Catholic vs. Atheist – 2017-08-04 – Uzi Part 2

Uzi reached out to do Part 2 after listening to Part 1. He was uncomfortable with his strong language and other aspects of his first interview, and has grown from the experience. This is what it’s all about. Thank you Uzi.


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0:00 this incident of me swearing about
0:03 religion and calling names and all kind
0:05 of things I put that way now that made
0:11 me realize quite a few things that are
0:13 needed change I’m going to change my
0:15 language if that’s what it has made me
0:17 realized when I heard myself speaking
0:21 with a very vulgar language about
0:24 religion I sounded very disrespectful to
0:27 people I think I’m I’m going to change
0:30 my way of speaking to people who have
0:32 different beliefs and respectively you
0:36 know we are all so different from each
0:38 other with different beliefs and because
0:41 of being in different environments we
0:43 are all human being and if we are all
0:46 striving to see something which is
0:49 righteous no matter what religion they
0:51 are in so long as I’m not disrespecting
0:54 each other which I have actually been
0:57 doing I think that work could be a more
1:00 peaceful place actually when I was I was
1:04 practicing to become a mullah in a
1:08 mosque and I was grown up in a very very
1:10 very religious family and when I was a
1:14 young teen and I was questioning about
1:17 certain ethics of life the head of our
1:21 religious where we were actually living
1:25 in this mosque would say that my
1:27 thinking was because Satan was making me
1:30 think this way there was a limitations
1:32 of my thinking which actually made my
1:34 brain more broad and wanted to see
1:38 outside of the circle so I was able to
1:41 go and do my benches in several
1:43 religions and after I actually decided
1:45 that I will not be a Muslim anymore I
1:48 went like I told you in my last
1:50 interview I went into several religions
1:52 and I asked you this that is very de and
1:55 with my heart and soul and then the end
1:58 after I realized my heart is at peace
2:02 now
2:02 and happy of Who I am so I think that it
2:06 is important that I actually am able to
2:09 relay this message that I have
2:13 I could share with my friends and family
2:16 and people who I love I would like to
2:18 help people to understand religion or
2:21 any which way they could find ease I’m
2:25 going to change this vocabulary and my
2:28 way of life and I already feel very
2:30 peaceful in my heart I actually feel
2:33 lighter I feel as if I have left
2:35 something go and I flushed it down with
2:38 my anger gone with it this interview
2:41 that you have helped me to do with
2:43 enormous Lea made me realize something
2:46 because of my own vocabulary we don’t
2:48 really listen to ourselves ever so you
2:51 know it has made me realize something
2:53 which is very important David and I want
2:55 to thank you for this and yes I will be
2:58 your friend forever to come now I
3:00 appreciate what you have done for me and
3:03 you have helped me to achieve something
3:04 which I find was missing inside of me I
3:08 think that I’m a good man and I think a
3:11 good man with a good language and with
3:13 good ethics of life would go way further
3:15 than an angry man with the latter speeds
3:18 around thank you very much appreciate
3:19 first of and foremost your big heart
3:21 which I saw in the first interview
3:23 anyway I saw your heart you know I see
3:25 through the brusqueness you may be
3:29 polishing yourself a little bit more now
3:31 and becoming more sensitive about
3:32 language but your heart is still a
3:35 loving heard of a generous man so I
3:37 thank you for your friendship I’ve
3:39 received what are you telling me that is
3:41 very positive and not everybody can see
3:44 through that it is a kind of shield
3:46 which I have always had around me I like
3:49 to look like a bad man my language was
3:52 aggressive because I have been grown up
3:54 in a very aggressive environment that’s
3:57 how I have actually represented myself I
4:00 don’t mind the way I look but I think
4:02 I’m going to fine-tune it and polish it
4:04 up like you said so what do you want to
4:07 say to people out there that might be
4:08 struggling a little bit with some of the
4:10 issues that you’ve gone through because
4:12 I know that you have a lot to say you
4:14 know what I have decided that I will not
4:16 be a religious man I have decided that I
4:18 will need to follow something and that
4:21 something was for me to be staying in
4:24 liner discipline and discipline
4:26 is something that has to be practiced
4:28 like I said before that if you do not
4:30 practice discipline and doesn’t come to
4:32 your door and you do not become just a
4:34 great person by itself so people who are
4:37 religious are actually very very
4:40 disciplined religion has actually forced
4:43 you not to people so that people can
4:46 stay in line your first question I
4:49 remember to me last time was something
4:51 like where do you get your morality so
4:54 you know you are absolutely right we
4:56 have to have some sort of morality in
4:58 our life so you know when I was in
5:01 Montreal in 1986 and I was in Rosemount
5:06 and I had a bit of a scrap in front of
5:10 these glass shop I was working on
5:11 actually I had a fight with this toter
5:14 brother guy and this martial art school
5:17 teacher who Aris collapsed is there’s a
5:20 big rumble going on on the road and so
5:22 the guy came down the martial artists
5:24 eyes you know they all helping all we
5:26 were buddies and then we became really
5:28 good friends they really liked me and he
5:30 said to me you know he said why don’t
5:32 you join martial arts I said ok that
5:35 sounds really good to me I love to fight
5:37 right so I joined the school and this is
5:41 how I became master of my own mind and
5:43 soul and actually probably very
5:46 religiously that one dose has five
5:48 tenets and the five tenets are courtesy
5:52 integrity perseverance self-control and
5:55 indomitable spirit control of the mind
5:59 in your body and when I started to go I
6:03 stand now in my first texting as a white
6:06 belt and I saw these people who have
6:09 breaking grips and flying in the air and
6:11 doing all kinds reactions who are going
6:14 for the first second or third or
6:15 whatever degree black belt they were
6:17 going for and I was like amazed I go wow
6:20 these guys I want to be like them none
6:23 of those belts on the wall which was
6:26 white and then there was yellow stripe
6:29 and then there was yellow and then was
6:31 green stripe and green and so and so
6:33 forth and went up to black belt so there
6:35 was a journey and you know it must have
6:38 been some kind of scholars or
6:40 psychologist who has actually made this
6:42 martial art which actually is very
6:44 goal-setting it is actually gives you
6:47 discipline and it shows you how to
6:49 achieve your goals going through
6:51 hardship and discipline your body and
6:53 mine so I’ve heard that and that really
6:56 really helped me to actually gain self
6:58 control of my own self you know so I
7:01 think that you know through struggles of
7:04 life you know when hardship comes you
7:07 away accept it and overcome it and fight
7:09 it through you might lose a battle but
7:12 you’ve got to come back and fight the
7:13 war so that you can as you win you will
7:16 feel accomplished and you know each
7:19 person has their own kind of little
7:21 battles and you know as compassion is
7:23 very important for us all I have
7:25 realized this in your last thing that’s
7:27 I said it is very important for me to
7:29 realize that I could give compassion to
7:32 people who are actually not liberated
7:34 are tingle in their mind and it is not
7:37 good to call them names and kicking them
7:40 with the boots while they are not
7:41 relaxing the mind now I feel very good I
7:44 should be actually sharing this to
7:46 people and helping them out you know so
7:49 I know as you can see you are a
7:51 therapist you have done use there beyond
7:54 me and you have helped me thing and you
7:56 might see you get all the credit because
7:59 you you’re someone who applies himself
8:01 to everything and you care you care not
8:04 only about yourself you care about
8:05 everything that you touch so I think
8:07 that if there was a blind spot with
8:10 language or a blind spot with maybe
8:11 being too rough with some people because
8:13 that’s your mechanism of defense growing
8:15 up as soon as you saw that you said I’m
8:18 going to pay attention I’m going to see
8:20 if I can make improvement this is the
8:22 character of a winner and you’re going
8:24 to just continue to go from victory to
8:26 victory I saw something on Facebook I
8:29 didn’t reply to it but you reached out
8:30 to your friends and family asking about
8:32 life and death and the meaning and this
8:34 sort of thing can you talk a little bit
8:35 about what you’re going through with
8:37 those questions that is still a mystery
8:40 I have an unresolved so I would like to
8:43 hear from people who have resolved what
8:46 is dead what happens after death for me
8:49 I have come to a conclusion in my life
8:52 because I have spent most of my life
8:54 this research and I have come to a
8:56 conclusion in my life that I do not have
8:58 an answer after that and I’m not gonna
9:00 waste my life trying to find it I have
9:03 got more first-hand thing that I need to
9:05 focus on but for me I like to talk about
9:08 these babies I like to talk about that I
9:11 like to talk about life I like to talk
9:13 about existence
9:14 I like to talk about cosmic rules and I
9:16 like to talk about everything which we
9:18 are surrounded with and that is part of
9:20 it you know a lot of my friends who have
9:24 been actually listening or looking at my
9:27 comment on almighty’s Messenger and on
9:30 my Facebook people have been very
9:32 silently coming through the bed doze and
9:35 saying to me I believe in you but I
9:37 don’t want my dad to know about this
9:38 because you know there was one huge
9:41 issue that was my very vulgar language
9:43 and I was only writing stuff that you
9:47 know our normal family don’t like to
9:49 read in front of each other so you know
9:51 I’m totally I’m gonna step back and I’m
9:53 gonna create another kind of aura an
9:56 environment around me so that people who
9:58 who are actually liking stuff that I’m
10:01 talking about are actually gonna be able
10:03 to talk about it in open know I feel
10:06 very good about this David you know I
10:08 can’t thank you enough I think that
10:10 things are gonna change you know if you
10:13 are ever going to be coming around my
10:14 area I would love to receive you at my
10:16 humble home you know and know if you
10:20 have said something about that internet
10:22 interview it’s made me sound as if I’m
10:25 kind of a materialistic man because I’m
10:27 gonna strive to have a bigger boat and a
10:29 bigger camper and a bigger bank account
10:32 rather tell you something my brother I
10:34 don’t have a penny in my account I don’t
10:37 have a pen
10:38 or my money I have invested in to
10:42 solidify my family and yes I have got
10:45 investment in my properties but I spent
10:48 every penny that I have to try to make
10:50 this company to happen and this company
10:53 will be employee-owned like I mentioned
10:55 to you before you know so I want to make
10:58 this change I think that I’m a very
11:01 special being and nothing that I can
11:03 help make change of the people that I
11:05 love and the people who are around me
11:08 I think that good people like me who are
11:10 able to help who they’re surrounded by
11:13 this whole world could become a great
11:16 place you know this new change in my
11:19 life is so new our interview is only
11:21 three weeks old so you know it is so new
11:24 that maybe thinking with this different
11:27 manner and approaching different people
11:29 my heart might become softer and I might
11:31 take whichever route will come my way so
11:34 maybe I will become a more forgiving man
11:38 also so now I am NOT taking this
11:41 medicine which you have introduced to me
11:43 for a very long time yet so now I have
11:46 got very positive light on the horizon
11:49 yet well I’m very happy for you and very
11:52 proud of you you inspired me anyway even
11:54 before this transformation so is there
11:57 anything else you want to say to people
11:59 in general that are listening
12:00 I think follow your heart in your dream
12:03 and if you are not religious you can be
12:07 a good person look at me I have almost
12:09 become a good person now keep examining
12:15 yourself but don’t be too hard on
12:17 yourselves thank you very much my
12:19 brother he create a lot of good vibes in
12:21 my heart thank you very much if you want
12:28 to do if you think it is awesome
12:30 questions a piano go
12:32 all you got to do in it all you got to
12:36 do it
12:38 [Music]

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