Lefebvre's Open Letter to Confused Catholics- Part 1

Author Streamed Tuesday December 21st, 2021

Lefebvre's Open Letter to Confused Catholics- Part 1

Author Streamed December 21st, 2021



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all right i think i'm live yes i am starting a new playlist today um a friend a listener a guest sent me a link i'm gonna check it out i don't know what the intention behind the link was but i was told to listen to it and then we're gonna discuss it i guess so anyway i'll protect the privacy and the anonymity of the person who sent it to me it's a friend of mine listener and a guest but that's all i'll say i am not a fan of the sspx i'm not a fan of anyone who breaks away from the church but anyway i think trying to fight for tradition and he was disgusted by the satanic so-called spirit of vatican ii and i don't want to sit here and make excuses for the man i don't know how he ended his life hopefully he ended in union with the living magisterium but anyway i'm not here to judge i have no idea what i'm going to hear i'll pause when appropriate to comment it's a six hour 34 minute 33 second audio book so i'm expecting to agree with ninety nine point nine percent and maybe have point one percent maybe ninety nine percent and uh one percent maybe that's how it's going to break down we'll see we'll see as we go along it's gonna be interesting i did also want to mention i got this new shirt i don't know if you can see it on the given to me by a friend a listener and a guest that's all i'll say above him but uh thank you very much you know who you are thank you very much i appreciate it deus volt still haven't looked that up yet to find out what that means let me see if i can look that up quickly here deus it's a latin catholic motto associated with the crusades the glorious crusades as i call them it was first chanted during the first crusade in 1096 as a rallying cry most likely under the form deus le volt or deus lo vult as reported by the gesta francorum circa 1180 and the historia belli sacri circa 11 30. in modern times the motto has different meanings depending on the context it has been used as a metaphor referring to god's will or as a model by religious institutions such as the equestrian order of the holy critique or whatever the passive listening and the active critiquing of archbishop lefevre's open letter to confused catholics let's see what he has to say i'm pretty sure this is going to be read by it just strikes me as funny the opening uh question there why are catholics confused they're confused because we live in a fallen world and we are surrounded by fallen men and by men i mean men women and children we're confused because we fall from grace okay so i think that's pretty clear who can deny that catholics in the latter part of the 20th century are confused a glance at what has happened in the church over the past 20 years is enough to convince anyone that this is a relatively recent phenomenon only a short time ago the path was clearly marked either one followed it or one did not one had the faith or perhaps had lost it or had never had it okay i think this is a gross simplification i want to draw the listener or the viewer's one of my videos which i think is relevant here i'm just going to forgive me for the self-promotion here we have this is from it's called cvs meta 2018 05 27 so that's the 27th of may 2018. the title of the video continues the pros and cons of cenovacantism and in it i go through as you know my to a serious all kinds of so the battle is exciting but the lies of the end okay the eutychianists claim that it is impossible for jesus christ's finite human nature to remain distinct from his infinite divine name you hear that you taking this okay that's one example true so many so many examples thank you number six the third council of constantinople from 680 to 681 before during and after this most sacred ecumenical council the monophtholites thought that they and they alone were the one holy catholic and apostolic church the monopholites claim that it is impossible for jesus christ to have two wills that is to say both a human will and a divine will based on a purely private judgment the monophtholites considered themselves more pure more holy and more faithful to the sacred deposit of faith and they condemned as heretics anyone who remained in the church yeah so the monotheists you've got all the heresies i list one or two for each of the ecumenical councils okay and there are many many many more but though i just limited myself arbitrarily to one or two and i set it to that spooky music and i had the same formula every time this group thought that they were the one true church and this group thought that they were the one true church and this other group thought that they were the one true church all through every century in which there was an ecumenical council okay so there's no justification for this statement that everything was rosy up until the second vatican council it's hogwash and archbishop marcel the fed knows it he knows it's hogwash but he who had it who had entered the church through baptism who had renewed his baptismal promises around the age of 12 and had received the holy ghost on the day of his confirmation such a person knew what he had to believe and what he had to do yeah well i knew in the novus ordo post-vatican ii church corrupt and the smoke of satan had clearly entered the church that i joined right pope uh saint paul vi said the smoke of satan has entered the catholic church and that was in the 60s okay i entered in 2009. so i entered a church that is corrupt and when i say that the church is corrupt i mean that the members of the church militant the members are corrupt because we live in a fallen world and yet i knew the faith how did i know the faith because the church preserves the faith and it teaches the faith through her holy saints not through the corrupt criminals who are destined for hell no through the holy saints i knew the difference between the true faith and the malarkey that was being sold by a false mercy by progressive catholics okay i knew the difference why because the church is one holy catholic and apostolic and if you love the truth and you seek the truth you will find the truth and i love the truth i sought the truth and i found the truth in christ and his church and the church teaches us what the church has always taught us if you want to find the tradition capital t tradition you will find it nothing can stop you you think i didn't meet corrupt ostensible catholics of course i did of course it is it's rare to meet anything but a wayward today it's rare okay it's rare to meet a saint who's going to be canonized it's very extremely rare the rest of us are muddling through half-heartedly following christ okay so don't be surprised archbishop marcel lefeve don't be surprised don't act like you're surprised please for the love of god many today no longer know they hear all sorts of astonishing statements in the churches they read things contrary to what was always taught and doubt has crept into their minds it's the easiest thing in the world to allow doubt to creep into your mind but it is a sin to allow doubt to creep into your mind it's a sin saint thomas aquinas talks about this very clear and unambiguous terms it's a sin to cause scandal and it's a sin to allow yourself to be scandalized so there's the active scandal which is obviously a sin but the passive act of being scandalized that's a sin right so you if you allow yourself to fall into doubt there's a reason why we call it falling because you're falling from grace okay so there's absolutely no excuse excuse me on june 30th 1968 at the close of the year of faith his holiness pope paul vi made a profession of the catholic faith in the presence of all the bishops in rome and hundreds of thousands of the faithful in his introductory remarks he puts us on guard against attacks on catholic doctrine which he said give rise as we regretfully see today to trouble and confusion in many faithful souls the same words crop up in an allocution of his holiness pope john paul ii on february 6 1981 he writes christians today in large part feel lost perplexed confused and even deceived the holy father summarized the underlying causes of the trouble as follows we see spread abroad ideas contrary to the truth which god has revealed and which the church has always taught real heresies have appeared in dogma and moral theology stirring doubt confusion rebellion even okay hold on this guy is suggesting that heresy has crept into dogma that's impossible by definition it's impossible by definition he should know this okay so the other point i want to take uh note of here is when he said that some people feel like they're being deceived i don't know if that was a quote from saint john paul ii uh some people in the church i for one i can only speak for myself but i for one have never ever felt deceived by the church i'm surrounded by catholics not many i don't know any personally but when i go to church i'm sitting in the pews with ostensible catholics the priest is ostensibly catholic and if they're multiple priests they're all ostensibly catholic the bishops i've met are ostensibly catholic okay if you sit down and you talk with any of them you'll get a hodge podge of teachings it's up to you the individual the follower of christ to compare and contrast what you're hearing from this layman this deacon this priest or this bishop compare that with what the church has always taught right that's how you protect yourself from being deceived you don't just nod in agreement with every ostensible catholic that you meet that you encounter yeah of course you'll be deceived of course if you do that we need to put our faith in christ and his church and when i say to put your faith in christ and its church is because christ and his church are one flesh and already reigning in heaven is the perfection the model of that unity that holiness that catholicity and that apostolicity in the person of mary she's reigning gloriously in heaven she represents the perfection of the church the beauty the purity of the church already since her assumption her passive assumption she was assumed into heaven but here below the church is being purified and it's full of right so we always need to be aware of the distinction between the church triumphant and the church militant and of course the purification if not completed here below in a given individual will be completed in purgatory if that person is worthy of salvation worthy of going to heaven right so i'm surprised i'm a little bit surprised by what i'm hearing here from the archbishop but we'll just continue and i'll give him the benefit of the doubt i don't know if this text is being given verbatim i don't know the history of this document i've never heard about it this is my first time encountering it i don't know if there's some editorial overlap that's being added on here i have no idea i don't know anything about this document it was just sent to me and i'm responding to it in the moment when the liturgy has been harmed christians have been plunged into an intellectual and moral illuminism a sociological christianity without uh is there a politically correct term for the word bs i don't know what else to say that that's all bs sorry that's bs right we know the truth we have access to the truth do you want the truth are you seeking the truth because if you seek the truth you'll find the truth i don't understand why he's making it seem like we're so helpless in the world to find christ and his church it's not that hard this confusion is seen everywhere in conversations in books in newspapers in radio and television broadcasts in the behavior of catholics which shows up as a sharp decline in the practice of the faith as statistics reveal a dissatisfaction with the mass and the sacraments okay i'm very very quickly getting a bad impression of archbishop marcel lefeve i feel like i'm listening to satan attack the church that's what i feel like when i read the saints when i read the canonized saints the writings of the saints they do not dwell on statistics they do not dwell on the recent polls and how people feel and how they feel disappointed and they feel betrayed by the church and they feel deceived by the church they never talk like that they talk about christ and his church the way the truth and the life right and your individual responsibility to seek the to know god to love god and to serve god in this world so you can be happy with him forever and the next so hopefully uh archbishop marcel lefeve will change his tune here because i may have to abandon this whole project because he just sounds like an instrument of satan to me no offense a general relaxation of morals we naturally ask therefore what brought on this state of things for every effect there is a cause has faith been weakened by a disappearance of generosity of soul by a taste for enjoyment and attraction to the pleasures of life and the manifold distractions which the modern world offers these cannot be the real reasons because they have always been with us in one way or another the rapid decline in religious practice comes rather from the new spirit which has been introduced into the church and which has cast suspicion over all past teachings and life of the church yeah he's referring to the false spirit of vatican ii the satanic smoke that's entered the church there's no doubt that it exists and i think that archbishop lefebvre here is a perfect example of the embodiment of that the he's unfortunately imbibed the kool-aid of satan and now he's working for satan that's how i feel i'm forgive me if i'm being too harsh here but um you know if i i just have to keep repeating myself here if you love the truth you will seek the truth and if you seek the truth you will find the truth it's not that hard it's not that hard the blame game is satanic the blame game is satanic there's nothing wrong with vatican ii okay if there's some ambiguity in there there's some politics sort of coloring it i can get past that can you how can how why am i able to get past it you're not able to get past it uh it's too bad he's dead and gone but i would be curious to know uh i guess i could go and learn more about this this man this poor man i mean i feel like calling him a fool because he's what he's saying is foolish but i'm trying to remain charitable at the same time but i don't speak ill of the dead here but uh so far this is uh this is much ado about nothing all this was based on the unchangeable faith of the church handed down by catechisms which were recognized by all bishops the faith was based on certitudes the certitudes have been overturned and confusion has resulted let us take one example the church taught and the faithful believed that the catholic religion was the one true religion yeah that's what vatican ii teaches you signed the documents archbishop you signed the documents of vatican ii you didn't have to sign them you signed them why that's what i've heard i don't know if it's true i'll have to look into it but i've heard that you signed the documents of vatican ii why would you sign them were you under duress did someone have a gun to your head i mean i am willing to go to my death rather than comply with the uh pressure that's being exerted on me to get experimental gene therapy i'm willing to go to my death over that but you signed under duress just to fit in with the 2000 bishops that were at vatican 2 i don't i don't understand what what could possibly be more important than your eternal salvation why would you sign the satanic document the satanic documents of vatican ii if that's what they are if they're heretical why would you sign them or did you just discover that afterwards it doesn't hold water it doesn't hold water it was in fact established by god himself while other religions are the work of men yeah obviously that's what the church teaches consequently the christian must avoid all contact with false religions and furthermore do all he can to bring adherence of false religions to the religion of christ well i i think we should preach the gospel at all times and use words if necessary right your sales pitch for catholicism will probably do the opposite have the opposite effect of what you desire uh the other point you raised there um that let me rewind just a touch to see what the other point was is this still true this is going to be hard to do all he can to bring adherence of false religion and the faithful believed that the catholic religion was the one true religion it was in fact established by god himself while other religions are the work of men yep consequently the christian must avoid all contact with false religions and furthermore do all he can to bring adherence of false religions to the religion of christ yeah so i've already addressed the second part but the first part where he says we should avoid contact with non-catholics i've never seen that i've never seen any indication of that um i have seen teachings in the new testament that we should shun bad catholics right saint paul says don't avoid non-catholics that sin because then you would have to leave the world right you can mix and mingle with non-catholics that are you know public sinners you could do that otherwise you'd have to leave the world but don't mix with the so-called catholics who are the only thing i fear this is from saint teresa which one or maybe saint catherine of siena i don't remember one of my favorite quotes i should look it up but the only thing i fear is bad quote okay okay yeah okay bernadette of lord that's right i only saint bernadette pray for us so no i don't fear the devote muslim the devote jew the devout atheist or even the lapsed muslim elapsed jew or the lapsed atheist especially the lapsed atheist it's one of my favorite categories right i'm a lapsed atheist myself so no i don't fear non-catholics i fear bad catholics like archbishop marcel lefeve and i'm saying that with all due respect and i'm saying it tentatively if this man was a bad catholic and it seems then he's on the enemy list he's he's one of those that i fear but he's dead and gone hopefully he's not in hell and he's not somehow contributing to the downfall of humanity the loss of souls i don't know if humans when they are destined for hell if they're able to help satan uh sort of as bad spirits come up to earth float around and tempt people with nasty imagery and nasty temptations i wonder i should look that up interesting question anyway continuing i i think the uh his point here is uh unsubstantiated by tradition that we should shun non-catholics i think that's unsubstantiated but if anyone has information to the contrary let me know is this still true indeed it is truth cannot change else it never was the truth no new fact no theological or scientific discovery if there can be such a thing as a theological discovery can ever make the catholic religion any less the only means of salvation true i agree 100 and yes there are theological discoveries obviously obviously because there is an organic growth of catholic doctrine right so how is it that i know more than he knows about the catholic faith it's mind-boggling i mean i'm not trying to be uh proud and boastful here i mean i'm sure the bishop knows many many things or new many many things that i don't know but when it comes to his letter here is open letter to confused catholics he's saying a lot of stuff and nonsense i find it embarrassing but now we have the pope himself attending religious ceremonies in false religions praying and preaching in the churches of television conveys to the whole world pictures of these astonishing events the faithful no longer understand martin luther and i shall return to him later in these pages cut entire nations off from the church pitched europe into a spiritual and political turmoil which destroyed the catholic hierarchy over wide areas invented a false doctrine of salvation and a false doctrine of the sacraments his revolt against the church became the model for all revolutionaries after him who would throw europe and the whole world into disorder it is impossible to make luther as they want to do now after 500 years into a prophet or doctor of the church since he is not a saint if i read documentacy on catholic or the diocesan papers i find there from the joint catholic lutheran commission officially recognized by the vatican statements like this among the ideas of the second vatican council we can see gathered together much of what luther asked for such as the following description of the church as the quote-unquote people of god accent on the priesthood of all baptized the right of the individual to freedom of religion other demands of luther in his time can be considered as being met in the theology and practice of the church today use of the common language in the liturgy possibility of communion under two species a renewal of the theology and okay so i can't really speak to the uh the veracity of the claims that are being made here but uh a mountain is being made of a molehill because luther just because he's an arch heretic and a big bad guy in the history of the church doesn't mean he couldn't have been right about 99 of his own doctrines i mean i don't know what the percentage is right i mean i think the uh if you compare the lutherans today in 2021 and what they believe with luther luther seems pretty catholic right by comparison was luther catholic well he was before he revolted and then he was not after he revolted he obviously separated himself from the church because he strayed from the teachings of the church obviously but he didn't stray nearly as far as his followers have that's what always happens with heresy right just look at the anglicans they were very very catholic and they strayed a little bit and look where we are today with anglicanism they don't even have so no i don't think we can argue that because the church has truths contains i don't think that undermines the catholic church the catholic church has all truth right saint justin murder said that all truth belongs to christ and his church all truth so when hitchens christopher hitchens emphasized love and compassion and mercy or whatever he was into i don't know what he was into as an atheist right but when he emphasized his values his all of the true principles all of the true ideals everything that is good that hitchens preached was catholic so if i were to sit down with the hitchens fan club and we were to sit at a round table and discuss our common ground we would have a lot of common ground doesn't mean that i've sold out and now i'm a kitchens is good by nature but he's evil by choice he was evil by choice he strayed from christ and his church so this is a strange argument to make i mean there's truth everywhere obviously there's much more truth than perversion of truth you just need a to be in danger of eternal damnation just a little bit of perversion in what you believe what you think what you say and what you do just a little bit of perversion that's all you need right i've been very very moved by the writings of luther what the few writings i have learned from luther my faith has he may be burning in hell right now i hope not but he may be burning in hell but he helped me that's the way god works the economy of salvation read the old testament if you want to see how the economy of salvation works god draws straight with crooked alliance so luther can help my faith christopher hitchens can help my right we need to know how to make distinctions and all truth belongs to us catholics period so it's another moot point from archbishop marcel lefeve quite a statement meeting the demands of luther who declared himself the resolute and mortal enemy of the mass and of the pope to gather together things requested by a blasphemer who said i declare that all brothels murders thefts adulteries are less evil than this abominable mass so what that's not what my catechism teaches me the new characters that's not what i learned when i was being catechized that's not what i learned when i open the bible that's not what i learn when i read the saints right saint saint augustine famously said that when you claim as your own any then we know for certain it's a lie because truth is above our finite ability to know it's common right so if you want to say this is my truth that's a small t truth and it's right if you possess if it's yours it's worth zero because truth the unchanging truth of god the eternal truth is the property of and those of us who seek it find it if luther strayed from that truth then he can preach that the pope is the antichrist he could preach that the mass is sacrilegious he can preach that up is down he can preach his truth because his truth because it's his is not true his truth is not true because it's his and to the extent that it's his this is what saint saint augustine famously taught and clarified a lot of people today you hear them talking about my truth oh i'm so happy that you're speaking your truth and that's so great for you and i have my truth and this has been going on decades i mean since the sexual revolution at least in north america the western world it's relativism so it's completely irrelevant that luther believed this or that about the papacy or about the church it's completely irrelevant in the context of archbishop marcel lefeve's thesis that because catholics sat down and talked with lutherans made some joint declarations found common ground therefore they've completely sold out and they've embraced every idea that right it does not hold water at all you're all you're doing archbishop lefeve with this open letter to confuse catholic catholics all you're doing is you're showing your hand you're revealing your your truth right your your small t truth in our word in other words the lies these are all lies and they don't come from god so you have to wonder what what is the source of this nonsense i think it's satanic that's the feeling i get from such an extravagant summary we can draw only one conclusion either we must condemn the second vatican council which authorized it or we must condemn the council of trent and all the popes who since the 16th century have declared protestantism heretical and schismatic yeah well have you read the documents that you signed the the document read the read the 16 documents of vatican 2. the protestant christian communities are all heretical they've all strayed from the catholic right have you read the document go read the documents well it's too late now you're either in purgatory or in hell probably i don't think he went straight to heaven but who knows i wish before publishing this open letter that you'd read the documents of there is one truth there's one christ there's one church and the dogmas are not subject to change and the council of trent is the second most cited council in the documents of vatican ii the first most cited would be vatican one i might have that backwards it might be actually that trent is more often quoted than vatican one i'll have to i'll have to look that up i like to do uh statistical analyses of which saints are quoted it's usually usually saint thomas aquinas and then followed by saint augustine and usually saint thomas aquinas is citing saint augustine and most of its arguments and i like to look at the footnotes to see which councils are being cited and i do i do recall very clearly that the top two councils cited were vatican one and trent now that i think about it i'm not even sure which one was more frequently cited but this is embarrassing the more i listen to this so-called open letter to confused catholics the more embarrassed i am for archbishop marcel lefeve and the more embarrassed i am for anyone that would join the sspx anyone that would split from holy mother church it's an embarrassment it's travesty it's the work of satan and i really i i find it hard to take seriously it's transparently obvious that this is a bunch of baloney the arguments don't hold water read the documents of vatican ii right when i read the catechism which is not infallible when i read the category the new catechism i had some questions i had some discomfort i had some uneasiness because of what seemed to be sort of left leaning progressive soft touch everywhere almost everywhere right but i was comfortable enough to tolerate that because of the hard line dogmatic fundamental line of truth that runs right through the catechism and it runs right through the second vatican council and of course the catechism is based very very heavily on obviously the second vatican council but also the first vatican council in the council of trent and various other ecumenical councils as well so yes i uh my eyebrows were raised at times reading but i knew there was some wiggle room because it's not an infallible document there are infallible truths contained therein obviously just as when i say right now god is triune that's an infallible truth but if you go through the corpus of my online work look at all the transcripts of everything i've ever said you're going to find error you're going to find confusion you're going to find probably heresy although i'm not trying to teach error right it's just sort of inevitable as being a limited being and being a fool and being a sinner and being weak and being stupid and misspeaking and all sorts of things so it's inevitable the same thing with the catechism they checked they double checked they triple checked and they're still errors like i found typographical errors in the catechism right it's not like the sacred scriptures the sacred scriptures there's not one iota out of place there's not one letter out of place in the inerrant and infallible sacred scriptures unfortunately we don't have the sacred scriptures we don't have the autographs we don't have the original texts what do we have we have the church right it's not the church of archbishop marcel lefeve it's the church of christ and christ has ordained it that there would be a living magister and with the vicar of christ the bishops who teach in union with him and all on and on down through the hierarchy priests deacons life faithful etc the point that the archbishop here made about the luther's emphasis on the church being the people of god i see nothing wrong with that and yes vatican do does emphasize that consciously the church is free to emphasize what she wants how dare you complain that holy mother church is emphasizing that we are the people of or to criticize the fact that holy mother church emphasizes this teaching or that teaching which happens to right so no i'm losing i'm quickly losing all respect for this man may he rest in peace it is understandable that catholics are confused by such a turn of events but there are so many others in a few years they have seen a transformation in the heart and substance of religious practices which adults have known from early childhood in the churches the altars have been demolished or replaced by tables which are often portable and disappear when not in use there's no excuse for that obviously the abuses are countless i've seen with my own eyes the abuses that are done in the name of vatican ii invoking the so-called spirit of vatican i've seen it everyone's seen it everyone's seen it right for 60 years now we've seen it we know that it's happening we know that it's happened and it continues to happen and but the fact that you can recognize an abuse tells you that you're on the right track you know this is the wrong way to do it and i have the church document right here that says why we should not be here's the tradition here's the encyclical here's the the dogma whatever it is right if you're expecting perfection if you're expecting a church that the entire membership participates fully consciously lovingly in docile submission to the church then you're naive you're right and if you're expecting a puritanical church you're naive and church is full of sinners and we live in a fallen world it's called the church militant for a reason we need to be militant we need to fight right that's why i appreciate the image on this do the will of god deus vote do the will of god how can we know the will of god well because he gave us a church and the church has four marks by which we can find and identify and recognize the church the church is one holy catholic and i've always said since my conversion that it's the saints who led me into the church the saints that's the holiness and archbishop marcel lefeve should be pointing us to the saints not pointing to himself in his righteousness and his so-called love of tradition because last time i checked it was traditional to submit to christ and his church the tabernacles no longer occupy the place of honor most of the time they're hidden perhaps perched on a post or off to one side when it does remain in the center the priest turns his back to it during the mass celebrant and faithful face each other and dialogue anyone may touch the sacred vessels which are often replaced by bread baskets platters ceramic bowls laity including women distribute communion which is received in the hand the body of christ is treated with a lack of reverence which casts doubt on the truth of transubstantiation i agree with everything he's saying here it's tragic and uh because of covet thanks to covet i will be attending traditional latin mass uh i don't have complete freedom to avail myself of anytime i want because the church that i will be attending is closed until further notice because they don't want to segregate the right so they just took a decision to close so i don't have access right now but that's where i will be heading if and when this so-called pandemic and i'll be receiving communion on the tongue at the ultra rail i've done it before in the past i think i've seen so many abuses and one of the i met with the priest of opus dei today he was very supportive and kind righteous in his faith from what i could see well formed and as all opus dei priests that i have met have been and i told him how i was volunteering as an altar server and my role was to carry the cross and i was hesitant to be peer pressured into taking other tasks because i didn't feel worthy to touch the sacred vessels or to god forbid to distribute communion no i'm not worthy and i don't think it's right i think only the priest should be doing that and so the pressure mounted the pressure mounted and they couldn't understand why i was resisting why was i resisting why was i resisting and finally i had to abandon my post i the priest one of the priests the head priest was upset but he understood and i told this to the opus dei priest and it's not right it's not right to have what we call extraordinary eucharistic ministers or whatever and if you read the documents of vatican 2 you'll see that extraordinary means just that extraordinary where you've got so many people at mass that the priest is overwhelmed and it's going to take him three hours to distribute communion that's never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever been the case the masses here in montreal maybe a dozen maybe okay maybe some ethnic parishes on sundays and holidays special ohio holidays whatever you would have but to have so-called extraordinary eucharistic handing out the precious body blood soul and divinity of jesus christ like it's a frisbee tossing it into the hands that's not right it's not right especially if they're only a dozen people there in the pews you've got three extraordinary alter eucharistic ministers it's absolutely uncalled for so i understand archbishop marcel lefeve's concerns here i understand the abuses that are undeniable but thanks to covert i'll be availing myself of a more conservative service and i'll be learning latin i'm a bit too old to be learning new tricks but i'll learn just enough i guess and uh my mind's not completely shot still have a few brain cells to rub together i could learn some latin but even if i don't master latin and i certainly won't i will be able to absorb the atmosphere and reading the texts of vatican ii and reading the catechism of vatican ii taught me that you were not expected to be listening to the latin you were not expected to be listening to the latin you're expected to sing along with the songs in latin you're expected to do but while you're at mass you can be praying having your own devotions and then you just tune in to those parts where you're going to participate this is what i was taught by the council of trent the documents about of trent and the catechism of trent which commentated on the documents of it okay the other thing to note about the latin mass is that vatican ii emphasized that we have to have latin in every mass every mass has to be said in latin with the accommodation of some vernacular here and there little bits okay to help the faithful participate more i've never ever ever seen a mass that was mixed latin and english or latin and french or latin and italian it's always been either in the vernacular or in latin now we could have uh some latin songs from time to time at certain my local parish here that i've started going to they have a really amazing organist and a male vocalist and he will sing some of the songs the sanctus so sometimes it's in english sometimes it's a latin i'm not sure why but it doesn't bother me because i know exactly what he's saying right these are familiar parts of the but yes there are abuses but i am very happy i thank god thank god for the opus dei i thank god for the fssp the priestly fraternity of saint peter i've joined the con fraternity of saint peter which is sort of the lay faithful arm which is a prayer group in support of the priestly arm which is the fssp so i belong to the c s p the con fraternity of saint peter and my daily prayers which will be added on to my already long list of daily prayers because i belong to the confraternity of the rosary which obliges me to say the lows the rosary all 20 decades at least once completed at least once per week which is not saying much obviously that's easy to accomplish i try to say that the i tried to say uh 15 uh what is it i do uh five decades a day okay so um i've got that and then i've got the confraternity of the precious blood i've got a lot of prayers to do for that but they're relatively quick and easy and obviously i've got the new con fraternity that i joined today the confraternity of saint peter has one decade of the rosary for the priests of the fssp relatively short prayer it's about a paragraph long for the priesthood and for in particular those priests who are members of that priestly fraternity the f i say fssp i always mess up the thing i so i'm going to leave it off for today i've been going for an hour uh this i'm not sure how many more episodes i can handle of this open letter to confuse catholics it might be interesting i want to see what else he gets into sadly i've only covered nine minutes of a six and a half hour so painfully slow at this rate maybe i'll scale back the commentary maybe i'll speed up the audio when i play the audio i don't know what i'll do but there's no rush and there are no rules it's my channel i could do whatever i want to do what i want to do is to know god to love god and to serve god in this life so i'd be happy with him in the next life i want to die a happy death and go straight to heaven ain't looking like that's going to happen based on my weakness these days for the past two years i've been very very weak oppressed and harassed by demons but i think i've turned a corner i honestly do feel like i've turned a corner and i feel like uh the opus a and the fssp will help me they will motivate me they will set me on the straight and narrow everything i discussed bit of a buzz here pink cloud as they say in the 12-step programs i've never done one but i have friends who have writing on the pink cloud i just need to not get too elated because that's when pride kicks in and that's when satan takes advantage of me and lulls me into uh all sense of security so that he can trick me with his temptations to lust or greed or whatever it is i mean i'm not greedy for money but greedy for food sweet sour salty whatever greedy for naps and oversleeping and satan knows what i like so he always gives me what i want all the good gifts i've got you know all those good things that i want pleasure pleasure pleasure let's say i'll leave it there thanks for listening thanks for watching take care of yourselves and we'll talk very soon very soon god bless

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