Refutations - Refuting 500 Arguments Against Christianity

Author Streamed Thursday September 2nd, 2021

A new subscriber, Jay, reached out by email asking me to refute James Fodor's '500 Arguments Against Christianity' video which was co-hosted by my 2-time guests Nathan Ormond. Nathan was ostensibly Christian the first time I interviewed him, and inordinately Agnostic the second time. God help us all.Fodor's vid:'s first interview:'s second interview:

Refutations - Refuting 500 Arguments Against Christianity

Author Streamed September 2nd, 2021



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this is going to be a real quick one a listener a new subscriber jay reached out by email hello jay this is a shout out to you uh jay asked me about doing a rebuttal video or trying to refute this video by james fodor i pronounce his name order 500 arguments against christianity and as it happens the co-host is digital gnosis otherwise known as nathan nathan ormond who has been on my channel a couple times uh you can see he was here the first time back in what was that that's where i can't see the the date of this but uh the second timer is on in uh these are the videos here you can go ahead and listen to them if you like okay this was 2019 the first interview 2019 30th of october and the second one was alive it was a live guest but their their video here with silly banter and jokes um it's hard to take seriously uh they don't want it to be taken seriously i guess they're sending up some christian youtube channel that put out a video with uh 150 or so proofs arguments for christianity i don't know i haven't really dug too deeply into this i'm thinking i could go through it it's seven hours 22 minutes so it's a lot to go through but uh i jumped through it quickly and everything i heard was really inane uh poor reasoning but today what i'm going to do i'm not going to go through any of your arguments i'm just going to refute all 500 plus arguments because they make it's hard it's hard to say how many exactly how many arguments they make in this video they claim to make 500 plus arguments but i'm just going to refute them all by pointing out that arguments imply god arguments imply free will arguments imply the supernatural argument the word argument comes from latin and it means to enlighten to show someone the error of their ways and if it's possible to err that means that we have free will we have truth and then we have lies and error so this in and of itself is enough to disprove atheism but the fact that you're making an argument means that you're reasoning and there is no reasoning without free will everyone knows this if you can't reason freely if you can't weigh the options and come to a decision a reasoned decisions is what it means to reason it means to look at the options and to select using your free will to select among the options of what you think and again this this notion of possibility the only thing the atheist can do is say it is what it is go out on a limb and try to hide behind quantum effects and say that not everything is determined and some things are truly random meaning that there are uncaused effects if you're willing to say that then great that's just making your worldview even that much less credible and more insane because there's no way to get free will out of randomness there's no way to get free will out of uncaused effects it doesn't help your cause it just hurts your cause just makes you look more and more ridiculous but these people typically they don't believe in free will when pressed on it they will it they will admit that there is no free will and these people also when pressed on it will admit that they believe sincerely that they are apes that they evolve from apes and that they themselves are apes and every other uh clade so it's hard to take the atheist seriously it really is hard to take the atheist seriously and it's the same thing with the agnostic when i first interviewed nathan he was claiming to be a christian or protestant and it's a nice chat that we had i suggest but the second time we chatted he had recourse to what i call inordinate agnosticism where he doubts not only those things that are faith-based but he doubted at that time this is back in february of 2020 at that time he was doubting everything he was not certain of anything but the fact that he is a being that has experiences i forget exactly how he phrased it but you can listen to the interview for yourself and when i pressed him on this question of his agnosticism is he agnostic about his agnosticism or does he have certainty about his agnosticism he admitted that there's only one thing that he is certain of in that that he is something that has experiences i forget how he phrased it well it's all well and good to abandon our faith-based beliefs i think it's a great exercise that's how i came to god radical doubt applying radical doubt to your faith-based beliefs getting rid of all of them and then you end up with the one empirical fact that we cannot deny which is i am and then from there once you're once you've actually confronted the reality of being per se being the raw fact of being once you've confronted that you've been overwhelmed by the weight of that existentially then you can use pure reason if you have your wits about you you can use pure reason to discover that you are not in fact the source of your own existence therefore god so even agnosticism is proof of the existence of god everything is i don't want to belabor the point here i'm going to possibly pick apart some of their arguments even though they deserve more ridicule than anything else they don't deserve to be refuted but for the sake of the listener who might be a christian or a monotheist at least i may go through some of their inane arguments and every one of their arguments is in an illogical irrational absurd and silly and stupid okay so i may go through that but for now i'm going to wrap it up i'm just going to play the final thought of nathan back in october of 2019 this is what he had to say leave it there so we'll talk soon take care god bless but at the end of my interviews i do ask my guest to end the show so just to wrap up what do you think you might be able to say to anyone that's out there now yeah i mean i just say even if you're an atheist or if you've never kind of heard this stuff before to really just revisit some of maybe these philosophical proofs maybe certainly the bible what the gospels have to say just read them and see what it speaks to your heart and what have you got to lose kind of like pascal's wager if god is there maybe he'll speak to your heart and maybe it'll change your life like it has done mine if you like your world view if you think it's swell if you've got some questions ask me and i'll tell all you've got to ask me and i'll tell all you've got to do is

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