Catholic vs. Other - 2017-03-04 - Marilyn Rossner

Author Recorded Saturday March 4th, 2017

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When I was an atheist, and deep into the New Age movement, I made the acquaintance of the always vivacious and charming Marilyn Rossner. I first met her in 2001 at her SSF/IIIHS Townhouse Centre, on de Maisonneuve Boulevard. This is the first time we've talked since my conversion.For information about the upcoming 'Ancient Wisdom, Science & Spirituality' conference, please email or call 514-937-8359.

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-03-04 - Marilyn Rossner

Author Recorded September 24th, 2016



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hi my name is Marilyn roster and you're listening to Catholic versus others so now just tell the listener if you would a little bit about yourself who you are what you believe and how you came to believe it well I like to think of myself as a child of God and that I have come to the surface like everyone else has with a particular goal and purpose and mission I was actually born into a very Orthodox Jewish family and I have retained the love of my Jewish faith but something very special happened to me when I was four and a half years of age you know in those days he has the Catholic school Commission and the Protestants cool condition and not only that we had french catholic english class with french protestant English Protestants and then we had others now I used to go to the Jewish Kaiser the Jewish school after school but Jewish children did not go to Catholic school Jewish children went too far as the schools and you know when I was very little girl I heard two teachers talking about NP and see so it's interesting this name of the show other because when someone would ask me what's my religion I would say I'm n P and P and that was not partisan knock castle but anyways at age four and a half I was in kindergarten and I had what is now called an out-of-body experience in near-death experience we were cutting little Christmas trees and all of a sudden like a life came to me and I fell off the chair and in my right ear I heard the words Christ is God Christ is Lord indeed and then I saw a picture of our Lord and it was so strong to me I cried and cried and my teacher was a Christian she took my hands and she said yes and that was how my journey began and when I came home if you can imagine two very Orthodox parents I told them what happened and they said well okay but I kept on about it and talking about it and talking about it and then I bought at age six I started having people what i call now vision and I started seeing all kinds of people old people young people and I was telling my parents about my parents are really wonderful people and they were startled because i was describing some of their dead relatives who had been murdered in the holocaust so they took me to a rabbi he told him that I had a gift and they should you know just taking care of me and my plan from Poland both of them from Poland they took the rabbi's word literally the number one says don't believe in jesus never never never never and my love for the Lord was strong but it became stronger and stronger because that vision the strong business ever had in my life and then I started attending churches i started i asked my parents refresh go to church and there was a man who was friendly with my family and they took me to the yoga centers have been very involved with yoga I remember I didn't know it was an anglican church but he took me to an anglican church and i would go every Sunday to church and I loved it and then I was very young obviously there I've heard about baptism 449 became a baptized Christian and pinion I became an educator and they're very involved in yo gun sharing my gift of life after death and then I had a vision I had a vision that I would marry a priest now I did not know there was difference between a Catholic priest in an Anglican priest I i didn't know i mean you Jewish you don't know about yourself priest is a priest this is expediting and I met tell the man who became my husband in 1972 father dr. John Locher canons of the Anglican Church and full professors concordia university and in 1974 ways of merit of the anglican church by the bishop but the two of us we sell to Priscilla we have a mission to be able to help you from all the nations all walks of life all races all cultures all creeds learn to respect one another and love one another and so we've devoted our lives to that to this mission and then a few years ago the Lord called him back home and I'm doing as much as i can to carry all the work that we did for 40 years 40 years in 1976 my husband father dr. John Rother he organized at Concordia University a conference unconsciousness holistic health religion spirituality and over 10,000 people came in 1976 Concordia it was tree it was open to the public ten thousand plus people came and some of the speakers were hand salieri marshall mcluhan and people came from all over and every speaker came free and university they were just wonderful they didn't charge a free i mean if so no one had to pay anything and that was the beginning of the international institute of integral human sciences and from then on every year we've had our annual conference like this year for instance OVR 42nd annual conference and the topic is ancient wisdom science and spirituality and will have 60 speakers from all over the world representing medicine psychiatry religion spirituality creativity and of course i personally or someone with the gifts are seeing into the other world I'm especially interested in life after death so we always have people are softer raymond moody the pioneers in this field is there any difference between your worldview and your late husband's world he was a source of friction ever at all i can tell you and we were married 30 in tears we never had one argument my field of special education my absurd love you see the children online gold aboard my axle of the children who are born differently special needs kids as we call them and here's was comparative religion and he had the greatest respect for me and I didn't do for him and we did everything together and absolutely everything we organize conferences all over the world father John was not because he was my husband but I don't know anyone more brilliant more kind more loving more understanding than peace than he was and that's why now even four years later wherever I go people still talk about everything that he did for Humanity and his students at Concordia there many of them still around they just loved him like his classes would have 200 people in them and he taught courses on a consciousness religious worldview and he loved teaching and the students loved him too and true father john i had the opportunity to be blessed by pope john paul the second work with Mother Teresa eight times I went to India to be working with her at all that was so special and so I see my picture with her Here I am mother to dismiss anyone who went to Calcutta and I was very taken with the children I used to go to match every morning for 30 with mother and the nuns and I was spending all my time there so I asked my husband if he would mind if I was to spend year with mother and he said no so I wanted to do that you know he would help and anything so i went to i made an appointment to see mother and I asked her and she eschews very small like I am and she took my hand and she said let me tell you do she said I know you're so sincere and I know you could be healthier but I really cannot accept you and I was so startled because i already had graduate degrees in my wish I knew that I knew had him work with children and I was so startled I couldn't something and she says let me tell you why she said your superior here for a long time now and you see such poverty here in the physical quality but she said in your country there is spiritual poverty go back to your country your country needs you more than we do I have never forgotten that and I told that story all over the world on my travel for me it was like enough i faint on the earth you know I was able to go into her room she just left on the board why would Chris prefer to the park or so delicious food oh I don't understand that at all and you're nice and was practically live there I think some people don't understand how someone can be so loving she was so loving so open so Karen you know I'm specialist with children or whatever that's supposed to mean I was news to all the people that she was working nothing and she could see that I I wasn't sure had with the children I knew what to do with this is my training and she said to me you know let me tell you something good she says the Lord taught me that when I look at these people to see him to those people so when when I first started she said you just keep on looking and looking and if you keep on looking and praying then you'll see the Lord in them and through them naturally mama spectacular I never heard her say anything other than what came from pure love she was very quick she was strict and she was hard-working I mean obviously hard-working but everything was for humanity humanity and then I she took me I went to a place called Oldham and that was one of the orphanages right near the airport in Calcutta and she showed me why abortion is not of God hmm I'm hemley coming from a Jewish family I never never go he's been abortion that's for sure I mean for sure but I'll never forget this you know I went into this place and she said you see here and hitch with little babies and this little boy was on a red wagon but he has like a big head and he had a little stumps for feet and arms arms and legs and he had a piece of banana in his mouth and his hands could not reach his face and she said you see there she said go and tell the people while abortion is not of God she said you see his mother tried to avoid him but the Lord wanted him to come so what is it about suffering what role does that play in faith mother's holy words suffered and I'm so Pope John Paul the second he showed us that one can suffer and keep the faith and keep the love of Christ Paul tells us in the new testament to be of this world but not in this world in other words should be able to go and do what we have to do whatever the mission is but not to enter into it from a behavioral perspective it means to become the objective observer to try to stop thinking so much stop stop talking so much in the head but observe and realize that that is lock you in yoga and you say the same thing you become the observer but you realize that is not you and that's what the Lord took combat that this outside world is not the real world and that's why we're called to do the best we can we're here for a period of time and then we go back to me I think their spiritual is more real than the physical but i think the physical is really my catholic understanding and i think poetry said to be in the world and operate in the world but not to be of the world don't belong to the world but how do you view matter and the physical universe is it and your own body do you see it like a prisoner to see it like like I would see it as a Catholic as a part of being human it's Michael yes I am a spirit I live in a physical body and I have a powerful mind with which I can create happiness or unhappiness you know I can enter into what we call like a pity party poor me poor me look what happened look what God did with what God did know what is God too and all the Lord gave us the opportunity to experience everything but to realize that that's not what the real life in is you see we go through to come to we go through remember the rainbow only comes after the rain these are blessings look at pictures of my beautiful children many of these are already in the heaven world and you know every year I go to Africa my 20th year father John and I started that mission work free admission in Africa and I see the children dying on the straightest like with Mother Teresa and I look upon these children and I think my goodness they have given themselves as a sacrifice so if we can love them is there any role that Buddhism plays in your world view at all or does that shape any of your philosophy well we had the opportunity to father John to meet the Dalai Lama father John actually brought the Dalai Lama into Canada to the Institute all we had wonderful times and my loved I mean what what is there to say I recommend this pure love I mean I am Who I am I respect all the traditions and I have my path but I believe you know that in order to live in this world we have to respect other people and by our example we shall be no the less we speak the more we act that's how we're going to bring people to the Lord we're not going to bring people to the Lord by condemning and this is terrible and that in arable but live your life you know and that's what the Lord says we believe we have won my fertility has multiple incarnations or other that's an interesting question you know until the 4th century reincarnation was for charity so it depends how you interpret the words reincarnation from my perspective the spirit has been it is and will always be whether it comes back into a physical body or not I've met many many Catholics who believe many who don't believe river oh yeah okay so many many many many right so I don't say it has to be there so it has to be that you're open yeah you know when we get to the other world people are so surprised at what's really is there and by the way you know there are thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of studies on life after death near death experiences in fact every year at our conference we have some of those people like dr. moody who's considered the pioneering this neurologist like eben Alexander a neurologist not believing anything like this and then he had a deck experience and then he saw when he came back to tellus joy in my world view Catholicism there are two final destinations having an help do you agree that there's a permanent help this is Pope John Paul the second said heaven and hell are not patient their states of consciousness if we all end up in heaven or in this wonderful place of rest then there's no reason not to indulge in the dark side and explore the dark side there's a reason not to indulge from dark shine as a region not to explore the dark side because that takes you from your life from your past you know in my work I have worked for thousands of people all over the world who are drugged out and involved with prostitution I mean none of that is of God and no tradition except that it seems to be that only the Christians believe that there's a permanent hell what do you make of that I could be wrong of course I'm sure the rabbi explained they can hand them and the Canadian to heaven from this it would sort of purification what you end up with God anyway I haven't sinned the hell from the different stages in the jewish me and I I know quite a bit of life Englishman some very strong practicing yoga and we talk about different locus different spheres different place consciousness what I have learned and as I literally see into the other world that there are many lost souls one of the needs why do you have all this terrorism now we have all this hatred and anger is because there are many lost souls and because people on the earth are involved with drugs and alcohol and prosecution that those lost souls are affecting the people here on the earth so do I believe that this they're all going to stay in in the place of lost souls no I don't believe that because one day everyone shall stand in front of the Lord and everyone shall see the light people can say no ultimately to god it's an extraordinary form of hatred to say no to someone so good as God right is bewildering it is because of what people have gone through and you know having worked so long with people who have gone through so many tragedies and traumas you know I've done a lot of work in what we call family constellation ancestral generational memories like if you looked if you do a study on people with different addictions you'll see for instance in some Family Services generation after generation where people have made a suicide where there's been alcoholism other generations where people have died very young I mean what is this all about so it's almost like a thread so to speak or something comes through and it gets to the people and they feel it and unless they have that strong face unless they know that we're not the body we're not the mine produces all temporary that they fall into that I mean look what this happened on the earth now so many young people now you know two three four abortions is kind of normal for them and you know this assisted suicide yeah I can have accepted that from God no because you say we come to earth with you know when a lot when we came to earth I look at it it's like a contract since an agreement you know the Lord letters come here you know there is we have a mission you have a purpose and we come with a certain number of bricks and we come with a certain number of footsteps outer space and the way experience has shown me is that if you have this assisted suicide then what can happen is is that the Spirit the soul is not going to be free to go until you would have finished your time here on the earth your sister's suicide business that's not of God either respond up to Oscar a preposition that's correct that's good so I'm a thousand well whether it's Catholic or Jewish and I was talking about from a spirit perspective you know we made an agreement you know God didn't throw ourselves and say go down there no it was an agreement that when I heard and you know we have to press the privilege to come here we have to do something with it I just wanted to ask briefly about Pope Francis a lot of people on the right and of the political spectrum don't like him even Catholics I was just wondering what your preferred laughing laughing laughing laughing okay have you met him or do you think your weekend I mean young meet him but I I I kind of fell in love with Pope John Paul the second because he's polish or no not beautiful because i had the great privilege of being in his presence and he blessed me and it touched me and I had taken three years off my teaching career and in those days it seems like every few years I devoted time to different nations and spend a lot of time in Poland helping to reorganize psychiatric units etc bringing and behavioral approach and father John wrote a letter to the Vatican about what I was doing I mean all the struggles father john told me you have an invitation to go meet the Holy Father and I was so startled and i went with roman catholic nun and he blessed us both and death I'll never forget that I mean when I saw him I literally saw he was like one big light well and will write with him you know and when he touched me I felt like the right school right through me was pope john paul the second mother trees there were two the greatest people my whole life that have really touched me did you like Mother Angelica oh I'm in love and I felt like to meet her yep every morning at 7am when I'm doing my yoga breathing my yoga practice i watch her I mean as if he's doing this chaplet after every single morning I have a date with Mother Angelica Michael in love with her too Pope Francis said she's and hasn't already I'm sure I'm sure she went right to have a perfect hi I'm listen one thirty in the morning I sleep very well but I get up for certain things if she's one of the hockey and they have the Mother Angelica classics I love that now Vatican 2 is big controversial thing in the Catholic Church and Paul the six famously said that the smoke of satan has entered into the Vatican I think it's pretty obvious that there's tension between opposing forces in the Vatican I just wanted your perspective on that spiritual battle that might be taking place there do you have any insight of what we goin on our I heard about all these stories and you know all those very sad experiences about the priests and the misusing of the children and father John he was very taken with that used to say you know that that's not chases you know people have fallen so people have gone away from the church and all this has happened to sheamus's it was a tradition as well but because those things happened that is nothing to do with genius in truth there's the baby and the bathwater attack strength and many people throw out the baby whenever what would you say about eight years and in general because I mentioned Christopher Hitchens and the sort of irrational hatred of the Mother Teresa what is it about a season today that it makes it so popular at the growing movement yeah but you know I do a lot of work with dying people the family dying people i have met an atheist yet who when he or she is signed and they don't pray to god oh god help me but are they saying the words or do they really mean it i heard they mean it from the heart I think I mean you know people say there is nothing because they can't understand that it's the whole thing is it's a process look 20 years i'm working in Africa at one agency that i had the privilege of working with called the lighthouse a wonderful elderly lady she's very wealthy lady she said that the Lord came to her and said to her you don't need to have a big house like this and he asked her to do something for these little babies who are left on the street to die and then she said she had a vision to make am like a drop box in the wall Richard gated community dan at home she has and that's where the people who can't keep their children they put their babies here at night and in the morning we go and get them and over 275 children were taken well and above 125 she says they found homes for them and now Korea has back to an awful sanam I was told in Vancouver they were trying to do something like that okay what do you think about the story of Adam and Eve can you talk a little bit about that in perspective because he's mentioned the fall we're in a fallen world I mean people have gone away from the light I mean killing murder anger greed hatred Joseph's XL anything which is not as life is a dark and when we either follow this with all of that you know people ask me a lot about to sin and my answer life is always like this you're not a little pregnant or other part you're as a committee sitter you're not coming to India but I believe that through God's grace Zach answer God's love that no matter what someone has done the Lord is going to forgive them and that's why you know cases come on to me all who are late come on to me so I'm not here to judge anybody but I'm here to let people know that it's never too late the problem is not God's willing to forgive its people's willingness to ask forgiveness extra so that's maybe cultural pride or a prior are maybe not knowing or maybe having gone from generation to generation through generations of abuse and abuse and so people have given up people and feel so helpless and I feel so hopeless so you can provide hope to people or you can do your little part to help people have hope how would you go about that oh I am worth doing neither magic let people know about God's love to teach them about forgiveness to try to help people find out what their goals or mission is to try to find out what their skills are during when trees I would give my guests the chance just ask any questions or make any comment to go Catholicism or my conversions you have any questions for me I think it's wonderful that you love the Lord and I think an example of what happens from the Lord calls and one listen though I think that you're going to have a wonderful opportunity to help many people and especially we come to it the way father John did you know listening to everyone's not condemning but trying to live by the example how do you view infallibility because you know God's infallible he can't hair and so if religion is about planting figured you would expect some sort of infallibility in religion one year well I would expect that to our souls if our souls are in touch with the Lord then our souls are going to be infallible I do a lot of work with evangelicals yes and they follow the Bible absolutely literally and they agree on interpretation well there's no one I mean it's john 6 says if you don't eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you and they believe that they kick out literally many men jealous I'm actually take it all digital so they believe in the real presence of you without question group without ones that I know without question so I mean you know do goodly good you kind compassionate and let's learn to love one another respect that's the Jesus God Jesus didn't say you know go and hate this one and do that Jesus said what love one another was very simple why would it so critical of the sort of strict Pharisees and the scribes everything I don't know why I just asking but i would say because he was just all love that's all there's a certain way where we might miss the point of religion and start getting attached to the structure right an attachment takes us away from God we're going to need to be like a Buddhist being a moment be commercially in the moment you are we saying yoga ama adapt adjust accommodate be good be kind be compassionate my challenge is I came to God through my head and my desire is to connect to the heart just continue to pray love the Lord call on the Creator to guide you and just allow yourself to just be you know what I mean when I think I'm Pope Benedict here he is the intellect uncertainty cepot people may not know that right yeah right now I want it to get your perspective just briefly if it's okay with you just to talk a little bit about Islam can haven't touched on that well we should follow John we have connected with many sufis and in fact at our conference we will have a great Sufi mystic shahab go Hawk and the sufis that I've met they have been really all love really they're Christian mystics we also have overlapped very much very much the Christian mystics you know to father John I had the opportunity to meet and get to know father pete griffiths from india will be tougher yes because he lived in India we met him few times and so the Essenes the catalyst for sufis and then don't forget ingredients and you have the Maha we have the two different ansible is important which one wanted to go and we will do it be my animal ahem well I'm in there by independent really and when you talk about you finding my connection with Islam has been to the surface mmm I've only introduced on beautifully need a Muslim but I was very touched by the simplicity of his faith he got in his just his humility and just the way he goes to God in a very simple way thank you very simple and I said to do does children my parents said to know that he was a Christian no definitely all do yeah so we should do every call to do yeah I believe that all the things that are happening on the earth now because I mean you know it's kind of like moral degeneration you know as long as there is anger hatred greed prostitution abortion drugs alcohol I mean there's so much darkness but I somehow our mother feeling with the fates really then all this darkness is also part of the Lord admission club because the Lord is saying wake up and sometimes we have to go so far down before we can wake up and I had a beautiful vision not so long ago I saw a map of the world and I felt a different continent and I saw children from every continent and they were all dancing and I could hear you know we are one like the Lord we are one in the spirit here one in the Lord and that's position I hold on to their vision and I believe that all this darkness that we see right now is going to bring about a transformation so what I'd like to do the end of my interviews is just ask for a sort of final thought what would you say to anyone that's listening all I'm taking with us listening is we've come to the service with a very specific goal purpose and mission that the Lord is enough around us to the right of us to a friend to rush back of us and that if we can learn to go deeper sense will realize that we are not alone that the Lord is with us under the Lord has called us to do the very best that we can and above all to realize that our footsteps our numbers are breasts and numbers and that one day we shall be called to go home and when the roll is called up yonder we must be ready we must learn how to die you have to learn to die to be able to really live we must understand that life goes on after the change called death and I want everybody to know that God is a loving God and that he hears us and the answers are call a prayer yeah you got your love you if you can get dozen questions having an ok all you got to do in there all you gotta do it gotta do it

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