Catholic vs. Other - 2016-09-24 - Dylan Maxwell

Author Recorded Saturday September 24th, 2016

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Dylan is a good friend. We did this interview in his apartment, drinking herbal tea. I learned a lot about him in this interview. I actually did another much longer interview with him prior to this one, but somehow I forgot to press record.

Catholic vs. Other - 2016-09-24 - Dylan Maxwell

Author Recorded September 24th, 2016



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hi this is dylan and you're listening to catholic mrs. other tell us a little bit about who you are what you believe in why I'm crazy hippie and Buddhist Hindu maybe Christian atheist all the same time okay so my mom is a Jew who grew up during the war in Germany was named Maria and went to Eastern oranges my mother never knew much about Judaism and with their both did basically agnostic my mom my dad my dad's board up north anglo-irish known island and you know what churches a kid but it's agnostic and now I actually dragon parents at church a couple of times and I guess they brought us a bit one of her kids but not really but then I went to Catholic Primary School and I was all into GZ in everything ruined we're having my memories being kids bible and all that and so i end up going where a lot mostly kids school went to wish to loyola catholic high school and usually you don't get in if you're not Christian but you know not baptized I made it obvious that I believe in Jesus and everything like that so I got into loyola but my brother went to st. primary school and they went to seventh house British type school but not Catholic and not religious really one of the interesting things is that my brother and me our beliefs of pretty damn close and he gets himself a theist and I don't but so then I see you know I wrote one essay proving God existence in school one disprove the existence of course I think i failed or just passed a diss proving even though was a much better sa you know and i believe now you can hell with both those beliefs is test two how you argue it how you define God and I simply believe in miracles don't know if my brother does we both believe matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed you know what happens with soul I guess I'm more open to different things and I do believe these miracles and stuff that didn't people have done except ABBA and in my opinion were definitely reincarnated and a watt form you could be reincarnated good mean just that your energy goes somewhere the physical body turns into a tree eventually through the transformation of Adam's new earth and that is reincarnation in this or the atheists way of looking things or so could actually you know being the dog mix which I must say I don't really have much faith in that but then again the reincarnation could be something throughout the whole universe right and to me I don't know what you believe all life on other planets by believe they got to be is pretty much infinite there's got to be life on other planets the church has recently come out and said that if there's human life or something resembling human life on other planets Christ died for them too maybe that's by the recognition or maybe the Christian idea of heaven it is interesting that you mentioned because you have a company called new earth right yeah you know that comes from the Bible right the Old Testament and the New Testament talk about the new heaven and the new earth actually I didn't really the universe that we live in now is beautiful right but it will be recreated in an elevated and glorified way that will be even better maybe this life another planet is heaven which would mean that you know Hindu belief and Catholic belief is the same I or that they're both right they both one hundred percent right I like to think that in God's plan where we see disagreement he sees exactly that's what saibaba peaches and I actually one of my things I wrote in high school I think was you know I am the light the truth in the way it only through me will you reach God so some Christians are no claviger say okay see you can only get to God through Jesus but my response to that is yes but what did Jesus just a second the last time to say that he was he is the light the truth and the way so as long as you have the light and truth the way then you found using you shouldn't be entering in heaven I don't know what you getting yeah I understand your logic and I have that broad minded approach to God and His plan for salvation for all humanity but what do you feel that Catholic Church believes that if you don't baptize you don't go to heaven right it's a little bit more subtle than that it doesn't just say black and white if you're not baptized you're going to hell in fact it adamantly says that we don't know who goes to hell see the difference between somebody who's educated like you're educated and the Jesuit priests in school they weren't educated that's very well educated but in a different way like there's probably some document in the Vatican that says exactly what you're saying right and you can either noble that document or not and this is a general sort of accepted idea that you have to get baptized maybe not baptized you're not gonna you know yeah well I think the distinction needs to be made between a rule which God gives us and which we have to comply with and then God's freedom to do what he wants if you're in an airplane and the pilot gets on the radio and says okay guys we're going down so strap on your parachute follow my instructions do this do that it's a good idea to listen to those instructions follow those instructions and that is the best way to be ensured that you will land on the ground safely but you could actually jump out of the plane without a parachute and survive God is not limited by the rules and regulations that the church gives us it's just a healthy and sane way to do it is to follow the instructions if you willfully rebel against the instructions of the pilot doesn't look good for your salvation right because he's telling you what to do for your own good and if you're rebelling against that then that translates into a hatred of life really so the people that do end up in hell chose hell and they hate God and they basically hate their own life because God is life like you just said Jesus said he's the way the truth and the life I've seen a couple of miracles in my life but there were miracles face my mom out of faith basically half of the faith first before you see the miracles know the rainbow gathering once there was a drought for how long in the town and then you know the rainbow guying at noon on the fourth everyone they meditates in the morning and so we're meditating and exactly at noon night thoughts raining and everyone starts freaking out and then the talent mayor of the town who was against us thanked us for the rain we add her lots of faith she was in it boomer like nineteen seventy or something and she would read this book about side barber said well I just no no urge like I'll get a sign if this is like as important to me as I think it is I'll get assigned she went to a bookstore did you see a picture of him and she look wow I got a book in the guy was like a balk and so they traded um the book for the picture so she put it by her bed and the morning there's ash below the picture which is a common most common miracle maybe was still leaving on the picture off in is this is a yellow ash which kind of means path of knowledge or whatever I wish enough for her is for her husband who's such a cynic so she said to him look this is yellow ass here you know and he was like okay whatever you know like I don't know I don't have an explanation I just make sense to me but he made sure like Willie went to bed that there was no lash there right and and stuff you know and then they happened to them three times in a row another time he's watching sai baba and right in front of him he he fought a big bang in his chest it was ash you wanted brain cancer but my aunt like prayed from be healthy and he went to England they're like a brain cancers gone you know what do you think is the nature of these miracles and what is the purpose of these miracles sai baba does rainbow wasn't sai baba and and in the other place in front of that was more us that's what lesson is that we can do miracles if we just believe in a faith you know what is your faith in is it in God the same God that I worshipped yeah and this sai baba talk about one God yeah he talks about one God I don't know if he talked about the one thing very much he comes from a Hindu tradition but like he his symbol has cross sir aston fire jewish sign hindu sign and the buddhist signed a lot of Christians find out about him right and I go oh my god this is the Messiah and they go around and I stop preaching but he doesn't want people doing that I mean he's happy people talking about him or whatever you know but he doesn't want to steal people from other faiths for him it's all one and it's not different the belief is that he's an avatar which means one who comes down like we could all reach Godhead any second we can all do miracles but he's one who's like that when he was born like I believe Jesus was you know he doesn't say he's Jesus but in my mind it's pretty much the same thing I don't think there's any reason to put one thing above the other anyway I don't think it should be her radical like but Jesus avatar d's avatar so in that way is similar would you agree that Jesus's avatar if an avatar means incarnation of God then yes yeah now each one of us humans is made in God's image which means that loosely speaking you could say that we're gods and Jesus acknowledges that when the Jews attacked him for identifying himself with God he said well why are you angry even Moses and the prophets talked about that we are God's he was toying with him a little bit because he knew that he was the one true avatar the one true incarnation of the one true God and that we are God's only in a secondary way so I wouldn't want to make anything his equal so just be careful about that but I do believe that all of the religions contain truth and like you said Jesus is the truth God is truth and so they're participating in God's saving plan right to different degrees but the reincarnation thing i flatly deny that there's no room for that for me but what about what I was saying about a bit like maybe heaven is you come out as a being and maybe you look like a lizard or maybe you look just like you when we get to heaven because I'm banking on the fact that you and I will both go there because the alternative is unthinkable right you'll be Dylan I'll be David we may look significantly different but we will recognize each other and we will have some kind of body that much my church teaches me it will there be a makeover that makes your jaw drop yeah you know we will be dumbfounded with not only appearances but with substance the love and the freedom that will have because here we're limited and our style is cramped since the fall but it'll be exciting to be very very very exciting forever was there a time in your life where you had turned to God in a very innocent or naive or just simple way has there been a time where something good has happened and you turn to God and you just thank him sure I think as humans are in war in trouble and thanking when things are good and I think of thanking I'm really it's not so much god I'm thanking I am thanking God maybe but it's just not as clear than talking to God as when I when I'm in trouble or whatever you know when I'm died I went to India but it was actually kind of mistake they didn't have any support network what I needed like I meant this nice Irish guy as I said traveling with him and he doesn't really want to travel with anybody I don't think he's being finally it sees it I need a friend because my mom does died and i'm here alone I don't know anybody you know so maybe that was a mistake intend to go to that they needed I really needed friends around me I guess what I was in the state I got through it so tell me have you prayed recently is ready is there any kind of formal prayer that you do from time to time well I meditate mattre meditation and like county more counting is the goal to eliminate conscious thought yeah kind of and I do it off in my floatation tank you know filtration tank it affects me more when I haven't done it for a while but it also affects me more when I meditate in there rather than let's go in there think which is what I often do as well what if I can stop thinking like I mean I'm not getting any sensory input then I come out and I'm more relaxed and take a little break for your brain could have you ever tried the Christian type of prayer where you're attempting to elevate your thoughts to your Creator why mean I did Christian prayers a child you know it was sort of more more of a Catholic when I was in high school I guess they may be the last thing for strength that we love more people more or whatever it is for me Christian prayer was basically asking for help which is nothing wrong obviously the Church teaches that we need to preface our petition with worship with praise with love yeah I used to do a lot of you know kirtan and wishes you know special singing my aunt was more devotional palatal mount cause the path knowledge which I believe is the path to God as well you know but the devotional thing is a lot of devotional singing a rainbow a lot of songs are kind of like devotional songs and even some of the you know musical I click the moody blues or whatever on devotional songs to some extent you can see the different religions have a lot in common is that they can lead us to God can you also see that there are people that are on a wrong path well I say the people lied to me as lot is what's most important is action how you put you you know I used it I used to just try to be love and feel love and feel happiness and love for everyone and that's great how to do things and like trying to get things done and also have that feeling at the same time but I also decided especially after spending time with man sai Baba is that like you you need to put that into action like yeah you really loving somebody like I love you brother by not giving you food when it's hungry you know if somebody's not atheist you don't think about things I mean my dad's you know agnostic does when we think about it but he's such a good man you know I don't think he's on the wrong path with somebody who's doing heroin and doing bad things to get heroin or somebody who's like Donald Trump who you know just kids about making money and got all this misplaced anger that's the wrong path how concerned are you for people that seem to be heading down the wrong path I don't really care so much about Donald Trump himself and though I'd still would love him to come to God she would say whoever better what he's doing but it's more how he influences others and make the mix others think it's okay to be racist and angry and we can look at all the messy world with all its problems and from God's point of view he's cooperating with each and every one of us is this compatible with your worldview God being in control and having a plan for everyone all the bad stuff that happens the world people use as a proof of God doesn't exist no I didn't survivor show himself insomnia wit and Jesus come down show himself to everyone it's like well if you want to do he would and then you know and this is just the way things are I mean I can see the logic of that but it's certainly no stronger than the logic is like yeah but look how amazing everything is and look how this stuff how to exist proving God's existence and depending how are your definitions are of course everything you cannot debate everything was created by God but then you can say well what is God you know somebody could say well yea woe to me God is just the forces in the universe that create everything right do you see a flaw in that definition or no I'm sure you have a different definition but I don't think you would deny that you would do with this that's not the first thing you would use to describe them you would say yes he's the one who created everything yes he's the forces are created everything see if you say the one they great everything it shows that you believe in God you say the forces it makes you sound atheist right but what's the difference my problem with that is that these forces that are in nature I have no doubt that God is in control of that in one way or another nothing happens without his care and concern right not even one sparrow falls to the ground without his care and concern but those physical forces in the universe from the Big Bang on for example their contingent on having the matter already there the matter and energy that's in the universe it's just a manipulation like you said there's neither creation or destruction once we have in a universe the interesting question is the creation of the entire universe out of nothing that's where my God's omnipotence comes in other religions had the idea that there's this formless matter and God formed it and he shaped it and whether the primordial matter was water or earth or air or whatever the different myths right in different religions but our God the Jewish God the God that I believe in which was introduced into the world by the Jews the chosen people that God is much more powerful because he created everything out of nothing so it's a big distinction that's not to say that people can't love God without understanding that but it to me is very crucial and having that brings me closer to God makes me lo God makes me appreciate him more because any error that we have will have consequences and sometimes it could be a question of life or death getting closer to God will give us more knowledge of his nature his attributes and if people are attributing something to God that should not be attributed to God that's called bigotry like if I say I'm gonna chop your head off in the name of God I'm being a bigot because I'm doing it by God so it's it's like a Miss attribution it's like saying this is I will I God but did why did the will of god it's the permissive will of God is not positively yeah yeah yeah that's the difference everything that happens is the will of God but the question is are you doing his positive will which he decrees in which he wants us to follow for our own ultimate happiness or are we doing his permissive will which he allows the evil that we do he allows it but he can bring good out of it ultimately but the best thing for us to do is to seek to know what his positive will is and then to do that and to ask his Grace's that will prepare us to do it and give us the power to do it and accomplish it and finish it I believe for all God know that God is love and i wish i had more fake that feel more i wish i'd like your faith coz i feel more comfortable things i think too much about the present rather than you know he ever bleat in heaven and present doesn't really matter it's easy to detach and do what the Buddhists do what you detach you know and that is you know the secret to happiness and love I mean you know it's a kid you know it's a Squatch three wishes and I thought I don't need one happiness as much happiness as possible and that was very profound to me as a little kid and then how to get happiness is by loving of this basically maybe because we're selfish and and when we know when I'm worried and I usually bought myself I mean no other people may be better than better and worry more about others and it's in the same way that i worry about my self but when I trying to help others I feel good if I help them I guess gives me ego boost to you know which is not actually the best thing but that's not gonna stop me from trying to do it you know like I'm not gonna not do a good deed because I know it's all about my ego I'm gonna do the good deed knowing it's the right thing to do and trying to do with the right feeling in heart when he do things to help others you feel good hurt you obviously he does help me when I see people hurting but doesn't hurt me is intense I see somebody else bleeding and I oh that must hurt it feels bad but it's not bad to myself you'd have to be very thank me for like to be equal anyway so that's good that's my that's a good message good message of love it like it will do if you think it's well we got some questions SP and hotel all you got to do is s all you got to do is to do is

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