Catholic vs. Protestant - 2017-08-25 - Dan

Author Recorded Friday August 25th, 2017

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Dan is very close with a good friend of mine. He has suffered from a lot of health issues, but recently underwent a health and wellness ordeal that positively impacted his faith life. I love the enthusiasm and energy of this kind and generous man.

Catholic vs. Protestant - 2017-08-25 - Dan

Author Recorded August 14th, 2016



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hi I'm Dan and you're listening to Catholic versus Protestant usually like to start just by having my guests introduce themselves so if you just talk to the audience tell them a little bit about yourself who you are what you believe and how you came to believe it The Reader's Digest condensed version well I started out from birth I mean I was always involved in Catholic Church from the get-go from whether it was being an altar boy to Lecter to being a sure everything short of being a priest we were very active in the church my parents faith is as strong as ever and God bless him for it as I recently was informed by actual seventh-day adventists person that I watch occasionally there's gonna be a lot of different flavors in the final Church I always was attracted to the Christian aspects of any church that I'd participated in see I'm not religious I'm spiritual and to me the difference is Dogma and God said this and that's the way it is it's like okay but am I allowed to get there on my own and find that truth or are you trying to impose something on me and I think I was drawn to oh I think keeping the Sabbath from Friday night to Saturday is Saturday evening and that's like us again we're introducing seventh-day Adventists as a title and again yes I do I sub-state with seventh-day Adventist people I got baptized in the seventh-day Adventist Church but I have friends there that we like to look at ourselves as plain-jane to know what Christians happening to be participating with this group but the thing is when it gets heated and I don't think it's just ego right I think its doctrine if I can give you an example I had a conversation with somebody and so I said you have your Catholic Bible Denise oh yeah I have one I said do you have a catechism and so we got it and I said okay if you mind turning to the 10 commandments in your catechism so we went through the first one I'm the Lord your God we're good on that one second one I shall not have idols or etc and make things of the earth of that okay oh wait a minute hang on let me go to three here I'm the Lord your God no idols you shall not take the name of the Lord okay how come that's number two now wait take the name of Lord your God in vain is number two what happened okay let's shove that for a minute we put three off to the side let's see what happens and then we get down and we get down and then the final one the tenth thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Goods manservant women oxen etc etc all one it's been split in two so I just let that hang there and the answer that came back was that's really interesting yeah there's something to that so I said I'm just pointing it out and they said well lift the holy see and they kind of lost me right at that point because to me the Word of God is immutable if you go into Daniel and it says they shall think to change times and dates and I'm sitting there going you don't play around in the domain of God there's only one person that has power over me that's Christ and he's under God so when I want to talk to God I talked to God or I asked Jesus to intercede on my behalf because it's something that you know I'm sure that the Holy Spirit is groaning crazily to get this message across because it's important but I mean to think that we need to have a an intercessor or a mediator on behalf of God other than Christ to me that's getting into dangerous territory again that's not a judgment that's simply my I've arrived at that and to me it's like if we can stay within those bounds then you know I said something earlier to a friend I said my success without your success is not a success so if we start into this as an interview and our objective is to have a reasonable discussion then you know passion I'm all about passion I think passion shows you care I think if you get a little worked up sometimes that's you know good for the blood right it gets it pumping but the long and short of it is in the end is if we kind of discussions like this freely we have a problem and so for me it's like the conversions to another form of Christianity your version of it yeah it's important it is part of who I am and there was a process to it for a reason you know but I have friends that still go to Sunday Mass and or Sunday church at places and I'll join them you know I I'm not participating it may be the same way they are but I can still appreciate their love of Christ so you know it's like if I show something there was an example once I was shown without getting into it because somebody might say oh that's leaning a little towards auntie this or that but the example was a woman says something to Christ and he says rather she doesn't say no you're an old fool and like you're crazy like you know leo what you're saying is so way off and he says no rather instead of this why not this and the woman just has to take it because she knows that he's explaining it because he cares motor he wants her spiritual growth it's important to Christ right I mean it's important to you know the I don't know we want to say the Buddha we want to say all these of them they they were on spiritual quests they wanted to find something that we're all looking for right now whatever that connection is okay but in the end you know whether it's the unified field theory whether it's God whether it's the Great Creator whether it's you know I mean we can go in all directions but if we arrive at the same place truth is truth and you can find truth and everything and I find that if you look at fifteen sixteen I like sixteen different groups and you find the piece of truth that's in all of them all of a sudden it's like wow they were all participating in my growth so how is that bad again I had an incredible experience in in the forest like I was on fire I was like this is crazy this guy was telling you this about this crystal structures that were only here fifty years ago we don't even know what it looks like I see this tree and I'm and I'm just amazed and then I get back and then the reality of and I guess the only way to say it is the taint on this earth it was so overwhelming now I was also coming off of some crazy medications pharmaceuticals so there was a lot of sweating and like stuff was coming out of me so I know that I had a psychotic episode at the end for sure because the the change from positive to negative was so intense and I was like oh wait a minute am I even getting this right and then I was like look at all the destruction right st. Ann's been it's these touch these things look these trees aren't even in alignment there's there's an and I was just walking around it was pure insanity and it was like is that going to consume me and then no it was like I know I had to walk up this thing it was just I don't know if it's symbolic or whatever it was but I walked up this path and I client and I was like and I got to the top and guess what things aren't as crazy as I thought I still wasn't sitting with like wow this is great but finally this person that helped me through all this for the past three weeks just took me in and calm me down and then I realized as I you know I like to set anchors I call them as I go through life it's like oh yeah if I forget that confirms to me like yeah I'm still connected to reality and I take that compared to what I saw of my old life it's almost like I had the choice back then and okay maybe I didn't choose darkness exactly but my choice in music my choice in attitude my choice in how I approach people it was very it might not have been angry but it would say it wasn't angry it was aggressive but I mean the music was hard rock and so and I got to look back on that and and it was like I I came to a conclusion that I really didn't deserve a second chance because it was like thank God God is God and you know it's like seven times Lord or seven times seven oh seven right but you know it's like it sort of became really apparent but I can't blow this second chance I've been giving so even though it was like a current thing it connected with the positing I mean I I have to remember at six years old I had an incident where I had blood poisoning and I was in the hospital and I remember my mother thought I was far enough away so I couldn't hear but I heard the whole conversation and the doctor turned to my mother with a team of specialists and said I know you're a religious woman so the only thing we can do is tell you to pray because there's nothing left we can do and chances are since it's as high as it is it's gonna enter in his main blood stream tonight tomorrow it'll hit his heart and he's dead well I'm still here so that's the first thing but that was I really believe the start to my getting that there's something I got this connection with this thing called God or this being or this again six-year-old interpretation of what I was experiencing but it was almost like yeah but you almost blew that buddy you know like you've been through how many times my lungs of collapsed I've had all kinds of crazy things out me exploding appendices I mean uh oh yeah okay but you know and it's like I look back now and I mean it's it's beyond shame it's it's it's beyond sorrow it's like I'm really not impressed with myself that I wasted all those opportunities to help people I mean how many years 19 to 53 you know and I call it 20 that's 33 34 years that I I mean yes as people have want to remind me you know but you were a kind person and you were yeah but I was not the person I was I know I'm not even that person now but I look at this now compared to what I was and this is this is life-changing this is this is completely different this is like wow you had these experiences and you were spared you know I called it the exacting as opposed to the punishing you know the second chance was you're gonna have to pay because you did things in your life and that's gonna have repercussions maybe into the future so you have to be prepared for that right that's like you know if you can't do the time don't do the crime well if you can't afford to sin then don't begin right I mean it's like okay well why am i entertaining going down that path right it's I think a lot of times we have our experiences and when they finally gel it all is like yeah now it all makes sense but until you get there sometimes those ups and downs I mean they're hellish yeah I don't know another word to put it I mean you're like how can you be so close one day and then feel so separated from the Lord it's those experiences those highs and lows that either bring you to where you need to be or you're missing it completely like that's our problem I think we don't stop you know it's like we still and know that I am God I mean let me tell you when you're in the forest it's very easy to be still until your God is right there and and I get through this thing in that and they come out of it and I go this is what I was meant to have as as people of God we have an entitlement we have a birthrate and that is an abundance we have an abundance due to us in clean air clean food clean water and proper living that we're supposed to do that in abundance right and I mean can you do that in the city I believe it's possible it's hard when the air is brown but you know like I got an oxygen tank I'm not afraid to use it every saw and just to equalize things because I had major lung problems and I don't want them in mortar they've been taken from me by God's grace you know I mean I've had so many physical ailments that I don't even want to discuss anymore because they're just they seem so it's so long ago and it's not it's weeks but the reality is is like when you got to play catch-up it's all of a sudden like you're connecting and you're making these connections to the past and you're sitting there going wow I did know that way back but I didn't take the gift that was given me you know I mean if all of this stuff that were given from God is supposed to be a gift then shouldn't it feel like a gift shouldn't it not feel like a burden shouldn't when we're discussing things and we're having a you know a healthy discussion ok gets it gets a little emotional fine you know people want to celebrate on Sunday I disagree with it I remember a good friend said to me this was the funny thing it was a Catholic friend of mine that said have you ever read and I believe he said it's the encyclopedia of Catholicism or that it's something to that effect and I just remember 7 page 796 I think it was something about the Catholic Church acknowledges that the true Sabbath is the Jewish one Friday to sunset the sunset but how many people know that right because why is it at 796 when the fourth commandment says remember the only commandment that says remember to keep holy the Sabbath day so you know it's it's not about oh you're wrong because you're doing this or I'm right or I'm wrong or you're right it's like how does the Bible put it friend let us reason together so if I show you something and it inspires you or you show me something and it inspires me spiritually wasn't that a lot better than oh you're so full of it because you're that denomination or I'm this denomination we know better I mean I've seen some pretty arrogant seventh-day adventists I'll be honest with you and they make me sick you know so it's it's not that's my group you know but is it my responsibility in church when I see an injustice happening to stand up and say this requires correction of course so I mean are you going to be popular I don't want to be popular with people I want to be popular God you know and and to me in the that's what it's really about so you know the god-person connection seems to have gotten so distorted that we don't we have to have a group identity and we don't even start with an individual identity with God right I mean it's supposed to be a personal relationship you have a god this is like I've every denomination every belief system I mean people that weren't religious eight I mean there are people that had doctrine that was that it was that it was it wasn't about deception it wasn't about oh well you wear this and you shouldn't wear jewelry and you wear makeup and you shouldn't I mean really that's what we're getting into that's what distinguishes up from being one better Christian than another no I think the spirit inside you I think how converted in your heart and how convicted you are I think that's a word we don't use you know jail conviction but you know to be in prison with God I mean Paul put it that way right it was like I'm a prisoner of Christ I'm a prisoner of the Lord I mean that's bold you know re bold in our beliefs I don't care what you believe I don't I mean at least be sincere you know and if you really believe that then you might have something to teach me but for me when I challenge certain questions that couldn't be responded to in a way that I could understand it that's when I started seeking so you know the gap between say 2010 where I sort of maybe committed a little more to the sort of seventh-day adventists way it was only after 19 what 98 so you know there's 12 years of searching I mean I went to church as I went you know temples it was like I just I said there's something feels like there's more to this than what I've experienced did you always believe in God and and the triune God well like I said I think six years old that sealed it for this this entity called God now is it the triune God and again you know we got in the words Trinity triune I mean I don't have a problem with it I know some people that do in a lot of different flavors you know do I need to make a symbol okay maybe that I don't agree with or are not I don't see again words right it's not I don't agree with it's that's not for me this I'm talking about something making a sign saying the Father Son the Holy Spirit or the Orthodox where they go the other way twice or it's it's like I get it and and for some people it's very important and I respect that so that's not an issue for me but again saying what's right for me in my change from one to another and again I am hesitant to say that I'm you know I'm this now because it seems like I want to draw a line in the sand and I don't I want to be a Christian and Christians like I've said the Catholics that have come up to me all you're a Protestant and I said no I'm a Christian if you're a Christian Jew why don't we start there and most people that are reasonable start there and say oh yeah well you know we have a lot in common and I say yeah just and the reason I just change this is this and if they want to have a discussion no problem but if we want to sit down and go well the reason you changed I don't agree with it okay what's not your change it was mine it's a personal growth it's my personal experience and again I have to keep bringing it back it's my personal relationship with God people like you mean with your God okay you know words if that makes you happy it's my personal relationship with my god but if we don't all individually have that I don't see how we can have a collective regardless of what flavor it is because if you don't have you know what is it be with people of like mind so does that mean doctrine has to get in the way no is it supposed to get in the way I don't believe so I think everybody should be converting it means you have an active spiritual life you're trying to grow and to me that's why it's like everybody has to be allowed the time that they need for their spiritual growth assuming it's God's plan that they're gonna have that allotment of time but you know for me the conversion was it wasn't so much of a conversion as oh this is a little bit more aligned with where I'm going and at this point and it's not oh that's what suits you oh yes religions of convenience no that's where I'm going it's that simple we don't have to complicate this you know a conversion yes I converted you know but what what I became a different type of Christian from one Christian is that the conversion know you were an i yeah I know doctrine sorry I forgot let me sign my paper here there you go but you know it's like know if my conversion was very soft it was so quiet it was loud oh wow that's it that's what I've been told that okay and where do they get that from Oh some little Hindu guy that was passing by that I I said hi dude and treated what you spent and and he gave me a gift I'm supposed to reject that because it didn't come from my source no come on people it's you know the Bride of Christ the church is made up of different aspects if you prophesy then prophesy if you you know people in other words if you do what you do and it's part of the church and it works keep on doing it because that's for the benefit of everybody if you know if things are for the you know the magnifying the amplification of somebody's spiritual reality upbuilding perfect you know it's like we're so ready to destroy things right and yes sometimes you have to remove an old building because it's just decrepit and everything so you have to get rid of those old ways but more often than not you just gotta give it a little tender love and modify and just overall I'm going this way and and then next thing you know you've got Friends of Catholic Protestant Jewish and and they're all behind you Muslims and and we're all having and we're going in the same direction so for me it's like conversion yeah but it just it sounds like a word that's supposed to be really hard and it's like oh I had to struggle yeah of course I struggled I'm happier I'm in a place with God that I've never been you know IIIi experienced God in my DNA now I don't just it's not just that it's not just a word it's not just a thought it's not just oh yeah that's that yeah that makes sense that's good maybe I should adopt that whoa the Lord Steyn tell me something this is important like if I was expected to grow I gotta listen and if I'm not listening to everything that's around me is there a chance they're gonna miss something I say yeah I say there's a good chance you're gonna miss quite important things you know and I think that's what you know conversion again that word it's very simple but the connotations that go with that oh my gosh you know well you're not one of us anymore well you're one of them why do we have to do that label thing you know it's just it's so it detracts from being Christian so in terms of conversion yeah do I still hold some of the Catholic principles high in my yeah because they're Christian principles that's why I'm on fire that's why I feel this that's the Holy Spirit running through me and going hey it's time for you to do something and I'm like do you want Lord and that's recent you know I mean before my leaving I was in a pretty bad place physically and emotionally in a lot of places but spiritually that was the only thing that got me kept me alive for you know I mean when they gave me three to five years to live and I made it to seven before the oxycodone actually made my lungs collapse and literally I was rushed into the hospital and they pretty much pronounced it then that that was the last time yeah well that's a that's another year ago my wife was kind enough to remind me of my anniversaries of my horrible experiences that and then coming off of it because I had to quit cold turkey and and you know the only thing I could say is if somebody wants to know when I got set on fire that was that day because I was going through and to quote a friend former let's say opiate user yeah it's like somebody wants to come through the back of your head and rip the base your ganglia thing nerve thing and just rip it I go yeah that's what I that's yeah madness I said oh this is what possession feels like okay but it was like I was going insane I was in the other room so I didn't disturb my wife and I just I knew I was gonna be flailing about but it was horrible I my mother had asked me and my mother is one of the most gentle people I've ever known and has been a rock in my spiritual development that's for sure so kudos to and my father too I mean he gave me spiritual gifts at an early age and my mother's seemed attending to them I guess but this again part of the that fire and things right it's like I was sitting there going I can't go through this Lord there's no way I'm going insane and my mom's like what's it really that bad Danny and I like mom you know I love you she's of course you know I've never heard it I wouldn't even think it should of course what Danny what's what I said mom if you were there and looked at me the wrong way I probably would have punched you in the face and maybe just kept going because that's all the rage was it was it wasn't it was insanity and then I was like lord I can't do this to the point where I was in tears finally I'd humbled myself and said okay now you're gonna learn what trust in God is about and it was like okay I'm sending you strength and I'm like I glory I don't need strength I need to get out of this crazy and then it was like calm I'm sending you courage I was like okay he's got a plan it didn't make sense to me but the next thing I know I was up walking and I was like okay this is supernatural there's no way I could do this on my own my muscles are literally I can still see them shaking they're like locking up and there and I'm walking and I walked up and down the hall for I don't know maybe a few minutes and I just burst into tears and and I just turned as if I had to turn physically to look at him and say Lord is that you and the answer I got back was who else would be here in such a great time of need and I man if that doesn't set you on fire III think you have nerve damage like and I do man and I still felt that fire okay but you know that would be I'd say that was a key pivotal point in terms of my trust in God and therefore that fire just like and that would be you know 2016 how long were the withdrawal sometimes hours days and that's the thing that's hilarious is people said I should have gone through this much longer I had really bad for a day and a half to two days it was diminishing but and then I had the clean-out and that was horrible because you know there were stuff coming out of me that was ungodly that's all I can say and that was all because of the medication I was starting to detox and it was coming out so I'd called an organization there a center that helps people recover from addictions and things like that and what I found interesting is there was one person that wanted me sort of to make a decision or get off the appointment and it was like I said okay while I was told that you're gonna just put my name in and keep it on file for two months that was a weird reception and then I get a call back from a woman she goes yeah sorry I don't know what that was about but and she had asked me so how was it going and how was I going about my detox and whatever so I gave her a list of the things and then the lady told me she said well I'm really impressed and I said why because I'm getting them right he says no because you came up with two things we never even thought of the detoxing list was you know you you had you're gonna go through a lot of crazy stuff so you need to maintain your electrolytes that there was there's a natural herbs and teas and things that could help calm certain things there there was a lot of expulsion of things both through vomit and otherwise and that list was was sort of like the go-to list that this is what you're going to experience in the next couple of weeks so don't freak out and you know but it was like God was giving it to me in a way so that I was like not only would I not freak out it was like I'm gonna be with you so I was like oh yeah okay right so I trust you I I gotta keep reminding myself oh yeah I trust God implicitly right and there shouldn't be a question work so it's I trust God implicitly period you know there's times fires are meant to burn people it's meant to singe off that I mean I had to get sunburned to get rid of gray green skin and this is look underneath it's all new and pink and soft I was like yeah purging fire cleansing these these concepts right so yeah maybe sometimes we need to get may be spiritually burnt or whatever you want to call it but if it's for that greater good then man that fire you can't contain it because it's not meant to be contained you know the light on the hill is supposed to shine brightly right it's not supposed to be a little oh I think there's a light up there so it's so dark yeah that okay I think that's the mountain no it's like hey man this is the mountain and look at me you know this is God lighting me up okay it's really important my relationship with God and that's what needs to be first and foremost in my thing so if that passion and fire dims I get really concerned because that is like something I can't take for granted anymore you know it's like when God goes hey and charges you up it's like what do you want me to do Lord you know my prayer usually they start the day and it's like Lord if I'm to be in service today which I'd love to I'm feeling great so please use me but if I am then let me do so humbly and happily and let it be an experience that both of us again my success without your success is not a success and to me that's like Jesus saying that to me right like yeah he's great oh yeah he ascended he resurrect right on we got exact but what's the point if nobody makes it to heaven right like it's not fire that you if that's fire then you should be crispy he should be your skin should be burnt I mean we should be like like enthralled right I mean again passion I'm sorry I get worked up because it's like you know but it's not important to me and and it's like to me that's conversion right it so what religion or whatever with the nomination yeah but the conversion in my heart that's that's like oh I want a hug people and just say here feel this whoa and if you want that there's more and if not have a great day god bless you and I'll pray for you quietly you know but no if I think I think having a passion it's like you know is this a but if everybody doesn't have that passion does that mean they're not real Christians oh people please you know this is a journey I'm on okay not a destination well I'm hoping my destination is heaven or whatever that it's eternal being with God being with God wonderful okay but coming off that stuff really kind of set that fire really ablaze so I want to get your opinion on religious unity Jesus famously said he prayed to God the Father that they may be one as you and I are one well I think the final body of Christ the final church will be made up of many different denominations that of which I am I I guess as much as I can say with faith and belief that anything is 100% sure that I believe 100% st. Augustine famously said by the way that a lot of people that you think are in the church or outside of the church and a lot of people that you think are outside of the church are actually in the church so one of the dogmas of the church which is very controversial and sort of shocking is that there's no salvation outside of the Catholic Church but the church also admits that we don't know who's in the church now I always give my guests an opportunity if they want to to question my faith because I'm a convert to Catholicism right one of the things I always had an issue with and it's no disrespect to Mary she was obviously a blessed person and and chosen for her spiritual beauty is the way I put it but I think for me it's an issue that if I want to pray to God through Christ and I talk to Christ so just like how do you how would you without taking it as an attack yeah no I know you said thick skin that's good because this is a wonderful conversation I want you to understand this is a blessing for me I don't I don't usually get this far with a lot of people when it comes to certain discussions and then non Catholics like okay so but that take like about going directly to Christ to God versus say the Saints or the or Mary or intermediaries I see you pointing your finger to Christ and I love and admire you for that and it's no different with the Saints right and with Mary they're just all the doings pointing to Christ and all Christ is doing is pointing to God mother my religion is all about God the Father amen I converted to God the Father and then I joined Christianity you know not because I liked it or believed it but because I wanted to worship my God and I had to worship Him publicly and it was just more convenient to worship Him in a Christian context right given that we have a Christian calendar of Christian culture I have obviously been educated and in Christianity and I come to believe that it's true if I came to believe that Judaism or Islam were true I would have joined them I would left Christ and gone to join them okay but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Christianity is true according to my fallible dollar I'll join you in that pile they can jump on both of us I believe that Christianity is the one true religion if I didn't I would see something else see I don't believe a lie I hear yes but God the Father I believe in God the Father unconditionally there's nothing anyone could ever say or do okay to take away oh that's inspiring just to let you know for me that's inspiring everything else is faith but God to me is reality yeah but I do have a lot of faith in my faith is growing and I am in fire for the faith like you are there's a flame yeah and that flame can grow it can shrink and it could die equity you could die yeah so it's very it's we have to be careful and we have to feed that flame right and this don't feed the monsters don't feed the demons exactly we got so much that we could do with good instead of giving it away to these things I want to take it from us but having said that I want to talk a little bit about Jesus Christ when he said you have to hate yourself you have to hate your mother you have to hate your wife you have to hate your brother I include in that you have to hate his mother the Virgin Mary I include her in that we have to hate her why because she's a creature right on but what is Christ saying when he says to hate yourself and hate your mother and hate your brother he's saying that relative to your love of God which has to be number one which is the first commandment love your God with all your heart and then your neighbor as yourself I mean Jesus said that all of the law and the prophets if hang on that depend on that and love of God first and then love of neighbor for God's sake so that qualifies what he said about hating yourself in hating right neighbor it's not an absolute hatred it's a relative hatred and like st. Augustine's take on it where he said that there are two cities there's a city of God this the City of God is characterized by love of God unto contempt of self the city of man is characterized by love of self unto contempt divine right and that's how I see a true religion good that's that's inspiring Hey no the reason I say that for is simple is that see st. Paul always says that thing about died itself and it was like oh yeah died itself what does that really mean and I really learned what that is it's like a daily thing right where you get up and you go okay this is this hate of self or this like again these words you know like I left to sit down with the Bible and the concordance and say okay this is what the Jewish people were saying this what the Greeks are saying let's see what they're really saying and there are times where everything is like word-for-word but there are times where you're sitting there going okay wait I've just like started this sentence so they've found three different things that totally change the context and meaning of this and then it's like solved for self-improvement I do that but I also find it leads me the things were like listening to your answer I was like okay don't interrupt them he's saying really good things here this is good I like yeah I understand that and it's like oh yeah and as oh yeah we're in line yeah because we're Christians trying to have a conversation about Christians and we're not here trying to attack each other and it's like so refreshing that you can you can be so clear and concise about your belief that like sometimes people you know you ask them why do you believe and it's the story and I mean I guess it has to be because that's how they get it out but yours was like really concise and to me that's fire and that's passion you know what it is and you're like yeah that's what drives me if God is your central focus and you're really connected with God then God's going to show you what's right and God's gonna direct you in the right place and you're gonna end up doing things the way God wants you to get there because he's going to talk to you differently he's gonna talk to me yes we're human beings in there we'll have those intersecting points but again through my ages of studying different Zen or Buddhist or whatever there was this fellow an older fellow and a younger fellow and he had this cup and he the guy wanted the younger one and wanted to come in and tell him about how great he was and look at what I've known look at how enlightened I am and the old guy was trying to say oh it will just we'll go through it so he goes hearing the guys going on he says would you like tea and he says yes I would like that very much so the older one starts pouring the tea and the guy says okay that's that's good that's no stop stop and he keeps pouring keeps pouring and it goes all over the place I think I goes what are you doing old man and he says like this Cup you are full of so many ideas and you're overflowing with them there's no room for anything new to get in there and I thought you know what that was one of those oh yeah that was a Zen thing or whatever and now I find the Christian equivalent they go bingo so it's like oh that truth from my fine from 16 different beliefs and religions there we are right there's one it's like if we don't empty our cup every day how its Christ's supposed to get in there and it's like if you put your fingers in your ears how are you supposed to hear traffic and you're gonna get hit right like you know it's just dangerous to not pull your fingers out and say okay Lord what do you want for me today and how do I clean myself out so that I'm prepared to accept you and I that was just as inspiring thank you it wasn't you know what I think blessings are supposed to go both ways so I hope in the end this will be a blessing yeah but that's why I do this amen so be it I agree it's like you know if anybody is as receptive as you are and anybody is as we could use words logical you know clear minded rational I would love to please I'll leave my email address a feel free but you know even the haters it's like I feel bad that they don't have what I have right and then then see I think that's the thing about you know as a Christian er is a neat spiritual person that's supposed to make a dent in this world it's like people will see your example you know I mean if you're charged up you can't fake that right I mean it's like you know it is all you think that oh yeah I could fake an ear here's a couple of Red Bulls ya know that's like yeah that's a little completely different again but you see and that's I think the problem with a lot of this is we we see things and we're so ready to put a label on them we forget to actually find out what it means before we put a label on and go oh I had the wrong label to begin with so coming back sort of an a roundabout way about Catholic versus Protestant I think as long as those are labels that we all associate and understand our labels and that we're on the same quest and we're trying to get closer to God I think man we could have a lot of great conversations and I would say I pray for this podcast not mine that this session I'm talking about in general that this reaches so many people because it I I'm participating as an active member and I'm finding this mind-blowing and and and finding this beyond engaging this is this is what we should be doing right the what a way to spend Sabbath hey you're starting Sabbath then yeah I'm starting Sabbath guess what we're not talking about money we're not getting distracted with all these crazy things TVs nowhere near to be seen that I can tell you know and we have time of God and it's like wow like what a gift and you know it's I think that's the problem it's not are you an optimist or a pessimist I say to people I'm a realist they go what does that mean so what you say the bottles half-empty and these this is a full I say if you want 10 cents you have to bring it back to me and some people get it and some people don't right but my thing is I try to be optimistic ly realistic I think is the best way to put it and that is you know what if we're walking hand in hand or shoulder to shoulder it's a lot better than fist to fist and you know it's like if we can't get together as Christians how are we supposed to be example for our own nevermind everybody else how are you know if we're gonna argue against each other and it's like oh well yeah but you believe this and and and really is mind so much different is it really that skewed that it's like oh no wait yeah I could see the connection see I think when we're trying to make more connections instead of disconnecting and we connect with other creatures of God we got to know God better because you know God differently than I do and a lot of it may be similar and a lot of it we approach the same way but it has to be different that's why it's a personal relationship and I'm sorry it sounds like I'm harping on that but to me I think that's what will bring you closer to the truth is that when you're like you say you're on fire I see it right I mean it's a quiet contain thing and when it comes out it's wonderful and I should learn that calm I guess I'm working on that working process but you know I think that if we can have this kind of engagement and more so with the youth of today especially that they don't feel threatened that they feel invited that they don't feel look down upon and chastised that they feel lifted up cuz I know one thing God wants you to get it done he's gonna make the resources available he's gonna make the opportunity available and all you got to do is show up and do the work thy will be done Lord and let my work follow I always at the end of my interview I asked my guests to give a little closing thought just to speak directly to the audience so what would you say to anyone's listening look there is always hope you can get into a very dark place very quickly but to have a glimmer of hope means they have something inside it's that spark maybe it's not a flame but it's a spark if this podcast can't be a blessing to somebody then I pray that at least it's an inspiration because sometimes a spark with just a little fan will turn into something so fast because the the kindling is already there they just they've got to a place where they don't see the possibility of fire anymore but it just takes and your that thing flames and these people will see things and they will understand things look if you see a light it's because there's a light there and if there's a light there focus on the light don't get involved in the darkness the brighter the light gets the closer you get to God to source to the Creator to whatever we call it that can take you places that you never thought you could go and I think that's the purpose of a podcast like this it's not to tell you what's right and wrong it's not to tell you that you should do this or should do that it's to say hey folks this is where I found it where did you find it oh you haven't found it would you like to find it and as we know the truth shall make you free and shall set you free and every other version of it there's a reason why truth is a gift and this podcast I believe is filled with a trove of gifts for those that might be in a dark place those that are willing to just say this is enough people you want to see my medical records I'll tell you what's enough when you can't get out of bed with the medication you're done man and you know I remember sitting in a car I can end on this I remember sitting in my car going I've had it I'm done I'm not getting out I'm not doing anything anymore I've had it like really Lord this this is where I am and I remember the only thing I could think of again god bless her I called my mom and she talked me off the ledge so to speak and it was like you know it's okay you can feel what you're feeling we all feel darkness we all feel alone we feel disconnected but it's temporary folks or can be because it is a choice in the end god bless you for this all you got to do is all you got to do all you got to do

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