CVS Live - 2022-06-03 - Contra Contra Sedevacantism

Author Streamed Friday June 3rd, 2022

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I met Contra Sedevacantism on my YouTube channel, in the comments. He booked a livestream with me, but then cancelled. Then he rebooked, and cancelled. We'll see if he shows up now in the live-chat at least. God help us all.

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okay i'm live i'm here on my own i'm supposed to be interviewing contra cedivacantism contra cedivacantism where are you where are you you should be in my chat my live chat now right you should be right here with me now doing this interview talking about your love of christ and his church uh maybe challenging me because you think i'm oh so wrong about so many things you're upset about the fact that i had lena on you're upset about many many things it seems who knows only god knows only you know because you won't come on the podcast and talk about he booked twice so this guy contra said of a catches he booked twice and cancelled twice and i'm just gonna go over some of the uh back and forth the uh very interesting conversations we've had the ups and downs the emotional rollercoaster the high hopes the expectations i had and how they're dashed each and every time by this very elusive and antagonistic and paranoid individual uh i first noticed contra cedivacantism in the comments section and i didn't think anything of it it just seemed like a catholic guy making catholic comments but then when i had lean on you saw i did the reactions to lena and the first reaction that i mentioned was that reaction about this psychology how can you explain that a guy wants to be a girl that was contracetificantism okay so he subsequently has deleted all those comments i don't know why it seems paranoid why would you make a comment and then delete it delete the whole thread along with my beautiful confession about the fantasies i've had about being a woman not that i would ever do it but just in a in a hypothetical situation you know i i talked about that in my uh episode reactions to lena santiago check that out if you if you haven't seen that article check it out if you want it's just it's just in passing that i mentioned uh contra instead of a cantism i didn't even mention him by name uh i mean the drama was already starting at that point because i said hey well if you want to talk to lena i can hook you up and i sent a group email and i said let's make this happen because that's what my channel is about my my channel if you didn't figure it out yet my channel is called catholic verses okay so it's about a catholic me contrasting his worldview with non-catholics and with other catholics radtrad said of a cantists at first and then i started having faithful catholics catholics who agree with me about a lot of stuff not everything but a lot of stuff it's called catholic verses okay and so contraceptive cantism whatever his real name is i have no idea but instead of a conscious sort of a cantism said oh well i'm not gonna come on your podcast because you're too contentious and it's like well yeah that that is the nature of my podcast it's it's about confronting our most cherished beliefs and those fundamental axiomatic assumptions metaphysical assumptions that we take for granted trying to dig a little bit deeper then hey how's it going how's the weather what do you think of the sports team oh too bad they lost by two points last night better luck next time whatever let's let's go a little bit deeper let's look at ultimate reality let's look at the essential saving truths of the one true religion right if you're a catholic conscious of a cantism if you're a catholic let's examine let's take a look let's see who's right you or me when it comes to lena should i have uh called down fire and brimstone from heaven as the sons of thunder did in jesus day i'm open to i'm open to persuasion i'm open to persuasion i'm very open-minded right so i'm just going to go through uh today's back and forth i mean there are other emails but i'm not going to dig back into the archives here i'm just going to look at what happened today because i find it very very revealing very very tragic and comic at the same time i emailed contracetivicantism and i said as you probably know i enroll my guests each and every one in a perpetual mass league so i will need your first and last name i will also use your real name in the title of the interview unless you decide that you want to remain anonymous and i put in parenthesis which i find a bit creepy and anti-christian but perhaps you have a good reason let me know thanks contracetivicantism responded what do you find creepy and anti-christian about remaining anonymous especially when you're the one who requested an interview and i explained i guess that means you want to remain anonymous okay l-o-l anyway give me a name fake or real only you and god will know for sure and i'll enroll enroll you and your immediate family in a perpetual mass so what do we have here we have me begging this man this catholic man to allow me to enroll him and his family in a perpetual mass league so he can be flooded with graces all day every day until the end of time right and what's the response i get uh you know just a defensiveness about well i want to remain anonymous i said well i already said you might have a good reason and uh you know i find it a bit creepy and weird and anti-christian to hide your identity when you're preaching the gospel in a public forum online right youtube what you've got to hide basically but he's fighting me he's resisting me he comes back and says you are not answering my question what do you find anti-christian about remaining anonymous so i just quote scripture in one of the gospels it says you are the light of the world a city on a hill cannot be hidden neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket instead they set it on a stand and it gives light to everyone in the house in the same way let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven so i think that's pretty clear right we're christians we're the salt of the earth the light of the world and hey let's remove the mask and let's just say hey my name is john doe or whatever it might be i mean you're free to give me a fake name if you want and i'm a christian here's my face this is what i look like warts and all okay contraceptive contraceptivism responded to my bible quote by saying how does being anonymous prevent prevent from getting the christian message across and i responded uh saying yeah you're probably right nothing creepy never mind and i put an image of a catholic so-called catholic priest giving communion on the tongue communion on the tongue to a bunch of clowns in clown outfits and the full on clown makeup the red nose funny clothes hats wigs you name it okay so uh you know we've all heard the rad trads uh lament these clown masses that took place allegedly i don't know i don't know if it's true or false but i've heard a lot about it uh these clown masses in the novus ordo church or wherever it is i have no idea really the backstory for this but um maybe uh am i able to am i able to share this on the screen i wonder if i'm able to share this on the screen because this isn't my normal up how could i do this search with google lens okay i'm gonna share this on the screen just because i think it's funny or maybe i'll just screen share this whole thing can i open the image in a new tab there we go that's what i'll do bear with me bear with me i've got a display capture here somewhere is that it there it is oops so you can see the image on the screen there didn't do a good job of cropping it but oops i'm all over the place here what happened to me experiencing technical difficulties please stand by anyway you get the idea you can see the little clown image there display capture can i make this bigger yes or no what the why can't i make it bigger anyway you get the idea so i said yeah you're probably right nothing creepy about wanting to remain anonymous and hiding behind a mask and a fake name and all this sort of thing and he says you're clearly not serious about having a discussion i think this is merely a ploy to get my identity which will never happen the discussion is clearly off wow this guy's paranoid why do i want your identity buddy why what am i gonna do am i gonna pretend to be you like hey i'm john doe my handle online is contraceptivism what am i going to do with that information buddy i think i already told you what i want your name for it's to enroll you and your family in a perpetual mass league hello hey nicola krisik in the chat live chat praise be jesus christ love you brother love heart emoji thank you nicola i don't have a lot of time here i'm going to be heading out soon um nicola you got to come on the live chat uh not the live chat the live stream again soon we'll get some of the uh the ulsters wrangled i just sent an email to matthew or matthew murdock today gotta wrangle the boys and get together um i've got a bit of a surprise guest tomorrow i've got a couple of guests tomorrow uh there's one special surprise guest tomorrow that i think you'll uh the all-stars top tier platinum and gold all steers are going to get a kick out of my my guest tomorrow so so i'm going to continue i've got it i'm going to head out because i got to go meet some friends but i just want to go through this email finish going through it so he's just paranoid i want to steal his identity this contraceptive vicantis and god like what would i possibly do with your identity buddy give me a break i reply to that by saying you're extremely antagonistic and paranoid which is why i really want to interview you and that's true i mean these these are the kinds of guys that i really always am desperate to get on my podcast and they just wriggle out of it every time they agree and then cancel they agree and then veto it or they agree and then don't show up or whatever like these these uh antagonistic ones they're the ones i want because i want i want to be challenged i want someone that hates me to tell me why they hate me but they're just too chicken excuse my language they're too weak and cowardly to actually come on like a man face to face and say hey i disagree with you about this and these are the reasons why right and this is a catholic this is uh my brother in the lord i wish him nothing but uh i wish him well you know i have nothing oil will towards this guy whatsoever but i think he's highly antagonistic which i find attractive because that's what i want on my podcast and i think he's paranoid right why do i what am i going to do with your identity buddy so anyway i go on to say your type is very elusive anyway i will agree to not enroll you i just did a split infinitive there but i will agree to not enroll you and your family in a perpetual mass if that's important to you if it's that important to you even though you had the option of telling me your name is quote unquote john doe and i would have used that name to register you on the list of the missionary fathers of saint charles borromeo and you would have been flooded with the graces of the mass until the end of time so look at what you're missing out on buddy i mean this it's no big deal but it's like you're kicking up a big fuss you think i want to steal your identity like you're catholic i'm catholic i want your name to enroll you in perpetual mass and you're paranoid about that so we can i go on so we can still do the interview slash discussion and you can keep your precious anonymity my brother in the lord lol i'm just goading him and reminding him that hey wink wink we're both catholic wink wink wink wink both catholic right you can lower your guard a bit buddy you can lower the guard he comes back to me says thanks for admitting you were serious that you weren't serious to begin with and had no sincere intentions you are clearly not from god the fact that you conclude your statement with lol shows you are immature oh boy okay so immature yes not from god okay whatever thanks for admitting you were not serious to begin with no i've been serious the whole time and that i had no sincere intentions no i had sincere intentions the whole time ponz crematore in the live chat are you a set of a cantus cvs no i am not far from it no i nice to meet you no i am a atholite you question mark so uh contracetivicantism says i'm already enrolled in perpetual masses putting lol after calling me a brother in the lord is clearly anti-christian no laughing allowed right this is the message i'm getting uh you're an absolute embarrassment okay guilty as charged i'm an embarrassment i'm immature and guilty as charged what does that have to do with you gathering the nerve to come and chat with your fellow catholic about our precious faith what how is that relevant okay i'm stupid i'm ugly i stink i you know i eat food like a pig you know whatever guilty guilty guilty guilty yeah but do you want to come and talk about our precious faith buddy yes or no right so i respond i'm literally laughing out loud at your silly pride and your fear what are you afraid of my brother in christ lol so i'm just goading him here trolling him a little bit he says since i was willing to have an interview clearly i wasn't afraid i've already done other interviews for example with original win productions i'll have to look that up on multiple topics you call me antagonistic but in fact that's a perfect description of yourself beginning with your request that i debate a guy that dresses like a woman that's not antagonistic that's like hey you challenged lena in with your comment and then i said right away i group emailed you and said hey why don't you two adults talk like adults and you're like no no no no no no i'm not prepared i'm not educated i don't i'm not an expert in psychology a thousand excuses and then you deleted your comment and the whole thread was deleted does that sound like a mature adult no we can discuss our differences like you and i can discuss our differences i can discuss my differences with lena you can discuss your differences with lena we can all talk like adults okay conscious significantism goes on to say maybe that's what you're into and my questions rubbed you the wrong way question mark so the fact that this guy dresses like a woman is what i'm into it's like oh this is like the this is your subtle humor like oh maybe i'm gay i like or whatever first of all i don't know i don't know i didn't see what the what lena was wearing i don't i don't know i didn't frankly pay that much attention like i saw the makeup i saw the hair whatever um to each his own uh this guy is not a catholic clearly i mean we know that so let him do his thing what's what's the problem pawns cremator i hope i'm pronouncing your name properly says i presume the current roman pontiff reigns validly but if the church in the future declares him to be an anti-pope i wouldn't be surprised laughing emoji sure yeah i mean this is this is the position of any sane catholic it's like what is the litmus test for who the pope is go to mass and listen to the prayers of the mass and the currently the prayers for the holy father are for pope francis period end of discussion that's the end of the discussion and then in a hundred years when they look back and say oh pope francis wasn't wasn't really the pope sure the people of that time will conform to the church in that way but you just have to live in reality the reality is pope francis is the pope how do we know that because of the mass the church is praying for our pope and naming our pope as pope francis period end of question is he a communist is he the antichrist i don't know god only knows we'll find out maybe in our lifetime maybe just at the uh on judgment day who cares you're not going to go to hell because of the sins of a pope or the sins of an anti-pope who cares love the man pray for the man i pray for the pope every day and i sincerely like him and i wish him well is he bewildering yeah a lot of things bewilder me why is he pumping evolution why is he pumping the jab for uh covet it's bewildering but he's a man he's imperfect right so um anyway uh when conscious cervicantism went on his big uh rant there i just responded fascinating so are we doing the live stream tonight question mark he says absolutely not you need to be you need to carefully examine your behavior because it is not it does not exemplify christian virtue and the motivation you have for doing your apostolate your behavior is so your behavior so far is clearly not from god yeah which part because i interviewed lena or is it because i suggested that you and lena talk like normal adults about your differences or is it when i asked you for your name privately so that i could enroll you and your family in a perpetual mass is it when i offered that you could give me a fake name if you want it because all that matters that god knows who you are and it doesn't really matter if you tell me your real name and only you and god will know if you gave me the real name or not like i gave you so many options to give you so many outs you can use a fake name you can use an avatar you can use it whatever you want i just asked you for your name you could say no or you can give a fake name it's up to you right so what part of my behavior is so ungodly and uh lacking in christian virtue i'm not claiming to be the paragon of virtue christian virtue but what in our exchanges what has been so offensive and ungodly you know because i because i say lol it's just shorter than saying hey you're so silly that you're making me laugh out loud okay like you're so silly you're making me laugh out loud that's a lot more finger work than just lol bang so i respond fascinating you make it sound like you're willing and able to offer me constructive criticism on my walk with god hey i have an idea why don't you point me in the right direction if you're free this evening say 7 pm eastern standard times perhaps you'll be willing to show me the error of my ways think about it and let me know we can discuss it on my live stream on my catholic podcast hey what an idea which i set up to be challenged by those with a perspective that differs from my own what do you say pal so it's just like this is what it's all about this is why i do the podcast is to talk to morons like you who get their panties in a knot about the tiniest little details and i want to discuss that because it seems like th some difference of opinion that seems to be aggravating you let's get to the heart of it is it because lena unlike the other uh controversial guests that i've had in the past is a little bit younger is that why because i've had i've had transgenders i've had brenda i've had uh morgan oh jay okay no one was getting excited about them you know a little bit uh you know older heavyset whatever so what what's with this what's with the reaction pawns cremator says i wouldn't say sedes are non-catholic though their opinion isn't heretical well i disagree i disagree well okay maybe uh schismatic maybe that's a better word it's like if you reject vatican ii you're not i'm sorry to say you're not catholic right you're not you're no more catholic than a southern baptist at that point or uh you know greek orthodox or whatever you have to accept vatican ii you have to accept pope francis period right and ponz crematore nice to meet you i'm going to send you the link now so you can book an interview with me click that link and book an interview i'd like to meet you i'd like to talk to you and uh you seem like a nice person and it's not certainly not a criterion for being my guest what i really want are aggravated aggravating a-holes like contraced of a canton those are my most coveted guests the aggressive antagonistic paranoid paranoid delusional maniacs those are the ones i want on so uh but you know if you're moderate and level-headed and reasonable that's fine too just not as exciting as meeting an absolute nut buyer like contraceptive vacantism i'm hoping he'll change his mind and come on the show he says this whole conversation uh oh hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on he says okay here he says you are clearly not normal guilty as charged the fact that you are willing to make false accusations about me calling me paranoid that's not that's not a false accusation i'm literally a catholic asking another catholic to have first name last name to register you and your immediate family in a perpetual mass and you think i want to steal your identity you are paranoid my friend you are paranoid you're sick in the head you need to seek help it's not normal it is not normal okay unless you've been fooled by the perpetual mass enrollment gig before let me know that would be the one sort of case where i think oh okay okay okay okay maybe maybe you're not paranoid you've been burned 16 times by calf fake catholics wanting to enroll you claiming to want to enroll in perpetual masses okay okay i'll let you off the hook if that's the case otherwise you you are paranoid so he says uh false accusations about me after you used low-grade tactics of calling my anonymity anti-christian to manipulate me into giving you my name shows you lacks psychological and spiritual maturity i will not be promoting your podcast by having you interview me you are clearly antichrist in your demeanor and behavior holy excuse my language but this is just absurd i really want to meet this guy i respond did i not say that you may have a good reason for wanting to be anonymous did i not say that you can give me a fake name right did i not say that the reason to have a name real or fake was merely to enroll you and your immediate family in a perpetual mass which of those manifest realities strikes you as antichrist lol by the way uh oh i say anyway i'll send you the link at 7 pm and we'll see what happens he responds this whole conversation you already admitted that you had ulterior motives for interviewing me you can send me the link all you want i'm going to be on your show that was a typo but i just rubbed his face in the typo and just quoted it back to him um pons cremator in the live chat says sounds interesting i'd like to talk about evolution as well i don't think darwinism in its bare biological sense contradicts creation i strongly disagree i'd love to discuss it with you in a friendly fashion this is a very interesting book father chad ripper the priestly fraternity of saint peter i'm a member of the con fraternity of that order i support them by my daily prayers there's a special prayer uh prayer i say every evening and this book the metaphysics of evolution check it out but we'll talk about it ponz crematore i'm really happy to meet you i'm excited to talk to you thanks for reaching out and thanks for being there um now contra we're almost done here conscious certification says again you show forth your immaturity well i've already pled guilty to immaturity who publicly i've done this many times who cares sending me clown pictures and putting lol after every every sentence anyone reading this conversation would assume you were a teenager well thank you i'll take that as a compliment uh so my response with him was lol i'm going to i'm going live with her without you i expect to see you in the live chat if not on google me video chat and then i say laughing out loud because he doesn't like when i use the acronym he says i don't expect many people will see it i might want you might want to find a new hobby ouch i said my target our audience is very small one person lol then he just responds with a zero the numeral zero and i jokingly say calling yourself a zero is not humility it is self-loathing he says no i mean you will have zero audience which which was obvious but i was just having fun with him and i just ended the conversation with lol and he didn't respond so i mean i i'm not a normal adult person i'm a silly stupid emotionally mature immature in every every way okay that's established that's a fact i'm working on it to work in progress but i'm also not uh i don't have high expectations that i'm going to suddenly be stuffy and mature it just it's just like it's a little bit too late to completely rework my entire personality so i mean yeah it's kind of irrelevant like the bottom line here what is essential what is happening what is happening between me and this guy contraced evacantism what what happened what is the essence and what is the what are the most salient points of what happened between these two catholic men he was annoyed that i interviewed lena and i was so friendly and a little bit flirty with this young man who i found charming and warm this young man that i love because god loves him and christ died for him right and he's not claiming to be catholic so he literally do what he wants to do okay in the meantime i'm going to love him i'm going to try to educate him i'm going to show him the way the error of his ways and you know as much as i can and try to entertain the audience also it's not like uh it's not a very very very serious affair it's just two people talking two people with different opinions okay but conscious certification took exception to the way that i interviewed this young man okay fine and he put his comments and i gave my suggestion that they talk about it like adults and he deleted the whole thread and then he he he booked an appointment then he canceled the appointment then he booked an appointment then he canceled the appointment he's just like so fragile so frail so delicate such a snowflake it's like we're two adults yes i'm immature but we're still two adults we're both catholic we can talk about our differences we can figure this out what's essential what's not essential right what does it mean to love your enemies what does it mean to have a unity and essentials and diversity and non-essentials and charity and all things right what does it mean to respect the free will of the non-catholic what does that mean and what does it mean in the bible when saint paul says that we should shun those who are called brothers right who are practicing sexual immorality but not the non-brothers not the the those upside of the church we don't shun them right saint paul says we do not shun them we do not shun them we don't shun those outside of the church because of their immorality we shun those within the church we should only fear bad catholics now if lena were claiming to be a catholic and claiming that uh his perspective on morality and on god and on everything else is the catholic teaching the catholic tradition catholic doctrine catholic dogma then i've got a big big big big problem with lena but until that time it's just another lost sheep it's just another lost sheep there's no fear and i'm forbidden to despair of lena's eternal salvation so no i do not agree with the criticisms that i got for the way i treated lena i i mean i got some criticisms that i was too harsh on lena okay i'll take that on board that i talked too much yes of course that's just me i'm just a self-obsessed narcissist and uh gift of the gab or verbal diarrhea whichever way you want to put it so yeah i'll plead guilty to any uh any of those criticisms those are true and i should work on that but to say that it's not catholic to love my enemies and to allow someone to be different and to have different thoughts words and deeds right and to be you know it's one thing it's one thing to um tolerate something like cross-dressing or whatever whatever it might be it's one thing to tolerate it as i do very easily it's an easy thing to tolerate for me does not get my back up it does not make me angry unless you're doing it you know walking into a public school and trying to educate the young that this is normal or something like that yeah that's going to make me angry and i'm going to hopefully stand up to protect the innocence of children but if it's me one-on-one with another adult that has some sexual perversion that they're fond of and they want to have a parade about it you know the parade is a public thing and i think it's dangerous for the uh the young to be exposed to that it's uh it's something that is dangerous very dangerous so yeah there are definitely concerns definitely concerns but when i'm speaking one-on-one with anyone even a convicted pedophiler or rapist whatever it is someone that's committed racial crimes or war crimes or whatever when i'm speaking one-on-one with this person on my podcast i will show respect because i do love and respect that person i do i'm not pretending to love and respect my guests i do actually love and respect my guests now some of them annoy me right but i still love and respect them i've done i've interviewed about 180 people and probably five of them annoyed me and probably four of those five were catholic okay so that's just chemistry that's nothing but chemistry it's not a big deal we can't be expected to like everyone jesus did not command us to like everyone jesus commanded us to love everyone there's a big difference we can't fake chemistry some of the best chemistry i've had is with people who are wrong about first things that's just chemistry okay and frankly i i welcome that that chemistry as something uh mysteriously uh relevant to the history of salvation that we are all part of why do i have more chemistry with this rabid satanist than i do with that ostensibly pious religious person why do i have better chemistry why i think god has a plan i think god is putting into our heart some attractions some repulsion and some tastes and some proclivities which are part of god's plan for salvation for each and every one of us like i said when i talked to rebecca on bread of life my bread of life interview recently this is a guaranteed 100 certain fact that god optimizes everything for your greatest good so that you will maximize your place in heaven right and i'm speaking to each and every individual on the face of the planet past present and future everything's optimized for everyone not everyone collectively but everyone individually it's optimized for me it's optimized for you it's optimized for the other guy and everyone and so on that's a fact okay so i have to listen to my gut when i have good chemistry with someone i take that on board as a an invitation to engage does that mean i say yeah you're right there is no necessary being they're only contingent beings no i'm not stupid i have good chemistry with an atheist doesn't mean i'm stupid it just means i love and respect this person i have a certain attraction to them i have a certain chemistry with them and there's an opportunity there to engage with them and i'm going to show my catholic perspective maybe not in a perfect wakes and not a perfect guy but in my own way i've got my own way i've got my own way you may not like it conscious of a chantism you may not like my way sounds like you got some pretty bad chemistry with me right that's it that's all you can take away that's all you can take away from my channel is hey that guy david ross on catholic versus podcast i have bad chemistry with him if you want to blacklist me and tell everyone you meet that i'm a satanist and antichrist and antagonistic contentious whatever go for it you do ubu but uh at the end of the day it's just chemistry it's just chemistry and the podcast is just about two people talking about their beliefs their most cherished beliefs and i thought that you as a catholic and i as a catholic would have a lot in common and those differences that you seem to be aggravated about they'd be very very very very very very interesting to discuss i'd like nothing more and the door is still open so next time you book an appointment with me try not to cancel try not to get your panties all bunched up into a knot and i hope you will reach out and book it again i'm certainly not holding my breath and for anyone else out there for you pawns cremator from my friend nicola i'm expecting um an email soon with a notification from calendly saying that i've got some new dates on the calendar for the live chat so live stream that's it so that's it end of rant looking forward to talking to you thanks for being here thanks for listening thanks for watching take care and we'll talk very soon god bless