Catholic vs. Catholic - 2018-08-03 - Eli Danze

Author Recorded Friday August 3rd, 2018

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Eli Danze is a cradle Catholic who was born and raised in Texas where he currently lives with his wife and six children. He is the creator and host of the Boni + Bella podcast in which Eli encourages us all to “Be Kind! Do Good! You are Beautiful!”https://bonibella.com

Catholic vs. Catholic - 2018-08-03 - Eli Danze

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hey this is Eli DNZ and you're listening to Catholic versus Catholic tell the listeners if you would please a little bit about yourself who you are what you believe in how you came to believe it yeah absolutely thanks for having me on I really appreciate it David yes my name is Eli like I said I'm from Texas I'm from Austin Texas now I live here in San Antonio Texas and I'm appear about 12 years ago with my wife skate we met in college at University of Dallas it's a Catholic liberal arts college and now I'm married man I'm have six kids on earth three in heaven praise be to God three by miscarriage so anyway I'm a full-time employee at travelers insurance I'm an underwriter commercial insurance underwriter and a side hustle I I have my own podcast I'm actually called boney and Bella podcast where I interview guests as well and our basis is be kind do good you are beautiful so it's stories of people that are doing those things in the world with their time talent treasure and their business nonprofits and their families and their lives and their faith life and it's very exciting 3 on the side so that's kind of a little bit about myself I am Catholic Roman Catholic and have been my whole life and just broken and blessed by God can you just talk a little bit about your childhood some of the earliest experiences that you had that touched on religion what were some of the earliest memories that you have yeah absolutely thanks for the question I think one of the earliest memories that I have was was my first confession and First Communion just the reverence and the importance by my parents to receive my first compassion and first communion I could just remember being by myself up near the altar and a huge church and I was the only one and just receiving that Eucharist was receiving the Eucharist was incredibly important and just you know a blessing and a gift and I just understood the importance of receiving him in the form of the Eucharist so I think that probably earliest and then outside of that I became a altar server after that so I guess I was about eight years old and ever since then God has been a huge part of my life and the Catholic faith is incredibly important to me and you know I've gone ups and downs in my faith lives and in my life but God has always been there so now typically during adolescence or early adulthood there's a bit of rebellion some may be a loss of maybe even a complete loss of faith I'm not sure how dark your darkest years were but can you just talk a little bit about your dark years I would say that high school up until it's a freshman year of college was probably the darkest times and definitely started to rebel in high school and became class president I think freshman sophomore year and so I just felt really excited to be popular to want to want to be a part of your type guy and so yeah I think for a few parties in our life to my parents I mean just things you really shouldn't do and you know turn away from them and away from God subsequently just trying to be somebody I wasn't but during that time I also was a retreat leader and prayer and masks were still part of my life but after high school first year college with leaving the house it's easy to stray away and mass and God were not a big part of my life then I'd say that I just went to confession to mass because I had to but not because it was important to me and so you know the friends you meet the first year college unfortunately are usually the ones you don't end up with and their influences definitely not leading others to Christ so and I think we all go through that period somewhat in our lives and then luckily I found my girlfriend the time wife now end of freshman year and the rest is history we've really grown up together in our faith life so I am an adult convert to Catholicism I was 39 when I converted from atheism so I feel like the prodigal son I don't know how cradle Catholics feel I don't know if they feel like they're the good son does that evoke Envy in them when they're faced with a convert such as myself because of the abundance of Graces that are bestowed on me can you just talk a little bit about your ongoing conversion as an adult how does that happen for the cradle Catholic I think everyone in their own lives becomes the prodigal son or the good son at different times in their life and even when you weren't Catholic you were still a son of God a good man born by God and made in His image and likeness so you know you gonna have good days and bad days good years and bad years I would say that I I did so a little bit entitled it took it for granted didn't have enough gratitude for Jesus and for my faith even though that was instilled in me early on I was still maybe this is part of my parents to just you know player wasn't necessarily and every day necessary we you know we really need it to feed us it was more of something we do on Sundays you know you go to confession because they need to so from a conversion story standpoint you know I would say as soon as I had my first kid my daughter she was in the hospital for three months and I really started to realize the power and the beauty and the mercy of God because she was born 12 weeks early and like I said spend three months in the hospital received the last rites and the anointing of the sick and all those things in baptism right after birth and so you know once you go to that bottom of the barrel as far as your your your faith you're really struck into realizing that's the only thing you have a hold on to I also lost my job at that time and my wife was quitting her teaching because she wanted to raise Emily full-time so neither of us had jobs so we really had to pull ourselves up and ask God to help us along the way obviously and I would say that was probably the bottom of the barrel for me from a family marriage life faith standpoint and we had to go from there it was it was not easy I was actually at school - at the time I was getting my MBA so not only did I not have a job I was getting my MBA in my wife was our daughter at all times if she wasn't in the hospital so it was the age of school but it from there it's it's been amazing an amazing journey and I guess I'm still on it and it's you know bad days and that's what concerned you Kristin and all the sacraments are for for us how old are you now if you don't mind my asking I'm 34 it seems that you've already undergone quite a bit of suffering with the loss of three children through miscarriage and various other trials I'm sure that you and your family have endured can you just talk from your perspective about suffering what is the value of suffering as a Catholic I think everybody suffers in certain ways I think it's perspective you know not everybody is addicted to drugs or alcohol or is lost a loved one or has had some horrible thing happen in life to experience suffering I think suffering happens every single day we have our own insecurities we have our own struggles we have our own doubts despairs fears issues that we're dealing with from former young I think we all have those things but we turn to the cross we turn to Christ and that's the way we get through it I mean I pray for those and I'm sorry fool and empathetic to those that don't have a faith life don't have God because I really don't know how they do it and so I would say that the way I take suffering is I have to work to realize that I'm nothing we were born from nothing and we're gonna die and go to dust and when I work I feel it makes me feel good personally just selfishly but it also gets out my suffering like when I do the dishes at home with my wife or when I'm helping the kids change a diaper or do the laundry at home or other things that aren't necessarily glorified in this culture but they're glorifying to God just because you do them every single day like st. Therese unless you says you know you can do great things with small acts or small things with great love you know and at work - when I'm working with people that don't like me like then this is early or we don't go along you know just throwing that up to God and saying you put in your hands Lord let me carry my cross and so you know I I love work I work from hate sometimes to midnight at night with my side project and also my 8:00 to 5:00 so that's the way that I deal with myself rings in my crosses is I give it up to the Lord and I just say let me do your work and with my hands and my feet in my eyes my ears and all the gifts that you given me and I said that on my podcast many times that I love work because it really gets us outside of ourself and realized that we have so much to offer to others and no matter what you're going through no matter what you have in your life no matter what pain you've gone through suffering I mean there's lots of things we're all dealing with and you just have to step outside of yourself and give and give to others and share the love of the Lord mmm this next question is rather personal for me I just got back from Colorado visiting my sister Linda and I had a wonderful time I met father Peter at the lanky guys podcast and my listeners might have heard about that if you haven't check it out it's a really good Catholic podcast that talks about the connections among the Sunday Mass readings but the point of my story is that I'm not a good flyer I have an irrational fear that that big heavy plane is just gonna drop to the earth but do those sorts of irrational fears that grip my intestines on the plane do they bode ill for my eternal salvation am I in danger of eternal damnation because I'm not in friendship with God that's the thought that crossed my mind I think if you have fear of flying maybe you need a fly work but the most safe way of transportation flying is like so much safer than driving it's crazy I mean I would say that you gotta put it in God's hands like the there really shouldn't be any fear of death if you have faith this is my podcast too it's if you have faith in God if you really diligently follow him as a Catholic I mean there's this thing out there called Catholic guilt you can look it up but everybody has you know sins on your shoulders and you're carrying it every single day and you know you just have to go to confession give it over to the Lord have the sacraments and then just have faith in God that he'll make everything right I mean pray hope and don't worry right st. Padre Pio if you don't know seeing Padre Pio go look him up but I think the other thing is do to try new things to step outside of yourself out of your comfort zone that's what I'm doing now I've done since February stepping out of my comfort zone and realizing man that I have so much off of the world and that is to sacrifice to speak the truth and to know that I'm called the greatness and that I'm calling others to greatness and challenging others so I think fear isn't you know isn't all of us because of our sin from innate nature as sons and daughters of Adam and Eve but through our baptism through grace the sacraments through God's mercy and forgiveness there is nothing to fear I mean truly you don't fear howl or heaven because you know God you loving God and you're trying to serve God as much as possible and that's the meaning of life I mean I like I said I've talked about many times to know love and serve God is what we're called to yeah yeah that's basis of the catechism of the faith is to know love and serve God in the simplest of terms and I've had a fear of public speaking I've had a fear of video I found a fear of audio you know just hearing yourself talk hearing yourself on the video hearing your voice in public speaking can be very nerve-wracking and very chilling I mean you know for me it's like my voice is scratchy I sound like a kid you know I look like a kid I look like you know I'm angry a lot of times on video if you go watch my my videos on YouTube or Instagram I look like I'm just not happy but really I am I'm just being myself and I just have to get over that fear of someone else not liking me or not caring for where I'm saying or thinking that I'm doing this selfishly or that I'm doing it for my own wants and needs but truly it's just to give to people and just motivate people to be better people and what about the Saints what who are some of your favorite is Saints I would say number one I mean our Lady you know nobody calls her necessarily Saint Mary but I leave Guadalupe I think that for the Americas for this country for really anybody but but especially people who are lost who don't have a way and we've taken the left fork when they should have taken right it's married that's gonna bring you back to the fold bring you back to the flock of Christ so I would say Our Lady number one but number two I would say st. Maximilian Kolbe when I visited Europe with my my wife we were studied in Rome a sophomore year of college we went to Auschwitz Poland and it was really moving to be the head so you've seen maximilian cell and where he died and just giving his life for that father that husband and then bringing people to the faith when he was in this prison it was just incredible and then to learn about his life afterwards and so I named my second-born son after st. Maximilian Kolbe just with his example and he's close to Mary as well the other one would well say anything of Padua you know finder of lost things but I just visited his bill silica and Padua Italy with my my family my wife and in-laws and that was incredible just to be able to touch his tomb that's my confirmation saying st. Anthony and again just someone that's followed God's path and through troubles and hard times he was he was an incredible saying just a real lay down his life to for Christ and in a lot of ways and so I named my fourth son after him Benedict Anthony so I've been incredibly blessed to name four sons after for eight amazing Saints and then the last one just with the amazing miracles that he's performed and just the stories I mean they just really bring you back to realize that Christ is living every single day in this world and if we say yes to him then he will do amazing things with us and for us so a project pios is recent - you know just died I guess not too long ago 1950s and 1960s and I really wanted to visit where he died but wasn't able to cut ralina I think it was called and Italy but he's a great confessor and if you don't know Padre Pio definitely look up his stories and just an amazing servant of God but those were kind of my top three I'd say because I'm in Montreal I like to ask my guests have you heard of st. Andre Bessette no I've never heard of him okay well he used a local hero he he was born in the nineteenth century but a humble doorman and he had a vision and he had a great devotion to st. Joseph so he had a vision to build a church a great church for st. Joseph and he did a lot of miracles so yeah if you don't know him check him out Andre Bessette sure Saint brother Andre as he's commonly known very famous did a lot of healings a lot of miracles with st. Joseph's soil that used to burn in the Oratory and it still burns in the art or you can still buy this oil I buy it I use it every day as part of my prayer life in my little shrine Wow but there were so lucky in the Catholic Church with the Saints there's so many great Saints so inspirational the way they lived the way they died and the way that they loved God and Jesus Christ and the other Saints their devotion and their love it really is touching really is inspirational I myself came to God through philosophies so the whole Western philosophy tradition contains a lot of heavy hitters st. Augustine st. Anselm they're two of my favorites and of course st. Thomas Aquinas what role has philosophy natural theology and the intellectual side of the Saints played in your own ongoing conversion can you talk about that a little bit good question I definitely need to dig into it more right now I'm catechism of the Catholic Church and starting from paragraph one actually and going through the whole thing to help me with my podcast but yeah I did study a Gustin in college I did take philosophy different philosophy courses but I would say intellectually just through the math and reading the gospel and then the bravery I bravery and half of my phone that I agree with my friend once a week and I need to do it more often but just the Psalms and some of the different prayers and there as well but I wouldn't say that I had the saint necessarily that I'm close to intellectually and it's something that I'm being called to recently to get back into the Catechism and know it intimately in order to really preach as God calls us to be as a priest a friend King but you know I would say that it's a journey I'm on and I have had Catholic education my whole life and I when I was in eighth grade during the confirmation being super interested and always asking questions were a lot of the other kids are sitting there taking in the information I was trying to ask questions and so I've always been kind of an inquisitive person and wanting to learn more so I would say that that's the journey I'm on right now is questioning and asking God kind of what he's asking for me or asking me to do in this in this world of social media with thoughts of my own brain and you know I think in a lot of ways recent or new philosophers in this world or people like Will Smith in the culture today and I hope to kind of be that for people to come to the Catholic faith to be attractive to them to really speak the truth and to be attractive to people that have follow away from the faithful a better faithful Catholics that like to learn more and so obviously I need to read a lot more up into intellectual Catholics like st. Anne's I'm saying Agustin so that's something I can't be too too much now what about history what are the history of the church the history of the papacy they stream the council's are you interested in history just talk a little bit about the history and the church yeah absolutely I mean I love the stories of st. Peter and then the more recent Pope's I'm more intimately know I mean st. John Paul the great was very close to me I probably saw him five or six times over my life with my mom when we went to Jubilee one year 2000 and then with my brother in 1998 kind of costums there with the red and crusty movement and then I'm with my parents too like 1993 94 as a family vacation and so just with his work with the youth and being not afraid and all of his beautiful writings I mean a sentence Masson us abortions some of those people consumed fools are really important and then of course catechism came from john paul ii and someone if you want to look up fear that's john paul ii i mean when he stood up against communism in the late eighties in the Cold War era he's really a amazing saint for that and then other stains Pope Paul the sixth or a Humanae Vitae that's a huge important document for the culture of life today versus culture of death which i think is where a lot of the social ills and the evils that plague us today are from he actually predicted it back in his humanity a it's a cool so I guess this brings us to the topic of sexuality abortion contraception things like that today the world is very confused about human nature the nature of sexuality the role of the family what is intimacy what is marriage what is love can you talk a little bit about sex marriage intimacy and these sorts of things oh wow an entire podcast to be dedicated to that I had Abby Johnson on she's course a former director of Planned Parenthood who came on my show she's author now and has her own ministry and then there went on but funny you'd ask that my parents been involved in the pro-life mystery from the eighties to today I prayed on the sidewalk for since I was 8 until today and I actually helped lead a boycott back in 2014 and 15 of Planned Parenthood being renovated here in San Antonio Texas my father led a boycott in 2003 against Planned Parenthood in Austin Texas and that actually helped that Center from being constructed for a year they helped shut down that Center for one year made it more expensive so I've brought a background on that I mean it's amazing to me that science says it's baby from the moment of conception because if someone kills the mother this pregnant that's a double homicide and that person is gonna get tried as a double murder a double homicide so how can we say that it's okay for the mother and her own selfishness her own ideas her own lifestyle whatever she's going through is not nearly what the baby's about to experience when that's realized legs and arms get ripped from its body and it gets sucked out of them a mother or chemical pills taken and it gets basically flushed down the toilet that's basically we're saying is that human life is a piece of garbage and it's unbelievable to me that we've killed 60 million babies and country alone since roe v-- wade sooth there I believe it was didn't even realize what was happening and that I mean she didn't realize what abortion was when that law came to pass she was the role in roe v-- wade yeah she's Roe and she actually of course now is or was pro-life advocate so the very person that passed that law is actually a huge pro-life advocate it's unbelievable to me how we can sit there and accept things like selling of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood and all these other companies unless you saw that diddled idolan has exposed them through his Center for medical progress the last few years and yet we try him and in the court of law for all of his crimes that he doing when in reality at Planned Parenthood that kills thousands of babies every single day so this is the world that we live in this is the culture of death that we've allowed as Christians as Catholics it's going to be hard for people to hear that and here come out of my mouth but it's so true because we have not done enough Christians and Catholics I know the true is to know that God is made every human being is made in the image and likeness of God have not done enough and that's part of my goal is to make people realize and wake them up and it's with my words it's my love it's with my own mind my own mouth that I'm gonna do that and I'm not gonna stop until the you know put me in jail or something else I mean you know I'm the following her husband but I'm also called to be a priest prophet and King that's what we called to in our baptism is to sacrifice to speak the truth and to recall the greatness so that's a big passion of my heart I've always been unabashedly pro-life and I'll continue to do it I just have to continue to broaden my scope of things that I talk about my podcast cuz that I wanted to be all about pro-life but it certainly is a huge calling in my life too so nobody it really is ridiculous Wendell Aydin came out with these videos there were always two versions available online the edited version that sort of got to the point quickly and then the full-length uncut video which showed everything so I always found it outrageous when people would accuse even mainstream newspapers were accusing David daleiden of having aggressively edited these videos chopped them up beyond recognition and so on and so forth when there was zero outrage for chopping up human beings but there is a huge outrage for the fact that allegedly these videos were chopped up and that was just inhumane and despicable and just and beyond the pale but Satan it really is the Prince of this world he's been nailed to the cross of Christ but he's still flailing he's still wearing his tarnished crown he is the prince of this world and you see it in the power and authority even up into the highest echelons of the church at times reaching up into all places of power and there is no place of power quite like the Catholic Church so we should expect Satan to be reaching his slimy tentacles up into the highest reaches of the church or at least trying to and so what is it about power and this worldliness where black is white white is black up is down down is up evil is good and good is evil it just astonishes me the blindness the willing blindness of people today I mean it's it's so easy to see the Satan at work in the power structures of this world I mean I went I sometimes do a bit of volunteer work with the church so one day I was called to a meeting in an office building downtown in Montreal and immediately when I got there I recognized it as the same building with the Morgentaler abortion clinic it's one of the first abortion clinics in Canada and one of the most controversial it was back in the late 60s that dr. Margaret aller first opened his abortion clinic in Montreal and he really pushed for abortion he was the first one actually to use vacuum aspiration to kill the humans in the womb quite a controversial figure so when I went up to the my meeting I mentioned the Morgentaler clinic to two of the priests that I was talking to and they advised me to change the subject because they had signed a document forbidding anyone in their Catholic offices to even mention the Morgentaler name or the Morgentaler clinic or anything about abortion whatsoever they've they'd signed a paper that was part of the condition of renting an office space in this building this high-rise building in downtown Montreal and they as a Catholic organization had to sign a document saying that they would not talk even in a non-controversial way in any way about this abortion clinics so there is a real battle taking place here on earth can you just talk a little bit about the spiritual battle and the power of Satan in governing this fallen world mm-hmm well I would say that you know unfortunately with a lot of things that have happened the last hundred years in this country in this world with sexual revolution the progressiveness of contraceptives of abortion of same-sex attraction of divorce of choreography of masturbation of all those ills that we face every single day and and the pushing of all that by the media it's an underlying Satanist culture that sits within all of us I mean Satan is very much real the evil spirits are very much real so I think that's the base answer unfortunately but I say the end answer is that God wins I mean whatever we're going through whatever this culture this world is going to right now you know God will win on the end I mean Jesus comes back eventually and does does take his flock with him to to heaven so unfortunately I think with the age of technology of digital and all the different you know we are I mean I I share the thought of what's going to be like in 50 years with things like sex robots and virtual reality because that's already happening in places like Europe and Asia but you know I would say it is it all stems from the family like I said before with humanity today it all comes from the family and that's respect for marriage respect for your wife your spouse and your husband respect for children having children I mean I got a 30 man probably saved me to get married at 22 and to have a child at 23 and now I have six children at 34 because I would be the man and today I would be called to by God to lay down my life unless I had married children I mean if I was my 20s and not married I don't know because they keep me grounded then we made a better person and that helps build up the kingdom it's when we're selfish when we give in to our desires when we give in to the things of the world when we are of the world we're not in the world you know we're called to be in the world but not of the world when I called to be part of the world as far as just immersing herself and that were called immerse themselves in Christ and God and unfortunately just too many like you said powers and authority have given over to the devil and government over to evil and it's just unfortunately so clear and you look at the church you know like I said before Catholics and the Catholic Church and unfortunately and the culture of death to blame a little bit because of what we have done you know look at this Cardinal more situation that's come out all the other scandals that come out since Boston and early 2000s I mean in elections you know give me started on elections Catholics liked liberals and Democrats and those that believe in killing children is okay I mean that's kind of where a lot of this starts and a lot of it actually started 100 years ago but most recently last 20 or 30 years in America so that's a longer short answer and I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for I'd like to change gears a little bit now and just talk to us if you would a little bit about your perspective on unity Christian unity the Orthodox the Protestants and the Catholics are we all going to get together how is that going to happen what can we do about it just talk a little bit about unity please mmm interesting question I've never been asked that before I mean I would say that Jesus started the church 2,000 years ago and it was called the Catholic Church and he gave Peter the keys to the kingdom and said upon this rock I build my church that is the Christian Church and I think having people realize the history of Jesus Christ the history of the church is incredibly important Bishop Robert Barron is a great historian that I've watched a few of his videos and his shows recently but if you don't know I'm go look him up robber baron but he does a really good job taking everyone through the history of the church and that's really where it started I mean it was what 1,500 years later that Boston church came down so I think I think people realize the beginning of the church and the other thing is is love mercy forgiveness is a big part of it I mean so many people are in pain and suffering now because they don't know the love of God they don't know Christ no one's introduced to them if they have they fallen away and fallen into the world like I said so I was think big part of Christian unities is just loving each other and knowing that Christ loves all of us you know we are called to convert others to the Catholic faith but it starts with law that starts in service it starts with humility so some patients you know all these other things and you know too often I think we try and push too much or go the other way we're not Catholic enough you know the truth is and the truth and the truth and and when it's masked with lies and deception to deceit then that actually distracts people from the faith what I mean by that is people like father James Martin are very dangerous to the Catholic faith even though he's a priest and he's on Facebook he's very dangerous to the Catholic faith because he's spreading a lot of lies and deceit and things that are not true about the Catholic faith about the Catholic Church and the same thing with Cardinal Merrick and a lot of the other high powered high authority for east and unfortunately bishops and Cardinals is not living as the Catholic priests should live we're not serving and giving over their lives as a priest prophet and King so I would say the Christian unity starts with Catholic Church being truly the Catholic and I think when we are truly authentically Catholic will bring more Christians to the church I know you're very busy so I will let you go speaking of being busy I know that you're working full time you're a husband your father you got your family to look after and you've got your podcast right so it's kind of exciting having a fellow Catholic podcaster on here I've listened to a couple of your podcasts I enjoyed it and I hope to find time to listen to some more so keep up the good work well thank you well yeah and I'd like to have you my podcast is what I like to hear about your own story I'm super excited to learn about it I have a similar format or I just ask you for your background and then I ask you what you do in your day to day life and how do you help people and then I like to ask to go a little bit deeper tell me what your goals dreams are what you want to achieve in your life and how you can help people more in the future and then I kind of end with tell me how we can help you and what can pray for you for and then I ask everyone to give a challenge or an action item for people to do out in the world so that's kind of the format it's pretty simple keep it simple yeah that's the best speaking of your podcast just if you want to talk a little bit about just some whether your favorite past episodes and then talk a little bit about what you're excited about for the future of your Catholic podcast place sure thanks for the question I am super excited about the morning podcast you started it in March of this year so it's been five months I've had 13 guests I've had 32 podcasts every single day is a blessing every single guest is a blessing and every podcast is a blessing because I have words to speak I have a phone to use and I have this ability to distribute it on social media to get the word out about God Christ the Holy Spirit and the mother Mary and I do that in a way that speaks to the world around us the culture and the society that we live in and I say that because I've had podcasts where I talk about general ideas called kindness goodness and beauty be kind do good you are beautiful that is the calling that is the mission but it's stories of people that are doing those things every single day and it's beautiful to hear stories of mothers and fathers husbands and wives business owners and and nonprofit directors who are giving Christ in God to other people and it's just by them living out their faith and just by being Christian by being Catholic it's very simple but it's also very beautiful because in this culture in this world right now the ideas of goodness kindness and beauty I think are defined by society and culture in a lot of different ways whereas I'm trying to define it and I God centered Christ centered way I would say that some of my favorite podcast would have to be steeple for knees when he discusses his book routine vision setting the blind free from the purified culture whoo I know you've had on as a guest Steve is just a faithful man husband father of God but he's also a reformed converted Catholic back to the faith after compulsion pornography so his just witness and honesty and humility to the faith isn't unbelievable and another one is a young man by the name of Ryan Harkins who started a marriage ministry called through to thrive that was the second guest I've had in the podcast and that ministry is taking off in Dallas Texas and his wife are approved actually by the Bishop of Dallas to have that marriage ministry and they go to different churches every single month different Catholic churches in Dallas and they give the marriage ministry to Dallas parishioners and they bring in Catholic priests and Catholic speakers to speak every single month on different topics and that's really promoting and spreading the good news of marriage he also happens to be the director of birth choice of Dallas which is a crisis pregnancy center in Dallas and now it was an amazing podcast I think that was podcast 29 can go look it up but he discusses some stories about men who have answered God's call to be the husband be the father be the father baby be the husband to the wife speeded boyfriend to the girlfriend to be the man that God called him to be to accept and love and welcome babies into the lives of their significant others other women in their life and it's really beautiful to hear how you challenges men and how they step up to the plate and become better men on that podcast and I'm gonna go deeper into men in the future I'm going to talk more about a men who are addicted to alcohol and number one but I like to find one that to take to drugs and then I'm gonna find in Reformation obviously through that process and now giving them their lives over to God I also I will bring on other men who are truly daily heroes for us in the armed services and fire and police hopefully I've asked several to come on and I'm still waiting on their responses so I've got a lot of exciting things coming up obviously another one that in the past I'll do more of them as as one with Abby Johnson who started in then there were none ministry to bring abortion workers out of the abortion industry and has taken actually like 350 workers out of the abortion industry even like eight doctors from doing abortions now to other walks of life which is amazing and I'll bring on another one here next week will be another crisis pregnancy center that actually has a mobile van that does sonograms for pregnant women on the street in the van out in San Antonio Texas that's going to be an amazing story and also a video blog for that one so a lot of exciting things coming up I'm gonna go deeper into men deeper into beauty defer to what that means to be beautiful and and kind of defining that word beautiful like Steve does as well and making people realize that we can be more vulnerable and and realize that there's a lot of view that comes from being vulnerable and letting go of our anxieties and letting go over our fears and doubts so that's kind of the just of the podcast I also put in you know three to four minute thoughts about the Catholic Church about faith about life about business about personal life and just hopefully motivational to you but it's my own little thoughts and so that's kind of my podcast in a nutshell bunnyville podcast so Instagram I'm at Boni and Bella all spelled out Facebook Boni and Bella spelled out Twitter as well as Boni and Bella spelled out Bella comm is my blog and then I'm also on YouTube and I'm also linked in and actually Boni and Bella Boni plus sign Bella and so I'm trying to be everywhere that I can to spread the good news be Khan do good you are beautiful I do really appreciate the work you're doing I want to thank you and I just want to mention as a little side note that when you talked about Abby Johnson and her organization and then there were none just the name alone when you mentioned that name it really gave me chills and brought a tear to my eye because it's just so powerful just the idea of the work that she's doing I haven't checked it out yet but I certainly will and I hope my listeners will too it really is powerful so thank you for sharing that yeah you really got to go look it up she is amazing I mean it's just amazing to hear the stories of people that literally walk off the aborto Aires and go into her arms and just saying help me and they give them jobs I mean they help them with their rent I mean it's amazing what they do these women that and men too that are sucked into the evil of abortion industry and then she you know walks them out and gives them a new life really and isn't that beautiful how you go from killing life to welcoming life and loving life it's just sickening to think what abortion does and the evil than the devil behind it but there's so much goodness the - that comes from people that say no that's not going to work I'm gonna do something else and I'm gonna help people so that's part of the mission and I'm excited to talk about it with you because it's amazing what God can do it really is and we have nothing to fear evil has no substance evil is falling away from the good and we are God willing oriented toward the good so we have nothing to fear but the end of my interviews I always give my guests a chance to talk directly to the audience just give a little positive a message of hope something - something for everyone because we don't know who's listening and not everyone and not all my listeners are Catholic but what could you say just as a general message of hope to anyone that might be out there listening now I would say that we're all called to live with gratitude to no matter what you are alive you were born you are someone's son or daughter you are someone's wife or husband you are someone's friend you are someone's lover you're someone's girlfriend you're someone's boyfriend I mean you are someone's grandfather or grandmother you're someone's grandchild you are someone you are loved and you were called to love you know we're called to love and be loved no matter what religion faith denomination where you are in the world doesn't matter your skin color your gender your air filter your skin color or anything you are live your human being and you are loved and that alone is an amazing amazing gift has made him a blessing and we are called to give that to other people we're called to look to our left and our right up and down to shake hands to smile to give the wings to give a nod to give a hug to give love to give a kiss to give anything that we can out of love out of kindness and out of sacrifice and out of goodness in our hearts out of beauty that were made I mean the very fact that you have an eyeball or a hand or hair on your head is an amazing gift and the amazing blessing and just to have that gratitude changes your life I mean goodness it's just amazing if you think about it the eyeball alone and a human being is the most amazing creation ever that not not even cluding the brain or the entire human body I mean you know you have so many gifts you give to other people and whatever you're going through right now in your life no matter what it is when you start out and step outside the door every single day out of your house out of your apartment and you give to other people and gratitude and kindness and goodness and beauty man the world changes for the better for if you like it will view if you think it's you've got some questions I see and I'll tell all you got to do is ask all you're about to do you're about to do

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