CVS Live - 2022-05-09- The All-Stars Shuffle

Author Streamed Monday May 9th, 2022

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Just a quick one to note how dynamic the All-Stars rankings can change. I'm glad I had the inspiration to program that feature into the website last week. Fun.

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ah okay so i'm live this is gonna be a really super quick one today just to follow up on the website uh i was just uh enjoying the fact that how dynamic the website is because of that automated ranking system for the all-star guests and uh if you haven't watched the recent episodes you can go ahead and watch them uh today i just posted something kieran sent me it's a beautiful piece i'll just play the audio i'll play the video too because i got a cute image [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit amen glory to thee our god glory to thee heavenly king of comforter the spirit of truth who are everywhere present in philistine i'm not gonna play the whole thing but uh you get the idea he's gonna respond to brenda um so yeah uh so that kicked up kieran lisney's spot tied with matthew murdock in that platinum now kieran is not that matters such as silly but kieran's now in the platinum tier and brenda boosted up two because it's brenda's name appears attached to that same one and i also did an interview of brenda yesterday so brenda's boosted up currently at five uh one more and brenda will be in the silver category so i just thought it's fun it's fun seeing people jocking for position here and i wonder who's going to make the next move my friend aiden he's got to get on the action nick hasn't been responding to me i i hope he's alright i'm sure he's just very very busy next dumphouser but uh that's it if you if you want to go ahead and listen to uh kieran's responses to brenda it's pretty interesting he took the time when he was driving home today to just give some heartfelt responses in terms of the philosophical and religious principles that give foundation to our position our pro-life position he talks more about the abortion issue than he does about the covet thing but they are connected you know the uh bodily autonomy as he puts it so that's it yesterday i did uh brenda i had nick nicola on i keep calling him nicola nicholas but uh yeah so it's been a busy week it was very busy weekend very productive very happy to have launched the website here i've got 337 episodes and growing so it was nice to get a meta episode i haven't had one of those yeah published since 2019 i believe yeah 20 20 19 is the last one september 11th so that's it just a really quick one today but uh i'm excited about uh having the website and having people shuffling around i'm going to have to uh bump matthew up i'm gonna have to i'm gonna have to go ahead and dig into the archives and get another one there's one ready to go um but there's some sensitive stuff in there i've got to edit out i can't just publish it i gotta edit it out because there's some stuff too hot for television so that's it take care of yourselves thanks for watching thanks for listening as always and we'll talk soon god bless you