CVS Live - 2021-12-11 - Authority Part 2 (Vindication)

Author Streamed December 4th, 2021



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all right i think i'm live i'm just um from last week's rant about authority so i called the bishop's office again after my little kerfuffle with the security guards and the three cops at saint joseph's oratory i may as well come out and tell you the name of the place i was at now because i got a couple of calls from the office of the archbishop in response to my concerns that i raised following the incident and i was assured by both it got escalated first i got some sort of secretary and then it got escalated to someone up higher in the pecking order but i was reassured by both representatives of the archbishop that this should never have happened that i'm right they are wrong and that repercussions meaning that they're going to take action they're going to do a follow-up they're going to make sure that this isn't happening in other places and i think it is an exceptional situation because of the number of tourists that go to saint joseph's oratory and i mentioned this in my last rant but um i think it's exceptional i think there might be a couple of other places um in montreal that uh are very very touristy that might also run into these sorts of problems because of the uh vax mandates and the passport and all that sort of thing and trying to please monsieur logo who's our premier here in quebec with all his directives and mandates and he starts things so i was reassured i was vindicated and i got a lot of sympathy and i got a lot of thanks i mean i'm not bragging you know to be a whiner complaining and calling daddy to complain about my siblings i'm not bragging about that but i am very very concerned i shared my concerns and the bishop's office appreciated that unless they're complete hypocrites just telling me what i want to hear to mollify me i mean that is a possibility we live in a fallen world anything is excuse my hair being done i just got out of the shower and i like to let it dry naturally it's 7 43 here in montreal quebec canada so i just woke up on a sunday morning and i have my pancakes soon but i just wanted to get this uh this video this live stream out of the and then start my day i'm going to go back hopefully that's my plan my plan is to go back to saint joseph's oratory this and uh talk with a couple of the priests that i know there let them know the situation that the bishop and those that i spoke with at the bishop's office are not happy with the way things played out and that they were in complete agreement with me ostensibly anyway you never know what's in the heart of any human being right i know we're surrounded by hypocrites in the church and outside of the church that's clear i'm a hypocrite myself so but ostensibly they agreed with me that there's a hierarchy that needs to be respected and that hierarchy is not a civil worldly hierarchy it's an ecclesiastical hierarchy which is both human and divine i had quite a long conversation i would say with both of the people that i spoke with at the i expressed all my concerns which had to do primarily with authority and the dangers of falling into uh docile submissive obedience to the wrong i don't want the church to be caving under the pressure of the world and submitting to anti-catholic doctrines or directives or mandates civil authorities right so my concerns were expressed my concerns were shared and i was promised a follow-up uh not a follow-up i will not get a follow-up but i was promised that they take action really optimistic about what sort of action they'll take and how it will propagate down to the parish level into the chapel level into the oratory level not really i don't think i'm not expecting any headline news over this not expecting anything really honestly i'm not expecting anything to change right but that's not what i was after what i'm what i'm after is not really concrete change in the way the authority of the bishop trickles down i think that's unrealistic what i'm expecting and what i'm what i was hoping for in this uh was to have some clarification about where the bishop stands on the issue of authority basically as i told the representatives of the bishop i want to know if my bishop is or if he's anti-catholic that's important to me to know that and i was reassured that uh the bishop is catholic and everything i know about him a fairly orthodox and if you want to use the word conservative that's how that's always described often you can look him up bishop christian lepin montreal quebec canada so that's it it's uh it's a little bit of vindication for me and i will bring it up tonight when i'm at mass i'm going to go to confession and mass tonight god willing i will bring it up i'm curious to gauge the reaction of the priests at saint joseph's oratory because they are very very progressive there i remember asking one time one of the priests there um have you ever met a priest here at the oratory who believes in special creation of the body of adam and eve the bodies a priest in other words that doesn't buy into evolution and uh he just laughed and said no i've never met any priest anywhere in the world and then he said well correct me uh i think i did meet one or two in the united states so that's that's the kind of situation we're dealing with in this uh in the church it's very hard to find a priest who doesn't buy into if you buy into evolution as it's being promoted by the world by the godless scientists and philosophers of this world if you buy into that as a priest you will necessarily i think you will necessarily buy into the covid propaganda the covet message with covet worldview i think you'll buy into it i think that they've got you at that point i think that it is not a coincidence i think it's an essential prerequisite to buy into covet is to buy into darwinism or neo-darwinism or post-darwinism or whatever the flavor of the week is in these evolutionist circles i think one of the fundamental building blocks of worldliness is evolution which denies out of the slime of the earth right which is what we're obliged to believe as catholics i think it's a fundamental building block the heresy of all heresies it's the linchpin it's the key to so many false doctrines i think we should really as catholics all of us we should really meditate on the genesis of our world the economy of salvation and the four last things i mean this is i think if we have all of this in mind using that traditional catholic hermeneutic hermeneutic where we always interpret everything in light of tradition it will prevent us from falling into all kinds of with respect to covid i mean um i've been thinking a little bit about the ever evolving ever shifting narrative the story quote the story of the virus this story of the disease that results from the virus the story of the that is proposed as the weapon of choice and the really the only weapon of choice right i think about the ever evolving how it's rolled out step by step i think about how different age groups are emphasized at different times and how we are given little hints about what's coming and what could not be what might be what seems like it could be and what is and what was inevitable and what's and then just we just repeat we see things over the horizon and we say no that could not be and then as it approaches we say well maybe it uh maybe it's inevitable and then yeah it's inevitable so this this movement toward the future in this coveted narrative is um you can see the pattern you can you can if you step back and look and watch objectively you can see the pattern of how we're prepared for a change and then the change um slowly is accepted right we have a disbelief and then the what ifs and then here it comes and then here it is and what do we do about and uh i mean i i'm a little bit surprised at how slow people are in the mainstream like i listen to a greek radio station when i'm driving around part of my job is to drive around montreal going to job sites it's pretty much pro covet propaganda mainstream radio state sponsored propaganda you're getting the constant bombardment of advertisements explicit advertisements state sponsored propaganda advertisements you're also getting constant bombardment of news especially on the cbc canadian broadcasting corporation that's the worst but on all the all the radio stations that i've heard and then you've got interviews you've got stories you've got you've got little pieces put together anecdotal stories or heartfelt please for conformity you've got derisive but there's this one greek radio station that i used to enjoy listening to it's called mike fm and there's a woman on there called maria and she's always very entertaining very emotional and i used to enjoy listening to her but she's been pushing the coveted agenda so hard but the reason i'm i'm uh talking about the radio and all this is because this maria this greek woman whom i love and respect obviously because she's a human being she's slowly coming to an awakening she's starting to introduce some talking points about the covet narrative um she's starting to notice some contradictions okay and you because she's an emotional greek woman you can feel the frustration and the confusion and she's just perplexed how could it be and just it doesn't make sense and why now are the scientists telling us that it doesn't stop that vaccines don't stop infection and they don't stop transition well i knew from day dot when they first talked about pfizer in particular and their um so-called preliminary studies um what they had promised was not prevention or reduction of infection and transmission but a reduction of certain symptoms symptoms which are not important right cold and flu-like symptoms i have a remedy for the symptoms of cold and flu i have a remedy for that it's called rest plenty of fluid and common sense i don't need gene therapy to reduce the cold and flu symptoms i don't need that and no one needs that but this woman maria on this greek radio station here in montreal god bless her she is only finding out now that the vaccines don't do what the media including herself the media have been telling us right the media's been exaggerating i guess you could say or lying about the safety and efficacy of these so-called vaccines and she's just now a year later just now a year later realizing i knew from the beginning because i went to the source and i looked at what his pfizer promising us not much not much i don't know about the others but i would imagine it's the same thing modern moderna astrazeneca johnson johnson i would imagine it was the same thing they didn't promise and then of course with the issue of children being vaccinated most mothers most women are a little bit concerned about right just naturally intuitively we want to guard and protect the most vulnerable and that includes not only the aged who have been completely murdered i would say murdered i don't think that's an exaggeration the elderly the most vulnerable on that end of the spectrum have been murdered i um i think people of all ages have been murdered by this uh mismanagement of this i know it's controversial to say that but i mean i've been saying that from the very beginning and the mainstream scientists are starting slowly slowly slowly dangers of these gene therapies you'll see a little study here and there it's not widely published but you'll see the mainstream uh reporting on it discreetly it's just a very slow and someone somewhere has said that it's about 30 completely brainwashed 40 willing to go either way but for the time being just going with the with the flock and 30 the remaining 30 percent who are aware as i believe i am aware that it's a joke it's a bad joke it's a sick joke it's a demonic management this whole mismanagement of whatever this is i think it's a bio-weapon or a series of bioweapons i don't know if you look at the history of biological warfare the recent history of biological weapons that are being developed that have been you can't help but see wow it aligns very nicely with everything that we're learning about this so-called pandemic right like you know the sponsored research and if you want to call it research into antidotes you want to call it research into vaccines against potential biological weapons or if you want to call it what it really is research of because they use the antidote as an excuse for doing research into biological warfare and i mean i i do understand this is a nightmare situation where if one side is developing biological you might feel that if you don't do something if you don't play ball if you don't get involved in the game you're going to be decimated you're not going to be prepared right so i was listening to something i don't know what it was i was listening to we have to stop the madness of it's out of control it's too dangerous it's too hard to manage and you can't put the genie back in the bottle basically that's the um i think it's naive i think we live in a warfare has been here since the fall it's been getting have become more and more sophisticated if you look at drone warfare compared to you know or cavalry on horsebacks and horseback elephants whatever if you read if you read the old testament you'll get an idea of what right a couple thousand years ago so we've developed some pretty sophisticated weapons some sophisticated technologies for the whole infrastructure of war a large part of that being construction because siege warfare was always a very important component of war building ramparts and walls and fortifications and building against fortifications and these sorts of things the technology with uh construction has always been a very very important element of war that's been travel or transportation is another element we've got now we've got not only tanks and ships and aircraft we also have things like satellites and lasers and drones and artificial intelligence and facial facial arrest recognition software and all these sorts of things that we can bring to bear on finding and killing but putting the genie back in the bottle look at the pattern look at the pattern of history look at how war has what is the situation really if we look at it objectively look look objectively at the and look at the history of peace look at the history of war and peace on planet earth it's an interesting question i mean i have lived a life um 51 years old i lived a life of i haven't been to war i haven't seen i've never seen anyone killed in war first hand i've seen a lot of it on tv the first two world wars in the period between the second world war not here but there i mean this is this is the main point right here in the western world we think of war as happening where the oil is or where whatever the natural resources are that people are water i think canada is going to see some some violence because we've got a lot of but um usually it's been oil and gold these sorts of things but my point is it's in my lifetime it's been relatively peaceful or seemingly so and in the background you've just got this idea that there's war over here there's war on the middle east there's war there are tensions here and there it's uh never too close to home for those of us who live in canada and i would say even in the us even though the us is so heavily and obviously involved in so many conflicts around the world but i grew up i remember as a child um laying awake at night worrying about nuclear war i remember that clearly you know the age of reason six seven eight praying to god because i lost my faith that myself my siblings my parents my family in particular killed by a nuclear blast i mean i would have images in my head of the mushroom cloud because we were seeing that during the cold war we were seeing that on the television and uh it was a real it was a real fear then that subsided largely seeing it to john paul ii his interventions things cooled off and then for the most you know you hear what the gulf war and these sorts of things are not really a real threat to us up here in canada so i lived most of my adult life without any sort of uh war on my radar really and it's only with covid that we start to see hmm what's happening what's happening now this is different this is different from the you know ussr versus usa arms race nuclear arms race mutually assured destruction now we've been hearing about uh biological warfare for years i've been but it's only in early very early 2020 that it sort of got on my radar government started telling me about the precautions that i need to take i knew right away something's fishy here something is not right this is not a naturally occurring what was the what was the clue well the speaking out in and an error of you know i knew instantly that they knew it's like i don't know if you it when you're a child when your parents talk in hushed tones and then they give you a little directive or a little modifying statement or a little controlling statement to contain the situation okay so the adults have their adult talk and it's hush hush and then there's a little containment of oh let's not let the children know it's a very common technique in parenting right it's also painfully obvious to the children that something's up it's kind of like in the movies when they have the parents who are getting divorced and it's been a long time coming right and there's adultery involved and there's uh all kinds of shady stuff going on in the adult world and then there are signs and hints that all is not well but it's contained as much as possible by the parents to protect the children but the children have an intuition and they're not stupid and then there are these little talks that are had with the children in order to contain the fear contain the emotion and to prevent any sort of uh contamination by this dark and evil adult world onto the kids the innocent kids but the kids aren't stupid they know government and the governed right there's a parent-child relationship which is inappropriate but it is there because a lot of adults want to be parented by the government because they don't have god right so they replaced god our father with government our father or our mothering god with a mothering okay so there's a demand and there's also uh a desire on the part of worldly selfish godless rulers to be that parent right and it's mixed in with a whole bunch of genuinely human freud would characterize as a complex there's like cognitive dissonance because they are human but they're godless so they're kinda sort of human they have the empathy but not really and they want what's best for their children but not really it's it's psychologically broken right the godless leaders who are ruling the politicians who are human but they're broken they're fallen and they're out of touch it's a broken home situation that's what we have here and the only solution the solution is not the naive solution that i heard the other day where the governments have to just disavow themselves of biological warfare and all the solution that's unrealistic ask yourself each and every human on the planet ask yourself who am i how did i get here what's going on what what caused the contingent things and the answer the inevitable answer for those who are able to think clearly the inevitable answer that's available to everyone who he's that there is a god there is one god that he's infinite in every perfection and that we must strive sincerely to know him to love him and to serve him in this world so that we can be happy and if everyone did that we would not have i guarantee you we would not have any that is the solution but it's not going to happen jesus christ promised us it's not going to happen you will have the weeds among the wheat you will have them and you will have the poor you will always have the poor and you will always have the weeds and there's a connection between the poor and the weeds the weeds make the poor without the weeds there will be no poor because it's it's the weeds that necessitate injustice it's the weeds that want to and so jesus christ promised us we will always have the weeds we will always have the poor and therefore we will always have war so what can we do well what we can do is those of us who are blessed i guess you could say with the grace of conversion can say yes to the grace of conversion like i was an atheist and all the graces that i was given at a for whatever mysterious reason at that point in time i was ready i was prepared to say yes to the graces and i was able to say yes to god and i converted right i allowed myself at that time to be converted but not beforehand from the age of 14 to 39 i did not allow myself to say yes to all the graces i it's very mysterious it's very sobering and frightening to think about the power we have with our free will to say no to god and to say no to god's grace but if each and every one of us can strive sincerely to and it is a struggle even right for me so i'm letting you know strive to move forward if you don't move forward you're moving backwards right there's no standing still in your walk with god you're moving forward because you will to move forward or you're moving there's no standing still standing still is when your will to move forward is lackluster and you're only moving forward a little bit that's standing still that's stagnating when you're will to move forward in your walk with god is slow as mine is now it's slow my walk with god is going through a very rough patch this past two years largely because of kovid largely because my walk with god has slowed down and so i'm stagnating i'm not advancing but if i were to stop if i were to abandon this weak will that i have to move forward so we need to understand as individuals who are struggling in this life we need to understand that it's a decision it's a decision that we make as individuals come what may and no matter the circumstances you're rich poor black white young old healthy unhealthy whatever it is it's a choice it's a choice you make and you have to make that choice and you need to make that choice constantly it's not a one-time thing you don't flick a switch and then just start accelerating toward heaven it's not like that you need to strive and you need to work and there are challenges you know you're largely on your own you'll be judged individually and you are walking as an individual now you can get support and you should encourage yourself by walking with those who are like-minded right surround yourself with good people if you have they will help you their energy their vibe their encouragement their example their words of wisdom will energize you and it will give you direction and it will focus you and it will help you to prioritize your will because it's all about you and your will you're on an individual walk and your judgment your private judgment your particular judgment a one-on-one affair you can't blame hitler you can't blame bochy you can't blame biden you can't blame anyone you can't blame you can't even blame your mother or your brother you can't blame your spouse you can't blame anyone can't blame your child you can't blame anyone you certainly can't blame god okay so it's an individual walk with god and it's a walk that requires determination perseverance we need to pray for the faith to have faith we need to have perseverance and faith and we need the love of god we need divine love we need the grace to love god more and more and more my love of god has been waning my obligations as a catholic i haven't been as on fire i haven't been availing myself particularly in the early part of the pandemic i wasn't availing myself of okay and there's a delayed when it became difficult to go to mass i at first it was a perhaps legitimate there were like churches closed there was chaos or it was impossible to go to mass on sunday but i used to be going to mass daily and then suddenly i wasn't going to mass at all i think i went to a few months without going to mass at all early in the pandemic so that was uh the effects of that were not instantaneous it was it's now i'm feeling the lethargy the spiritual lethargy from not availing myself this of prayer in the sacraments because my prayer life suffered too so this is this is how the world works against us against our precious souls and against our precious faith it's insidious it's subtle and it's um i never dreamed i never dreamed that the government would interfere with my church that the government would make it difficult and at times impossible and when it became impossible and difficult and unpredictable and different obstacles put in my way there's a there's a despair that i succumb to i should not have succumbed to the despair but i succumbed to this despair and i just said i'll just stay home and i'll just uh i mean we were on lockdown for i don't know how long here in montreal so it's not like i don't have any excuse but i mean i the the uh impact of that the impact of the obstacles has a lasting effect even today and there's a sort of spiritual lethargy spiritual laziness it's it's kind of like a rut like a funk that you get into and i can't blame the world right but it's revealing it's revealing how weak i am right so this has been a sad and depressing uh last couple of years but if i can be truly humbled if i could be truly humbled and see how weak i am i've always known my prayer life is not very i've talked about it on my podcast i've there's an inner struggle every time i do set prayers i have fixed prayers that i have to do by obligation i struggle i struggle i've always struggled but by the grace of god i continue to say my daily prayers i don't say them well i may have moments where i'm focused and i'm praying well but it's not a high quality prayer session i do my morning prayers we do my evening in turmoil and under tension and uh anxiety and uh more or less just to get it over with you okay i've accomplished it i've done it okay now like i said there are moments where my prayer life is calm it is full of peace and i am connecting and i am focused and i'm but it needs to be nourished my prayer life needs to be nourished nourished by the sacraments you know for the past uh i don't know a year or so i've been back at the so that's a start my goal is to have a prayer life and so you can hear in my complaints here that i'm struggling against my own weakness and that it's frustrating and i think that this is what each of us needs to do as individuals right if you're a muslim or a jew or a christian of any denomination i think you need to strive to keep moving your faith forward keep improving against all that's dragging you down like i've been i've been dragged down and i allow myself to be dragged down and for those of us who are not monotheists i think we need to strive in because it's my love of truth that brought me to god brought me to monotheism and brought me to the catholic church and we all have the potential to find god and to once we've found god to find true religion we all have a potential now i shouldn't say we all have that potential because there are some many saints say that the majority of so i can't say that we're all destined for god for monotheism for catholicism we can't all be destined for that because some of but even those who end up in hell have free a choice to make it just so happens that some do inevitably choose from god's point of view yeah it's so from god's point of view if we try to look from god's point of view it may seem that they were predestined for hell but that's not the case they were not pre-destined for hell god did not cause god is aware of it but that doesn't mean he caused it he does he does not cause but those of us who will not end up in hell will end up in heaven so those of us who will not end up in hell are members of christ this is what i learned i mean i it was phrased so beautifully in this book arts fundamentals very very powerful little paragraph i wish i could find it for you right now and read it to you but if you go and listen to my there are four kinds of people three of them are destined for heaven and one destined for hell those who are destined for hell obviously do not belong to the church but the other three types do belong to the church they are bull members people who acknowledge themselves as catholic and who meet the minimum requirements of being catholic and who i'm going to go to confession tonight and so i will be if i'm not now i will be i hope to be tonight in the state of grace so i will be in that first category full membership the second category of those destined for heaven and those who are part of the are those who have the faith but are not so last week i think it was last week or the week before i was not in the state of grace it was a horrible horrible horrible feeling i could not wait to get to confession and i got to confession and i confessed my sins and i was in the state of grace but before i was in that second category i had the faith i still had the faith but i was not in the state of grace i had the faith but i was not in the state of grace that's the second category of those who belong to the church the third and most exciting category is those who do not have the faith and therefore cannot be in the state of grace those who do not even have the faith but they're part of the church why because they're not destined for hell they will end up in heaven and therefore they have necessarily to be old members of the church they have the potential to get the faith so this is what i love about christ and his church and this is what i love about the second all the controversy among the radtrads and the set of ecantis about the church subsists in the holy roman catholic church why that word subsists why the word subsist why don't you just say the church is the catholic church why don't you just say that this is what the radtrads and the son of ecantists argue against vatican ii why are they watering it down why is vatican ii watering it down why not just say the church is the catholic church well the reason if you study the document in question the reason that i go over this in some is precisely that threefold membership those were in the state of grace full members those who have the faith but are not in the state of grace and those who have the potential to climb that ladder to get the faith and get in the state of grace and every in this world everything is ordered to that end to bring people from the potential to the faith and from the faith to the state of grace why so that they can know god to love god and to serve god in this world so that they can be happy with god forever in the next world their only two final destinations heaven and hell so everything is ordered to that progression toward the faith and the fullness of the faith and the fullness of membership in the church so to say that there are non-catholics in heaven is absurd it's ridiculous we know that truth does not contradict truth we can't have two people in heaven who disagree about truth about ultimate reality about god about salvation history about the if you think that there's going to be a devout baptist up in heaven who still hates the papacy and and uh different aspects of the catholic church you're deluded you don't know what heaven is you don't know what the right it's not controversial it's not controversial to say that everyone in heaven is catholic if the catholic church is the one true church that was built by the god man jesus christ and if that presumes obviously that christ is who he claims to be if christ is not who he claims to be then obviously christianity is just another false religion the most blasphemous the most sacrilegious of all religions i think that's a little bit of a hint and a clue as to its veracity because compare and contrast all of the religions claiming to be the one true religion and if we were to assume for the sake of argument that they're not some of the equally impactful if they're true or if right because it's a hodgepodge of contradiction to begin with so it's just like there's nothing there's no real impact either way it's true it's not true meh meh nothing but a piece of bread and a glass of wine with a drop of water in it being literally worshipped as god okay you couldn't get more blasphemous and sacrilegious the stakes are very very very very very very very very high for a catholic the stakes are high how do you get the boldness if not by the grace of god the boldness to say this piece of what looks like a piece of bread and what what was a piece of bread a moment ago truly really and actually the body blood soul and divinity of the god man jesus christ what audacity who can come up with this who without the grace of the supernatural grace of god who who can even imagine so i'm going to wrap things up here obviously i've just been giving a meandering rant about war and peace and faith and the struggles of the faith and how we have a responsibility as individuals to strive for peace by striving for faith and we strive for faith by striving for the truth and it's an individual project you need to look inside and ask yourself some tough questions who am i what am i that's the key to peace that's the key to happiness and some of us will not make faith if you want to read the saints i recommend saint alphonsus liguri that's what i'm currently reading i'm taking a little break now to read rfk junior's book about fauci which is disgusting if it's true and i take everything with a grain of salt if it's true it is absolutely disgusting but like i said take it with a grain of salt but i'm taking a little break from the gray but i'll get back to liguri if you want to read preparation for death or if you want to read the meditations of saint anselm these will help to inspire fear of god a wholesome fear of god fear of hell with view to a fear of offending god and the beginning of wisdom is the fear of god so i'll leave it there thanks for listening to my little rant i've been vindicated by the archdiocese of montreal they will look into it they will take action to correct the situation because it should not have arisen i should not have been turned away they sympathize with me and they apologized and they thanked me for bringing it to their attention and they will take action so that's the update i have been vindicated the question of authority my faith has been restored a little bit in the hierarchy of the church because it seems that those at the office of the archbishop are on my side in this question of authority so that's it take care have yourselves a good saturday and we'll talk soon maybe i'll do some more uh ludwig later today we'll see how it goes take care of yourselves thanks for take care of yourselves thanks for listening god bless bye

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