Catholic vs. Other – 2019-01-23 – Mark Green

I met Mark Green on Facebook through our mutual friend, Eric Steinhart. Mark is the founder of Atheopaganism which he describes as “a naturalistic Pagan path comprised of a set of Principles, practices and celebrations which embody and express religious celebration of life and the passage of the seasons in fun, creative, and meaningful ways.”

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CVS Meta – 2019-01-03 – Solipsism and playing hard to get

This episode was inspired by two very different CVS listeners, John Revell and Robert White. I talk about solipsism and the irrational abuse of our freedom and every other good gift from our loving God, who is, in spite of our selfish tantrums, courting us with limitless patience. The bottom line: get over yourself, and let yourself be seduced by the King of Kings.

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