CVS Live - 2022-04-09 - Number of the Beast (666)

Author Streamed Saturday April 9th, 2022

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Just noticed that I now have 666 subs. The right-wing nut-jobs love this kind of thing. I find it mildly amusing at best. God alone is good.

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okay i think i'm live again just got done with kieran here in lisney and uh i just noticed i just went on my youtube channel notice something interesting there's my interview with karen lisney pastor arthur palowsky but uh i guess i just hit a milestone scissors subscribers so that's it you want to uh document the silly landmark milestone people make uh a big deal about this sort of thing especially the uh conspiracy theorists not jobs on the right wing including christians god love them but they make a little bit too much about the some of the numbers and numerology the symbolism in the book of revelation in particular god love them i wish them well but as my guest kieran just got finished telling me there is a danger to getting sucked into the truther movement the freedom movements and all these sorts of exciting things that we can see going on around us they're just distractions so we need to keep our faith firmly grounded in christ in this church so that's it just wanted to share that with you we'll talk very soon i'll probably have another guest uh this weekend we'll see what happens but uh in the meantime take care of yourselves we'll talk very soon god bless