Catholic vs. Atheist – 2017-07-25 – Uzi

I met Uzi on Facebook. I could tell that he was a firecracker with a lot to say about religion and life in general. He did not disappoint. A warm, generous, loving man with a lot of energy and a tough practical ethics. It was a lot of fun meeting him.


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0:00 hi I’m Busey and you are listening to
0:02 Catholic versus 80s I usually like to
0:09 ask my guests to introduce themselves
0:11 just talk a little bit about yourself
0:12 who you are what you believe in why I
0:15 have been born in the Fiji Islands and I
0:19 come from the family of n slaves which
0:23 were brought from India to Fiji and I
0:26 have a mixture of other blood in me my
0:29 ancestors from my father’s side had been
0:32 Afghani and I come from a Muslim family
0:35 I was born from this woman who had 13
0:40 children basically raped every day of
0:42 her life by a husband and beaten
0:45 brutally when I experienced life and
0:48 started to understand it I didn’t see
0:51 anything else but horror older the focus
0:55 that we got was to ask forgiveness from
1:00 this motherfucking God that was put into
1:02 our head so as I was growing up and the
1:06 violence that I lived in and all the
1:08 agony that I have been through as a kid
1:10 it has been very challenging in my life
1:14 from a very young age and I have been in
1:16 a lot of trouble in my life and I’m I’m
1:20 gonna be 59 years old this year but I
1:23 have been on therapy for 30 years in my
1:25 life and I’m gonna do that forever to
1:28 come now and I will never quit that and
1:31 I only tell my story to people who have
1:35 a degree and who are able to understand
1:39 psychology 30 years of psychologists
1:42 that I have seen has opened my heart and
1:45 spirit and I have four children one kid
1:48 that I have adopted at a very young age
1:50 he was three I have three blood kids of
1:54 mine and I have adapted to other kids
1:56 and I have a fourth degree black belt in
2:00 Taekwondo and all my children are all in
2:03 martial arts and they all got black
2:04 belts I have been explosive in my life I
2:07 have a very high energy level I don’t
2:10 drink alcohol at all I am
2:13 striving to change the education of my
2:17 generation and put them in the right
2:19 place and I have spent all my life doing
2:23 camping and all kinds of stuff when I
2:25 was addicted mojo for ten years I had a
2:28 huge business over there also and at a
2:31 very young age but I was very angry
2:34 driven obviously and I had lots of
2:39 challenges still on my table but you
2:42 know a few years ago when I quit
2:45 drinking and I said to myself I’m gonna
2:48 I need to go and see another
2:49 psychologist and after seeing this lady
2:52 I have decided that I will never stop
2:54 seeing psychologists in my life because
2:57 from time to time I need to refresh
3:00 stuff in my heart in my mind because
3:04 after a little while more questions
3:07 arise in my mind and I’d like to resolve
3:10 them with a professional you know
3:11 because of the brutality and because of
3:15 the scare about God when I became ice
3:18 guillotine I had totally become reckless
3:22 and very angry of what was happening to
3:25 my mother and everything around us by
3:28 this man who was a total Dominator and a
3:30 brutal she was very bad man and so you
3:34 know I became very revolting and since I
3:37 was so rewarded they thought that I was
3:39 possessed by the devil which was
3:41 actually very advantageous to me you
3:43 know so you know when I got to become
3:47 seventeen you know I was a very angry
3:50 man and I was I’m the youngest member of
3:53 our family and my brothers were just
3:56 pushing it because they have been beacon
3:58 in their life if brutally also you know
4:02 but I had experienced this violence ever
4:05 since birth and all I wanted to do was
4:07 kill my father when I grow up you know
4:09 so you know when I was 17 we were living
4:13 in this little village in
4:15 and one day when I came back from school
4:19 I was in grade 11 and and I was training
4:24 I was doing already in martial arts and
4:27 I was doing actually boxing and
4:30 weightlifting and I was a 17 years old
4:33 and my and then my old man came over and
4:37 he went inside the house and gets the
4:43 plate my mother was sitting and eating
4:45 so that she could serve Him as soon as
4:48 she he comes home but she was a little
4:51 bit late to he kicked her plate and
4:52 started beating her so I was downstairs
4:56 with my prayers doing weightlifting and
4:59 I was pumped out so I came inside went
5:01 upstairs so my old man when it looked at
5:03 me goes what do you want so I don’t want
5:07 to touch her anymore he goes to me what
5:09 are you gonna do about it I go I don’t
5:12 worry attaching here anymore or else
5:14 I’ll have to beat you so you know he was
5:16 in his early 50s so he was pretty good
5:20 at that time so you know I said come on
5:22 outside
5:23 so we went outside and we lived in a
5:25 village so people were very used to all
5:27 kinds of commotion which was happening
5:29 in our life edge on a consistent basis
5:31 so what happened was there was a there
5:35 was people around a whole bunch of
5:37 people were already around and my old
5:40 man came outside you know I didn’t let
5:44 him touch me I was really very good
5:47 already so you know I’ve got to put
5:50 seconds I just dropped him on his knees
5:52 and he was on the ground already but my
5:55 brothers they just kicked the fuck out
5:58 of me you know all my three brothers
6:00 just jumped on me and beat me up so bad
6:04 but I was just like I like they said I
6:07 had the devil in he so you know the
6:10 devil you know that that infusion of
6:14 anger related the energy that I had
6:17 harnessed inside of me came out and I
6:19 was able to get out of the of that
6:21 Rumble and I went and grabbed some gas
6:24 and I started throwing gas I was going
6:26 to light the house in fire right but
6:28 then
6:29 you know just in a couple you know a few
6:33 minutes the cops wave grabbing me and
6:36 they were putting handcuffs on me and
6:38 you know they were escorting me out of
6:40 the property and I was not allowed to
6:41 come back over there anymore so I was
6:45 just 17 years old and you know I have
6:48 worked all my life and I have been a
6:50 very intelligent kid even when I was
6:52 small and I always covered my ass
6:55 because or else I’ll be back this is
6:57 basically so you know because of the
6:59 life I had lived and the kind I had to
7:02 be always thinking I couldn’t basically
7:05 never ever stop thinking or else I’d be
7:08 in trouble you know so what happened was
7:11 what I did was I was saving money I had
7:17 the ticket in 1976 or something like the
7:23 effort
7:24 and I was saving money and I had like
7:27 300 bucks so I I went in our Levant and
7:31 lifted my sister’s hosts who was the
7:34 oldest member of our family for a few
7:36 days and then what I did was I got
7:40 myself a passport roughly and I was able
7:43 to go to Australia so look um I went to
7:47 Australia and got myself into a lot of
7:52 trouble over there I stayed in Australia
7:55 for two years just over two years and
7:57 then I was escorted by police to the
8:00 Fiji Islands again my problem was anger
8:03 related I love to fight I would without
8:06 with a pic of a second I will be in a
8:08 rumble with people it didn’t bother me
8:09 and you know my anger was not harnessed
8:15 I didn’t have very many tools at that
8:18 point in time my testosterone was at a
8:21 very high level
8:22 I was very highly energetic and in
8:25 another trouble all the time and I
8:28 always promised myself if I ever touch a
8:30 girl physically and I will cut my
8:34 fucking hands off right and I never
8:38 never touched a woman physically never
8:41 only way I touch women is with love
8:44 right and I have taught this to my
8:48 children also
8:49 or else I’ll fucking kill them if I ever
8:51 hear one of my kids ever beat his wife
8:55 or his movement I will kill the
8:57 motherfuckers and if any violence if I
9:01 ever experience violence in front of me
9:04 I get involved in it if there is a woman
9:07 involved in it I will get in there
9:09 immediately so I don’t take this thing
9:12 that has happened in my life lightly at
9:15 all
9:15 I have studied almost seven religion and
9:19 know Islam like the back of my hand and
9:21 I know of Hinduism and enough
9:23 Christianity and I know Rastafari
9:26 and I know of Buddhism and I also my
9:29 last religion that I actually implicated
9:32 myself in was heresy
9:34 they’re all fucking stupid as fuck
9:36 because they were all
9:38 one in different places they all work
9:40 some kind of stupid hat they are wearing
9:42 some of them are molesting their own
9:44 fucking children because they are so
9:46 prehistoric still and evolution of life
9:49 has obviously not hit this motherfucker
9:50 yet like a bigger part of this world
9:54 have not been able to involve because
9:57 there have been all forced into religion
10:00 thousands of years ago and all of them
10:02 have been brain was in the same way so
10:05 they have been following something I
10:07 find that human beings because when they
10:10 are not evolved it could be a disaster
10:13 because they do not know how to think
10:15 that’s why there have been harnessed
10:16 back change and religion so the
10:20 superiors who have been evolved before
10:23 they actually have been able to get all
10:26 these monkeys who’ve been coming out of
10:28 the bush on a consistent basis and
10:30 raping them and their children and
10:32 making them their sleeves and making
10:33 them work and giving them a little bit
10:36 of wheat and flour and you know choosing
10:38 the most beautiful ones and keeping them
10:41 close to them and so on and so forth you
10:43 know and if evolution of men has been
10:46 happening for millions of years
10:48 so there has been smarter people if you
10:51 go down and ten thousand or five
10:53 thousand years ago and there are fossils
10:55 which has been built there have been
10:58 built by pretty smart man
11:00 so these madmen already had it figured
11:03 out like which I have got it figured out
11:05 now this smart men have already got it
11:07 figured out they have been having slaves
11:09 and using others beautifully and those
11:13 motherfuckers have been bringing their
11:15 daughters the children to get raped and
11:17 bringing them their money also because
11:20 why if you do not do this you will go to
11:23 hell and there is a god I have already
11:26 met him he’s gonna come and fucking
11:27 violate everything that you is that you
11:30 need violated to make you understand
11:33 that if you don’t love me I will send it
11:35 to help so basically the philosophy in
11:39 life grew people who have been evolved
11:44 like for example if I make a machinery
11:46 to be in a thousand years that machinery
11:49 will be so fucking profound
11:51 that it will start doing shit by itself
11:55 so these religions in two thousand years
11:59 let’s say Christianity is two thousand
12:01 years that have made it better and
12:03 better how to make people to before now
12:06 you know what they do
12:07 please passes before they got people so
12:10 fuckin brain washable but and they’re
12:12 all fucking fall down you see the power
12:15 CD and all kinds of pocket places and
12:17 yet I have experience when I was growing
12:20 in my village one of my uncle’s he was a
12:23 witch doctor and I was beside this uncle
12:26 of mine watching these stupid
12:28 motherfuckers you know when I was a kid
12:31 like this I was talking to my elders
12:33 they already thought the go where do you
12:36 get all this stuff from because my brain
12:40 was already evolved than like 99% of the
12:43 people who lived in the village run I
12:46 saw right through the his doctor and the
12:50 people who were brainwashed with that
12:52 also you know a mind is a funny thing
12:56 baby
12:57 if you do not control it and if we do
13:00 not discipline it you know discipline
13:03 doesn’t happen by just talking to you
13:05 discipline happens by practice you gotta
13:07 practice like you practice religion you
13:10 gotta fucking practice discipline
13:12 motherfuckers if you wanna take all your
13:14 children beautifully dressed on a Sunday
13:16 afternoon to the favorite priest is not
13:19 the way to discipline or to create a
13:22 legacy for your family it just lately
13:26 dis is starting to come out before you
13:28 are not ought to think like this or else
13:30 will be killed motherfuckers we
13:32 understand there if you start thinking
13:35 like this 20 years ago 30 years ago
13:38 you’ll be killed will be fuckin taken to
13:40 the jail and you will be fucking locked
13:42 out for the shit that I am saying right
13:46 now if I was not a country or behind you
13:50 realize that that’s why these important
13:54 scholars have been hiding they have to
13:56 fuckin hide and give the lead to this
14:00 fuckin stupid motherfuckers where the
14:02 procollagen have
14:03 got a beard and all that other fucking
14:05 cioppino thing
14:07 so these more intelligent people have
14:10 been threatened by their lives and many
14:12 have been killed many many thousands
14:15 millions like Nostradamus and grass
14:18 protein all the people they have been
14:21 existing in this one they have been
14:22 called witch doctors and that be killed
14:25 do you know anything about Aleister
14:27 Crowley do you like him or no no I don’t
14:29 know okay he was a Satanist did you ever
14:31 get into Satanism as a worldview no I’m
14:36 like I said I know I do not need to know
14:38 that that is another fucking stupidity
14:40 that humans have created because I lived
14:43 it at first and when I told you about my
14:45 witch doctor mingled into Satanism and
14:47 this Satanism is a fucking aja state of
14:51 mine like I said to you earlier that if
14:54 you do not harness your mind and if we
14:56 do not discipline little do funny things
14:58 on you and you could be believing in
15:00 rock to become your stupid fucking God
15:02 which a lot of people do this stupid
15:04 crosses and shit people are praying to
15:07 that fucking piece of fucking wood every
15:10 day of their lives
15:11 you know the world can go and believe in
15:14 any fucking shit they wish to we are
15:17 changing one family at a time and that
15:19 is my end I don’t have to tell you the
15:22 stupid fucking world what my goal is to
15:25 make the best and the strongest family
15:27 who could get more evolved and educated
15:31 in the generations to come and become
15:33 this world’s leaders that’s what my goal
15:35 is is there any book you’ve read the
15:38 aligns with your worldview that sort of
15:40 matches what you believe is your book
15:42 they would sort of give an idea of where
15:44 you’re coming from or not I’m not sure
15:46 if there is one and then I haven’t been
15:49 very much looking for one either and I
15:51 do not read books would you be
15:53 interested in writing a book yes I would
15:56 be I will be definitely writing a book
15:58 and I’m looking for a writer to write my
16:00 story what are some of the basic
16:03 principles that guide the decisions you
16:05 make day to day in moment to moment I do
16:07 not require God or Satan’s track to be a
16:11 good man and have an understanding in
16:14 righteousness I do not
16:17 in that stupidity to tell me what is
16:19 right or what is wrong I know what is
16:22 right and what is wrong
16:23 I enforced the righteousness I do not
16:27 steal I do not lie I do not cheat
16:30 I do not fuck around with people I do
16:32 not let get people to fuck around with
16:34 me
16:34 and I do not take life lightly it is
16:38 important for us some people to enforce
16:42 the right kind of law in this world and
16:44 I cannot do it though that to this
16:46 stupid world I have to be a living
16:49 example and the right truth for my
16:51 family so that they could understand me
16:53 easier than I did have you ever thought
16:56 about the origins of life if there is no
16:57 God then how did life come about so you
17:00 know that we humans can make another
17:02 heme and all these cats and dogs and
17:05 shit we humans have made them oh yeah
17:07 fuckin right we did we’ve been evolving
17:10 these dogs from wolves and working in
17:13 all kinds of dingos and shit now we have
17:15 got domesticated dogs of whichever
17:17 quality we wish but we’re just mixing
17:19 and matching stuff that’s already there
17:21 you see it’s like when you make a cake
17:23 you take the flour in the eggs but you
17:24 didn’t make the eggs and you didn’t make
17:26 the flour you understand yes it’s called
17:29 science if you mix two different
17:32 chemicals you’re going to have something
17:33 else that’s what we have done so you
17:36 know do you know about this cosmic world
17:38 there are many many words like us now a
17:43 human brain doesn’t have the ability to
17:46 think that far no we don’t so when we
17:51 don’t have the ability to think that
17:53 part why the fuck should we live our
17:55 lives in question you understand where I
17:59 come from what the fuck should we live
18:00 all our lives in a question of who has
18:03 created us why we are created and all
18:05 that other bullshit whereas you could be
18:08 sir you could be centered in the source
18:11 of life which is what do human strife or
18:15 we strive to have a good enemy we want
18:17 to be honest we want to be truthful we
18:19 want to have better friendly then we
18:21 would come from and continue like this
18:23 so there are other light sources that
18:28 could have created that
18:30 and there could be God there could be
18:34 the devil but am i looking for these
18:36 motherfuckers no I’m not and I’m not a
18:39 fucking chance I am and for the people
18:42 who wish to continue to look for them
18:44 for all their fucking lives
18:46 hallelujah to you motherfuckers I don’t
18:48 I have got my problems answered my
18:51 question has been answered I’m not
18:53 looking for all this fucking bullshit
18:54 I’ve been a kid who has been molested
18:57 raped and seen only fucking Moroso that
19:01 was enough for me I do not need all that
19:03 fucking shit what I need is to find Pete
19:06 to find peace you have to find yourself
19:08 and to find yourself you have to know
19:11 who you are what do you want and where
19:13 you are going and once you have found
19:15 these elements in your life you start
19:18 setting goals you set small goals and
19:21 you achieve them and you get stronger
19:22 you set bigger and better goals and you
19:25 keep achieving them this is called the
19:27 human evolution then when you have
19:29 arrived to the ability to your maximum
19:32 then you will kick the bucket and
19:33 fucking die and you know what happens to
19:35 it when it died you are born and life
19:38 continues man do you understand so don’t
19:42 fucking worry what what happens when you
19:44 die you will be fucking you are just
19:47 dust it’ll become nothing will be
19:49 nothing right and there’s no such thing
19:51 as soul so don’t fucking worry about
19:53 that part once your heart starts beating
19:55 you’re dead you understand so there is
19:59 no such thing which comes out of your
20:01 fucking body with a fucking smoke going
20:03 in the doors no sucks fucking pain these
20:06 are all imaginary things that religion
20:09 has put into people’s minds and people
20:11 follow it like fucking morons
20:13 fortunately I have been able to get out
20:15 of it and my family has also so I’ve
20:18 made a huge jump in my part of them is
20:20 life you know they do any of your family
20:22 believe in any religion no I have
20:25 brainwashed them not to believe in
20:27 religion so what is the basis of
20:30 morality like what if someone said to
20:32 you look Susie I can find a way to have
20:34 more pleasure to have a better family
20:36 more money more reputation a better
20:38 reputation by cheating stealing and
20:40 lying and making a fake life
20:43 and I’m profiting at the expense of
20:45 people around me people around me are
20:47 suffering but I’m getting away with it
20:48 because I hide it but I’m having more
20:51 pleasure I’m getting more of life than
20:52 you are at their bigger house a bigger
20:54 car a bigger boat a more beautiful life
20:56 etc because I’d lie cheat and steal so
20:58 what do you say to that
20:59 I think that’s hallelujah do you
21:01 motherfucker
21:02 because anything you do is you’re going
21:05 to get caught and get fucked in the end
21:07 because you would live the life of a
21:09 fucking rat and you’re going to be
21:11 hiding in a fucking hole your heart is
21:13 not open you’re not powerful is the
21:15 signs of a weak man you are a fucking
21:17 pussy
21:18 that’s what I’m telling right other you
21:20 ask me question what I don’t tell you I
21:21 say you left leave the light for fucking
21:23 pussy you got no fucking evidence to
21:26 show your children and the generations
21:27 are going to come there will be a bunch
21:29 of fucked arts and this is what you want
21:32 to live however you’re my brother but
21:34 you will you’re not part of my plan get
21:36 the fuck out of my life so you believe
21:38 in justice it seems like you think
21:40 justice is always achieved that people
21:42 don’t get away with anything really
21:44 absolutely justice will be achieved and
21:46 even if it is not achieved that rep will
21:49 die a fucking rats life why the fuck
21:51 should I try to change and if you comes
21:53 in my way I’ll crush that motherfucker
21:55 of course that motherfucker he tries to
21:57 intervene in my fucking life or coming
22:00 to anywhere around my family he’s not
22:01 the chosen one he should keep away from
22:03 men like me what do you say about the
22:05 voice of conscience that’s inside of
22:07 your heart and your mind that tells you
22:08 this is good this is not good
22:10 do this don’t do that what do you think
22:12 about that because for me that’s the
22:13 voice of God but doesn’t tell you that
22:16 so that chemical inside your brain it
22:20 might have an imbalance let me tell you
22:22 about something so that imbalance might
22:25 be creating too much successful so that
22:28 testosterone the extra imbalance of
22:31 testosterone in making your big hard all
22:33 the fucking time and all your fuckin
22:36 thinking is fucking something or
22:38 somebody so that man’s
22:41 imbalance in his fucking brain he cannot
22:43 control it he’s a pedophile or a rapist
22:47 or a fucking rapist artist and he’s only
22:49 looking for this fucking pleasure in his
22:51 life the power of brain functions brain
22:54 has got many chemicals inside of it
22:57 do you believe in a supernatural or not
22:58 I want you to ask me and simplify that
23:01 question for meetings do you think that
23:02 everything is matter and energy or is
23:05 there some order above the order of
23:07 nature that is called the supernatural
23:09 where we have spirits and God and all
23:11 that there are energy the are kinds of
23:14 energy yes there is I can feel the
23:17 energy and it is not that important to
23:20 me that I’m going to fucking die trying
23:21 to find out what the pocket is but is
23:24 that energy natural or do you think it’s
23:25 supernatural
23:26 it’s a nice relent so my point is that
23:30 where where does freedom come from how
23:31 do you explain freedom because you’re
23:33 free to make it one choice or another
23:35 right a human’s ultimate goal in a human
23:38 is to find peace so there is a formula
23:40 to find peace which I have resolved in
23:43 my life because your brain is different
23:45 than mine it is not the same formula you
23:47 will require to do this right every
23:50 brain is different from each other so
23:52 for me I have found peace and I found
23:55 peace and I worked words be coming out
23:58 oh I have to come today to find peace
24:01 you have to find yourself you know where
24:04 you are going and what route you’re
24:06 going to take to get there and and set
24:09 goals once you start achieving small
24:12 goals
24:13 let me get stronger you’ve explained
24:15 that but what I’m asking is isn’t
24:17 everything determined by your past
24:20 experience and by the circumstances that
24:21 surround you everything is in place to
24:23 force you to make the decisions that you
24:25 make and there’s no choice nothing has
24:28 forced me no I had made that choice
24:30 yourself where does that free do you
24:32 have any philosophical explanation for
24:33 where that freedom might come from yes
24:36 because I have believed in myself and I
24:38 followed these footsteps to get here
24:40 okay
24:41 they’ve got it no no no that doesn’t
24:46 answer the question
24:48 are you Jewish I’m your spiritual – yet
24:51 your juice I’m a spiritual Jew but i’m
24:54 catholic your Jew and I can smell you
24:58 through the camera is that a good thing
25:01 or a bad thing
25:02 no isn’t a bad thing or a good thing I
25:05 have told you all my views sir and I
25:08 respect you of who you are you can
25:10 believe in whichever motherfucking God
25:12 you choose – and I am worried that this
25:14 religion has been forced to you and your
25:17 generations and some of them have died
25:19 because of the stupid fuckin religion
25:21 that you are following stop the head and
25:23 start a new life believe in yourself and
25:26 believe in your family and you will find
25:28 peace in your heart there is no God
25:31 this is my answer to you my brother so I
25:33 hope that you evolve in time and are
25:36 able to find peace inside your heart and
25:39 start to trust yourself and believe in
25:41 yourself if you want to find the answer
25:44 and if you want to knock on my door you
25:46 are welcome to and I will show you the
25:48 light at the end of my interviews I
25:51 usually just ask my guest to wrap up by
25:53 giving a little closing thought so what
25:55 would you say to anyone that’s listening
25:59 believe in yourself and if you don’t
26:03 believe in yourself you have lost half
26:05 the battle already you got to start
26:08 setting small goals and restructure your
26:12 strength and if you lose your levels
26:15 you’re going to get weaker and if you
26:18 keep changing part you will never arrive
26:21 to your goal even if you lose a bevel
26:25 you should never give up on the wall you
26:27 got to come back tomorrow and fight it
26:29 again and stop believing in imaginary
26:33 motherfucking shit because you will
26:36 never find peace in that yeah ok will do
26:44 if you think you got some questions let
26:46 me know girl all you got to do is all
26:50 you have to do
26:53 [Music]

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