CVS Live - 2022-04-02 - Pius IX Boul. Billboard

Author Streamed Saturday April 2nd, 2022

CVS Live - 2022-04-02 - Pius IX Boul. Billboard

Author Streamed March 13th, 2021



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okay i am live and uh i guess i don't need my headphones so i'm not listening to anything so yeah i was supposed to interview aiden tonight i really wanted to talk to him just to see uh if you listen to his uncle's episode all the way through and what he thought of it and i've heard about his uncle for a long time so that was a great talk we had today with mark lindsey but anyway i'll talk i'll catch up with aiden he's just uh busy with other more important things so i thought i would take this opportunity to do a really quick video just documenting something strange that happened to me yesterday at work i was driving around it's nothing dramatic it's just silly and frivolous and i wore this sweater today you may have seen me wear it in the past on previous episodes but there's a reason why i'm wearing this sweater today and i'm going to show you i'm going to take you on a little journey the same journey i took yesterday in my car what was my car it was a truck here in montreal north moria nor you can see it there on your screen this is google maps by the way okay this is and industrial so this is industrial this is pnf i work somewhere over here but um i don't know can you see are you able to see my mouse you can't really see my mouse it's washed out anyway doesn't matter we'll go to the street view and i'll show you what i saw yesterday this boulevard peanut has been under construction for years i don't know why they're putting a bus pathway in the middle the center of the road but that's what they're doing pnf by the way is pius ix famous for hiding fleeing for his life to get italy to escape from the persecution of the secular authorities the government and he famously proclaimed the dogma of the immaculate conception i hope i got that right in my conception right and so as i'm driving there's a stoplight up ahead here you can see and i'm just sitting here i'm stopped and i'm looking at the billboards and i'm just being very silly in my mind i'm looking at the billboard oops way too far let me back up here looking at the billboard okay sorry i'm having a hard time here i'm looking at the billboard and i'm just thinking to myself okay who's this dude with the guitar here who's the dude does he know how to play guitar i'm just thinking all kinds of thoughts like is he holding if i talk to an expert would he recognize this dude knows what he's doing with the guitar yes or no simple question right and then i thought what's this chick here whether she a pharmacist or what is she this one here i was just trying to think she portuguese i'm looking at her face and i see palmuchi that's like italian okay and like who's this dude with the man bun next to it right and then i'm like that's me man that is me without a dote so i want to just do a little compare and contrast zoom in a bit i'm going to compare and contrast i'm going to show you i've got this little camera security camera set up behind me here i cropped it it's like a very wide fisheye angle lens i bought it to uh for security purposes not not from ic well i'm not going to go into details explaining it but i don't know if you can see if you can see my uh sweater the cuff on my sweater and the collar of the sweater and in the photo i have a backpack on you can't really see it but you can see my man bun would do this you can see more uh without the glasses you can see that's the shape of my head that's the shape of my man bun you can see everything corresponds i just thought it was hilarious that this thing has been up there i drive past this almost every day not every day but quite often i drive past it and uh [Music] how many times have i seen this and i never realized i'm in there in that photo so i looked up the pharmacy it's the jean coup 2 right not too far from here so that was a funny little discovery and i'll go back to the camera so i can talk to you yeah so i thought that was hilarious like i got my sweater my characteristic sweater on and i got my man bun i'm just surprised because in my entire life i've been there twice and that was years ago uh maybe uh four or five years ago three four five years ago very rarely go to the pharmacy i can't remember what i was in there for nothing major maybe a pack of gum or some lip gloss lips are always dry and i'm trying to remember if i've ever seen if in that jean cou too if i noticed at the time that there was a photographer there i'm trying to remember i can't remember my memory's not that hot but you can see uh you can't really see that's a bad on google maps it's a bad bad image but my sideburns are red there and now they're all mostly gray white now they're turning gray i keep them shorter used to have bushy when they were red so that's it no philosophical or religious content in this video i'm just documenting it because i think it's hilarious and they will eventually take that billboard down and it's the only one it's it's the only one because it's uh it's the over it's the only overpass where the construction's taking place on pinoff which is how you say pius the ninth in in french p means pius neuf means nine so piniff boulevard is boulevard pius ix and it's the only place where the construction is indicated with this big thing so i wanted to document it with this little silly video i just thought it was hilarious and nothing nothing i can really say about it then i guess the religious content is that it's uh blessed pius ix blessed pius the ninth pray for us that's it i hope you found that mildly amusing as i did and take care of yourselves thanks for listening thanks for watching we'll talk soon god bless

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