheist for 25 years so I had killed my mortal sins which are objectively evil in and of themselves the matter is objectively sinful and I had killed my conscience to the point where I didn't get a pang of conscience as I would have before the age of 14 when I became an atheist so I'd killed my conscience but when I joined the Holy Roman Catholic Church I accepted Jesus Christ and the teachings of his church without any exception because I knew that that's what God wanted I didn't if it was true but I knew that if I'm going to be Christian that's what I have to do and of course I've since come to know and trust the person of Jesus Christ and I'm very happy to say that I'm convinced 100% that the Holy Roman Catholic Church is the one true religion it's the fullness of religious truth I could be wrong so that hundred percent is really 99.999 repeated but I don't have an alternative now I used to have Judaism to fall back on you know I was excited about Islam in my early days as a monotheists are untenable philosophically nevermind from the basis of theology and revealed religion just philosophically they're not tenable so I don't have a ma I don't have any monotheism that offers me what Christ offers me which is the Incarnation the redemption Authority infallibility and in deductibility if there were a second monotheistic religion option it offered those then I might have some sort of hesitation or some sort of grasses greener on the other side syndrome but there just isn't so I'm not complacent in my Roma Catholicism I'm very very very very excited to be taking my next baby step along the narrow path I'm not a good God is good I trust God I don't trust myself but I trust God so I'm taking baby steps along the path reaching out to love God to know God and to serve God so that I'd be happy with him forever baby steps so all of this to say that conscience is not God and our free will is not God either our free will however although it's not all-powerful it is in a certain sense all-powerful in terms of our salvation because we can say knowable to the salvation that was offered to us by Jesus Christ we can say no that is a possibility because we are truly free to make that choice it's terrifying this is another reason people should stop bashing the paedophile priests and stop bashing Adolf Hitler and stop bashing everyone that they can conveniently look down their nose at and look in the mirror and tremble with fear and dread that person in the mirror is the only one in the whole universe past present and future you could assemble all of the worst monsters Satan and all his demons they could be crowded around you in the room with you the worst of the worst Genghis Khan and Hitler and all the rest but you should still be staring at yourself in the mirror and have highs only for yourself in terms of who is your enemy who can stop you nobody can stop you nobody can except the person in the mirror that's terrifying how are you gonna run away and hide from that enemy you have to kill him or her Saint if you want to keep your life you'll lose it that's what Jesus said but if you're willing to lose it for his sake then you'll have life eternal so look in the mirror you won't feel superior you won't feel that rush that you get when you label someone a racist or a sexist you'll be staring into the abyss when you realize that you can't trust yourself and that you can't trust any creature you will become like a little child hopefully that's what happened to me I was a solid sister I thought I was truly alone and by that grace of God he what if I'd said no what if I'd I find it very hard to believe that anyone would say no but my church tells me that they can and that they do and again this is why I do the podcast not because I think I'm a genius not that I think that I have something to tell you I don't the Christ does you can mock and ridicule me all you want that's fine but I'm pointing to Christ and His Saints hoping that when you have a moment of grace like I had a moment conversion you say yes that's all I look forward to heaven from any reasons obviously and I really hope that I make it but one of the things that will be fun to watch his story of my conversion and the saints and angels and the family and friends and the strangers who prayed for me they had a grace from God to see that I needed their prayers they know they knew that they were nothing they knew that they were impotent they knew that they were sinners in need of a savior they knew that they were not God but that didn't prevent them from giving thanks to God and to didn't prevent them from submitting to his will and his will God's will is that all he saved everyone converge so these sinners rather than fixating on their nothingness they said yes to God and they prayed for me and I say yes to God and I pray for you in hopes that you'll say yes to God and pray for me and for your family and friends and for the perfect stranger and you'll have an inspiration that this one or that one is in need of prayer from I look forward to having that revealed to me those who prayed for me I I know that many have I know I'm already aware of some of them and I'm very grateful and there are many more that I'm not aware of many throughout space and time that I've never met and of course there are also the great Saints in the big names all the way up to Mary Jesus himself praying for me it's very humbling so I know that I'm nothing and there's a nice line in the Old Testament about our righteousness being nothing but filthy rags I think it was one of that our righteousness is but filthy rags before God so I'm a filthy rag and the church is the mystical body of Christ they are one flesh and this is a deep mystery because the church is the Bride of Christ and this idea that the Bride of Christ will be clean and the decked in pristine clothing in heaven and yet here below she's still dressed in filthy rags I like to think of the Bride of Christ which I'm a member as a woman I think of her as Mary Mary is the exemplar already in heaven in her body unlike all the other Saints except for Jesus only Jesus and Mary her body and soul in heaven all of the other saints have yet to be reunited with their bodies Enoch who walked with God and the Prophet that was taking up and the chariot of fire a forgot his name but the the church is not only filthy rags here below and it's not only Mary and all the saints in heaven there's also a purgatory and the the idea that I think a lot of the enemies of Christ miss when critiquing the church is that there's a purification an ongoing purification of the Bride of Christ we can think of it like a magic the laser cleaning that's taking place on the bride where from head to toe there's a laser that's descending or a fire that's descending on the Bride of Christ from the tip of the head down down all the way down to the very toes and as that proceeds down there that fire is the purgatory that's the cleansing and it leaves a pristine white clean bright as it passes and as it encounters these filthy rags it destroys everything that's useless everything that's in error everything that's not pure love and truth and goodness and this is an ongoing process people look at the filthy rags here below in the church militant and they mock and ridicule Jesus Christ they mock and ridicule the church but they're only looking at part that hasn't been cleansed sure we're signed up we have those of us who say yes to Christ and His Church we've signed up for that cleansing we're on our way this is a pilgrimage we are on our way you can mock and ridicule us all you want it doesn't change the fact that these filthy rags will be purified because we've signed up it's not because we are good it's because God is good we're not proud of something we're doing that's difficult and it requires effort on our part yeah there there is an effort required you know if you love me keep my Commandments there is effort required you can't coast into heaven typically not if you know what you're doing and we have an obligation to know God to love God and to serve God those are all very active things so that we can be happy with him once we're purified in heaven there is invincible ignorance and there are people that do coast into heaven I think it's a long and painful process we have to choose sides people that we can't dress Jesus up as a nice guy dress ourselves up as nice guys and then demonize the pedophiles and the Hitler's of the world we can't do that and go to heaven we can't because you cannot go to heaven if you don't know yourself if you don't think you're a monster you need to take a look in the mirror and drop the Sode you need to stay if you don't think hell is real you need to stare into the abyss and realize what eternity without hope looks like take a glimpse the children of Fatima given a small glimpse or hell take a look into the eyes of sister Lucia or of any of these children after read the Saints who talk about Hell meditate on your own death don't put it off if you're not prepared to die today I guarantee you're not going to be Satan is treating you very gently and very nicely now but once he gets you in hell his stinky breath is going to torture you as he laughs and sputters his venomous rabid spittle into your face for all eternity it's a false joy there is no joy in hell find a little spark of faith if you can find just the tiniest spark of faith in God do everything you can to build that flame submit wholeheartedly to God say examine yourself examine your faith and examine everything in relation to Jesus Christ he's not an idea he's not a series of propositions that you give intellectual assent to he's the way the truth and the life you have to meet him and you have to love him you have to know him and you have to serve him you have to keep his Commandments if you love him and keep his Commandments so morality and sexual morality I'm sorry to say are not up for grabs they're not subject to your preference you have to submit to the authority of the Catholic Church you can't claim to have God as your father if you don't have the church as your mother you just can't and if through no fault of your own you're unaware of the fact that the Holy Roman Catholic Church is true then at least learn be open and learn about your how old is your church what is the history of your to don't be fooled by facile dismissals of the history of your denomination look into it and if you're a Protestant that happens to be listening to this post-mortem right now and you disagree with anything I've said just get in touch and let's talk about it we need to examine our relationship with Jesus Christ and the only sure path to Jesus Christ is through Mary at Fatima she told us that her Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end get on board if you're a sincere Protestant that wants to fight against atheism the best way and the only effective way to fight error and lies is through Mary you have to get on board if you're not in the earth you're doomed I'm not being dramatic and I'm not making this up that is not my opinion if it were my opinion you could dismiss it if you're a Protestant and you're listening to this don't accuse me of triumphalism don't accuse me of being a medieval throwback look for yourself look at the history of the teachings of the church look at the tradition look at the writings of the saints and you tell me what the church about salvation outside of the Catholic Church there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church so get in in the time of Noah there were people trying to get in once the door was locked in the rains fell and there may have been some scratching and pounding on the door and I'm sure it broke and I was hurt don't break my heart please just get in subject yourself to the hatred and mockery it is your do as a Catholic that's my stern warning and my friendly advice to friend and foe alike the st. Anselm one of my favorite Saints and Saint that's not given enough credit by me in my conversion because I meditated on his ontological proof so-called he didn't intend it as a proof but his ontological argument I meditated on it for at least five six seven years leading up to my conversion I didn't know that I was going to convert I just thought I was just an atheist interested in philosophy but in st. Anselm's prayer for enemies he says among other things he wants his enemies to receive a very particular punishment and that punishment is conversion true and lasting conversion to God that's what he wants for his enemies and for himself true conversion we don't know when death is coming for us start now start preparing now start preparing for death you may not feel young and strong now but you're younger now than you will be tomorrow so start now gather your strength now make a small step towards God now and tomorrow I guarantee if you're still here tomorrow he'll be very happy that he did ask God for conversion he's if you like it will do if you've got some questions I'll tell all you've got to do is ask all you got to do to do is ask all you got to do