CVS Meta - 2022-12-23 - Midnight Mormons (Full)

Author Recorded Friday December 23rd, 2022

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A friend sent me this video to analyze. This is the full length reaction video. I fixed the audio imbalance on the original livestream version by applying compression.Midnight Mormons : Child Part 1 :

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all right I am live uh friend a listener a guest sent me this link and so he was interested what I had to say about it so I'm gonna I skipped through it and I have to admit I didn't enjoy what I did see just I I'm very particular when it comes to online content videos I'm just very fussy and cantankerous so it didn't appeal to me but I I saw a few things in there I think are worth addressing so uh first of all before I get into this it's going to be sort of a reaction video I'm gonna go through the whole thing so this risks to be a long one it's uh about an hour and a half of footage that I'm gonna burn through I might speed it up depending on how it goes um but before I get started I mean I do want to interview more Mormons there's one Mormon I've interviewed I'll put the link in the description or in the comments he was a transhumanist openly proudly transhumanist and he seemed to think that that went right along very nicely with his world view the LDS Mormon world view so I have to admit I don't know that much about this world view I'm not I'm not a fan I'm a I'm a big fan of the individual members because they seem like nice people uh Warren Jeff's being a notable example and people like him his father um not too bad enough anyone but from what I've seen allegedly not not great not a great example but uh anyway we're going to jump right into this I don't know what to expect I've got a few ideas about uh some of the topics that they're going to cover I think they're uh the official title is debunking anti-mormon youth pastor so there's some sort of non-catholic Christian I think that is critical of Mormonism and midnight Mormons is attempting to debunk this young youth pastor's anti-mormon stance so I don't really know the substance of it like I said I skipped through and listened to a couple of minutes and uh I have a rough idea what it's gonna be but we're going to jump right in now and see what it's all about welcome back I should mention also this is my first time seeing these guys this this channel I subscribe to it now uh but I I hadn't known these guys before never seen an episode before so this this will be my first episode possibly my last two we'll see Mormons ladies and gentlemen I am your host Cardinals and today I'm joined in the studio by kwaku L and Brad whitback as well as back by popular demand William the thrillium Larkins and today we're going to be doing kind of a fun little debunking here I have been recommended all kinds of interesting content via the YouTube algorithms now the latest being this guy who apparently I found it is actually a youth pastor after having to wake this up pull him back up pull him back up yeah he made a video called six major difference to kwako okay yeah quako let's click it oh dang it well one of us has to change look at their hats yeah who wore it better ladies and gentlemen me for it better you know the priest it always looks better than this nonsense okay well look at that you guys do have an oh my gosh up to the F in your hat yeah the Ellie Dodger hat they're both green uh long sleeve little sweaters oh my goodness gracious wow you guys are literally just a winners image of each other okay but I wear my hat up high like The Tick Tock douchebags and he's wearing his way it's supposed to be worn like a human like a real human yeah okay well anyway uh this guy has made another kind of um what I consider recycled or run-of-the-mill but you guys can see what you think uh argument against the church saying six major differences between Christians and Mormons ooh so I'm excited I'm already upset because I know what he's gonna say because they always say the same things yes and I'm annoyed that in 2022 this is where they think the battle is and they think that it's new like how are you bringing souls to Christ by doing this I am also very amazed where it's just like wow in the battle like we are literally in the trenches of World War One spiritually uh I guess I'll just respond to that comment or that question how is this supposed to bring people to Christ well by educating people who have been fooled into believing that Jesus Christ is not who he actually is right so this is about education I'm assuming that this youth pastor is Christian so he has the proper understanding uh at least generically that uh you know as Chris christology is more or less Orthodox now that youth pastor probably doesn't have his mariology correct so his christology is obviously flawed to some extent I'm willing to guess but um you know the youth pastor I'm assuming for now until I see what he says I'm assuming he's a Christian and as such uh he has the uh you know he qualifies as Christian because he understands who and what God is to such an extent that he is part of the church he's a member of the mystical Body of Christ and also in an imperfect relationship with the fullness of the Catholic faith the Catholic Church but nonetheless he is a member of the body of Christ whereas these Mormons LDS they are not okay it's not to disparage them or to attack their characters uh it's just too admit the truth of reality the reality is if you're if you believe what the Mormons teach and I'm going to use the word Mormon even though it's maybe less technical than LDS but just rolls off the tongue more easily uh if you're a Mormon and you believe what the Mormon worldview teaches you're not a Christian and you do not understand who and what God is God the Father God the son or God the holy spirit so I just want to come to the defense of the youth pastor on that one quick note as there's massive abortions happening over here massive addiction depression nihilism all this other heinous horrible crap going on on the other side outside in the trenches these guys are nitpicking whether or not the uniforms on their buddies are like tucked in or not you know what I'm saying it's just like okay well let's see what else is I disagree I strongly disagree I think this is it's very very very important that we are at least monotheists you know and uh you know if you're if you're a model if you can become a monotheist that's a major step up I would say it's an infinite improvement over where you're at right now and this is again not to be insulting or disparaging and if there are any Mormons listening or ex-mormons I'd love to interview you just uh reach out and you can use the calendly app CVS Dash podcast I put it in the live chat so you can find it there I'll put it in the comments too say let's see if it's just recycled garbage honestly the best part about chemo brain is I've already forgotten what arguments he made I just remember that I copy and pasted the URL in my little list of things to react to later so it's pretty much just as fresh in my mind as it is in yours so let's uh let's see what homeboy here has to say all right every conversation I have with a Mormon always ends up in the same place where they're saying wait no I'm a Christian too okay yeah I mean the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints yeah it makes sense okay cool well here we go yeah so once again Mormons are not Christian and that's not meant to be an insult although I do hope and pray that each and every Mormon will become a monotheist and then a Christian obviously we're stopping so we can't say this isn't transformative content here we go but are Mormons Christians we're gonna take a look at the six major differences between Mormonism and Christianity we're going to be looking at both doctrines and comparing to similarities and the differences and here's a little spoiler alert there's a little bit more contradictions than there are similarities make sure to stick around for the video because they kind of get crazier and crazier yeah like more contradictions and similarities okay Protestants yeah like of all the denominations you have you're gonna say oh Mormons are so different get over yourself yeah he's acting like we're like you barely agree on the Nicene Creed with some of these people dude so the young person said he's acting like we're polytheistic yeah I don't know I don't know what to say about uh Mormonism in terms of polytheism it's I I just don't know how to deal with polytheism generally it's just such a strange concept I don't know if anyone actually is a polytheist it seems bizarre I think the Mormons admit to being hennotheists where there are lots of gods and there's one best God and that's the one that they worship and aspire to be like uh but like I said uh anything I say about Mormonism should be taken with a grain of salt you should go and find out because I haven't looked into it at all you know I've just gotta sort of by osmosis over the years picked up a few things but what little I do know uh uh by for example reading their Creed and reading uh different things a few little paragraphs here and there what I do know or what I think I know is uh that they don't believe in the god of classical theism they're not monotheists okay but uh you should take it upon yourself if you're interested to go and find out what they actually teach what they actually believe and I will not be a source of knowledge a reliable source of knowledge about what the Mormons actually teach I'll just be responding here and defending Christianity and defending monotheism too literally you want to just show like this I feel he's gonna make a bunch of solar script to our arguments and you know so on and so forth and just uh to for my Protestant listeners you are as I said members of the body of Christ you're in an imperfect relationship with the Catholic Church but uh you're infinitely more Christian than the Mormons from my understanding and you have infinitely more in common with me as a Catholic with my beliefs your beliefs and my beliefs are very very very close when compared to the beliefs of the Mormons you want to throw a hand grenade into an Evangelical uh um an Evangelical conference just say is dancing supported by the Bible and you'll have oh they'll just go crazy then say hey what do you guys think about the chosen no okay so first this is what they always do and I can't stand it because they're always like Christianity versus Mormonism and they have the Bible versus The Book of Mormon we use the Bible we believe in the Bible like it's not like we replaced it look on like the gospel Doctrine app like the library app it's like one of the main things in there yeah a bunch of Mormon doctrine's bible if you want a free Bible by the way any Christian who watches this you can get a free app from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the Bible I'm disappointed like this guy is apparently a pastor in town that I found out when I just Google his name right oh yeah and we were conversing in the in the image I'd like to just to comment on the Bible um if you know me and my podcast you know how I feel about the Bible uh the Bible is as the church teaches the Bible is inerrant entirely inherent in all its parts and it's infallible and it is the word of God its primary author is God the secondary authors are those human instruments of God uh but we've never seen it it's up in heaven it's it's what we what I call the mystical Bible and what we have here below are imperfect shadows and copies of copies of copies of manuscripts and faulty translations that are you know not full of but that contain errors omissions and additions this is well established everyone knows it okay so the Bible's militant Bible's plural because I've got half a dozen and there are dozens if not hundreds of versions and translations I know there are many hundreds they are not identical and they differ amongst themselves and this is a point I think that they're going to emphasize later in the video chat I said look you brought luck we can converse but I'm wondering which version they use that's that's a question I'd like to download their version and see how many books it has 66 73 or whatever it is here you come on my radio show I'll buy you a steak dinner afterwards we'll be friends you're cool you're safe you know what I'm saying so and so forth and he didn't respond to he's like well what do you think I got wrong I was like like 17 like these recycled ones you know what I'm saying so anyway and also I mean yeah you know what let's let's do it okay so here we go let's see here let's see he just reminds me of the guys from my hometown like the Evangelical that's my hometown that bullied Mormons all the time and luckily we always beat them in like homecoming and prom because we were cooler yeah that's just like still like it just reminds me of like there is an arrogant air that they have as though we represent Christianity and it's like you mean that you guys can't agree on anything like you literally our church is doing all your heavy lifting you're like like literally all the heavy lifting we're doing it you guys have not set up for yourself we are standing up for all Christians for everything and then lastly to say we're not Christian before the chosen the second most popular Bible videos in the world came from the LDS church so much where other churches use them all the time who is the main character in that a Mormon in fact and and who who are they representing oh Jesus Christ yeah wait yeah what our church we did it you guys didn't do it representing Jesus Christ or misrepresenting Jesus Christ and again this is not to throw mud or anything it's just it's just the reality is that if we disagree about the nature of Christ we can't both be right one of us must be wrong at least one of us must be wrong so uh it's it's just it's just the reality of the situation if you're understanding ontologically of Jesus Christ is substantially different from the Christian understanding then you're not Christian that's just reality and if you know it's not to say that Christianity is better necessarily it's only better if it's true if it's truer it's better and I believe and all Christians believe that Christianity is truer than LDS or any other worldview because it happened church movies you guys may suck so we finally made our Jesus movie and every Christian's like wow this is good yeah I know what's also really funny is I'll say like okay cool we just interview the pastors over here they're like a little bit more of the Pentecostal band right they were cool yeah they were cool guys but what's crazy is like the Baptist over at Masters University want nothing to do with them and say that they're like one foot out the door Heretics right right and then you go down down the aisle and you know the Assembly of God people are saying no both of those ones are wrong they should be wearing veils over their heads you know what I'm saying if you walk down the street and then there's like these conservative Christians where they're like oh you better be wearing a cardigan where in the Bible where in the Bible would it imply that we're supposed to have like one Faith one Lord and one baptism show me that's not in there anywhere also you know they have a term for like so by the way they always say that look look we just we disagree on non-selfific things you know when they stop saying that as soon as the Mormon leaves the room argue all day long but we're coming like we all we're all Brothers we all agree no you don't because you know what this is what I've noticed about I know we haven't let the guy speak yet I've noticed this because I've been watching the Evangelical YouTube the past couple years I've been I've been watching you all right that's what I figured out yeah you got you guys dunk on each other like Evangelical media is no better than TMZ because every time you guys have someone who actually does a good job and like gets recognized and people like wow this is cool you guys cancel them Lauren Daigle was freaking awesome with that music and then she started getting canceled by all little keyboard Warrior pastors on YouTube that were like is she actually Christian she went on Ellen let's do this talk show and didn't answer the hard questions one of the core teachings of Jesus Christ is to question whether other people were really Christians yeah because they said because of one thing they said at the moment oh not the largest talk show in world history led by a lesbian about homosexuality literally told us to make men an offender for a word that's what he said to do right that's right Laurie Daigle said when Ellen asked her if homosexuals what she said to read the Bible and figure it out dude God wants you to read it you know what's crazy is now that I get uh recommended all of this Evangelical content like no joke look at this I just Googled right now I can't remember what the video is so I I just threw it up right here but oh my gosh look at this I'm gonna put it on the screen so you guys can uh have a chance to see it right here but while you're moving that the other Maverick City they canceled best Christian direct music best Christian gospel music I've ever heard about why did they get canceled oh because Chandler Moore uh uh made a joke about having sex with his wife on his wedding uh and then Dante whatever said he like Lil Nas X when they want to like literally like the stupidest things oh they chose him they can't see the chosen now because that one Pastor oh the white who talks like rat about Wiley tell you about question reality who's that guy radio The Chosen has quote with the Book of Mormon and one of them episodes and they didn't it didn't but they all jumped on the cancel train because I'm telling you modern evangelicals just literally sit around and cancel each other because the ones with Talent actually put themselves out there because they want to spread the message of God but the ones who just react because they have nothing to do because they're lazy untalented angry hacks sitting behind a screen just cancel each other all they want these guys are literally TMZ and there's a reason why they refer to each other as even jellyfish that's a perfect thing who's not kidding they call each other even jellyfish if they're not Evangelical enough like literally I I can't even watch that one freaking who's that big Christian YouTuber guy who used to be really cool but he's kind of a jerk now um Stephen it's not Christian because the sun made a rap song shut up like yeah so like look at this right here look it's right here I I remember that this one came across my feet and I thought how is this Christian number two there's The Wretched radio guy these Evangelical books should never have been written look at the thumbnail it's literally him saying these books stink and it's like like seven of the past eight or six of the past seven most popular books in Evangelical Christianity and that's the problem with all of these arguments like they always come at Mormonism as though they represent Christianity as a cohesive whole never realizing that they are the most fragmented disagreeing dysfunctional family I've ever seen in my life that cannot agree on a single thing they can't agree on baptism is it by immersion or is it symbolic or is it wholly unnecessary throw that little philosophical hand grenade into uh one of their get-togethers and watch them all argue about dancing baptism but the only thing they agree on is Catholic 90 wrong Mormons 99.99999 wrong it's like a doctrine of exclusion pure exclusion and you know what I feel like when I look at the thumbnail that you just shared with us that's me that's what it looks like because well it's what it looks like to go forth preaching the gospel to All Nations and you know and fulfilling the community that's how you baptize All Nations don't like don't all like the Christian churches do they believe they believe in the Ten Commandments right yes well yes yeah yeah and it's like well not all of them there are some who would say oh fulfilled we don't need to do it yet well it's like well they believe in love their enemies like as thyself well if you truly love your enemy you're gonna try to cancel them and make their life terrible because they said one thing you don't like okay okay you've only talked 26 seconds and we've already liked lambastian yeah but you're telling you I'm telling you you seems a lot love us I tell you that much he's not loving us as he's loving himself and that's actually why are they attacking us that's you know I don't think the hello sings guy like loves us loves us but I think he's trying to maybe he does and yeah I I would love to talk to him yeah I think he's making a noble effort and I think he's doing his best to swallow his pride and and to try and be christ-like about it I don't think he's 100 succeeding because humans we can't succeed in any of our most noble Endeavors you know without like we would become Gods if we were that good right but I do notice there is a difference in attitude and I think that's also why rewarding more on YouTube anyway let's keep going oh this is extremely painful for me to listen to this nonsense and this irrelevant dribble it's like can we drill down and actually look at the the teachings of your world view and compare them to the teachings of Christianity the Tis the teachings of Christianity um which all Christians agree on okay because I've interviewed many Protestants and all of the Protestants that I've interviewed agree with the Catholic teaching that God is that then which nothing greater can be conceived he's the necessary being the uncaused first cause he is subsistent being his Essence his existence and God is a trinity this is taken on faith that the Christian faith that God is a trinity one God with three persons and uh there's the father-son Holy Ghost and the second person and the second person alone incarnated instituted a church and suffered and died for our sins so every Christian that I've ever ever interviewed believes that every Christian I've ever met believes that that's what's that's what's being questioned about your worldview we're questioning what do you believe about God what is the nature of God what are the attributes of God okay so trying to muddy the waters with all kinds of Scandal and infighting and uh quibbles over Doctrine amongst the different Christian communities and how the Christian communities compare with the Catholic Church those are all valid and relevant points to be made and we can we can look at that but for the time being the question the the pertinent question is are Mormons Christian yes or no for that so for that it's very simple we just need to look at God how do you define God what is your ontological understanding of God and so all of the Clutter and all of the banter it might be entertaining for your audience I don't know but it's it's completely missing the point it's irrelevant and it's a waste of time so let's hope that there's more substance coming up here and like I think yeah he's trying but this guy you can tell is not trying at all he's not trying yeah he hates us he hates us yes he does and he's not following the Ten Commandments he does seem cool though the rest is awesome yeah I don't feel comfortable sitting here in Judgment of saying whether or not yeah pretty well yeah okay I'm not gonna say whether or not he actually has true Christian love is hard or something because only God can judge this but I can't believe it I've seen those eyes I've seen those eyes it was the eyes of people who hate us usually all right you don't make it you shut up will and let us keep going okay here we go let's let this guy talk and see what he's got to say here we are calling other people mean and I'm loving this we're saying like you know where's that hypocrite yeah anyway so here we go oh whoops wait hold on a second we got to bring that one back way to silence here first difference comes from the question who is God boom that's what I've been saying we're 16 minutes into this video this debunking anti-mormon youth pastor and uh this whole thing could have been wrapped up if you just tell us who is your god what is your god right so I'm so far I'm impressed with what I'm hearing from this youth pastor I have no idea who he is maybe I'll look him up after it's like a pretty straightforward question right well the views are kind of different in Christianity we believe that God is the personal Eternal infinite creator of the universe there he goes again in Christianity that's exactly what the Bible says isn't it yeah okay I'll keep going that's not relying on any extra biblical Source material for that definition that he just laid out right there yes you guys tell me when to pause and you guys think it's time to pause okay so here we go yeah well no Protestant is a Bible alone Protestant even the ones who claim to be Bible alone Protestants are not Bible alone Protestants it's a myth it's a legend it's it's a fantasy okay so even the Christians who claim to be Bible alone Christians they are Rife with tradition Rife with Catholic tradition and an ad mixture an evil demonic add mixture of human tradition okay but it's still tradition so you got big tea tradition and little tree tea tradition mixed up in a hodgepodge mixture in every Christian Community that's not Catholic so just want to clarify that too he's all-knowing all-powerful everywhere at once and he's the only God that there is he exists eternally as a trinity God the Father God the son and God the Holy Spirit three okay yep once again everything he is saying is not found in the Bible also what a trinity yeah this is all stuff that they had to have councils to put together what they agreed on for what the Trinity was Pastor James White the guy yeah where'd you get your Bible this is the same question I would ask the Protestants where'd you get your Bible it's a question of authority the infallibility of God is without a doubt and then a portion of that infallibility was given to his church right that's the only way we can have an infallible Planet I'd say the same thing to the Protestants and I I say the same thing to the Mormons right where'd you get your Bible maybe Joseph Smith claims to have the authority to define the Canon I don't know the history of Joseph Smith I don't know what little I've heard doesn't make me want to read more but maybe he's claiming that he's the source the infallible source of the Canon of scripture I don't know I that doesn't agree with John MacArthur who doesn't agree with that Baza guy who all hate Joel Olsteen and no Catholics are going to hell those Christians that are all unified in thought James White their leader not I think he's meant to say all Christians are going to hell or no Christians are going to heaven I think that's what he meant to say the Protestants I've never heard a Protestant say that no Christians are going to hell so that was probably just a little Freudian slip leader says the Trinity and I don't believe that all Christians go to heaven that no Christians go to hell I don't believe that I don't believe that all Catholics go to heaven and that all Catholics that no Catholics go to hell uh that's that would be ridiculous you know that's I know he's just being silly here anyways making making a caricature of the Protestants and how they have the infighting and they're always pointing fingers at each other and at the Catholic Church is in between the lines you got to read between the lines what's this quote again it's in between the chapters something like that yeah which is very convenient yeah is that but what did something tells me that they would not have had to have the Nicene Creed later clarified by the athanasian Creed if it was really there yeah well there's an organic development and it's brought on by challenges by heretical views right this is well established or it wouldn't break the sound real quick okay so first you'll notice we describe god with qualities that you can actually see in your mind's eye because you have a relationship with something you need to have some sort of personal if you can comprehend God it's not God period wise connection they use hype words okay so they say infinite everywhere at once Eternal creator that is Trinity that does not tell you anything it doesn't mean anything it's actually meaningless it's fluff it's literally well it's like living in your little village no one's ever left the village and then someone says Hey what if we go beyond outside of this Valley in this Village in the valley and we go beyond those Hills is there something Beyond right it's just it's just it's just the perspective of recognizing your boundaries and then contemplating what's beyond those boundaries it's not rocket science we use Infinity in mathematics all the time and we all have limitations and we can use our minds to transcend those limitations not to say that we can have perfect knowledge of uh anything much less what's beyond the bounds of our finite intellects but we can point in the general direction we can have an awareness of the possibility of trans of transcending boundaries and going Beyond so I don't see what the problem is with having infinity or boundlessness incorporated into our definition of God today is yesterday's tomorrow but tomorrow today will be yesterday okay like that's not like thanks master I'm so enlightened now this is literally I got in trouble because I said this once online the way they describe God in the athenation Creed is the Gaston song like it's literally just oh my God strong like our God no one runs like a god no way it's like you've not actually told me anything you've just used hype terms no one's in every place and here's the thing this is why you go you go uh you go to a Christian church and you'll know it's a difference in the pastor and the pew they're Christian why they keep talking about the Christians and the Christian church if they're Christian it doesn't make sense because the normal families going to go imagine God the normal God says oh they imagine a person the pastor well it's not the father well the son is a person well depending on which church somebody feels Jesus in a person anymore but but the father is a spirit and the Holy Spirit is the second Spirit person to the God okay wait the holy spirit is the second yes well they're all one where does the first Spirit start in the second Spirit end well they're all you can't differentiate between the two so they're just two spirits well there's three but there's three it is not it doesn't make sense whenever we do our man in the street content and you pointed this out to me as well whenever we do our man in the street content and we ask people describe God they intuitively in those bodies created in His image with the intuition that he gave us they intuitively always describe the Mormon or better sad LDS manifestation of God they don't describe the athanasian Creed the Council of Trent God they don't describe the proto-orthodox god they don't describe the whatever non-denable denominational Christian God he has they describe the Mormon God for lack of a better term everyone did every single person yes and I would adventure to Guess that your average Christian thinks of God as their father in a very similar way to the way that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not in this weird there's no Christians who are not pastors praying to a trinity none of them are like I'm gonna pray to the omnipresence everything also if he's ever his God in hell that's true oof is he in hell if he's everywhere at once so he's in hell oh he's bigger than that look it's it's it is at best confused these people don't really understand uh the mystery of God The Cloud of Unknowing and the the supernatural element that's in True Religion right it's like we are creatures the Creator transcends Us in the the Creator is infinite in every pure perfection and hell is an orientation away from God and it's a falling away from God it's uh it's the absence right that's better to say the falling away from all those pure Perfections that we all crave and desire Life Health Beauty Freedom Joy intimacy love power right so hell yes God is in hell but God is in Hell uh like I always say the fire of God's love is hell it's an orientation that makes it painful for those who reject God right so yes God is in hell and the second person when he incarnated after his soul was separated from his body in physical death his soul plumbed the depths of hell I don't know if he went to the depths of Hell or if he just went to the upper regions to get uh our fathers in the faith Adam and Eve and so on and so forth uh the Patriarchs that's a good question actually I should look into that if the soul of Christ Plum the very depths of hell but in any case God is omnipresent and so yes God is in hell and that's not a problem using and and this is why Joseph Smith in the first Vision it talked about the Creeds being an Abomination okay he wasn't talking about the commitment of the individual members like the evangelicals always trying Lampoon he's literally talking about the confusing nature of greeds that disassociate the average person from their God which then just makes it easier for Satan to manipulate and trick them so anyway let's keep going let's talk let's let him bury himself yes well Joseph Smith allegedly according to what he just said Joseph Smith is warning us against creeds especially mysterious doctrines such as the Trinity the Incarnation which must be taken on faith it can't be known by the light of natural reason he's warning us against these mysterious doctrines because it will confuse us and make us easy pray for the devil well what's the alternative the alternative is to have a God that we can comprehend exhaustively and that by definition cannot be God the most it could be is a material being and that's what I think the Mormons worship yes um here we go persons all equally Divine and we get this theology from Matthew 28 19 second Corinthians 13 14 First Corinthians 12 4-5 Ephesians 4 4-6 First Peter 1 2 and Revelation 1 4-5 well I get it from the natural light of reason and classical theism so are those worth actually going back and fact checking because you're not going to read any of them you're right he's not gonna read any of them but by the way that's the mo that's the mo they do two things and I know this because I've literally listened in on their training when they talk about how to witness to Mormons read off a bunch of scriptures really fast and then when you you say okay if I ask a question okay where does the father Spirit start and where does the Holy Spirit begin if you're just two bodyless Spirits they'll go to a verse and they'll say let me explain this to you and they'll read it and they'll give an exhaustive 15-minute long explanation that doesn't actually cover the verse it's just speaking around it so they are literally taught when witnessing the Mormons to just be as vague but long-winded as possible or be super super short and throw a bunch of scriptures on the screen and not let you fact check it so we're going to fact check it right now they're trained to do this I got 28 19. I already have it up right now oh you do what is it it says go therefore and Make Disciples of all Nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you and lo I Am With You Always to the close of the age that says nothing also of the Trinity when you get baptized as a member of the Church of the Holy Spirit but your baptisms aren't valid because you don't believe in God you believe in a big man in the sky allegedly or ostensibly from what I've understood it's a big man in the sky an ascendant being like in what they teach in Gnostic new age atheistic worldviews that's what we do is in the LDS wait he just proved me wait a second there's just name verses and run where they just he literally just listed verses that say father Son and Holy Spirit wait hold on his claim was that we gotta let's listen to the claim again hold on a second this is his claim that we get wrong hold on first difference comes from the question who is God it seems like a very straightforward question right well the views are kind of different in Christianity we believe that God is the personal Eternal infinite creator of the universe where was that powerful everywhere at once and he's the only God that there is he exists eternally as a trinity God the Father God the son and God the Holy Spirit three persons I'm trying to there we go he exists as a trinity so first first Trinity is three I know they get mad when you say but okay it's three he even did this thing right which is just a three not like the okay thing okay don't cancel me so yeah so how is it a he first if the father by the way who I know he's probably gonna say how we believe God is a person with the body if the father spirit is bodyless it's probably therefore genderless the holy spirit is also genderless and neither so God is a he but God consists of three which are two two parts of the fear genderless and one has a gender so calling him so is all of God the father he or is part of God just the he and that's the father or two-thirds of God but you can't say two-thirds because they're just one so you can't divide into three although you're counting three do you understand how like by the way these people are very confused God is pure spirit and God has no sex no body no gender God transcends all of that right you're thinking in worldly terms you're a creature and you're treating God like he's a creature God is not a creature God is the creator okay but God is pure activity there's no potential in God you have potential that's why you're feminine relative to God okay God is masculine in the animal by analogy because he's pure activity pure act there's no potential and you are feminine in this analogy because you are perceptive and passive and you have potential it hasn't been actuated so that's why we call God the father and we say he it's not because he has external sex organs he doesn't have any sex organs God took on our human nature God created our human nature he was not frustrated when he wanted to create nature to be natural he created nature and it's natural and that's part of his plan that's part of his that's his will and men have external sex organs women have internal sex organs and God God chose he didn't have to he freely chose to send the second person the Trinity is a mystery but he sent the second person to Incarnate to take on flesh and to take on male flesh to become a man not a woman but a man and to be born of a woman so that's the way it happened you just have to accept it you have to you have to look at the history of Christianity and look at the economy of Salvation that God manifestly chose to implement just look at it just accept reality as it is God incarnated as a man okay that doesn't say anything about uh the pure spirit that is God the godhead is pure spirit there's there's no implication that because God took on flesh that he must originally have had flesh you can't take on something that you already possess right so he God did not possess flesh he took it on it's new hey I noticed that one of the scriptures I don't believe he actually put up on the screen and conveniently left out is the one that says Jesus Christ came up out of the water so Christ is in the water and then the Holy Ghost extends as a dove yeah with the Holy Ghost descending as a dead and then the voice of the father and then the voice of the Father which I'm really saying this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased and he conveniently left out John 17 where Christ is kneeling praying to himself and then asks that we can all become one like he is one with the father yeah so I'm sorry cool youth pastor who has the whip let's go through the recipe because that's their MO always look the attack on the Trinity would make a lot more sense if you were actually a monotheist like if you were a Jew or a Muslim then it would make a lot more sense to start attacking the Trinity but you're not even talking about the same God when you're talking about your God it has nothing to do with the one God the true God of monotheism it's you may as well compare an ant or a pile of dog doo-doo with God because that's again no offense to you members of the Mormon LDS worldview but uh you know any creature all creatures are equal if in terms of their distance the abyss that lies between any creature and God the Creator the distance is the same it's infinite right so whether it's a carrot or a BB gun or a donkey or your Mormon God they're all infinitely inferior to the one true God right so your critique of the trinity is yet another distraction from the ontology uh and the metaphysics of your theology so-called I wouldn't even call it theology because you don't believe in god let's go back I'll take the um the second one in Corinthians in First Corinthians okay you always say that they just second Corinthians 13 14 that they just list a bunch of scriptures and run so I'm going to try and see if I can find that scripture listening and here it is right here four through six First Peter 1 2 and Revelation one four through five so okay so there is your little list right take Second Corinthians 13. okay is it first so they're Second Corinthians 13 14 and then there's First Corinthians oh look at the coolest he I give this guy credit for cool graphics yeah that's awesome I give this guy credit information okay I found it second Corinthians 13 14. okay all this one kills us actually oh what is it the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the community of the Holy Ghost be with you all amen he just typed in father son Spirit on his Christian album that's literally what he did gosh it's like we've dealt with these guys our whole lives Brad and they never they always do the same thing yep oh and here it is yep okay Ephesians four four through six hey I referenced this one earlier actually okay um there's one body and one spirit and even as you were called in the hope of your calling one Lord one faith and one baptism explain to me Christian why are so many of your denominations not of One Faith one word or even one baptism you can't get there now six is the one that he was really kind of going for which is one God and Father of all who is above all and through all and in you all but unto every one of us is given Grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ yeah so that's God who's heavenly father Yes above all however God is God then separate from him is Jesus Christ and then separate from both of them is the Holy Ghost it's almost like that was made purposeful by making it three different verses yeah and by the way this is what Brian godawa talks about in his very popular Evangelical book series called uh Noah primeval I believe it is one of the most popular Evangelical teen book series or whatever and um he says it's a very uncomfortable truth that we have to get used to as Evangelical Christians the idea of manolatry that you can believe that there is an all-powerful all-knowing God all right but there's also other gods out there else what do you call an angel like how can you say that I believe in God but he's the only God out there the only God exists but these angels that he keeps sending that aren't men because they are Immortal and have Supernatural Powers what do you call those things they're creatures just like you but they don't have physical bodies they're pure spirit right so what is difficult about that there's one Creator and many creatures and different kinds of creatures they're Angels which are pure Spirit there are humans who have the intellect and the Free Will that the Angels enjoy and there are lower beasts and there are vegetables and there are minerals right these are all creatures they're all creatures and there's one Creator what is difficult about this you can't call them anything else other than God with a little G which all of a sudden puts you in this Pantheon of gods where there's plural here just like the Old Testament says in the Council of the heaven with the gods it's like these people only read the anti-mormon weird interpretation Bible verses that have been recycled by Pastor since 1830s because they were jealous our missionaries took all of their members that were bored with their old outdated Creeds that no longer made sense or held water with a new revelation and they don't know any of the new stuff I think he's trying to use this one to like establish God as omnipresent you know and omnipowerful okay sure omnipotent sorry but like Father Of All Above All and through all and in you all that we believe in God we believe that God is above all right let's check out the other two it's the same thing it's just versus referencing three okay oh this poor kid he could never get through College these weird Evangelical colleges and Divinity schools it's always like you can get a master's degree to become a pastor like you just have to like think Catholics suck but not as bad as Mormons and then throw a bunch of scriptures on the screen and then I swear they just give you these degrees you know what I'm saying and I don't know dude it's I gotta say the dudes from Valley Church were a lot cooler so far yeah I said okay let's let you've gone and we're going to chapter three of his YouTube video let him speak for himself oh my gosh it just stopped on that frame that's a really funny thing to stop on we didn't do that to you on purpose bro don't keep it on the frame yeah here we go kind of a red flag the second difference comes from the question who is Jesus well Christians believe that wait Jesus pause for a second did he say kind of a red flag kind of a red flag but then didn't share what the Latter-Day Saints believe God is so let's do that after that let's give a chance here we go is God incarnate he existed eternally with God and he put on Flesh and Bones as a man on earth born of Virgin Mary now I thought the father son of the spirit were God how did he exist with God that insinuates a separation if he is God yeah and the two-thirds you can't defend the athenation Creed that all these people most of them have never read it hey it is a theological version of this the original machine had a base plate of pre-fabulated amulet surrounded by a valuable logarithmic casing in such a way that the two spurring bearings and a direct line to the parametric it's nonsense talk it's gobbled Eagle that let the people who were putting it Forward at the time establish power for themselves have these people ever read what the great Saints say about the Trinity what we can know what we can't know it's just ridiculous um read Saint Augustine on the Trinity it'll humble you and it'll put the mystery into perspective there are things we can know there are things we can never know and it's hubris to think that we can understand God uh completely to comprehensively understand God and uh I I just don't appreciate the attitude of these Mormons and no offense to them God loved them but uh a complete lack of appreciation of the mystery of God it just is it's mind-boggling to me and it just smacks of hubris like a word problem in like third grade where it's like well if Sam bought 48 watermelons and it's 2 30 in the day and the train is running through at 48 miles let it keep going this is a much more flattering frame he definitely pulls he pulls those Evangelical girls I think he's married I think I see a ring right there oh okay he probably pulled his wife's probably beautiful awesome in the disclaimer we need to add that um we love even everyone and that we'll put in the um the what is it yeah the Ten Commandments We'll add that in there yeah we love you in the actual biblical sense of love where we without benefit to ourselves want your well-being and that sounded weird I agree with that definition of lobbyists love is not selfish love is kind right like without any kind of benefit to us Agape style yeah Agape style we hope that this man is disabused of bad narratives in his life one of those bad narratives is the athanasian creek yeah exactly that's what I'm saying we're trying to be a little more christ-like our love in here although it is fun to dunk but we should just tone down the dunk uh I don't want to make fun of these people but they are like a strange hybrid of uh what my friend my agnostic friend calls The X Factor and Atheism so you've got atheism which we all understand is just the material world and there's no Supernatural and then the X Factor is this sort of Christian element uh the freedom we have in Christ and the love of truth and the you know the morality the all the good things that an atheist could potentially uh agree to cultural stuff hospitals education um charity all these sorts of things this is what my friend my agnostic friend calls The X Factor which is appealing even to atheists even to some atheists those who are seeking the truth and those who value the transcendentals uh Unity truth and goodness and these sorts of things so uh yeah that's how I would characterize the Mormons from what little I understand they're atheists who are really buying into the X Factor and everything uh everything that's good in Christianity which is not asking them to look at metaphysics or ontology or the supernatural so it's as far as they're willing to go and it's as far as the atheist is willing to go and sadly it's not far enough right it's just not enough it's called natural virtue and the church teaches that natural virtue is good but it's not sufficient to get to heaven you need Supernatural virtue you need faith hope and love and these people sadly um you know they they have the appearance of love but how deep can that love be without faith without faith in God how it's a natural love it's not a supernatural love without God all of their virtue is natural it's not Supernatural virtue so they may talk about faith hope and love and they may have some natural virtue in the realm of love and some natural virtue in the realm of Hope but it's not a supernatural hope it's not a supernatural love because it's not a supernatural faith and I would argue actually along with Saint Paul that it's not a supernatural Faith because it's not a supernatural love love is the only one that remains faith is temporary hope is temporary but love endures so it all hinges on the love I'd say that their love is not Supernatural and that's probably due to Pride because they are treating God like a big man in the sky and God is God will not be God will not be mocked so sorry for what I said earlier okay don't worry we win hey don't say that we might be striked by our YouTube algorithm so here we go let him finish talking we're only literally one minute and 47 seconds in but here we go had two Natures his divine nature and his human nature he was all God and He was all man he lived a sinless life and therefore he was able to die on a cross for our sins for our transgressions redeeming our right standing with God in the death the burial and the resurrection so Mormons believe that Jesus isn't the same as God but Jesus actually was born of God now why did he say that like that was such a weird distinction yeah like he's the son yeah he's the son of God they believe he's the son of God you're telling me it's father that we spoke about and prophesied in scripture like we actually muted the high priest until he named him the background music is going light yeah okay you can tell he's related to carton yeah that's funny okay so here we go here we go let's see what else he has to say another unflattering thumbnail I'm sorry this gets a little fuzzy because since Jesus was born from God they believe that Jesus is actually our eldest brother yes if it is God the Father who created all mankind In His Image and Jesus Christ was his first born son all of the other children of God that we speak about in the Bible where are the children of God and his firstborn son that that would by default make them all brothers and sisters like this is literally in the Bible this is Romans 8. this is Genesis yeah the first chapter of Genesis no but really clearly like we are joint heirs with Christ how are we supposed to be joint heirs with Christ if we're not siblings with him hey you need to put a bunch of scriptures on the screen that have vague references to one of the words you used in a sentence never expound on them and throw them up there you're telling me homeboy is arguing about biology like he's mad that like we're relate people are related like what and and worse yet we're related in Christ we're related as brothers and sisters under the mantle and literally Romans 8 17 like if children then airs Heirs of God and Joint heirs with Christ yeah so we're children and we're joined with Christ not let my came up brother Mike it says to me like the Bible is telling us but it's the opposite thing that Jesus is the father so it's the Father the father and the Holy Spirit that was the Father the Son of the holy spirit this is literally like when the the pro-abortion people try and say like it's not a human uh it's but but it's going to because there's no other DN it's not monkey DNA in there it's not you know dinosaur DNA in there it's well but no no it's not baby it's a zygote glad they're pro-life and anti-abortion that's amazing it's like uh when I see atheists pro-lifers just touches my heart and I don't want to disparage the character of any Mormon but they're basically atheists like that's how I see them they're atheists with that X Factor like they like all the natural parts of Christianity that are good so uh I'm proud of them that they are pro-life and anti-abortion that's amazing yeah that will become a b like even Bill Burr is just like you know hey if I'm baking a bun in the oven okay you take out my butt in the oven you throw it on the floor sure it may not have been you know a cake cat or a bun but it was gonna be a bug so yeah sure whatever weird scriptural alphabet soup you're trying to do to make us not brothers and sisters if God the Father demands me called God the father and he says this is my my primocenito as we say in Spanish my firstborn son and then all the others are my children created in my image they inherently have to be brothers and sisters yeah I think we're brothers and sisters with Christ to the extent that we're Christian yeah the binary system all right literally the Bible supports our position so much more than the athanasian Creed but who's your god that's the question yeah it's Zeus and Hermes were real humans I think I think they were legendary they were legends that grew out of real historical characters that was my understanding I don't know I could be wrong this is where you're picking if this is no let me tell you something I think that your Mormon religion has is more akin to the pantheon of ancient Greek and Rome then it has anything to do with monotheism they believe Jesus was a son yeah like as if this was the thing completely arrogance that gets to me yeah yeah it's making us sound like we're polytheistic right now like well yeah let's keep going okay so here we go let's let him talk see they believe that all men and women on Earth are brother and sisters and so therefore because Jesus was born of God and was not God were siblings with him this is he tried so hard to make this sound confusing yeah well they think that if you have a kid and these cousins yeah acting like it's a bad thing is related because they try to make it seem like hey you're making yourselves like God to say that you're like Jesus Christ the entire message in the New Testament is that we should be like Christ let's listen to this one again this one's funny here we go my brother and sisters and so therefore because Jesus was born of God and was not God were siblings with him this is also where the Satan is Jesus's brother comes in yeah well that that would make sense that if everybody else in that Council of heaven when the dragon came down as I said in the Book of Revelation it took one through the host of heaven with him okay that if we're all children of God the inherently even He Who Fell From Grace Lucifer that star falling from Heaven is the Book of Revelation said would have been a brother of all of us not just Jesus Christ this isn't some big fat Scandal also why is that so weird like I'd never heard this before um I don't know what to think about it I'll just let it play when people are like they say they're beautiful scaring it was also a brother like he was literally a brother in Christ one of the twelve like why is this so hard for evangelicals to understand I literally don't think they could articulate to you why this is weird they just say it's weird there's a betrayer Among Us the first great betrayer was Satan the Second Great betrayer was Cain the third great great betrayer I'd argue was Judas Iscariot the fourth I don't know the guy that stabbed Caesar you know what I'm saying it's like this why is this so hard for these guys too and the worst part is this smug little Noggin of his acted like we are the stupid ones when this brother can't explain to me why this is so novel oh wait I get it what what is it he's an only child but also I mean you could make Mormons believe that Helen Keller and Danny DeVito are siblings I I mean yeah technically spiritually yeah like PALS like the sweet life is acting Cody like they're running around the Tipton Hotel hitting into Shenanigans like but it's also established Satan straight up walks into heaven can I tempt job and God they're like he's gonna pick me like that's written about in the scripture Satan welcome to Jesus Satan tempted Jesus by the way it's not just Satan it's a brother so is the elzaboop legion all of these are brothers and sisters of God that unfortunately chose incorrectly in the war in heaven that's documented not in the Book of Mormon not in the Apocrypha of the Catholic Bible not in the Lost Book of Enoch or did you miss Thomas Thomas but you know this is all biblical bro and so if you're loving the soul of scriptura you should be much more familiar with this but you're not because most anti-mormon arguments are recycled arguments that were scrapped together really really fast on the weekend before the Mormon missionaries came in 1845 and took half of your congregation away from you because your congregation realized yeah this confusing athanasian Creed sucks doesn't work and those people are a lot more happy over there we're going with them Pastor okay by the way they know how to fix things and build buildings because they learn crafts and they don't get money for being pastors you know what I'm saying you never built anything in our town we're leaving you know what I'm saying I want to see him get more confused about like okay siblings okay let's see this let's see if that was really funny Brad I give you credit on that one so here we go I don't know that gets kind of hairy and Mormons believe that his why does that get carry though why does that get Harry I have never had anyone tell me how it gets hairy that Satan and Christ were brothers yeah how does it get Harry watch check this out this this may blow your mind I also don't like to figure the language Harry like come on something else like well think about that how many famous people have ironically had really crazy nephews bless his soul I'm sorry he passed but Aaron Carter is the brother of Nick Carter Nick Carter is it that hard to believe that Nick Carter big boy band superstar that every loves has a rough and tumble Black Sheep brother that doesn't make good choices and kind of became a druggie yeah guess what guess what who just shot their cinematographer in the face on the set of rut Alex Baldwin does he have brothers that have become a little bit less disgraceful nobody's got a hot niece named Haley Bieber oh my gosh dude so it's like I mean come on how is this so hard I feel like does this cause consternation I feel like the main reason that it bugs people is because it's said by someone making this face yeah literally I'm gonna try this I'm gonna go to Costco so I grabbed a cart and put food in it and now you want me to slide this plastic credit card to take money like this gets kind of hairy flag Satan is Jesus's brother comes in I don't know that gets kind of hairy and Mormons believed that his death granted everybody immortality yes because there's a difference between immortality and salvation it's a purposeful maybe I've never heard anyone actually explain that well so and maybe he's gonna say okay let's see what he's got to say regardless of their faith regardless of who they put their trust in they believe that the atonement of Jesus is for every single person on earth oh by the way it's so hilarious that half the evangelicals say that we don't believe that that we believe in Acts only and that we're mistaken and now he's doing the exact office yeah it's pretty intense like Grace only right here yeah so this is really funny and just more proof that evangelicals just so you know I'm listening I'm cringing and I'm just waiting for some something of substance where they can talk about their God who and what is their God this is just incredibly painful because my style of apologetics is to go to the root of that which Separates Me from my guest or the person that I'm analyzing and in the case of an atheist it's all about monotheism versus their silly materialism in the case of where I'm talking with a non uh well a non-Christian monotheist and it's all about uh the Trinity and the Incarnation Jesus Christ right and then with uh speaking with a non-catholic Christian it's all about Authority where did you get your beloved Bible where did you get your infallible Canon of scripture right so I am by temperament prone to filter out everything that's extraneous to the heart of the matter given the context of the world view of the person that I'm analyzing right so all they should be talking about here is God right we should just be talking about what is monotheism you know Christians are monotheists are Mormons monotheists yes or no and let's talk about that everything else is a complete red herring waste of time for me but I'll just suffer through this let's not get on the same page about anything if this is false though then that would mean he doesn't believe in hell because let's say you were to go to hell hell is forever so like do not believe immortality is like you believe if you're not saved you to stop existing like you're conscious you're just like boom because there is an element of immortality no matter what because of Jesus that all because the system was created by God and Jesus God so if Jesus who is God created the system which your gun exist forever but you want to go to a good place not a bad place he believes this too so unless he's one of the Christians who believes that it's heaven or nothing but I'm assuming it's not what this guy believes it's a very small amount of Christians so what's he complaining about yeah you can't believe in Eternal damnation if you don't believe in eternity and to survive eternity you have to be immortal you know what I'm saying it's like I bet he's somewhere on the vein of like uh Resurrection only happens for I don't think he's on that this is just all recycled and if he was he could have said that he didn't say that anymore keep talking this is crazy man let's see so we're kind of though for two right now now the third thing over to Holy scriptures Old Testament and New Testament is all divinely inspired by God oh do you because last time the Catholics checked in without done extra books you weren't exactly so welcoming you know what I'm saying there's a debate I want everybody to watch um oh correct how am I missing his name um it's it's James White everyone's favorite versus uh who is a dude who's like he became X Mormon he lives in California he's got super white hair um correct is he the rocker the one that ended up being a rocker that I don't know who you're talking about Lee Baker okay his name is Lee Baker and James White You're debating okay it's actually very interesting to watch just as watch as human like as looking at two human beings because James White is there kind of smug and he's like everything about Christianity and Lee Baker was an ex-mormon because I went to the University of Phoenix I mean I went to uh University looked like a DMV I'm not kidding she look it up on a map anyway but whatever bill doesn't matter the point is um Baker is LDS left the church became bornian Christian and then left for that and he's debating James White saying I think you guys are lying the same way I think the Mormon church is lying and it brings up the fact that um I was like I was not taught that the story of the woman caught in adultery was not any of the original uh transcripts yeah it shows up about 400 years after our oldest age and James watch is going we all know that everyone knows that and he goes no no one knows that you guys might but not every other normal Christian thinks that's been there forever like you're saying it's not really inspired goes yeah but that's the thing every Christian knows and so he's being so lead Baker's getting gaslighted on stage uh-huh because I can go anywhere any state where there's Christians I go up to a 25 year old boy or girl and say do you know the woman's Story one kind of adultery yeah yeah same as the first stone do you know that like wasn't in there for a couple hundred years no like nobody neither were the last 13 or 14 verses in the Book of Mark all that cool stuff about like you know snakes won't now we're getting into the interesting stuff uh that's completely irrelevant once again in terms of this uh the difference is the essential differences between Mormonism and Christianity but it's interesting for me because of my stance on the Bible we have the infallible inerrant mystical Bible up in heaven and here below we have a hodgepodge of uh manuscripts cobbled together imperfectly imperfectly cobbled together is there a chance there's one version that was cobbled together perfectly uh just by luck I don't think so I think the odds are against that and uh it's anyway it's just which one is it right so uh the woman caught in adultery was that in the original autographs no one here below knows no one knows it might have been it might not have been it might have found its way out of the manuscripts and found its way back into the manuscripts we don't know we can't know okay is it important yes it is it's important is it necessary for my salvation that I know whether that story was in or not no it's not obviously but is it safe to read a Bible where that passage is included yes it is safe it's safe my church teaches me infallibly that it is safe that's why we have a Trent the Declaration that even though the Vulgate the Latin Vulgate is imperfect and incomplete and we need to keep working on better translations it is safe so there's that all-important distinction that needs to be made and once again this is just a red herring this is a complete waste of time talking about the the scriptures but I do find it interesting because they seem to agree with me that it's a problem it's a problem for it's a big problem for the Protestants especially the solar scriptural Protestants it's a huge problem so I'm delighted to hear them talking about this even though it's completely irrelevant to the point at hand will they bite you Timothy probably not like the Gospel of John was added after the Book of Revelation so anyway he they they are they Gaslight LDS people and say we all believe this whole thing is divine inspired word of God as soon as we leave the room all right so half of this ain't true like that's literally how fast they change their attitude when they're just with their buddies with the degrees so this is gaslighting it's total manipulation and like it's so publicly documented how much the position switch side they don't believe that like the pastors who train to get these degrees don't believe that it's all an inspired word of God and they lie and manipulate Their audience when they want to attack Mormons by saying they do so that bothers me a lot no I feel you I feel okay let's keep on Sudden bury himself here let's see what he's got to say oh that's a bunch more flattering picture yeah are you kidding me so we're kind of low for two right now now the third thing that we're covering is the holy scriptures so Christians believe that the Bible Old Testament and New Testament is all divinely inspired by God it is his breath it is his truth and it is the foundation and the reference that we as Christians have when it comes to understanding what truth is and how to navigate in this world yeah but you don't have it that's the problem you have an approximation to it a shadow of it okay and it's good enough it is good enough the church teaches infallibly that it is good enough it's safe okay so go for it but give credit where credit is due the authority to define the Canon he's in the church and the church is the pillar and foundation of the truth and the inerrant scriptures you've never seen them okay you've got a shadow so just be humble as a Protestant as a non-catholic Christian just be humble and you'll be well on your way to submitting a docile and loving obedience to the Holy Roman Catholic church and as for the Mormons they first need to discover monotheism that's the first step for them so I don't know why they're obsessed with the Bible or with uh you know Christianity they should take that first step become a monotheist it is the sole Authority when it comes to Christian faith and practice the Bible is not the sole Authority okay the Bible is part of the Sacred deposit of faith we have sacred tradition and the sacred scripture which is tradition which was written down right and all the books of the world could not contain the tradition if it were written down and it's an Ever evolving understanding that we have this organic development of Doctrine based on the sources which lie in those two this dual Source in the sacred deposit of faith which is the tradition and scripture oh see that's the big problem where are your Creeds now yeah this is the problem yeah yeah where are your creates no exactly the Creeds are tradition right the soul Authority okay you're gonna have the Bible as your soul Authority but you're going to tell us that your athanasian Creed God is the one that is the right one okay this is yeah so this is good this is worth watching just for this okay just to have the the uh reality check for the non-catholic Christians just to get this this little jab in here this is a good jab from the Mormons I don't know why I don't know why they're even in the conversation but they've inserted themselves into the conversation and uh these atheists plus the X Factor have inserted themselves in the Christian debate and they seem to be on our side on the Catholic side when it comes to Authority the Bible I'm sorry I shouldn't say he's an idiot you're just you should be confused I love him so here's a big huge problem with the solo scripture argument when he says the Bible is the sole Authority it is inaccurate not just incoherence but Martin Luther famously when he wanted to break away from the Catholic Church to have the authority given to them according to them in an unbroken chain all the way back to Jesus Christ if you wanted to go off and start his own church he had to find a way to justify the authority of that church and if he was leaving and forsaking the priesthood of the Catholics to start his own thing he had to justify to all of his new followers from when to I get my authority if I don't have the authority that the Catholic church has who has an unbroken chain back to Jesus where does my authority come from the Bible itself and Sola scriptura was born all right now here's the only problem with that idea though and this is why the Catholics and the Mormons are the only people to get it right assuming one of them has the authoritative argument if you say the Bible is the only authority of God what are you going to do when all the prophecies in the Bible actually come true and what are you going to do if you don't actually have the Bible you've never seen it right you can't derive 100 certainty from a source which is less than 100 certain you just can't do it this is basic common sense uh this is just like how does anyone remain a Protestant after having thought about the question of authority how how it's mind-boggling and so I'm very proud of these X Factor atheists AKA LDS AKA Mormons I'm very proud of them that they are nailing it they're nailing this aspect of the Christian controversy having to do with authority they're nailing it and Jesus comes again Jesus could walk into the room in the Millennium with all of these pastors and they would reject him and say you can't speak on Authority here because what you just said didn't come out of the Bible yeah literally and they never refute anti-mornings never refute scripture they only fulfill it and what is the verse in the Book of Mormon that predicted this a Bible a Bible we have got a Bible we need no more Bible we need normal Bible for when they are learned they think they think they're wise and they haven't realized they couldn't survive their own Millennium yes and I need to apologize to this guy again for calling him an idiot I know I shouldn't do that I just I get so bugged with the smugness of like and telling me that your incoherent philosophy is somehow this is what defines what a Christian is no the followers of Christ bro by the way can I just say someone who is again I I had the Protestant upbringing that's that's a youth pastor joke that like they give on the Wednesday night awana's Christian service like in the morning they're over two and like 10 people who have a crush in the youth after go haha that like awkward like church giggle like that would have gotten a laugh so I know why he did it yeah I'm sorry for saying that you have low confidence okay you can criticize me for it but I don't think you will yeah yeah you know he should here we go let's let him finish we're about halfway through so Mormons believe that the Bible is true quote as far as it has been translated correctly yes we just made the argument about John in the last 14 verses of and so do you if you're gonna say any of your dumb buzzwords of freaking exegesis or icgs how is that different than being translated correctly but if you line up all the Papyrus and you'll look at it with a magnifying glass on Tuesday sorry there's different um translations of the Bible did this guy use the Ethiopian tejado Orthodox Bible or the Armenian Orthodox Bible the new King James or the new international version or the new world translations they all except for those weird African ones they all have the same message well kinda what what about how it says um we're going to be um Kings and Priests but then some say we're going to be a kingdom of priests and that's how to say we're going to be Kings priests and then some say we're going to be priest Kings like literally you believe in this too we're just honest about it we just go you know what we believe in it as far as you got the right translation 100 degree 100 agree um the beauty of being Catholic is that we're not so less scriptura and we have a living magisterium which is divinely protected from teaching error concerning faith in morals that's the difference that's true religion is where we have God Almighty the infallible God Ing and protecting the infallible church and those are two different uses of the word infallible God is absolutely infallible and the church shares in that infallible ability to a very very minuscule extent with the charism which protects the church from teaching authoritatively error concerning faith and moral so it's a very very minuscule participation in that infallibility that's given to the church but yeah this is the beauty of being a true Christian in the fullness of Christianity is we have this mystical uh guidance by the Holy Spirit and we don't need the Bible as Saint Augustine famously said we don't need the Bible and Saint Augustine almond also famously said I myself would not believe the Bible were it not for the authority of the Catholic church so that's the place to be That's Where It's At in Christianity that's the only coherent View uh that will fly and it will withstand scrutiny uh all the other Christian communities are incoherent as these gentlemen are saying it's just a fact and uh I'm just enjoying listening to them criticize the soul of scripture stance and uh the hypocrisy that's entailed in that and the incoherence philosophically and theologically and you know there's a point that the church emphasizes the Catholic Church emphasizes when it comes to understanding the scriptures uh and we see through a mirror Darkly here through glass Darkly here in this Fallen World we see like in a shattered mirror we don't have the mystical Bible at our disposal we have fragments and imperfect and incomplete manuscripts cobbled together but in that because we have the mystical uh Supernatural charism of infallibility guiding Us in the church with the living magistration because of that we're able to glean truth from the Bible's militant as I call them and we are able to grow in the faith and to read to benefit even when we read from these translations and these these manuscripts okay but what the church teaches and this is my point what the church teaches about context is that a letter is in the context of a word the word is in the context of a phrase the phrases in the context of a sentence the sentences in the context of a paragraph the paragraph is in the context of a verse the verse is in the context of the chapter the chapters in the context of the book and so on and so forth and each book of course is in the context of the whole collection of books so if we were able to have the autographs of all the contents of the Sacred Scriptures then we would have access to the entire context and then our Biblical scholarship would be more well-founded it would be easier to do but right now we don't have that context and what this gentleman is saying about the different versions and uh you know some have 66 books some have 73 some have more and some Orthodox Traditions there are even more books until we know the full context we won't have that ease of interpretation and exegesis just because it's essential it is essential the context is essential and you can't have context if you don't know what what the the full package is we don't know what the scriptures are no one's ever seen them even I as a Catholic I don't have access to that I have a mystical access through the living magisterium which gives me the Dogma it gives me the doctrines it gives me the disciplines it gives me things that can change and things that cannot change right so I have to be comfortable with the tension of not fully understanding the blurried the Blurred Lines in between those things that are uh infallibly defined and those things that are less in than infallibly defined it's really by faith we see through a glass Darkly and it's it's there's very little that we can have 100 certainty about even as Catholics in this sick Fallen World because of original sin it's a punishment okay but there are many many things that we can know with certainty we can know the nature of God we can know that God is a trinity we can know if you have the faith if you're a Christian you can you can know with certainty I'm not saying that you can have philosophical justification for the Trinity you can't but if you have the faith if you have the Christian faith if you're a monotheist that also has the Christian faith you can know with certainty the Trinity the Incarnation and all these sorts of things okay all the defeated dogmas of the Catholic church we can know these with certainty the certainty of faith okay so that's the end of that little rant I just wanted to uh congratulate these boys for exposing the hypocrisy of the non-catholic Christians with respect to the scriptures and we don't have the context and we need the context of the whole scripture to interpret any passage and feel free unless you have Holy Spirit protecting you he sees this and then makes a response video to explain to us how making your exes they're always afraid the number one rule of anti-mormons sorry the uh number seven yeah the number seven is they will not engage but like they you can't you can't refute what was just done here they never can so they don't engage man that's true I've never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever had a non-catholic Christian respond much less engage they've never responded to the challenge I've got a challenge on my Twitter I should put it up on the screen I've got an open Challenge on my Twitter and no one's so much has responded to it let me see if I can pull it up here can you see that I think it's on the screen now yeah my dear separated Brothers and Sisters in Christ you are cordially invited to debate me informally on my CBS podcast live stream on this topic and the topic is my infallible Bible is infinitely better than your fallible Bibles plural okay let that sink in my infallible Bible singular is infinitely better than your fallible Bibles that's the debate topic if you're a Christian if you're a non-catholic Christian and you're watching this right now or you're listening to this right now get in touch send me an email or use my calendly app to book a slot and let's talk about the Bible you love the Bible right so let's talk about the Bible and let's talk about the Bibles no one has responded and it's not like I have a large following on Twitter so it's not that surprising but I try to engage the Protestants on this and they they don't have much to say right other than they have the Holy Spirit so enough about that I also have another uh thing that I'll share with you here briefly Twitter and I did a whole episode on the Bible militant versus the mystical Bible the Bible triumphant let me see did I put yeah here's the other one here does this work can I not open the image in a new tab there we go so this one says the infallible inerrant word of God is so powerful that a single verse such as first Samuel 13 1 is sufficient to prove Catholicism true and all other religions false so this is just driving home my point about the Bible's militant and how they may be safe yes they may be safe but they're not infallible they're not inerrant right they're Shadows of the word of God the mystical Bible up in heaven is infallible it's an inerrant and it's only by the Holy Spirit by the charism of infallibility that we can know with certainty that which doctrines flow from that source just as the doctrines flow from tradition it's a dual Source theory that Catholics adhere to that we believe in and that is reality sacred tradition sacred scripture right and the reason I emphasized first Samuel 13 1 in case you're curious is because there's so much controversy among the biblical Scholars about this simple passage which is talking about Saul was X years old when he became king and he reigned for X number of years there's so much chaos and confusion in the manuscripts it's just a complete nightmare so my challenge to the non-catholic pro the non-catholic Christian my challenge is how old was Saul when he became king how old was Saul when he became king if you are a Bible Alone Christian if you've read the Bible if you own a Bible if you've ever seen or touched a Bible then tell me what the Bible says what does the Bible say tell me what the Bible says you have do you own a Bible do you have you ever seen the Bible are you able to read the Bible if so kindly tell me have you got this verse at hand if you've got it handy tell me what it says right so it's kind of a big deal we don't have the Bible it's kind of a big deal we have safe Shadows these Shadows are safe for the most part but if you watch my video that I did on the the Bible and the errors that have crept into different manuscripts the errors that have crept into translations and the errors that were inserted blasphemously for example with the um what's the Bible called some scandalous Bible where they said they changed the sixth commandment to Thou shalt commit adultery I forget what they call that that version but there are many examples anyway moving on now let's see if I can shut this window ding ding ding ding whoops here we go let's continue literally the entire process of exegesis it relies on believing the Bible as far as it's translated correctly also take this logic anywhere else okay you're in a divorce you're looking at the documents and your wife asks um are you gonna are you gonna sign them yeah we have a chance to look over here yeah I'll sign as long as you know it holds up to muster what this is just I cannot believe we get criticized on the most we believe it's true but we want to make sure you're reading the right stuff I and here's the other thing is why if you didn't believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it's translated correctly why would you have so many different academic translations why would you require your pastors to learn the original Greek yeah why would you do all of this stuff that you do it sounds like University of Phoenix Divinity that shouldn't matter huh yeah it's like I don't know I just literally the University of Phoenix needs to start just offering Divinity schools so oh Josh here we go we're gonna let them finish what is no no that's confusing language and I was confused as well because back in the 1800s Joseph Smith who was self-performed that is not confusing language and if you were admitting that you were confused by that you might be confused by wanting things to be accurate but you know in the 1890s this one what's confusing about as far as it is translated correctly okay you're right now this is the kicker like for a guy that just said they're kind of a little bit stupid and what they're saying is confusing he's about to do a doozy that is really funny uh we'll rewind just like five seconds so you get it again but here we go and practice so Mormons believe that the Bible is true quote as far as it has been translated correctly yes no no confusing language and I was confused as well because back in the 1800s Joseph Smith who was a self-proclaimed prophet of Mormonism he came out and said that oh there's actually more works that are inspired by God there's the Book of Mormon the doctrine of covenants you didn't even get the names rights of covenants and then of the great price that's literally the other reminded me of this guy is no different than Donald Trump when he went to that one Evangelical college and this and this did you know what I'm talking about yeah do you remember when Donald Trump right that's the limited college no no no no there was a worse Gaff there was a worse Gaff he said I'm the best Christian like many people don't know this but I'm Presbyterian in fact uh you know and then you read the scripture says uh indeed it says in uh two Corinthians it's like you mean second Corinthians you cannot convince there was this Universal just groan of all the students if you try and say I'm not just a Christian I'm the best Christian there's never been a better Christian I just lose golden Christian you can't say you're the best Christian out there and then butcher second Corinthians as two Corinthians so here he is saying I know about Mormons and I can tell you exactly why they're wrong and I can tell you all they get wrong and now the Creeds are bogus because in the pearl with great pricelesses there's you know it's the pearl of great price and it's the Doctrine and Covenants yes not the doctrine of Covenant and another point to focus on he just casually throws in there that Joseph Smith was a self-appointed prophet he was called by God yeah I think that's actually something you should take seriously he got a lot more blessing from God than Martin Luther did yes Martin Luther starter of your Reformation okay the one who don't be don't be bashing religious leaders books because your boy Martin Luther wrote one book we can't even say the name of it on YouTube without getting paid Jesuits and their lives on the oohs and their lives remember that book he wrote about how you should subjugate and persecute Jewish people remember that one buddy yeah Protestant Martin Luther on the Jacksons in their lives maybe maybe the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants and the pearl of great price are actually better than that I wonder if uh our Canon is really closed because I've always believed that the the Canon of scripture is closed I've always believed that that's what the church infallibly teaches but someone years ago suggested to me that it might not necessarily be closed I think it might have been Jimmy Aiken I'll have to go and look into that but um I'm not worried either way uh but if I had to guess I'd say it's closed maybe it's not a completely settled issue it's an interesting thing I'm just being reminded of that now I'll look into it yeah so we're useful here we go this is hilarious just 10 seconds back and let's get works that are inspired by God there's the Book of Mormon the doctrine of covenants the pearl of the great price anybody who happened to be president of the religion actually has the authority to translate and so Mormons have added Works onto the inspired word of God and what's actually interesting is Joseph Smith actually said that the Book of Mormon was the most accurate book on Earth yes because he was claiming to have received basically pure Revelation in order to convert it from revelatory to uh colloquial speech is that translation we're talking about okay let me finish the spot making it more accurate than the Holy Bible now obviously that is a huge contradiction to the Christian faith because we believe that nothing can be added and nothing can be taken away from the Holy Spirit oh he went there were you quoting from Deuteronomy you know oh Deuteronomy 4 where it says that so so I guess if you're quoting from Deuteronomy when you said this that you can't add anything to the Bible so I guess you're stuck with just Deuteronomy no there's no New Testament there's no New Testament for him yeah or if you're looking at it from The Book of Revelations which is conveniently I put at the very end yeah that's not the last book added to the Bible it also says the this book of Prophecy which is specifically talking about the Book of Revelations right so neither of the verses that say not to add or take away from the Bible are meaning what he says in fact they do mean that you should not add nor take away from God's word which you are doing if you don't listen to The Book of Mormon and it's actually in spite of God also does this guy think the Bible just all came out at once like the Taylor Swift tickets like hey I'm dropping it tonight I was like ah we're getting the Bible no first first it's a bunch of Records yes all compiled all throughout theories okay it doesn't become an official book until everybody written in the Bible is dead and I've been dead for a while and then they were arguing over that book and then they had to they had to hide transcriptions of certain things in caves and then near the sheep and then by the way here's the craziest part about it had to wait for the printing press then there's fighting over that and you have to translate it and you gotta make no we only can read it where the priest and Bing Bing is it the full gate or the masoretic which one are we going and then like we finally have the Bible and then the the Ethiopians are going no we have to Bible over here and they're like no no we have to we have the Egypt now they're fighting they're fighting it doesn't even get freaking Mass printed in every single home until after Joseph Smith is alive so they they always attach this to the yo guys are only 200. we're three ain't three thousand years old literally you're just as old as if you actually look at the way the Bible got out and let's not forget when we found the Dead Sea Scrolls and then you start translating those things and it turns out oh the LDS were right about basically everything yeah let's maybe stop translating before we prove them too right okay now we do got to get through this video um I'm just gonna do a summary for any of you we've talked a little bit inside baseball these past two minutes uh interesting so I don't know much about the Sea Scrolls I've heard uh rumors that it's Gnostic so if these people are claiming that that those Gnostic texts if they're Gnostic if they're sympathetic to the Mormon worldview then that just reinforces what I said or at the beginning of this analysis of mine which is that these are basically New Age atheists who have adopted The X Factor which is all the natural virtues of Christianity and all the natural good stuff that they see culturally from Christianity Ten Commandments all these sorts of things that to the extent that there's a natural component they're just glomming onto that so it seems uh ironic that they're now boasting about the Gnostic writings of the nagamati or whatever it is or the the Dead Sea Scrolls but I know expert I haven't really looked into any of that stuff so uh I've been meaning to possibly look into it a little bit deeper just because the historical value that the archaeological interest of these Scrolls The Book of Enoch has been recommended to me in different types of extra biblical stuff has been recommended by people that have read them they think it's really exciting and uh I'm not naturally drawn to it but I've had enough people tell me about it that maybe I'll look into it but for those of you who are just watching they're maybe new to this argument okay or for you evangelicals out there that are considering wasting money on Divinity School I'm going to save you about five thousand dollars of tuition from your University of Phoenix Class here um this is a common argument that was whipped up in about 30 seconds before the morning missionary showed up to their Chapel in 1850 by a bunch of Pastors in the 19th century right but there is a verse in the Book of Revelation that says nothing in this book shall be taken away or added upon and the reason why is because plagiarism was rampant in those days it was very easy to copy or to falsify a manuscript of the Apostle Paul or of uh fecna or whatever the name not fechma that's stranger things I was gonna say wow there's the acts of not Thelma that was uh um anyway there's there's all kinds of falsified books and apocryphal Works throughout the ancient near East because it was easy to falsify these things so oftentimes there would be Commandments at the end of sacred works or important works that would say Hey you know kind of like you get those email disclaimers that you know what this email wasn't meant for you you should erase it well they'd also say nobody should add or take away from this work okay and so common was this practice that it shows up multiple times in the Bible also in the book of Deuteronomy for the newbies out there what you have to realize is if you accept this literally you cannot accept any of the New Testament after the book I'm sorry the Old Testament after the book of Deuteronomy another New Testament and also the Book of Revelation though it shows up at the end of your new testament it wasn't the last book written in the New Testament the Epistles of Jude and some of the Book of John and so on and so forth those were written 20 30 40 50 years later and if you were to literally take the word of Revelation as not being able to add upon this work you couldn't accept half of the Epistles seems like that Bible isn't that perfect well okay also here's another thing people don't realize it comes with this disclaimer um who he adds on to you know to the right angle I add the curses and plagues written do you know why that that was literally a threat slash magical protection for the parchments in the same way Egyptian tombs had two he who tries to break into this your mouth shall be covered in serpents and look like that's a thing they did because there's grave robbers and there's plagiarizers so you got to protect your stuff before you hide it because the calories coming to chop your head off like this was so common in the ancient world and the context is never getting Egyptians did this Greeks Romans Phoenicians everybody NATO Americans did it with their burial grounds wonder where they got that idea everyone did this okay so it's not unique to the Bible it's they didn't actually think I can't compile this anymore because I can't add on to it that nobody interpreted it that way this was a protection that's kind of a red flag for me also guys they didn't even organize the Bible by chronological order at all like so when you have the Book of Revelation at the end it's because it went there nicely you literally because it went there nicely because it's the only apocalyptic word yeah exactly that's what I mean by when they're nicely because you have the Epistles of Paul organized by length like this is not something that's going on like oh hey you just saved them another University of Phoenix Divinity School Class by telling them that the Epistles were organized by link I've come across a couple of evangelicals I know that too so anyway here we go let's let them finish because it's midnight morning but it's after midnight now I don't get I'm retired so here we go you ready here we go boom and some of the things that were added with Mormonism we'll get to in just a second the fourth major difference is how we view Humanity Christians believe that God created man out of his own likeness and his own image we are image bearers of God and he breathed us into existence because of this we obviously bear his image and his likeness but we're not brothers and sisters remember that now Mormons describe humans as gods in embryo actually that was CS Louis okay that wasn't Mormons one of your fellow Christians yeah one of your fellow Christians that wrote The Chronicles of Narnia called us gods in embryo I think he was pretty close and almost spot on to what the real reality is but yeah don't be saying that Mormons when it's your boy C.S Lewis might here you go they believe that we are actually pre-existed spiritual offspring of the heavenly father and the heavenly mother yeah it says in the Bible with Jeremiah before I formed in the womb I knew thee like it's pretty clear in there oh yeah when the disciples are asking Christ who sinned this man or his parents that he'd be born blind when would he would have sent would have sinned before his birth how would he have done that if there wasn't some pretty established recognition that we are yeah and by the way before you act like all of Christianity agrees on this you want to throw another hand grenade into one of those Evangelical conferences ask them about for ordination and predestination watch the Calvinists look those are different Gardens those are not salvific okay Gideon Lazar Byzantine scotus has an interesting video where he talks about this he's got a somewhat controversial take on predestination it's not really controversial but he goes a little bit further than most Catholics intuitively want to go with predestination so it's an interesting video you can check out yeah I'm sorry it's like what are you talking about here we go now I know you're probably thinking who is the heavenly mother and I don't know another thing that Mormons believe it's gonna stay that way to keep up this nonsense yeah he just doesn't talk about it at all it doesn't talk about it okay no it's funny though God made Adam in His image and then right after it says and Adam made Seth In His Image and they use that to beautifully reflect father to son father to son as if it's like people they're talking about and it's almost familiar because he's talking about what's gonna happen to this guy when he finds out that Elohim is plural oh he's probably gonna have a meltdown and gender-neutral referring to God creating female language he's a young this guy's like my age yeah he's got I know I know this stuff yeah I'm younger then she's a pastor that's funny okay so here we go let's see what he's got to say so as God is man-made become so they're saying that yes like okay so hold on let's listen to that yes let him say his weird misunderstanding of what we said okay father and heavenly mother now I know you're probably thinking who is the heavenly mother and I don't know okay I'm only gonna pause there just because before he was mocking and lampooning us for saying that we're all children of God and how could Lucifer be actually the brother of Jesus well if we're all one big Eternal family then even though he's a betrayer he's still a brother even though Judas was a betrayer well he was still a brother with the apostles in Christ before he was a betrayer you know same with Brutus uh all of the betrayers okay well you know if we're of all the titles that God could have chosen from the illustrious The Immortal The Honorable he chose the father and what insinuations come with that if you have a father and then a son and then brothers and sisters all mentioned within the first ten verses of the Bible okay what's missing heavenly mother uh their child is one of my more bizarre guests of all time I think there are three episodes this woman has got some unorthodox ideas about religion their child I'll put a link in the comments are in the description but she firmly believes and that she had some divine revelation from God that there's God the father and there's God the mother and uh you'll have to listen it's incoherent nonsense as far as I can make out but I certainly have nothing nothing against a heavenly mother I've got the Blessed Virgin Mary who's the mother of God because the God man Jesus Christ is one person and she gave birth to that one person so she's the mother of God she's a creature okay she is a creature she's nothing compared to God so uh there are you know and even God the father is a mother in every way right God the father is a mother in every way that matters right it even says this in the scriptures and if you read the Saints about the motherliness of God yeah of course of course just like my physical father is a mother to me in a lot of ways my physical mother is a father to me in some ways but God is not a man God is not a woman God is not a biological father biological mother at all right but all of the pure Perfections are in God to an infinite degree and so yes there's motherhood motherhood motherhood is not pure perfection but there is by analogy motherhood in God and fatherhood and God and God begot his son and these are all uh terms which are used you know fast and loose in colloquial parlance but if you go and research the actual technical theological understanding about God the Father what does that fatherhood mean it's open it's it's available to you if you want to learn about that sort of thing it's highly technical it's highly abstract and it's not uh easy but it makes clear distinctions that would prevent us from falling into any sort of gnosticism or materialism or any of these sorts of pitfalls it only makes sense that there was a heavenly mother now God probably has an insane amount of respect for her so she probably doesn't have a lot of details of her existence because he loves her doesn't want people blaspheming her like they can him okay but it does only make sense like why do they think the doctrine of heavenly mother is so freaky when we're okay with father son brother and I don't think they actually do I think this is another situation where he's going to say it with a weird face like oh they believe in a heavenly mother let me Bible this guy um Revelation 3 verse 20. behold I stand at the door and knock If any man hear my voice and open the door I will come into him and will sup with him and he with me 21 to him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and am set down with my father in his throne so we're gonna be sitting on the throne with Jesus and Jesus is sitting on the throne with the father who's God so God's Throne Jesus throne our Throne that's a throne of God what does that make us that includes men and women so there's going to be dare I say male gods and female gods goddesses dare I say is there a heavenly mother well the difference that seems to elude these people is uh who and what is God and how many gods are there okay because if you're a monotheist that prefix mono is there for a reason there aren't many gods all of the Gods so-called are demons okay so there's one God and if you understand what modernism is there's only one thing and it's God okay uh monism is false here in this Fallen World but in the next life it's basically that's basically what it is it's monism there's only God and we are incorporated into the life of the Trinity those of us who make it to Heaven by the grace of God and those who don't are falling away from existence so what's left it's just God and we are being deified and those in hell are being I guess I wouldn't say annihilated because that would hint of the heresy of annihilationism but basically falling away we're falling into God they're falling away from God and so we are becoming God and they are becoming uh just not God so monism is real but not in this life in this life monotheism is real so the we have the Creator and the creature and we're experiencing this tension because we have to conquer ourselves we have to die to self and live in Christ and the whole idea of being a Christian is to be Christ and Christ is God so yes we will become God if God willing we make it by his grace into heaven so these are subtle ideas and it's hard to um articulate it uh quickly and easily in the context of this this video or even generally but uh if you care about the truth you'll find out about uh days deification what does it mean but in order to take that step you would first need to become a monotheist you would need to understand who and what God is the one and only true God so this is once again the point that seems to elude these Mormons there'll be your mother in that if there's a lot of baby making going on might one of us strum forth from a woman you know what I'm saying it's like and there's gonna be no baby making in Heaven by the way yeah I I like this whole Revelation just that verse in the Book of Revelation is the most clear yeah you become a God yes and it's all throughout I mean joint heirs with Christ that we already went over now but Satan promised you would be like Gods so uh you know it sounds similar but it's not the same thing I do think he believes Christ is God if we're doing theirs with Christ what does that mean I do think there's confusion because I think they take they use the word God as such a hush hush no no that like that's the sacred word and if we called it something else they wouldn't if we called it like a shimalu then they would be like yeah they believed shimbalos like they're just mad about the word god which is literally just a Germanic phrase that technically means Odin yeah Odin golden god like God literally comes from the word Odin so there's so much fighting over this word God if we call it other things Gods with the lowercase G um it all revolves around who and what God is and if there's no difference between Odin and the god of monotheism then I worship Odin but if there are any differences then Odin is either non-existent as a myth and a legend or whatever or a lie or Odin is a demon or a man who walked the Earth that was turned into a legend right so once you know and understand who and what God is then all of these questions become moot higher Angels ascended beings whatever you want to call ascendant beings there we go so this is where the Gnostic New Age atheism comes in right or some sort of uh pantheism I guess you could say but uh no the Gnostic the Gnostic religion views uh the spiritual as good and the physical as evil and the Mormons I believe think that refined matter is better than unrefined matter so you've got this bulky heavy physical stuff that you can see and touch and then you've got the refined material stuff which they call spiritual I think that's their understanding but again check for yourself because I don't know all that we're Eternal beings ever increasing knowledge and power and authority and that's also what God is I'm not saying we're equal to him he's further along than us but they're further along than us yeah and we can get there and we can surpass God and we can become the best of all gods this is called henotheism where they worship the best of all gods reality is we're on that Throne too so if you're mad about becoming a God then you're mad about what God promises you and that's a really depressed place to be and once again just to be perfectly clear day deification is real that's the whole point of creation is to bring us into the life of the Trinity but it's like are we going to become one with the one true God or are we going to become separate Gods how many gods are there if you're a monotheist you believe there's one God and that we become deified by integrating into the life of the Trinity which is one God if you're a Mormon apparently allegedly ostensibly you believe that there are many gods and so those are categorically different worldviews you can say and that's the saddest part though is because God wants us to address him and speak to him Jesus Christ said let me show you the manner of prayer Father which art in Heaven he didn't say let me show you the manner of prayer now repeat this title in heaven Hallowed be thy name you know no he didn't he very casually lovingly with respect said father that art in heaven Hallowed be thy name they can come thy will be done so on and so forth God wants us to use his name and pray he wants us to have that close relationship and and when you overdo it like that I feel it strips people of a more personal relationship with him keep going so you have uh Paul even refer to us refer to God as the father of our Spirits right word it's it's in there it's in the Bible it's so much more important than the Creeds yeah that's uh we just saved you another five thousand dollars of your third um University of Phoenix Divinity School class so here we go by the way it's in Hebrews though which people debate may not have been written by Paul I think it probably I went to the DeVry School of Theology here we go another thing that Mormons believe is as man is God once was so as God is man-made become which is the Natural Essence of progression I want my son to progress to become a man and in that process I will teach him lessons if I were to die or I were to go away I would leave him a journal behind I would do everything I possibly could to make sure that my child progressed naturally from childhood to adulthood just like the Apostle Paul said when I was a man a young man young man thinks when I was an older man I did old man things when I became a man was time to give up childish things progression is an inherent part of our existence on this Earth and what God wants for us and is it dare I say biblical well you know what's interesting about this is this is your best news you could ever have yes because first when you when you every single teenager starts it's good news that uh hanotheism is the case no it's not good news it's a nightmare right it's just it's a nightmare and it's philosophically incoherent where did all this stuff come from where did where did your God come from if he's composed of parts then he was caused so what is the cause or is it infinite regress is this stoicism uh I mean it's you've got uh anichian ubermensch right this over man which is your god just one of many who is currently the head of the pack is uh forgive me if I misunderstood and if there are any Mormons listening active Mormons or or past ex former Mormons get in touch and we'll we'll talk but no that's not good news that is not good news monotheism is good news Christianity is good news Catholicism is good news Mormonism is not good news ask the question wait if God's real like why did he make suffering and like why did he create hell you're like well he created hell so because that's we would have to go and accept him well like why do you create a system where someone had to suffer like why can't his lives all go to heaven and wait if you knew we're gonna if we knew someone's weren't gonna go to heaven why would you even make that like whenever you get into the vague athenation God he becomes The God Who purposefully and systemically created suffering and eternal offering we didn't have to he is not a balance of Justice love and mercy and but if these people don't know what they're talking about they don't understand obviously they don't understand who and what God is and if they did I would like to think they would worship Him and they would leave behind their silly world view the process Eternal law of some sort that existed before the heavenly father had the authority he has then that would actually mean that our god of a Mormon God is not the Creator organizer or destinator of evil and suffering he's found a way to make sure all of his children are saved within that system yes that's way better than worshiping a God who created suffering it solves the philosophical problem of evil yeah and I let him finish this one just because I have one thing I want to say about this but I want to see if he has anything more on this point he's already scowling at you yeah he is so here we go so they're saying that we are gods and embryo meaning that one day we could potentially be Gods yes so that is obviously one of the biggest red flags here that we're seeing in the difference between Christianity and Mormonism is solving the problem of evil is a giant red flag if these people never read the Christian solution to the problem of evil it's not it's not difficult it's called Free Will right it's just really not difficult okay here we go and if you're a materialist how do you believe in Free Will how does that work is we're not Gods we're never going to be Gods but according to Mormons that's not the case not with that attitude no uh by the way how you're not well how ugly how this is another huge hangout that I have with Evangelical let me let me make my point before we get too far from it okay one of the biggest problems that I see with this he's saying this he didn't even articulate this but the thing that they generally get mad about is they're like they say they can become like God but God is the most all-powerful God is the most high so we can't become like him because he's the most high ready for the kicker our God is more powerful than yours because he can create beings that are like him oh your God literally is not as omnipotent as ours because ours is the god of the Bible so so what you're saying is if the god of monotheism the one true God could could create another God equal to himself that would be better well it's logically incoherent so it's not it's not possible and it's not desirable there's nothing there's nothing gained by this thought experiment when it's logically incoherent right there is one source there is one being whose Essence is existence there is one necessary being who has the pure Perfections to an infinite degree there's one and there's only one that has the infinite power to create X nihilo right so there's only one that's that then which nothing greater can be thought and so on and so forth so you need to understand metaphysics you need to understand ontology you just need some basic Common Sense uh reason to understand that monotheism is necessarily true and polytheism is logically incoherent right and much less materialistic monotheism polytheism so-called which is just a bunch of configurations of matter energy and space-time evolving or transcending or ascending or whatever you want to use changing is the word I would use these ever shifting configurations of matter energy and space-time that's not a that's not good news this is this is there's no coherence there there's no basis there's no philosophical basis to even say that one configuration is better than another so for you as a practicing Mormon to say that your God so-called is superior to you you have no philosophical basis for that whatsoever no maybe perhaps figure out your Bible and actually believe what it says and you'll recognize hey oh shoot those LDS people were right and I need to make sure that I'm taking the Bible seriously instead of just sitting here and pretending that all of these things that I know are right when you haven't actually read and studied the Bible as closely as you need to because they don't have access to the Bible they have access to a shadow of the Bible right we need the authority of God in order to in order to have an infallible religion here's the other part like they don't realize how closely they advocate for this strange strange form of spiritual pseudo-slavery because if you ask them well what happens when we die and you know as he said in his words were not Gods we're never going to become gods that idea is anything like you know we won't become Gods but we will be integrated into the life of the Trinity a big difference well then what do we do when we die and we go to heaven I've asked this is God happy is being is participating in the life of God a good thing is it a joyful thing is it will we experience freedom of movement uh and uh impossibility and uh Joy life and health and beauty and all these things right just you need to understand who and what God is and then you'll understand how deification is a good thing my Evangelical friends that think I'm wrong I wanted to be with me I said okay well if you think our Three Degrees Of Glory and and our scriptural interpretation of the book of Corinthians is wrong what do you think we do and they never have an answer other than we're going to go to heaven and we're just going to sit there praising God well let me tell you if you knew that you had no hope of ever progressing or becoming like that God it's a constant progression of entering into the life of the infinite God it's an infinite progression it's there's constant growth and movement even though it's not spatio-temporal it's a spiritual thing right and I'm not claiming to understand it it's a mystery but we are a promise that we are entering into the life of the Trinity and it's good and it's not boring and it's not painful and it's not it's not stagnant odd or whatever like what's the purpose of Heaven like are you just supposed to sit there glory of God Big King who wants you to Fan him and sing his praises and it's like God it's not a big man in the sky sorry that's where that's the first mistake you make he's assuming that you are like God and that God is like you and that you that that God is just a big man in the sky it's like that's why your worldview will never be coherent what is that are we all sleeping in Barracks as angels and then the sergeant comes in and says wake up everybody wake up every first chorus run the first hour of praises to our King like by one definition that's damnation it's hell I wouldn't want to go there if my conversation of progression is damnation it's by the way who wants to just wake up every day and say oh this this level of blasphemy is uh making me a little bit hot under the collar I'm very uncomfortable with this God will not be mocked so I want to give these people the benefit of the doubt but it's just this is this is almost worse than Aaron raw and the militant atheists because these people are posing as religious people they're posing as Christians they're they're pretending to worship God and it's I'm starting to think that the explicit satanists the theistic satanists who actually know that Satan is real and they worship him I'm starting to think that they are on a better path than these people here and that they're more they have more dignity and more respect for God than these people here because the theistic satanists they know that God is real they know that Satan is real and yes they've been fooled they've been believing the promises of Satan but at least they know and respect God and they just have put their lot in with Satan they think that Satan his cooler he's better and he's smarter whatever they have their reasons obviously their thinking is muddled and confused but at least they acknowledge God they they know better than these people do who and what God is they just choose to go with God's rival Satan and I would say that Satan is better than the god of Mormonism and I'm making this as a tentative statement I could be wrong it could change my opinion that's my hunch right now just listening to how they're mocking God it's uh it's a big turn off so I have a little bit more respect for the hardcore atheist and the explicit theistic Satanist for a day 4 525 million dollars are the greatest also I'm sorry that's that's an insecure being yes he's like I created you just you could tell me how great I am every day for how long oh no that's just what you do now like like for forever that makes literally this is you want to know how have you ever been in love people come on this is the mystery of love will answer all your questions and concerns about getting bored in heaven have you been in love have you met a woman because these are all men here have you met a woman have you stared into her eyes is there a time limit on that love or do you just want to be with her okay so imagine what it's like meeting God and being in the presence of God I mean time stands still when you're staring in the eyes of your beloved wife much less God Almighty right so these people are really missing the point of religion and they just they don't even seem to understand romantic love gnostics were created like I'm sorry this guy is talking about a demiurage like this is straight up yeah let's see why the gnostics like yeah I'll Vibe with that that sounds like Satan yeah I guarantee you this guy's not a father there's no way yeah this guy he will be and then I hope he does because I got to tell you there was wisdom that the old rabbinical culture had saying that you could be called a teacher or Rabbi until you had children and you were married okay because all kinds of wisdom comes along with having your own child and what father don't forget Bob the father of all the titles he could choose he chooses father what father comes home and says wife I desire this without a sing my Praises children on bended knee tell me how good I am for the rest of the night we'll do it again tomorrow thank you you're like who literally does that no when I come home I want to go ride a motorcycle with my son and he was struggling a little bit yesterday getting kick started but now he's getting better so I'm gonna teach him a couple of tricks and then you might have been a little bit free to take that turn 15 miles per hour so we're gonna try 14 and then maybe we'll get 16 and then maybe the next day we'll get 18. I'm going to teach him every drop of knowledge I have of how to get along better in this life and how to be a man because I love him and an inherent part of Love is a desire of his progress I don't want to just have him sit there saying dad Thou Art so great thou art so amazing one thing I found to be helpful is to get to the nitty-gritty of this and ask them questions do you believe you will be learning things forever and they'll say yes okay do you believe you'll be given some sort of authority and Power in heaven because it says you'll rule Angels think oh yes of course hey do you believe you'll have a physical body that kind of gets debated but usually I get a yes okay if they follow what the Bible actually said they'll say yes do you believe that you'll like literally be able to explore forever forever as the gift of God to say yes and I say okay congratulations because you believe Joseph Smith's Doctrine on becoming a god no it's not becoming a god it's entering into the life of the trinity and yes we will remain individuals but it's a it's an entering into the life of the Trinity there is a deification that takes place okay and I'm claiming to be able to understand the Paradox that is that is the Trinity that is the Incarnation that is Heaven our participation in the life of the Trinity I'm not claiming to understand that I'm just saying that the church teaches me not only that it's a reality that but that it's good and that there's no boredom there's no and and first and foremost in the context of this video that we are not gods in the sense of being instantiations of the Perfections of God the way the the Mormons have a God who is a physical being who has Perfections I'm not saying pure Perfections but I'm saying Perfections natural Perfections and that we are instantiations of the same thing we're going to progress towards the same the same level we can achieve the same level and more because my one Mormon guest that I did interview said that we can go beyond God and then he's currently the number one he's the the best God currently but there's no guarantee that he will remain at the top of the pile so there's a big difference between that and the Christian view of heaven and yes we will have all the things you talked about with the power the freedom of motion and these sorts of things and we will be entering into the life of God but we are not gods in the way that you're using the word is just completely ontologically different because that's what it is and now now this is one where we're always a little dice you can tell how good their marriage relationship is you know stupidly could be married forever I hope not or of course I love my wife yeah I'm sorry most people innately believe this because the opposite of this means you're a dumb single robot forever yeah it's true so here let's let him finish this out here which kind of leads us into the fifth difference which is sin and salvation so Christians believe that we are born into sin because of the original sin of Adam and Eve everybody is Born Into sin now because of Jesus's death and Resurrection what happens is we are now completely forgiven if we accept Jesus as our Lord and savior we are saved by grace through faith Mormons believe that people sin by disobeying God which this is amazing there's a similarity right there however Mormons believes this is really the first one is for everybody's immortality hold on this is amazing there's a similarity right there however Mormons believe that Jesus's atonement is for everybody's immortality yeah kind of like the Bible says right I mean well let's just let him know there are different levels of immortality that people will fall into based on what they do in this life which also known as judgment okay finally leads us into the six and craziest difference in my opinion is what happens after we die so Christians believe that there's two realities you either go to heaven or you go to hell you spend eternity in one place we spend eternity in the other Mormons believe in three levels of the afterlife Oz did the Apostle Paul I love how this is so much more complicated like he's like they're on only two Mormons think there are three what okay let him continue I'm sorry I just you're right that is funny it's like it's not like we came up with 17 or something and the other weird thing is do you know how many evangelicals I've talked to that when you say well yeah that's pretty consistent with what the Apostle Paul said in the book of Corinthians like what are you talking about and then you'll open it up and they'll say what and they were never taught this they had no idea that the Apostle Paul said you know The Three Degrees Of Glory one like the moon one like the sun one like the stars and they say by the way it doesn't stop there he also said he knew a man that was taken up into the third heaven and if you mentioned a third heaven there has to have been a first in a second and guess what none of the queen Greek gets you out of this by the way you studied that coin because you believe the translation of the Bible matters you know what I'm saying it's like yeah it's just like they never know this stuff but let them keep going we're almost done here yeah the first level is if you follow all the LDS teachings what happens is you actually get to become a god yourself and you actually get to have Spirit children and essentially rule over a planet like this once again I don't know why they try and make this some kind of like science fiction novel yeah the Natural Essence of progression if you are a God is that you would have Offspring like God the Father did he had Adam he had Eve he had Seth he had no he had his family the children of God you know what I'm saying like he had his firstborn son Jesus Christ like the Natural Essence if you do believe in you know not becoming just a slave robot in the afterlife it's condemned to just singing his raises okay that if you believe in the natural progression as taught in the Bible in the Book of Mormon inherently there will be some things that come along with it now I don't know why he says like a planet like well I mean God created all of the planets so I guess you could say that God has a planet this is the religious version of when you're hanging out with your buddies and you're the only one who suggests what to do and the other guy like you're the Buddy's like I don't want to do that okay what do you think oh no like I'm sorry we have an exhaustive description of what heavens and the afterlife is like and they don't so they literally just throw darts at us he's like they've got nothing they got nothing he's like it's so simple you either go Heaven the good one or Hell the bad one can you tell me about heaven no and George is too complex for me because you have any level okay he's gonna take it home in the last 60 seconds let's see if he can do it and if we can do it so Mormons believe that one day if they're faithful to their teachings then they're actually going to rule a planet of their own with their own children and Offspring and it's kind of like a repetitive cycle the mid-tier people are those that live righteous lives but we're not Mormons which I don't really know what that means but what happened in a book that's constantly referencing the Jews and the Gentiles and the difference between the people of God dare I say the chosen people of God and the not chosen people of God he's acting like this is new okay it's beyond me I guess he didn't take the sixth class at his University of Phoenix Divinity School that is with them is they actually get to live forever in eternity but they don't get all the perks of those that follow the LDS teachings and then the third level is those that didn't live good lives that didn't live righteously that didn't follow the ldst chains and they are on the bottom of the bottom but it's not hell they live in eternity and they don't get to have all the perks and goodness but they don't go to hell it's not Eternal punishment so well by the way this is what Jesus Christ said to one of the robbers on the cross next to him when one of them was mocking them and saying if our God you know come down from the cross or whatever the other one said hey hold on a second you know I recognize who you are you're the Son of God and he said all right what did he say today you will be with me in Paradise today you will be with me in paradise and there's even references to him saying like if you knew what even the lowest part of Heaven were like right now you'd want to be there in an incident my father's house there are many mansions no quicker there are only two wait and they all have one floor does this guy really think it's better better most people suffer forever like Hindus hell Buddhists how Confucius seeks especially pagans hell Mother Teresa yesterday sitting here pretending like Mormons are like oh everyone who doesn't follow the secret Mormon teachings end up in these other places when like you're saying he's literally condemning everyone else outside of his small denomination it's not LDS teachings it's those I don't know if uh non-catholic Christians condemn people to Hell while they're still alive but that's not the Catholic way the Catholic way forbids us from condemning anyone to hell even after they've died we don't say that they're definitively in hell so yeah it's hard for me to know what all the Christian communities teach about heaven and how we certainly have grades of Heaven grades of health so Spectrum right and so uh but again this is just red herring stuff we should focus all of our attention on God versus the gods and what are the ontological differences in the philosophical metaphysical differences there those who followed the Covenant the Gospel of Jesus Christ and today the Covenant is taught in the LDS church because of the restored gospel with the line of prophet that's been there since Adam it's not like nobody got to Heaven until Joe Smith went like that's not what happened this has been established and also if you read the book of Mormon we know that God had a plan to bring the Covenant to other lands many many other countries and peoples it's almost like his plan was exhaustive and he really thought it out because he's God and he wanted to save as many of his children as possible no it was that one German dude yeah he's not one German guy who knocked on the Catholic door that's the dude who got this started ain't no heaven without him with his little monk haircut it's almost as if the omnipotent all knowing and omniscient God who is the Alpha and Omega knew what he was doing it's almost as though he saw the beginning end of the end and operated accordingly I'm gonna get canceled how is this guy's beliefs not satanic I'm sorry I'm just gonna say this is satanic this is you're gonna die and become nothing everybody goes to hell the plan shouldn't the the plan of God is vague and not clear and the scriptures don't question them just read it never look into the historicity I mean this is literally are saying this you are supposed to worship no progress ever that sounds exactly like a religion that was preached by the snake I mean I disagree with the Protestants obviously on a lot of stuff some of which is very important but these guys are totally uh mischaracterizing the Protestant position on uh most uh you know scriptures and on heaven and everything in between me and listen to us that's why men went Postal in the 90s because like I said even though no Protestant has ever actually seen or read the actual inert scriptures they have versions which are close enough they're safe they're safe because we live in God's world even though it's a Fallen World God is still looking out for us and he still gave us a church and the members of these Christian communities are still members of the body of Christ and so there are a lot of Graces that come from that including absorbing and adopting Catholic teachings and Catholic Traditions whether they like to acknowledge that fact or not but there's that that's where the protection comes from for these non-catholic Christians they're still members of the body of Christ and their potential they have the potential to get the fullness of the faith and to get into the state of grace and ultimately to be saved please remember when there was all those post-spend that would like shoot up their jobs and became a term going postal because the monotony of doing the exact same thing for hour after hour day after day after day for 40 years until you get your pension and can retire literally made men just go crazy and that's after only working for 10 years for the Post Office do you think an eternity of just waking up because the sergeant Angel says oh it's your turn to sing God this is so embarrassing their critique of the Christian view of Heaven is childish and silly and it's just nasty it's really nasty at praise this before your 15 minute break it's it's similar to what the atheists preach I I really hope he thinks about the responses we've given to everything he said here because no there's too much to lose because they're paid and that's the problem with paid clergy if they never can speak the way they want to speak they can never speak for themselves because if they do they lose their job and therefore they become shills for corporate Church America instead of becoming shows for Christ how do you think this guy would feel to know that none of us are like paid by our church to know the crap yeah we all have jobs outside of it and also it's just funny because when you really think about it all Mormonism is is mainstream Christianity in depth that's what it is we're just actually explaining stuff like this guy is gonna tell his congregants that they're not customers okay that's right there in the Book of Revelation that you can sit on the throne with Jesus as Jesus sits on the throne of God that says you're going to be on the throne with God that's what rule that's what Heavenly rulers do and he's saying you're not going to have that yeah and that's sad and here's the thing he started this off saying like here's the differences between us and Christians yeah we've kind of agreed with most of his things that yeah we're different in those ways yeah um and that's good yes that's the point but I think we've also done a really good job of proving that the way that we believe is actually more biblical than his you're totally right and more christ-like because what was the big deal the Sanhedrin was the establishment that was saying oh our Creeds are solid our academic inquiries into the Torah are totally solid and you know what there's no new scripture here there's no new anything here we just need to understand our interpretation and when Jesus Christ came along and said oh hold on a second here's a new scripture and by the way here's the Fulfillment of the old scripture and now I say instead of an eye for an eye turn the other cheek what is this blasphemy you speak of you are threatening our power structure you are threatening our financial gains your for that mean the status quo and the wholesale rejected it and then now Christians a thousand years later say oh yeah duh Jesus was right and duh the sanhedra was wrong and then they turn around and act just like the Sanhedrin who is this Joseph Smith claiming to be a prophet seeing God that that affects our finances that affects how much we can charge our congregants that affects the status quo and the power structure be gone crucify him I mean the violence perpetrated by Evangelical Christians against Joseph Smith in early Mormons is one of the most shameful parts of American History products inspecting we're Evangelical yeah death Protestants okay uh one thing I want to say though is I just want to reiterate if you ask your average Christian not the paid pastors but your average Christian what they think God is like what they think Jesus is like ask them these questions that this guy just went through you're gonna find they agree with our accurate biblical interpretation much more easily because it's something that actually makes sense when you ask them do you believe the Bible is the word of God they'll be like yeah I mean like as far as it's translated correctly they won't use those words but they'll probably land on something like that far more likely than it's in San Francisco I saw a copy of the Queen James Bible oh yeah oh boy it was literally like a kind of gender uh affirming lgbtq edit of the Bible now I'm gonna I don't know who's this guy I'm gonna assume that's not the Bible he reads I'm just gonna make that assumption why not it's the Bible well that's not the right version okay so then you agree you believe the Bible's true as far as translated correctly yeah you know that's this isn't hard that's your dude that was a great example okay last yeah that's the most satisfying part of this uh two-hour waste of time here today is just hearing them bash the Bible alone position and uh sort of mocking and ridiculing it and showing how incoherent it is how absurd it is that's my biggest takeaway from this they never really Justified philosophy well not never really they did not at all attempt to justify philosophically their belief in a material God they didn't even admit that their God is material explicitly they are implicitly admitting it by saying that God is like us we are like God and you know father with children these sorts of things and the the implicit admission there is that God's a big man in the sky but I want to hear an explicit explanation and a philosophical justification and there is none for a material universe is it infinite or did it have a beginning is your God created or uncreated well if he's composed of Parts he's created he's caused okay so this is a complete waste of time I'll let it run out and maybe have a few words at the end 15 seconds here we'll see what he has to say all these differences it's hard for me to think about how a Mormon can be a Christian I mean just because they Proclaim to be Christians it doesn't mean that they are Christians you could say that about the Christians in Goran okay I just want to tell this guy clearly from what we've just talked about we're more Christian than you but we're not going to gatekeep you on this you can still call yourself a Christian even though we're the actual Church of Jesus Christ so our Christians monotheists yes or no I mean just I want to meet a Mormon and I want to ask them or do they think that these Christians the the non-mormon Christians are they monotheists yes or no I want to ask a Mormon if you know any Mormons send them my way of Latter-day Saints oh you can still call yourself a Christian because at least you're trying I get that you're kind of misled in what you're doing but at least you are trying you're trying to make videos and trying to figure it out and get to where you want to be um I think you're probably trying to do what you think is right but I'd invite you to pray and ask God if there is more truth in what we have shared with you today and see what he has to say to you Listen for God's response you know that was beautiful in Christ's life also you can hate me I'm gonna say just hate me you know what I'm saying it's like I'll look in the morning but I need a channel I hate from this video I might be the guy you know what I'm saying I mean me do whatever you want I'll take all the hate as long as you pray and get the situated because I don't want you as a robot slave for eternity I think there's some better options let's see how he ends this with that smirk let's see if the smirk turns into some beautiful thing there are requirements there are regulations there are standards that people have to meet in order to be considered a Christian he sounds like a bureaucrat salvation by grace alone there are requirements there are regulations wait a second I thought we just needed to say that we had accepted Jesus he's the church bureaucrat hey you guys can't do that here they're standards their regulations why he's saying this but yeah continue okay let's end here last five seconds and in my opinion Mormons just don't meet that criteria so next time somebody comes up to you and talk to you about Mormonism and how they're Christians hopefully you have a little bit more on your tool belt to help you in that conversation thanks for watching the video make sure you subscribe to the channel and I'll see you guys next time no no anyone who watches our response video will have a lot more in their tool belt you know so so here what's what's this guy's name Spencer Nakamura Spencer my man my man I should interview Spencer Nakamura sounds Japanese all right I see you got your La hat and you look like a SoCal kid I'm sure you live within a couple of hours drive from our studio dress like white group yeah you dress like a boy here you know what I'm saying you're welcome to come in and tell us where we go wrong we don't buy you know I'll take you out to a steak dinner you know what I'm saying and we can talk about this cheese and you can tell us where we go wrong because unfortunately it just you got taken to school today and that's hard but you know what I'm saying we'll we'll talk it out if you want to talk it out you bring your scriptures whatever translation you choose by the way and uh yeah we'll just we'll just see how it goes until then yeah we invite you to ponder on what we said here anybody else that saw this reach out to us in the comment section with any kind of questions you have any kind of challenges you have and we'll gladly entertain them because the truth is like a lion he just needs to be set free and he does not need to be protected or controlled any other things you want to say before we go I think he summed it up pretty nicely yeah all right okay this is midnight strike through Mormons we'll see you guys next program oh that was painful I do want to say once again as I said in the beginning uh my purpose here is not to disparage the character of any individuals who are members active members or past members of any worldview including Scientology Mormonism uh Jehovah's Witnesses you know whatever right I love and respect all human beings and Christ died for you and you're made in the image and likeness of God the real God the god of classical theism the god of monotheism but uh this is painful to listen to this nonsense and I do want to I do want to meet more Mormons I went to my local Mormon Center or whatever it's called uh and I met with some very lovely young people and I proposed that we do an interview and they politely railroaded the conversation to just teaching me what Mormonism is about and I tried to get back on the topic of like can we do an interview but they were not interested in actually uh coming on the podcast even in an audio only format so it's been hard it's been hard trying to get Mormons to talk to me about their faith I'm not sure why that is I've also had a hard time with the Orthodoxy Eastern Orthodox trying to find an Eastern Orthodox guest has been very difficult I've had one or two or three um but my point here is that I love I love you and I'm praying for you and I hope that you'll come to monotheism and then come to Christianity and then come to the fullness of Christianity which is Catholicism in the meantime though uh if you are listening to this and you're a Mormon please consider being a guest come on the show and just I I'll have questions I'm going to have tough questions philosophical questions about your metaphysics and your ontology and uh it's gonna be rough it's going to be rough for you to to face the incoherence of your metaphysics but it's important if you love the truth you should seek the truth with your whole heart and you'll end up being a monotheist pretty quickly if you're honest with yourself so I'm probably going to reach out to everyone in this group midnight Mormons I tried leaving a a tweet on Twitter to a couple of the guys but you know I haven't had any reaction yet and I'm not allowed to send a private message or a DM because they don't have that option enabled I think I sent a general form contact form on the website I think I sent one of those in with an invitation no response yet but I'll leave um a comment in the YouTube video that I just analyzed and if you made it all the way through this and you are a Mormon just believe me when I tell you that I love you and I respect you and I have no ill will and if I'm critical or if I find it if I find your worldview silly and embarrassing and satanic it just I'm just being honest it's uh I I myself was a Satanist before becoming a monotheist and I was a monotheist before coming before becoming a Christian and I was born and raised Protestant so I've been in a lot of different camps and uh so you shouldn't be shy talking with me I've been there I've never been a Mormon though but I have been a materialist I was a materialist for some time I wasn't a convinced materialist but I was a materialist when I was an atheist for some period of time so that's I'm going to leave it there this I would consider this two hours and 17 minutes wasted but it was somewhat entertaining and they uh you know like I said the Bible's militant part was interesting to have some camaraderie on that issue and to have some sympathy for the question of authority that was hinted at also by the guys about Calvin like or Luther where was Luther driving his Authority and he had to shift it from the church onto the Bible that was interesting to hear that echoed by these people so it wasn't a complete loss it wasn't a complete waste of time but it was painful and it will have all been worth it if I can get one Mormon guest it could be especially exciting if I could get one of these guys that was on this on this show but that's it please pray for me in mine you and yours are in my prayers and I love you and we'll talk very soon take care God bless