Ott's Fundamentals (Ep.17) - Ecclesiastical Latin Pronunciation

Author Streamed Friday December 17th, 2021

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I suppose it might be a good idea to actually take a look at how Latin is pronounced in the Church. Credit for the Latin lesson on YouTube: Latin Mass Training (YouTube Channel). Thanks and God bless.

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all righty then i am i live are the numbers going up yes they are okay this is just a little interlude before i start up again with my reading of fundamentals of catholic dogma by dr ludwig ott i'm just going to take the time to do a real quick introduction it's not my introduction this content was created by this youtube channel called latin mass training look it up subscribe support them however you can i don't know much about them i just stumbled upon it with my first search on youtube for ecclesiastical latin pronunciation here's the video here's the video title you can see and so all credit goes to them for the original content which i'm about to play i may pause to comment from time to time but basically just want to give myself a little bit of a fighting chance to not mess up the latin as badly as i have been doing because i've been listening to the episodes that i've created so far bad i'll use a very plain adjective so this might help i'm going to need to learn a bit of ecclesiastical latin because it looks like i might be going to the traditional latin mass in the future possibly i've got that meeting on monday with the priest of the fssp who runs a traditional latin mass at a church here in montreal i'm hoping that he'll welcome me even though i'm not maxed but anyway enough about the vax drama let's get into this okay so i'm going to get rid of myself i'm going to shrink the little credit logo maybe i can stick that up there and i'll just play the video and see let's see what happens okay here's a guide to help you pronounce latin i'm going to rip through this first take best take yeah first take best take that's funny because i've not actually listened to this i have no idea the quality of it i have no idea what it's going to say i would imagine that it would be not too controversial i mean he's just going to talk about ecclesiastical latin but i've never actually listened to this or watched this video so we're discovering this together let's see if it's any good i'm sure it is all right instead of concentrating on every nick and cranny we're just going to get some basics down and that'll help you a is in father okay so we're going to practice some latin words just listen for the a in each word potter advaniat fiat tua tera nostra ave maria grazia i think ave maria is a good mnemonic to help me remember that a's are not pronounced a i think that's a good mnemonic planar amen and unlike the americans god bless them who say amen it's amen uh in latin in arabic it's amin but uh in latin it's amen odd altare erat mayakopa da gloria pax habemus sanguinis i always say pax but i guess i should pronounce it parks like chickenpox ponem salutes now these are some english words pronounced the same as latin i actually say latte i don't know why latte latte latte i don't even drink coffee actually i had my first coffee today my italian boss has been hounding me for years to drink his cappuccino and it was good but it had a lot of baileys in it because it's uh christmas i'm the reason i'm home early today is because i'm not vaxxed and i'm not allowed to go to the restaurant because here in quebec the unboxed can't go or even to church but that's enough about that depressing drama saw gnaw and draw now try to pronounce some of these english words um as if they were latin bot sought caught lom as in they now listen uh for these latin words just to the for where the e's are ego ave advaniat plana okay from english words that are pronounced the same as latin with the e's that's hey pray ballet chalet crochet obey parfait purvey and fiance now some tongue twisters let's see if i can get these right ap envy equal va day but anyway i just wanted to interject here uh this is good stuff but i just wanted to interject that i did reach out to the content creator on his channel and i asked him well i just told him that i'm going to be streaming this and i hope that's okay if it's not okay just email me and i'll if you want me to take down take it down obviously but if you do let me keep it up thank you very much appreciate it and uh i don't see why he'd have a problem but uh you never know and i'll have to respect his choice either way not a problem but in the meantime thank you very much seems like good content i'm enjoying this avec now let's try the i and this is a uh e sound as in machine e e so let's listen to these latin words and look for the eyes in them amina the eyes come pretty naturally to me when i'm pronouncing latin i may uh use a shorter eye sometimes depending on the context of the eye but it's pretty intuitive intuitive for me to use it as a long now here's some english words that have the i is the same as it is in latin machine police taxi studio audience curious jacuzzi now here's some tongue twisters i'll see if i can get these right eat seat let's move on to o o as a note that's easy listen for these uh the o sounds in these latin words yeah i i have to admit i really mangle the o's in latin i just pronounce them however i think they would be pronounced in english which is not the way you have to do it you have to stick to the o pretty consistently but we'll hear how he does it dominus nostrum our tendency for english is to change those into an ah sound like dominus or domino it's domino okay so english words pronounce the same as latin oval hotel program total yoga no ago gecko some tongue twister exercises let's see if we can get these uh english words to pronounce them as if they were latin o live oaks wouldn't you say olive anyway maybe he's only emphasizing the o as it would be pronounced uh and each letter in these tongue twister exercises that seems to be what oh yeah i forgot to highlight them in green okay so let's go over to the uh u um it's an u sound as in rude okay some latin words to pronounce um correctly i always say sub in latin so i gotta say sub it's a bit awkward but i have to uh i guess get in the habit of pronouncing latin ecclesiastical latin some english words pronounced the same as latin ruby huge flu flute dune cute amuse mute rule prune and tuba okay some tongue twisters let's see if we can get these oohs in there tumble root blunt chubi jump jump all right now let's get some contest consonants let's do the t sancto sancti nostre but also when we have these eyes in there it can also be tosi uzque pentatsionem grazia but not hostia so it's like a ts grazia but you don't say host sia you just say hostia because it's preceded by an s the t is preceded by an s you don't follow it by an s sound as you would in gratsiya where the s sound follows the t sound grazia but not host cia and that toe to you i wonder if that's totsiusk he didn't say let's uh but also oop all right now let's get some contest consonants let's do the t sancto i to get used to that a t before an i is a ts sound square pentatsionum grazia but not hostia there again i forgot to highlight him okay c this is a hard k sound uh okay this is the tricky one this is the one i always mess up all the time listen i think i would pronounce all those properly sancti tecum benedicta dick i think those are pretty straightforward i think i would get those right every time but also has a cha sound and words like chaelis sanctificator principio give those a try chaelis san chief no sanctificator principio yeah i used to say principio uh it's not the ecclesiastical pronunciation i think it might be the classical pronunciation um so it seems like it when it's before an e sound or an i sound that's when it okay so uh here's um a when the a and e is together it's a as in say um j lease so almost ignore the the a and just and bonee okay and now we have um the oe it sounds like same rule applies like a as in in say so it's kind of the same thing just ignore the first letter and pronounce the second letter um so that that's why it's che lestis not k lestis che because it's followed by an e sound che lestis and chele i'm sure i've messed that up multiple times in my reading of art so it's that as in house now let's watch out for some i would think of lau dazio c that's the controversial letter it was put out by pope francis lauda c there's common mistakes not dick seat not said in not in sub not sub i always say in and sub when i'm reading oh that's a hard one too i i will always say miserably like just like whatever just sloppy pronunciation so i gotta to say miseri it's gonna be a bit hard there's no z in okay so that's it uh i don't have much to add to that thanks for watching boom yeah so uh just a little intermission interlude i'm gonna have to get confirmation that it's okay to have and then i can sleep easy at night knowing that i have his permission it was a nice little video it's about nine minutes long i'm going to re-listen to that when i need to brush up on my pronunciation seems pretty straightforward just a couple of little difficulties with the c you might have to confirm from time to time that s i have to pronounce it hard all the time never look at z or z um as we say in canada said um the t before and i that a couple of tricky little things but um i'm not sadly i thought i was going to read it's fundamentals today but i'll do it tomorrow i'm going to run off and see a good friend of mine now so that's it all credit to latin mass training check out the channel and uh anyway that's it hope you enjoyed a little introduction into the pronunciation thanks again to latin mass training and uh thank you for listening or for watching take care of yourselves and watching take care of yourselves and we'll talk soon god bless