CVS Live - 2021-08-28 - Miscarriage of Justice

Author Streamed Saturday August 28th, 2021

In this live stream I am talking about how the enemies of Christ fall into error and other evils. The primary example I will focus on is the controversy surrounding the Miscarriage data controversy in a preliminary study originally published in the New England Journal of Medicine on April 21st, 2021.

CVS Live - 2021-08-28 - Miscarriage of Justice

Author Streamed March 13th, 2021



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all right it looks like we're live um i'm on my own i'm just gonna do about the miscarriage controversy with that new england journal of medicine preliminary study before i get into that a couple of little things i'm tonight i'm scheduled to do part two of my chat with a 16 year old australian alex we did one last week and uh we're scheduled to do another one tonight i don't know what the topic will be he's gonna lead the way i'm just gonna respond to him as usual i haven't prepared anything um and he is also scheduled to come and chat with kieran lisney and anyone who knows me and my channel knows how close i am with the listening brothers hayden and kieran lisney and uh we keep in touch as much as we can they're both uh busy with their families and uh you know but we still manage to keep in touch and their lovely guys so alex will be talking with here and hopefully on september 11th which will be the 20th anniversary of 9 11. still say it was controlled demolition but who knows it's just my opinion um so yeah today i i know i don't like to talk about politics other than to say uh i don't like the left i don't like the right okay i like jesus christ and his church so this is clear to anyone this won't surprise anyone who knows me or my channel but today i'm going to get a little bit messy with the new religion that is of course tainted with contaminated with a heavy dose of politics politics on the left for those who like the left politics on the right for those who like the right and i'm disappointed not surprised but lack of intelligence of those who fall for the lies of the left the lies of the right we're going to go through that with this new england journal of medicine preliminary study but before i do that i mention that something's happening in quebec today here in montreal and i've got my shirt on this is my no kovid vaccines needed i have an immune system that's the shirt i'm going to be wearing to the protest today and if people that i meet or friends or family want to think that i'm anti-vaxxed i'm happy to embrace that label i don't identify as anti-vaxxer never have but i am definitely pro-choice when it comes to injecting mrna or other technologies i'm definitely pro-choice about that i'm pro-choice about absolutely everything i'm pro-choice about suicide i just think you should choose not to do it because you'll go to hell i'm pro-choice about abortion i just think you should not choose not to do it because you'll go to hell or you're at great risk for going to hell if you don't repent so i'm pro-choice about absolutely everything i just want you to make the right choice choose wisely choose life so i'm i'm not on facebook but there's this thing on facebook this is how my wife found out about this protest that's taking place here in the interesting thing is it's gonna be full of nurses teachers and i'm excited to see who turns up and what they have to say they're going to give speeches right near my house actually a couple of blocks away so it's very convenient i'll head over there a bit see how that how that goes but uh i don't participate in protests i'm going to the protest but i'm not a member of any group other than the catholic church i'm a member of jesus christ i'm going to go to the protest but i'm not protesting i'm not a protester i'm not i don't endorse any of these groups even the canadian frontline nurses i don't endorse the group because i don't know what they teach i highly doubt that they're catholic same thing with all these other groups i don't know what they teach and i do not endorse them but i support the individuals who are concerned and i share a lot of their concerns i think so i want to make that clear distinction make it official i'm not protesting not in an organized way i'm protesting as an individual if claiming that i have free will is considered a protest in today's sick world then i am protesting constantly non-stop constantly protesting i have free will i don't have absolute free will but i do have some free will i'm able to choose some times among the options that are available lots of constraints but don't deny that i have free will this is a this is the new religion the new atheism pushing that we don't have free will and there's there are a lot of satanic religions swirling around the world these days and they want to limit our choice they want to restrict our freedoms in ways that are inordinate in their control and in their tyrannical top-down manipulations the way they manipulate information so this i'm not being a conspiracy theorist i'm just saying that i have free will it's limited but when you try to tell me that i'm not free in those areas that i am free i will protest not in an organized way but as one single individual you can torture me you can kill me it doesn't matter it's i i'm insignificant i'm not part of any movement other than the jesus movement the holy roman catholic church so i'm a nobody you can torture me you can kill me it doesn't really matter this canadian frontline nurses like i say i do not endorse them i don't know seems like they're organizing a whole bunch of protests about the mandatory vaccines the tyranny of it and so i support any individual that has concerns about that sort of thing i but i don't belong to any organized group other than the church i am living in quebec i was born in ontario canada i'm living in quebec for the past 20 30 years on and off for the past 20 i've been here uh last 21 years i haven't really left quebec other than to visit my sister in the united states of america but here in quebec there is the vaccination passport coming into effect on september 1st which is obviously i oppose this obviously i think it's ridiculous i think it's unjustifiable you know does it affect my day-to-day life not really um am i interested in going to restaurants and concerts and all these non-essential places no i'm not i'm not sure i've never been interested in any of that so it doesn't really affect me other than giving me a red flag that top down control is overreaching yet again the governments of the world are supposed to protect our freedoms not manage our lifestyles and our micromanage our health choices right so i definitely oppose any overreach by any government and because i'm catholic i have this principle of subsidiarity which means that you give power to the lowest possible authority and the lowest possible authority level i think a lot of stuff that should be decided on the individual level has been bumped up taken over co-opted by municipal level provincial level federal level i'm speaking in canadian terms here but you get the idea you can use the equivalent terms for your wherever you are your forms of government that you have if you're in the states it would be i guess but i think a lot of uh rights and freedoms and a lot of the authority that we have as individuals a lot of that authority has been taken over by illegitimate levels of authority above the individual moving on now i want to talk about this miscarriage thing bit shoot is what i would characterize as a sort of right wing alternative to youtube i've been watching it ever since uh the election was stolen i believe it was stolen from trump uh i no longer support trump ever since he started pushing the vaccines i don't support him i think he is just another politician maybe slightly more entertaining and he he might care a little bit more but uh i've lost all faith in him ever since he started pushing the vaccines and i lost faith in him when he let the election be stolen and he didn't use his power to prevent it first of all or to investigate it once it had taken place i've seen material evidence uh in terms of forensic analysis of the data that proves that there's some really uh suspicious activity in terms of statistical fractional now this could this could have been fake news it could have been completely fabricated but if it's true then i have no doubt that the election was stolen and just it at a gut level i don't think uh i don't think the results are what we were told that they were but i really don't care like i said i don't trust any politician i used to be excited about trump because he was ostensibly the most pro-life president i've ever seen even though i don't believe that he's pro-life by the case pro-choice in the street-level definition of pro-choice not the level of pro-choice that i promote which is choose but choose wisely and choose life if you don't choose according to the mind of christ and his church you are in grave grave danger so that's that's my definition of pro-choice but the the standard street-level definition of pro-choice is that you can kill your baby and there are no consequences it's just a hunk of flesh or whatever i think uh trump is pro-choice in that sense of the word but at least he was catering to right-wing conservative protestant mainly protestant christians in the u.s so he did a lot of good i think when the pro-life movement but bit shoot is generally uh very anti-semitic you see a lot of people that hate jews i don't hate jews i love jews i worship a jew i worship and adore as god almighty the god-man jesus christ who is a jew i worship with hyper dulia meaning extreme worship the greatest worship possible that is not adoration due to god but the greatest adoration possible for a non-god i give to the jews the greatest human that is not god that is the blessed virgin mary so i worship her with hyperdulia and i worship all the other jews the saints who are the apostles and so on throughout history and i consider myself a jew a spiritual jewel a jew a child of abraham and if you read the new testament in light of the old uh you will see that we are jews there's a continuity there we catholics are the fulfill the uh i saw there's some controversy as always surrounding pope francis and he's being called out by some jewish organization i think that's ridiculous because there can only be one true faith and if it's not catholicism then i mean if it's if you want to argue that it's judaism fine but i believe that the one true faith is catholicism and so if you're a jew who thinks you belong to one true religion and you're arguing with a catholic who thinks that he belongs to one true religion i think it's common sense to take for granted that you're going to disagree about some fundamental interpretation interpretations of your own religion and of the other person's religion that's just a given you can't both be right about everything so let's let's adjust our expectations and to expect the pope to act like he is a follower of rabbinic judaism is absurd the temple was destroyed in about 70 a.d there are no more animal sacrifices there's no more priesthood in judaism fulfilling the requirements of the mosaic law so i don't i really don't see what all the fuss is about um so enough about bit shoot and the anti-semitism are not an anti-semite and you know i'm open-minded so i do i am curious to hear people uh denying the holocaust and i've never really heard it before until i got onto bit shoot and i do not deny the holocaust i mean i have it as an infallible truth that maximilian kolbe who is a saint infallibly declared as a saint he died in a concentration camp to be a holocaust denier and catholic is impossible cannot deny the holocaust because you would then hypso facto be leaving the faith because it's an infallible truth that maximilian colby among others died in the concentration camps what's the true story what's the real story what are all the details i don't know god only knows we're going to find out on judgment day we're going to watch in horror uh but with a joy because at the final judgment we already have uh for those of us who god willing make it to heaven we're going to already have that assurance that we're saved we're going to heaven might have to go through purgatory but we're going to make it to heaven and we're going to have a joy with all the facts of history because the truth is better than any fantasy the truth is i think but is better than any lie so we're going to enjoy seeing the torture and rape of children we're going to enjoy seeing the torture and rape of women and men and all the atrocities of war we're going to enjoy seeing that because we are at that final judgment completely informed about every detail how it came about why it came about and when and where each individual strayed from jesus christ and indulged plunged into the filth of sin and so it's horrifying and it will remain ugly but there's a certain beauty to god's justice that will color our reaction so we won't be crushed by the weight of evil in fact we will be soaring on the wings of faith hope and charity as we await the fulfillment which will only come when we enter into the life of the holy trinity in heaven but at the final judgment we are not yet in heaven there are people that are in heaven the saints blessed virgin mary but for the rest of us we die we get a particular judgment and then the final judgment at the end um at the end of time is purgatory is purgatory complete at the end of time it might be the case i'll have to look into this but i think purgatory winds up wraps up at the end of time so maybe all of us who i don't want to be in purgatory but if i end up in purgatory it might be the case that at the final judgment we are exiting purgatory and on our way to heaven there's no time so i'm just speaking in human terms using analogy because we can't understand eternity and what it means to be outside of time but we know that it's good because god ordained it therefore it's good but we're going to see the holocaust we're going to see the nightmare scenarios of every war every corrupt government selling arms selling just corrupt governments doing corrupt things pharmaceutical companies being corrupt doctors nurses uh people like me you're gonna you're gonna see all my corruption you're gonna see everyone's corruption okay um and so i don't know where i'm going with this but i was talking about bit shoot how it's right wing and uh yeah i do i do enjoy getting the other perspective the uh the crazy people those who hate jews those who deny the holocaust those who hate homosexuals we're forbidden to hate anyone i mean i don't hate homosexuals i think they're in grave danger if they're unrepentant but being on shoot for the past 18 or so months uh it is it is interesting seeing some of this some of these i don't endorse hatred of any kind i very dangerous you're on your way to hell if you preach hatred of any kind toward any human uh you have to hate sin but love the sinner this is a basic natural religion i think and of catholicism in particular what are some of the other things we find on bit shoot we find a lot of crazy people preaching crazy lies conspiracy theories most of them are right-wing i've seen a but when you do a search for 82 percent miscarriage you come up with a whole bunch of videos a lot of repetition because people mirror and they republish but they all basically say the same thing so this miscarriage rate controversy it was i did a little fact check with reuters reuters is a big big group that was actually brought up by uh what was originally a canadian media company out of timmins ontario way back in the 1930s i think it was a very small publication in northern ontario and it grew and grew and grew and today it actually purchased reuters so reuters is a daughter company now of this tiny local newspaper in timmins ontario northern ontario which grew into a media interesting little tidbit there but i wanted to fact check this idea that over 80 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage after the vaccinations so we can just briefly some of the salient points that they okay here they talk about what the conspiracy theorists say like for and then they go on to give their argument that it's only 3.65 of course they're going to correct that and say it's 3.8 because there was a little mistake they made with their numbers when they first published the article but anyway it's a very small number 3.8 3.65 it's all about the same as compared to the 82 right so we have the right wing morons for lack of a better word saying 82 and the left-wing morons for lack of a better word and we're going to look at the actual article and see what the article says what do these so-called scientists and doctors at the published their article what do they say and then we're going to use reason we're going to use basic primary school math to figure out what the truth is and a little spoiler alert it's not one extreme it's not the other extreme it's somewhere in between exactly where in between i don't know we have to speculate because they they've published an ambiguous preliminary study i think they did it on so the the the way that these people get their number is they take 104 miscarriages out of the total number of and uh that's absurd okay because the 827 completed pregnancies in the study the study admits that so 104 miscarriages that gives you about 12.5 percent 12.6 percent so why are you including all these people that have not completed the pregnancy when that's not the criteria the criterion of that calculation and we're gonna i'm gonna show you the paper itself first of all this is the most recent paper which makes reference to that preliminary report and it just re-emphasizes that uh ultimate result which was 12 point i think it was about 12.5 five four point six percent twelve point six percent so they re-emphasize this that this is the finding 104 out of 827 equals 12.6 percent they're re-emphasizing that so it's not like they read the article and they examined the data using pure reason and primary school math skills they didn't do that they just regurgitated the finding as published the misleading result here now it could be 12.6 but i don't think there's grounds to say that it's 12.6 percent and we're going to see why this is the actual study preliminary findings of mrna covid19 vaccine safety in pregnant persons now the only persons who can get pregnant are women so that we can already see this is left wing paper it's nauseating we see the word women here pregnant women this is gonna shock the lefties because how dare you assume the gender right but encouraging they're not completely these people they anyway that's beside the point we're going to look at the data so blah blah blah i read this whole thing you can go ahead and read it but what we're going to focus on is the result in terms of miscarriages there are lots of other things but miscarriage okay this is where's the table where's the table this is the table here among 827 participants who had a completed pregnancy pregnancy resulted in a live birth in this many cases in spontaneous abortion in 104 cases which is 12.6 that's what we're going to examine okay let's click on this and take a look and we're going to read the data we're going to read the but i'm going to do it in my highlighted version you can compare and contrast it's the same i've manipulated it other than to highlight it but i'm just going to show you this same table 4. you can go ahead the published incidents this is sort of the expected value what we see traditionally in our statistic statistics what would we expect to see in random sampling of 827 women who are pregnant and what pregnant means is that it's clinically detected clinically acknowledged that you are pregnant so i'm not talking about a fertilization that just doesn't work out and it never gets detected i'm talking about a clinical pregnancy okay that's a very important distinction i so here we have that all critical piece of information 104 miscarriages out of 827 that gives you 12.6 okay it seems pretty straightforward first thing i want to look at is this footnote here i love seeing crosses because it reminds me of my lord and savior jesus christ it reminds me that i have to suffer with christ and die with christ in order to be saved so the footnote with the cross says data on pregnancy laws are based on 827 participants in the v safe pregnancy registry that's just like an app that people sign up for if they want to participate in the study 827 participants who received the mrna cover 19 vaccine basically pfizer or moderna from this date to that date and who reported a completed pregnancy remember what is a completed pregnancy we're gonna we're gonna talk about that too a total of 700 participants this is important i've highlighted double highlighted this one a total participation a total of 700 participants received their first eligible dose in the third trimester okay why is that important well it's important because miscarriage or spontaneous abortion which is just a synonym for miscarriage is defined in all the textbooks as loss of the child before 20 weeks that's the definition of miscarriage after 20 weeks they don't call it miscarriage okay they call it either stillbirth or let's take a look first of all at the footnote i've got footnote 15 here where does that come from it comes from this note on miscarriage here's the footnote with the link go and check it out yourself footnote 15. spontaneous abortion also known as miscarriage is defined as the loss of pregnancy less than 20 weeks gestation so it's built into the definition of miscarriage that it's less than 20 weeks the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists estimates it is the most common form of pregnancy loss it is estimated that as many as 26 of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and up to 10 percent of clinically recognized pregnancies let's read that again it is estimated that as many as 20 of all pregnancies and up to 10 of clinically recognized pregnancies so there are two categories here you have all pregnancies all is all-encompassing that means fertilizer fertilization the egg received at least one sperm that penetrated it and fertilized it we have a zygote a new human being god puts a soul into the zygote at the moment of conception 20 26 up okay of these zygotes that are human persons with infinite dignity 26 of them have spontaneous abortion or miscarriage okay now it's uh it's shocking to think about that but what is the relationship between that 26 and this 10 this is all important that we understand the relationship between the 26 percent of all pregnancies any fertilization and the 10 percent of clinically recognized this means it comes onto the radar we have a pregnancy test of one sort or another a high-tech test or the one you get down at the pharmacy it doesn't matter okay clinically recognized pregnancies is a sub set of guess what all pregnancies can all pregnancies be a subset of clinically recognized pregnancies no it's the other way around those that are clinically recognized obviously belong to the superset of all pregnancies and up to it is estimated result in miscarriage okay now why am i emphasizing this so dramatically because they say here in their cross footnote that a total of 700 participants received their first eligible dose in the third trimester which means that they were not injected when they had their miscarriage the more important part here is that the 26 10 to 20 six percent range of published incidents what we expect to see if we do a random sampling of 827 pregnant women what we would expect to see they say is between 10 and 26 but this is absurd because the 26 is all-encompassing of all pregnancies including those pregnancies that are not even clinically recognized as pregnancies we can't track it we can't detect it we don't know about it so by definition those women in the study are pregnant that means that they are clinically recognized as pregnant which means that the upper limit of this is 10 the expected rate of miscarriage is up not a maximum of between 10 and 26 we're mixing our categories here now this is like saying well uh the the the likelihood of not having a child is between zero percent and one hundred percent because uh you know boy meets girl and he may or may not get into bed with her and he may or may not use contraception and he may or may not uh have fertile viable sperm and she may or may not be fertile and all these questions and so the you know we can extend the range that way if you want to and have somewhere between zero and 100 that the baby won't survive to the 20th week right but that's not the question question that's those aren't the participants the participants aren't flirting they're not trying to get a woman in bed they've already had these women have already been to bed hopefully that's how they got pregnant and they have already fertilized an egg and not only that they have already been clinically diagnosed as being pregnant so it's only 10 it's a maximum of 10 i hope you understand that this is uh this is either stupid or evil this misrepresentation this this error is either stupid incredibly stupid or evil it's a lie it's a manipulation or these so now if we look at the right wing conspiracy theories what they say is well 104 had miscarriages but it's not really 827 people it's only 7 827 minus 700 which is 127 that's where they get their 82 percent and i'm going to show you this this chart here but i just wanted to sort of put it in perspective this idea of the probability of reaching 20 weeks of age in your mother's womb this is sort of the broader picture about the distinction between all pregnancies and clinically recognized i have the cumulative survival rate right next to it is the risk of the danger so spontaneous abortion after conception but before clinical pregnancy which means you have a 74 of getting past that particular hurdle when you're in your mother's womb but there's another hurdle it's a small hurdle it's only a 10 hurdle this is spontaneous abortion or miscarriage after clinical pregnancy right because as i said before as i emphasized before clinical pregnancy is a subset of all pregnancy not the other way around so we've already passed this 26 risk hurdle and now we are encountering another hurdle which is a 10 percent risk hurdle so that reduces my survival rate my cumulative survival rate from 74 to 67 you can just and then of course there's procured abortion after clinical pregnancy accounts for about 18 this has been dropping in recent years from mid-20s to now 18 i'm happy to hear that i don't know why these numbers fluctuate i'm happy when they go down obviously that will reduce the child's probability of reaching 20 weeks of age in your mother's room to about 55 so i just wanted to put this in context the whole question of the 26 the 10 and i just added on this other hurdle as an example of to emphasize the fact that as you move through time from fertilization where you have that zygote and a new human being who has the right to life from that stage all the way up to the 20 weeks there are many hurdles these are just three of them these are the three main categories and i think that they cover most of the cases of the things that could get in the way of reaching 20 weeks in the womb so i want to go and look at the table now that we've done the preliminary i've included a column here for politics i've got plausibility on the other side so what do these mean well i've got the right wing conspiracy theorists saying it's about 81.9 because they distribute the 104 in a way that is absurd it's it's virtually impossible that only the vast people had miscarriages none of the unvaxxed people had miscarriages they distribute that 104 in a way that is absurd it's extreme so that's how they come up with their with their number and this would represent uh 651 percent increase in the risk of miscarriage if you take the vaccine but that's absurd we can see that i've labeled this whole swath of of uh speculation as impossible that's a bit of an exaggeration but it's just very very very very improbable that for example of the 104 87 were vacs and only 17 were on max i find that a little bit extreme these are arbitrary zones that i've created but i'm showing how the right wing and the extreme left wing all have available to them extreme distributions that they could make for example down here in the extreme left wing they could say well no we have 104 were all unboxed so uh among the unvaxed the miscarriage rate was 14.9 among the vaxxed it was zero percent so there's actually a perfect protection against miscarriage this is one way of interpreting the ambiguous new england journal of medicine study preliminary study is by saying well i'm going to distribute among the unvaccined and the vaxxed i'm going to distribute the 104 miscarriages in such a way that maximally uh portrays the best case scenario which is that if you take this vaccine you will not have a miscarriage statistically speaking because zero percent of our women that got vaxxed had a miscarriage the people that were on vax had miscarriages at the rate of 14.9 but those who were vacs were protected apparently by the vaccine and they got zero percent miscarriages right so this is an extreme and dishonest way of interpreting the data and distributing those 104 miscarriages among the or among the uh 127 okay so the numbers just the distribution here what i have in this table is the distribution just slowly shifting so instead of giving all of the miscarriages to the vax and none to the unwaxed in this extreme most extreme limit case here we just walk it back one case at a time so okay there was let's say there was one unvaxed among the 104 and the rest were waxed that would give us an 81.1 percent risk of miscarriage if you're vaccinated and a 0.1 percent chance if you're unwaxed these are all incredibly unlikely it starts getting reasonable i think if you have if you assume a five percent miscarriage rate in the general population because the maximum is ten so you would have fifty four percent risk of miscarriage if you're vast and only a five percent in the control group the unvexed i think that's reasonable okay here we have what i think is the most probable zone somewhere between 7.5 percent and 10 because 10 is the upper limit it's the maximum according to their own footnote 10 percent is the maximum there's 26. you can ignore that because that's all pregnancies and that's irrelevant because we only have detected clinically detected pregnancies participating in the study okay we don't count all the glances that you made at the bar with that guy that might have resulted in a pregnancy we don't count you know all the other ways that you cannot have a baby reach 20 weeks of age in the womb we only count the clinically recognized pregnancies because that's what we're studying we're studying women that have been recognized clinically as being pregnant and only up to 10 up to 10 of those are at risk of miscarriage according to their own so up to 10 so i said it's most probably somewhere between 7.5 and 10 of the general population this control group of the 700 that were not vaccinated and so that would give us somewhere between 26 and 40 percent risk of miscarriage if you're waxed so what i think is most probable is between a twofold increase or a threefold increase somewhere in there compared to uh the control group the unvaxed you're two to three times as likely to have a miscarriage in other words if two to three times is likely to have a i think that is significant i think that's very significant i've allowed a little bit of wiggle room here i think it's still reasonable if you want to argue that you know up to 11 in the control group at miscarriages leaving 22 that still represents almost a two-fold increase for the vax if you're vast you're still going to get so i i do not recommend that women get the shot and especially pregnant women i recommend i do not recommend that anyone gets this shot but that's my opinion i'm not telling you what to do you have free will you so they were saying about 3.65 what would that that that's impossible that's actually impossible given the data that we have i put that in my impossible category 3.6 let's say about three point nine percent whatever it is what that would mean is that of the 827 only five had a miscarriage that were and what does that what does that tell you it tells you that the control group the normal people unwaxed had a 14 miscarriage even though the study itself says that it's a maximum of 10 percent in the participants because all the participants are clinically recognized so the key just to summarize the key to understanding why this is a misleading result that they've published the key to understanding that is right here with the published incidents the populations from which these rates are derived or not matched to the current study population for age race and ethnic group or other demographic and clinical factors okay that's just a general footnote saying we haven't calibrated it and correlated it that's okay it's the first time i read that footnote but it's irrelevant the basic idea here is that if you want to understand why this study is misleading you need to look at this number here 10 to 26 percent miscarriage rate that's the key what the right-wing conspiracy theorists are doing and they're not they're not helping my cause because my cause is truth my cause is uh math and science done properly that's my cause i don't like to see ambiguous manipulation of data where we slip in a and we we slip in this 26 which is irrelevant to the clinically recognized it's being pushed by the left it's being reinforced right and it's being even saying about a four percent chance a miscarriage right so we have a left-wing agenda we have a left-wing media fact-checking so-called fact-checking the left-wing so-called scientists and doctors and taking an already pseudoscientific false result of 12.6 and pushing it even more extreme to about four percent we have the possibility of actually looking at the data and deciding what do you think is most how do we distribute the 104 it's interesting to note here that the the published result of that would mean that 16 of the vaxxed had miscarriages 88 of the unvaxed had miscarriages zero difference between the vaxxed and unvaxed zero difference so zero impact and this is basically the conclusion that they wanted to draw in this preliminary study that was published in the new england journal of medicine they wanted us to conclude with them that there's no difference vaxxed or unvaxed it's the same outcome 12.6 and they want us to believe but it's well above the 10 maximum as i pointed out so i am repeating myself here time and time again but it's to emphasize how statistics do not lie but liars do use statistics they do twist the data they do make category errors they do fudge this is the high water mark right here there's at least a two-fold increase in risk for miscarriage if you take the vaccine during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy and i think this study i could be mistaken but i read the study and i do recall that they said that some of these women were vaccinated within a certain short period of time even before the pregnancy so i'll have to re-confirm that but these all of these women were confirmed pregnant for the study vaccinated somewhere between the clinical test that verified that they're pregnant and the 20 weeks and possibly even a little bit earlier than the clinical diagnosis of pregnancy the 700 women that they talk about in the 700 women were not vaccinated they had not received their first dose so they haven't received any covet vaccine they're the control group they're the normal ones they're the unvaccinated they carried their child to 20 weeks or tried to without any of these so-called vaccines running through their blood system they are the unwaxed so a friend i'm going to leave there but a friend sent me a video or a song called don't take the vaccine by remiss or whatever his name is and uh it's very pro-life it says mama papa brother sister children kids don't take the vaccine and i 100 percent agree it's dangerous it's dangerous until such time as we can give informed consent about the long-term risks and uh there are many many reasons to say no the first and foremost is the fact that you have free will you're free to decide and there's there are many many many good reasons not to take it and there's not one good reason to take it so i'll leave it there i hope you have a good saturday i'm going to be back on later with alex to do part two of his interview there are two of them on new england journal of medicine go look at the fact checkers and if you want to go and look on bit shoot at what the right wing extremists are saying with their stupid lies or errors you can see that in between the two there is the truth where we can do math we can do science i would be honest about the risks that were subjecting not only pregnant women but we're subjecting children to now in i heard i don't know if it's true but i heard that they're sending ice cream trucks around to make it more attractive to inject children so the children are excited by the noise the music of the ice cream truck and instead of ice cream it's needles so uh we live in a fallen world we live in a sick world it's it's the world is run by satan and his minions god has allowed satan a certain amount of freedom in this world to rule and satan tempted jesus in the desert he even offered him some of his power if only he would worship if only jesus would worship satan he offered him power money everything food all the things all the things that satan is in control of because he can give and he can god is allowing that for our greatest good he he is allowing all of that to happen and on wednesday i will be subject i'll be a second class citizen in quebec and certain privileges of my citizenship will be withheld am i upset about that well in principle yes i'm upset it the reason it upsets me is because it's just a little hint of what's to come with the concentration camps and with the torture and death that awaits those who resist anyone who's injecting children with this is either extremely weak and stupid or extremely evil there's no other explanation you have to be so naive to believe that injecting this into children or into pregnant mothers is the right thing to do you would you'd have to be so incredibly naive that i think it's bordering on uh some sort of psychological disorder or a mental retardation or something it's just it's just there's no justification for it whatsoever so there's an evil agenda and this is just another step and uh i'm not going to be taking the vaccine so i will be a second class citizen for the foreseeable future i don't know what's going to happen i think that between now and christmas there's going to be enough drama playing out worldwide but there'll be a tipping point either we're or they're gonna back off satan and his minions will back off and just plan the next wave of control i think by christmas it'll go to that tipping point where we're gonna find out uh the final push or is this just one push among many i think it's just one push among many september 11th is coming up that'll be interesting because uh it's a very very suspicious event in history one of the few news events that got on my radar i don't consume what they call legacy media or mainstream media i've never watched the news i've never just want to point out that this is showing all the signs of a religion when you have all the sacraments and sacramentals of the implements going in these injections and it's you know the the group think the indoctrination it's like a really really sick religion and the the way that they're proselytizing and pushing this with such fervor like i'm talking about on the ground level people on social media i'm not on social media but i hear a lot that people are pushing this on social media pushing it on the family in france pushing this this godless religion so i talk a little bit about politics in this uh analysis of the miscarriage situation but i know that behind that is something more sinister it's a spiritual war and uh they're really only two religions there's the religion of jesus christ and the religion of satan the religion of satan is legion because it has many many many countless forms there are people that you might think are faithful roman catholics but they belong to the religion of satan in one of its many forms you might see someone that looks like they're a jew or a muslim or a sikh or hindu or whatever and you might think that that's their religion but they're actually they actually belong to one of the many manifestations of this legion religion the religion of satan and you will also find out on judgment day that there are many good and holy men and women and children in among all the different religious groups there are good and holy catholics obviously there are good and holy orthodox protestants there are good and holy believe it or mormons and jehovah's witnesses even though they're not christians strictly speaking they're good and holy muslims and jews obviously there are good and holy hindus sikhs and all the rest good and holy atheists i believe that i firmly believe that there are good and holy atheists who are on their way into the catholic church and before or at the moment of death will be fully catholic because you can't get to heaven even by way of purgatory unless at the moment of death you are catholic that's my firm belief that's the teaching of the church there is absolutely no possibility of salvation outside of the church so that's it if you're not in the ark get in the ark and if you're not already on the train the subscription train for booster 1 booster 2 and all that don't get on the train if you haven't had your first shot don't get your first shot if you've had one shot don't get the second shot if you've had two shots don't get the third shot if you've had your third shot don't get the fourth shot etcetera okay once you're on that train it's very very very difficult to get off if not impossible i don't know i can't i can only speculate if you hop into the ark the church of jesus christ you can hop back off you can leave catholicism you can apostasize you can be a heretic you can be a schismatic and then you can come back and then you can leave and then you can i don't recommend it but it is possible to do that jesus christ is a forgiving god but satan is not as kind and gentle obviously to put it mildly so once you hop on his train and you take the mark of the beast i'm not saying that the vaccine's the mark of the beast but whatever the mark of the beast is if you take it i don't think it's easy to untake it i don't even know if it's possible to untake it and if you take this injection i don't know what it is or i don't know if it's the mark of the beast or what i don't think so but whatever this injection is i'm pretty sure you can't untake it or if you can it's going to be complicated and imperfect the removal of these mechanisms from your body will be so you can see already the difference between the two religions the religion of christ and the religion of satan with get onto the ark get off the ark repeat it as many times as you want and then at the end of your life if you're on you're in and if you're off you're out with satan once you hop on that train he's gonna he's pretty much got you you know so that's what i recommend i recommend you use real math real science real logic real reasoning and use your free will make better choices choose wisely choose life don't kill your babies in the womb don't kill the babies with injections and don't put yourself in your family at risk with what i think is a satanic agenda don't bend to the will of satan because he always just wants more and more and more there's no pleasing him give yourself entirely to jesus christ it's the only way that's it i'll leave it there thanks for watching and i'll see you later on watching and i'll see you later on tonight

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