CVS Meta - 2018-08-15 - Selling Your Soul

Author Recorded Wednesday August 15th, 2018

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Christ, the one Mediator, established and continually sustains here on earth His holy Church, the community of faith, hope and charity, as an entity with visible delineation through which He communicated truth and grace to all. But, the society structured with hierarchical organs and the Mystical Body of Christ, are not to be considered as two realities, nor are the visible assembly and the spiritual community, nor the earthly Church and the Church enriched with heavenly things, rather they form one complex reality which coalesces from a divine and a human element. For this reason, by no weak analogy, it is compared to the mystery of the incarnate Word. As the assumed nature inseparably united to Him, serves the divine Word as a living organ of salvation, so, in a similar way, does the visible social structure of the Church serve the Spirit of Christ, who vivifies it, in the building up of the body. This is the one Church of Christ which in the Creed is professed as one, holy, catholic and apostolic, which our Saviour, after His Resurrection, commissioned Peter to shepherd, and him and the other apostles to extend and direct with authority, which He erected for all ages as 'the pillar and mainstay of the truth'. This Church constituted and organized in the world as a society, subsists in the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the Bishops in communion with him, although many elements of sanctification and of truth are found outside of its visible structure. These elements, as gifts belonging to the Church of Christ, are forces impelling toward catholic unity.'(Lumen Gentium)

CVS Meta - 2018-08-15 - Selling Your Soul

Author Recorded January 22nd, 2012



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meda as you know my name is David I'm the creator and host of CBS in this episode of Mehta I'm just gonna talk a little bit about selling your soul what could someone conceivably offer you for your soul could it be something as ordinary as money who owns the gold who owns the silver I often think about that scene in the gospel where Jesus says render unto Caesar those things that belong to Caesar and render unto God those things that belong to God I always imagined Caesar with his purses overflowing with all the silver that has been rendered unto Him I pictured her Caesar himself being given into the hand of God into the purse of God this is Caesars destiny after all he is to be rendered unto God because he is of God everything is being offered to God everything in the creation story of Genesis we have an unfolding of the lower forms of creation the lowest forms of life and then higher forms of life higher forms and then eventually creation is crowned with man and man is fulfilling this role man is created and called for the priesthood to offer praise and glory to God and to offer on behalf of all non-human animals the plants and the trees and the mountains and the rocks and the rivers and the streams and everything even the Sun and the moon mankind stands in place of all creation and offers as a priest he offers sacrifice to God Most High and we are rendering everything unto God because everything is of God now in the case of Satan and the demons and sadly in the case of humans that ultimately say no they have foiled their destiny they have said no because they are free to say no and you and I are free to say no or we're free to say maybe we're free to say complete nonsense or to keep silent but the silence is a no that maybe is a no not yet I'm not ready is a no later on my deathbed is a no when the church aligns with my worldview is a know all of these answers which are not yes are actually a no so we have to say yes explicitly clearly unambiguously in an unqualified and unconditional way we have to say yes Christ is the bridegroom we are the bride we have to say yes when he proposes to us anything else other than a clear yes is a no that's reality crying about it complaining about it or trying to find logical loopholes he's a complete waste of time we just need to say yes you're in or you're out it's just like Noah's Ark it's obvious that Satan is the Prince of this world and when he was tempting Jesus he offered him worldly power so does that belong to Satan can Satan offer us power and privilege and honor is it possible that he can offer us these things and use them to buy our soul of course not power is good power is of God just as we don't own gold and silver we don't own power we don't own honor we participate in the blessedness of God in the power of God in the honor of God even Satan himself participates in the goodness the power and the glory of God it just so happens that he has renounced God and he has declared himself sovereign and he is falling away from God and all the things in it perfections that God is so his participation in God's goodness is waning whereas the Saints in the church militant or the Saint to be is waxing in his participation on average for a moment-to-moment there may be highs and lows and ups and downs he may be taking one step toward Satan two steps towards Jesus but the average movement is toward God this is what it is to be a Christian in the church militant of course in the church suffering there are no more steps being taken towards saying we're only moving toward God there's a process at that point once you're in purgatory you are guaranteed salvation you are in you are on your way to heaven you're just being purified so that is no longer possible to flirt with Satan and to do the dance that we do here below in the church militant and of course once you're in heaven there's absolutely no question of participating in such schizophrenic behavior but here below in the church militant we do dance around and we do say yes and no and yes yes no yes yes yes no no and it's a little bit of back and forth and hesitation and we are in danger there's a real danger of falling and there's a real danger of eternal damnation but my point here is that all power is of God so we cannot be purchased by offers of power so what are the possibilities are there what else could Satan potentially use to purchase a precious human soul for well I think it's pretty obvious that Satan isn't exactly overflowing with love so he's not gonna have a lot to offer that way what about suffering maybe there's some sort of twisted notion of sacrifice I have suffered Satan says do you precious soul I have suffered more than any other creature I alone am the Prince of Darkness I abide in the darkest recesses of Hell for all eternity I suffer more than any creature and I have suffered infinitely so in my own twisted way if love is about sacrifice and sacrifice is about suffering then even though I can't love it's only because I suffer so much so I will offer you my suffering it's true that he suffered more than any other mere creature but Jesus Christ is both God and man and in his humanity because his humanity is hypothetically united with his divinity he's one person he's a divine person with two natures human and divine in his human nature he suffered more than Satan it's shocking to think about that it's really horrible to think about that it's mind-boggling it's disturbing we should lose sleep over that we should go to confession and confess all of our sins right away because we contributed to those infinite sufferings if you want to think about satan's suffering you can think about it as infinite if you want to but it's nothing compared to the sufferings of Jesus Christ it really is nothing objectively speaking of subjectively speaking obviously the sufferings of Satan are not negligible meditating on those sufferings I think would bring any sane person into the confessional and back into the safety of the Ark the Catholic Church outside of which there is no salvation we should all be trembling with fear when we meditate on the sufferings of Satan they are disturbing and they are real and we can participate in them if we god forbid say no to God and yes to the lies of Satan we can be participating for all eternity side by side with that horrible stinking monster who was once the greatest and the most glorious angel in heaven before his fall so we need to bear in mind the perplexing qualities of these infinities when we start comparing infinities the mind soon grows weary and we we just can't we don't have the capacity to understand it but we do know by pure reason that we do know by the teachings of the church that Christ's sufferings are greater than any one else's including Satan the warning here obviously as I've tried to tell you is don't take the sufferings of Satan lightly and don't take your own sufferings lightly the sufferings that you will have to endure if you say no to God because a lot of people think that there's going to be a fun party in hell but it is it is infinite suffering for everybody there are degrees of Hell but it will matter very little to you when you are suffering in hell that you're infinite suffering is somehow mysteriously less than the infinite stuff of the guy next to you you won't care about that that will give you no comfort whatsoever so please avoid hell at all cost but the point of this thought experiment is simply to say that Jesus Christ suffered more than say not less the difference is of course that Jesus Christ suffered for a reason he suffered for a purpose he suffered for you he suffered for me so no Satan has no currency in the realm even of suffering he has nothing he has literally nothing and that is by the way the Catholic definition of evil it is nothing it is falling away from the good it's the falling away from being it's the falling away from goodness truth beauty and every other perfection of which God is the source and the summit so I sold my soul to God and the way that came about is that I was first of all baptized as an infant I thank God for that I thank my parents for that and I think the Protestant minister who performed that baptism one of my favorite Saints st. Louie de Beaufort took the name demo for because he was baptized in the town of mole for that's how much st. Louie de Beaufort valued baptism so baptism is a big deal that's where it began for me and then came the rebellion at age fourteen I drifted away from God I became sovereign I became God Almighty I became the one who says I am of course at first of age fourteen I wasn't consciously aware of making myself God but over the course of 25 years of atheism I did come understand explicitly that I am God and this I was explicitly identifying as a solipsist among other things but I hadn't sold my soul to Satan I had simply taken charge and I had simply assumed the role of God I decided what is good and what is evil so morality was no longer objective it was subjective and the truth was no longer objective it was subjective and the physical universe was no longer objective it was merely subjective the point of recounting this is just to say that I never sold my soul to Satan not explicitly Satan merely tricked me into assuming the role of God he was able to trick me because I was eminently trickable I was foolish I still am I was weak I still AM I was sick and I still am sick in the head sick in the heart sick in the soul sick in every way so Satan was able to fool me and I was a willing victim and I listened eagerly as he tickled my ears with his lies some people are worried about having sold their soul to Satan movies and books and even some rock and roll music give the impression that we can sell our souls to Satan but we can't because he has nothing with which to purchase our souls so it's an impossible transaction it just it never happens we of our own accord sever ties with God the Father God the Son and the God the Holy Ghost and in doing so we renege our claim to inherit life and to inherit everything that comes with being a son of God beauty goodness truth health justice life and every other perfection there is only one divine nature there is one God we're not polytheists were monotheists we are the only true monotheists everyone else is participating to a greater or lesser extent in monotheism in Catholicism this is what vatican ii took pains to explain and it's not easy to understand and it's not easy for me to respond to the aggressive questions of Steven Heine or any of the sort of catice to but it is as plain as the nose on your face that the truth subsists in the Catholic Church which means that there are elements of the church available outside of the Ark but all of those elements come from inside the air and they're all designed to bring everyone that's currently outside of the ark into the ark that's the whole point so the reasonable salvation outside of the ark get in the Ark and how do you get into the Ark by means that came from within the Ark so there really is only the just yesterday I bought myself an icon of Noah and I think about him often and I admire love and admire him he was one of my archenemies when I was an anti-catholic anti Christian Satanist he was on the top of my list of people that I lost and despised and I used to mock and ridicule nor all the time but my point is the reason I'm talking about noise because there's no salvation outside of the Catholic Church just as there was no salvation outside of the Ark of Noah and before the doors were sealed Noah went about inviting people in sharing the good news this is what it's all about the ark is the Ark get into the ark but Noah is wandering around before the doors are sealed he's wandering around freely these are elements of Catholic truths that are floating around when he talks to two people and those two people talk to two people and those two people talk to two people and so on and so forth and they end up starting some sort of noetic cult which is actually something that happened by the way because he was building his ark for about a century so there were no high cults that were cropping up and those are elements of Catholic truth those Noahide cults had elements of Noah's truth Catholic truth that saves now were those elements acknowledged in such a way that drew the people into the Ark finally well that's the salient point isn't it if so great that's what they're there for if not so much the worse because that was the point it was to bring people into the ark if you didn't get into the ark at the end of the day it didn't really matter how cute your cult was and how many elements of Noah's saving truth that cult taught and revered and how much incense they burned it didn't matter the point was those saving elements were there so that he could be saved it's the same thing today if we look at Scientology there are elements of Catholic saving truth in Scientology undoubtedly and undeniably all truth belongs to us Christians this is what st. Justin Martyr famously said in the second century he had been of course the pagan and he converted to the Catholic faith he got in the ark and as the dogmatic Constitution on the church famously said in Vatican to the church with its visible hierarchy is one reality it is both human and divine it's an extension of the Incarnation and the church subsists in the Catholic Church to say as Steven Heiner suggested that the church is the Catholic Church is true but it ignores certain realities about our world which hinge on the fact that God and God alone is sovereign and that God is the master of all and that you know God alone is able to purchase our souls we either let God purchase our soul we sell our soul to God or we foul our soul we spoil our soul we Mar and destroy our soul which of course does not belong to us but we have treated it like it did belong to us which is the very thing that deforms our soul so this church it subsists in the Catholic Church which is of course governed by the Pope and the bishops and union with the Pope but as the dogmatic Constitution on the church says there are elements of sanctification and truth to be found outside of her visible structure there really are this is reality to say otherwise is not just naive or silly it is absurd it is dualistic and Gnostic it is unjustifiable it is certainly not Catholic so I don't see how the set of accantus --tz-- put up any sort of counter argument against the use of the word subsists in it must just be that they haven't thought about it they haven't understood the ramifications the implications of this nuanced teaching of vatican ii and of course vatican ii is building on vatican 1 and trent and all the other councils that came before and all the tradition and the father's and holy scripture so we do well to listen to Vatican 2 so the document goes on actually to say that these elements of sanctification and truth which are found outside of our visible structure of the church these elements as gifts properly belonging to the Church of Christ possess an inner dynamism toward Catholic unity this is the point that I wanted to make that when Noah went out preaching the point of his preaching was to get people into the ark God is one so we triumph in God or we burn in hell with Satan for all eternity those are the two options I am the triumphalist because I say yes to God by God's grace and with God's help God helped me to persevere in that yes and God helped me to root out the pride and the sin that lurks behind my weak yes but I have faith not in myself but in God and in the Saints and the holy souls in purgatory that I will with their help make it to heaven but the reason I'm emphasizing this oneness this triumphalism of the church is because if I look at those outside of the Ark who are benefitting potentially and actually benefiting from the elements of sanctification and truth that are found outside of the are many of them have God many of them even recognize the Trinity the triune God most that recognize the Trinity also recognized that Jesus Christ is the god man God incarnate who took on our flesh and suffered and died for our sins so there are people who have even that in common with the Catholic faith there are even schismatic s-- that are even closer to the Catholic faith who believe that the Catholic Church is the one true church but who separate themselves from the true Pope and the true bishops and union with the Pope and so it seems to me that the Pope and the bishops in union with the Pope in other words the living Magisterium is the most important fact of religion it is the most important doctrine of religion the Pope and the bishops are the most important people on this planet and there are the most important people in the universe and they are more important even than God himself because they and they alone have the keys to the ark they and they alone can let us in they and they alone can bind and loose and if you have the Pope and if you have the bishops who teach in union with the Pope's in other words if you have the Living Magisterium then you have everything else starting with God the Father and then God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and the Incarnation and then the sacraments and the church and the saints and Mary and you get everything if you submit yourself to the Living Magisterium to the current valid licit Pope today and those bishops who are faithful and are in union with the Pope you have everything if you don't have the Pope you don't have anything you have nothing that's why I'm willing to make the controversial statement and I'm willing to say that the Pope is the most important person in my life more important than God Almighty if you're close if you're close the way the set of accantus --tz-- are close if you've got everything but the Pope it seems to me you're in trouble you're outside of the arc so I am confident that the Pope is where it's at this is the ecstasy of Catholicism is that my ways are not your ways says the Lord my thoughts are not your thoughts says the Lord we are astonished the words of Christ astonish us everything that Jesus did and said was astonishing not because it's perverse but because it's not perverse and when we encounter something that's not perverse something that's pure and holy and good and godly we are astonished and so I think that's the way it is with a lot of Catholic truth is which are counterintuitive the world has seeped in or in the world and of the world we're not supposed to be of the world we're supposed to only be in the world so when were shocked when were astonished by Christ or by the church which is the mystical body of Christ we are encountering purity holiness goodness we are encountering those thoughts which are not the world's thoughts those ways which are not the world's ways so I encourage you I really do encourage you whoever you are think about the elements of sanctification and truth that you recognize in your worldview whether you're an atheist and agnostic Hindu a Muslim a Jew Protestant Orthodox or even a Catholic whatever worldview you have whatever you think is true whatever religion you adhere to never stop examining those elements of sanctification that you find and ask yourself do they belong to Jesus Christ do they emanate from Noah's Ark are they pointing you in to a place of safety to protect you from the coming floods ask yourself who gets the credit ask yourself who can afford to buy your soul to whom would you sell your soul and if you're not willing to sell your soul are you the master of you so is it yours is it truly yours do you possess it do you love it do you want to hold on to your life I think we know what that leads to Jesus was very clear and unambiguous if you love your life if you cling to your life you will lose it and not for a day you will lose it for all eternity so if you are willing to lose your life if you're willing to sell your soul in a way you will have purchased that pearl of great price you will be saved ultimately so I want you to think about the subsistence of sanctification and truth and how it flows from one source it only flows from one source and I want you to head toward the arc the open door before it's sealed before it's too late get in if you're not Catholic become a Catholic join the church look up where you can find RCIA find yourself a good church find a Catholic Church that's Catholic not in name only but it is actually adhering to the truth of Christ that is submitting to the Living Magisterium find out don't be afraid to ask I've asked many priests point-blank are you Catholic and you can tell when they answer the question if they are striving to be Catholic or not it doesn't matter if they're perfect it doesn't matter if they're a sinner doesn't matter even if they're a pedophile than what matters is are they repentant do they give their life to Christ are they struggling are they striving are they sincere are they like a little child that loves and trusts their father if so great if not run far far away and find a real Catholic Church a real Catholic priest and join the Catholic Church while you still have time because we don't know when Christ is coming again don't believe the rumor that says that he's coming over here and over there but prepare yourself get into the ark now because those people that refuse to get into Noah's Ark they weren't stupid and yet they perished why because of their pride because they refuse to submit they refuse to sell their soul to God the one and only God so find yourself away into the ark and if you are already in stay in the arc and do everything you can to bring your family friends enemies and acquaintances and all those that you know in with you so that's it god bless take care we'll talk soon god bless take care we'll talk soon

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