CVS Meta - 2018-04-03 - Blurbs and News

Author Recorded Tuesday April 3rd, 2018

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This is my first CVS Meta episode, in which I talk about the podcast on an administrative or observational level. In this episode I wanted to read my disclaimer and a small blurb about the Church. I also share my recent decision to allow non-dissident Catholics onto my Catholic vs. Catholic segment. There is also a brief discussion of the Perpetual Masses that I buy for all my guests, and about which I am very excited.

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meda as you know my name is David on the creator and host of CBS and I myself converted from atheism to Roman Catholicism in 2009 and I pretty much put this disclaimer everywhere because I think it's important the message which is as follows to err is human to forgive divine I love Corrections so if ever I contradict Christ or his mystical body the Holy Roman Catholic Church on matters of faith and morals I will recant and repent in docile and submissive obedience so help me God and that's a sincere disclaimer I mean it if I say anything that contradicts Christ or his church I don't want to hold on to that I want to be cleansed of that and it's bound to happen I'm sure it has happened and there are things I've said for example in my Bible meditations my impromptu meditations on the Word of God my Catholic verses V ers es as opposed to verses ve RSUs the Catholic verses with an e is where I do my impromptu meditations on the Word of God my little Bible meditations okay and I know that I've made mistakes theological mistakes there in things that I've said I know that in retrospect looking back at some point maybe I'll do what st. Augustine did what he did is he looked back on his own body of work which was obviously in a category far removed from my own far above my own eager attempt to share the light of Christ but in any case he had a book called the retractions where he reexamined all of his writings he feared that a lot of his writings would not survive the attack of the Vandals who had his city of Hippo under siege so as he approached death he made an effort to go back and make some retractions about some of the errors in the things that he had said as very noble undertaking and shows a lot of humility and these he is a doctor of the church so we can trust his writings and he's a bishop so he speaks authoritative Leone teaches in his role as Bishop but there are a lot of things that he wrote that were just his own opinion as a theologian and so there is no infallibility in those personal opinions and he went back and he corrected himself in his retractions so I don't I don't intend to do that I certainly don't merit that level of scrutiny I'm just trying to spread the light of Christ mainly through the Perpetual assets that I buy from my guests and I use the podcast as a sort of way of meeting potential recipients of this amazing grace it's sort of like a lottery if you get on my podcast if you're a guest on my podcast you really have won the spiritual lottery and it's because of the perpetual masses that will be said for you and for your loved ones so it really is worthwhile coming on my show be a guest talk about your worldview even if you're a faithful Catholic I've decided now to start interviewing faithful Catholics and under my Catholic versus Catholic category and the reason I'm doing that is because each of us has a verses element even if I'm striving to be a faithful Catholic as the host of the show and you're striving to be a faithful Catholic as the guest on the show the Catholic versus Catholic that versus still is pertinent not because one of us is willfully dissenting but because we have a struggle and internal struggle we can talk about our conversion stories we can talk about times when we strayed maybe even wilfully turning our back on God and the church so I've decided to go ahead and to invite faithful Catholics those who are striving to be faithful to the church on to my show under the Catholic versus Catholic I hope it's not too confusing when you have dissidents like the set of acontece sitting next to the faithful Catholics who are simply talking about times in the past when they were atheist or maybe they were Protestant in the past maybe they had strayed or maybe they had struggles I don't want to blur the line between those who are striving and those who are apostate or those that are heretics or schismatic but I guess it will come out in the course of the interview and the listener can judge for themselves but the point really is the perpetual mass that really is the point of the podcast and it's an open secret so if you're an atheist and you want to be on Catholic versus atheist you'll be getting the graces of the perpetual masses you and your family so if you don't believe that they will have any power over your soul to help open you up to the faith that's fine but I'm telling you that they do the graces that come with a perpetual Mass will give you more than enough light to come to God and to come into the church that was founded on Earth by the god man Jesus Christ so there are a lot of graces there whether you believe in those graces or not whether you believe in God or not whether you believe in the supernatural or not whether you believe in free will or not whether you believe in objective eternal absolute morality or not the graces are real so it's an open secret and that's the point of the podcast everything else is icing on the cake the people I meet the interesting stories I hear the message of hope that's delivered by my guest that's always a fascinating aspect for me I did an archive episode recently where I put together some of the messages of hope that appear at the end of my interviews typically and you can listen to that if you haven't already so I just wanted to make that disclaimer to err is human to forgive divine I love Corrections so if ever i contradict chrysler is mystical body the Holy Roman Catholic Church on matters of faith and morals I will recant and repent in docile and submissive obedience so help me God that's a sincere sentiment and that's a disclaimer that appears on all my web presence all my social media and on the web page itself there's also a little blurb about the church and the title for that is about the church Christ and the church are one flesh okay when we go to communion and we say the priest says the body of Christ and we say Amen what looks like a wafer of bread made from wheat and water he's actually in its substance not in its accidents but in its substance not in its appearance but in its substance it is really truly and actually the body blood soul and divinity of the god man Jesus Christ wisdom made flesh and we to the Catholic the faithful Catholic who's in the state of grace and is detached from sin and that is receiving in a worthy manner that Catholic standing before the priest and receiving Communion as is permitted by the church in the hand or on the tongue that faithful Catholic to is the body of Christ so when the priest says the body of Christ and we say Amen we are giving our all men to the fact that we are one we are one flesh we the church we the members of the church we are many but we are one we are one flesh we are one with Jesus Christ and so my about the church goes on and it says Christ in the church I want flesh it is a deep mystery the church is the Bride of Christ I want to say and it is the mystical body of Christ Christ died for the church Christ has not left us orphans we're not left orphans we have the church for our mother we can't have God for our father if we don't have the church for our mother and we can't have the church for our mother if we don't have the Pope for our Father so we are not orphans and the next point I say here is the Holy Spirit leads the church into all truth the church has three attributes infallibility in defect ability and authority these are divine attributes a merely human institution does not have infallibility it does not have and effectively it does not have authority and the final point is that the church can be identified by four marks it is one Holy Catholic and apostolic so that's my little blurb about the church talk to you soon take care god bless care god bless