Catholic vs. Catholic - 2019-03-30 - Steve Cunningham

Author Recorded Saturday March 30th, 2019

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Recorded September 13th, 2017

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I am a big fan of Sensus Fidelium, so I decided to reach out to that legendary and mysterious figure: 'One Arm' Steve. As it turns out he's just a regular guy with an extraordinary faith who runs a very popular YouTube channel. I very much enjoyed meeting him.

Catholic vs. Catholic - 2019-03-30 - Steve Cunningham

Author Recorded July 26th, 2017



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either Steve Cunningham and as you listen to Catholic versus Catholic tell us a little bit about yourself if you would who you are what you believe and how you came to believe what you believe no problem I'm Steve Cunningham I run a social Sedalia died us and of course part of YouTube channel enough I was cradle Catholic baptized in the face mom was the only price from Catholic in the family dad was Presbyterian but mostly probably agnostic my prices really didn't really care actually he converted right before he died my brother and I was so out of it that we didn't even care with the college played baseball basketball college as in high schools Royals for families of the Explorer's family grew up playing golf grew a play and everything you saw soccer went to school came basically uh I guess you could say a born-again communist everywhere right college basically does anymore had a daddy program myself when I got out still wasn't digging those who would go check off my you know my timesheet go to church go to confession once a year almost or whatever was once a month and usually repeat the same thing over and over again but you know just what typical guys do I guess anymore they just check off the box I'll change when I was a cook a job with medical sales and fair listened to talk radio and I changed my political perspective our lot of things and especially getting in the workforce like that and I changed my tune on Facebook which my brother and I would always people would say the inner they enjoyed our conversations because it looked like they were we were trying to make each other laugh and I started changing my tune and then he started going well if you could do stings but I'm going to do religion stuff so for all four when he started doing a saint of the day for about yeah for forty days by the end of it he was thinking about becoming a priest and he texts me up now and listen I would look at what he was saying but I really didn't you know care much I would read in listen to what he posed but people would text me uh Pascal's problem and yes I remember one guy buddy my big soft Oh on a universal a fan and he's so arrogant wait a min thing right yeah there's the sec right yeah you think they're the best conference in the in the world in football right yeah that arrogance are true so that's my first apologetic defense still really didn't care much he doesn't talk to me anymore really that that one guys used to be a real good friend of mine anyway my brother sent me a text once on Saints roaming this the Scriptures think those ignorance of Christ and I just said I'd act with that I'll read so read Matthew Mark Luke John Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday first time ever was blown away by a member of state that's picking out Mary Magdalene having seventeen as some reason I've stuck out on me as I finish that once next and got turned on the machine for EWTN shows that probably the Catholic Answers brought me two sermons online and then I really fell are to me I went started going to daily Mass it was right down the street from us I remember hearing a lecture Q&A online and it's still up there so the question on how the dress and mask before this I was dressing in maybe a golf shirt and shorts and maybe maybe tennis shoes equipped ass that was my Sunday best and I heard that out the next day I was in the three-piece and I remember my senior Harris because they were you know you look like going to a funeral I go well we are at a marriage reception at doc told it never went bad always been wearing a student I ever since that just hearing that and really put up you know foot up my body to get me going though all my coaches were always like that fight that someone needs to really challenge me they need to whack me about that ahead most times people worried about the offending some by you know I wanted to be I wanted to play Bob night all my coaches were billet arias guys you know call me names that was like that so that's kind of I gravitate towards started the sensus fidelium on the idea with greater glory the movie I remember I'm a knight I won't tell anybody my hurt my reputation they were supposed to move through the promotion for the greater glory and I'm never around my brother and I and a friend of ours with OSI and there was five people there and both the other two look like they you know 150 years old it was out for maybe two days nobody what to go see it and so I was like well if I got it there's a sermon online let me see if I could put that together and maybe I'll promote it and that made what else the first sermon put there on the videos and that led to all right whatever if I hear something that I find out that I never heard of before maybe someone else has it and I'll put another one up so well we have like 3,000 videos since about one per day last six years and still learning now oh but we're about the hundred thousand subscribers I never thought there would be a thing six seven years ago when I started doing this well yeah that's why I said in the email that I pictured you like with security team and a popemobile I remember somebody online cuz I mean yeah I had no idea this was gonna be like this way the YouTube URL actually says what arm Steve's still at the top I don't know how to change that that was my I was a nickname from College of Charleston days it was a widespread panic song named one-armed Steve and my friends the scar called me that so I just stuck anyways I remember a friend text me up cuz oh you're you're Steve from you're the guy shows me all day I got a changed my name so that I got to get my name off this so that was what I was trying to find a name for the channel went from one to another and finally list who does is bdellium and I think I did was it in here viewers I came round my face got on once I came here I was asking for a helper we were doing a one of the Federer's assess those and my face got on there nobody had a clue who I was and then I was at the parish one time they could you're that guy guys were back home they had no idea we'd sit there in this room and they knew me for years and they were my brothers of my brother he was the fourth year of third or fourth year seminarian you know brothers I would give me jab each other so we're in the is Christmas time and he goes you look over here it's at the time video size because that video soccer over there but guy in a stimulus because you're that guy I uh it's hard to find Orthodox Catholic content there's a lot of stuff that's wolves in sheep's clothing trying to co-opt the Catholic Church on the left and on the right it's easier I find it easier to identify wolves on the left then the wolves on the right but the enemies of the church that are on the right I can't just talk a little bit about their tactics place I remember the first time I'm coming against the city of acontece and I remember my brother was talking back there very smart very slick and she's somebody that's looking for something I remember looking at my first study website yeah I was kind of new at the time I stumbled on this going you know these they're making some solid arguments I'm you know a veneer thinking deep on this maybe question things and I remember you know ask it ends when you think of stay away from that Chuck you blah Blee by yeah the more I looked at it going has just built an emotion for going after your emotionally you know that it's trouble out there the problem out there and they just they know the buttons they had AG you know I said he's obviously from the YouTube channel on Twitter they come out of would worse the twist element they act like there's you know to a regular person they sound very smart Nate quoting papal encyclicals letters councils fellerman and I was one thing about my buddy Ryan grant that uh he's translating you know all of the elements works because the priest went up to him goes here the settings though this stuff and they're quoting from this and most of our people don't know Latin which is sad and because can you translate can you start doing this so that was when after he got down with they controversies on the Roman pontiff is a that was a big help for what I hear for Cisco and Salva John salsa and so they that books been very good on checking their arguments and retaliating with what the Church teaches with the element teaches what's out what their screw it with their twisting with element to say they're a modern-day Protestants basically the reject the papacy you know they reject this but they say these therefore there but reject vatican one or therefore left but they reject the visible authorities intersting the church is now the theater vatican to church gone quote-unquote which is another church than the other church which doesn't make any sense where is this other church we have to have a visible head visible society all connected to the authority' Magisterium but you know it's kind of like Mormons and other those guys that they get you in with one thing and then by they don't give you the other stuff until you get into their programs really that's what I tried Mormonism raised is whether red but yeah it's and I'm not at everyone most guys on there now I'm not a society guy I haven't met a society person that showed joy they're always bitter or upset or back home and Charlotte the friends back home to tell me that there's a lady that runs our family who runs that parish and they distributed people from there people won't talk to you because you don't go to the society thing and I'm not all of it I do text with a society priests his friends he found me on LinkedIn chat with him a lot he's a solid guy he's gotten in trouble with his own freeze for praying when he passes a cemetery you know just through in a regular prayer his little priest bash them about it I'm still waiting for a traditional media guide besides church militants who call out that priest that is on the society YouTube channel for saying telling people not go to a notice order mass because he says it's evil full disclosure I'll go down the street if there's a you know daily Mass I do movement right now if I'm wanting to go to a mass it's a there was order one right down the street I checked the church mass the last time so app and I'll tip right in now Trina's a low-mass on the old most of the time I keep my head down I don't say Kansas trying to you know be as Reverend as I can deal they'll walk down the middle so I don't step on the Lord from Communion and do everything I can and people usually ask questions and that's a great way to educate those people who aren't listening to say like a dr. Marshall channel or they don't follow the liturgy guy but he might runs that see a lot of us you could work within our circles but those same people that those the people that we really need to get to aren't looking at those websites or the links or videos or anything like that and I mean times you see people on Facebook post don't put your arms and orange for possession but then you go to a parish you see that's all the people do none of those people reading that watch um so it's I'm not I'm not one of those guys to say hey because her family stay in your parish don't go out and try to bring anybody in I'm going I remember a friend of mine gives the best compliment we met he moved from here to try on North Carolina and uh we invite him out for beer and pizza after mash because yes y'all some weird trash yes you laughing you like beer you drink you have a good time yeah yeah life sucks grab a helmet let's have some fun during a - I mean social joy you don't but you don't attract any by complaining about Vatican 2 24/7 it's actually one of those things to talk about that means we think about Vatican 2 I'm done I walk right away I don't want to talk about talk about something else you pride in reading about you if I didn't read it you're probably just parroting somebody to post something about it and okay what's what what's the good what's the point like guys I gripe about the Pope all the time yeah we have bad Pope I remember fries had a great one because it's like your dad being an alcoholic still love them for everyone we're getting you know baby pray for a good death but what the heck is tweeting about it 24/7 gonna do so even guys on our side that's aren't and the quote far far far right exchange they need it the motion cells it's easy to get into it easier to complain that it is to pray to tenants of sacrifice a novena or anything like that even we're here when i go out to the people's fair after I can't get anybody to come join me the is trans in general gets the idea that it's just about to learn to Mass on Sunday and that's really about it now that's a generalization but I I can't find a there's it's hard to get people to come out and be you know hey let's recruit let's go ahead and get people to come in let's let's go fish him in and then bring them to the priest and let the priest through their job that's our job to bring them in their jobs because it is to educate them no we want to pick from kind of like everyone with a big beefy edge if that takes our families fix the house big city and it will go worry about big time later but yeah but just talk a little bit about Pope Francis can you just talk a little bit about the man yeah and you know from what I understand is and we've got to know what you got to look in the background where he came from from that situation and our subpoena to but I had a friend of mine was telling me that he came out when he was a bishop a priest he spent some time in some prison down there or I came here what exactly the whole situation was but when he got out of it everyone said it changed them and he's been you know you'll see great quotes that he said about homosexuality gonna get that going after abortion I get tired of the 24/7 news coverage that everyone asked to treat every word and he says as which is incorrect just because he sneezes doesn't mean isn't a foul sneeze if he's on an airplane doesn't mean anything I mean I get texts all the time would you think about what he said it was about faith and morals from the chair now fine I'm I got something else to do we use the Pope good or bad we've had good post we've had bad Pope's you can become a saint under a bat Pope you can go to hell under a good Pope Frank she had a great line or something but we don't we're not going to see the beatific vision of the Pope or not going to be in the communion or Cardinals in heaven it's a sermon I got it up called Christ as the pointment talks about the Pope formosus tryout with Pope Steven before him we're focused even digging up for Moses and putting them on trial it's just a modern day thing that we just get away from these are daddies our hope like we said before is your father is you can have a good father you can happen always father you still love your father yeah it's been a good fit for me I consider it a good thing in a sense every time someone brings it up it's been easier to start conversations in society about this when we had to table up at the carnival's everybody came up wanted to ask our opinion about the Holy Father and it's an easy topic to get in that y'all are already talking about the papacy already talked about availability is talking about the church and what past history others they bring up councils we bring up advocate they bring evaluation yes illegitimate of counsel you don't turn into a super council left doesn't the right does it one acts like it's the greatest council in history world that it started to church the other side acts like isn't the worst doubtful ministry of councils and it into the church if you look at it and there's actually a talk by now Senate Acosta's Jerry Mathers actually talks about reading all the cat all the council documents in light a tradition you'll have no problem that's his worse now let's see goes back and says now that journey was an idiot I don't know what he would say now but uh I have it on audio and that's how you read it in light of traditions you won't fall off the boat on that it's not a super council the Holy Father is not a dictator he might say something but is unless it's under faith amor is raised by development and they controversies in Rome Acosta there's actually chapter talks about you see all these guys yelling at him nobody on planet earth can judge a pope that was a chapter of one of elements books of elements or in Bellman's book because I think they can't do anything to a future Pope you see all these guys somebody's a heretic he hasn't said anything on and under faith and morals from the chair that's heresy we've had Pope's to speak them from the pulpit before they weren't called heretics we've had you know fair things knowing that they were wrong but they still had kind they still said spoke about him in a charitable way PI it away instead of the guys guys throwing out calling him Vittorio all the time and you know that's what they say that he wants to be called but that doesn't matter you still treat him as the Pope you ain't him and it's it's a turn-off when you see the guys go after him as much as is but it also goes with 24/7 365 social media everyone wants to put News up the one was to see talk about someone's good side and it's the Holy Father bad I'm not gonna say he's a hundred percent evil people call me Antichrist you holy got any time let's turn that down a little bit everything he's I mean you look at saintly Pope's not everything they did was perfect that they probably said something guys today would eight we didn't have the video on him 24/7 365 of the microphone and they went on their planes and he weren't posting her stuff on Twitter and they weren't doing YouTube Angeles his speeches and all this so yeah all excited now we act like he's the worst thing in the history of the planet if you're not praying for him you complain about it more than you have the problem actually my idea is it so as the person I remember people getting on him about the Globetrotter speed and looking at the Vatican I mean if those are photo of Pius the 12th I having the Globetrotters that man come on they by the dressed a little bit better back in size of 12 baby but and yeah it is it is questionable when you see him bring guys like Katy Perry up to speak to people on why this but either what could we do I'm in Denver Colorado I can't control the Vatican well wherever those guns are you're you know they're in you know wherever wherever USA just if they worry more about themselves become Saints than worry about what the Holy Father does every moment of the day they probably that awful yeah and it's funny because Pope Francis actually had that big poster put on his door no complaining right that was one of the first things you did in taunt if I didn't know that I didn't know that yeah he's one of the first things he did big poster says no complaining oh yeah yeah pointing to absolutely not what do you think of pope john xxiii and paul the six what do you think about them do you like them the Pope said yeah I'm not a huge scholar on both of them all you know I could notes of what I've heard from others that politics the folk st. Paul the fix was a yes man type deal and so he apparently his heart was in the right way if he's wanted to convert the Protestants but his means of doing it was very poor and and in you know obviously backfired pretty badly I don't think he was out to destroy the church john xxiii prosing john xxiii same but he was a very jolly happy kind of following me he wrote a great encyclical that that basically no priest read anymore terms that the NCA pays elite it's basically telling that you must know Latin before or you graduated seminary we go priest therefore people that used to go around the guys that are yeah back you know back at them and yeah here whether about their tariffs at the edge see from john john xxiii like what they don't read that one but uh yeah i mean maybe they have called install the six which i wish you would have done said it was infallible but he didn't but uh still was a great psychical but and we can't toss out but he you saw the Outlands from the canadians after that immediately the church how many people rejected him for saying that rejected the contraception for a day he got a lot of backlash she talked about the smoker saying that was his words it sounds like from what i heard from other people and from the little I've read about him is he really wanted to convert the Protestants but he just did it any terrible way but I mean you look back at a change of everything we have post hanging pyres detent change the Divine Office that nobody thought was ever going to change and that was the beginning of the hey maybe we can maybe the virginal impersonal guys we're going baby we can change this and yet during Paul the twelfth reign when they change top holy tritium which thanks be to God it's a lot of lot more traditional parishes are getting or being okayed to do that again which is really cool the evident one and then after that yet you know the overhaul with all the six masks there's just gradual come through that there it wasn't like me and some I woke up and say hey let's do this the next day they did that is you know this was in the plans for years and years years decades prior for it but uh got called the six stamp you know name stamped on it so he gets the so get the brunt of that for all human history and I said I'm I don't want to condemn them little forth from my hell obviously can't because they're okay my saints but look at again that goes back to a lot of trans complaining about that looking back and always always add nology of bringing that stuff up going ok probably right on this what can we do to go for what we do the bring the change to make it back and going up to somebody that a Pierrot idea of what's going on like this and then just going up oh yeah well follow six acts john xxiii terrible canonizations aren't infallible when range is probably published that he just got that translated the canonization of the core development which says across for they're available and still it was faith and morals i think bagon one says that do and you go i have people mad about that but it goes back to motion how many people get them up just tear up on a motion on this and don't let the logic and reason come through we have any they still hopefully we'll see them up in heaven who means yeah and i don't think anybody's going to try to kick him in the butt or anything over but yeah that's what happened with its happen let's go let's move on we can't we can't get in the glory and go back in time and say hey by if all those things we got you might not want to do this here's why let's go back and do that to Luther and go back to do that mommy take them you know get them before they turn do something weird yeah some of the wood I guess what you call traditional Catholics claim that the Muslims don't worship the same God as us is that your understanding as well or not yes I mean it's not the same God I know the Catechism of the Catholic Church says something kind of vaguely about that and I was I think one of the Pope's that we versus I think maybe john paul ii i I'm not sure but no it's not the same God for saying it's obviously not Trinitarian and they don't look at our Father as a father you look at that they look at God is a basically a dictator type deal thing so it's you know they might say God but it's kind of like a Mormon saying you know Jesus Christ is the different idea of who that is well I would I would personally I would classify the Jews and the Muslims as true monotheists not to say that there aren't branches of Judaism and Islam that stray from true monotheism but there's that there's that idea of classical theism where there's an all-powerful God that everything out of nothing and he's infinite in every perfection you know that is monotheism and although there are Jews and Muslims and even Christians who stray from that the main lines of Judaism Islam and Christianity traditionally at least are all monotheistic they all subscribe to that classical theism so for me that puts them all into a higher class than Mormonism which is a sort of naturalism where it's just the biggest and best material entity is what they call God right right and you got Islam that has the same my mr. realistic heaven you just like the Mormons you got that idea becoming guys but yeah yeah you're right on the monotheistic part but it's just a different idea person a of what God is versus what we would say he is yeah but I mean each and every one of us when we get to heaven we'll be discovering endlessly for all eternity who and what God is the mystery of God entering into that mystery so it's not like you right now understand who and what God is efficiently I mean obviously as a Catholic you have access to all of the saving truths of religion you have access to them and that's why it's a dog with the church that the church is a perfect society you have access to all of those saving truth whereas the Muslim doesn't and the the Protestant doesn't but in heaven you're going to be discovering more and more and more of the truth of who and what God is and it's inexhaustible so really we're all in the same boat in terms of our ignorance right oh yeah yeah we never know that you know these you know they never would be a theater division is contemplating God forever and you know we can't wrap our people minds like the Augustan dream of you know putting those is trying to figure out the trainings that that little Christ child that came in and said that uh what you trying to do is that we're trying to put you yet I'm trying to figure out the tree so well why don't you why don't you put the he's asking the little Christ hair about putting the water into that little hole soft I put the ocean and there's holiness that's like your mind about the oldest ready so yeah we'll never be able to figure that concept out but as in the sense of what he is versus what Muslims talk about in a blank sense for the basic point it's not the same kind isn't like is that father versus dictators ideal they would they would object to and be caught they would object was or then calling Godfather they don't look at that as he is father say here you know loving in the sense the usually has more of a like a tyrant in the sense and our idea God's will and ours idea is different from their idea in God's will is insane like he moves a pen you know across the board that's got making my hand move the pant versus you know God's positive will you know in our lives or so you know God he wants he wants a was funny outer right now I'm kind of cloudy then he wants a cloudy out winter cloudy because that's what he's been this for right now and then you know it's yes is monoply in my holistic but it's yes I walk up to a Muslim now which I'd love to having them or we had the part of those parts or fuzzballs era they're usually next to us so it's always a great time but uh yeah they would not they were not called they would definitely act if agree with saying that uh he's a father yeah what do you think of magic or eyx I think it's clearly demonic what do you think here I get a bunch of marriage heads all the time I joked with all the demon of made you a funny thing about that is I got a car wreck about two years ago and I always saying you know some always say how Mary before I go for a drive and I had a practice metal in that door and things on the car hit me right where the metal was anyway I go to the place a week later and the guy hands me a baggie because I here's all the stuff we found underneath the underneath in the car you know there are some metals and things we found else I just had the one right there somebody dumped like five bed you'd metals underneath my client I clean it all the time you know through hoovering to try to vacuum try to make a car look nice I don't know how those things got there which would happen the day that I get I get hit and I jokingly said that even a major was trying to take me out so I'm hoping they condemn that thing there's plenty of evidence against it yeah there's great that people convert the first awesome there so it's there you don't want to be so attached to that thing that when they condemn it that you'd say babe the church was wrong we're right that's danger and that old thing yeah what are you sort of day today what are you excited about now with your faith and with growing in the faith and with spreading the faith can you just talk about what you're excited about with Catholicism today oh yeah yeah yeah projects just continue doing what we're doing just trying to you know get more out there and the Y's got ideas about merchandise ideas just a you know like puzzles it sure some things like they had some cops and bollocks with you know great images on there just a you know images raise our minds to our Lord and meditate that way so just images like that just help bring people up and want to find out what's about this image or what's about this sink and try to grow devotion a little bit more so it's it's cool to see when you see somebody get turned on and how they react to it and what they want to you know just to be a part of that it's really overwhelming clogging about people who said they just thought what about his life he never heard of this how on fire they are to learn more that's the because it that when he wrote the true devotion it is fantastic and I wish more people would read that one from the 49ers I think of early 1500 it talks about the tournament has heard the writing true to voice a version was I'm sorry I thinking the priest mean but it was written before Louis and he picked up on his that's what turned him on to write about all these slavery it's a fantastic edifying book on that and here's right now I didn't chapter about st. Joseph and it talks about how just you know really I knew about how great st. Joseph is and heard sermons I've heard this not it but you read it from somebody back in those days and it really digs in deeper it really turns you on even more but right now just we do it approached my folks don't have a lot of you know links or resources of use so I found the Bible Commentary online at a friend of mine whose we're trying to transcribe that on the website Bible commentary on in Spanish guys doing English too but especially in Spanish and I got a sermons in Spanish common catechism classes on the story inning in Mexico Garin J's liturgical year in Spanish just trying to you know a lot more stuff over there because for one of years they don't have a lot especially traditional sources so that's a project pretty excited accountant the candle I had a guy in the car the other day if the Mexican did to him a 38-hour right he didn't really say much in the car so I gave my my business card at the end and say hey man if you want I got to check this out when you on the driver he's got plenty of hours and plenty of hours of videos on there and you can especially in Spanish and he could he starts smiling from ear-to-ear going to that's what's up so every time I see somebody that's a Latino and I tell them that this they really get jacked about it myself and when I hear they multiple priests that do Spanish missions they don't have a lot of stuff so we're trying to do a little bit more with that and get some more out there and then obviously on top of that doing the Bible commentary and trying to work on other projects as well apologetic things like that but trying to be a lot of exciting I always at the end of my interviews I asked my guests to give the closing thought just something positive for the listener so what do you think that you might be able to say to anyone that's out there listening now hey there's a lot out there if you want to be a true seeker keep breathing for catholics be a saint breathe don't complain as much see what he just said he joyful say rose they promote the rosary and said ace suck it up get back in the ships I'm one of those guys was tough love we just got to be a saint what else is there now all you gotta do is all you got to do is do is

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