Catholic vs. Sikh – 2017-07-24 – Kavneet Singh

I saw a video of Kavneet Singh speaking about Sikhism on YouTube. I reached out to him and he agreed to speak to me about his faith. I used to live beside the Gurdwara Nanak Darbar Community Center Sikh Temple, and have always admired the Sikh people.


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0:00 hi I’m company single listening to
0:02 Catholic verses six tell the listeners
0:08 if you would a little bit about yourself
0:10 just a bit of background who you are
0:11 what you believe and how you came to
0:14 believe it I’m 40 years old I’m a Sikh I
0:18 was born in the in a sick family as well
0:21 and very happy you know in content
0:24 following the Sikh religion what was
0:26 your first experience as a child can you
0:28 talk a little bit of your earliest
0:29 memories
0:30 sure yes I mean Sikhism is really about
0:33 experiencing so it’s not simply just
0:35 having say it’s really about the
0:37 experience so I mean when I look at my
0:39 childhood you know it was really a
0:41 gradual process for me getting that
0:43 understanding of religion and the
0:45 Sikhism and it still is an ongoing
0:47 process so I mean really yes it started
0:50 from my parents my parents introducing
0:53 the Sikh religion to me they were
0:55 practicing see and I grew up having our
0:58 religious scriptures it’s actually
0:59 called a little grunts I’ve G which is
1:01 our living group in the former
1:02 scriptures and in the house and I grew
1:05 up in and so you know they they
1:07 practiced and prayed we had an actual
1:09 room which was dedicated for praying and
1:12 so you know I grew up with that another
1:15 thing that’s quite good
1:16 growing up was where I learned a lot was
1:19 going to see camps so a lot of the local
1:21 temples Sikh temple during the summer
1:24 period would hold sort of kids camps and
1:27 they would you know have you know
1:29 general sports activities and fun
1:31 activities but also they would also have
1:32 you know teach you about the Sikh
1:34 religion I mean one of the things is
1:36 would be with the Sikh religion is you
1:37 know having been originated from from
1:40 India from Punjab region all the texts
1:43 are in guru Mukhi which is similar to
1:45 Punjabi and so for me I was born in
1:47 England so mine my first language was
1:50 was English even though my mother tongue
1:52 is canoe I think both languages but I
1:55 really am more comfortable in English so
1:57 for me it was quite difficult to
1:59 understand the Scriptures properly you
2:01 know I couldn’t just simply like like I
2:02 read a book you know an English book but
2:04 with my religious texts it was quite
2:05 difficult to understand so really
2:07 initially he was just learning the
2:10 religious texts and learning the prayers
2:11 but we didn’t really know the meaning
2:13 and the meaning really came at the grew
2:15 up like you said the holy texts weren’t
2:17 completely accessible to you and all
2:18 that but there’s a sort of atmosphere of
2:20 religion there must have been a time at
2:22 or just after the theory’s Anu had to
2:25 come to a decision am I going to believe
2:27 this sincerely in my heart or am I only
2:30 going to go through the motions so what
2:31 was that like for you
2:32 yeah I think it was really quite a slow
2:35 process for me as long it was like quite
2:37 gradual and I would say maybe a pivotal
2:40 moment would be about four years ago I
2:42 really started questioning what life was
2:45 really about as we grow up the sort of
2:47 system of Education just teaching you
2:50 about making money getting a car getting
2:53 a mortgage having a family and you know
2:56 about three four years ago I came to the
2:58 point in my life where I did all that
2:59 and suddenly I might where do we go so
3:01 that’s when I started questioning and
3:03 I’m like well actually you know that is
3:05 what we taught then I started really
3:08 going into our our our guru our
3:11 religious scriptures and really going
3:12 more deeper into it and around that time
3:13 around three years ago there was a you
3:16 know them doesn’t YouTube channel core
3:18 basics of Sikhi you know what the Sikh
3:20 faith is about and I said a lot of those
3:22 questions that we that I had in my mind
3:24 and really explained our religious
3:26 scriptures and what our guru is saying
3:28 in English in simple form and that
3:30 really did to me answered all my
3:32 questions and then really I think
3:35 everything just kept moving more closer
3:37 towards religion and actually things
3:39 started making a lot more sense but it’s
3:40 still ongoing I mean you know being a
3:43 Sikh one thing is is that you just can
3:45 never say you know enough you know it’s
3:47 all about in constantly the minute that
3:50 we say hey I know everything that’s the
3:53 minute ego kicks in and that stops you
3:55 from learning but you know again that’s
3:56 all for my guru guru teacher those are a
3:59 little grunts I view again the religious
4:00 scriptures our Livengood is teaching
4:03 from darkness to light so you know what
4:05 we thought was with life you know
4:08 actually was and I was back and look at
4:11 say my actions my my direction in life
4:13 you know it was okay you know solving
4:15 what the world was doing but you know
4:18 really you know today I’m getting close
4:20 I’d say I’m more getting out of that
4:23 getting more closer to the light and
4:24 feel more free or more
4:27 more more relaxed liberators live a lot
4:30 more liberated exactly yeah I mean even
4:32 our parents to an extent you know they
4:35 are technically brainwashed to following
4:38 the way that you know the government
4:40 wanna run the economy you know we just
4:42 follow that right and unless we have
4:44 that knowledge and that’s we’re lucky
4:45 enough to get that knowledge in that
4:46 direction
4:47 it’s very difficult to break away from
4:49 that I mean you know the six eight
4:51 doesn’t say don’t live in the world the
4:53 six eight says live in the world live in
4:55 that world so for example it gives you a
4:57 very interesting concept of the lotus
5:00 flower so you know basically it’s not
5:02 like I mean I know some religion what
5:04 they say that you know what we should
5:05 actually discard the world and go up in
5:07 the mountains and you know meditate and
5:09 that’s it
5:10 no but the Sikh religion is really
5:12 different it’s a extremely practical
5:13 religion you expect you to have a family
5:16 that lives the life live amongst each
5:18 other but basically be like a lotus
5:21 flower so how the quality of a lotus
5:23 flower are that it lives in in water in
5:26 water where a lot of their dirty muddy
5:28 region it but it never ever allows that
5:32 the stick to that Lotus well so you
5:34 constantly looking up towards God so
5:36 keeping God central to your life living
5:38 within admire with the world
5:41 the illusion living within that world
5:42 but not allowing all that dirt to stick
5:45 to you right so that Lotus lie you love
5:47 it your dirty look as well and at the
5:49 same time it never will drown in that
5:51 water it’ll always be above the water so
5:53 keeping your head above keeping North
5:55 Central and living like we are told to
5:58 be in the world but not of the world so
6:01 it’s a similar idea and we need to
6:04 engage with the world and help transform
6:07 the world really but I read about
6:09 Sikhism that there is no priesthood and
6:11 it’s actually forbidden to have a
6:13 priesthood and it seems interesting
6:14 because you mentioned family life and it
6:16 would seem that if you’re not going to
6:18 marry God as our priests and our
6:21 religious do in the Catholic faith if
6:23 you’re not going to have that vocation
6:24 that it seems the only remaining
6:25 location would be marriage or on married
6:29 life how is unmarried life seen I mean
6:32 when I said you know be married I mean
6:33 there’s no strict rule you know Sikhism
6:35 is about having 100% freedom if you look
6:39 at all our free
6:40 and all the religious people that are
6:42 there in this example you know most of
6:44 my married some of them are not married
6:46 no big deal also you’re saying that
6:48 there are priests yeah I mean priests
6:51 meaning we have what they call they call
6:53 them grunty’s so in each Sikh Gurdwara
6:55 in each example we have what you call a
6:58 grunty a grunty is similar to a priest
7:00 in that that grunty is there to to read
7:03 our guru scriptures it doesn’t mean that
7:06 nobody else can read the scriptures it’s
7:08 a bit like having a school you go there
7:11 to learn
7:11 you go there to enlighten your soul take
7:13 yourself from darkness to light you know
7:16 if you don’t have somebody like an
7:17 expert in that field to help you then it
7:21 can get quite difficult to to get the
7:23 correct direction one common question
7:26 that allows my guest no matter what
7:28 worldview they hold is about the
7:31 best-case scenario and the worst-case
7:33 scenario and the difference between the
7:36 best-case scenario and the worst-case
7:37 scenario after death yeah what we
7:40 believe in that if you if you connect
7:42 with God if you become one with God
7:43 while you on earth then you will merge
7:46 back into God so your soul will know
7:49 back into God and will break away from
7:52 the cycle of birth and death so that’s
7:54 is that the best scenario right if you
7:56 don’t then basically you’re going to go
7:58 in a cycle of birth and death and which
8:01 are the millions and millions of cycles
8:03 right you’ve got insects it’s not animal
8:05 we thought bacteria anything with a life
8:07 form you could be one of those in
8:09 depending on your action that’s what
8:12 you’re going to become you’re going to
8:12 go through that whole life cycle and
8:14 then based on your actions you may come
8:17 back into a human to try again what is
8:19 the worst-case scenario you could you
8:20 remain lost in the Oblivion of low level
8:24 life form forever probably not forever
8:27 right there’s going to come an end to it
8:28 because the only thing that can last
8:30 forever is God you always given another
8:32 chance
8:33 so everyone ends up in heaven basically
8:35 yes because you know everything came
8:37 from God everything has to go back into
8:39 God right so yes absolutely but what on
8:42 Hulu tells us it’s based on your actions
8:44 it’s based on you merging with God’s
8:46 interactions so if your actions are such
8:49 that you do connect to God and you do
8:50 merge with God then for sure you’re
8:52 going to be one with God and that’s I
8:54 both lend whether that will happen for
8:56 everyone
8:57 again the seed you sow is what you reach
8:59 there is a major difference between
9:02 scenario one where everyone does in fact
9:05 end up eventually with God and scenario
9:08 two where that’s not the case
9:10 I think the way I look at it is you know
9:12 if we all came from the one then it’s
9:14 very possible that everything can go
9:17 back to the one we because we are all
9:19 from the one it cause decides that you
9:21 know what we’re going to carry on
9:22 forever then they may will so really
9:24 it’s up to God we wouldn’t know the
9:26 answer to that if no matter what we do
9:29 and no matter what we choose we will end
9:31 up with God that seriously undermines
9:34 morality because if I’m talking to you
9:37 and you’re striving to unite with God
9:38 quickly and I say well I’m going to go
9:41 the other way I’m going to go the slow
9:43 route I’m going to go delve into evil
9:45 I’m going to cause harm to others and
9:47 take advantage of others and get
9:48 physical pleasure at the expense of
9:50 others during every lifetime that I can
9:52 just to explore and I’ll see you in
9:55 heaven I’ll see you in heaven later
9:56 don’t worry about it I’m I’m stirring
9:59 things up I’m being a bad boy but it’s
10:01 all theater and we’re going to see each
10:03 other in heaven one day do you not see
10:04 how that undermines all of morality oh
10:06 definitely I mean our sick of religion
10:09 definitely doesn’t tell you that so what
10:10 the Sikh religion says is that the seed
10:12 you sow is what you read there are
10:14 consequences to every action good or bad
10:17 so before the Sikh religion that concept
10:20 doesn’t exist that you know I can just
10:22 get away with it and just go in the slow
10:24 lane and you know I’ll feel it
10:25 no does that mean wouldn’t work so what
10:28 it seems like you’re saying is that
10:29 there are definitely permanent lasting
10:32 consequences to going in the opposite
10:34 direction away from God yeah atonal
10:37 scriptures if somebody’s acting the
10:38 colony negative right then yes you’re
10:41 going to constantly be coming back and
10:43 you’re going to do the same thing again
10:45 what about unity what about religious
10:47 unity is it important to you that people
10:51 come to the fullness of religious truth
10:54 or are you happy having Buddhists
10:58 Muslims Jews Hindus Satanists and
11:01 everyone else going their own path and
11:04 what Icahn said is a bit old religion
11:06 I’ll give you a couple of examples
11:08 so we have clinical clinical groups so
11:10 our religion was formed by the first
11:12 guru guru nanak dated 50 in 1469 our
11:17 fifth who was martyred by the the Mughal
11:20 Empire and for not converting into Islam
11:23 his son could hug Govinda the six the
11:25 six guru then started up an army to
11:28 protect in order to self-defense and
11:30 even though his father was killed by a
11:33 mobile ruler he didn’t hate all Muslims
11:35 he didn’t hate Islam and he actually
11:37 built a mosque for some really poor
11:40 Muslims living within his City he saw
11:42 the ring on the street and he’s like you
11:44 know how come you don’t have a temple
11:45 and it said well you know the two poor
11:47 he built them a moth I’ll give you
11:49 another example going back to the first
11:51 group living in India it was mostly was
11:53 a very know a lot of Hindus there and
11:54 they tried to put a religious threat
11:57 they believe in the religious threads
11:59 that are that are sort of flashed by
12:01 their priests and he actually rejected
12:05 the threat in a nice way he said look I
12:07 don’t want that red because this red are
12:10 you trying to put on my hand it can be
12:11 broken it could be burnt
12:13 give me a religious thread that is full
12:14 of compassion give me a thread that is
12:16 full of honesty a religious thread that
12:18 can never be broken
12:19 and you know independent look to him as
12:22 well give me that and he thought well I
12:23 don’t want it then
12:24 so what he was trying to do that with
12:26 he’s trying to break them away from
12:28 their institutions but if you look to
12:29 our night women guru Tegh Bahadur’s be
12:31 he gave his head for the Hindu faith you
12:34 know the Hindus were being converted
12:36 from all directions in India into Islam
12:39 and he gave his head for the Hindu faith
12:42 even though the first guru rejected the
12:44 threat so he gave his head for the
12:47 freedom often of legend
12:49 it’s amazing you know like what do you
12:51 say to that
12:53 plenty of stories of martyrdom I think
12:54 in all religions certainly in
12:57 Catholicism of people given your lives
12:58 for those of other faiths or of no faith
13:00 but do you believe that your religion is
13:03 the best religion or is it just one of
13:04 many paths I happen to believe that my
13:07 religion is the fullness of religious
13:10 truth do you feel the same way about
13:11 Sikhism yeah I think so I mean with ik
13:13 ism you know we believe our Goulburn
13:15 safety is everything for us it was true
13:18 from the beginning it was true
13:19 throughout the ages it was six to now
13:22 and it will always be true in the future
13:23 so if timeless and it’s a guru for the
13:26 world so we have actual religious texts
13:29 from other religions so our gurus when
13:32 they when they travel the world they met
13:34 a lot of religious Hindus religious
13:37 Islamist and you know they recognized
13:40 that what certain special individuals
13:43 who spoke that truth so when they did
13:46 they took those words and they put them
13:48 into our gurus IP so it’s absolutely
13:52 amazing because the truth is not just in
13:54 one person it’s in everywhere right so
13:56 if you’re following Christianity and you
13:58 know you’re getting that alignment and
14:00 you’re connecting to God it’s going to
14:02 be shown in your action and you know you
14:05 can learn from each other in a way
14:07 directly to they’re in the right
14:08 direction so who is Jesus for you
14:11 historically and mystically so
14:14 spiritually well I mean you know Jesus
14:16 is mentioned in our scriptures um I
14:19 don’t really know a lot about
14:21 Christianity I mean I do read a little
14:24 bit here and there I mean you know just
14:25 people in general like friends over the
14:28 years that follow different religions
14:29 but really I haven’t gone deep into it
14:31 mainly because my guru grunts I have you
14:34 give me all the information and an
14:35 experience that you know experienced the
14:37 that it works it genuinely work so I
14:40 don’t never felt the need to sort of go
14:43 looking elsewhere but it you know I have
14:44 no issues learning about other religions
14:46 I think I think it’s very interesting do
14:48 you in Sikhism have avatars because
14:50 Jesus is seen by the Hindus as an avatar
14:53 of God the way we see things is I mean
14:55 it’s quite different to the Hindu
14:57 religion
14:57 I mean Hindu religion is quite vast so
14:59 it’s not really just one set of
15:01 scriptures or rules but I mean we
15:04 definitely don’t do idol-worshipping
15:07 our religion started from the first
15:09 group 1469 we have ten and physical
15:11 gurus that came down in human form and
15:14 for us they were God on earth but they
15:16 aren’t God
15:17 so for example like you have the Sun and
15:19 you have the moon and how the moon
15:20 reflects the light on yes so it’s a
15:24 similar thing our gurus our physical
15:26 gurus are a reflection of God all the
15:28 actual religious scriptures they
15:30 actually came from God and and that’s
15:32 why they’re in the Guru Granth IV so we
15:34 we treat our guru granth ID with the
15:36 upmost respect for example you know when
15:39 we go to the Sikh temple we bow our head
15:41 down in front of the room grand side to
15:43 just give total respect but it’s not
15:45 we’re not bowing down to a book we’re
15:47 going down to God’s words the knowledge
15:50 the words that are contained in that
15:51 right the hall is shut up guru so
15:53 basically is in a way it’s like the
15:56 words of God is our group yeah and that
15:59 would get and that’s what gives us our
16:01 direction that takes us out from
16:03 darkness to light
16:04 we have Saints in the Catholic Church as
16:06 everyone knows we can kiss the statue or
16:09 the icon just like a soldier that’s away
16:11 in battle might kiss a picture of his
16:13 mother or of his wife knowing full well
16:16 that that little tattered picture is not
16:18 the person it’s just a representation of
16:20 the person and the love that they’re
16:24 showing towards that image is not for
16:26 the physical image itself obviously I’m
16:29 sure that’s exactly what’s going on with
16:31 with your reverence for your gurus all
16:33 of them it might be a bit of fundamental
16:35 difference because our gurus always
16:37 inspired us to not follow that physical
16:41 image for example we have no paintings
16:43 of our gurus they don’t exist and I
16:45 think there’s a reason for that and also
16:47 we don’t make yet we definitely don’t
16:49 make statues of our group because it’s
16:52 not the physical gurus that we worship
16:53 at all it’s not their faces or their
16:55 their body that we worship if the words
16:57 of God
16:59 it’s interesting that you talk about the
17:00 word of God because one reason that we
17:03 have icons and that we have statues and
17:06 that the Catholic Church is comfortable
17:08 with what others regard as idolatry and
17:11 idolatry is forbidden for us but the
17:14 reason that we’re comfortable with what
17:15 people think of as idolatry is because
17:18 of the Incarnation the Word of God was
17:20 made flesh that he actually took on the
17:21 ineffable God became man and so that
17:24 that ushered in a new economy of images
17:27 which i think is unique in all of the
17:31 world religions for example Islam and
17:33 Judaism are two monotheistic religions
17:36 but they’re they’re horrified by what’s
17:37 going on in the Catholic Church because
17:40 of the ultimate transcendence of God we
17:43 have a God whose immanent and
17:44 transcendent and not only that he’s a
17:47 Trinity and the second person incarnated
17:49 took on flesh so it’s a completely
17:51 different ballgame and that has
17:53 implications for everything when I go to
17:54 heaven I will have a physical body when
17:57 I walk around on this planet I treat my
17:59 physical body as just as real as my
18:02 eternal soul it’s not as perfect as my
18:05 soul it’s not the primary aspect of who
18:08 I am but it is central to Who I am body
18:10 and soul and so when I go to heaven I
18:14 will see God Almighty in the flesh
18:15 incarnate because he did not dissing
18:17 Ternate when he ascended into heaven
18:19 after his death burial and resurrection
18:21 but there is no confusion there’s only
18:23 one God and we only worship God and much
18:27 like what you were saying about your
18:28 religion everyone is pointing to God and
18:31 we honor those who point to God and
18:33 those who have heroic virtue and who
18:35 give their lives to God with devotion
18:37 and love they’re the heroes that we
18:39 reverence the most especially the mother
18:41 of God right to each their own you know
18:43 like it works for your religion it you
18:46 know it helps you to connect that’s the
18:47 key that’s the key thing that we believe
18:49 in you know does it help you connect to
18:52 God I mean for example just the sort of
18:55 basic concept that way we’re taught is
18:57 that you know we are born with ten dots
19:01 okay nine of those all the physical and
19:03 one is hidden for the spiritual side so
19:06 I’ll just give you a basic understanding
19:07 so that you have $10
19:12 two ears nostrils amount and two down
19:15 below those are the nine doors that we
19:18 have to experience as well but is one
19:22 door which is cold which to the tenth
19:24 door which is hidden which is actually
19:27 within our mind when we close our eyes
19:30 and we sort of go within that is our
19:34 tenth door and in our meditation you
19:37 know being grateful to God meditating on
19:40 God’s name you know these types of
19:42 actions are really really important to
19:46 to connect with God so you know our eyes
19:49 are are there to sort of see okay the
19:52 physical sort of world what was created
19:54 but the world is a temporary place it’s
19:57 not something which is permanent but
19:59 whereas our mind is safety part of our
20:01 our soul which is eternal and never dies
20:04 and that’s why there’s a three
20:06 fundamental principle one is a spiritual
20:09 side the other one is you know helping
20:11 others and you know we treat our body as
20:13 we need it you know so for example if we
20:16 need a body which is stronger because
20:17 we’re lifting a lot of things around
20:19 then fine you know what go away training
20:21 and get that shape and get on with it
20:23 but you know we don’t believe in doing
20:26 something to our body that just is there
20:27 for show there’s got to be a practical
20:29 reasons and a positive reason for that
20:31 so definitely you know taking care of
20:34 your boiled importing definitely because
20:36 it’s you know it’s carrying your soul
20:38 right so we have to give our we have to
20:42 give our body the correct food we have
20:44 to clean our body right we have to clean
20:48 our clothes that we were on a body but
20:51 what happens is is what it teaches us in
20:53 our scripture is what happens when your
20:54 mind gets dirty how do you clean that
20:56 you can’t see that with soap or water so
20:59 we close our eyes and we meditate to
21:02 God’s name and we read those scriptures
21:05 and we connect and that is how you wash
21:08 your mind and it will make the whole
21:11 world better as well right so okay you
21:13 can think about this if you I mean you
21:15 know we believe that okay our soul comes
21:17 from God so when I saw very first time
21:21 with the you know put on us or put in
21:24 the world or the universe by God it was
21:25 pure
21:26 but as as obviously it went through its
21:29 life is taken up karma so what we are
21:34 told by a guru is that anything that is
21:36 bad enough it’s from me right any bad
21:39 actions anything bad I mean it’s from me
21:42 so anything good is from you because it
21:45 can’t be any other way
21:46 so what we believe is that when we bow
21:49 our head down to the Guru grunts eiope
21:51 what we should be doing what we’re
21:52 trying to do we’re trying to give our
21:54 mind and our head to the glue so what
21:58 we’re trying to do is try to actually
21:59 kill our own 4:9 practically because
22:03 what happens is we keep trying to emerge
22:05 as God we try to be a good person we try
22:07 to get happy but what we find is that
22:09 all those successes are temporary the
22:13 lasts a moment and then it’s back to
22:15 square one again the only determinant
22:17 happiness is merging with God that’s the
22:19 only one and only permanent happiness or
22:21 contentment so what we trying to do
22:24 while we’re on earth and that is human
22:26 life form is the highest life form and
22:29 that’s where you can pray you know as an
22:31 animal I think it’s very difficult to
22:32 pray to God you know we’ve been given
22:34 that brain and you know we can reason
22:37 and make choices so what we’re trying to
22:40 do is we’re trying to merge with God
22:42 while we’re on earth not after right so
22:45 if we merge while we’re on earth and our
22:48 actions speak for that then we are going
22:51 to merge with God
22:52 now once we merge with God in no in our
22:55 scripture to ask it says well what is
22:56 that place where you reside God you know
22:59 now I mean we don’t believe that God is
23:01 somewhere up in the heavens or somewhere
23:03 up there you know it’s all here it’s in
23:05 our mind basically within because you
23:09 could be a billionaire
23:10 right you can have all the wealth in the
23:11 world but if you haven’t all got in your
23:13 mind and you don’t have that connection
23:15 you know that you just don’t have that
23:16 eternal happiness so you’re still a
23:18 slave right to to what’s going on in
23:20 your mind
23:20 and what happens when you connect to God
23:22 is you just all those wants just you
23:24 don’t even want that you don’t need them
23:26 you have everything if you look at the
23:29 very first word of our scriptures it
23:31 starts with the number one and the
23:33 actual word we’ll pick on our and that
23:37 basically means
23:38 the one through the sound on the whole
23:42 world is created and so basically what
23:45 it is not scripted you know once you do
23:47 move your thoughts it’s total
23:48 contentment but there’s no community
23:50 there well these relations that we have
23:54 wise kids they are part of this world
23:57 but ultimately we’re all one family what
23:59 are we we’re all part of God but when
24:01 you’re in God you won’t be a family
24:02 you’ll just be God but but technically
24:04 we are all one family because we agree
24:06 that we’re all from that one light right
24:08 you know if you look at the Creator we
24:10 our soul is the thing that is true our
24:14 body it’s false but you you and I when
24:18 we go to heaven we won’t be two will be
24:20 one exactly if I’m right when you and I
24:24 go to heaven you will be you and I will
24:26 be i but we’ll be perfected and we will
24:28 we will see each other and we will be
24:31 able to play and explore there will be a
24:33 new creation that’s my worldview
24:35 but when I think about your worldview if
24:37 you and I go to heaven we won’t be two
24:40 will be one exactly we will merge is
24:43 emerging right you merge with God you
24:45 become part of God that doesn’t sound as
24:47 exciting it doesn’t sound exciting
24:49 because really it’s like you don’t need
24:51 anything else nothing else matters and
24:53 that is it you know so it’s something
24:56 which you can never explain it’s
24:57 unexplainable I agree with you that God
24:59 needs nothing and if and if you and I
25:01 are God ultimately at the end of the day
25:04 we don’t need community we we are
25:06 completely blissful content happy
25:09 forever there’s no problem how to
25:12 explain the evil in the world if God is
25:14 all good and perfect in philosophy
25:16 what’s called the problem of evil or the
25:18 problem of suffering how did that come
25:20 about from your perspective well if you
25:22 think about it it was no good and there
25:25 would it be a bad like you need that
25:28 comparison right number one secondly
25:31 what we go through in life is based on
25:35 our previous actions our current actions
25:37 and my ultimate aim is to worry about
25:41 myself work on myself not not try to I
25:43 mean I was yet help others but by
25:45 helping others not helping myself so now
25:47 why did somebody and you know we look at
25:49 it we look at kids getting a view
25:52 we look at you know bombings in Syria
25:54 for example how do we explain that right
25:56 it looks like God is an absolute monster
25:58 some people say that now the thing is
26:01 look at our gurus our goods were pure
26:04 listing on earth for us and the fifth
26:07 ghoul was martyred on a hot plate but I
26:10 was wounded didn’t feel any suffering
26:12 whatsoever he just accepts God’s will he
26:15 was always one with God and he didn’t
26:17 kill a single dead of paint same with
26:19 our ninth guru same with all the booths
26:20 they didn’t feel a single bit of pain
26:22 because they were always one with God
26:23 and what a Gooden tells us if when you
26:26 are one with God you’ll never feel pain
26:28 now people go through sufferings what we
26:31 were all going tells us is that that
26:33 suffering is a blessing from God as well
26:36 as the good things God gives you they’re
26:39 all they’re all a blessing whether good
26:40 or bad so it all comes down to
26:43 acceptance of God’s will you have to
26:45 accept it well I agree that’s that’s
26:48 what my church teaches but there’s a big
26:50 difference the difference is that my
26:51 church teaches that because of our
26:53 freedom to choose because of our free
26:55 will there’s a rebellion that gives rise
26:58 to all these nasty consequences all of
27:00 that karma as you would say but you
27:02 don’t seem to have a notion of sin or
27:05 rebellion in your creation story do you
27:07 know after he doesn’t exist because of
27:10 the sick we are to believe that whatever
27:13 it’s in our destiny whatever we
27:16 experience in our life within God’s will
27:18 and we are to accept that we open up the
27:23 very first evil in creation was it God
27:26 that initiated that or was it man or a
27:28 beast or a spirit or what we wouldn’t
27:32 know because we don’t know the starting
27:33 of time now you know sometimes what
27:37 happens is you know something that we
27:38 think it bad in our life and then later
27:40 on we find out it was a blessing in
27:42 disguise
27:42 and you know sometimes we need that
27:44 tough love to get us back on track so
27:47 what happens sometimes I mean is the
27:48 line that the book is also broke via
27:50 what that means is the the sufferings
27:53 that come in our life actually become
27:55 our medicine and all the luxuries that
27:57 all those comforts become obstacle
28:02 just to wrap up a final thought what
28:04 would you say that anyone that’s
28:05 listening well I mean what I would say
28:08 is definitely get to know your real
28:10 enemies in life enemies enough humans or
28:13 people real enemies our lust anger greed
28:16 attachment and ego whenever you feel sad
28:20 whenever you feel depressed or stressed
28:21 it’s going to be linked to one of those
28:23 five vices or a collection of those five
28:25 vices and what’s happening is that you
28:28 just your mind is currently slave to
28:31 those five one of those or all of those
28:33 five Isis and the whole world by other
28:35 way is to be with those by invited and
28:38 just try to recognize that at least and
28:42 then try to pinpoint which one of those
28:44 five is causing me the greatest arm and
28:47 then try to do three basic principle
28:51 whole which is you know close your eyes
28:53 whatever religion you are and just say
28:55 God’s name whatever God is to you even
28:57 if you don’t know how to pray just close
28:58 your eyes and meditate the way you know
29:00 number one and try to do that even if
29:03 you can do it two minutes a day one
29:05 minute a day and slowly gradually
29:06 increase on a daily basis that would be
29:08 excellent and you’ll see a change number
29:11 two go out there and help others right
29:14 there helping others you’re helping
29:15 yourself and so help others in a
29:18 selfless way whichever way is whether
29:20 it’s charity what you know helping
29:21 somebody that needs our help and number
29:23 three to try that to work hard in
29:25 whatever that is and put real F into it
29:28 and leave the rest to God if you like it
29:35 we’ll do it got some questions a piano
29:39 go
29:39 all you gotta do it all you got
29:45 [Music]

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