Catholic vs. Other - 2017-07-16 - Pykris

Author Recorded Sunday July 16th, 2017

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Pykris is the companion of Nicky, whom I interviewed recently. If I have understood correctly, this young man claims to be an avatar of one of Satan's favorite demon-spawn, Pykris. I renounce forever Satan and all his demons and I give myself entirely to Jesus Christ.

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-07-16 - Pykris

Author Recorded September 24th, 2016



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hi this is said you're listening to Catholic versus other tell the listeners a little bit about yourself who you are what you believe and how you came to believe it okay so I'm 28 I live in the most crappiest town ever you know I've been through mental hospitals a couple times and every time I've been in there it seems like I've become more disillusioned with things I've had these episodes where things are like revealed to me and it's just crazy what did you grow up with were you introduced to religion as a very young child and did you go back and forth with different mainstream religions or in atheism or how does that work for you well my mother is a Methodist my dad's a non-practicing Catholic so I grew up basically in the Methodist Church it's the only one out of all the Protestant religions that I can even get behind the man who founded it John Wesley was very into that your relationship with God should be between you and him and there shouldn't be a middle man between the two he thought it should be personal so I always I always kind of gravitated towards that it made sense to me how did you learn about John Wesley was that your own initiative or when you taught Google Wikipedia stuff like that and my mom used to tell me about it cuz she did a lot of research too on it did she teach you to pray at night before bed no my parents aren't really super religious so I always kind of had a different outlook on religion it was never you can't look at that you can't do that it was always like oh go ahead and what is the ethnic background of both parents to do Takalua my mom in mostly British and my dad is uh mostly Irish but there's smattering of other things in my mom and both parents like my mom has some Native American and some North African ancestry and my dad has European Jewish ancestry my last name translates out of German - meaning impetuous of fears it derives from an old middle high german word and the german side of my dad's family they come from baden baden on the edge of the Black Forest and I was also doing research and a lot of the legends of werewolves come out of the Black Forest Germany so I wonder if someone in my family line was accused of being a werewolf there seems to be some sort of collaboration there but the supernatural things that I was encountered puzzle pieces are falling together what aged were you when you started to have this notion of the supernatural that it was that it was real that it wasn't just a fairy tale that there is another sort of dimension or another reality above this natural plain how old would you been I think around the age of 11 or 12 where the experience is positive or negative or well back then it was positive and then fast forward 10 years later I have an experience three years ago that led me to being hospitalized I had wound up purchasing marijuana that had been laced with BMP and as soon as it entered my system I was not here anymore not on this plane scary very scary so how did you confirm that that was the substance that it was laced with DMT a blood pest when I went to the hospital okay had you ever thought about taking DMT prior to that I had because everything I read said it was like having a transcendental experience but some people come out of it they're not the same right and was that the case for you I would say so I I came out the other side and I'm a totally different person that I was okay you would have been 22 or something like that at the time 25 okay so can you talk me through the trip a little bit when I first ingested it I felt on top of the world like crazy on top of the world but I think that was the pot but when when the DMT finally kicked in I had visions I had visions of the future the past various other things it's hard to describe like when I went to the hospital my mom took me and I had a vision of being shot in the head by a cop in the emergency room so there's a bit of paranoia a little bit yep I didn't understand what the hell was going on but you know and were there were there beings approaching you yes my higher self approach to me you are separate from your higher self well we're we're the saying and we're together but it's just easier to refer to him as separate okay and is he a nice guy very very nice guy actually if you don't say so yourself haha if I will say so myself he's a good no no I mean he claims to be the son of Sadie okay one of the many sons of Satan or the son one of the many okay but in my religion the Roman Catholic Church clearly teaches that each angel is a unique species and they don't generate offspring of any kind what do you say about that he's sired a number of children how would Satan reproduce what is the mechanism like he's not a man that has sex with a woman so what what is what's happened to create creating okay he wills a child and the child is is sort of like that God said let there be light and there was light it's that kind of thing yeah pretty much and in your worldview you don't see my god as superior you see my God as some sibling to Satan is that right to an extent yes how many siblings does Satan how do you think you know I never thought about it but my God is the most famous brother that Satan has right yes yet the spiritual plane or the astral plane the √ęthe or whatever you want to call it exists on top of the physical realm when I was on DMT I swear I could see both at the same time and it changed my whole outlook I've been a student of like quantum physics and stuff and what we see as reality is only like one tenth of actually what's going on well this what I would describe is the supernatural to me it's more real than than natural and I think that's what you're sort of hinting at yeah that's exactly what I'm anything at actually I think that the spiritual realm is more vast it's more real than what we experience on this natural plane we really are living a dumbed down existence here I agree I totally agree I've become a little disillusioned yeah and when you watch the news you can probably see now that it's more or less just a thin veneer of entertainment yet yes oh my god finally somebody else that same the same thought yeah PNN man she had a fake news it's been proven too and that's the scary part in my worldview you can end up in hell forever and that's a really nasty horrible outcome and it never ends and then there's heaven which is the opposite it's completely wonderful do you have extreme outcomes that are possible in your worldview I do but my views on Hell are quite different than yours yeah I would think so like yes there's destruction and torture but not but that's only a little miniscule part of it and that's really only for people who have done like really extremely bad things in their life but the rest of Hell is not so bad the people that we see in pop culture like rock and roll heavy-metal people that crave Hell and they serve Satan openly and they want that sort of sex drugs and rock and roll pleasure that they attribute to hell I think all the sex drugs and rock and roll's in heaven but they claim it's in hell do you agree with them and you think that they're headed for a big party I think it's both honestly I think it's both I think sex drugs had rock and roll to show up and vote because sex is good drugs are good and rock and roll is good in my a Catholic worldview it's just there's a time and a place for everything down yeah I I would actually agree with that there's a time and a place for everything can you talk a little bit about the physical universe and what role Satan played in creating the universe well he had a part in it it was a group effort to create the universe it was a group effort can you talk about Adam and Eve and that how its it into your worldview well if you've ever studied jewish folklore lilith was the first wife of adam she rebelled against him she was kicked out of the Garden of Eden and then God made Eve out of his rib so she would be more controllable so where's Lilith she's around does she play a part in the quote/unquote family of Satan like a shield consort or a lover of Satan I think she's a lover and does she have a lot of control over Satan do you think no not really she just puts her two cents in oh and he takes it or leaves it yeah pretty much is Satan happy with the way things are turning out for the most part you know from what I understand he's less disillusioned now if you realize that nobody is really inherently evil and he can't really exploit that any more now I believe in a God that is all-knowing all-loving all good that's incident in every perfection how do you see Satan in terms of if he's the Supreme Being how can he learn about his creation it doesn't sound as magnificent as the God that I worship where my God always knew everything right from the beginning he didn't learn anything so well I think everyone has flaws including the gods they all have flaws I mean the Greeks but their mythology all their gods had flaws do you see a lot of truth in mythology of all the world's religions and legends I do I was doing research on a I don't know Herbies tribest a jurist or something like that and he had the idea that all religions have a common thread it's a very popular notion today the Joseph Campbell NER of what religion is even Carl Jung and Carl Jung yes so Jung had a very interesting world outlook he thought that we were all connected in was that part of your DMT experience or no yes it was definitely part of it how are you supposed to work with this new understanding of your like from your perspective obviously how are you supposed to work with this and integrate it into your mundane day-to-day life I don't know it's been really hard man it's been really hard trying to integrate it into my life you know it's not easy it's not easy at all being on this planet no matter what you believe if you believe nothing that's the hardest probably yeah it is to believe nothing I mean I was an atheist for a while and it just seemed like a cop-out it's basically like I don't know I don't see evidence I don't believe in this anymore so I think being an atheist of the cop-out life is too short to sit on the fence find something you can believe it and run with it I believe as a Catholic that I have a guardian angel and that he's always with me do you have angels or I guess you would call them demons fallen angels that are protecting you I do and can you give an example of what the what how that benefits you well I'm a very introverted person and they tend to keep me company so would you say in general that you enjoy the company of Satan yes I would you know from my perspective Satan's a liar and he's treating me very well now but later he's going to torture you and it won't be fun how do you respond to that sort of warning personally I think it's a good morning because he can be a liar and a deceiver okay you know that I do know that yes but I think it depends on the person I think Satan for the role that he played in bringing me to what I consider to be ultimate reality ultimate truth and to salvation so from my perspective I can see the role that Satan is playing against his will he's cooperating with my god and bringing at the ending you know and those who deserve everlasting torment because of their hatred of God and everything looks good I think that he's playing an important role too in tricking them straight into the depths of hell yeah well well that's his game I'm a lot that eyeing it that's his game but he tends to wind up having a few souls they actually cares about like you like me and assert through other people are there some big names in history you could talk about you're not contest well let's just get one thing out of the way and Timofey was an idiot according to my higher self Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey both summoning they both summon Satan well yeah but they summoned his son as well oh they summon your higher self yes okay you can't tell me the name of that entity it's the name I use for the intro hi Chris hi Chris yeah okay I hope it in just someone anyway a renowned spy Chris there you go so I know now he's used to eat laughing right now he's just laughing he's like oh this was a good this is a pretty good interview okay so so hold on Anton LaVey and alistair crowley worth summoning pie Chris okay hi Chris gets mistaken for Satan all the time because of the red skin and the horns and the long tail she doesn't have red skin and horns on okay I'm just kidding but he just talked about it several times to me and it's like it all happened by accident it seems odd because Anton LaVey was an atheist wasn't we well I guess accidental oh okay just because of gestures or rituals or theatrical play mm-hmm so it is dangerous to play fully engage in Ouija boards any sorts of things yes it is Berrien the only way to effectively destroy a Ouija board it's the Burnet okay with natural fire yes now what about that guy that was in Russia and he made lots of predictions they was hard to kill would be Avari rest beauty yeah was he a big player in the world of Satan I think he had ties to it he was and he could do things that nobody else could do did he think he was getting power from God or from Satan or what you know I don't really know I should look into it yeah I should look into it too so you're not in touch with the whole history of the human race past present and future you just have a few connections on the other side yes is sacrifice because in my religion there's no there's no forgiveness of sins without the shedding of blood and so the true sacrifice is the son of God Jesus Christ he is the Lamb of God so is there is there a notion of sacrifice and of blood ritual in your worldview it was done at one point to make point like we're here we we know you're here and everything but I don't think it sacrificed as a place in modern time there was a lot of talk in the 80s the satanic panic about child sacrifice and stuff like that is there any truth to that I think there's some there's some truth to it and sex abuse ritual sex abuse system yeah ritual sex because I think there is some truth to that and those people are playing the wrong game don't play the game if you won't want to get burned yeah it seems like there's a lack of education among the sort of pagan Wiccan satanic world about the dangers of what people engage in it's sort of like everyone's free to experiment and do what they want to do but it doesn't seem to be a lot of clear warnings about what not to do well in my opinion I think a lot of the Satanic texts have been suppressed over the years can you talk a little bit about Pharaoh and the ten plagues is that is that something that's sort of interests you at all yes that actually it just me a lot well apparently if you've been following what happened on 4chan they apparently accidentally represented an Egyptian deity are you talking about that frog Tech and Pepe the Frog with Satanism I find there's a lot of humor and there's a lot of tongue-in-cheek sarcasm and it makes it hard to know what's real and what's not and what's frightening and what's funny yes it and I see that as a sort of veil over the very deadly and serious as a mask of humor and lightheartedness and I see that with Tech and the Frog God yeah well according to legend text Keck was the Egyptian god of primordial chaos not something you want to mess with no and apparently means he stuffed given power I wonder what Carl Jung would say about all this I think you'd actually legitimately find it fascinating that the collective unconscious and the collective conscious sort of came together and accidentally resurrected in a chip deity there are a bunch of different satanic churches that are sort of coming out of the closet and getting official recognition do you have a church and if you do is it recognized and it open no it's it's open but it's not really good Church it's more of a collective worldwide your numbers of explicit conscious members of this collective would be fifty people five hundred people five thousand five million how many I'm not even sure well how many do you know of personally that you speak with on internet or in reality a handful Kurt yeah not that many No and is it important to you that the numbers increase or not really it's not really important to me I do what I do I believe what I believe and if somebody wants to come along and experience it and so be it you're not pushing like Scientology is pushing pretty hard you're not pushing oh don't get me started on Scientology okay don't get me started on that I have a whole rant about Scientology why why don't you like them because it's ridiculous and this is a violation formed by a two-bit science fiction writer and what role does Satan play in Scientology he wants to be is very far wish medic possible don't put his name and ul ron Hubbard's name and same decidin so are there other cults that are equally disdainful to like the Westboro Baptist Church do you find that at a hateful organization they should be ashamed of themselves I don't crap on anyone who has related happened to have a lot of friends at a Catholic a lot of my family still Catholic and the Westboro Baptist Church are just a bunch of hateful people that how they could take the Bible and see it as a tool for hate what do you think about Pope Francis as a man and as a spiritual leader I think Pope Francis's is a progressive okay is that a dirty word for you or is that okay it has dirty connotations cuz just a lot of the weird crap that's going on in the world today bunch of whiny people whining about everything political correctness and all that yeah I hate political correctness I hate it I hate it I hate it anyway I don't talk too much about politics so I'm not that interested but Nicki said something funny she said politics gives Satan a headache it does oh my god it does and he hates it when I rant about politics what does Satan like to talk about with you funnily enough classic automobiles really okay what kind of car does he like old Cadillacs purses stuff like that okay what about the Goths and emos scenes are they connected in any way with paganism or Wicca or Satanism or is it just a fashion I've met a few emo and goth people that have been Satanist but it seems like there is sort of like position is cool right now let's do this it is sort of trendy now to come out as a Satanist I see a lot of I see a lot online I don't know if that's just because the Internet's exposing sort of the underbelly they're comfortable coming out of the closet because they can still hide it from the families or if it's actually growing what do you think I think the Internet has has changed the way we look at the world because anybody can post anything on the Internet but that's what appeals to me about the day is that you can remain anonymous now I want to go back to something you said earlier and if you talked about spending time in the mental institution or something like that yes can you talk a little bit about the people you met there the staff the other patients what did you learn like not only about yourself but about the system about people trying to get help oh and a below just mental illness in general this is going to be a long rant so I've been in four times now in the past three years I've been inpatient four times um what I learned about it is my whole thing about I mean yes there does there do exist mental illnesses of course they do exist but to me it seems like past the time that the people who go in there aren't getting the help they need all they do is they keep you in for a couple of days putting on some kind of drug that doesn't really do anything and then send you on your way and expect you to be better did you get any compassion from any of the staff for your fellow patients yes the head nurse was very friendly and we kind of connected on a level I worked in an old folks home and I was just cleaning but I saw that a lot of the staff were very good and very conscientious and very caring and they gave a lot but some of the stuff treated it more like a job yep I I noticed that too like you know because all on the inside and it also seems like they treat mental health patients as prisoners and I don't like it ever since I've had my run-ins in psychiatry I've become like an anti site person yeah well I think there's some truth in psychiatry but it's just a human side where the application may be inhuman exactly it sounds good on paper but the execution is crap it's hard enough to love your brother like your own biological brothers never mind some stranger that you're giving charge and you don't have time to get to know them and you know that you're just part of a big machine that's grinding them out exactly the one thing that makes me want to scream is that the psychiatrist that work inpatient are horribly incompetent he it's it's sad it's a sad world we're living in on a cheerier note what I like to do the end of my show is just what my let my guests talk to the audience directly just to finish up and to wrap up our talk what would you say to anyone out there that's listening you know it gets better guys it gets better it really does if you're out there and you're feeling like you don't have any anything or or you don't feel like life is going anywhere you know get help find a good psychiatrist and get help yeah you know get what I'll do if you can get some questions ready and okay all you got to do is all you got to do all you got to do is all you got to do

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