CVS Meta - 2018-10-17 - Father Julio Cesar Grassi and Christopher Agron

Author Recorded Wednesday October 17th, 2018

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To my great surprise and delight Dr. Sancinetti responded to my email (which I mentioned in my episode entitled 'Noah, St. Peter, and Pope Francis') This letter (written in Spanish) allows me to debunk some of the anti-Catholic lies that are used to smear our Holy Father, Pope Francis. In the Epilogue I respond to Christopher Agron's sudden and unilateral termination of our fledgling friendship.Link to 'Excerpt from Sex Abuse in the Church: The Code of Silence' :

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meda as you know my name is David I am the creator and host of CBS in today's episode of meta I want to talk about father Julio Cesare Grassi who is serving a 15-year term in prison for pedophilia sex abuse of minors something like that I started to become interested in this grassy case when some so-called Catholics mentioned it and sent me links to articles web pages and videos in particular a video called excerpt from sex abuse in the church the code of silence this video is on a channel which is called complicit clergy which obviously is biased against the Catholic clergy for whatever reason whether legitimate or illegitimate this channel this particular channel to put out this video on September 5th of this year is obviously biased against the clergy and thinks that the clergy is complicit so this is why I'm interested in father Julio Cesare Grassi who as I said is serving a 15-year term now the lawyer dr. Marcelo Sanson Eddie I reached out to him by email I actually mentioned this in my previous CBS meta episode which is called Noah st. Peter and Pope Francis so if you haven't listened to that I recommend you go back and listen to it and I also recommend that you check out part three of the interview I did with Christopher Agron on the 19th of September of this year because he makes some pretty bold statements about the veracity of that documentary and different sources that quote from the grassy document this five-volume document I'm hoping that Christopher Agron will come back on my show and talk about his perspective has his perspective changed since he's read the letter of dr. Cincinnati because I think his perspective should change on the grassy case if nothing else the email that I sent to dr. Cincinnati read as follows dear sir I'm a faithful Catholic who converted from atheism in 2009 I love and respect Pope Francis and submit to him because he is the Vicar of Christ recently some prominent stencil Catholics are attacking the Pope and making grave accusations against him that are very damaging to the Pope's reputation one popular attack is to say that he commissioned a large 4-volume defense of a convicted sex offender Grassi which blamed the victims your name appears on the covers of the alleged four volumes set are these books real can you talk about them if there are two thousand eight hundred pages of text why are the enemies of the church quoting only a small handful of phrases to malign you and the Pope and the church hierarchy I find the accusations implausible I do not believe that the Pope had any ill will at that time or ever but my attempts to convince the so called conservative Catholics who are in open rebellion against the Pope fall on deaf ears please reassure me if you can that the Holy Father who was Archbishop bergoglio at the time of the Grassi case had only the most upright motives I trust that you two are a good man and would not want to condone evil of any kind I have no reason to doubt your integrity and your character and I'm saddened that so many who call themselves Catholic by willing to sully the reputation of men they have never met thank you for your precious time and may God bless you and yours now and always sincerely David Ross and I sent him a link to that excerpt from a French so-called documentary my email was sent on October 11th 2018 at 11:31 a but that's what this episode is about this episode is about the grassy case and in particular the letter from dr. Samson Ali so let's get right to it Buenos Aires vs e cigs de Octubre vent a DAC Ocho estimado Senor de beat Rose Lee Agra disco su mensaje permit um a portable responder in milling while materna okay so in this first part of his letter it's just the introduction Buenos Aires October 16 2018 dear mr. David Ross I appreciate your message allow me please to respond in my mother tongue in principio quisiera clara le que yo no me siento Alto asado hablar nee Publica meant a nick intercepted oddo sobre el encargo que me hizo el entonces are so Bispo de buenos aires e Presidente de la conferencia Episcopal Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario bergoglio yo yo papa Francisco para hacer esto yo debería cantar con la utilización de lacto al Presidente de la conferencia Episcopal Argentina so he begins now the body of his letter by clarifying that he doesn't feel authorized to speak either in public or to third parties in private about this assignment that he had under the Archbishop of Buenos Aires and the president of the Argentine Episcopal conference Cardinal Jorge Mario bergoglio and he goes on to say that in order to speak publicly or in private about certain details he would need the authorization from the current president of that conference pero algunos a Klara's Unisa puedo hacer especialmente las reality bizarre ciertas Francisca loosenin su mensaje que distortion allah really that the algunas Cyr constancy as the age Oh even I can't discuss in detail some of the specifics of the case he is willing and able to clarify some of the misconceptions and distortions that I presented to him in my initial email en primer lugar constituional menos una aronia formulation el decir que el entonces Presidente de la conferencia Episcopal Argentina ah dona defensa new unicron defensa new tampoco una pequeña el men car gone victim n en un victim n un horas today bay express our so opinion azul a al seborrhea entender a frente etre Saros tambien de Vegard are secreto de la opinión express ah de ante la persona que en carga el trabajo en este caso Acurio que la iglesia en cargo numero TSA's copias no se presses are el número que recibir una caso todos o la mayor parte de los obese posed mi Pais he probablemente también el vaticano ya antes de que bergoglio SE transforma in papa so he goes on to say here that this is at least an erroneous formulation to say that the president of the Episcopal conference requested a defense it wasn't a great defense it wasn't a small defence it wasn't a defense at all he commissioned an opinion in an opinion a jurist must express his opinion to the best of his knowledge and understanding there's a certain level of confidentiality in the work but in this particular case just so happens that the church commissioned numerous copies of the legal opinion and he says he doesn't know exactly how many but that they were received by most if not all of the bishops in Argentina and probably also by the Vatican and this was even before Rico Leo became Pope Francis the meanest in exactl expression encargo quattro voluminous pues el encargo consiste en que yo a meteor a my opinion no había un número predator monado de voluminous tal como lo daria entender esse expression el número de voluminous de vino de la gran cantidad de detalles que en general do analyze o en trabajos de esta in doli y por lo dmoz no se trata de cuatro paluma neighs sino de Cinco el dick también con hoon Totti any trace Tomos pero él tomó Segundo few subdivided o en dosa dos de uno dos b dos por lo cual AZ tomo in Sumy o tres voluminous yo determiner la cantidad de voluminous según few kono siendo detalles de toda la causa no es que me ub n @ r asado mi mismo un plan pray vo de re esto en Aquis número de voluminous en el contenido a unigram cantidad de transcript Sione's de la salle dnc ahora lacy de muchos otros documentos tambien extensors Rosanna Mentos con confrontation del material profit oreo de la causa so what he's saying is it's inaccurate to say that four volumes were ordered because he was just given a task to issue an opinion a legal opinion there was no predetermined number of volumes the number of volumes came from the fact that there were a large number of details that he had to analyze in a work of this nature and furthermore it's not four volumes but five volumes if you look in the mainstream media will always see four volumes but it's five volumes now in reality there are three volumes but volume two is subdivided into Part A and Part B and Part B is subdivided into Part B 1 and Part B 2 so basically you have volume 2 with part 2 a part 2 B 1 and part 2 B 2 and the work is large because there are a large number of transcripts oral hearings and many other documents and a lot of reasoning confronting the material in a probative way trying to get to the root of the matter and find out what's going on that's why the document is so voluminous en esta clase de trabajo yo se cuando lo comienzo pero no cuando abre determinar lo de hecho en este caso el estudio en su conjunto ensue mio un poco más de três anos a pesar de que es sep sein de las clases Universitaria si de clases de paz Grado en el interior demi pi he's om Paraguayan Chile Gnomeo qu papa I say entonces de ninguna otra vez una professional he's saying when he starts a work like that he knows when he begins but he doesn't know when he's gonna finish it so in this case it took him a little more than three years of work despite the fact that with the exception of university classes he was engaged at that time in no other profession no commitments so it's a pretty serious engagement Porat repartee CSK comprendo bien su mensaje an englis who states xpresso in plural al igual que muchos medios de comunicación con la palabra víctimas como si el acusado viera sido condenado por más de un caso él fue condenado por dos supuesto se chose referee dos on solo acusa door yo press indiri a key de la palabra víctima las acusaciones de otros dos acusa doors fueron wretch Asada's es decir que en el Samedi de el acusado fue de gloire dough yo sente en todas las instance ia's esto es algo que los medios de comunicación nunca Rizal tan on kettles medios de bian sostenido previa meant a for diverses vias libera cidade de todas las impute a Sione's oboe un solo medio de prensa an veto financiero que afirma ballet inocencia del imputed o de cualquier modo yo no murray ho por lo que dicen la prensa so starting to get interest in here he's talking about how like many of those in the media I used the word victims plural but he was convicted of two alleged facts but these referred to a single accuser or plaintiff and he says he'll dispense with the word victim this is very very important he says there is a single accuser for which he was convicted but he does not agree that that accuser is a victim he goes on to say that the accusations of the two other accusers were rejected that to that extent the defendant was declared innocent in all instances this is something that the media never highlights although such media had previously held by various means the veracity of all imputation in other words what he's saying here is that the media was happy to claim the veracity of all imputations openly and publicly that was good business for the media but when it turned out that two of the accusers were rejected completely as having lied and given false testimony as will see the media didn't report it it's not good business it doesn't sell as well he goes on to say that there was only one media outlet and Beto financiero that affirmed the innocence of the accused and he ends this paragraph by saying that in any case I don't rule because of what the Press says I don't make my decisions based on what the media reports he's not interested in the mainstream media and what sells their newspapers or their online publications he's not interested he's interested in the truth my dictum Enda be a referee r SE tanto a las acusaciones por las cuales el acusado había sido AB sueldo como el acusación por la cual la vía sido condenado yo podía ver MIT doe cualquier opinion con la Sol la carga de dar my fundamenta Sein para dar tan solo un exemplo yo podría ver consider odd okay las Absolution s fueron erroneous y la la vez la condena falsa ovn cualquier otra combination no tenía un encargo relative o a qual Devi hacer el resultado de my opinion Y como Regla completamente general no acceptance argos de dictum Ynez que tengan que tener pre-configure ah de una respuesta de terminada soy un hombre my or des Ascenta y siete casi Sesenta y ocho años y cuando se trabajo me few encargado yo estaba pronto a complier Sesenta a nose ooh stead comprender a que no es una al-tohra de la vida para echar a perderla reputation que uno puede tener como janista para escribir un dictum a horrid eco con un resultado press table sido y om et Dona opinion que como expla Cohen le pillow go dela obrah insert onl Tomo trace es desde mi punto de vista una opinion Cuyo modo de estudio a fundamentally onna reduce ido la posibilidad de r aura una quantity negligible es decir que no creo que pueda a burm equivocado en las grandes conclusions few si si todos los control s rationalist --is k estuvieron emile can say con el my own studio possible de los detalles incluye entre las am en todo le a lahar c'est la verdad si you papa que no se rolls de formulation en algunos voluminous en parte core ejidos en voluminous sub c GN taze so here we have dr. cincinnati clarifying that the legal opinion he put together referred not only to that accusation for which Grassi had been convicted but it referred also to the two accusations for which the defendant had been acquitted this will become very important later on when i debunk that so-called documentary he goes on to say that he could have issued any opinion with a sole burden being that he gives his rationale he says i could have considered that the absolutions were wrong and at the same time the sentence false or any other combination i did not have an assignment he says regarding what should be the result of my opinion I do not accept Commission's of opinions that have to have a certain response preconfigured I am an older man 67 almost 68 years old now and when that job was commissioned I was soon to turn 60 you will understand that it is not a time of life to spoil the reputation that one may have as a jurist to write a legal opinion with a pre-established result I have issued an opinion that as I explained in the epilogue of the work inserted in volume three is from my point of view an opinion whose mode of study and foundation has reduced the possibility of error to a negligible quantity I don't think I could be wrong in the major conclusions I draw because I made all the rational controls that were within my reach with the greatest possible study of the details wherein is lodged albeit in a convoluted manner the truth and he says in parentheses yes there were small errors of formulation and some volumes partly corrected in subsequent volumes so of course there's human error that creeps into these things he's not denying that what he's saying that his major conclusion has a negligible margin of error he is not wrong he does not think that he was wrong in his opinion to this day he believes that he is right he looked at the facts he unraveled the facts and he came to conclusion he presented that conclusion he was not under pressure to come to that conclusion he would not have accepted a commission to come to a certain pre-configured conclusion is a respect okay tener pnn Claro que una cosa es defender a un acusado en un qui co y otra función muy diferente MIT Runa opinion como her ISTA Independiente a un cuando yo hair so piccola profession de abogado SI se trata de Asumi Runa defensa uno tiene que es fors are say por la mejor position possible para el defended o algo completamente diferentes de baak warren dictum n es un victim Ennis la misión de una opinion rationale meant a sustainable desde el punto de vista de la ciencia who Radhika Yomi dedicado preference meant a a la Vida académica es decir hacer profesora investigador de derecho penal materially derecho process al penal few Bakari Oh del instituto de cooperation iberoamerican ax y de la fundación alexander von humboldt soy professor de la universidad de buenos aires como professor ordinary Oh desde mil novecientos ho gentle I says tambien soy profesora nor REO de una Universidad del interior de mi paw he profesor de Universidad a spree badas me dr. ah dou n la universidad de buenos aires en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid punter sir tea to load a dr. pero no risk aus a-- me future god o por una universidad privada in dos mil diaz it must be understood he says there it's one thing to defend a defendant in a trial and a very different function to express an opinion has an independent jurist and that's what he was doing here he was not defending a defendant he was expressing an opinion a legal opinion as an independent jurist he says when it is a matter of making a defense when I say strive for the best possible position for the defendant it is completely different to evacuate an opinion for a legal opinion is the emission of a rationally sustainable opinion from the point of view of legal science he says I have dedicated myself preferentially to academic life that is to be a professor and researcher a material criminal law and Criminal Procedure law and he goes on to list a whole bunch of qualifications he's a fellow at the Institute of ibero-american corporation and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation he's a professor at the University of Buenos Aires as an ordinary professor since 1986 he's also an honorary professor at another university and a professor at private universities he has a doctorate from the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Madrid a Third Doctor's degree was awarded by a private university in 2010 he's not someone that's going to stray from legal science and it's not the place of an independent jurist to defend a defendant it's a place of an independent jurist to give an objective rationale for his legal opinion and as he said in the previous paragraph if there had been a bias if there had been pressure to come to a certain conclusion he wouldn't have accepted he would not have accepted the Commission volviendo a otras imprecisions de lama belay mensaje que usted me NV o no se trata solo de dos mil Ocho ciento Spa Hina's sino como sigue como uno Quattro cientos venti tres páginas Tomo dosa se cientos Cuarenta Y seis páginas Tomo dos de uno seis ciento cincuenta Y Nueve páginas Tomo dos Beddoes c'était cientos cuarenta páginas Tomo tres c'était cientos venti Nueve páginas n total entonces un estudio de tres mil siento noventa y siete páginas no creo que hay alguien de los que critic Anna Papa Francisco a my persona ka-ha-lahea doe toda la Oubre ni siquiera una parte relative Ament a extensa los dos casos por los cuales el acusado few apps well toh están estudiando ZN los Tomos uno y tres respective Ament a el caso por el cual el acusado fue condenado están estudiando NL Toma those in sus tres voluminous so in another paragraph he talked to a number of volumes here he's going to talk about the number of pages he says it's not merely 2,800 pages but 3197 pages who volume one is 400 23 pages volume to a is 646 pages volume to e 1 is 659 pages volume to P 2 is 740 pages volume 3 is 729 pages making that total of 3,000 197 pages okay that's a clarification of the quantity and now we're going to talk about quality he says I don't think there is any one of those who criticize Pope Francis for myself who has read the whole work he says I don't think they've even read a relatively large part of the work those who criticize Pope Francis and myself this is what he says so it's really interesting to hear it straight from the independent jurist that he doesn't think anyone who criticizes them or this work has read it in any significant part and finally what he says in this paragraph is that the two cases for which the defendant was acquitted are studied in volumes 1 and 3 respectively and the case for which the accused was actually convicted rightly or wrongly and he thinks wrongly is studied in volume 2 and that volume 2 of course is split into three as mentioned above su mensaje khan kluay con su preocupación por la pregunta de si el entonces Cardinal bergoglio tenia los motivos mess wrecked OHS al respecto quiero eclair que yo no soy quien para jugar los motivos de quien me encargo un trabajo mucho menos los de una Alta autoridades lazy-ass tika como Regla general no le pregunto a quien me encargo un trabajo cuáles son sus motivos Nico respond area M principio que yo se lo preguntas e tan poco por el hecho de que alguien express a motivos su no puede tener la seguridad de que sus motivos sayin verdad arrows on K M principio no soy de dude r de la palabra de quien me en carga algo CS k me expose us motivos yo si puedo decir ley que no me constant a Cardinal bergoglio needle o y papa francisco que a my puedes su her ear me un comportamiento critical a Nick on relational encargo que el me so a Minicon relaciones asuntos pero como le digo más Arriba no tengo ninguna autoridades special como para a valuer su comportamiento so now he addresses this question from my email where I asked about the righteous motives of then Cardinal bergoglio and he simply says honestly he can't read the heart he doesn't know the motives he says in this regard I would like to clarify that I'm not that one to judge the motives of whoever entrust me with the job much less those of a high ecclesiastical authority as a general rule I do not ask whoever asked me for a job what their motives are nor would it be appropriate in principle for me to ask them and even if they tell me there are reasons I can't be sure that those reasons are true although in principle I'm not to doubt the word of whoever it gives me something if it exposes their reasons so basically saying he gives the benefit of the doubt but he can't be sure he goes on to say I can tell you that I do not know anything about Cardinal bergoglio or Pope Francis that could suggest to me any behavior that is worthy of criticism neither in relation to this work that he had me do or in relation to other matters but as I said above I have no special authority to evaluate behavior so he's being very rational and very moderate and very sane when he says I can't read the heart but I have no reason to think that there is anything untoward por último le a Claro que para leer me dictum a no hace falta Cercle gente el texto es un tratamiento critic or Acciona lista en el sentido de Karl Popper del material que no tenia que estudiar tal como an sido otros trabajos miios anteriors al igual que siguen SST lo miss obras de producción o bien de divulgation scientific --is no todo texto tiene el mismo nibbled a pro funded ad pero el estilo si es relative Ament a constant a decode a otro modo parle eres a dictum NS in diferente que unos a a khatola koe de otra religion agnostic Oh veida men taiatea oh la opinión sobre la verdad in determine oddo asunto de la vida en esta tierra tiene que ser Independiente de las crane CEA's religiosa zku cada uno puede tener seracs puesta en una forma de dialogo que también puede ser acepted Oh por el hijo y Leitao so here he's just clarifying that you don't have to be a believer to read his opinion the text is a critical rationalist treatment he says in the sense of Karl Popper the philosopher and he goes on to say that this is his approach in all his writings whether about popular science or whatever the case may be even though he does not the same depth of expertise his approach is always relatively constant in this way in seeking objectivity he goes on to say in other words to read that opinion that legal opinion it is a matter of indifference if you're Catholic or of another religion or agnostic or even a full-blown atheist because truth is truth basically see you stead me hace llegar una dirección postal yo tal vez podría al menos intentar que la iglesia argentina le reymita único pia a Seif us a photocopy ah de de los cinco voluminous pero no es algo que yo puedes a girl Akiba yo career Cordiale saludos Marcelo's antonetti so finally before signing off he just says that if i send him my postal address he could at least try to get the argentinian church to send me a copy a hard copy of the five-volume work and of course he says it's not something I can assure you will happen I can't promise you anything but I will at least try if you send me your postal address so that's what I did I sent to my postal address so we'll see what happens so I think it's pretty clear where dr. sense and Eddie stands on this issue he's convinced of the innocence of Grassi he makes that clear father grassy is innocent and I'm starting to believe that he is and this brings me to my final point that I want to make in relation to that video and I'll put the link the video called excerpt from sex abuse in the church the code of silence if you go to around four minutes 45 seconds you'll see the document with white text on a black background I think it's been inverted just for stylistic reasons and maybe to add some gravitas to this flaky and flimsy argument you can see at the top of the page tome 3 okay tom 3 was one of the acquittals he said and I quote the two cases for which the defendant was acquitted are studied in volumes 1 and 3 respectively and the case which the accused was convicted is studied in volume 2 in its three parts so how is it that we're supposed to be shocked and horrified by this accusation of false testimony and lies when the judge agreed that it was false testimony and lies because it says right in the documentary the code of silence at 4 minutes 47 seconds that's where I'm looking right now got it paused on my screen tome 3 you can see it tome 3 and as dr. Sampson that he said in his letter to me this was already established that his acquittals were already accomplished so what is the point of making a documentary that's supposed to damn bergoglio when these quote-unquote victims were deemed by the court to be false victims false lying victims and the sad thing is that this has been presented time and time again like I said in my last meta episode you can see on various websites so-called conservative Catholic websites the rehashing this lie that there was a defense put together in secret to undermine the victims and to defame the victims but it's simply not true it wasn't a defense as dr. Sansa neti clearly says in his letter to me was not a defense it was an independent jurist hired to give an opinion and the accusation against these so-called victims he's substantiated by the judge and by the court now could that Court have erred of course of course the court could have erred of course but that's not my point my point is that the people that made this documentary knew that the accusation of false testimony that they were presenting came from the third volume of a work and that third volume had to do with false victims that gave false testimony there's nothing sensational about this but they're twisting it they're taking it out of context and they're making it seem as though the church with some dirty lawyers got together and tried to bash the victims of sexual abuse it's just not the case if it is the case then the documentary makers and all these websites are doing a disservice by presenting false evidence manipulated evidence which comes from volume 3 instead of quoting from volume 2 which has to do with the charges they're stuck with the accuser whose allegations were upheld by the court are those allegations true the independent jurist the doctor of the law says no his doubt is negligible and everything I've seen in the anti-catholic code of silence so-called documentary leads me to believe that there's a manipulation taking place because it's sensational it's salacious basically sex sells and you can't worship both God and money so you have to take sides I believe that father Gracia worships God and those that falsely accused him worship money or some other false God so I think I've said enough for today I'm really hoping that Christopher Agron will come back and discuss this with me I don't see how we can maintain the position that he held during his part 3 the interview that I did of him Christopher Agron part 3 if you haven't listened to that yet go back and listen to it we do discuss this Grassi case I was not familiar with the Grassi case at the time I'm only passing ly familiar with it now but everything like I said everything that I learned leads me to the conclusion that it's a joke and it's a very sad joke because it could be an innocent man sitting in jail for 15 years for a crime that he did not commit does that mean he's completely innocent and he's not a sinner no of course not but why do you want someone to rot in jail for a crime they did not commit and everything I've learned leads me to believe that he is innocent I could be wrong it doesn't really matter if I'm wrong my my main point here is not that I'm right and that Grassi is innocent that's not my main point he may well be guilty he may be getting away with murder because his crimes are much greater than what he's being accused of but when we see sloppy journalism like this where they're drawing things out of context using volume 3 which the judge agreed was false testimony and saying oh volume 3 said that the victims gave false testimony oh they're bashing the victim they're blaming the victim that's just not true it's just not true there's nothing substantial from that five-volume work that corroborates the so-called conservative Catholics that want to denigrate the character of our Holy Father there's nothing that I found it substantiates that this is an independent jurist presenting an opinion without any duress he was not coerced he was not pressured he sought the truth objectively and he is convinced to this day that there's negligible doubt that Grassi is innocent and I'm right there with him I'm with dr. Sanson I D I'm with Grassi I'm with willette I'm with Pope Francis I hope you are too that's it we'll talk soon take care god bless so that was the end of the episode but I'm going to add on a little epilogue here it's been three days since I recorded this episode I've just been working and trying to find time to edit it and get it online but it just so happens that today Christopher Agron whom I've interviewed a couple of times recently communicated to me that he is done he's done with me he doesn't appreciate my approach and so we're done he's unilaterally ended the friendships so that's disappointing it's a little bit surprising I have to say even though I'm subject to so much hatred and derision since my conversion and there's so many people dropping me like flies because I defend Jesus Christ and His Holy Roman Catholic Church without apology and I do so in a manner which is a little bit too extra as they say so I I do understand you know I rub most people the wrong way I'm surprised my wife hasn't left me yet she's a staunch rabid anti-catholic and I thank her every day you know that she hasn't left me because a lot of people have ended their relationship with me but I still have lots of friends I've millions of friends but most of them are in purgatory and heaven I think here on earth I might have a small very small handful of friends it's hard to know I don't even know if my wife is the true friend it's hard to know god only knows and there's no point worrying about it I'm not worried about it I'm not worried about being betrayed I'm not worried about being disappointed by people and I welcome whatever happens I pray every day to enjoy everything that happens provided that I'm able to enjoy it in a way that does not offend God so when I was unfriended on Facebook by Christopher Agron today I got a notification because I have a an app on Facebook called Facebook purity which I've talked about before so I just sent him a message and I sent him an email asking why why did you in front me and he said because people who lie about you aren't your friends there's no space in my life for your immaturity well okay immature yes okay guilty I'm not sure but I didn't lie to you when did I lie to you Christopher when did I lie to you if I lied it was unintentional and if it's unintentional it's not a lie it's called and so he goes on to say that I've been misrepresenting his intentions with regard to the Pope and that I'm assuming the worst about his intentions regarding the Pope well yeah I think it's natural to assume the worst when the worst is presented as facts right like when it's presented as a fact that bergoglio ordered the publication of a book that attacked the child victims of abuse is that not the worst that we could say about the Pope either is or something worse so yes I do assume the worst about your intentions regarding the Pope christopher Agron yes because it's hard and all I've been stressing with you my friend is that you should pump the brakes reconsider that you may be stirring things up you may be adding fuel to the fire of hatred against Christ on his church and his vicar on earth and that you may be unwittingly promoting the anti-catholic agenda of Satan and all his minions their hordes of them their hordes of them if you think that Satanism is a small niche religion you're just wrong it's everywhere if you abuse everywhere as Anton LaVey said famously it's the most popular religion the selfishness of Satan is everywhere it's contaminating all of us that selfishness there are two cities the city a man in the City of God and they're characterized by two loves the love of self on two contempt of God and the love of God and two contempt of self the love of God and to contempt of self is holy but the love of self unto contempt of God is unholy needs of Satan and so Anton LaVey was right that is the most popular religion and many Christians if not most are Satanists because of their love of self and to contempt of God now before becoming a Catholic I was a self-professed Satanist an atheistic Satanist but a Satanist nonetheless and I was in that school of Anton LaVey so I have a little bit of experience a little bit more experience with Satanists and then you do christopher Agron and I think you would do well to respect my warning my stern warning which is very wholesome and very Catholic don't attack the Vicar of Christ i think that's wholesome advice don't attack him even if in the worst case scenario the most horrible rumors about the pope are true don't repeat them don't publish them don't share them I am insensitive and stupid it's true but I am NOT so insensitive that I wasn't aware of the fact that as I was defending the Pope to Christopher Aggron during our many exchanges on facebook messenger I'm sensitive enough that I clued in to the fact that he was getting annoyed of course I am stupid but I'm not quite so I knew that my very simple and wholesome advice was not going over to all it wasn't being digested it wasn't being processed in a way that gave that light bulb moment ding oh he's the Pope maybe I should refrain from calumny aiding him maybe I should refrain from gossiping about and maybe I should refrain from selling his reputation with these so-called facts that message was not sinking in so I tried to use an illustration to get my point across in very very simple terms so I wrote to Christopher once again in messenger and I said let's imagine that your father your biological father had a bunch of enemies and I put together a video and what this video shows is your father in Amsterdam walking along in the dark streets at night and he's wearing a raincoat and he's in the red-light district the video clearly shows this this is a fact in the red-light district you can see prostitutes in the windows selling themselves to passers-by so this is what the video shows in this hypothetical thought experiment it shows Christopher Agron's father at night in the red-light district ducking into the apartment of one of these prostitutes a well-known prostitute a popular one so Christopher's father ducks into the apartment and then the prostitute ducks behind the red velvet curtain in the display window and the video cuts to morning outside the same apartment and Christopher groans father exiting the apartment in the break morning light zipping up his fly and wiping what looks like red lipstick from around his mouth so it's quite a colorful picture that I've painted of Chris's father his biological father paints quite a picture and in this hypothetical scenario I asked him to play along and to concede that this video presents reality it represents the facts okay so it's not CGI it's not staged there's no double wearing hair and makeup to make him look like Christopher groans father it actually is father he actually used in Amsterdam in the red-light district walking into that apartment of the prostitute and he does leave that same building in the morning and he does zip up his fly and he does wipe what looks like red lipstick from around his mouth these are facts in this hypothetical thought experiment these are facts okay now my advice to Christopher Agron is to not publish those facts even though the facts the facts which are very damaging to the reputation of his father how can you not see that it must be a willing blindness to say well it's only facts and I'm just presenting the facts and until he proves his innocence I'm just gonna present the facts and why is he silent why is my father silent I'm just presenting the facts she hasn't responded he won't say a word well I see opposition here I see division I see rebellion I see hatred and I see lies I see a lie in the presentation of these facts these bare facts I see a lie and the lie is based on an organic truth a deep truth about the relationship between father and son a good father and the son does the Sun have warrant to present these facts these objective facts this video that was put together by his father's enemies does he have warrant to publish these facts yes or no assuming again in this hypothetical thought experiment that the father is a good father he's a good man and that there's no reason to believe that he would seek the services of a prostitute when his wife is still alive and even if his wife were dead if he's a Catholic man who's faithful and he's good and has self-control he will not be going to a prostitute not for the services that she is normally associated with and there's that old joke for that old Irish joke about the guys at the pub across the street from the whorehouse and Protestant minister goes into the whorehouse and they're all whole of the poor Minister he's fallen into sin again so sad and then sometime later rabbi it goes into the same oh oh oh it's so sad the rabbi is falling into sin so sad and then sometime later their Catholic priest goes into the same whorehouse and they're like oh it's so sad the prostitute must be dying and now this joke is typically aimed at Catholics in order to unveil some sort of hypocrisy that oh well let's assume the best for our own but let's assume the worst for everyone else and there is some truth to that that that does take place but there's the other side of the coin right which is that only the Catholic Church has the fullness of the truth particularly when it comes to sexuality sexual morality marriage in the family only the Catholic Church so there is that to be considered that it may not be that big of a stretch to say that that priest was going in with pure and wholesome intentions I like to think so I give him the benefit of the doubt in this hypothetical world of the joke the anti-catholic joke I like to give that priest the benefit of the doubt but guess what I also like to give the benefit of the doubt to the rabbi and to now if it were some satanic gang member drug dealer going in there I would probably think that he's up to something shady like selling drugs and or procuring the services of a prostitute but nothing would surprise me so the gangster might have good intentions and might have a wholesome mission in the whorehouse and all three monotheists might have a nefarious business in the whorehouse anything's possible but my little illustration wasn't worthy of a response and I find that sad I think that if someone presented an illustration like that to me I would know what to say I would say that yes you're right I made a mistake by presenting facts which are very damaging to our Holy Father the Pope I made a mistake I'm sorry I'll be more careful in future because the Holy Father is the Vicar of Jesus Christ who is God incarnate so thank you David for your fraternal correction and thank you for your light-hearted illustration with that colorful scene in Amsterdam because now I get it so thank you and you just upgraded from friend to best friend forever that's what I would have expected from real Catholic but he didn't respond in the next communication I got from him was saying people like you who lie aren't friends there's no space in my life for your immaturity so if you are listening to this Christopher Agron I just want to say I'd never meant to any harm I only meant to defend the honor of the Holy Father I never attacked you personally if I suggested that you are satanic it's not a dramatic revelation I mean if you don't know that you worship Satan you're naive you need to know that you cannot go to heaven if you don't know yourself and if you don't think that you are selfish and self-serving if you don't think that you love yourself into contempt of God then you're naive you need to have your eyes opened the difference between those who go to hell and those who make it to heaven is that those who make it to heaven admit that they're weak that they're selfish that they're sinners that they are sick that they need a Savior in a Jesus Christ that's the only difference is not that the Saints are some sort of an H e'en ubermensch we are all good by nature but we are all evil by choice and that means that's not from God that is from Satan when we are evil by choice that is not from God that is from Satan so if you feel offended or outraged that I have said or implied in any way that you are a follower of Satan and I'm just guessing here because I can't find anything specific that I said to you on social media or on email but if you've listened to my podcast where I'm railing against these so-called conservative Catholics who are attacking the Pope and you hear me making reference to the diabolical rebellion that infests the anti-catholic and if you feel that you're you're being clumped in with them then the appropriate reactions just thank me for reminding you when the citizens of Athens tried and convicted Socrates they asked him what they thought his punishment should be and he said have a parade in my honor and declare a holiday in my name and build a large statue of me and place it in a prominent place in the town square that's the punishment that is fitting for the services that I have rendered to you and I say the same to you Christopher Agron build a statue for me make a parade for me if you have four kids you can call the first one David the second one Mary the third one Andrew and the fourth one Ross I think that's a fitting recompense for my chastisement of your rebellion that's what I would recommend but we know how things turned out for Socrates there was a majority that was able to convict Socrates but when they voted the second time to determine the punishment it was unanimous even those that had just moments ago that cleared him not guilty voted for the death penalty because of the speech that he gave and so they killed him I cry when I read that I cry because he died for the truth I think he was a saint I think he was a Catholic saint and st. Justin Martyr suggests that possibly he was so I went to confession today and I made a point to confess among other things miss handling Christopher Agron who is admittedly very young and god only knows what he's been through in the military and in his family and in life in general I don't know I don't know him so I give him the benefit of the doubt but I went to confession and I mentioned that whatever I had done it wasn't agreeable to Christopher Aggron so if I had done anything that was not wholesome and charitable I asked for forgiveness although I couldn't think of anything other than just being annoying and pushy and insensitive and stupid and so I asked Jesus Christ in the confessional still don't know what I did wrong but it doesn't really matter I don't need to know I'm sure I did something wrong and may God helped me to see more and more of the evil satanic selfish evil that lurks in my heart and that was unleashed perhaps on Christopher Agron I have no doubt there's a lot of darkness there's a lot of darkness so I have no doubt that he saw something real I just wish he would tell me what he saw because I when I asked him for clarification I get silence so independence I was given for today's confession was to say a prayer of thanksgiving and to say the peace prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi so I've already done it I've done my penance but I want to say the prayer now to close Lord make me an instrument of your peace where there's hatred let me sow love where there's injury pardon where there is doubt faith where there is despair hope where there is darkness divine master grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console to be understood as to understand to be loved as to love for it is in giving that we receive it is in pardoning that we are pardoned and it isn't dying that