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I was surprised and honored when Rabbi Cremisi agreed to be on my humble show. I can honestly say that this interview changed my religious outlook more than any other interview to date. I am still reeling from what I learned. • Support the CVS Podcast: • Be a guest on a livestream:

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Hi, my name's have a clemency museum. Am motivated. We got to league. Give us his Jews. Why can't everyone listening to the day? So tumble listeners a little bit about who you are what you believe, and why you believe it, I grew up in France, in small city school, ex -lover on Savoie, and I make my first shoes over them behind the big Rabbi, and then I moved to Marseilles. They moved to Paris. Then they came to the States, New Jersey, liquid and Josie, when I start Master to become a Rabbi is twenty five years ago allegory that I was nineteen. Is that normal to start your study that the truth is that is usually would come much later. This kind of schooling to come about twenty two, twenty three, but I jumped few classes. That's why. At the age of eighteen, that was wee, boy, was twenty five, twenty six and an and nineteen Have we need to make a move to go somewhere. I have two choices were to go to Israel to go to the state that he was two big school, so I used to go more to the north and go to the stage that is Israel, and then they alone over there three years, and they get married, Come to Montreal twenty two years ago, and since then I'm a rabbi. I started a small community, the beer community, and now I have my own school of rabbis. That is a person's come from all over the wall, from France, from Israel, from England, that coming to learn and to the sturdy had to become Rabbis. We have some kids, the arm that marriage that above twenty, and they continued till add the finishing to have any kala studies, or by taking about five years till we are able to give them man the commission to officiate and to become them rather. What is your? I dunno? If you call it a denomination or a brand of Judaism? Are you orthodox, or we have a sure. We are all to dogs, by definition the religion, the Jewish nation, who has no reform, no conservative, and though it'll trawl the docks, he was only to be a Jewish meaning to observe the season and thirteen law, that the avenue to La, by definition of things, we cannot be jus and decide, I believe in God, but I think I made a mistake. God know everything since the beginning till then and he can imagine, and you can view, and he can know everything that will help you from day one today years of six thousand that for us will be the last day. Therefore to sell, we need to reform on the religion is against, I believe this superpower we call God. Now you mentioned the six thousand years are all Jews, Young earth believers that the Earth is not billions of years old. We believe indication God created day and night and we know that everything is going to six in one single day of the week, and then the Senate has called a Saturday ish about that we have the rest and everything is resting in the sand. We have six years for the land. Puppy be walking on the land, and the seven years we are listing that, and we'd all dwarves called the shimmied up and the the world. It's every day. It's a one thousand years. Therefore we have six thousand years in the Nfl. Six thousand years. Go to rest. Nola will discipline after the one thousand years, and then you go to Ivy League Creation of the world. This is what we call the new, having New Earth. Exactly. So Is there any connection between the Christian conception of Heaven and the Jewish idea of the afterlife. He will be more easy to tell me. What do you believe we believe in the new heaven, And then it worth this world will be destroyed. It will be recreated in an elevated way. What the whole point is not to enjoy a new creation? The point is to enjoy God in the presence of God into me with God, the Jews, and every single person that he was cringey, Visa free choice to do good the bad, and I can decide to be helping people, and we have the choice to not help, and you have also the choice to hurt someone. It's also part of the free choice of demand, but he will come one time after the recreation that he will be the world. We don't have a temptation that he will be only. To do good and this free choices are bad, he will be a different concept. Because we don't talk about robots. Robot. They do only what they supposed to do. Our desire will be to follow the desire of God and the decision of do something was not supposed to do. He will be so clear for us that will once and will see the goods. That's for sure will be our decision to do good. We believe that angle that also. You're able to do bad and good, but because as so close to God, they see the reality. Because me, I don't see all the time. Though he out of my action, I will not see clearly the coincidence of my action angle. They new subclass of God. That's why they can see so closely the repercussion of the auction, and they know the good and the bad. That's wasteful showed that choosing the good do believe in Satan or an evil spirit that fell from God's grace, and that is forever damned, meaning care meaning that there are angels. In some of the angels actually disobeyed, and that there will never be forgiven their damned. You believe in hell We were in Hill. You believe in how do you believe there are spirits that are? Then we believe everything has come from God. The differences Do we have any way of power can function with Naga? We believe that is not possibility of leaving. Would no God. That's why I say that God is push away and don't want to see him, But he's still have a power. It's something that is very difficult to understand. If you believe that God created everything we believe that God is everywhere. Even at how he'll should. We also the concept of hell. We can see that God want to punish you. Let somebody you need something, but okay, I will send you ten years to month. I know a module with that and then what? Okay, you think of temporary that everyone who will end up in heaven. Shall we say? Eighty one have an avid wash, and it's all your way to fixed you like purgatory. In the Catholic. You love us. Yeah, sometimes kids. He's not feeling well being adopted, and the kids don't understand. How come you let the doctor. He them a shot him an obligation, and the child these lovelies, I don't understand, but we know that whatever I give you today. It's all luck tomorrow. You have a bit of time to the other two on the table to swim into play outside, and that's the goal descend to say God is punishing someone only for punishment. You have no sense, and you really believe that someone at these one place called the A slam, slim, a climber, Every single soul of the Jewish nation, I his part, and if you sometimes ticking along, put path together, then in the end. We know that every single soul is at peace of God that he gave it to us and he need to go back over there. I certainly believe that there are different degrees of heaven. That someone can have a higher place where we believe that not even one of the same level is for sure am teaching. For the last twenty two years. You have some kids. They worked very hard at noodle homework. Listen to the teacher coming home, literally the parents. We don't want to hurt anyone, but the realities that these child. Is data the neither one that not do his homework played all day disturbing everyone? The swimming? Every teacher is true. He's a child, but the realities that he didn't do and he was not able to do. Maybe would ask him to do. He cannot be a doctor. Why not what doctor you love me? Yes, my son, I love her very much, but to be a doctor. If you have responsibility to learn, you have to have the knowledge the realities, that in the end you don't have the knowledge to be doctor or lawyer, For whatever you want to be that you can, because you do not simply knowledge. If a human being have temptation, and we believe that every single human being have dentition stealing looking One that's supposed to look, say what he was not supposed to say, and in the end a fight every single temptation and he became a good man. We we're know that he has all the pleasure of the world. He fancies time to enjoy himself. Not listen to no one he wanted you. In the same reward will not be fan. Are there examples in Judaism of people that die and go straight to heaven. Without any verification reality, A few studies, One of the main study, We have this called the Ten multis killed by the woman opera. Was taking the place of the ten brothers of Joseph? Because they seldom the tongue would say that they will go right away in heaven will not passing with no preparation and rehearsal few stories. In one I want to share with you is in that I'll mute about one. Then my mother was not a good now The truth that he was. Let's say going after Eddie's desire, and one day he understand that he passed the lumia too much and he said that the way of coming back will be very difficult. Then he decides to pray and you look at the sun. You look at the moon in the the nature around him. It's a please help me, and you understand we cannot help you in. Danny's. You, and got that. In the end, whatever your needs, he wasn't between you and God, and he cry and cry and cry, and any Mickey's to Tshuva, His come back, but he cry so much that he died and he gets voice. From God and you say, you're not only can come to the heaven that you will come, and he need something that for few people stick pens or views, but he gives you one moment, too, Because we believe that still life. She we're leaving. We have you can reach. We have the power of changing can and this person he catches. I didn't know that. If I don't do that today, tomorrow, Moa within the same spirit. That's why we believe. Formerly called the tissue out, shredding the coming back. We got close. We would say maybe Conversion is that they were not but us. When you are, Do you stay Jew. Whatever you do, Jew. For one day, You for everyday clinical condition is called Come back. You don't speak in your own life of having moments of conversion. Where you're turning to God. That he drifted away. You come back is not called on the convention. We don't call that conversion, an engineer. It's called I could come back to come back on his closeness to God. Okay, This is where it is tissue. Tissue remains coming back. Is this word in the Bible. Yes, you'll less a shoelace. Her similar, Geetha, come back Israel. To you got a shoe Villa sham, coming to God. Go to zero, and is waiting for me. He loved me. Wherever I do, the disciple of both Shem, Tov, She color these her elbows, Hint of that you leave in the eighteenth century. The city of Major, was he from the He due to movement. It's holder a city, but I do enjoy our happiness or something, also, but the Men movement of a Cdm is not happiness. What's he formed completely and explain, and you develop the concept that whatever you do, God love you, the one of his student of his visible, didn't have children for years, and after many many years, he was begging God, please God, send me children, and after twenty years, he had a baby miracle. And for sure, can you imagine the guy who was waiting for twenty years to have a baby. Any of the baby. He loves his children, and he loves so much that he didn't want this child to walk. He was carrying on many on his shoulder. Anyway, meaning to school, and he was doing everything you can for this child. The mob. I was seeing as this man with his child. It's an idea. My friend. Do you love your child then and then? We're talking about a lot. The child. I cannot have no words to say how much I love him. Just ask you just dream about something and avid next morning, me and my wife. We don't sleeping so happy that we go next to his cream, Nancy Running, Because we waiting from so much. I couldn't you ask me this question If I love him? I love him And why by Tomlinson know the guy in the street that he'd don't listen. God and he's doing everything in the opposite and you want to do. Everything to put God's on fuel it, so yes, you have to know that God love him more than you love your son. God. He's a fun. We say about us. Nivea, New Mulcair. Know my father, making the first title that we give to God's is nuts is all kink. It's our father, and the father loves his child more than one week. What we can imagine you know some people to sick children. To give their life for these children, and you see, these parents had devoted out for the children, and you see I love that idol know a free love so much our children the way the of the Jhelum, It because is so difficult is because it's a tough. That's why they created the piece of love that we don't have and will ever do that. This kind of Chilean cannot understand this love. Between this patents and this difficult child, the same go when you see us. With all the difficulty we have, with all the condition that we have. That is more difficult today to be a good person, and it was a hundred years ago, and then you go on and edutech three letters, and you have access to everything you want, and you don't want. You also can use all the technology to be helping older people. You can use everything and agree on a bat. Am sure that the gods see. In whatever condition we are, and you know this more difficult, maybe, and he's going to give us the biggest rewards. Because we are able to follow the path of them got today, and what we are doing, maybe towers in their two thousand years ago. What are the main kinds or categories of prayer for the Orthodox, true, for example in my religion, we have a praise of Thanksgiving. We have petition. We ask forgiveness, Also his shoe, He asked forgiveness every day three times a day, We have three prayers obligatory. It, Dave's kosher had Hb Hamari morning, afternoon or night. Basically the prayer is composed by nineteen benediction. The three firsts are speaking about the glory of God. Then we have twelve. Though we ask our demand. I want to be smart. How want to become close to you. I want to mingle the health. I want to have money for myself. I want to rebuild Zion. I want them. I say I will come back all kind of demand, and then we had the three. As we said, thanks to God, that's mainly do the prayer. It's called A. When I had eighteen, the addiction. Also if you have nineteen, but I just called to eighteen. That will not expected to be long hair. Then we have the holidays. You have to do. Day used that we ask forgiveness to God is called the New year. Yom, Kippur is the day that God's sake just asked forgiveness, and that will give it to you. Then we have to cut all the caravan that you see Oliver Festival Booth. Yes. That's where everybody's outside bets. Yeah, we may connect your tent outside for eight days and then we have to. Who did you see the tulip say thank you to God to miss, are so precious that to give us something and saw incredible the Bible, and then we have the Pisac Pisac The time when we say thank you to God to put outside of Egypt, were slave, and then when we beginning, the Nation of the Jew started in the year two thousand, four hundred and forty eight, and we have the queen. When he was the Queen Esther, the save the Jews, from the end of a man, want to kill all the Jews, and we have the handcuffs coming soon, Usually December, When the Greek want to for the Jews or the belief, forget about all our religion, and that's why he was a. You had a fight with the Maccabees fight. It's the Greeks and the Maccabees wind today in church. We had a reading from the Book of Maccabees, and they talked about that mother with a seven scientists at work, else hundred and seven, Sonia. What's her name Hannah? The audition is that Hannah is Hannah. She had seven children. She will do. Prince of the other Greeks want him to stop. Believe in God. Then Ye kill all of them and he. She won on the roof, and she kill herself. Is that book part of your canon of Scripture. We don't tell. I'll tell you why to be writing inside the Bible. We your prophet, and the prophecy was stopped when we rebuilt the second Temple because we had two temples. King Solomon, not the first temple, Then we left Israel. He was for fallen in ten years. Then he was carnival. Hadn't inside. It was the Persian Kings that destroy the first temple. We left Israel for seventy years, and we came back for to rebuild the Second Temple with a king Koresh, and I'll use, said he led as the Jew to rebuild the second dump. As I now, am I An exact. There wasn't the end of the first temple. And the beginning of the second one, Okay. That's where the last prophecy thing about the poverty. Lee will come back. I go to reveal the Jews. Any of the last prophecy. We have Molokai, and then finished the Bible, Then we ave area is called the Oval Lowes, Hotel, The Talmud, The Mishnah, The Maccabees was two hundred years after the rebuild at the Second Temple's, That's why the story of the Maccabees are not in L. Bible, hardly cause for these two hundred years. It was normal profit anymore. That's why it cannot be part of the Bible so today that all prophets today, not today, but our rabbis. We have Holy Spirit's point, but he kind of tough prophecy. This. You need to be controlling the future. It's tradition hundred percent you to be on the level that God is able to talk to you and you need to be clearly able to control what's going to happen tomorrow. When you're saying it's gonna rain. It's gonna rain, and when you say that song is going to go back, it's going to come back, but not only that need to be on the exact the same time. We all love spend the moment. It is the tiller to the prophet, say, on the fifth of November is good to arena, twelve or two, and the fifth of November is good to rain, but a tool for five, reduced, kidding the Prophets. Why, Because the face prophecy that said I'd say it was two thousand. Yeah, He's He's the declaration of false prophecy, Because prophecy meaning that you ascend by God, God, Yeah, No mistake, my God, God, know everything he can control everything the rain. The clouds you can be on the middle of the desert. If you say, God, you will be raining. That's that's going to happen it. And if not he's not got a problem with the profit. The blob. Yeah, that is part of the problem The society. Today, that did they with a problem. We cannot assume a problem cigar The problem. That's why we have to change it. You see, know that God gonna say it is any shooting will continue that whatever we are flooded with fine. Some ways of Robin and we figured that these X Y is either. Blah, blah, me, sorry, in my religion, Catholicism, We have a Pope is a visible head of the church and there's a hierarchy and the bishops teaching union with him and they have infallibility. This means. From our perspective, He cannot air when he teaches about faith and morals, so I'm wondering if Judaism claim something as strong as that new claim infallibility. Do you have infallibility in your scripture, First of all one percent, We claim to have a church that when it teaches it is protected from teaching error. Concerning faith and morals, do you have that same protection for your religion we have is, but who today have the power authority to know, forgot the authority that you will be kind of an eagle to wake up today. To you know people live. He's gotta say that. Do you know the old Bible? Do you know everything? How come you can say that you're right, and once someone that leave a thousand years ago, said the opposite of you. That's why but our religion we go by period of time. A nice bit of time cannot change what indifferent pit of established, establish an exact, and we cannot pass. That's why when the prophets say nobody can change, and also the super robot today, as we from the robbery, you will do everything that you too far, you too far from the truth. Okay to be able to say what is good. What is bad. How job. It's more to understand what they say that two more. Understandable the gods say because it's too far and we have only to follow, and that's why we have the old Bible. That's called a time moods. Can the niche. Nah, They explain a rethink after this area. We cannot hide laughing, and we cannot change nothing. We can explain why they say that's what we do everyday learning, and we try to understand what that'd be due to deport. Did the prince say what about you? Well, Mother, have your canon, oldest rabbi, said few was blend awards, and we try to understand what they say, but to go straight to, I will explain to you what gods say. It's missing of humidity. So when two jews, let's say or to Orthodox Jews disagree about interpretation. How can they resolve that that's what I want to know that you have to waste some time. It's only a view on life. That's not important. It's not important. I believe. Hey, you believe me. We have to be big enough to understand that. What if a belief I don't force you to believe like me, and maybe you're right. Maybe ride Because we can leave on the opposite side. They have one Was the Bible, Say that we have to listen to our raw. Whatever they tell you on the right on the left and also there to the left to rise into wedges and a half. I'd have to listen to them and it was as a rabbi. I you take me for a fool, you, though is my right leg my left? How do you want me to believe that? That's right and that's left, so you're right, but let's imagine. I go in front of you and I use telling you gonna right site, and then you started the mix up is my right or your right, Usually changing the angle is the same some time we can discuss and loved both of us. How right he is only the inspection and the position. Put Ourself. That's why youth Cds view him as he leads of you. That's why we have to be enough smart and open minded to believe that you can be written. That can be right. But that is one year of law, effective consequence, and he's only the bat, and we debating on the concept. That is a. We say, know what you mean, Sir philosophy may ask yourself mean speedos of the woods with no ads and peels off as what we can debate into Mmo. Ever the problem. When we come to rules. What to do what to do. He could spend. It was not permitted. You have a point of view. I mean he pulled the disparate and opposite, I believe that is not permitted what Hulu. Following years ago was one big robot. He was call it a B. Yosef Cal, and he decides to write a book that he will be the law for every single Jew. And he met. The movie is amazing. That is talking Abut almost eighty subject, Cultural, Hannah means she'll handle translation, meaning the table that is dress. Then you only have to come and eat and he went with his book and he traveled all day award. I you went to see the biggest two hundred Rabbis on his time, and they satisfy that. From now on that will follow this book. That's why on the fifty fifty he became the authority of deciding what we'll do. What will not why Because once you're saying he was a rabbi in Spain will spend it was a rabbi in Portugal will say is not permitted. He was a wildlife. Idsa in Israel will say differently, and then he study twelve different communities with different customs from the fella, or we'll get lost, and it was we wants that if I go somewhere, and that kind of Americanized my religion, A religion means I know when I did today is Saturday for me and a seven day is a shabbat I know in Israel, and Spain, in Portugal, in England, everywhere in the world you the same day to day. Also we need to evaluate with the time and the tricity cause what to do. That's what we take this mooc of references, and we add to that end we have in every generation basically to beak Rabbis is usually sprinted into the community to Sephardic community. How can the Ashkenazi Sephardic means Spain, and Ashkenazi means German, Unless you hit the two biggest Clemente was in time? Was separated by the you, Rob Clemente's called this the German Committees and the Sephardi and this call was called Spaniel, was called all the Mediterranean Major, and a exactly and new two of the chief Rabbis, who they decide yes or no chill today. Some time will tell you It's permitted. It's better to don't do it, But am I need to know its benefits? Yes or no, and the line. That's why we have each community rabbi that they will follow. What are the numbers world wines? Terms of percentages? Is it like there Sonny Cher, Where you have a lot of Sony and unmanaged year, Or do you have a fifty fifty split between this verdict and they're Ashkenazi, That was a fifty fifty raffle of year Roughly have no bigger numbers. Montreal. Montreal is different Because the Montreal. It was the Sephardic community. Can only very late. They start to come in nineteen sixty, but on the opposite side, Ashkenazi Kennedy came much earlier, they start to become and nineteen hundred. That's why he was more. The Sephardic comedy is growing, and that was it the Ashkenazi community is even lower numbers. Okay because that's the fight because they are and a we Montreal is more become a Francophile. And that's kind. You couldn't use more anglophone. But yeah, If if Cnc every of Persians yoga tomorrow cans, you have so many different communities. In general. Jews get along with Jazz festival etchings. Things the go alone within one it is, but I'll follow. We have to love a ones. You have to love your enemies. You have to love everyone. Not on your enemies, sometimes more easy to love and to love your brother, love your brother, mean someone that he can take you something, and that's means sewer to love that someone has left you. Because was the more difficult the doctor to Lebanon, Lebanon, Doctor Electrician loves another nutrition. Someone who likes you someone you will be trained the Simpson, soon that you some of the same power like you, someone you have the same force like you. I need to love them and maybe it will be in competition with you. I don't sell it difficult to Ha. Now have a quick question about shimmer. Why are Jews. Funny. Why you should look the last two thousand years. How many Jews suffer from so many different countries. How much they move. How many country the deed new program we pass. We have to wait, become depressed, and then have enough guts forgot about me. I can't anymore and changing religion, and I just found depression. All I take in myself have power to laugh at everything. To be sure whatever it's helping to look at the good size who can see the empty cup. A full cup was a Jew. It wasn't the camp. And the, unfortunately, yeah, the Nazi, that he was very mean to him, and everyday, it's not too was being. They also said that while Moses was lost in the desert, because he never gps, and we have to counter. The first habit is basically the law between God and us and asked, and got the second part. It's a joke. Vetted analogy doesn't call me on my friends. I cannot say I will be a good man box. I will get a million die, so the society that does not go together. First of all, you have to be sure that everything you do, you need to be calm and on the good manner between you and God and you and your friend, Because every single Jew, he has the soul and every soul is a part of gut meaning. When you mean to her that a man. You also mean to God. Because he is also a plateau. Gotta. I gotta say I create a man on the image. What am I My image Garden of the image. God is not a mega little eyes. You have no. He knows you have little mouth. What do you mean the image that the guy gave him a piece of his soul to every single human being? The First Amendment is to know that God would allow from Egypt. Why. When the Jews left Egypt. That's why there was need to be relation to someone that just happened the story up and matter most the Ncs. Because God play with all the nature. In Egypt, he play with the water you pay with the nature. You play with everything. That's what it was able to see what she means to create, and then maybe Jew was able to see that God is the main power of the old nature. We believe that cock. He's the creator of the world, and we cannot continue if you don't believe that he's our liberate, Or so the first command is I believe in God is powerful and he can can do everything can do everything, and he's not only to believe. So many people say I believe only what can I see is nothing. Because. When you see you didn't believe anymore more assets your front of me. I believe you hear voices that you hear what my church teaches that we know from natural reason. Philosophy. We know God exists. That's why we say that. Although he ashamed, I am your God. He's not totally God existing is a fact. The first commandment will protect our faith. The core of our faith, Exotic cars. Is meaning that you need to be hundred percent sure, with no one doubts that God is it and nothing that created with no got. You have no power. The sun's coming. Got. He's not God medicine thousand years ago, and then he's going naturally by himself. I dunno, God every day is as the sun to come out, and to give us alive to give us warm, and you the cloud to move. Everything is happening today. It's because God asked to happen and you will continue to do it. The second one is because God. He appeals to the Jews, and is a P. Also to profit on a different level when they pass the Red Sea, The doofus able to see kind of vision, and I saw someone that it was like a strong man was fighting on opposite side where they sat on the Mount Sinai. They see a different vision they see like all mad city teaching Kevin. What happened? How many gallery I want to have another song? That is different? No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, no God is a spirit. You have no feet, little form. You cannot put me a form. I can take an appear to you on a different way. Sometimes you will see me strong, said Then we have compassion. So then we'll see me like a child. He's not because I ever. Different a position that item, then that. That's what the second one has to understand that God. You have no face, God. You have no pictures. God. They have no way of contracting phase. Because guys intimate, and whatever you creating a form. You have to limit it. Somewhere. He's also part of it's why we don't cold. God, Buddy's name. Because the truth is whatever I call something. I make a definition of something, and the truncheon is a control. That's why the truth is that God is the master power. The superpower. That also a name is too small for him. Because when you say a master than you imagined something that your slave, your father or your father or master you are, and you limit it. That's where the truth is cut is everything is my father. He's my brother, My friend, He is someone I love Some of them scare you someone. We have so many names thing. That's what got. I've also so many names. That's why you give us a name to God Is also certain way. Give mutation to go. That's why becomes the third one to them. Give the name and don't say the name of God. For nothing. Everytime we mentioned the names of God. We reveal the scent tract of cocktails, have got you call him whatever you needs. That's why sometimes my bank asking can be the money. Sometimes my adulthood. Can you help me do other things like that. That's what the name is not mean so much and have to be careful what you say to an angel got? Falcon is a little side question I have about Jews and money. There's a lot of talk about like Jews, and they like money. The money that good with money and is, and what isn't When is? Is there any truth to any of that connection between Jews and money. He worry about money? One money or what is is natural. We know the money that we need to look everyone. It's a fact. Mobile what I can say that we are the blessing. Because we're the Jews was able to accomplish in a very short period of time. Go mic at all in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and you will see what people can do in the seven years. It's impossible. He have countries that are multi millionaires, and I want to say names, and they have money millions times. What a small country of Israel, and they don't have what we have. We can see the Jewish nation was. After the Holocaust was a nation of immigrant. Destroy me. Nothing to be jury was almost to be shy. That's why Joo. After what the Nazis did take away the woods human. For these people, you can see video was all propaganda. As of the Nazis. To always be dressed. He was to take away the nature of humanity to the people, all these people that went a couple of years back when universities study doctors, lawyers companies, moldy. What happened with you is that human? It is impossible that we move so much, and after so many years and were able to jump back so quickly and to wean some Nobel prices. Its effect on people don't know. You should know I was teaching to the police station to give a class, and I was asked a simple question how many Jewish people you have in the world five hundred millions. Three hundred millions. They have no idea no clue that only. Fourteen to fifty million Jews, the very small numbers that we have the most number prices from all of a nation's have we believe will lead us because we bless, and I really believe that we can do with our money. What different people cannot, or he's not because we have more money. I really believe that we have a certain bit edition with a semi hundred dollars. What I can do. Different people cannot turn. We have different, Also perspective in life for different people. To go to Miami to go to vacation to go, that is a poodle for them. For us. We're putting all my also a different way. That's why we invest much much more in old jeans to a better school. Better education to do everything for children is a must for different nations. They will prefer to put a million dollars and decide weren't able to be a retirement than paying private school for the children were small. What is say if you have the money, Why you don't try to get the best food Show them? Why you prefer to go and put a million dollars, then decide that maybe who said you could leave the forty years who said that you saw it is good to be here. Make to you what you need money for your grandchildren and their grandchildren Saturday live today. That's why I say it's two kinds. We spending them all differently and we have the best thing in the money. So what am be safe to say that the family is very important to Judaism is essential. That swayed all passover, The fathers speak to his son, The grandfather, speaking to his grandson. The Jewish religion is based on family. Is not for nothing that the first commandment is to twelve children, Golf, Are they multiply God, said that in the Genesis and all in exotics, we find to believe in God. I ha Ha, so let's continue with the ten commandments I think we're on number three. I thought we have believe in God. Don't make idols that people believe it. Either the islands of different gods is also a nice, got you not only to decide that God will be some of the moon and the stars, or whatever is, If also I believe that that's be presenting God. It's forbidden. I read the stories in the Bible of people that had like a little sculpture of a man, and that was their god. Even Abraham talks about that to spend his father Terah was doing it. Did they really believe that that was the gunner was just more like a statue that represented some abstract, both. Because we believe also that we can give power to something, every piece of creation. Either piece of gods inside. That's what the set. The level. You also can respond to you. That's why it's very difficult to know what is God. Because in the end everything can become the superpower because everything is impressed inside you have got, and that's what I must say that you're wrong. We can believe that because something is giving you something that he's becoming God. You can create a power couple were stupid. They got a result. They thought that was good to get the result. If they killed their children. Though child sacrifice. They got something back from that episode or they wouldn't do it like you say they receive something back. That's more. He was free to continue and I don't want to continue, but he's not because you have the results. He's means that she'll be the true path to continue. That's exactly what odd one was fighting for his not be called is functioning that he needs. He said, sure, and so God is very patient with us. As we do our stupid mistakes. You go. There was not patience will have the wool complete difference. We see so many people stealing. I don't believe you have one nation in the world. Believe that we allowed to steal. You work hard for buying you whatever you needs. Someone's coming in through from your is very bad. Is destroying the old Fifth on the society is really something that God brings the bull The flood. Because people are stealing. Wants to each other. That's where the men Sr was stealing. How come there so many people stunning today. The non get one that hadn't. That's it that has been assemble because he forget either way you have no free choices if England will still will die. Yeah, nobody will live are still. Even one will kill. Someone will be killed by God. The dual normal killer. But it will become rumored. We need to be motivated by law. Exactly. I see you bicycle. It's so nice. I don't want to have the same. Or maybe it was to neglect. Know could give it to him. I will bless him. I will maybe Walcott to buy my own bicycle and then everytime. When I got to walk my bicycle, we so proud of myself. I can still do bicycle. I walk on myself. And they became a person. I didn't do it. That is what's got one. That's why got his patience to all wall will not be able to survive with no patients in, So what is the fourth, the fourth U? The Saturday decided it is not only a day of rest is the proof that God created the world. Why are we wasting it with early Because God? Create the world and six day, Ani do nothing and the Sabbath days. That's what. Every time we do this Saturday, The club, we taking the flag and say that I believe that God created the wall. Okay that Lonnie one day on vacation. Why Saturday wasn't it then come on men than the passover and the to another old today, Because Saturday, he's the poor commission that God. He is who created the wall top of the fifth One is honoring your parents, and you'll ask me. That is the first habits. What one knowing your parents have to do between you and God. You are supposed to be. Maybe that honoring your parents will supposed to be on the second tablets. Yeah, that have to do between you and your friends And the answer is very simple because we cannot respecting. Got. He showed no respect to a father. That's why respecting your father. It's everything's come back from you. All the tradition. Everything you get all the texts fallen need to be, and each domino had to be respectful and love, not only respect and twelve lovers or two fathers, and for mother, so fathers mean parents to the Bible, say we were on the your father and your mother, and you will be scared from your mother and your father. Once you a father and the mother, that because I quote, we don't have to to play on the moth, but the Ad is that we need to me to respecting your father. That's where we go to learn how to respect God. Because obstruct is very difficult and concrete is more. Is this why when I'm allowed to act and the concrete world, I will not do it on the obstruct walking. That's because we're presenting something needs above me. My father giving me life, he was my father or my mother, or when I'll be here, and that's why for us at pennants are so important. He's the all the believe we say, Given the example was the difference between Judaism and all the different region, and one of the biggest rabbi, say that many all the religion. All the believe he didn't believe in one on one action. Nice once say that God speak to him. This one a God appeared to him, and he said to his disciple, and the super, say yes, and they see miracles, and let it the new region start Jewish nation. Lynch talk, Because God speak to Moses. No, No, No, No, No, no God appear in the Montana front of six million people and six, me, and people listen. All. I'm your God. Therefore we don't have to believe in one man we ever believe. And millions of men, and what this men's father, my father say that his father that his father was, then, Yeah, That's why he part of the believe that he was at the story. There was millions of people there walk present, and it was solely their own eyes. That God appeared to the Jewish nation in the Montana. What about the Golden Calf. How could they turn on like that? As it different to expand without the famous question that someone asked Rabbi? How come that did Judaism is to continue to why you see by the law by the Bible, You say that we need to follow the majority and leather loafers. You have a question today, evokes. Okay, we have to follow the majority. Let's say you're a piece of non kosher meat. Selling on the kosher meat and you cannot organize it. The law is very simple. You have nine piece of kosher meat. One piece of non kosher meat. You can eat the tense. Why, because the majority school then okay, He's taunting. Mean everything. Therefore, If you have to fool the majority, how can you continue to be two days and imagery to the wall. You should not believe in God. You have to follow the world, giving them the following answer. So once was a man that he was snowing. By the angry, all my in Montreal and he was a snowstorm, he gets complete the last and he was trying to get to a small motel and he yeti. Please, Can you give me a room? I'm completely lost. I don't see the road social satire to find your place. What can they give you a place? Three o'clock in the morning. A fire taken the place, and all will to go on the firefox and the guy last in the one place, Ne suite, five guys. Rolling on the left side let me see you guys, while the right side and you're the guys who left on the right side. You have one hundred guys, This guy doing local, beginning of a hundred guys. For sure this guy they know more way to go, But these five guys think you're right. Too. Can you tell me what you see Over the shoe? I see one guy on the phone and everybody's giving the hand. They fall The guy. So what are you going to lifetime? I see five guys walking by themself. He's also these guys tackled with your blinds, and yeah have true haunted guys, but you have only one eye that you have eyes and ass blind. They follow the guy over here. I have five guys is true, but they have five guy that able to see the fights I can swann, and that gets one hundred the same and good to share, but the religions that was sweet and said the following answer how many people can testimony that good? I it to the Jewish nation and months on I six million different religion. How many people can believe what happened. It's one. It six million against one. We are the majority around him. Hey, thats white fathers mothers, Not only one of the six hundred and thirteen believe that part of the building. They belong to the right side between us and God because. If my father, I don't trust my father didn't trust his father, then he's not going further. That no more proven you more than existing, and then the old Bible going to garbage, handmade by me, How many Father between me and the Montana knife when Father was born in the eighteen nineties. His father was born in Indiana of eight one hundred, and his father was a monster and fifty, and you forty three times, and you're getting to do. Montana is only forty three person, as much many forty three percents at some story over two thousand years, Where he does the fake, call it the fifth climate. Right, We call it exactly the fourth commitment, but we have a different numbering. What does your fifth commandment also talk about authority? Are teachers and police officers and stuff like that? That's a different issue of different entity. We have to bully. You have to respect everyone and sent them basically tried, Is not part of the tanker. Can basically the Ten commandments It's what he's make the nation a nation. Central. You have no more an issue of past ten commandment use this and punishment or the sun. Not been that they all want. What about the sixth commandment long keel, then we switching on the part. Between man and another man and it's don't kill. The different aspect is for sure killing self -defense Yeah, that that chewing. That's called surviving life in Iraq. Defending my life is over everything you need to do and you're allowed to do everything to suit like life, and by us the life is almost uncool. And that's why also someone to take a medication to drive me to eat when you're out to eat or whatever it is, Then you have to do it besides three commandments shilling. Another hour to kill to survive. If someone tell you kill La. Kill you, so he'd kill me. No one in the end. One life will miss y Ys. And mine. Yeah, help of simple calculation. How do you know that you better than him? Maybe he's done. Then you have Donald at. That's how you get yourself killed A to believe and different beliefs to someone say, Start believe different idols and do different things that you cannot take because. You have to be able to pick up next month and to continue life. That's where the second one and the third way, the immorality as if someone else asked you to abu, go an extra. Sure. Exactly why tell you to kill me. What about abortion is abortion? Permitted me. The mother. She's endanger, Yeah, for sure, Because the baby is that Sharif will survive or not, and the mother. For sure she was, so are you still alive, Already A mother vests use of fetches the mother's first, but. Many will tell you about my buddies belonged to me and I can do whatever I want with my body, Which I you exactly the opposite. You believe the envelope bodies belong to God and humid a mistake or who didn't want it, and you didn't think all for you. Didn't I know why you become pregnant and also sometimes very difficult time was the most difficult to say when a child get abuse, I'd say by someone and shavuot. She bit of a pregnancy can be very difficult. Can we say that we have the answer Every question. I don't have that all the question. He will be tough. Yes, his stuff, but because you have a question, that's why is giving your right to do something that an artist called Killington The solution. Another The solution for me. What about war as are in Judaism is the idea of a just war and that there's of an unjust war festival by us to go to war. He was only permitted to. When he was a prophet. He was neat to have the biggest priest and a king. And they need to ask God. Then we have to prove that God is accepted. If not is not acceptable wall cling to a different country to save the wall at seven thousand kilometres of fifteen thousand kilometers. I dunno. I don't think don't tell during the war, but I am allowed to ask the question. We have to know why we making the war, and we have to know what I good win with that and do I have the capacity of after the war. Change and that's what we call prophecy. We took the beginning of a prophecy prophecies concerning the future, because today you think a decisions very nice, but you don't contract tomorrow, and that's why we the prophet. The prophet will tell you you will do. A. You don't have to be where we are by B, C D E and F will come. That's called the prophecy home, and then we. I don't do immorality adultery exactly that we are stealing stealing is. Very dangerous, but stealing in the Bible, talking about and the Ten commandments We don't talk about stealing object. We're talking about tiny. Life's quiet. When you go on. You can kidnapping people, thought, Because all the ten commandments she's of connected which death penalties and we have to don't attach false testimony on your friends and I. We don't have to. Our Rv was in French envy or to do something to get what your front of I would do everything. Take ticket away from you is only on the mind it to be in action. I do auction. To be sure that this object. He will not be in your head any more, and you will be in my eye, and also if I pay, you say, Let me pay you hundreds, You know I give it to orange it, and then you take the money that's closer view. So just to wrap up to know who's listening to this interview By what kind of message would you give in general to anyone that is listening Her message to everyone is that of festival is before speaking on someone else to listen. Will you have to say and to learn you know I listened so many things in my life that have no sense you, just because someone said to someone said that you'd become a truth, and that is very dangerous rivers, listening you listening something and the media. And someone tell something visual is only one person you have no proof Festival make on search that we have Google. Be sure what you're listening. When using the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, Oh, maybe not all the Muslims, not of the Christian, maybe not all the Jews, maybe is a perception of this men what he saw by the Jews, remember. Were then lift. It depends which angle that you see you can see someone. Some look that killing someone to ice seen was killing. Yes, We didn't see that these guy was protecting someone else and policemen. Sometime you shooting is killing his call the killer color protector. I think that the most important is Don't take for granted everything you see, and I'll come to the conclusion about what you say, I was again giving a speech to non Jews few days ago and they're asking me about it. Shaking the hand to a woman. Why we don't want to do it. It was giving me a big speech about it and that was used was giving one thing's say we living in North America when we speak to someone we look want another when the ice, and that of respecting. If I don't look at you mean a respect you, you know that you have in Asia. You have different culture. When you respect someone you putting the ice down and so well look at me. I respect you, man. You see that the. Where be coming from what is called for you? The ultimate respect for them is the ultimate non respect. That's why his festival. You have to know who you're dealing with and what he's behind and not coming with you own conclusion about what you see. You know why I don't shake the hand to woman Because I disrespect you because I respect my wife, Because for us respecting a wife is one they have no physical contact with different woman. Don't judge people with our culture. We have so many different cultures. Different P believe with different beliefs, different we believe were different cultures should leave with different ways. The most important I need to know is in the bottom line. Whatever they are those Muslim. Christian. What is and whatever they are, the in my life is changing something, Get me personally. I can say that the religion was hurting me who he was. Maybe. This person hurting me, He was only one person to say all the Jews, all the Muslim. All the question. What courage I needed to you. Nothing is done to you Nothing. Why did you didn't do nothing? Oh, yeah, one day, and then you put oil in the same package by mistake around here or there. Well, you got to do is.