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A few of my friends who listen to my podcast have reached out to express strong reactions to my recent guest and new friend, Lina. In this rant I will respond to those reactions and defend my Catholicism against some bold but unfounded accusations. No, I am not an anarchist. No, I am not a Satanist. I am Catholic. God is good. God alone.

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okay i am live i'm uh here on my own just gonna do a little rant about lena santiago santiago by the way means saint um james the i think it's st james major if i'm not mistaken interesting name santiago but uh anyway i got a few reactions from listeners subscribers friends uh some new friends some older friends some good um and i just want to sort of touch on the diversity if you'll excuse the term the diversity of reactions that i got or that lena got very interesting very very interesting uh i guess i'll start with uh the ones that are the reactions that are easiest to deal with i got one reaction from a new friend uh he'll be coming on the podcast soon he's already booked it using my calendly app which is amazing i love it it's given me a lot of interviews i'm meeting all kinds of people because it just now that i have the website people are able to book a time slot and it's just amazing i love it so i'll be interviewing this guy soon his comment was pretty straightforward uh maybe i'll read it verbatim it's on the comments section of lena's interview it says what's the psychological motive for men to want to be like women or to look like women or to be women that's the general gist of his comment and i gave a introspective confession of my own sick fantasies of uh what it would be like to be a young sexy woman and how much power that would give me and how i play mind games with these uh beast like horny men who are just craving to get their willy wet and just the just the fantasy of what would it be like to have a a pack of hungry wolves surrounding you at all times you know if you're young and well-formed beautiful and a woman uh there's a tendency for men a certain type of men anyway to um prey on that like hey i want some of that right so i've often thought about that i've often fantasized about that wow what would it be like it's dangerous but there's also a lot of power that you have as a young sexy woman right it's a fleeting power because you're going to age and your body will start to sag and so on and so forth this is not to denigrate older women i love my wife she's in her mid 50s and i wouldn't wouldn't trade her for the sexiest young thing you could put in front of me never never never never never ain't gonna happen because guess what beauty is on the inside and what's on the outside is fleeting like i said it's fading the beauty is fading so my wife's one of the most beautiful women i've ever met i still give her 10 out of 10 always have always will and that's my beauty rating 10 out of 10. ain't gonna change wouldn't change wouldn't change her for the for the world but it's still fun to think about that it's still fun to think about that sick side of society and if we think about pornography we think about the energy that goes into making pornography we think about the energy that young men give to satan and his minions when they consume pornography when we think about advertising when we think about the slogan sex sells when we think about all of that when we think of troy in the downfall of troy with helen of troy the beautiful young well-formed woman cleopatra think about jezebel think about all the women think about i i don't want to say think about eve because that's that's a bit too much but we can think about all kinds of women throughout history who use their feminine wiles and it is it is interesting to think about that the dark side of femininity it's also nice to counterbalance that with the wholesome catholic teaching on uh men women the nature what it means to be a human being what it means to be a child adolescent adult elderly person the whole thing from natural conception to natural death it's interesting from a catholic's perspective to think about the wholesome journey that is our finite life here below in this fallen world and to think about the saints the women who are saints the women who uh dedicated themselves and were chaste holy virgins uh these brides of christ who gave themselves completely to god so i'm just seeing joe in the live chat hi joe how you doing nice to see you i'll give you a little love heart here i always like to see joe in the live chat so yeah anyway just to say uh you know this was the first reaction i got to lena was the psychological question what's going on why do men want to be women or to be perceived as women and uh joe no i didn't watch that oh yeah i did no no i didn't no i didn't sorry anyway sorry to interrupt i just got joe in the live chat he's been bugging me to watch this movie uh shawshank redemption i think it was anyway back to the topic at hand here uh joe you know i love you right so back to the um the topic at hand which is reactions to lena's interview this was a psychological question about what what would motivate a man to want to be a woman or at least to look like a woman and um there's a lot i mean there if you don't have god and if you don't have uh obviously if you don't have god you can't have true religion you can't have the catholic church if you don't have god right so basically uh it's kind of hard to argue someone out of any of their proclivities and we have this thing called concupiscence there's a tendency to sin a tendency to evil proclivity to sin and um you know it's all well and good to wag your finger at these people and condemn them and say they're going to hell and if they don't repent and these sorts of things but the reality is they're not there yet they're not they're not even monotheists yet right these atheists are not even monotheists yet so we can't just treat everyone as if they were just a lukewarm catholic it doesn't work like that that's not how apologetics works jesus look at jesus in his own day who he was attacking who he was most critical of it wasn't the pagans and the atheists it was the jews those who belong to the one true religion the chosen people of god that's who he was rebelling against jesus christ was chastising the religious the hypocrites who were whitewashed tombs pure and holy on the outside making all the religiosity very evident for all to see and then on the inside they're just corruption and sin and death it's it's the same thing today we have to we have to focus on the person where they are and i as saint catherine of santa no it was saint um saint i always struggle with this one um uh saint bernadette subaru of lourdes who said i only fear bad catholics and that is not something that i read and then adopted it's something that i felt and understood and intuited and then i read it and like yes yes because there's a different standard that we hold the religious to those who are the chosen people the people of god we hold them to a higher standard and this is why a lot of the saints focus on the sad uh possibility i'll put it that way the sad possibility that most of the people in hell are catholic because there's a different standard okay if you uh anyway i don't wanna i don't wanna write too much now because i've got more ground to cover here but that was basically the first reaction and fair enough psychological confusion and i said well let's get the two of you together lena and this uh listener and you can discuss it and he's like oh no no no i'm not an expert i only discuss things that i have a deep knowledge of and i don't want to discuss it because i don't know enough about it well if you don't if you're not an expert you're not equipped to talk about it why did you bring it up no offense but it's kind of like that it's like why are you bringing it up and then when i offer that you can talk about it with the person lina you're like oh no no i'm not sufficiently educated to talk about that well then why are you bringing it up right and this is not to be overly critical it's just to point out the obvious like you want to talk about it or not are you equipped to talk about it or not moving on though um we have another another reaction this is acute reaction this is from my friend sid and uh his reaction was the best reaction because he just said hey i'd like to talk with lena let's set it up and so i emailed the two of them i said hey didn't say hey guys but whatever just talk amongst yourselves and let's set up a date and a time and let's do this let's have uh sid versus lena and it'll just be a friendly conversation if you've seen sid he's been on twice he's gonna be a regular guest sweet young man and a lot of fun he puts up with all my dumb jokes and uh he's a nice guy so anyway i hope that happens i i know sid booked another slot another time slot and so i'm hoping that means that lena's on board but um either way i mean even if lean is not on board we'll just uh do a one-on-one say it again no problem so that that's a different reaction right it's like hey i want to talk to this person directly i've got some things to say i might have some questions i might have some comments this is the adult way to go about your reaction it's like hey this person got my attention there's some things i want to talk about hey why don't we talk about it that to me is the adult and the catholic approach right to your fellow human being for whom christ died by the way in case you'd forgotten that you catholics who are listening to this who are critical of me and that have accused me of being an anarchist and a satanist for uh not preaching hellfire to lena right and so this brings me to my third reaction that i got i'm not gonna name names you know who you are you know who you are yes you do you know who you are and you know i love you and i know you love me and we get along and we agree on 99.99 of everything all the time okay but hey this is ridiculous this is ridiculous the accusations brother this is just a joke it's a complete joke i'm a satanist i'm pushing satanism i'm an anarchist i'm just going to go through a couple of your points brother and this is just to show you that you're sleep deprived you need to get a good night's rest think about the accusations you've leveled against me go back and listen to all my content 353 videos go back and listen to all of them try to find some support for your accusations because they're very very serious accusations right good luck with that by the way so let's just jump in uh and take a look at some of these uh comments uh that were made by my good good dear friend and we'll remain friends i hope that i think that's uh that's not gonna be a problem so uh he centered on this live and let live attitude that i have he says the live and let live crowd is the mob that led us to where we are today now we have a tyranny versus anarchist mentality extreme feeding extreme hate it okay so this is this this email is just about the live and let live mentality and how that is antithetical to christianity to the catholic church he goes on to say that yes we must have moderation in all things including peer pressure but it can be taken too far and we need a balance etc etc and uh the the fundamental question he says is are we going to direct toward the good or the evil yeah well i mean where do you think i stand on that where do you think i stand go and listen to my videos where do i stand when it comes to good versus evil do you think i'm uh what did they call it in dungeons and dragons all my characters were chaotic neutral chaotic neutral right so i wasn't on the side of good it wasn't on the side of evil i was neutral and i wasn't for uh no i wasn't chaotic neutral i was uh true neutral i think neither uh lawful nor chaotic but in any case i've evolved since i've found god i've changed and i'm no longer that true neutral dnd character right even though i i'm playful and i like to stir the pot sometimes but you know i'm firmly on the side of good i'm not neutral and i'm certainly not for evil and so i uh you know i agree that that is the fundamental question here are we moving as a society and as individuals towards the good or toward the evil yeah i agree 100 uh what else have we got here [Music] so yeah um so i'm thinking i'm thinking now maybe maybe this reaction this living like live thing it might not have been exclusively about lena because he's talking about um i think he's talking about other guests where i've mentioned the same thing here i would need to read these emails thoroughly to really understand what the context why why is he coming at me with this live and let live thing was it perhaps my norwegian guest what did i say to him i'll have to go back and listen to the the the norwegian guest maybe i said something in there about living life that maybe i wasn't uh forceful enough pushing my catholicism according to my friend wasn't forceful enough and uh i had too much of a live and let live attitude i was assuming when i first read his emails that it was all about lena but maybe not maybe not maybe it's a a few of my recent guests um so here we go now he's talking about free will okay right because live and let live i okay he's bringing natural law into it okay talking about what should be legal what should not be legal for example abortion sodomy [Music] right so okay so this is the the notion of natural law some things have to be illegal in a society right because of natural law regardless of the religion it's important to uh he says the it's important to understand the common sense distinctions here live and let live is hell on earth i disagree as noted the live and let live mob actually feeds into the tyranny mob which is supposed to be the opposite side from his perspective tyranny and that live both two sides of the same coin both evil he says each side feeds the other it's reactionary versus reactionary extremist versus extremist remember the way is straight and narrow turn not to the left nor to the right and he sent a quote by quote about following god's command commandments so that we can prosper um i just for fun i threw out a little counter argument because he was going pretty hard against my live and let give live and let live attitude on the podcast so i quoted the bible um i think it's the book of joshua where joshua says if it seems wrong to you to serve the lord then today you must choose whom you will serve whether it will be the gods that your father served on the other side of the river or the gods of the amorites who dwell in the land as for me and my household we will serve the lord wow hold on so what does this sound like it sounds like you do you boo you choose if you will serve the lord i'm not gonna force you you know that i know that there are consequences and you know that i want you to know that there are consequences for your free choice but hey it's on you you do you boo do what the wilt right if it seems wrong to you to serve the lord then choose which of the gods you're going to serve these ones over here those ones over there go for it good luck to you don't say i didn't warn you right don't say that i didn't warn you and if you listen to my 353 episodes you're gonna hear me warning you there's absolutely no possibility of salvation outside of the holy roman catholic church right but there's also hope because those who are not ultimately damned are at least potential members of christ and those who have the faith but are not in the state of grace have at least the potential to get into the state of grace and those that have the faith and are in the state of grace are full members of christ and his church it's very very easy i've been preaching this for six years right and i've been preaching that you have to get to monotheism before we can talk about morality and if you want to talk about morality as an atheist boom welcome to monotheism because to talk about morality to have an opinion to have something more than opinion is to acknowledge the standard of truth the eternal objective unchanging standard absolute standard of truth and goodness which we monotheists worship as god because that is god that standard of truth is god that goodness is god that truth is god that beauty is god that justice is god that mercy is god right so if you as an atheist if you want to discuss religion you're going to have to bend the knee whether you know it or not you'll be bending the knee because you're going to probably say that one configuration of matter energy is better than another hello welcome to monotheism so when i preach do it that wilt to the satanist it's not because i'm condoning evil it's because i'm rubbing their face in the absurdity of their satanism look at your satan if i've always said if you're a satanist go for it go deeper the problem is not satanism the problem is mediocrity in your satanism do not be mediocre in your satanism examine your satanism and my friend who i thought knew me very well for years now we've been going back and forth i thought my friend knew me i thought he understood but he has heard me only pushing satanism for satanism's sake and not understanding that i'm showing the poverty of satanism and the mediocrity of the satanist the typical satanist the mediocrity the naive realism of these people these non-catholics the the the naive laziness for example of the protestant or of the hindu or of the uh muslim or whatever they're all in the same boat they all need the same remedy they all need to examine their cherished beliefs most people have never taken the time to examine their cherished beliefs they take it for granted they've never understood it they could not enumerate them or list them okay so when i say to the satanist do what thou wilt i always push them to go deeper and deeper into their beliefs examine their beliefs it makes no sense for me to say your beliefs are wrong here examine the claims of christ in this church no examine your claims examine your beliefs you have in the privacy of your own inner life you have the opportunity to do an accounting to do a self-examination it's personal this these are your cherished beliefs you care about this you even the satanist they want justice and peace and all these things at least they claim to at least they want them for themselves so that's where we have to strike at the heart of these people we can't hit them over the head with the crucifix and say look you're damned unless you believe what i believe no look at what you believe examine yourself first okay so moving on with the accusations i'm accused of being an anarchist because i quoted joshua there it's interesting to see how strongly your satanist past still influences your views even now well you've missed the point buddy you don't know me you don't understand what i'm talking about i mean it's not that complicated uh you know it's really not that complicated if you think i'm pushing satanism for satanism's sake you really don't understand me you really don't understand it's all about getting rid of the mediocrity examine your stupid view and your stupid world view will be replaced not by me but by you because no one wants to be a fool no one wants to believe a lie that's why it's the best approach this is my apologetics approach do you but do it full-on okay i'm not gonna apologize for this approach it is the best approach period okay i'm not saying that other approaches aren't valid and good okay we can have your stadiums full of uh protestants listening to their preacher and they're getting a lot of good stuff out of it good more power to you the prosperity gospel whatever it is enjoy that that's one way to bring people to christ you can preach the bible in your private judgment of what the interpretation of the bible is to an auditorium full of people you can make lots of money you can have lots of women i'm not i'm not painting them all with the same rod brush here but i'm just saying there are many ways to evangelize there are many ways my way is to talk to individuals and to goad them like socrates goad them into questioning their own cherished beliefs that's my approach not putting down joel olsteen is probably doing a lot of good work for god it's just not my approach so uh moving on is there anything else interesting that i need to address here the anarchist spirit is very alive in the protestant anglican blah blah blah blah blah okay what's his point okay he's talking about how satan loves uh these uh revolutions anti-catholic revolutions which come about because of the live and let live attitude like mine blah blah blah i for fun for fun i just sent him a quote uh from the quran this is pretty cheeky of me it's what's the number of this 256. so chapter 2 verse 256. it's a famous one let there be no compulsion in religion for the truth stands out clearly from falsehood amen so whoever renounces false gods and believes in allah that is to say god almighty has certainly grasped the firmest unfailing handhold amen and allah is all hearing all knowing amen and amen praise allah allahu akbar i'm saying that unironically 100 agree 100 agree but it's a little bit cheeky sending it because it's uh it's a muslim source right and it's uh it's a false religion islam is a false religion let me just be very clear but like every other false religion including explicit satanism there's a lot of truth a lot of truth in there guys okay so let's not get our panties all in a not about different approaches to ultimately ending up in the catholic church a lot of muslims are going to end up in the catholic church why do you think they have fatima why do you think they have revered jesus and mary hello they're on their way in okay so don't get nervous don't be afraid so he says in response you're conflating theological matters with not natural law matters no i'm not i'm not conflating i'm saying that natural law there can be no compulsion in religion we have to live and let live we have to educate but we have to live and let live in the meantime and so part of the natural law is i mean i'm sorry to say part of the natural law is mind your own business part of the natural law is love and respect your neighbor even though he disagrees with him belongs to a different religion from you even if that religion is called atheism or satanism part of the natural law is that love for our enemies right because the pagans love their family and friends that's only natural it's only natural but we also have the theological virtues of faith hope and love where we go beyond the natural right so i'm not conflating theological matters and natural law they're both important and the natural law obviously is more accessible perhaps we would like to think it's more accessible to the satanist the atheist or whatever we would like to think so um i could probably make a case that there is no real respect for the natural law and the atheist because there's no foundation for it there's no foundation for a respect for the natural law right which is part of the reason why i don't focus on hey you're disrespecting the natural law no i don't focus on that approach i focus on the approach of hey what's going on inside of your heart your mind what moves you to do to think say and do what you think say and do so i would say i'm going at it from an existential approach that renders obsolete really the the theological and the natural law issues they are rather mooch because each and every individual will have a different broken understanding and incomplete and erroneous understanding of theology and of natural law right so let's go beyond that let's go to a more fundamental level who are you what do you believe and why do you believe it if you go back to my very first episode 2016 go back and listen to it how does it start hey john nice to meet you tell us a little bit about yourself who you are what you believe and why do you believe it it's been the same thing from the beginning it's the same thing it's an existential examination of the beliefs right it's not an imposition of hey here's what i believe and you have to believe it or you're going to hell no it's hey what do you believe okay because and this is not to say that i don't think it's important that these people grapple with the more complex uh and nuanced teachings of the catholic church but you gotta get there you gotta take your baby steps you gotta crawl before you walk you gotta walk before you run okay if i were to just hand them the fundamentals of catholic dogma i don't think i'd get a lot of uh results i'm not saying by the way that i think i'm getting a lot of conversions from my from my apologetics routine god only knows and it's going to be a surprise once i get to judgement day then i'm going to find out if i influenced people uh to if i was instrumental in god's grace in converting people i mean i'd like to think so that is my intention that is that is my daily ongoing constant consistent prayer all day every day the true and lasting conversion of all sinners right so my friend who's accusing me of being an anarchist a satanist i'm promoting satanism i don't care about people if they convert i want them to stay where they are stay in their sins stay in their false religion humbug humbug okay who has prayed more for my guests than me who who is praying have you prayed more from my guest than i have have you enrolled them in daily mass these perpetual masses have you got them on your prayer list have you thought about them and worried about their salvation to the point of reaching out to god to show them the light if so great congratulations let's pat each other on the back but where do you get off attacking me that i'm a satanist anarchist and i don't care if people see the light there's no basis for that because i'm friendly to people who disagree with me and is it only is it only certain types of sinners that you want me to be hard ass with that you want me to be extreme with and that you want me to bring the fire and brimstone down do you remember when john said to jesus do you want us to bring rain down fire from heaven to consume these towns that aren't listening to you and they aren't up to our standards jesus rebuked them right john and whoever it was so uh the sons of thunder as he called them so uh no we're not to call down fire and brimstone from heaven on those who disagree with us no we're to be the salt of the earth the light of the world so let's see i don't want to go on too long how long have i been going here now i've been doing half an hour i'll do maybe see if there any more little cute little nuggets here yeah it's funny there's a little interesting point here where my friend my friend is talking about what what it's like in a catholic nation and how the natural law and the god's law and the civil laws and all these things fit together in a catholic society and this and that that thing it's like hello where what are you talking about i live in canada okay trudeau is not catholic this is not a catholic country this is not a christian country this is a satanic country that's under the sovereignty not of god but of the deities this is a satanic country under the sovereignty uh and the the rulership of the demons okay it's in our constitution we are under the demons and so what are you talking about telling me what it's like in a catholic nation and how the law and laws against abortion laws against sodomy and all that what do you what's this fantasy story about let's live in reality i live in a satanic world in a satanic country in a satanic province in a satanic city and you're talking to me about what it's like in a catholic nation and what catholic society looks like and what their law books would would have in respect to uh the crimes that cry out to a god sodomy and abortion i already know that i know what a catholic country would look like right it's heaven it's heaven on earth but we don't have that so let's live in reality let's meet people where they are let's go them into examining they're cherished but very very silly assumptions about ultimate reality that's my approach if you want to call that anarchy and satanism you just don't understand what anarchy is i submit to the hierarchy of the church i submit to the hierarchy god the pope bishops priests the whole thing and the civil authorities i pray every day for the the ecclesiastical authorities i play i pray for the civil authorities and i pray to be a good citizen that i will respect all of the legitimate authority at every level okay is that does that sound like an anarchist to you right i renounce satan multiple times per day does that sound like a satanist to you why because i say do what that will shall be the whole of the law that's the the when i tell the satanist this is his metaphysics and that this is his moral uh standard and when i basically mock and ridicule the satanist for having an impoverished world view where the love the lama doesn't even have god in it saint augustine has love god and do with their world and they take away god it's just do what they will so when i mock the satanist for his law of thalema am i promoting as a good thing satanism or am i not rather mocking and goading them into saying hey i could do better i could do better than that because i know that one configuration of matter energy in time is objectively eternally absolutely and eternally better than another configuration of matter energy and space time therefore god so now my love the lama can become love god and do what thou wilt and that's it there are two cities characterized by two loves love of self and contempt of god love of god unto contempt of self period you just need self examination honest self-examination so the conversation goes on and on and on let's see if there are any more little gems here he sends me a little bible quote matthew 4 15-17 which ends repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand he put it bold underlined he says once again i'm going to a much different jesus from the holy bible than your quote do as thou wilt unquote jesus right so he's he's he's saying he's saying that that i'm confused about jesus that i think jesus is a satanist and that jesus doesn't want us to love god and do it that will he wants us to just do what that will satanist style right so he's like oh i don't know you're jesus with his do with that wilt i don't know about that jesus but the jesus i know in the bible he doesn't say do that will yeah i know that dummy when i mock the satanist for their dues thou wilt impoverished standard of goodness it's precisely to goad them into coming to god you've got to get to monotheism and to do that you've got to examine your stupid world view which places you at the center and you are god you're the judge you're using your private judgment to interpret everything right and your holy book is nature mother nature that's your holy book oh the scientists tell me this and i render judgment based on pure reason than my experience and i have respect for certain authorities in the scientific community and i accept these truths tentatively because other experts are going to improve on that but for the time being pragmatically from a utilitarianitarian standpoint i'll accept this tentatively for now and i'll move on hey experts thanks for the information you know i'm uh thanks for submitting that to me the ultimate judge this is the atheist way right so i want the atheist to look at that to be honest i want the protestant to look at their private judgment and be honest do you want to be god almighty do you want to place yourself as the judge my ways are not your ways says the lord do you want to pretend to be god no i'm being a little bit harsh on the protestant but it is the same sort of thing it's just a question of degree right now the christian is way way further along compared to the atheist the atheist doesn't even believe in god yet the christian hopefully believes in god the christian hopefully is a monotheist but there are some who call themselves christians who don't even believe in god the mormons for example they believe in a really good guy right a material being imperfect really really really good but imperfect ultimately if i've understood i may be wrong about that let's hope i'm wrong and let's hope they're monotheists but everything i've learned uh indicates that they're not even monotheists but they call themselves christians that church of lds church of latter-day saints right church of jesus christ latter-day saints or something like that so they've got christ in their name do do do let's see if i can find just a couple more little nublets little nuggets i'm reading the email now there's a lot of email back and forth he says my main point is that christ's message is for sinners to repent his message is not do as thou wilt seeing as how you don't know any better hoping they'll learn or whatever yeah well i agree i agree with you the message is repent right the message is repent okay and there may be there may be as i said there may be a message from joel holstein i'm just using that name because he's a ridiculous protestant preacher he's just sort of an example of someone i'm not exactly sure what he believes what he's doing but he seems to be preaching he seems to be preaching jesus right so let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say he's a preacher man christian preacher man preaching jesus right i'm sure he preaches about repentance i hope he does but uh some of his message might be getting through to aaron rawr as we speak he might be just inadvertently absorbing that message about repentance and bingo right so the two hours plus that i spent talking with aaron raw had zero effect on him but one little offhand comment about repentance from joel olsteen tipped aaron over the edge and now he's a christian that could happen i'm not saying it doesn't happen there's a time and place for each and every one of us to be instruments of god's saving grace and i do preach repentance i could compile and i may have to compile a bunch of clips of me telling sinners to repent just to show my friend excuse me to show my friend that i too preach repentance of the sinner i don't think i should have to do that i think it's obvious that i'm catholic and that involves the cult of repentance right we're all all the dogmas uh include things about the fall and about our concupiscence and about sin i thought these are my some of my favorite topics right you claim to listen to a lot of my episodes and i believe that you do how did that elude you that i'm pushing the same christian message message that jesus christ pushed repent believe the good news change your life die to self kill the old man have you not heard me say these things and when i do preach do as thou wilt i often go to great pains to compare and contrast the satanic version with the catholic version what's that one little difference can you spot the difference between do as thou wilt and love god and do as that will can you spot the difference friend because it's a big big difference even though it's just two words that are missing from aleister crowley's version just two words two little words love god have you noticed which way i'm leaning which one i would like my listeners to lean have you noticed any inclination on my part if you notice that if not you may have to go back and re-listen because it's pretty obvious to me which way i'm leaning and which one i'm promoting i defended myself to my friend and he says as noted previously i'm not saying you aren't encouraging people to become catholics i'm saying you've confused a few things i'm not confused i'm not confused about the law of the lama and saint augustine's love god and do it thou wilt i'm not confused about it there's a lineage there there's a perversion by the satanist of something catholic so the catholic wholesome teaching is perverted right just like the canon of scripture scripture is perverted by the enemies of christ in this church luther is calvin's wrinkly whoever so we have a catholic wholesome catholic teaching and it gets perverted corrupted and distorted and changed he says you have told satanists to quote do as the wilt unquote if that's where they're at you're confusing the difference between theology and light of reason matters no i'm not confusing i'm undercutting both and going to the existential who are you what do you believe and why examine your dumb world view examine your dumb standard of goodness and truth because you're dumb standard even though it's pathetic and satanic it's good enough it is good enough to convert you to monotheism because it implies that one configuration of matter energy is better than another boom welcome to monotheism period now is this too subtle for you my friend is this too subtle you don't get it after repeated ad nauseum god is that standard by which we judge if you're judging if you're judging at all welcome to monotheism do you get it do you get it yet okay because the atheists don't get it but i thought you would get it right you're on our side right it's very very simple examine your worldview let's move on to the last batch of emails is there anything funny here now i'm just goading him golding him baiting him trying to get him to come on my podcast i know he won't he's not ready okay he declines my invitation no surprise he accuses me once again of being an anarchist oh my god this guy's got some nerve he says it blows me away it's satanic anarchy isn't catholic he says anarchy is satanism who are you talking to what are you talking about i get accused of being a an ultra montanist because i'm so in love with the hierarchy and i'm an anarchist now okay so i won't redo his uh his rant but i respond and i say i'd love to have a rational discussion with you on a live stream wink wink because i know he'll never come on the live stream meanwhile know well that i am not an anarchist i am catholic i am not a satanist i am catholic there can be no compulsion in religion free will is dangerous precisely because it involves the possibility of rejecting god and burning in eternal hell fire nevertheless god respects our free will and so do i this is the this is the punchline of my live and let live attitude god has to live the same the self same live and let live attitude that i have it's the same attitude i'm not saying that i'm a saint and that i'm godly but i recognize in my religion and in my god that he has given us free will which is the most dangerous thing and that on judgment day i will not be able to blame anybody not my friend not my guest not my family not my enemies god gave me free will and i will render an account on judgment day this is a very very serious and dangerous matter and god gave me the free will and he respects my free will and i also respect the free will of the humans that are around me on this planet in this fallen world i respect their free will okay there can be no compulsion in religion my final little point to him is that catholic education is the key that's why i do continue to put out content mediocre content albeit but catholic content which is promoting monotheism as a first step it's promoting christianity as a second step it's promoting catholicism as a third step why so that we can know love and serve god in this life in order to be happy with him forever in the next life so i say catholic education is the key not hypocritical self righteous bigotry and hatred right look at how jesus treated the religious jews of his day they were hypocritical self-righteous hateful bigots period putting loads on people that they themselves can't carry and they don't help them to carry them and they're sending others and themselves to hell it's the religious it's those who belong to the one true religion that jesus was accusing of these of these crimes against humanity crimes against themselves sins against neighbor and against god right so catholic education is the key not the whitewashed tombs showing making a great show of the superiority of their religious position and their religiosity and their place in the market these sorts of things it's about catholic education did i write this book did i write this book did i write this prayer did i write the bible did i write the catechism did i write any of these things no i submit to them passively and i use an active intelligence to give intellectual assent and ascent of my will but i'm not the author i'm not the author i just submit in docile obedience to christ in his church period so that's where that's where i'm at i'm about education i'm not about quality systematic education i'm about a slice of life hey look at me look at me i've examined my world view and it helped me to sin less and to please god more and to strive for virtue hey look at me little dweeby guy in canada what do you think what do you believe what's your path what's your spiritual journey what's your faith walk how are you improving your walk with god what do you believe right now why do you believe what you believe right now so this is my colloquial sloppy casual conversational approach to catholic education hey have you read the bible you read this book depending on who i'm talking to i'm not going to tell an atheist to read the bible but if i'm talking to a catholic who doesn't read his bible i'm probably going to encourage him to read the bible more right if i'm talking to a catholic hasn't read the 16 documents of vatican 2 especially if they're an anti-catholic catholic i'll probably say hey why don't you read the documents so what am i doing what am i doing what am i promoting am i promoting satanism or am i promoting love god and do what that wilt so this goes on and on this he says you say you said live and let live is your motto i don't know if i've ever said that but you made it clear this is all inclusive you believe sodomites have a right to sodomize and abortionists have a right to murder their babies this is free will you say that's satanic no i don't say it's a right i say it's a choice to to to what's the word to counter my assertion that it is a choice to be a sodomite or to be an abortionist to say to counter that or to argue against that would necessarily imply that we don't have that choice that people don't have those choices that people can't make those choices but we see that people have made those choices and are making those choices and we'll continue to make those choices so we've arrived at a contradiction when you try to do this reduction to absurdity you say okay let's say david's wrong and people don't have a choice and but also we see that they do have the choice therefore there's a contradiction therefore we reject that and we have to admit that the original thesis is true and correct and that people do have that choice so i don't say it's a right i've never said it's a right i say it's a choice people have the free will and they can choose and that we should i always say i'm gonna maybe check on my website how many times i've said it choose wisely choose life i'm pro-choice on everything but i want you to choose wisely choose life okay when it comes to the civil laws criminal laws etc the laws of men that's not my wheelhouse that's not something i want to become acquainted with or get bogged down by a i'm sure it's a noble very noble endeavor very noble task way beyond my pay grade way beyond my ken okay to say i don't care might be a slight exaggeration maybe but i'm not investing in understanding the relationship between man's laws and god's laws and natural love not investing in that perhaps i should perhaps it's a it's a catholic duty that i'm neglecting if that's the case i will have to start looking into it i was recently interviewing pines app and it was simultaneously streamed on uh speczo's channel on cozy tv which is uh nick fuentes's alternative media streaming platform and uh specso said after i was done entering interviewing pine stop you should go and listen to that by the way it's a wonderful wonderful young man as is special himself i interviewed him a couple of weeks prior but spekso said afterwards that uh you know that david's a nice guy but he really should get into politics he needs to get more involved in politics i just cringe because that's that's the last thing i want it's the last thing i want but maybe maybe it is a duty that i have sounds like it's a little bit late i'm 52 years old am i really going to start wrapping my head around politics at this late age give me a break anyway end of tangent so uh yeah so he's saying that i think it's a right i don't think it's a right i think it's a free choice people do choose to rape and murder babies period they do choose that it is their choice i want them to change their choice to a better choice instead of killing the baby hey let's not kill it let's love it let's nurture it let's support it let's be kind to it let's feed it good food clean water let's give it shelter let's educate it with a catholic education right is there something that you disagree with in there my friend so what is my friend on about why is he calling me a satanic anarchist why why if you can't understand he says if you can't understand the rational points i've made regarding this via email i have no reason to think you'll understanding you'll understand me repeating them verbally if you want to block your ears and close your eyes to god's call for us to be both just as individuals and nations that's your call hmm put me in my place so i mean where is it excuse me where does this come from so god's call for us to be just as individuals and nations okay so where is the evidence that i'm blocking my ears at god's call for me as an individual to be just where's your evidence for that other than from my own lips saying i'm a weak man i'm a sinner gluttonous lazy et cetera but i'm striving against that i'm striving against that inclination went to confession yesterday feeling stronger okay went to eucharist yesterday and today feeling stronger praying feeling stronger preaching the gospel to you right now feeling stronger okay so god's call for me to be just as an individual isn't falling on deaf ears is it not saying i'm a saint not saying i'm perfect but it can you really stand by that statement that i'm blocking my ears and closing my eyes to god's call for my individual justice and as to the nation if i'm just completely self-absorbed and i don't care about my neighbor in my city and my province and my country and my continent and everything else why would i reach out to the members of these specific these these places around my world and encourage them to advance along the path to salvation the narrow painful agonizing path why why why would i do that why would i do that if i'm just blocking my ears and closing my eyes to god's call for a just nation why would i do that it doesn't make sense right it's a ridiculous accusation i want to live in a catholic city and a catholic province in a catholic country etc and so what i want a catholic world i want heaven i'd like heaven on earth but god promised we're not going to have heaven on earth so i'm willing to put up with the weeds among the wheat the wolves among the sheep how many times have i said that over the past six years right it's something that's tolerated in the proper sense meaning i don't like it right when i s when i preach live and let live that means that it's a sin to injure the dignity of your neighbor even if your neighbor's a satanist even if your neighbor is a sodomite transsexual whatever pedophile or whatever you name it shoplifter jaywalker the whole thing okay it's still a grave sin to harm their dignity especially in a public forum right he says it is what it is i'm not condemning you to hell oh gee thanks very kind of you i'm i'm stating a simple fact your position here is deluded and satanic and he puts a little devil red devil emoji with the horns with the crying laughing emoji okay well i don't know how serious this whole diatribe is meant to be like are you just joking around is this just banter like this just good times i don't know maybe it is no harm no foul i responded you would like to portray my respect for free will as a love of sin and a hatred of the sinner but that is a satanic inversion of reality because i love the sinner and hate the sin so right back at your buddy i mean uh we two can play the satanic inversion game right he responded live and let live your words not mine abort sodomized do as thou wilt live and let live free love sodomites marry and groom the children woohoo thumbs up and then he says sarcasm winky face and then it gives a little ps oh sodomites is a bible word by the way it's a catholic word by the way gotcha uh oh oh really oh so that means i have to believe sodomy is a sin oh shoot i thought i could get away with the defending sodomy but oh it's in the bible i didn't know that oh shoot and it's a catholic thing too so oh i can't promote sodomy on my podcast anymore oh [Music] darn it who are you who what what have you been hearing when you listen to me what have you been hearing am i preaching sodomy is good am i preaching abortion is good what is going on what are you smoking buddy oh this is classic okay this is good this is he says i've gotta run because i gotta go uh to a friend's house but he said i gotta i gotta put this in i gotta include this he says to air as human to forgive divine i love correction so if ever i contradict christ or his mystical body the holy holy roman catholic church on matter of matters of faith and morals i will recant and repent and docile and submissive obedience so help me god end quote who who who said that he puts the citation and attributes it to david ross that's me yeah that's been part of my podcast since day dot 2016 it's on my website i stand by it so he's he's trying to rub my face in it ah you said you wouldn't contradict mother church but you you promoting sodomy and abortion apparently he says he goes on to say live and let live isn't a catholic doctrine or principle and please don't conflate this comment with forced conversions again that has absolutely nothing to do with this conversation laws against sodomy and forcing catholic versions aren't the same thing one is good the former the other is evil the latter both truths are affirmed by catholic doctrine yeah but what i never said anything about the civil law and about criminal law i never said anything about it in all my years in the podcast the most i've ever said about civil law and the laws of men is it's beyond my pay grade buddy i'm not interested it's not within my ken my domain my wheelhouse it's not what i focus on i'm not educated about how these things interact what i do know is it would be ideal if we had a catholic society where there's no discrepancy between the laws of men and the laws of god and the natural law period but if you're going to say well today in a given situation do you think we should outlaw this or that i don't know i don't know i don't know i don't know because we live in a messy world where the prince of this world is satan and the people running my town my providence my country and my world are demonic baby killers so it kind of complicates the situation a little bit don't you think i'm not just gonna say outlaw everything that isn't moral from a catholic perspective i'm not just gonna that's this overly simplistic approach given that their souls at stake here right so let's leave that to the catholic politicians if there are any and justin trudeau is not a catholic politician so god help us i respond to my friends saying living let live is the very heart of catholicism because because it is the very heart of christ and like christ i also sternly warn everyone to choose wisely choose life yeah how many times have i said that this is this is what i believe you have free will but you have to choose wisely you have to choose life otherwise guess what there are consequences buddy consequences for your choices and i go on to say to him your absurd accusations have zero foundation in reality if you had even one example of where i contradicted christ or his mystical body the holy roman catholic church on matters of faith and morals then you would have confronted me with that one example right l-o-l but you cannot because i have not and never shall so help me god period that's it if you're going to level an accusation against me that i'm an anarchist if you're going to level accusation that i'm promoting satanism for satanism's sake just show me the click just show me the clip we don't need pages and pages and pages of back and forth unfounded accusations we just need one clip and as i said i will gladly repent and recant in docile and submissive obedience if you just show me where i went astray okay find the clip i told him uh to do a little quiz here to fill in the blanks play a little game as i sometimes like to do so uh these are the words uh in um i would call them quotes uh these are my words to my confess confessor priest and he's going to fill in the blanks so the quotation incomplete quotation in quotes is forgive me father for i have sinned i blank right so i blasphemed i didn't keep the sabbath properly i murdered someone i lied stole something i said that sodomy is good on my podcast i said abortion is good on my podcast uh like what is it what are you gonna fill the blank in with buddy right when i go to confession next time you want me to repent because i've sinned so you want me to repent that's what you said in among all your emails he said that that i'm satanist so i'm going to go to confession but i need to know what i did wrong i need to know what i did wrong right i can't just say oh my friend's angry with me he thinks i'm an anarchist and a satanist because the priest is just going to say well are you an anarchist no are you a satanist no okay so then i can't absolve you because you didn't you didn't sin because you need full knowledge full consent and it needs to be a grave matter but there's no grave matter and sorry you wasted your time coming to the confession booth so i'm asking my friend tell me what am i going to confess and act to my great surprise he told me this is what he said he said forgive me father for i this is what i should say to my confessor priest forgive me father for i have sinned i have conflated my satanist past with my catholic presence at times preaching do as thou wilt to satanist and catholic alike via my public youtube channel end quote so i've conflated my satanist past and my catholic presence by preaching do as thou wilt how how would that how would that let me drink water and think about this i can't believe you took the bait and actually gave me an answer the audacity of this kid so i am simultaneously promoting satanism and catholicism when i say do as thou wilt to everybody i'm preaching do it that will to everyone catholic and non-catholic alike and that is simultaneously satanistic and catholic because i'm conflating satanism and catholicism my satan is past which makes it seem like i'm no longer a satanist and my catholic present which makes it seem like i'm presently catholic but i'm preaching do as thou wilt so that confuses that brings my satanism into my catholicism right that's the sin that i want you to forgive me so if i were stupid enough to say this to my confessor priest what would he say he'd probably seek clarification right and he'd probably hone in on that phrase do what thou wilt do what thou wilt what do you mean when you preach does that what do you mean when you say it to a satanist what do you mean when you say it to a catholic what do you mean when you say it to a protestant what do you mean when you say it to a buddhist right this is what a good confessor would do right so this is this is the crux of the matter what do i mean what is my intention what am i trying to accomplish when i go on youtube and i tell people do what thou wilt what am i trying to accomplish namely am i promoting that city of man which is love of self unto contempt of god is that what i'm promoting am i promoting love of self unto contempt of god is that what i'm promoting no of course not god forbid so what can we conclude that i'm promoting love of god unto contempt of self bingo that's what i mean that's my intention when i say do what thou wilt to the satanist that's exactly what i mean i mean look at your worldview examine your worldview your worldview is untenable philosophically and if you examine it if you only examine it you will be a monotheist in no time in no time it took me years to examine my cherished fundamental metaphysical beliefs i know that i am i know that i am i know that i am but what am i where from where springs my existence am i the source of my own existence or not so yes i will tell the satanist if you're satanist if you want to be if you believe in satanism if you like your satanism go for it go hard lean into it examine it leave no stone unturned go deep deep so my confessor priest will dismiss me and say there's no sin here there's no sin just be careful just be careful and make it clear which side you're on okay don't joke around that you're on the side of say i don't joke around i'm not on the side of satan i say that satan fools me sometimes but he's a stinky rotten liar [Music] and he's disgusting and i have a love-hate relationship with him i hate his sin i love him ontologically because he is good ontologically he is good so i love him just as god loves him and i hate his evil ways because evil is a way it's not a thing okay i made that very clear over the past six years and uh he says a few other things i just come back with um a little simple defense of myself i say i have not sinned because like god i hold the catholic to a higher standard than the non-catholic the catholic standard is love god and do what thou wilt and the non-catholic standard is simply do what thou wilt period and then i end with that little citation from saint bernadette subaru i only fear bad catholics it's so so true it says in the bible actually that we should not shun the non-christian we should only shun the christian who is strayed this christian who is teaching heresy and immorality but the the non-christian they we can't avoid them we can't shun them they're not judged by the same standards um i'm not gonna bother to try to find the citation you can look it up for yourself i'll put it in the comments maybe my friend responds yeah i can imagine christ encouraging sinners believers or otherwise to continue doing as thou wilt not smiley face i can imagine christ being kind to sinners especially non-believers there is a difference between kindness and green lighting others to do as thou wilt though big difference this guy doesn't get it he doesn't get it but you're going to say and do what you want to do there's no point running around in circles of the issue and i respond provide one clip from my 353 episodes where i quote encourage others to remain in sin i don't i encourage non-catholics to examine their only moral imperative which is do without wilt in order to come to monotheism and then once they are monotheists i encourage them to examine history to become christians and then finally to examine authority in order to become catholic oh i'm going to leave it there i'm going to leave there it's uh it's it's disappointing when you think your brother from another mother knows you loves you and then he comes at you with a bunch of nonsense completely unfounded nonsense uh mr aidan lizny's in the chat uh not in the chat he emailed me and uh he says when are you free sir later this evening be as i have to go eat homemade pizza with my friend who bought an outdoor wood fired pizza oven yummy exclamation point email me later bro love heart emoji send we're watching the circle again which is really trashy entertainment but whatever is is this is what it is so that's it we'll leave it there i'm thinking uh that uh i've made a couple of changes to my website probably doing a little episode just highlighting some of the changes that i've made i've got to put the content the recent episodes up i've got to get i've got a new type of uh subtitles i've got to upload but i'm still excited about that i'm excited about all the guests thanks for listening to my long rant here had to get off my chest and you know who you are who this was designed mainly for you my friend no hard feelings i'm disappointed you don't get it but let's hope you understand now my clarification okay love you all thanks for listening thanks for watching take care and we'll talk very soon god bless