CVS Live - 2022-03-13 - Authority Part 11 (Russia)

Author Streamed December 4th, 2021



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okay i'm live i think i'm live i can't see myself yet yeah i'm live so i'm just back to do a really quick follow up of yesterday's video and as you can see i got my abortion is murder t-shirt on ordered a couple of those while back not sure where i can wear it other than at home maybe an opportunity to come up where it'll be appropriate but anyway today i'm going to talk a little bit about uh that russian video that i'm gonna show you that russian video that i mentioned yesterday let's just let it play and see we lived among the satanic chimera you didn't know that have you noticed that the air has become cleaner to breathe an aged pop star has left russia forever lord i've waited for this exclamation point pornhub is closed for russian users western civil asia right western civilization is turned off to us i just realized i'm over blasting the audio on the video so let me see if i can adjust the volume down a bit for that i just noticed the red light flashing [Music] pornhub is closed jesus how hard did we need to pray before to be closed earlier we can't go to eurovision i've prayed for that we're never i've prayed that we're never allowed to i've prayed that we're never allowed there ever again i never want to see women with mustaches and men with breasts never not even in a dream or in passing on a billboard they've closed it all to us this is this is it boastful stinky cursed at its roots and through their guts it is cursed with so yeah i agree 100 so that pornhub uh it says it's in 2013 it was described as the largest adult entertainment operator globally okay and it's right here in montreal canadian company okay here's the guy who i think he started it brandon retti helped build the mobile division of one of the largest most successful adult entertainment companies in the world by the time he was finished he was gaining insight into 20 million visitors a day so he eventually left the company and i tracked him down and uh emailed him inviting him on to my podcast he's not working in porn anymore as far as i can tell this is an import company circle import so i invited him on i hope he uh is kind enough to come on and talk about his experiences in the porn industry um mind geek mind geek used to be called man win i know a couple of people that work there or that used to work there uh one guy at least i know that still works for mind geek another guy worked for man win maybe a couple other people that i knew big big industry so [Music] it's all connected you know the abortion pornography divorce masturbation adultery incest rape contraception like i mentioned yesterday it's all connected so we have to pray we have to pray hard we have to uh avail ourselves of not only prayer but of the sacraments and like i said this is going to be a really quick one today i just wanted to mention the stance that russia is taking i agree 100 with the russian orthodox priest in terms of what he was saying obviously not about the papacy but about what he's talking about with the corruption of the west and how it's demonic and it's a good thing if we don't have access to those toxic and permissious influences especially on our youth right now if you've ever heard of a kinsey report and this sexologist kinsey i watched a documentary about it a few months ago with my wife and she was horrified just the notes the documentary trail of all his experiments on young infants and i think there was a case this is going from memory but i think there's a case he recorded gleefully recorded that he managed to give a three-year-old 25 orgasms in a 24-hour period so that's the kind of demons we're dealing with here on planet earth it's a sick and fallen world you need to wake up wake up and realize that this world is sick there are millions of unborn being murdered every year millions i should just for fun should look at the stats i don't know how accurate the stats are just for fun let's take a look and see say procured abortions here low value is that a good way to search is there there are nearly a million abortions per year on average and that's just the ones reported nearly nearly a million per year on average let's see a border let's just check okay here it says so probably about a hundred thousand a year in canada let's see move it deaths in canada how many deaths were there and we shut the world down for covet right we just saw what were the numbers for canada version versus 37 which ones which one's more deadly which one requires our attention which one requires our prayers more sick sick world so that's a i it's a sunday here at sunday morning i just got back from church i'm gonna enjoy my day it's a nice sunny day here in montreal hope you have a good one thanks for listening and we'll talk very soon god bless

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