CVS Live - 2021-12-16 - Authority Part 5 (Vaccine Passport Required)

Author Streamed Thursday December 16th, 2021

CVS Live - 2021-12-16 - Authority Part 5 (Vaccine Passport Required)

Author Streamed December 4th, 2021



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okay i'm live i'm just doing a quickie here because i wanted to get this on the record so i'll just jump straight into it and hear just saying hello i don't have good news for you today i'm going to jump ahead of just reducing by by 50 the capacity of borrowers restaurants gyms and everything is good in the churches and places of worship is really a capacity we're also going to reduce it by 50 and that 50 can't be more than 250 people who see that and we're going to put in place also in the vaccine passport so this is what the archbishop christian le pen and the auxiliary bishop thomas dowd promised me would never ever ever happen in the province of quebec now i understand that uh they probably didn't see it coming but uh it's here okay this comes into effect monday morning so i'm gonna go to church on i'm not going to bother going to the oratory on saturday even though there's uh 4 30 for the non-passport the non-vaccinated and but as you know if you've seen the other parts of this drama i'm not allowed i'm barred for life until i get vaccinated because of the run-in that i had with the security there so it looks like uh in keeping with the signs of the times and what's happening generally in the church caving to the pressures of secular powers i'm gonna just i'm not gonna spend too much time dwelling on this depressing news but uh i did wanna just sort of show you how it's official it says i can't really see this balcony so it's it's official you need the the passport backs now you need it to go it's depressing in better news a little bit of good news i got an email back from the provincial of the order of the whole the congregation of holy cross which uh director of saint joseph's oratory belongs he's a member of that religious order so i got an email today me that i my message has been received i didn't go into details with them i just said i want to get in touch with the rector of st joseph's oratory and they said we passed along your contact information so that's some good news maybe i will be able to communicate with the rector but it looks like it's too late because monsieur logo has imposed the vaccine mandate on all churches throughout quebec it's depressing this is a little um video play of a church that i'm thinking of checking out i've been there one time i didn't really like it but uh it's an ffps church here in montreal i like i love the ffps but this particular church i did not enjoy my one experience there it was very dour and depressing but uh let's take a look at this video here it's not the most beautiful church i've ever seen but french it's fssp i mean uh in principle i have nothing against the traditional latin mass or the um i've been avoiding it just because i they're so few and far between and because like i said i had a bad experience there the one time i went there but vatican ii does give latin right of place and gregorian chant pride of place and oregon pride of place and uh so it's closer to the vatican ii uh dictates directives it's just that i don't understand lat i anyway you get the impression that it might be a little bit less flagrantly lakey here's another avenue that i pursued and by the way i did i did email this church today the traditional lat mass fssp or however you say it i think i thought it was i always thought it was ffps but i guess it's fssp the fraternity of st peter um i did email them and they did respond and i have a meeting to go talk with the priest next week so there may be hope for me yet that i can find my way in the church and not be completely abandoned here's another avenue i'm exploring which is i contacted this priest i don't know him fernando mignon i don't know if he's italian um and it's group i've been there before i had nothing but good experiences with the opus dei in montreal again it's just a little bit of a hike to get there but if i can get the sacraments if i can get confession regularly from the opus dei i'll be there right so i've got the traditional at mass i've got the opus dei i've got these conservative opportunities these organizations that i'm sure have their own problems i tend to stay away from people who are on the right or on the left but i'm so dominated by those on my see what i can find on the right i mean the church is neither left nor right that's why it bothers me that different groups get characterized as left and right i just wish that everyone was in the center with christ and that we could have an appreciation for the authority of the church and hierarchy and i did i did notice by the way um as i was watching this video for the traditional latin mass that they do emphasize that they are in union with pope francis loyal to the magisterium of the catholic church boom that's of the utmost importance to so uh that's it there's a little bit of hope for me i'm still depressed i'm getting it i'm getting over it two and a half weeks it's coming up to three weeks now eye opening depressing and with this announcement today of the vax passport being up imposed on all catholic churches and i think even on mosques and uh temples or it's uh it's a sad day it's that day here in quebec mr lego i know he's just doing what he thinks is best and he the the silly part of all this is he belongs to what was ostensibly a very conservative party by the standards of quebec which isn't saying much but again i don't want to sound like i'm cheering for the right or that i'm leaning right or that i'm seeking conservative catholicism because i don't like conservative catholicism i only like catholicism i don't want my catholicism tainted by any prefix whether it's a prefix of the prefix of the left or a prefix of the right but right now i am thinking that i for the sake of my sanity i need to get with conservative catholics i mean it's uh i'm starting to think that i'll have to go underground even to go to the holy days of obligation my sunday obligation and of course christmas new year's here in canada we have very few holy days of obligation christmas new year's sundays that's about it here in canada very very relaxed but out of bounds for me because i'm not vaccinated so it's tragic hoping to find a solution between now and i've been to catholic activities i guess you could say which were run out of households private gatherings sort of like youth groups kind of thing and they would bring in a priest and they would actually in the house of this elderly gentleman who hosted and of course the priest would do and it was it was nice it was nice i um now i'm thinking uh that i should have gone more often i i went semi-regularly and then i just sort of when i moved out of the neighborhood i just stopped going but i'm thinking now that i didn't appreciate it quite as much as i should have because if i were still involved with i should try to get back in touch with these people but if i were still involved i would have access to a sort of underground church where i could have it's the same church that he's he's faithful to the magisterium but he was offering the sacraments in the privacy of this elderly saintly gentleman's home with a bunch of uh predominantly men young men and uh we would do spiritual readings we it was nice you know so i know that if i need to go underground i know that i've reached out to a few of my contacts priests i've had dealings with in the past a religious meaning a monk just hoping to get some sort of without without saying anything just reaching out and uh putting my feelers out to see what the in december 2021 i haven't been getting a lot of feedback i'm wondering if it's because just because of the times the nature of the times they're busy they're overwhelmed or i don't know i it's it's odd i find it auto i was very encouraged by the fact that i sent out two emails today to ostensibly right leaning organizations and i got replies same day that was encouraging but a lot of the other priests that i've been reaching out to i haven't been getting responses it might just be because i don't know god only knows but i i am going to make it a little bit of a mission a hobby trying to find a priest who does not believe in evolution a priest who does not believe that the secular worldly godless governments of this world are above the hierarchy of the church if i can find a priest like that i'm pretty sure that that priest will guide me and protect me and enable me to avail myself in a that's all i'm asking i just want to have so that's it i'm gonna leave it there it's a glum glum situation here in quebec i'm not happy about it but i will persevere i will continue to seek and as our lord promised if you seek you will find so that's it i hope you'll pray for me if you're if you're a catholic if you're watching this if you're a catholic a faithful catholic striving to be faithful and you have access to the sacraments and you are not required to be vaccinated to go to church then i'd appreciate your prayers i'd appreciate to pray for all of quebec all of canada and every other place that's being subject to these impositions which i and uh so i'd appreciate your prayers and if you're struggling if you're a catholic who's struggling because of covered restrictions then uh you and i can pray for each other you can reach out to me definitely need some cast some more catholic friends because i'm feeling more and more alone i do have a couple of good friends that have met through the podcast and they're like-minded and of course we don't agree on absolutely everything but on the essentials of the precious catholic faith we agree and we can love and support each other and offer true friendship to each other to each other and that friendship is defined in the church as helping the other to make it to heaven that's what it's all about that's what friendship is all about so thanks for listening it's just a quick one today and uh i'll probably be back saturday god willing to uh to continue with i really do want to get back i keep saying it but i really do want to get back to my reading of arts fundamentals i'm missing it i'm saddened by the long prolonged delays and i'm hoping that uh the fact that i'm going on two weeks in the next two weeks will afford me the time the opportunity to get back into its fundamentals so that's it thanks for watching thanks for listening as always and take care of yourselves we'll talk very soon yourselves we'll talk very soon god bless

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