Catholic vs. Atheist – 2018-12-22 – Aron Ra

Going into this I knew nothing about Mr. Ra, but from his picture I knew I had a real character on my hands. He did not disappoint. The more I listen to him, the more I like him. I have a special fondness for that charming combination of gruff hostility and naive innocence. And he’s funny, too–I have never laughed so much during an interview.

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Catholic vs. Catholic – 2018-08-27 – James Marchant

James Marchant is a man of faith and conviction. He puts his gifts and charisms at the service of the community, particularly in the welcoming and the integrating of Syrian and Iraqi refugee families and promoting ecumenism. James is able to rally his community around important causes; he is a volunteer who is always ready to say yes to encourage meeting, reconciliation, and fraternity.
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