Catholic vs. Protestant - 2019-09-21 - Bill Whatcott

Author Recorded Saturday September 21st, 2019

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Bill Whatcott is a very outspoken Pro-Life Activist with a sordid past but a sincere and humble love of God and neighbour. He is currently awaiting trial for an alleged 'hate crime' because he surreptitiously distributed Christian pamphlets at the 2016 Toronto Gay Pride Parade. I enjoyed meeting him. (See for more information.)

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hello I am bill Wacha and you are listening to Catholic versus Protestant tell the listeners a little bit about yourself who you are what you believe in how you came to believe what it is that you believe okay I guess who I am I would call myself a flawed Christian and a fairly outspoken Christian activists I grew up in southern Ontario too I guess in a broken home my mother was alcoholic my father and mother divorced when I was age six and I never saw my dad growing up until I think about 19 was when I saw him after age 6 I went into a life of crime and at that time I was an atheist and a socialist and I would say that I became that way as a result of social workers and public school experience and that was really the only worldview that I knew I guess at age 18 I started thinking there had to be more The Salvation Army guy in a young offenders facility his name was Bob tuners he shared the gospel with me and even though I didn't respond at the time or I actually responded negatively and gave him a very hard time I did think to myself he had something that I didn't at age 18 I passed from atheism to theism leaning towards Christianity I remember this one young 16 year old prostitute who has doing drugs with she was reading a psychic Bible and I thought to myself you know if I'm gonna go for a religion I won't be Satanism I just said that to myself quietly I kind of rejected it of course I was a messed-up guy too and obviously that's why he's hanging around people like her probably about three weeks after she was reading that Bible I decided because I was a lost cause even though I was looking looking for Christianity I just decided it's gonna do a mass mall shooting and thank God it didn't work out but I approached someone to buy an illegal gun to carry it out and I had a friend who was going to help me with that he's dead today he died at age 29 but anyways we were waiting for the firearm and perhaps that's a lesser of evil but thank God a drug dealer came by and I was a drug addict I had a few hundred dollars for the gun but we decide to buy 50 hits of LSD instead and then myself and my aspiring co shooter took 25 hits each we actually went into a psychosis and we were both malnourished keep that in mind we were living on the streets and doing a lot of drugs and even though at that point I had a lot of money it was easy come easy go we were often not not eating right I think I was 150 pounds and Matthew was about 130 and we were so violent on the LSD that it took six police officers a full half-hour to get us into the back of their police cruisers and they were beating us with batons and these were big men probably all of them were 200 pounds plus if memory serves me and a lot of my memory was in a note because of the psychosis of the LSD but they were tiring they were hitting us so much that some of them would tire and have to step out of the fight which is basically what it was I don't remember it but I was told that I crawled up the back of one police officer and Matthew who was 130 pounds and all of 5/9 picked up one police officer and put him over the hood of a cruiser one officer joined us in the hospital and they continued to beat us in the hospital because I was a street kid and often in the hospital and often in trouble with the law the emergency knew me by name and they really didn't want to keep me so they actually threw me out about six hours later and I was still hallucinating I lost my shoes and the park where we were fighting with the police might t-shirt was covered with blood my eyeballs were dilated there was blood all of my hair was actually standing up like a parakeet my hair was a little bit long at that time blood all over my face and the hospital just just kicked me out they were tired of seeing me I was probably there every month almost if I wasn't in jail on overdoses usually and I thought to myself I'm no good for nothing and this is in spite of being Otacon LSD and I blew my mind and I'm never coming back that was another thought and I saw might as well just just kill myself and take it like a man so anyways I ran down the street to this bridge and Adelaide it's it's called the Adelaide Street overpass and I got up to the bridge it was about 4:00 in the morning I think or two in the morning perhaps and I decided I was gonna jump over and end it all and that was the first time that I really prayed even though I was I was not a Christian not a still considered myself an atheist searching perhaps and I remember this this profound sense of despair settled over me and even though I had no biblical knowledge I really knew nothing about Christianity beyond this Salvation Army worker asking me to accept Christ and me refusing and yet and yet I had which I believe today forty you know my guess would be about thirty five years later I believe that that that even though it was a feeling it was probably a little more than a feeling it was almost palpable the sense that I was going to be eternally separated from God I knew that within myself and I think that transcended the drug overdose and I just said god I wish it didn't have to end this way but I was so hopeless that I saw no other way out of this and I was just waiting for a car to come and one and one was coming you could see the headlights and I was just gonna drop in front of that car and this police officer some people could say it was simply chance it would be very slim chance I would say that the odds of him showing up there was commensurate with winning the lottery because it's you know 2:00 to 4:00 in the morning and not a lot of police officers are going over that bridge but this this officer just just came by as I was ready to jump and and I had my leg over and I was just letting the car get a little bit closer to jump in front of it to make sure that I hit the pavement then had the car run over me to make sure it was permanent and the officer grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and pulled me back and then he asked me what I was doing and you know I still wired out on the LSD I I just told him he and Matt did 25 hits we we did 25 hits each I bought 50 hits of LSD the guy looked at me covered in blood and dilated eyes and he decided to take me back to the hospital and they kept me on the psychiatric ward for one more day and they kicked me out again a social worker took me to his house actually this poor social worker very well-meaning guy definite leftist had a theory that I'd get better if I quit taking LSD and glue I was into glue sniffing then and just just just smoked marijuana with him needless to say the experiment didn't work out but but he meant well and when he saw that I was overdosed and in the hospital in the hospital one to send me somewhere he decided to take me for a few days he drove me up to Sudbury because he was going to university there and there is nothing nothing for me up there I didn't know how to work I didn't didn't even know how to look for a job in those days I was 18 but I remember asking him his name was Mark I remember going mark what do you think of Jesus Christ because of Bob tuners did these the Salvation Army worker and mark was a very educated guy he had a degree I believe in native studies he was actually native and he had a Social Work degree in he was working in this facility that I was locked up and that that that's how he knew me and then I guess he stayed in touch with me when I was on the street and I remember he said you know I think Jesus was a good man but he was only a man and usually everything mark said I accepted his gospel like he told me we should be pro-choice so I was pro-choice abortion I never gave it another thought mark said it was pro-choice and therefore it was you know he would say we needed Universal Medicare universal guaranteed income and and I just accepted all these socialist ideas because mark was smart when he said Jesus Christ was only a man I didn't argue with him because I seldom ever did but I thought to myself that's not good enough that's not a good enough answer and so I'd say that that that suicide attempt that was very close to being a success moved me from atheism to looking for God and I left mark after a couple days and even though I was still hallucinating I hitchhiked across the country literally looking for God and you know I know it's probably not the smartest way to go about it but it's all I knew what to do so I hitchhiked to Regina Saskatchewan and I remember sitting in the back of the Salvation Army Church there I don't remember anything else about it different Christians pick me up some Pentecostal truckers and they shared how Christ took demo2 alcohol addiction and and whatnot I worked for a little while when I was out in the out on the prairies at this mobile home park and you know I was still dealing with my glue and and drugs but I was working and making money rather than stealing it I suppose and then and then I hitchhiked to Windsor and I don't know why it was just I didn't have any roots I didn't have any family per se my mother was an alcoholic so I didn't want to live with her and my dad I didn't talk to for years by then and you know the network of social workers that I kind of knew well you know they they had their lives and Mark didn't really want to keep me around too much as I was overdosing and fighting with cops so I hitchhiked to Windsor and I was actually sleeping in the homeless shelter there I was 18 years old now and I would say it's a miracle I I decided one day to try to sniff glue and it what it is it's a two-lane and acetone that poisons you and messes up your brain actually kills a lot of brain cells but it very quickly gets you at loosen a ting and this one day like I like I went really low all my money was gone by the time I got to Windsor I was I was actually had no friends no family my shoes were tattered now I had the Salvation Army donated clothes and I had it all covered in glue I wasn't cleaning my clothes very often you know I just really really went down and I was a very lonely 18 year old and the only thing I knew to do at this point was fine pop bottles and Panhandle and put the money together to sniff glue and that's all I did for morning tonight and at one point some police officers were pouring glue on my head and making fun out of me when I was sitting on heaps of garbage in a back alley one time when I was in the back alley a garbage man came and the garbage on the right and on the left and left me sitting on the bags that I was sitting on but anyways one day I found myself in a graveyard of all places and I wrote a book called born into graveyard which goes into my conversion a little bit in this graveyard I was trying to sniff glue and something a wall I would suggest God but I can't prove it just like I can't prove was they hand to God to save me on the bridge I simply believed it was a the probabilities would land its way that way I think but this one day I tried to sniff glue and I had ten tubes which is enough to keep you intoxicated all day and I was trying to sniff it and the fumes would not enter my lungs I was just huffing and puffing and huffing in as as straight as a whistle or straight as Oh as a lion I suppose and it got me very frustrated because my life was pretty painful it was pretty lonely uh the addiction was taking a toll on me physically and I really wanted to get high and escape everything and when I was sober after about 10 minutes of huffing and puffing and going through all 10 tubes of glue because not one to work I just started crying and then I I looked at these tombstones it was actually an old graveyard in Windsor on a street called Ottawa Street and a lot of the tombstones were from the nineteenth century and when I was in juvenile I read a lot of Canadian history over and above what would be required of people there in fact most people there aren't really readers but a few of the social workers knew I was a reader and they bring me stuff to read and I especially liked history and and and I knew that that was a more Christian time I don't I wouldn't say it was perfect I'm sure there was lots of sin and licentiousness in the 19th century but it was a cleaner time and a more god-fearing time than the 1980s which is what we're talking about July 1986 that's when I was in that graveyard and and then I just said these were better people than me whether that was true or not is irrelevant we'll never know they've been dead for a long time and I never talked to them but then I then I spend for the first time in my life because you got to realise when you're in the youth justice system and you're dealing with social workers one of the mantras for young offenders is you're a victim you know you got an alcoholic mother but you're a basically a good person you're only stealing you're only beating people up because you're your victim there is very little emphasis on taking responsibility and fixing yourself I had a very high expectation in those days that the government should fix me and I didn't have a great expectation and I didn't even know how to have an expectation on taking steps to fix myself and for and and and it was like like just just quite the revelation that as a sinner as promiscuous as dishonest I was violent I was a thief and as I thought about all my sins I just started weeping and and that day I asked Christ to come into my heart and to forgive me of my sins and I walked out of that that graveyard clean on the inside which is something that never happened ever in my life and and I went I bawled for like two hours it was quite quite loud and quite profound I guess being a graveyard nobody noticed and perhaps there was not even anyone there it seems from my memory but but but when I walked out of that graveyard I was clean now I didn't know what to do and I wish I could tell you that that it was a clean cut conversion and life was perfect after that for a couple days I was going to the homeless shelter and I felt really close to God and I was walking and talking with him but by about the third or fourth day the mundane realities of being a homeless kid with no job skill set in and I went back to what I knew the glue-sniffing but I couldn't really enjoy it the same way and God I think is a God that doesn't leave us once he once he comes to us I one day when I was in a Salvation Army drop-in center I found a little testimony from a place called Teen Challenge and it was the testimony of mostly adults they weren't actually teens that had conversions to Christ and were set free from their drug and alcohol addictions through the work of Teen Challenge and this track had a little address on the back in in Hamilton and I just knew that's where I had to go so literally that day I grabbed my bae go to the hostel where I was sleeping and hitchhiked to Hamilton and there I got into Teen Challenge after three weeks of waiting on the streets and it's there that a lot of my information came my political orientation changed to a more conservative outlook I became pro-life I discovered the babies were human beings when they were unborn and that killing them was murder you know might like up my whole understanding of right and wrong and my need to repent in and to give to society rather than just expect the government to give to me or people to give to me there was a great change in my life at that point once again it wasn't all clean cut after four months of the rigor because Teen Challenge is unlike any secular government-funded drug rehab you had to be up at 8:00 in the morning praying you know you had breakfast at the Eddy thirty I think by 9:00 you were scrubbing floors and doing chores around Teen Challenge they made you work and after four months of that kind of rigor I kind of wanted to go back to the easier I back slid I suppose I left Teen Challenge and thankfully I didn't go to glue but I had to do another run with drugs and promiscuity and discovered I didn't like any of it and committed the worst crime of my life I tried to hijack a bus and run it into the wall of the London Police Station and God in His mercy I wasn't able to to actually get the bus moving in those days I didn't know anything about air brakes thankfully and got 15 months in jail which was very very light sentence for for the crime I did but out of that six months of it I spent in segregation and there I was reading the Bible every day and they're a Anglican priest would come and visit me are actually was a more an Anglican chaplain I don't even think he was ordained I don't remember his name but he visited me once a week and even though I was praying and reading the Bible I still cut myself and still acting out pointed a weapon at a at another inmate that I fashioned out of a spoon I made a knife and gave a death threat to a garden signed in my own blood and so you you wouldn't think that God was working at me but he was when I was in segregation at one point after I assaulted an inmate that I was able to reach when they let me out of my cell for a few minutes the inmates were a little bit afraid of me some of them I I wasn't a tough guy I was actually a small fish in that place it's just I acted out enough that I got some respect but I actually use that to enforce the radio I said that we're not going to be listening in this range to to the rock music that was normally on it and I had a guard put it on focus on the family focus on the family was a really good pro-family evangelical program millions upon millions of people listened for years and I think it's still going Focus on the Family oath of dr. Dobson is no longer a part of it but he would talk about married she talked about pro-life he would tie in morality and faith and that's not the kind of thing that would ever be playing in a prison let alone a segregation unit but for about a month I had all the guys quiet and we would listen as dr. Dobson window released these topics and nobody really argued about it everybody was was quite happy to listen to him one interview that he did that I remember when I was in segregation was actually with a mass murderer you might know his name Ted Bundy dr. Dobson interviewed Ted Bundy 21 hours before he was executed and Bundy said everybody on death row that is therefore serial killing like himself had a porn addiction and that had a huge impact on me because I thought sex was recreational that's what I learned you know when I got out of got out of jail I I still struggle with drugs for a while but I kept trying to go to church that's the one thing I tried to do and I was there a lot and I'd wound up in jail a few more times like I said my convergent wasn't st. Paul on the road to Damascus unfortunately it was probably more a combination of Samson and King David a lot of repentance in there and a lot of hard lessons that had to be learned by 1989 I turned away from the criminal lifestyle and drugs for good and found myself at a Pentecostal church called stone church in in Toronto I was homeless but I was determined not to steal at this point God worked in my heart quite a bit and I remember I just said Lord I got no money and I got nowhere to live but I don't want to commit a crime I just want to trust you and that day I panhandled in front of the bus station and I raised something I got her dollars which was quite a bit and I met this lady Joanne she became my my first girlfriend it didn't work out too good but she was a Christian and she certainly started me on on the road to normalcy she was the one that was taking me to stone church and then me I was really quite evangelical at this point so I was bringing about five or six guys from the youth hostel every week and a lot of people noticed that at still in church that I was bringing these people and that I was on fire for God and I got a lot of support from people in that church including Joanne even though we we broke up eventually and thanks to them I I got myself a place and I got into Humber College and became a nurse I actually graduated from the practical nursing program with with honours and that's where the path that led to to finding your friend mark Kevin mark led because there I got introduced to pro-life when you're nursing you're dealing with with life issues and the place was overwhelmingly even in the 90s pro-abortion and I defended life and that creates quite a few eyebrows amongst the staff and students Joanne actually took me to Parliament Hill one day before we parted ways to a protest for life and there I went for the babies when I start thinking Canada was killing a hundred thousand babies and so when I got out of nursing and I wanted to give back because I received a lot you know I really had to be grateful to to the Christian faith and to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that I've got out of drugs and became a nurse and graduated with honor you know I felt had to give something back and the door that the Lord opened up for me was pro-life I got involved with the ministry called aid to women and there I was counseling uh you know women and I'm very very pleased to say that God used me to save a few lives in that time I was also picketing on the street with the graphic abortion signs one time I went to jail for six months which blew me away for peacefully standing on a sidewalk and praying with an abortion sign in front of a clinic when as a real criminal I never had the courts go that that psychotic on me they were often giving me unreasonably light sentences four years later when I showed up as an accomplished nurse with non violent act of civil disobedience but getting fences that were more severe than what I got for for you know stealing cars so yeah yeah that was quite an eye-opener then I realized there was an ideological you know culture war going on and that the judges were very much on the other side and I would say that that pro-death bias infects the bench right from the provincial court right up to the Supreme Court and I became a vom nurse even in spite of that and I worked with the vo and casually by choice because I had frequently wind up in the slammer for a few days and my boss would know all about it and she would usually just say to me when I had a caller cuz I'd have a shift the next day and I had no idea when I was getting out you know she would just say don't tell me where you are and don't tell me what you're doing you have an unpaid leave of absence just give me a call when like you're available again and she usually hang up that she'd be pissed off you had a hard time replacing me but I think she had an element of respect for what I was doing even though she herself told me she was pro-choice but cared about cats and tried to leave that you know she'd never commit civil disobedience for a cat I told her I agree with unite neither would i but you know you know she did have a measure of respect and she never she never fired me in the five years that I was there and I think I wound up in jail for 20 times for anywhere from that six months to one day to 15 days to a week you know it's all over all over the map but anyways from there I moved on to Saskatchewan and in Saskatchewan I got involved with the pro-life pro-family movement I became a little more outspoken on the homosexual issue my concern there was that that point that was about the year 2001 they were starting to push homosexuality in the public schools on kids and that became a concern to me even though I was certainly still involved with pro-life I was showing the abortion science around Saskatchewan and I was getting arrested again and I ran for mayor of Regina on the promise of Zoning Planned Parenthood and the abortion clinic operating at the Regina General Hospital out of city limits and that's gonna end the funding to the gay pride parade interestingly part of why I moved to Saskatchewan is I thought they'd be a little more conservative than downtown Toronto now for all the years I was with the vo n and they knew what I was doing during my time off work they never tried to take my livelihood away from me and in fact they accommodated me more than I would have expected once I got to Saskatchewan indeed people were a little more conservative but they were also a lot a lot less tolerant of that kind of activism and even though I was very careful to never bring my views to work when I wound up in the newspaper for running for mayor and when I wound up in the paper for picketing the Regina Public Library when they had this hideous hideous cinema called queer City cinema where they were actually showing pro pedophile videos to the public and some of them with graphic sex acts that would constitute a criminal offense when I was picketing these things all of a sudden I started getting disciplined for this and that and the disciplines were often unjustified in and they were coming very frequently and and in fact the Regina General Hospital are sorry the Regina was canna rehab centers where I was working at that time in Regina they actually decided they were going to get me fired and get my license strip it took him a few years to finally drive me out I fought that thing but it was a horrible time you could often cut the tension on the nurses unit with a knife when I'd walk in there was some lovely nurses there that were actually quietly sympathetic towards me and one nurse even put her job on the line to testify in my defense that I was not this horrible nurse that that they were trying to make me out to be she got fired two years later and I suspect that was because she spoke out in defense of me actually they had an NDP government at the time and when the NDP is your employer because the Regina Health District unlike liberal Toronto where you had a lot of private health care options in Regina your only employer as a nurse was the Regina Health District in the government at that time your boss was the NDP and they worked very hard to get rid of me and eventually after three years they did that was quite a loss of standard of living for me that was the first really really good job I had I had to move to Alberta to get a job because I was so notorious with my graphic abortion signs and speaking out against homosexuality I should mention by now I got dragged before the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal and I was found guilty of discrimination for saying that it was wrong to push homosexuality in public schools and I gave a whole list of you know diseases that I knew as a nurse homosexuals were prone to I looked after a lot of homosexual patients when I was working with the vom downtown I certainly didn't hate him but I could see it was self-evident that the behavior was very destructive you know and I certainly was an outspoken young guy I put into Bible verses and the biblical word sodomite all my flyers and I guess the learned judges decided that was hate speech and I was fine $17,500 and ordered to never speak on that topic again me being who I was I broke the human rights order the following day and put out a thousand flyers in in Saskatoon even though it's living in Alberta I actually the day I got the order drove to Saskatoon and at night went from about 9 o'clock at night tell about 8:00 in the morning put out a thousand flutters in mailboxes sodomites in the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission with a diatribe on how they're attacking truth and liberty and promoting an unhealthy and ungodly lifestyle and on and on it went that battle went on to the Supreme Court I actually won in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and I was really thanking God for that and looked at that as a gift all of Canada that there would be a degree of religious freedom and free speech on this topic unfortunately when the other side that when the Human Rights Tribunal appealed to the Canadian Supreme Court they they took it and then they unanimously ruled against me and I would argue that Canada that they really lost it's free speech the bar for it for hate speeches is very low and very subjective and if you're gonna talk on this topic at all and you really don't know where you're going to be leaving free speech and entering aid speech and and that ambiguity is is really a sad thing I got into other things I ran for mayor of Edmonton certainly put out a lot more flyers on the threat that I perceived to homosexual activism and in Canada as religious and political Liberty I I worked my way up from $9 an hour labor jobs got myself a class-one and became a truck driver unfortunately I went through a couple marriages and struggled with a sexual addiction even as a Christian and that was a very damaging part of my life and certainly it caused harm to other people as well and you know I never I never went the way I was as an atheist but that that part of my life has been far from perfect eventually I went moved on to two BC there I made a plan to infiltrate the homosexual Pride Parade and I guess that's how Kevin mark came to know me and I infiltrated wasn't afraid in Vancouver as the Calgary Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster I should note that I applied to March as they openly Christian man and was not accepted but once I applied as a gay high priest of this fictitious cult I was embraced and I out 2000 500 gospel condoms in the parade now even though I'm evangelical I believe contraception is a sin very much I'm with the Catholics on that one my condoms did not have latex in them they look like condoms or an eight dollar price tag on them so that way nobody would throw them out I gave them out for free and it said pure pleasure eight dollars that was my brand I got these into the hands of 2,500 homosexuals in the Pride Parade I had pink hair and a fairy cape and short shorts as I was handing these things out you can see the pitchers are still on the internet afterwards the police started looking for me because some of the homos were opening up their pure pleasure condoms on the parade route and then when they got him they were getting the testimony of a man who left the homosexual lifestyle and 30 years later is still married to the same woman and has nine kids living proof that Christ can change sexual behavior I had all the diseases all the relevant Bible verses and the gospel that God loves you and if you turn to him you can be saved and this this started freaking people out so Allah is dancing on the parade route police weren't we're looking for me and are actually photo opping with them and I was also photo opping with one of the NDP politicians Herbert Sanders fence rrah him and the copper still on the front page of my website on the vancouver Pride Parade stunt and there there's me with the pink hair the reason why I pulled that off was because st. Paul said be all things to all people that you can save some well they were just not accepting open Christians on the parade route but as a gay high priest of the Calvary Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster they accepted me of my activists and they received their pure pleasure packages they open him they got the gospel so that was such a success that a couple years later I applied in the Toronto Pride Parade first I applied as a openly Christian man and the Toronto Pride Parade said I'm not welcome in the 2016 fraid and nor would I be welcome in any we prayed after that they knew my name they knew my supreme court case and all that so once again I was forced to become a closet case I went into the closet and hid my Christianity and then I applied as a gay zombie cannabis consumers Association and needless to say the Pride Parade welcomed me with open arms so I got six Christians all to dress up in Zambia Fitz I have one I had one too I had zombie green outfit and then I was wearing a rainbow too too and I had little gay pride earrings sticking out of the side of my zombie costume and then I made a new condom package it was called zombie safe sex $5.00 now once again as a Christian who does not believe in condoms and as a nurse as a nurse I saw I saw first hand in my own clinical practice the the effects of condom failure I saw it I saw the the herpes I saw other STDs from people that were educated to the hilt on condoms I remember one time when I was working on the street there's one prostitute came in I refused to hand out the condoms and there was a social worker there who is handing them out in my stead and there's one prostitute said one of my condoms broke like what happens that guy had HIV you know she was done so I know that latex is madness but my zombie safe sex package had the gospel in it again and so I got out 3,000 of those on the Toronto parade route and there was a lot of a lot of gospel information that went out and a lot of reaction in the parade and and actually quite amazing reaction in the days following my stunt I got out of town and three very powerful gay activists Doug Elliot George Smitherman who is the former deputy premier of Ontario and another gay activist that I wasn't so familiar with but he was he actually did have some standing in the homosexual activist movement his name was Hudspeth Christopher Hudspeth who ran a gay bar and I guess litigated a few cases with Elliot on same-sex postal benefits in years previous well these guys were so incensed that I used the mechanism of their prayed to bring the gospel to three thousand attendees and naked people - I got some of my zombie say sex packages in the hands of naked marchers and you can see a few pictures of that on my website that's free North America . CA for your listeners they actually went to Parliament Hill now keep in mind my operating budget was like a couple thousand dollars we made all these zombies safe sex packages in various kitchens mice thought was a low-budget stunt nobody died nobody got punched out the parade went on there was people marching in the parade with pictures of our Lord on their crotch others were naked with dog collars all their debauchery was was there funded by you and me with tax dollars and yet they were so incensed that I brought the gospel to their parade that they went to Parliament Hill and announced a hundred and four million dollar lawsuit against me and indeed they tried to enforce it that was one of the the legal battles of my life God miraculously because I'm a pretty low budget guy since I lost my minor sin career I've never had a steady income since and doing this activism does not get you rich they certainly got me heavenly rewards and lawsuits in jail time but yeah yeah they launched this this hundred and forty million dollar class-action lawsuit and they actually had Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne your former lesbian Premier of Ontario they were actually named as complainants in this lawsuit and then the Liberal Party as a class was harmed by my flyer according to the lawsuit because I said unflattering things about the Liberals and their homosexual activism and their support for a low age of consent and and the fact that their deputy premier was convicted of child pornography that was Benjamin Levine he did three years in jail for and his paw prints are all over Ontario's current sex ed curriculum to this day then also the marchers were were a harmed class so they couldn't really find any victims to talk about how their life fell apart but they named as a class anyways because of my my stunt and then I guess all the the spectators so none of these people even necessarily consented to this lawsuit but they were all named as a class that was harmed by me ostensibly there's a quarter of a million people in this parade and I managed on reaching 3000 which might be a little over 1% but they they tried to sue me for two years this this lawsuit went nowhere they tried to force me on pain of going to jail to reveal the name of my friends who helped me out to this day the lawsuit is still going and to this day I'm refusing to reveal the identity of my friends because they they just want to take their rsps and homes and make an example of them and you're talking moms with kids you're talking Christian and senior citizens people who volunteered for maybe one hour Elliot sat down Parliament did Hill anyone who gave bill wat cut so much as a cup of water will be on the hook for a hundred million dollar lawsuit that's what he announced but anyways he hasn't found anyone and he sure spent a lot of money trying when the lawsuit was failing and the and the Ontario Liberal government was in its final days two years after my zombies gospel stunt they were still so bitter that they actually put a canada-wide arrest warrant out for me now at this time I was up in Fort McMurray I long forgot about my zombie stunt we ought to think about it and think was a nice thing I did I got a lot of gothis flowed the homosexuals and sure pulled one over on them because keep in mind homosexuals infiltrate our church they infiltrate Christian ministries and so chaos on purpose you know you know it's it's it's it's a rough-and-tumble world in the activist world and in my experience gay activists are often far less charitable than Christian ones and they're usually more successful so it's kind of nice that I pulled one on them and and I gave them information they need it I gave them health risk of their behavior I gave them the stats on their social maladaptation I warned them that there is an eternal hell for those who will reject Christ then continue to pursue their sexual rebellion and then I gave him the gospel that they can come to Christ and provided them testimonies of people who left the gay and transgender lifestyle and reclaimed their god-given sexuality in some cases being married and having children and but anyways that was all so bad that they finally put out a can - why dressed warrant and now I'm on my way to court in January 6 so I can certainly use prayers from your listeners charged with with a hate crime and a Crown prosecutor is looking for 18 months in jail so strangely when I tried to run a bus into the wall of a police station 30 years ago as a pagan they were all good with that and only gave me 15 months but putting the gospel into the hands of 3,000 homosexuals as a crime so serious that now they got to put me away for 18 months the law is not on their side and I know I'm biased you know because obviously I'm the one going to jail but I would just encourage you and your listeners to look at the section I'm charged under Section 319 of the criminal code and look at subsections 1 2 & 3 there are specific religious defense there's a specific truth defense you can you'll have a hard time finding my flyer the Crown attorney forced me to take it off my my website or as gonna have to stay in jail and tell my hearing mass resistance has my flyer on their website in the United States so if you look there and you see my flyer you will see facts you'll see gospel you know if you're an impartial person and you look at it I don't think you can find a lot of so-called hate speech certainly nothing that rises to section 319 1 2 & 3 that being said if I was a betting man I think 75% I'll be going to jail simply because the issue is gay and I'm a Christian honestly I don't have faith and our courts to rule on the law or to be impartial I've seen it when I got the six months in jail at that time so Ben Robinson was chaining himself to trees often clock with sound he was getting $100 fines for trespassing on private property and chaining himself to trees where people are trying to work me I merely stood on a sidewalk and prayed a public sidewalk I did not block anyone I simply refused to leave when the police told me to leave I told him I need to pray for the babies and hold my sign abortion kills children that's what my sign said and for that simple act of defiance I didn't resist the police when they put me in handcuffs and I got six months so what you're saying is he had a pretty uneventful run-of-the-mill life no my life is so whoo-hoo it sounds a little bit like you're on your own other than a few anonymous people who are willing to help you out once in a while who can you point to that's really making a sort of wild efforts that you're making are there any names household names that you couldn't earn it Maximilian Kolbe a giving up his life to save a Jewish man that to me is very powerful and his spirituality draws me to him in some ways even if I'm not necessarily Catholic myself I've read a lot of Dietrich Bonhoeffer I got some concerns about his neo-orthodoxy his book ethics is a great read and he's a hero he lost his life trying to take out Hitler in order to save the lives of many Canadian heroes that are more unknown than Dietrich Bonhoeffer or maximilian but i think their place in heaven is going to be assured and i think they'll be sitting at the table with dietrich and co bei would be Linda Gibbons who has given up more than a decade of her life witnessing in front of abortion clinics in Canada and she's spent more than a decade in jail for peacefully witnessing on the public sidewalk for the unborn in fact when I got my six months in jail I was standing on the sidewalk with her yeah that was the first time I ever went to jail for peaceful civil disobedience and found how harsh the court could be I believe they gave her six months as well and then they've given her a year and eighteen months and I think she spent something like 12 or 15 years in jail just for standing on a side and encouraging mothers to give life to their unborn children another lady who who really moves me is Mary Wagner I wrote a story on her she's a Catholic woman and she walks into the abortion clinics and hands roses to the mothers who are contemplating killing their babies and I believe she has saved a few lives doing this and she has been in jail for a number of years and she might still be there now and then the last one to really move me would be randy Alcorn a Christian author who has been arrested in Operation Rescue he he didn't quite quite go to the extremes of myself for Lynda Gibbons in terms of the amount of time in jail but he did spend some time in jail and he wrote some really good books and then Joan Andrew Bell Joan Andrews was a rescuer in the United States and a Florida judge got so upset with her pro-life activism and her and her unwillingness to renounce peaceful civil disobedience that that he actually sentenced her to five years in a state prison and then sold phoenician I very very i've read his book Goulet garch pellicle and his other book I think it's called third circle of hell and then a day in the life of Ivan Donovan and his books help me to endure suffering as he talks about suffering that even more extreme than what I experienced so when I do go to jail I don't complain too loudly when I think about his experiences in the Soviet gulag I wanted to ask you if you've had any moving testimonies of people that were converted by the work that you've done by the grace of God has anyone come forward and said look I was really lost but now I'm found and you were instrumental in that change have people come forward with those there was a lady who was seven state of Venice she's a black lady and a very proud lady she walked into eight women by accident one day when I was there and she was five months pregnant so she was coming along you know she was like twenty two weeks if memory serves me correctly and at that stage your your your fetus is actually viable if it's if it's you know born early for some reason and when she discovered that she walked into the pro-life Center by accident she started running down the stairs so I had very very few words with her I think on the upstairs on the main floor a I don't remember what I told her but I asked her to sit down and said look you know killing your baby is a serious thing or something to that effect and she didn't stay for more than a minute so I didn't say very much and then as she was running down the stairs the only thing I could think of because she did tell me she told me enough that I got the information five and a half months pregnant I just said you can feel your baby kicking inside you because as a nurse I know that gestational stages and what babies can do and at five months you can kick and a mother will feel it and as I said that she ran out the door and the only thing I did was set a little prayer for her like lord help her to change her heart and you know these are profound life-and-death things but when you're working at a pro-life crisis pregnancy center and picking picketing on the street these profound things happen every day so that might not affect me as much as it would affect you perhaps I forgot about her and life went on you know because I've met other women killing their babies and talked to other people on the street and you know I didn't give her a lot of thought after I prayed for and then I think it was like two or three weeks later I don't know what I was doing but I was not picketing and I was not around eat women I was probably doing an errand because sometimes I was delivering baby food or you know clothing from others who were low-income and who did choose life or maybe I was working as a nurse my one or two days a week being a casual worker that I was but anyways when I came to the pro-life centered aid to women because I did sleep up in the Attic there in those days because I wasn't working much I was just working enough to feed myself and then do do the picketing anyways she was there and like I said she's a very proud woman so she kind of stuck her nose up and didn't want to be too friendly to me but Joe and Elam in the director was just be me just just smiling and she goes bill do you remember this this woman and I looked at her and kind of thought I might and I might not remember her trying to think who she was and then Joanne goes you spoke to her the words she can feel her baby kick as she was running down the stairs and then and then I remembered that specific incident and then Joanne said she went into the abortion clinic but couldn't kill her baby she changed her mind and left and so there we were putting together there a big basket of clothes for her because she was low-income she really didn't want to do this abortion she was abandoned by her boyfriend a men are a big problem when it comes to to abortion and you know bailing out on their women in their time of need and you know I I drove her home and so that was really awesome and that woman stayed in touch with us for a couple years after that so that was one one thing that I did in this world there's a little kid alive today who would be a young adult now in his 20s and he probably doesn't know who I am and that's fine but praise God he's on this earth amazing because that yeah I'm sure you've saved many without knowing it it's better I guess to have your reward reveal to you in heaven God when I showed the dead baby signs that definitely turned some women off of abortion some of them were mad at me for showing it and that's fine when I was in jail a black fella by name of Derek he was a raving homosexual you know he gravitated to my Bible study that I started at main floors fractional Center and his thing was trying to seduce married men and tragically he he had a great degree of success on that which is hard for me to understand he did have AIDS or actually I guess he was HIV but his age us was fairly advanced when I met him in jail he stayed involved in my Bible study for the two months that I was with him and then I got out and then I would visit him me and another pro-life girl we would visit him and put 20 bucks in his account and ministered to him when he was fed jail when he got out he came to my church and I stayed in touch with him for about a year after he got out of jail he sang at our church he had a beautiful singing voice and then he came to the abortion clinic a few times he became very pro-life and he was singing there you know just like myself conversions can be complicated he did a heck of a lot better now he never completely overcame his homosexual tendencies he would fall every four months or so but I consider that a success because he would have sixteen weeks of sexual purity of sexual sobriety and this is a guy that would commit two to three homosexual acts a day who would cruise for married men because that was his ultimate kick who and who had sodomized many many times a week so for him to go 16 weeks clean was a huge success and then the one day that he would slip up he had usually phoned me afterwards and I tell him well you know we all sin I've sinned you know a lot of Christian guys masturbate that's sin and I tell him you know God is really pleased that you went 16 weeks now you got to repent because what you did is wrong I never shied from telling him that what he did is wrong and he didn't need to hear that too much because he knew already and then he'd pick himself up again and you know eventually he moved to Halifax and like I said his t4 count was quite low the last time I saw him so he's passed away by now barring the miracle but I think I think God did do a great work in him even though it wasn't clean-cut you know and I think he'll be in heaven and I praise the Lord that I had that time in his life is this what now you know our our Prime Minister you know he's got a bill I think that he's promising to pass when he if he gets reelected where they're gonna criminalize conversion therapy now a guy like Derek he wanted help he wanted support this they'd rather the homosexual lifestyle that my understanding is is going to be an indictable offense they're not even gonna go summer either they're gonna go by indictment which if you have American listeners is the equivalent of a felony a very serious charge with a lengthy time in jail for whatever Christian therapist dares to help a homosexual of their own free will try to break free of these harmful behaviors did you ever dabble in same-sex attraction the sorts of activities homosexual activities yeah I did I was actually raped when I was at a halfway house I guess I didn't consent to that sexual activity obviously and then when I was 18 I willingly engaged in homosexual activity for cocaine when I was in prison doing that six months in segregation there was about a month there where I declared myself gay because I was in segregation I couldn't do anything about it but I asked the cell partner next to me if I could sodomized him if I ever get a chance and the guy said yes Prison is pretty debauched and then after a month of being gay and liberated just just kind of faded off and the truth is is my sexual preference for the entirety of my life has been heterosexual but you know when you're when you're in immoral situations and you don't have God in your life your sexual behavior can become malleable yeah and who might certainly do I have a sort of unusual take on sexuality which is that there's sex which is wholesome and Christian and good and then everything else is a perversion that's imitating sex in one way or another in a class all of that as masturbation like you can masturbate into your wife's vagina you can masturbate into your boyfriend's rectum you can masturbate the old-fashioned way with the gorilla magazine you can masturbate in group sex you can masturbate all kinds of ways they're just different kinds of perversion different extremes of course but I just see everyone on a sort of spectrum of perversion and my goal as a Christian is to not be perverted at all you know to have zero perversion now that's hard to achieve because we are in a fallen world and I'm a fallen sinner so yeah I just see all perversion on a sort of gradient and you can push the limits depending on if you're risk-averse or if you're fond of risk would you agree with that yeah and then looking at myself I don't like risk but if you don't have any self control like a lot of my a lot of my sexual sin and it cost me my my family and cost me a lot of friends in that over the years but a lot of it was compulsive so you know and I think with a lot of homosexuals that I talked to who were cruising it was compulsion so I agree with a lot of what you're saying but but part of it too is when you give yourself over to Satan because there is a spiritual component to it I do think you lose your your freewill and you're gonna take risks to get that need met that you don't really want to take and you're not gonna think of the consequences until later on when they come back behind you so yeah interestingly I think st. Paul sums that up quite well and I believe it's in Romans 8 where he says you know professing to become free they become slaves you know and I think one of the easiest ways to become a slave is to try to seek freedom through your sexual appetite by casting off the restraints that God has has wisely put around it which as lifelong monogamous marriage you know that is where as Christians what we should defend and what we should strive for and even though in some ways I have no credibility in other ways God has cleaned me up a lot and I can I can tell people my own story that you know in seeking to be free you will become a slave if you walk out of those boundaries that God has created for us just today I published an interview with an atheist and he told me that there have been many studies showing that the more a society indulges in pornography prostitution and immoral hobbies the less risk there is of actual rape and actual pedophilia and actual sex crimes because they have this outlet real study that's just as fantasy you know and in fact even in Canada's super liberal the botched judicial system they got rid of porno too prisons because they found that that was creating an appetite for some some unseemly thanks and I think to this day a lot of parole officers keep their sex offenders away from porn and even for us Christians those who sadly commit those crimes because Christians are not at all immune what is it that takes us down that road usually getting into that porn that you're that you're atheist friend claims takes it away you know when I looked at porn I I know what it did is it poured gasoline on my act you know like I've been free of porn for quite a number of years and that is the one place I cannot go you know if I hope to maintain any modicum of self-control yeah so he's off in Zombieland is a theist fantasy maybe dressed up with a bit of academic lingo hmm a lot of wishful thinking if you don't live as you believe you soon begin to believe as you live yeah I think that's true you know I know a few Christians who decided to give up the struggle and when you meet them later on and I have in a couple cases they've become very worldly and they're no longer feeling guilty about whatever it was they were struggling with we need to end on a little bit of a positive note so just to wrap up what do you think you might be able to say to anyone that's out there listen right now I'm just looking here there's a beautiful scripture in a very somber book it's called lamentations one of the Old Testament Scriptures I'm just looking for it here here it is here it is I found it limitations 322 and I guess I'll go up to 25 through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed because his Compassion's fail not they grow new every morning ray is your faithfulness the Lord is my portion says my soul therefore I hope in him the Lord is good to those who wait for him to the soul who seeks him it is good that one should hope and wait quietly for the