CVS Meta - 2022-12-03 - The Jewish Problem

Author Recorded Saturday December 3rd, 2022

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My take on the Ye/Nick/Milo/Alex drama. MY 2 RAELIAN GUESTS: • Catholic vs. Other - 2017-04-22 - Sharon Shanti : • Catholic vs. Other - 2017-02-19 - André Julien :

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all right I think I'm live just doing a quick meta episode in light of recent events with uh with Kanye or yay Nick Milo Alex Jones all the Gang the recent drama and so I've called this episode the Jewish problem because I want to talk about my perspective I've talked about it many times before but I just want to take this opportunity to sort of highlight why I have my perspective and why I think it's dangerous to take the approach that many in the alt-right seem to want to take so I'm not associated with the alt right I don't associate I don't identify as right or left or even Center on any political ideological Spectrum as you know if you've watched any of my content over the years you know I'm Christian I'm Catholic and that's it that's that's about it I don't trust the politicians on the left I don't trust the politicians on the right or in the center I don't trust any politician I don't trust any human period other than the God man Jesus Christ so I don't trust any non-divine human okay I've made that very clear over the years but I want to talk about the Jewish Problem the so-called Jewish Problem and I don't need to rehash uh what Kanye said or yay forgive me for old habits that I heard um I was joking on Twitter that I'm gonna start calling myself vid instead of David vid but uh you know that in and of itself I find a little bit silly and childish but whatever I've never been a huge fan of yay never been a fan of Kanye West uh or the Kardashians or any of that pop culture stuff or pop music generally I don't know his music uh he doesn't strike me as particularly bright but I do admire him uh to the extent that he's Christian I think that he's probably a new Christian it seems like I don't know him but uh from what I've seen it seems like he's a new Christian and so that's exciting I'm uh happy for yay pray for him obviously um and Nick Fuentes I'm a fan I am a fan because uh he's a bright young guy I think he's cute uh he's Catholic from what I can gather he's sincere in his faith uh every indication is that he's got a healthy attitude towards the Jews and towards uh the non-jews and towards religion and politics is another question I think I probably disagree with his politics but I don't know I'm not really one to judge politics because I avoid it I just generally avoid it my whole life long so um but I think he's a good guy and I think he's a sincere Catholic is his approach misguided and immature probably you know but not a big deal I mean uh I I don't know if I've ever met a Catholic saint walking this planet probably not if I had I think I would remember so uh is it a surprise that this particular Catholic young man doesn't strike me as perfected and purified in other words that he's not yet a saint no it's not surprising at all and I love my fellow humans warts and all so the Jewish Problem the emphasis that's placed on the Jewish Mafia or the cabal or whatever you want to call it excuse me in right wing circles there's a lot of emphasis placed on this so-called Jewish Mafia and I I really don't see the point I really don't see the point of emphasizing the fact that there may be a disproportionate number of cultural Jews what Saint Paul called Colonel Jews atheist Jews not true religious Jews but people who identify as Jewish for other reasons for worldly reasons so we call them worldly Jews or whatever you want to call them I don't I don't understand why would you emphasize that even if it is the case even if it's a hundred percent of the bad guys who are running the globalist New World Order or whatever it is even if a hundred percent of them identify as the sort of ethnic Jews who cares who cares it's got to be some group it's going to be you know so-called blacks or so-called you know Asians or Chinese or it's going to be you know Mongolians I don't know I mean we all have these different groups that we can identify with and identify as you know I suppose I could be called White or Caucasian or English star Colonial stock Irish Scottish Welsh whatever European European white male I'm not attached to any of those labels I don't particularly take pride in any of those labels you know um there are good people certainly in the history of the British Isles and on a case-by-case basis I guess uh there's a nice list and an audio list and everyone belongs on one or the other and there's a hierarchy within each one of those lists there are grades both in heaven and in hell and God is the final judge only God knows the hurt but this whole identity politics thing I don't understand why the alt-right or whatever you want to call it the Christian nationalists or anyone else would want to play that game why would you want to play that game I just don't understand we know that God is good and we know that if you oppose God you're in danger so that to me that's the bottom line and I have heard Nick emphasized that point but why doesn't he stop there why doesn't he Focus Center his focus on that that's my little gentle uh critique of Nick Fuentes now with yay and Milo I've never been fans so I don't follow them as much I don't know really what they're all about what makes them tick uh so I tend to talk a little bit more about Nick but you know we live in a world that is Fallen this is a fallen world and I like to talk a bit like it's a prison planet I think it's a good analogy and it's naive I think it's incredibly naive to tackle the hierarchy Satan's hierarchy in this Prison Planet to tackle it head on directly I think is naive and foolish and useless I think that the approach that Jesus Christ and his Apostles took was to combat the love of self right to kill the old man to die to self to live in Christ and it's no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me I think that's the only way and with the analogy of the prison I mean if I were in prison I'd keep my head down and I would try not to belong to any gang you know racial gang the white gang Black Gang the Jewish gang whatever it's just like I don't want to belong I'm an individual and I don't condone your violence I don't condone your worldview your attitudes uh you know it's just like no I do not want to belong to your cult or your gang or whatever it is period I'm an individual okay and I'm going to just quietly work out my salvation in fear and trembling so that's how I would behave I would think I would hope if I ended up in the big house God forbid um but in my analogy it seems like people on the right for lack of a better term even that's nebulous and hard to Define but people on the right people that are accused being on the right especially the far right they seem to be playing that ladder climbing game within the prison planet why why it's sad it saddens me just we know we know the truth we know the outcome we know where the bottle lines are and we know the difference between good and evil isn't that enough God said to Saint Paul my grace is sufficient in other words I'm not going to remove the Thorns from your side because my grace is sufficient so Saint Paul embraced his suffering he embraced his trials he embraced his Thorns he embraced his weakness his imperfections he embraced his ignorance he embraced everything that he brought to the table he embraced that as straw he acknowledged it as straw and he died to self he actively pursued the good race which is to as Saint John the Baptist said Christ must increase I must decrease this is what it's all about and we see Saint Paul does that he's an example Saint Paul says imitate me as I imitate Christ I've never heard yea say imitate me as I imitate Christ and I'm glad he hasn't said that because that would be hubris at this point he's not in a position to say that neither is Nick frankly Frank Nick is not in a position to say imitate me as I imitate Christ Nick is not in a position to say that I am not in a position to say that the great saints were Saint Paul was in a position to say that imitate me as I imitate Christ so that's what we should do we shouldn't start climbing the ladder of this prison gang life it's just uh it's just a complete waste of time and it's playing into the hands of Satan that's what I think I'm just going to respond to my friend here new glove his name is Matthew I'm going to have him on soon yeah sure he's going to send me an article thanks bro sorry I can't multitask and I have to get that over with so yeah I I really think we need to uh as Christians I think we really need to focus on the whole Prison Planet analogy Satan is the prince of this world and uh our kingdom if we identify with Christ we can say with Christ my kingdom is not of this world period right put your head down and when you are confronted by the satanic hierarchy that runs this world then you can have your Snappy comebacks like Jesus Christ okay and don't prepare ahead of time let the Holy Spirit speak through you in the moment when they try to crush you when they try to persecute you you're going to have some pretty witty comebacks as long as you don't prepare as long as you don't prepare and act like it's your war and you're the general in the war no we need to be humble we need to be small we need to be like little children and then when we get crushed we'll have the witty come back that will humiliate and embarrass Satan and his minions period we have to remain children we have to remain humble so I'm very disappointed in the way things have gone uh you know watching the three hour episode or whatever it was on Alex Jones uh I was cringing I was not enjoying that whatsoever it's just it's a bit of an embarrassment and I agree with you know the basic idea that God is good and that Hitler is ontologically good good by Nature Evil by choice as Saint Augustine famously said he didn't talk about Hitler but he was talking about All Creatures including Satan Satan is good by Nature Evil by choice and Satan is uh the image par Excellence of that distinction that we must make in every creature Every Creature including and most importantly the man in the mirror the man or the woman in the mirror right I am good by Nature I am Evil by choice that's the sad reality so um yeah there was uh you know when it comes to calling out the the Jews as I said as I said very early on it's it's we have to we have to abstract beyond the name calling and the pattern matching because the pattern matching can get us into hot water and Satan wants to trick us into doing some pattern matching like what sort of statistics Do We Gather in terms of proportions and what's the disproportionate represent a representation of this ethnic group or that particular ethnic group or religion or whatever it might be or this culture or that culture right that's a trap so I mentioned to someone on Twitter today excuse me that I think Nick made a mistake by um and yay made a mistake by singling out the Jews and explicitly mentioning the Jews because uh we need to abstract we need to generalize more in order to avoid the pitfalls and The Traps of Satan we need to generalize and get right to the heart of the issue the heart of the matter which is that there are as Saint Augustine famously said and as I never Tire of repeating there are two cities characterized by two loves the love of self unto contempt of God those are the bad guys and then we have the love of God unto contempt of self those are the good guys and Saint Ignatius of Loyola says something similar when he Paints the image in our minds of the two hills with the two standards or flags on those two hills and the troops that gather under each standard are opposing and they're uh in a great battle the battle between good and evil the two standards are the standard of Christ and the standard of Satan or Antichrist okay so just have to pick one and it's not difficult if you understand metaphysics it's not difficult if you understand history it's not difficult if you understand Authority it's not difficult right the standard of Christ will call you if you have the clarity and if you uh the wisdom to repent and to receive the good news and to digest the good news and to chew on and meditate on and nourish yourself on the good news then you will understand that God exists and in the economy of Salvation God freely chose to send the second person of the Most Holy Trinity to Incarnate to take on flesh and to suffer and die for us to redeem us and he is the Jewish Messiah and Jesus Christ is the Jewish Messiah which is why we don't take lightly any sort of anything that would even suggest anti-Semitism or anti-anti-jewish sentiment because we as Christians we worship the Jews we worship the Jews we worship the Jews and we are the younger son and we have to respect the eldest which is the Jews right they are the chosen people we are eating crumbs under the table period and if God can break off the branches of the natural Olive Tree then certainly he can break off those foreign branches that are grafted on and that's who we are that's who the the Gentiles the Nations the non-jews that's who we are we are the younger brother usurping for the for the time being usurping for the time being the eldest son all with a view to eventually bringing them back in so it's not all about the Jews but the Jews play a central role in Salvation history whether you like it or not and I always say there's a history before the Jews there's a history that pre-dates the Hebrews there's a history that predates Abraham our father in the faith there's a history before that and I'm not talking about you know tens of thousands hundreds of thousands and millions of years or billions of years like the evolutionists would have us believe I'm talking about you know hundreds of years uh I don't know exactly uh it's a thousand or two thousand or four thousand or what it is before before the Jews before the history of the Jews came on the scene so the Jews are not the be-all and the end-all but they are a big big part of Salvation history period and we have to love and respect the Jews now the the whole point of Judaism as I often talk about on my podcast is the Messiah they were talking about the Messiah hoping for the Messiah prophesying the Messiah the coming of the Messiah how imminent it is and when he's going to come and what he's going to do and where he's going to be born and where he's going to live and mm-hmm Judaism is about the Messiah okay so Judaism does presuppose I guess we could say Judaism does presuppose the Christ in Christianity make no mistake about it and the Jews that accepted their their Messiah are what we call Christians they're early Christians were there Judaism is trying to keep some of the traditions of men yes but that was that was pronounced against that was condemned by the early church you can recite the uh Council of Jerusalem and the famous battle between Peter and Paul and to this day the rat tribes love associating with Paul in that battle against Peter and the set of accountants do the same thing but that's not that's a little bit of a tangent but it's a historical fact that we have the First Council the first local Council not an ecumenical council but the first local Council in Jerusalem and they talked about the judaizers they talked about the the issues of the traditions of men and that was hashed out to a certain extent and uh but my point here is that there's uh everything in history is divided before and after the coming of the true Jewish Messiah that's why our calendars reflect that in the Christian West right the Jews that I meet here in Montreal they talk about the year being rather than 2022 they talk about it being 5782 or whatever it might be something like that but for the Christian West it is which dominates the history of the West since the coming of the Messiah it is that dividing line in our calendars and similarly before you know there are other key moments in Salvation history and the Jews occupy a big a big chunk of Salvation history they're very very very important okay and they will come back and if you read Romans 11 and I have uh as my thumbnail I have that image let me see if I can find it for you I'll blow it up just a little bit here one moment please not good at multitasking here it is okay can you see that boom so this is the way I phrase it uh on Twitter when I'm countering the uh those who are obsessed with the Jewish conspiracy theories I say there's good news and there's bad news and I'll give you the bad news first there is partial hardening that has come upon the juice it's true but that's not where it ends there's more you know there's good news the good news is that it's only until the full number of the Gentiles comes in other words it's only until the full number of the non-jews come to Christ and you can see Romans 11 for more information about that this is the gospel this is the good news this is the teaching of the church The Unbroken tradition of the church is that yes a partial hardening has come upon the Jews but it's just temporary it's just temporary and the end times are all about the coming of Christ they're all about uh you know revealing of what's in the hearts of man and it's all about the trials and tribulations that we're going to go through and all the agony because of the Fall it's sort of culminating in those birth pangs when the second coming of Christ is at hand so I don't want to get into eschatology I don't uh I'm not that studied on it I know that we're in the end times the age of the church is the end times and that we're not to predict any specific dates and no one knows and don't believe anyone that thinks they know and these sorts of things that's about as far as my eschatology goes but I know that we are going to be found either in one of those one or the other of those two cities that Saint Augustine talks about in his famous work city of God that's why he called his work city of God because that's the city populated by those who love God unto contempt of self that's the city of God and then we have the other City on Saint ignatius's other Hill under the banner of Satan and the Antichrist and those Warriors those soldiers those minions of Satan they love self unto unto the contempt of God so when Christ comes again or at the moment of your particular death if you if you happen to die before the second coming which I think is safe to assume but we never know at that moment of your death or the second coming you will be found to be in one State or the other in one cap or the other in one group or the other in one city or the other so let's Choose Wisely let's choose life as Saint Moses says I don't know if uh that just slipped out Saint Moses I don't think we call Moses a saint but you get the idea patriarch Moses so once again the bad news a partial hardening has come upon the Jews and the good news it's only until the full number of the Gentiles comes to Christ so you can see Romans 11 for that for more information on that and I can't emphasize this enough in that when it comes to the so-called problem of the Jews I can't emphasize it enough this is what it's all about right it's a partial hardening and we need to pray for the Jews we need to pray that the secular Jews become religious Jews and then we need to pray that the religious Jews become Christian and we need to pray that all Christians become into the fullness of Christianity which is the church the Catholic Church so anyone who knows me and my podcast knows that I always emphasize this three-step process to getting saved first you need to figure out that you're not God that God is God so you have the generic monotheism then you need to figure out which monotheistic religion is the true one so you look at the history of the Messiah Jesus Christ and each monotheistic religion has a story about the Messiah and nikuentes is eager to point out that in the talmud they depict Jesus as boiling in excrement in hell so they have a story about the Messiah they think he's a false Messiah they think he's a liar a lunatic and not a legend but just a liar and a lunatic and you know an evil evil man so the Jews have a story about the the true Messiah they think he's a false Messiah and the Muslims have a story about the true Messiah they think he's a good good man and a prophet profit greater than Muhammad or second to Muhammad I have never never quite figured out where they stand on that that hierarchy but anyway everyone has an opinion about Jesus Christ and so once you look at history you can figure out pretty quickly that Christianity is the one true religion and then once you look at the issue of authority you can figure out that Catholicism is the fullness of the Christian faith so I want to talk now just a little bit about the Holocaust and my favorite take on the Holocaust is that it's the left and uh ironically it's the secular Jews on the left who are the biggest Holocaust deniers it's a controversial statement but it is I think the statistics do bear it out that the people on the left including the secular Jews who are on the left they are the biggest Holocaust deniers and I'm talking about the Holocaust of abortion right so how many millions of humans are killed every year by abortion The Who The World Health Organization puts it at I think 74 or 75 million per year in recent times okay so if there were six million Jews killed in the Holocaust and I I know nothing about the statistics I know nothing I don't have a problem accepting that number because I haven't looked into it I'm not terribly interested I mean one person being tortured and killed is too many one is too many I look at what the Communists did how many millions they killed and if Hitler and the Nazis killed six million Jews that's horrible if they killed one it killed and tortured and killed one Jew that's horrible six million is six million times more horrendous than having killed one but one is too many but I haven't looked into it I don't know the numbers I don't I've been to Dachau and I was impressed by the uh the setup you know just the cleanliness of it and how everything was organized and it looked like it was brand new it looked like a brand new facility that's how it looked and this is not an invitation for the conspiracy theorist to say aha they just built it they built it as a prop I don't know but I was there I just given the benefit of the doubt when when they told me the history of the place I just gave them the benefit of the doubt I don't know and frankly I don't care I do not care I know that evil is evil I know it's evil to hate your fellow man I know that so I don't need to know which statistics are wrong and which story is wrong and which one was made up and which one was a false flag I don't care I know that I have the principle that hating any of God's creatures is evil okay because every one of God's creatures is ontologically good including Satan and this is what uh yeah is getting a lot of grief for saying that Hitler is ontologically good but it's true and God loves Satan and Hitler and Mao Zedong and and me and you okay God loves a blade of grass because the blade of grass is good it's it's a reflection of God's Own goodness you have to understand that now how deep is yea with his theological and metaphysical understanding of all this stuff I don't know but it seems to be on the right track he seems to be on the right track I think he understands that God is love I think he said that he loves the Jews and the Nazis and everyone and uh so do I right it's just because what's the alternative the alternative is to fall into the Trap Of Satan and to hate your fellow creatures you can't do that and go to heaven you cannot do that and go to heaven period now is it prudent Is it wise to start announcing that you love Hitler no it's foolish because it gives the wrong impression it's very misguided it's very immature right we need to we need to acknowledge that there are bad guys doing bad stuff and I'm not claiming to know or understand what is the true history of World War II I haven't looked into it okay haven't looked into it would I be surprised to find out the the the minions of Satan who run this sick Fallen World have made up a bunch of false news about history and put it into the history books and taught me and other people throughout the generations this fake news no it would not surprise me at all would not surprise me at all in fact I would expect it I would expect that but I'm not going to I'm not going to jump on a pet theory about this or that particular fake news thing right like I mean if I wanted to invest time to come to a rock solid conclusion about the moon landing or 9 11 or whatever I could do that and I have hunches I do have hunches and I allow myself to have a hunch and it just remains a hunch right I do I am very very very skeptical very skeptical of people with money and power which is another point I wanted to raise today which is that yay has money yay has power Nick has money Nick has power to me those are red flags those are orange Flags let's put it that way those are orange Flags my expectation for yay for Nick For Milo for Alex Johnson for the whole anyone who has substantial amounts of money and influence is prone to corruption I'm sorry that's just the way it is that's the way it is so unless you're a humble you know meek Catholic hidden away doing your own thing in Penance and prayer I'm going to be pretty skeptical of you I'm going to expect you to be corrupted because you're weak I know you're weak because I'm weak so as much as I admire Nick for being uh a bright young man with a lot of Charisma and uh what seems to be a very moderate Catholic Faith by moderate I mean he's not a rat trat he's not bashing Pope Francis and he seems to have a very dignified view of tradition and of the living magisterium in spite of all that uh he's a public figure he's got uh fans and followers and maybe an angry mob that's willing to do a bad stuff because they they're not grounded in the truth of God they're they're not grounded they're just fanatical and just a bunch of yahoos uh that are unstable you know and immature and it's just like would that surprise me no do I think all these fans are mature and uh holy and humble no of course not so I'm very cautious in spite of the fact that I do think he's a bright young man and I think he's uh he's got the faith um and in spite of all his flaws I do I do like and admire that that young man and I wish him well and I hope he can mature in his uh whatever you know his his worldly Endeavors because it that is the danger that is the main concern is that these Endeavors are worldly to Aspire to political power is a red flag sorry to Aspire to political power for me is a red flag if you're aspiring to political power that's a red flag period goes for yay Nick anyone else who's throwing their hat in the ring and wants to be wants a slice of the slice of the pie I'm sorry that's a red flag okay I might like you I might admire certain things about you but I don't want to go so far as to say you're the enemy if you're throwing your hat in a political ring that's a bit maybe a bit extreme to say you're my enemy and that you are a minion of Satan that's too extreme but let's just say uh you look like you're playing with fire and you're gonna get burnt that's what it looks like to me because my vision for politics is you know one version that seems healthy and Catholic insane one version if we're not going to go with monarchy and some sort of theocracy one version that is sort of like a democratic model would be that small groups like starting with the individual and the family and then the neighborhood community these ever larger circles each group successively larger groups in subsets within those groups each one elects what they think is their best representative and that representative won't be chosen if that individual is hungry for power right the the group just won't select you if you look like you want political power that's not who they're going to select they're going to select someone who's good and holy and humble and it's going to be an imposition it's going to be a pain in the neck for that individual to expend the extra time and energy of being involved in public life and in the politics that's if you read the history of the great Saints it's very often the case that they were called by their Community to represent them and to be you know a leader and the church at times has been very very involved in politics so there are many cases we can read where this happens and then you have the reluctant hero who feels obliged to rise to the occasion and there are many many stories like that so that's the way I think politics should be right we should have Catholic families with good values good principles good education that starts at home and then we have everything built from there up and of course the family is built up of individuals and each individual has to be you know striving to live you know to die to self and live in Christ so that's my vision for a healthy political representative democracy it's a fantasy I'm not pushing it I'm not promoting it I'm not working toward that the only way that I'm working toward that is to remind myself constantly that I need to work on my stuff before I turn around and start telling my wife or those around me what they should improve right like so it's a constant struggle to resist the temptation to point out the straw in the other man's eye when I've got the log in my own eye so that's that's where it starts for me and it's easy frankly it's easy because I'm constantly aware of my shortcomings and constantly aware of my sin and it's uh and my weakness so it's quite easy it's maybe a gift maybe it's a gift that I have but that's my vision for politics in this sick and Fallen World and it ain't gonna happen I don't think it's going to happen so I'm not holding my breath I'm not excited about the future of Maga and the Republican party it's like I'm not excited about that I'm I was excited for a little while when Trump was riling up the you know the the populist populist movement and all this sort of thing and I still get excited you know by the freedom Convoy here in Canada and like when when the people get excited they get inspired by a movement or by a particular charismatic leader or whatever it is like I can I can get excited I can enjoy that that wave and that ride but I also moderate that excitement that elation with the with my faith you know with my faith with my faith which tells me to not put my trust in Princess to not put my faith in princes of this world right so I'm grounded I'm grounded by that I can allow myself to get a little bit excited by some populist uprisings all the while being realistic and skeptical about the individuals that make up any group it's going to be a mixed bag if if we take God's point of view and we look at this exciting protest erupting here or there across the globe and we see more and more of them these populist uprisings you know we can't get excited but about the idea of a worldly Justice and this sort of thing and certainly the Jews of Jesus they were excited about the idea of a worldly sort of Justice military leader in the Messiah and these sorts of things um but my kingdom is not of this world I just want to say hi to bread of life here Rebecca bread of life hey look at spot soon please let's edge up you hurt emoji yeah so uh Rebecca should definitely chat soon you know how to book you can either just send me an email or you can use my calendly app to book and anyone else who listens to this in future if you want to come chat on my podcast I've got a nice calendly app uh that makes it really quick and easy or you can just send me an email at cbs.podcast so I think I've said everything I wanted to say I was talking about the Holocaust of abortion okay Rebecca says she's taking a little break from YouTube right now sure no problem I understand yes when I was talking about the Holocaust Holocaust deniers uh you know the Holocaust of abortion is huge and it's something I think about every day something I pray about every day in their fixed set prayers that I pray for those who are thinking thinking of having an abortion and for the abortionist and the staff and for of course for The Unborn there are a couple of prayers that I pray including Prayer by blessed Fulton Sheen which is sort of a spiritual adoption where I can adopt a child who's in danger of abortion and if you pray that religiously every day for the nine months then there's some promises attached that uh you know I never take these promises too too seriously but there's some promises attached that you could have some positive outcome some really building some relationship in the mystical Realm with this child that you're praying for and it's an unknown unnamed child that's in danger of abortion okay for that nine months and then you repeat for the next nine months and so on and so forth so I've probably done that for six Cycles now maybe five and uh it feels great it's my favorite prayer actually because it has a promise attached to it like it's even though I'm not holding God to This Promise because there's no it's not it's not an infallible teaching of the church is just a Pious belief and who knows but it's a nice idea praying for The Unborn and uh you know it's here in Montreal we have the Morgan Tyler clinic right down the road by the church that I used to volunteer at and they had some Renovations at the church and they had to move their offices over to the building they Dr morgenthaler set up here in Montreal for abortions and on their contract because they're a Catholic Parish or chapel and because they're priests and they're pro-life and anti-abortion they were made to sign a contract or piece of paper saying that they would not utter the word abortion Dr morgenthaler they wouldn't talk about pro-life pro-choice anything okay they had to sign this document in order to be able to rent property a temporary office space for the chapel because it was under renovations they weren't able to rent space unless they explicitly promised under threat of lawsuit and explosion to not utter these taboo words so I do understand I do understand those on the right wing who question the taboo why can't why can we blaspheme Jesus Christ but we can't talk about uh the Holocaust why can't we talk about Hitler why can't we talk about the Nazis or the history and whatever I do understand that frustration I do understand that I don't think we should have taboos I think everything should be open we should be able to let cooler heads prevail we should talk about everything and anything and when I speak with a Satanist or an anti-catholic I'm not threatened I I'm scared for their salvation but I'm not worried for my salvation I'm not worried if they want to chop my head off that's a one-way ticket to heaven so I'm not worried about my enemies uh in terms of Threat Level to me I'm worried about my enemies in terms of what they're the foolish mistake they're making right so I understand I do understand on the right when people are angry why is it taboo why is it taboo why can't we talk about the Jews why can't we criticize the Jews well first of all these aren't religious Jews that you're criticizing for the most part right so it's kind of irrelevant Clump them in with Judaism it's sort of irrelevant not to mention the fact that the true spiritual Jews are the Christians and the there's a a prophecy that the hardening has come upon the Jews and it's not gonna it will not lift that hardening will not be lifted until the full number of the Gentiles come come into the church so are you trying to force God's hand or do you trust God that this partial hardening is part of Salvation history that's the way God's doing it and it's for our benefits for the Gentiles benefit just be happy thank God that there's a taboo against talking about the Jews thank God there's a taboo because it's part of God's plan right he's letting us in we're not the chosen people we're grafted on to the we're the wild branches grafted onto the natural Olive Tree so thank God right don't complain thank God that's my Approach so I I really think that those on the right are misguided and they're fooled by Satan himself and Satan's minions and the world which is in a sad State of Affairs it's a sick Fallen World I think the people on the right wing are fooled and they're misguided and I'm concerned about them going down these rabbit holes and into what's called anti-semitism which is which is an absurd accusation to level against a Christian right like how can a Christian be an anti-semite it's absolutely oxymoronic it cannot be it's like you pick one you're going to be an anti-semite or you're going to be a Christian you can't be both so that's up to each individual too in their own heart to uh decide which camp they're in but uh that's it I'm not here to judge anyone who I'm not here to judge yay or Nick or Milo or or Alex Jones or any of the characters in this little right-wing mini drama that's been playing out um there's one other little tidbits which I thought I'd mention which is that swastika within the Star of David that's a famous symbol of the raelians aurelian the realian cult it's a sect a religious sect they were well known for their uh you know alien lore and uh sex priorities and orgies and stuff like that back in the day now they're sort of distancing themselves from that whole uh decadent Indulgence with the free love although it is still a tenet of their worldview because I interviewed two Ray aliens uh about five years ago now I went to one of their religious gatherings and you know they're very nice people and warm and loving and obviously um misguided I think it's safe to say yes I think it's a satanic false religion but surprise surprise I think that every false religion is not of God it's it's allowed by God and it's used by God to bring people into the fullness of the Catholic faith obviously but I think that error is evil lies are evil any mistake is evil and um every false religion is evil to the extent that it's wrong about a central saving truth right so but I just wanted to mention that with the the raelians I'll put a link in the description of this uh video for the two interviews quite interesting to listen to and there's a connection between that French sect uh rail was French from France and then Quebec he moved his camp uh to Quebec right here so it's quite an interesting historical uh Slice of Life and I was able to go and visit them at their place place of worship which is just basically a rented hole in a hotel room but um yeah very very interesting that uh yay was banned is it banned from Twitter or suspended from Twitter or whatever it is I don't happen to agree with that I don't think he should have been suspended I think he could say whatever he wants to say I'm very very very Pro uh Free Speech free speech um I think that people are not allowed to break the law if you break the law then you pay the price right if you get caught you go to prison or whatever it is like they have a justice system and if I say if I say right now I'm going to go to the grocery store and shoplift the chocolate bar I'm not going to but if I say that I there's no law against that there's no logins I can say as a joke or as to make a point or whatever I'm going to go to the grocery store and I'm going to shoplift I can say that it's not against the law it's also not true I'm not going to go do that but because I'm Christian but I can't say it I can say I'm allowed to say it and I do do not want to put a law in place that forbids me from saying that as a joke or to make a point or even if even if I'm a criminal and I'm I'm letting you know I'm confessing ahead of time I'm going to go steal a chocolate bar from the grocery store that's not that in itself is not a crime now if I say I think if I threaten to kill you I think uh there are certain conditions whereby that is illegal right legitimate credible threat of harm or death or whatever I think that is already illegal and you can't do that I don't think EA did that EA said he's not for violence Nick said he's not for violence they're not condoning violence and so what's the problem right what's the problem like we know there's corruption we know they're competing mafias in the sick world they they seem to be against that evil corruption and those mafias right that's not illegal that's good that's that's good and holy attitude to be against corruption to be against mafias right now are they right do they understand who and where and what and why I don't think so I really don't I really doubt it if they had the information like if you have the information don't talk about it on Alex Jones go to the cops go to the military go to whoever you trust if you think now if you think that we cannot trust any of our Judiciary or the police the police or these different uh you know bodies that we have set up allegedly to protect society and individuals if you can't trust any of them and that might that might be you could make a pretty good case for that I think that we can't trust them well then put your head down that's what I say put your head down I don't uh I'm not for violent revolution I'm not for uh stirring up The Hornet's Nest I'm for putting your head down and getting right with God because time's running out we're going to face our maker pretty soon right so either you can trust the cops in the military and the lawyers and the judges and the system you can trust at least parts of that in which case if you have information take it to them but if on the other hand you can't trust any of them just put your head down and suffer and die get ready to die that's it that's how I see it so that's why I can't get behind any of these um you know really I can't really get behind any of these uprisings and and revolutions and it's hard to it really is hard to judge in particular cases where I don't have the historical context and I don't know what's going on and maybe the good guys are Uprising against the bad guys in a very concrete way and everything's cut and dry and it's so corrupt that they can't trust the um the cops or the military or whatever it is or the justice system in that particular place and uh I don't know I mean I don't I don't see violence as a solution but maybe maybe at times it is I know that there were Holy Wars and I know the Crusades happened and the Glorious Crusades I and my hunches that they were good the Crusades for the most part and probably some corruption in there goodbye Rebecca thanks for popping by I'll talk to you soon God bless you know there's probably some corruption in the Crusades and these sorts of things and uh in this sick Fallen World you're always going to have a mixed bag you're always going to have the weeds among the wheat you're going to have wolves in sheep's clothing it's it's it's dangerous it's scary it's hard to judge so I don't want to to paint with a broad brush and just dismiss every populist Uprising and every time the energy levels the outrage and the righteous indignation spill over into some sort of um populist Revolution or something like that like I mean I'm cautious to condone or endorse anything because I don't have the complete story on any of these situations past or present so it's hard for me to really get behind anything but I can definitely say that I'm with God over against his enemies and I'm for truth and Justice and goodness and all these sorts of things and certainly I'm against pornography and abortion and pedophilia and you know prostitution human trafficking violence you know all that nasty stuff I think it's a pretty Common Sense position when it comes to all the nasty uh nasty stuff crime corruption and I do see a lot of corruption I think I think a lot of people are ignoring the just how deep the corruption runs in this world in individuals and groups and governments I think people are content to look at the world through rose-colored glasses and to be naive and I you know I just I just don't I just try not to judge these people because they're busy with their lives but in my particular case I've grown over the years especially since 9 11 to be more cautious and suspicious about those in power and then with covet of course it's been very eye-opening and then having been physically assaulted at a church at a Catholic church with a Catholic security guard last year or whenever it was uh that was eye-opening too so yeah the the corruption and the worldliness of uh the Godless baby killers is horrifying and I need nothing but the abortion statistics that alone I need nothing more than that to know that this is a sick and evil corrupt world and that the governments are implicated like I see ads for uh I see ads at the bus stop I don't take the bus but I pass by the bus stop and I see ads demonizing cigarette smoking and I think that's good because they want Health they don't want people dying from lung cancer but on the other hand I know that the government is taxing very heavily and they're making a lot of money and they don't have to do that if it's if the government really is a nanny State looking at looking out for us and taking our Health seriously they're not going to be profiting from something as evil as tobacco or any other drugs much less marijuana which now they're pushing in Canada I just drove by an official government drug Den like the place where they sell marijuana and hashish and CBDs and all this stuff I think CBDs are not uh necessarily a bad thing but it's just very clear that any government that's pushing or condoning or profiting by sex drugs and rock and roll I mean it's corrupt it is corrupt period so I do have sympathy I do have sympathy for those sort of radical extreme right wing all right whatever Christian nationalists or whatever you are I sympathize I understand your frustration I understand your anger I understand all that but just for the love of God just Center yourself on what's important in this life what's essential what is the path what is the path what is the what is God asking you to do right my kingdom is not of the word my kingdom is not of this world that's what we have to remember so don't get tempted don't get tempted by the world don't don't go making yourself a hero Nick and yay are both talking about they're ready to die they're ready to die they're ready to die and you know they could they could get assassinated they could get suicided abstained or whatever and it's it is a real possibility you know so is that prudent is that prudent you know to put your life on the line is it worth it are you doing God's will God's positive will or is permissive will you really need to think about it so anyway I'm not judging anyone um just putting my two cents in here today about the problem of the Jews the so-called problem of the Jews so I hope you understand my position and my concerns for this world my concerns for you as an individual whoever you are listening to this my current concern for you is my the same is my concern for myself or my concern for yay and Nick in the Gang it's always the same concern right you want to know God to love God and to serve God in this life so you can be happy with him in the next life period right let's not fall into the Satan's traps of worldliness okay because our kingdom is not of this world so I'll leave it there thanks for listening thanks for watching take good care and we'll talk soon God bless