CVS Sub-Subs – 2019-04-09 – Aron Ra Converts to Catholicism

CVS Sub-subs is a new segment, inspired by the beloved Subscriber who submitted this clip to me via email. If you want to send a short audio or video clip please keep it brief (under 5 minutes) and make it relevant to the people and topics I have featured on this channel. Your sub-sub can be a silly spoof like this episode, or a serious commentary, or even a rant, sincere or feigned–for that matter you can even send me music, art, poetry, interpretive dance, or whatever you are inspired to create, provided you keep it brief and relevant. Those submissions that I choose to publish will include a short commentary/reaction. I know people are shy, so I don’t expect a tsunami of sub-subs in my inbox tomorrow morning, but you can’t win if you don’t play, so I’m opening up the opportunity, and we’ll see what we get. Send your sub-subs to

Catholic vs. Other – 2019-01-23 – Mark Green

I met Mark Green on Facebook through our mutual friend, Eric Steinhart. Mark is the founder of Atheopaganism which he describes as “a naturalistic Pagan path comprised of a set of Principles, practices and celebrations which embody and express religious celebration of life and the passage of the seasons in fun, creative, and meaningful ways.”

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Catholic vs. Orthodox – 2019-01-18 – James Cutsinger

I reached out to Mr. Cutsinger because, as I discovered on YouTube, he boldly defends the soundness and validity of St. Anselm’s Ontological Argument. He was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in July of 2017, and yet very kindly agreed to speak with me using his one functional vocal cord. I am touched by his patience and kindness.

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