CVS Live - 2022-04-03 - Pope Francis' Consecration

Author Streamed Sunday April 3rd, 2022

CVS Live - 2022-04-03 - Pope Francis' Consecration

Author Streamed March 13th, 2021



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okay so i think i'm live yeah i seem to be live so a listener uh in australia who's become a good friend of mine he asked me to do a quick video just talking about the consecration that took place recently on the 25th of march by pope francis i'm sure everyone is aware of it put an image up on the screen here so you can see our lady of fatima they're crowned it's a sign of approval by the living magisterium that it's uh not contrary to our catholic faith to believe in it you don't have to believe in it but you're able to believe in it i think it would be foolish not to believe in the approved apparitions everything i say today i've pretty much said elsewhere especially recently it has come up this idea of the consecration what do i think of it and i've said a few offhand comments the controversies are many surrounding private revelation and as i said we don't need to believe in private revolution any private revelation many controversies and questions and debates and i like to ignore all of that i like to focus on the positive which is those things that are promised if we do what our lady suggests or commands or asks so yesterday i was fortunate enough to have done my first saturday in the first five saturday's devotion i've been trying this for years as you know if you've been listening to my podcast for a while now you would know that i've been struggling trying to accomplish the first five saturdays something always goes wrong and either i have to leave town and i can't get to church on the saturday or i just get confused and mix up my calendar whatever um so i was lucky enough to get to church yesterday it's the first saturday of april i did everything that i had to do it's it's not hard to do it here if you're contemplating doing the first five saturday devotions obviously i want to emphasize this it's the most important takeaway from this particular short video that i'm doing on the consecration do the first saturday devotions if you can i had a very moving experience uh i think i'll spend some time talking about the experience i had because it's very rare that i'm moved emotionally at church it does happen occasionally and i encountered a real blessing a real grace but yesterday uh caught me off guard because i was doing my 15 minutes of meditation that's one of the requirements to fulfill the obligation of the first five saturdays you have to meditate for 15 minutes on the mysteries of the rosary and you have a lot of freedom in that which mysteries you can focus on one or two or three or all 20. it's up to you i decided to go through all 20. and it was it was beautiful because i i had a new insight maybe a grace or an inspiration from god as i started meditating there in my pew in church before mass after confession and before mass i had already done my rosary for the day as that part of my obligation so i had also done my confession and i was getting ready for mass and i decided to start the 15 minutes of meditation and if it gets interrupted by the mass then so be it i'll just continue afterwards and that's what ended up happening but in that first eight minutes or so of meditation as usual i start meditating on the joyful mysteries and i had the presence of because i i told myself that we we have to have the intention of making reparations to the immaculate heart of mary for the outrageous against her the offenses against her immaculate heart and there are five of them that's why we have the five first saturdays so i had that clear intention and i also knew that i had to bring myself into the presence of mary to keep company with mary as she says to the children in fatima keep company with mary keep her company as i meditate for 15 minutes and it seems like a long time to me when i have to do something sort of under obligation it's not my own free choice and i have to do it if i were just killing time i could kill time very quickly and easily 15 minutes goes like that when i'm doing my will but when i have prayers set prayers and if you've listened to my podcast you know that i struggle with this when i have set prayers or obligations i have to do this even if i have to go to mass it's like it's i'm not doing my will so it's painful and it's long usually so 15 minutes is a long time and but immediately this time immediately i was because i placed myself psychologically in that situation where i was purposefully trying to keep mary company mystically and i do believe that we can travel we're not limited by time in prayer so we can be with jesus on the cross and be with mary during the different mysteries the different scenes of christ's life and of mary's life so all this to say i placed myself in that into that i prepared myself in that way and then i started meditating on the joyful mysteries and usually i don't have any particular emotional reaction to the joyful mysteries but this time for whatever reason because i think it's because i placed myself in the company of mary and i was very aware of mary which should always be the case by the way when i pray the rosary but often i'm just distracted and trying to burn through it so this is a good example i think the meditation really helped me and i'm going to try to incorporate that into my daily meditations on the rosary as i pray that i usually do five mysteries a day so anyway getting to the point what happened was i was naming the mystery i start with the enunciation as always where the angel gabriel comes to mary and announces that she will give birth to our lord and savior the god man jesus christ and i was overwhelmed by not joy but sadness the sadness of that mystery and then i um it was a bit perplexed but i kept going and just meditating picturing myself with mary in that scene of the annunciation and then the visitation the nativity and the manger the presentation at the temple and the finding of the child jesus at the temple and as i went through the joyful mysteries i was basking joyfully i must say joyfully i was enjoying it asking in the sorrow that mary felt in her heart at those times and at every point of time of her life it was so bittersweet it was so powerful to enter into the mysterious sorrow of the immaculate heart america so sweet and uh you know if you know me you know that i i love the counter-intuitive and the paradoxical and that added to the joy and the delight of the experience of experiencing the sorrow of mary during these joyful scenes in her life these joyful moments these joyful events the sorrow was there i i do believe that i've always believed that anyway but to palpably feel it to be moved and to experience it in a mystical way i'm not saying it was a great mystical experience like the saints had but it was for my humble level of prayer it was very moving and you know as i said i do believe that when we contemplate and we have when we even when we meditate we can transcend time through that prayer by the grace of god so anyway i i do i do want to expand on this and i did sort of enter into uh [Music] the counter-intuitive view of each and every mystery but more importantly the groupings the four groupings of joyful luminous sorrowful and glorious so this is what came to me during my 15 minutes of meditation and like i said i split it up into eight minutes and eight minutes roughly okay so there's some there's something enriching about this approach that i discovered or invented or whatever you want to say with the mysteries of the rosary and i'm supposed to talk to aiden today aiden lisney is a big fan of the rosary as most catholics are but i do want to talk to him hopefully we'll uh we'll connect and we'll talk later today right now it's uh approaching six o'clock so i don't have a lot of time before bedtime but uh we're supposed to talk we're supposed to talk yesterday and we're supposed to talk today and i haven't heard from him so he's probably busy with more important things but i wanted to talk to him about this because i found it very interesting what i discovered or invented and that is to add a layer of sorrow to the joyful mysteries okay like i talked about and i'm not going to go into too much detail you could just experience it for yourself meditate on it but then the next grouping is the luminous mysteries so not to do the satanic inversion but to do a catholic inversion what is the opposite of light it's darkness because the opposite of joy is sorrow so we talk about the sorrow we can enter into the sorrow of those joyful mysteries we can enter into the darkness that mary experienced in the luminous scenes okay so we have i i think of the luminous as the wet scenes because they are dominated by water in my mind we have the baptism of jesus that's obviously related to water in obvious ways the baptism of jesus we have the miracle of cana in which the water was turned miraculously into wine we have the proclamation of the kingdom and i picture jesus sleeping in the bottom of the boat and everyone's panicking because there's a storm and they wake up jesus and he's basically chastising them for having very little faith and i think about jesus walking on the water and peter asking to walk on the water those are a couple of my favorite scenes and of course because i choose those scenes they emphasize the presence of water excuse me after the proclamation of the kingdom we have the transfiguration which is on a mountaintop not a lot of water there other than misty cloud which is of course another form another manifestation of water maybe not as obvious in this image but it's still it's very it's a very key component that foggy missed and uh finally the institution of the eucharist at the last supper it's the fifth luminous mystery and water does not enter into powerfully into this image for me and sure if i really stretched i could try to picture a bottle of water on the table as they're eating and drinking usually we would picture wine but maybe that would be a link back to cana that wine would be a link back to cana and forward to the blood and water that gushes forth gushes forth from the side of christ on the cross right that drop of water that the priest the altar christus puts into the blood of christ on the altar during the catholic mass so there is yet again i think reason to involve water so i think of these luminous mysteries as the water mysteries but that's kind of besides the point i'm just letting you know that for curiosity's sake in case you're curious how i see them but the they're called the luminous because they illuminate us and they show the light that came into the world that light being christ and so what is the opposite of light is darkness right and so picturing mary standing off in the shadows as christ is in that bright sunlight in the jordan being baptized by saint john the baptist and if you haven't seen jesus of nazareth the movie i've sent this to my friend in australia for whom i'm making this video right now uh my friend matthew if you're watching this this is a shout out to you matthew excuse me got a frog in my throat this is a shout out to you matthew if you haven't seen jesus of nazareth the film i'll put the link in the comments please go and watch it it's a four-part movie i don't know if it was a made for television movie or what i don't know why it was in four parts but i think it's one of the best christian movies i've seen generally i'm turned off by christian music christian movies christian pop culture generally usually turns me off and just even the statues of our blessed lady they don't meet my standards for beauty of the saints this particular statue that you can see on your screen now our lady of fatima the typical rendition of mary i'm not a fan of the rendition in the sculptures that i've seen uh worldwide it's a small percentage of statues of mary that i think come anywhere close to conveying the sort of purity and beauty and innocence of the blessed virgin but that's okay not a big deal i'm not expecting heaven on earth and the artists did a much better job than i could ever do so i'm not criticizing i'm just saying not generally a fan there are many many sculptures of other saints that i find very beautiful very compelling and i'm less critical of let's say i've never seen i've seen i've seen sculptures of jesus that turned me off i was not impressed um but it's rare that any of the other saints would have that effect on me i've got higher standards for jesus and mary even saint joseph i think it's i've never seen a statue of saint joseph that i don't love and admire and i'm not uh immediately drawn to as uh a good a good representation even though they're all varied and different they have enough in common that i can recognize him and there's always that manliness and that uh quiet calm sober demeanor that that he and the other saints have so another little tangent here about art and music in the church and it is very important that we have good and holy art and music in the church the second vatican council talks about that so if you haven't seen the movie go ahead and see it jesus of nazareth i'll put the link down below so light and darkness we have the luminous mysteries and we have mary off distant in the shadows as jesus for example is being baptized in the jordan and i always picture that baptism in the bright you know [Music] the sunlight of the middle east palestine that sharp bright sunlight and the sparkling water and it's very powerful image for me but then to see mary and not to see her but to not see her because she's off in the shadows somewhere under a clump of trees or whatever hidden by the outcropping of rocks whatever it might be she's there she's quietly observing always with joy always with sorrow always illuminated and always hidden hidden hidden that's the darkness that's the shadow nothing evil no spot or stain or wrinkle on mary she was preserved from sin all sin even menial sin so i'm not implying anything about darkness tainting the blessed virgin mary god forbid but she's hidden she's protected people didn't know if they knew it would have it would not have gone according to plan right if god had a plan for jesus mary and joseph and the rest of the saints and it all started with the hiddenness of mary she's in the shadows and we can think likewise about the other luminous mysteries the remote watching how she's she's there but we can't necessarily see her even in our mind's eye we can't necessarily see her at the baptism at uh the miracle i can't we see her obviously she's front and center one of the few times that our lady is front and center uh we have the proclamation of the kingdom where she's kind of excluded oh your mother wants to see you jesus well who's my mother she's the one who does the will of the father yeah it's funny the doubled on taunder there where jesus you know the protestants think ah he's insulting his mother or some other enemies of christ say the same thing or enemies of mary would say the same thing but no it's it's just like when he said why do you call me good only god is good ah you see so he's not god no he's saying if you're calling me good and god is only god is good if i'm good i'm god right so he wasn't denying that he's good he's just making sure we know that only god is good same thing with his mother he does respect his mother obviously and obviously his mother is the perfect example of doing the will of the father the only example among those of us who are human but not divine jesus christ is human and divine and as my friend anthony pointed out to me all frustrated it's not fair jesus is a god and man of course he can suffer and die but it's not the same when we do it well yeah it is because we have to die to self and we have to become christ we have to follow his example we have everything that christ had those things that you think make it unfair that we're supposed to follow his example because of his privileges of being the son of god and being god all of that we have we have access to we are supposed to appropriate how by dying to self and living in christ so we can't use that excuse that oh it's not fair because jesus had the privilege of being the son of god and being being god well we that is why deification is part of our religion we have to die to self and we have to become christ right we have to become one flesh with christ this is a deep mystery as saint paul says so the miracle at cana the proclamation of the kingdom she takes a step back like i said and she's rebuffed uh uh ostensibly by christ but not really it's a little wink and a nod to his mother he knows she's doing the will of god he knows and then after the mystery of the proclamation of the kingdom we have transfiguration on mount tabor where's mary i picture her again off in the shadows and with the last supper is she there is she mentioned in the bible as being present at the last supper she mentioned not much if at all i don't know i don't know i should confirm that i can't imagine that she was not there but she's not for one i can recall she's not mentioned let me just look that up quickly something i should know was mary [Music] i should know this i'm getting different i'm getting mixed messages here i'm trying to find a catholic authoritative catholic answer maybe we don't know maybe we don't know i won't dwell on this too long some people are saying yes some people are saying no i'm gonna have to uh dig deeper into that it's an interesting question was the blessed virgin mary the mother of god present at the last supper my hunch is yes in darkness in the shadows humble quiet not waving and dancing and saying look at me look at me just being humble and probably serving so we've looked at the sorrow that mary experienced during the joyful moments the darkness and hiddenness during the luminous mysteries what's next we have the sorrowful mysteries and you guessed it that means we're going to focus on the joy that mary had in her heart her whole life long she had the sorrow in her heart her whole life long she had the dark hidden mysteriousness cloaking as part of her voyage her journey her pilgrimage her whole life long and yes she had that joy that she carried with her her whole life long including during the sorrowful moments the sorrowful mysteries those scenes that we call the five scenes that we call the sorrowful mysteries so imagine the joy imagine the joy of mary as her son is in the garden i guess gethsemane in agony begging god to take the chalice from him so he doesn't have to drink the chalice the bitter chalice of his torture the psychological torture and the abandonment of those for whom he was about to die wow imagine the joy of mary during that darkest of the sorrowful mysteries it's the darkest it's the most bleak it's the most horrifying it's the grimmest moment in the sorrowful mysteries it's the darkest that's why it's my favorite it's the darkest it's the most bleak i would say more so than the crucifixion itself and all the others combined i would say i would say it's the darkest i could be wrong it's just my opinion it's just my hunch i would say it's the darkest moment because you're you're there jesus is there contemplating i have the image somewhere over here jesus is there contemplating the betrayal the [Music] ungratefulness the hardness of heart the stiffness of neck of those of us who would sin and as a percentage we can round it off uh to the nearest thousandth decimal place by saying 100 of us have sinned right mary didn't a few saints didn't sin even venial sin i like to think that saint joseph never sinned to be nielsen but could be wrong about that but he's in the garden jesus is soaking [Music] is absorbed in that horror the anticipation which is always worse than the punishment and the torture itself the anticipation the psychological torture is worse than the physical the emotional pain of betrayal and these sorts of things always worse than physical pain or discomfort or even physical torture so it's dark and we have the joy of mary during this moment as she's aware she's very much aware of what's going on she knows the mission she knows her mission she knows her son's mission and yet she has joy why because she knows god she loves god she serves god and she's going to be happy with god forever she knows this so she has the joy and the joy of seeing this great work being done fulfilled in a perfect way the joy of seeing her son's human nature submit itself freely to the will of his divine nature two wills in christ and the human will submitted itself freely to the will of the father his own divine will there's joy in that there's joy in that for mary and there's joy in that for you and for me we can all enter into that joy and it's the same with the other sorrowful mystery so i'll leave it to you to go through the exercise and walk through the sorrowful mysteries scourging at the pillar she's there again in the dark shadows watching the joy in her heart the crowning with thorns i don't know if she had a any way of physically seeing that scene if it took place in closed quarters in jesus of nazareth the movie took place outdoors and she was able to see it god only knows we'll see it judge on judgement day we'll see crowning with thorns the caring of cross of course she saw that and she saw it with joy in her heart and the crucifixion and i forget which saint it was it was saint francis de sales who said that if the soldiers had hesitated to pick up the hammer nails and to finish the job she would have done it herself because she was on a mission just like her son it's the same mission as the sun it's the same mission and she accomplished the mission and she would have done whatever it took to accomplish the mission this is the pious opinion of several saints i've read commentaries on this notion by other saints i forget which saint originated the idea but in any case uh it's a beautiful idea and it brings to mind this paradoxical joy of the sorrowful mysteries the joyfulness in mary's heart as she went through it with him and ask any mother who's seen her child suffer ask any mother and they'll tell you that it's more painful for the mother than for the child if you read the book of maccabees i believe it's the second book of maccabees where the mother with the seven sons and all seven sons are tortured killed before her eyes that is a type of mary very very powerful and touching tale you should go and read it if you haven't already so finally i want to talk just a little bit about the last group of mysteries which are the glorious mysteries so what would be the sort of opposite of glory glory when we think of glory it's sort of the supernatural otherworldly it's heavenly spiritual and saint paul contrasts that with the natural with the worldly with the normal mundane natural okay so it's very interesting to think about the glorious mysteries and mary's perspective insofar as it could be of course the her glorious perspective yes but we're contrasting that now we're bringing in sort of the opposite to contemplate as we did with joyful and suffering and light luminescence and dark and these sorts of things we're doing the same with the glory so we're going to have a natural human earthly worldly perspective abnormal and now normal so like extraordinary and ordinary okay these are the contrasts that we're going to try to bring into the glorious mysteries so the phrase that we hear a lot today with the pandemic and with klaus schwab and davos group and [Music] this transhumanism and the vision that they have for us with these orchestrated maneuvers to get everyone hooked up to the satanic system the phrase is the new normal okay so there's no normal now it's just the new normal and uh that's sort of the the satanic approach to governing the world taking it to the next level but the godly and holy version of that in the context of these inversions of the mysteries would be that mary sees all of these glorious mysteries in many ways but one of those ways which i want to emphasize is in the way that is ordinary normal this is the new normal for god there's a new heaven and a new earth and mary's already ahead of the curve she sees that this is the way jesus is the way the truth and the life this is the way the glorious way is the way it's just the way of god it's ordinary and i have uh one of my earliest videos is on the book of six of them on the book of genesis i started an ambitious project to do commentary on the books of the bible and one of my episodes is something to do with god being ordinary you can go and listen to that if you're interested but the idea is that god created an or well-ordered universe and everything god does is orderly and we have a human nature and marriage has nature men have a nature women have a nature dogs have a nature tables have a nature there's an orderliness to god's creation and it's good it's ontologically good and god is always god and for god it's i don't know if it's extraordinary for god if god sees anything is extraordinary or if it's just ordinary and this is the point this is the point that i'm getting to with mary she's at that level by a unique grace she has the closest perspective to god's perspective so she sees the glorious as ordinary in that sense of the word well ordered and godly and perfect not falling away not fallen not broken not corrupted she sees that as the standard that's what's normal so what you and i would gasp at mary is at home there in that glory in that gloriousness it's regular ordinary normal so that's the perspective i want to bring to the glorious mysteries so we have the resurrection of our lord we sinners gasp he was dead and now he's alive and it's just and right that we have that reaction that we're blown away astonished but for mary she's so godly and i'm taking that as far as i possibly can without crossing the line into blasphemy she's as godly as any human will ever be any human that's not the second person of the trinity that is so she has that perspective already at the resurrection she's seeing something with pies that are godly eyes one of my recent guests talked about that experience of seeing as god cease and he was careful to point out i'm not blaspheming here i'm just saying that i saw in a way that i believe is the way that god sees and i accepted that and i believe him i think he got a little taste of heaven a little taste of god's vision this is not that uncommon right especially among the canadians we might see many examples of that and mary was like that all the time amazing so glory what's glorious mary's swimming in that constantly so we have the resurrection it's astonishing unnatural supernatural event and for mary it's par for the course doesn't mean she's not full of astonishment and wonder and joy but there's a purity that makes it natural more natural for mary she digests it perfectly so people have digestive systems that are very delicate and very hard to please mary's spiritual digestive system is a well-oiled machine it's she's made for this she's made for glory by special pre a unique preventive grace in view of the merits of christ same with the ascension of christ into heaven we're astonished those who witness it were probably astonished and rightly so for mary she's seeing [Music] the nature of things that higher level of nature the new heavens the new earth she's already there she's already like i said ahead of the curve she's a citizen of heaven already body and soul the descent of the holy spirit same thing and so on for the rest of them her assumption into heaven all the angels all the host of heaven and her son jesus christ gathering her up to her rightful place it's one and the same her life here below and her life in heaven that's why she had the privilege of the assumption it's just an easy transition there's none of us will have that none of us will have what she had with her bodily assumption into heaven because the glorious was already her home she was accustomed to that so this is the normalcy the naturalness the ordinariness that i want to bring to mind when contemplating the glorious which is so and astonishing and sometimes uh for some of us hurt to grasp or hard to believe in especially those who struggle with their faith but for mary it wasn't so and finally her coronation in heaven of course this is just the natural course of events it's a seamless life seamless garment of christ not sullied not torn right it's a seamless one seamless life she was conceived without sin by that unique privilege so i didn't talk too much about the consecration but i wanted to share my experience my concrete mystical spiritual experience of that consecration because the consecration has been ongoing different attempts have been made you can have your own opinion about which one was which one was fulfilling the request most aptly i hesitate to form an opinion because it's above my station i just have to do my duty as a catholic which is to know god to love god and to serve god as best i can in this life so i can be happy with him forever in the next life and hopefully skip purgatory and go straight to heaven to die a happy death in the odor of sanctity it's ridiculous to even picture that but that's what i ask for every day that's what i pray for every day so that's it i'll wrap it up there i hope uh matthew if you're listening or watching this i hope that you appreciate my attempt to talk about the concentration consecration and uh all of the historical questions and all that stuff i'll leave to someone more uh more educated on those things so there's a lot to get into i'm not even interested quite frankly i'm very happy that pope francis did it i'm very happy that thousands of bishops thousands of bishops i think i'll have to look up the numbers but i i know for a fact hundreds of american bishops participated and how many catholic well how many countries are there with catholic bishops pretty much every country in the world hundreds of countries so i don't know i don't know what the numbers are i'm not terribly interested to know the numbers i know that there was a great enthusiasm [Music] generally by catholics even rad trads i haven't heard anything hersh the harshest thing i heard was from michael matt who said well why was there no mention of the holocaust of abortion on the unborn i agree i agree we need to put that in a prominent place especially in the context of natural disasters wars and other scourges of god i agree we have to talk about the elephant in the room child sacrifice ongoing satanic child sacrifice we have to talk about that we can't ignore it and the second point that michael matt made first was abortion the second what was the second one i can't remember the second one but i agreed i agreed with him on both points he was very harsh in his criticism very harsh i don't agree with the harshness there's no need for that do yours do your thing worry about yourself and those that you have charge of anyone who can help if it's appropriate to help them help them anyone you can bring to justice if it's appropriate and possible for you to bring to justice then bring them to justice but the whining and complaining and pulp bashing no i don't agree with that but there was very little very little that i discovered anyway it seems like a lot of uh so-called conservative catholics and traditionalist catholics uh we're very pleased very optimistic if even if cautiously so and even if begrudgingly so that's okay that's okay i'll take it there is uh i think it was uh matthew i think it was you my friend in australia who sent me a link to a catholic guy i don't know if he's a retired professor or something like that but uh what's his name chris chris doodle or chris dunn or something like that but i was pleased to discover that he wrote a manifesto let's see if i can find it bear with me uh chris excuse me well i try to find it because it's kind of interesting okay his name's not even chris it's larry i was way off on that one larry chap okay let's just quickly look this up i may be interesting him soon and uh thank you matthew for sending me his email address listen to this let me put it on the screen for you a manifesto of the new traditionalism boom listen to this i should fix uh hold on i'm gonna before i read this let me just fix my uh contrast there yeah and let me enlarge it just a little bit whoops what did i do bear with me people this is like technical technical issues here as i play with my obs software a manifesto of the new traditionalism and we have a quote from matthew scribe instructed in the kingdom of heaven is like to a man that is a householder who bringeth forth out of his treasure new things and old yeah so the new traditional is going to the new the the new part of the new traditionalism is offensive to most stodgy old traditionalists no offense to any of the rat trads out there i say it with love so this manifesto begins the catholic church is the guardian of the sacred tradition passed on to the disciples by jesus christ in this age of deracination being uprooted i guess because rascine in french is root in this age of destination it is no wonder that new generations are returning to tradition rediscovering its forgotten heritage both in the church and in the world but whenever the spirit guides men to truth the devil will strive to pervert their good intentions as catholics we hold fast to all that is good in the movement for the restoration of lost traditions and oppose all appearances of evil it has become evident that the devil's tool to ruin the traditionalism of the is the spirit of the pharisees boom who opposed the renewal of the spirit and the good news of our lord jesus christ we reject the whitewashed tombs of this dead traditionalism wow amen rather we stand for the living flame of a very different traditionalism a beautiful living thing ever ancient and ever new in the words of the holy father quote we see the authentic tradition of the church which is not a static deposit or a museum piece but the root of a constantly growing tree this millennial tradition bears witness to god's work in the midst of his people and is and is called to keep the flame alive rather than to guard its ashes in every age end quote in every age this living flame of tradition has burned ever brighter by quote scrutinizing the signs of the times and interpreting them in the light of the gospel and quote that from second vatican council wow that goddamn it dispersed section four so the new traditionalism obviously likes vatican ii therefore we affirm not only the validity of the second vatican council but the primacy of these dogmatic and constant and pastoral constitutions in our present era to instruct the people of god to be quote an instrument for the redemption of all end quote that from lumengencium again uh lumengencium this time the last one was gaudium at space lumen gentium section 9. he continues we reject the rupturist on both the right and the left amen who both assert that the council taught who both assert that the council taught modernism yes this is a traditionalism i can get behind we likewise reject the lukewarm liberals yes who despite their formal acceptance of the council have muted its full message and compromised for either the conservative or progressive form of the bourgeois individualism of modernity amen without the full flowering of the council this modern world the modern world cannot be redeemed for if to doubt the council is to doubt the holy spirit himself who guides the church then to dilute the council is to dilute the work of the spirit let me read that again without the full flowering of the council the modern world cannot be redeemed for if to to doubt the council is to doubt the holy spirit himself who guides the church then to dilute the council is to dilute the work of the spirit very powerful stuff and very common sensical and very catholic continuing now just as the council of nicea the second vatican council was and remains mired in an era of crisis but an ecumenical council cannot be reduced to its imperfect participants nor the corruption and chaos which persisted before during and after the council it i'm just pausing my reading here to mention that if you haven't read the pros and cons of said evacantism it's one of my uh favorite uh episodes that i've done it's a meta episode cvs meta the pros and cons of cedificantism go and listen to it if you haven't listened to it yet it's one of my favorites and i talk about this very thing the corruption the chaos that surrounded the councils before during and after the councils okay go go and look at that video continuing now we trust in the providence of the almighty father to work all things for good and in the promise of the lord jesus christ to peter at caesarea philippi therefore we reject the current trend among ruptures traditionalists to treat vatican ii as a failed council that should be ignored or even annulled faithful criticism is one thing but wholesale rejection is another and we affirm that the council and its aims were the result of genuine a genuine movement of the holy spirit that remains relevant and it ever more so and is even more so now than ever amen we affirm as a movement we affirm as a movement of the holy spirit that counsels emphasis upon the universal call to holiness boom into religious and ecumenical dialogue boom liturgical reform boom moral theology renewed by a return to a more scripturally grounded approach boom the libertory dynamism of catholic social teaching yes and the church as a nested hierarchy of relational and mutually enriching charisms amen the council has already borne a plentiful harvest in these areas but the laborers who will preach defend and live these teachings are still too few wow we do not write to initiate an undeveloped school of thought nor to promote unestablished practices but to describe the resourcesamall of radical and orthodox catholicism which has been widely professed and practiced for over half a century producing many holy apostolates and saints for those who stand with us and for those weary of rupture and liberalism alike we offer this outline of the philosophy practices and program of a new traditionalism wow i got my hair standing on end as i read this i had briefly scanned it before uh but this is the first time that i'm properly reading the text of the manifesto albeit that's just the introduction to the text i will read it with mucho gusto this is uh a little taste of heaven for me coming home to the church that i recognize a church that believes in the sacred council all of the sacred councils of mother church so i'm very very excited and pumped up i hope you are too i hope you love the church as much as i do and i hope that i will grow to love it more and more each moment of every day god bless you thanks for listening thanks for watching and we'll take care we'll talk soon take care god bless

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