Catholic vs. Hindu – 2017-01-01 – Yogesh Patel

Yogesh is the secretary of the Shree Ramji Temple in Montreal. Our interview took place in the basement of the temple, and the live chanting can be heard in the background. He was very patient with my questions.


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0:03 my name is yogesh patel and I am the
0:06 Secretary of Sri Ram ji temple which is
0:09 one of the established Hinduism
0:11 organizations in maybe we can say
0:15 largest in Quebec province and one of
0:18 the biggest Hinduism Center and
0:21 religious place in Canada so were you
0:25 born in Canada no I born in India can
0:28 you talk a little bit about your
0:29 religion when you’re growing up what
0:31 your parents taught you or what the
0:32 community taught you how you felt about
0:34 God or the gods or Hinduism yes I born
0:39 in Hinduism my parents my grandparents
0:43 maybe four grandparents also they are on
0:47 the same Hinduism practice the
0:49 practicing and we migrated here in 1991
0:52 and we stablish this accommodation in
0:55 1992 and from there we are very actively
0:59 very very actively participate
1:02 participating in our religion in Cuba
1:04 especially in the moonship and basically
1:07 this organization is open open for
1:09 everybody we have so many students from
1:15 different universities different
1:17 qualities different schools in different
1:19 reason of cubic and Montreal they are
1:21 regularly visiting our Center out of
1:24 this temple and our priest they are
1:27 trying their best to describe about our
1:30 hinges and what is ISM teach you so
1:35 really it’s nowadays this is a landmark
1:38 place you can say in material
1:42 we always welcome other religions people
1:47 also and there is no bar there is no bar
1:49 in this ordination in our temple we were
1:53 practicing any religion they always
1:56 welcome and we always got something so
1:58 was your family one particular sort of
2:01 Hinduism or are all Hinduism’s equal for
2:05 us our our philosophies taught us that
2:07 all Hinduism are equal but they have
2:10 different names name in the sense i mean
2:13 like i read on the poster upstairs that
2:15 there’s a certain branch of hinduism
2:17 with these gods in a certain branches
2:19 with these guys right no he leaves them
2:21 it’s a very vast to religion very much
2:23 religion and you know what we believe
2:26 that probably you know some lakhs of
2:31 techies God is and gods are very
2:37 existing in our oldish in our religion
2:39 but we don’t have that much but
2:41 principally when you come in our temple
2:43 we have some specials deities of God and
2:47 what is this those are the main main
2:49 main principles God and what isn’t and
2:52 we worship them because we believe in
2:55 in practice in and pray in those deities
3:00 now there’s a there’s a rumor going
3:03 around that Hinduism worships one God
3:06 like like in the monotheistic religion
3:10 is it polytheistic no no we don’t know
3:15 we don’t believe in one God but there
3:17 are several board and vortices and we
3:20 believe on this because i read upstairs
3:22 that this goddess is an aspect of the
3:25 other goddess exactly so there if I if I
3:28 meet you and I see that you’re generous
3:29 right that’s one aspect and if I meet
3:32 you and I see you’re intelligent that’s
3:33 another aspect xxo those are like day
3:35 five years they become like we we focus
3:38 on one part of her exam for exam Lord
3:41 Rama with our main board and for example
3:48 if we want if we want to worship of the
3:51 wealth
3:53 well then we must we believe that we
3:56 should pray to Goddess Lakshmi for
4:00 example we want get better in education
4:04 so we believe that we must pray what is
4:07 Saraswathi when we are looking more for
4:13 the power we must pay what is Durga so
4:18 these are the when we are talking about
4:20 the you know main sharp when we think
4:26 that our our kid should have sharp brain
4:29 for his education of our education or
4:33 for his or her future life so we believe
4:36 that we must pray god Ganesha ok now I’m
4:40 Catholic and we have Saints so there are
4:45 patron saints there’s the patron saint
4:46 of education or health of everything I
4:50 name it there’s so many signs and I see
4:53 a similarity there you’re right yes
4:56 sense we have we do in we do have some
4:59 very popular since and those really
5:02 existed like sai baba see if i was like
5:06 like they were existing 200 or 250 or
5:10 300 years ago they existed in this holy
5:14 mass volume and yes and
5:16 due to their work due to their
5:19 principles and due to their blessings we
5:22 still pray them like a god and is there
5:25 a difference between a saint and a god
5:28 or all the gods Saints know that walked
5:30 on the earth ain’t show you the path to
5:33 get blessing of God okay he will even
5:37 right you will the lower God’s show you
5:39 how to get to the higher guards no there
5:42 is no such type of category exists in in
5:46 Hinduism definitely if you believe in
5:49 once and so st. principles sense
5:54 objectives will guide you how to get how
5:57 to get closer to the god is he he
6:00 basically he will be your spiritual
6:03 leader if I’m if I’m close to one Saint
6:06 and he brings me close to one particular
6:08 God better that’s just as good as if i
6:10 was with another saint and another
6:12 goddamn thing it’s just in my path
6:14 exactly it’s depend on you which bad you
6:17 want to choose okay based on your spirit
6:20 definite so God gives humans a special
6:25 characteristic or a special taste I like
6:29 tomato you like potato it’s just a
6:33 question of different essay explaining
6:36 earlier also that when we are talking
6:39 about
6:40 different gods but we believe in hughson
6:43 believe that the creator of this world
6:48 is the one oh ok that’s what I believe
6:52 creature of this goal is world is one is
6:55 one name was nameless no matter you
7:00 believe in Hinduism or you believe in
7:02 Islam or you believe in Christianity but
7:05 what we believe our new ISM taught us
7:08 that you must realize that God is one
7:16 regardless you believe in other religion
7:19 also but your aim should one and this is
7:24 the basic principle of individual now
7:28 when when I was created by God I was
7:31 created out of nothing that’s what my
7:33 Church teaches that I didn’t exist
7:36 before but I i think i understand that
7:39 in hinduism your spirit can go into
7:41 different lifetimes is that true no but
7:44 but yes a reincarnation dissected a
7:48 reincarnation but so far you know this
7:50 is the believe what we believe what we
7:54 believe okay but nowadays if you believe
7:57 you if you if you follow the other
7:58 religions sometime opinions they may
8:02 declare me different it’s not it’s not
8:05 essential to Hinduism that you believe
8:07 in reincarnation yes we believe
8:08 independent shocking but I don’t have to
8:11 do this appeal but what if we are
8:14 talking about the Hinduism yeah then
8:17 definitely injuries them believe in
8:19 taken oh sure
8:20 is there any possibility that this is
8:22 your first incarnation or not it’s
8:26 difficult to judge that it’s difficult
8:29 to judge that but I don’t know how far
8:32 is correct but in India yes sometime is
8:37 proven okay yes sometimes proven is it
8:40 better is your first incarnation somehow
8:41 better than your millionth incarnation
8:44 is depend is depend how you are living
8:49 in your present life okay so you could
8:53 have a bad first in Connecticut and a
8:55 wonderful thousandth international
8:56 district you’re going to correct as you
8:59 go exactly but he’s always depend on
9:01 your present life what is the worst life
9:05 where we go in the wrong direction every
9:07 every incarnation going the wrong way
9:08 that’s correct what do you end up in
9:11 hell like in my religion you can end up
9:13 in hell forever do you have this yes we
9:16 believe also we believe also so if you
9:19 don’t correct yourself you’re going to
9:20 keep going down exactly that’s why
9:22 that’s why that’s why it says whatever
9:25 you have present life try to do better
9:27 and better for your society for your
9:30 life for your family for your country
9:32 and for this world is not safe so there
9:36 is also a heaven if you keep going up
9:38 and up and up there and the Saints are
9:41 the saints in heaven sort of speaker
9:44 since basically you know you can
9:48 consider them as a guru teacher teacher
9:51 what did they escape out of my
9:53 reincarnation yesterday desert and it’s
9:55 very important in this materialized
9:57 world that you must have one guide you
10:01 must have won that one guru or one
10:03 teacher who can guide you in correct
10:07 path to get to achieve your goal
10:10 ultimately what a human being worn a
10:14 peaceful life happiness happiness
10:17 peaceful life and I think you’re your
10:20 teacher your guide your guru can drive
10:23 you to get that goal to achieve that
10:26 goal in your life and this is a very
10:29 strong philosophy of Hinduism now have
10:33 you ever as Hinduism ever tried to
10:38 take Jesus Christ into their into their
10:42 Saints among or saints no we do have
10:45 actually if you if you recently lastly
10:49 in fact now we are in 2017 in 2016
10:53 mother Teresa recognized by Vatican as a
10:57 saint and she was I believe the first
10:59 lady who achieved this honor you can say
11:04 Julie a Catholic site that’s correct no
11:07 no mini okay yeah from india i believe
11:11 is cos i don’t think so no I don’t know
11:14 from india i really i don’t think so no
11:16 no I’m sure I can find many many from
11:19 India I think so okay maybe I’m wrong
11:21 maybe i’ma check I’ll change definitely
11:23 yeah but you know when mother tears I
11:28 was working as a charity of home in
11:30 kolkata in india
11:34 she was a really sent and she did really
11:39 well fair work for our society and at
11:45 that time she never look that this
11:48 person belongs to Hinduism or this
11:50 person belongs to his lamb or this
11:52 person belongs to Christianity know so
11:54 that’s why we also recognize her as a
11:59 saint as a mother okay thanks you know I
12:03 have I have I have full I fully respect
12:07 for her and she did a wonderful job in
12:11 this world and still have charity of
12:14 mission is working wonderful jobs in
12:16 India why why are so many atheists today
12:19 talking against Mother Teresa in
12:21 particular they talk against her
12:22 christopher hitchens is a famous atheist
12:25 who is dead not only against her y know
12:28 that she liked money no no no no no no
12:30 no no I really no it’s not that it’s not
12:35 that we have to accept that fanaticism
12:39 he’s always there okay you know was
12:42 there no matter you believe in Hinduism
12:45 or the slam or Christianity fanaticism
12:47 you got me there and the same fanaticism
12:50 is in Hindu as well what happened in
12:53 India and it’s a 2 is a real fact that
12:58 there are so many Christian missionaries
13:02 working in remote part of and towards
13:07 section of the society in remote areas
13:09 in India and they try to change the
13:14 religion of the poor people by offering
13:18 them good life good education good
13:22 service social service and sometime you
13:25 can say money also and this type of
13:28 things you know
13:30 Hinduism never allow you to do a rhythm
13:35 is not allowed to do that so if somebody
13:38 is doing try to do that basically then
13:41 people will think you know then why why
13:44 these poor people are attracting by the
13:47 Christianity or by the Christian
13:49 missionaries in rural areas especially
13:51 so there are so many reasons behind it
13:56 too earnest is number one factor less
14:00 education in the society is the second
14:02 factor and lack of work unemployment
14:06 those are the main regions but Mother
14:10 Teresa as long as charity of missions is
14:12 concerned she never did life she only
14:16 loved people exactly and whoever is
14:18 blaming now I think they’re far away
14:20 from reality or they don’t know you know
14:25 they don’t know about the react or maybe
14:27 they hate love possibly is it possible
14:31 sively yes that would be a rare form of
14:33 mental illness acne this way that’s why
14:35 I told you that if an item is always
14:37 even an atheistic if another yes oh ok
14:40 do you know any atheist in the Hindu
14:43 community or no no your your tradition
14:46 is very strong a very strong video I
14:49 believe if you consider Hinduism I think
14:53 is one of the largest one of the oldest
14:56 religion in desert what is the
14:58 connection between family Family Values
15:02 and your religion can you talk about
15:04 that yes family we believe our family
15:07 values is a very good questions as long
15:09 as in dsm is concerned is give you a
15:13 very great value of the United family we
15:16 believe in United Family people even big
15:18 family big families and United for
15:21 example if we are fro brothers in India
15:25 still joint family system is exist what
15:29 is that means let’s say father and
15:32 mother and they have four children four
15:36 brothers so you will found so many
15:40 families that four products are living
15:42 in one roof do you mean that the four
15:45 brothers marry the four sisters like
15:46 that no no no no poor mother of four
15:48 brothers Mary with four different girls
15:50 okay okay but generally they live
15:54 together okay oh maybe you say it’s a
15:56 family of 40 or 45 or 50 people k okay
16:00 that’s what we believe in united family
16:03 in a big house or a small house beat
16:04 house is you know house is a not a
16:07 criteria but normally when we are living
16:11 in the one roof whatever obviously that
16:13 house will be baked but here matter is
16:16 matter is not household or house there
16:19 is a big the important is principles
16:23 because if your father believes that no
16:27 my force and we’ll live together
16:30 means this is a final point okay it’s a
16:33 final points and there are so many
16:35 benefits so many advantages if you live
16:38 together if you get there are so many
16:42 advantages so many benefits and not only
16:47 they’re your responsibility will be less
16:51 okay you share you share your
16:54 responsibilities your family
16:55 responsibility not only family
16:57 responsibilities you are sharing your
16:58 family’s responsibility your community
17:01 responsibilities you’re earning
17:04 responsibilities okay is there a strict
17:07 monogamy one man one woman they don’t
17:10 they don’t they don’t tell you no no no
17:14 we believe in single marriage that’s it
17:16 yeah how do you believe we believe in
17:18 single night it’s the Hindu tradition
17:20 since a descrip that since a long one
17:22 let’s see for example for unfortunate
17:24 incidents happened there or husband or
17:26 wife died for some reason or they become
17:29 separated for some reasons that’s
17:33 different yeah different but as long as
17:36 we want to be merry with one girl I mean
17:39 that’s it is this forever you don’t know
17:42 how to verse normally not okay but
17:45 circumstances if circumstances compelled
17:48 you to do that then it’s a different
17:49 thing and there is a legal way to do
17:51 that okay now I want to talk a little
17:53 bit about feminism because very popular
17:55 today and there’s a maybe a good
17:58 feminism but there’s a bad feminism to
18:00 extreme feminism I want to get your
18:03 perspective a Hindu perspective on the
18:06 difference between man and woman are
18:07 they different and what are the roles of
18:09 men over here yeah this is very
18:11 important to clarify
18:14 basically we we believe equal ism our
18:18 Indu religion taught us about dick ilysm
18:21 there is no there is no comparatively
18:24 there is no rights of comparison between
18:27 men and women but if i go to my word if
18:29 i go to my mother or i go to my father
18:31 who am i going to listen to fight in the
18:33 last word if they disagree no you it
18:36 that could be your choice oh that will
18:38 be your choice if you if you realize
18:41 that your father is guiding you in the
18:43 right path ok and your mother is guiding
18:46 you not in right but so choice will be
18:48 yours true you can and yeah and you can
18:50 choose your yacht but with the
18:54 consulting with them and you can explain
18:55 them why mother’s right is not in favor
18:59 of you favor for a favorable for you and
19:02 why your dad’s advice is favorable for
19:05 you so the head of the family is the one
19:07 who’s right who’s profession who exactly
19:09 but nowadays you know in society
19:14 if although if we are talking all over
19:16 in the world now what is talking about
19:17 the more standardization for the women
19:20 no matter in which religion and we think
19:24 I think so this is the correct procedure
19:27 this is a correct we are correct move in
19:31 in good society to make a good society
19:34 was I I know that worldwide there’s been
19:36 an exploitation of women throughout
19:38 history of me and we need to correct
19:40 that but so but this is not a big issue
19:44 in Hinduism things over here and no i
19:46 will not one hundred percent say that in
19:49 Hinduism everything is right still still
19:54 the Hindu society is dominant by men
19:59 professionally professionally no no no
20:01 no professionally by education nowadays
20:04 in the Newman Indian girls are you know
20:07 far ahead in education ok you know so
20:10 it’s not that but now society is getting
20:13 changing you know all society is getting
20:15 changing and now people are talking
20:17 about and now people are working on this
20:18 direction let us make women more about
20:23 now that’s awful there’s a perception in
20:26 the west of India and certain places in
20:28 the East that there’s a caste system the
20:30 upper class middle class lower many cast
20:32 yes yes can you talk a little bit about
20:34 that the good stuff and the bad stuff
20:35 actually wherever if you are talking
20:38 about the cast ISM if you ask my
20:40 personal opinion it’s not good no it’s
20:44 not the fast ISM is not good
20:46 you know we all are equal no matter in
20:50 which family you born okay but he say
20:55 you know we all are equal and there
20:57 should not be bar of the cost when we
20:59 believe in the same religion why there
21:01 will be a cost basic principle of
21:04 religion we both are agree on that and
21:06 we both have following on that so why
21:09 there is a cost difference not really
21:14 money money is not really but but but
21:16 it’s a social system you know it’s a
21:18 social system which is coming forward
21:20 from so many decades is it changing in
21:23 India now yes in some part yes now in
21:27 some part yes but still lots of work
21:31 should be done in this school who would
21:34 be resisting this change would it be the
21:36 upper classes yeah normally yes
21:38 especially in the villages upper class
21:41 no matter there in few numbers but but
21:45 they dominate the society they have the
21:47 opportunity they control the means of
21:49 introduction s not like that
21:51 so there’s another comparison I know you
21:56 don’t like comparing things but I’m a
21:58 Western mind and you’re an Eastern mind
22:01 how do people of the East View the sort
22:05 of rational Western philosophical
22:08 journal yes know if you if you if you if
22:11 you follow the recent rains the Western
22:15 world is emphasized by Indian society
22:18 here the Western world is look for look
22:23 towards India okay about their about
22:27 their diversity of the culture about the
22:29 diversity of the religion and definitely
22:32 there are so many things who can attract
22:37 you from west to India
22:40 for example I have for you simple yeah
22:43 widget ain’t fist okay number two you
22:46 can consider as a Yoga Yoga Yoga is
22:50 worldwide now you know basically clear
22:52 yoga is created in India okay this to
22:55 all the spiritual gurus of the yoga’s
22:57 they belongs to India okay so these are
23:01 certain things who can make a you can
23:05 say i can say India can make a copyright
23:07 on that nowadays in this materialistic
23:12 world he’s become a profession is
23:15 becoming way to generate the money but
23:20 basically if you go in remote areas in
23:23 in hilly areas where the yoga’s Saints
23:27 are coming from where the yoga ashram
23:28 shore there believe me you will found a
23:31 different different fillings
23:35 then then you realize that oh I mean I
23:39 am living in the Western world but this
23:41 world is completely different in the Sun
23:43 we can’t reproduce it here no no there
23:45 are so many awesomes they’re respectable
23:48 here for you guys oh yes are some of
23:52 them considered a little bit like a joke
23:54 because they don’t capture the eastern
23:55 no this is yeah you can consider as a
23:57 joke but once you entered in this
24:00 philosophy then only you will realize
24:02 that is in order to even if it doesn’t
24:05 look the same inside the philosophy is
24:07 going to be there that’s right then
24:09 lastly definitely you will you will feel
24:11 it the way of thinking exactly you’re
24:13 completely your way of thinking will
24:15 change is the eastern way of thinking
24:17 more mystical and more do you understand
24:23 what I mean basically Hinduism believe
24:26 in the simplicity ok we don’t believe is
24:30 in luxurious luxurious in a long believe
24:33 that its austerity or asceticism that’s
24:36 correct but don’t get attached to stuff
24:39 no no it’s not that it’s not that what
24:41 I’m trying to say that our religion
24:44 taught us that make as simple as your
24:48 life
24:50 and try to if you have more wealth if
24:56 you are wealthy person try to share your
24:58 wealth with poor and needy people who
25:01 really need it and try to make your life
25:03 simple and try to share your belongings
25:07 today with them so if you have oh that
25:09 so that they can also bring happiness in
25:12 their life through you through your
25:14 efforts so if you have three coats and
25:15 he has no coat you give him one court if
25:18 you can give one it’s not a required to
25:21 normal you don’t require three hey so I
25:25 I just do us to want to press you on
25:27 this east/west divide how do people in
25:30 the West in the East Sea generally see
25:33 the philosophies and religions of the
25:35 West do you see them as very rigid or
25:40 known as the no no we don’t go but you
25:44 understand there’s a difference right
25:46 definitely differ difference but my
25:49 religion into this region is gives me
25:52 his advise me no matter the religion is
25:55 complicated or not but you must respect
25:58 it you must respect them also in the
26:01 East you see the Westers may be more
26:02 complicated no no no matter because you
26:05 know we came from east we are in West
26:07 yeah but there is no way that i
26:10 disregard your religion no no I respect
26:13 your religion of course I will respect
26:15 your religion
26:16 and I respect your religion by day
26:18 there’s a certain there’s a certain
26:20 difference which i find difficult to
26:22 articulate and I’m wondering if if how
26:27 you see it in the east for example when
26:31 you look at Christianity what do you see
26:33 as I explained earlier during this
26:37 interview for us Christianity is same
26:42 like my religion okay maybe you see the
26:46 love of mother teresa and you say that’s
26:48 Christianity that’s what you see yes not
26:50 only that we you know we we believe in
26:53 the principle of Jesus we believe that
26:55 because if you go through in the
26:57 Hinduism principles in the same lessons
27:02 is much much much very much similar with
27:06 the Christ so for me this am respecting
27:13 the Christ and my hand reason is on the
27:16 same way
27:17 because I’m honoring I am honoring my
27:19 religions principles and same time I am
27:22 leaving your Christianity religion this
27:25 for also so for me for me we both have
27:29 the same i think is it Mahatma Gandhi
27:32 who said that he is a Muslim and
27:34 Christian and a Jew and a Hindu and it I
27:36 think that he said something like that
27:38 that he sees the truth in all the
27:40 village that this is basic basically him
27:43 this is the pillar of the hidden ISM
27:45 what Gandhi Ellen was Gandhi a good
27:48 hindu man he wasn’t in doing his own
27:52 thing he was like you he was Hindu
27:53 that’s right ok that’s it and that’s
27:56 what he he added so many things and we
28:00 followed their principal before / thurs
28:02 means well and that’s why we believe
28:05 that all religions are the same and we
28:07 must respect we must respect
28:10 we cannot we shouldn’t criticize slam
28:13 for this reason we shouldn’t criticize
28:17 both ism for certain reasons know if you
28:21 if you don’t agree with that so whether
28:24 you keep quiet no I’m sure I’m sure that
28:29 everybody don’t agree with each and
28:31 every things if you are not agree with
28:33 that better we keep quiet but don’t
28:35 criticize but Gandhi was a lawyer he
28:38 must have known how to find the truth or
28:40 Gandhi was a different personality and
28:42 that’s why you know we put we salute his
28:46 efforts to get a freedom from british
28:49 empire but he’s not a saint after know
28:52 till today you know we respect hyundai
28:54 accent ok ok the way the way he show
29:01 this world that you can get freedom
29:04 without any violence yeah and india did
29:08 that no and history itself he says he
29:12 says a witness the whole world have a
29:16 witness that yes you can get a freedom
29:18 without anyone is speaking of violence
29:22 you are vegetarian is all right
29:25 personally I am NOT but ok but Hinduism
29:28 believes they believe in the way a
29:29 vegetarian it’s optional of course it’s
29:33 optional yes ok nobody forced wound
29:36 would you eat cow no why is cow special
29:40 for you because how is we believe that
29:42 cow is our mother
29:44 when when you bond and sometime you know
29:48 for some reason let’s say you’re
29:51 mother your own mother cannot feed you
29:55 at that time house will be free ok so
30:02 when cows make free to a child they say
30:06 it’s a second mother for ok ok right ok
30:10 so how can you keep your mother haha
30:12 yeah yeah we believe in their philosophy
30:16 is that the general explanation for why
30:19 the cow is sacred no no this is this is
30:22 only that’s the only reason only reason
30:24 that’s why we believe cow as a mother
30:26 okay and she’s little and simplicity
30:28 this way we can put that you cannot kill
30:31 your mother on any circumstances so it’s
30:35 not don’t kill King you cannot eat yeah
30:39 yeah I read upstairs that the monkey is
30:43 also a sacred animals at true yes yeah
30:45 yeah please leave him we believe monkey
30:47 they’re the same okay yeah
30:50 and the elephant or not elephant also
30:53 and are there many other animals that
30:55 are not so hard these are them common
30:58 okay animals we play them so what are
31:05 demons for you dimension demons because
31:08 i was reading upstairs some of the
31:10 oculata fighting against in ok Minson
31:14 using a pied-à-terre yes do this they
31:20 are also let’s say let’s put this way
31:22 that they are also human beings but but
31:26 doing their activities in bad manner oh
31:30 ok so we shouldn’t free them no we just
31:35 ignore them
31:37 we just ignore them we shouldn’t follow
31:40 their policies or their pets no too
31:45 dangerous if you listen to them that’s
31:47 right okay are their stories of the good
31:52 versus evil in your holy books yeah what
31:55 are the names of the holy books is there
31:58 are plenty but mainly like bhagwat gita
32:01 kept from ana Vedas
32:06 I know there’s a famous story of Arjuna
32:09 yeah this belongs to my water Geeta okay
32:12 mom other than diva so do these stories
32:15 are do this story are these stories
32:17 meant to be taken very literally or in a
32:19 poetic way or yes even port agree okay
32:24 and the God’s you worship are they meant
32:27 to be seen and also in a poetic away yes
32:29 okay okay so what is the difference
32:34 between a god of wisdom and just
32:37 focusing your your intentions on the
32:41 principle of wisdom there’s an abstract
32:44 Atlanta is no difference okay there’s no
32:46 difference in these two things basically
32:49 it’s depend on your wisdom and just you
32:53 have to
32:54 realize that your wisdom is coming from
32:57 your my bottom of your heart and that
33:01 will connect and that will connect you
33:03 with the spirituality those feelings
33:08 will connect to spirituality this place
33:11 is meditation a part of hindu light yes
33:13 this administration basically come from
33:16 in recently okay now we can hear the
33:20 music in the background can you explain
33:21 a little bit about what the chanting is
33:23 or what it might mean it’s a what soup
33:26 of Lord Hanuman oh you see the monkey
33:29 one today hey this is a worship of and
33:34 almost you know is 440 paragraphs when
33:41 you shine 40k paragraphs once
33:45 we’d give you a complete one point and
33:49 we are sending today 51 times same same
33:54 same
33:55 the same same boy at the same point deal
33:59 50 more times and each
34:03 at least it will take four to five
34:05 minutes each year each now the number is
34:08 40 and 50 1 signify something for you oh
34:11 that is the power mean worship of lord
34:13 hanuman and higher labor yeah yeah we
34:16 know we believe if you shine Lord
34:19 Hanuman this point once a day it will it
34:24 will you know it will keep away from all
34:27 medical tests okay yeah yeah we have in
34:32 Catholicism we have the rosary different
34:34 and we’re doing repetition of prayer and
34:38 when we pray the rosary we are
34:41 meditating and we’re thinking about the
34:44 life of Christ okay from his conception
34:47 to his death and ascension into heaven
34:49 so there’s a whole meditation taking
34:51 place do you picture things when your
34:53 mentor yes if you have to concentrate
34:55 your mind went well you are doing the
34:57 meditation you have to concentrate your
35:00 mind
35:01 towards almighty then only you can do
35:05 meditation otherwise if you are sitting
35:08 in front of him and your mind is
35:10 surrounding with the some other thoughts
35:12 it doesn’t work you know
35:16 and the feeling should be come by it
35:19 must come by your heart of bottom over
35:21 now they’re really you connect there
35:23 were a lot of there were a lot of there
35:27 was a popular movement in the 60s in the
35:29 west to go to transcendental meditation
35:31 is that is that something that you do
35:33 not know that was just one passing
35:36 that’s bad okay so what is the name of
35:40 your meditation or do you have a name
35:41 for it meditation you know you can put
35:45 in different several several there is a
35:46 several method of methods of meditation
35:49 and you can consider yoga up one of that
35:52 okay so do you personally do you
35:54 practice one particular school of yoga
35:57 personally we are off of me I am if I am
36:01 far away from these things oh yeah yeah
36:03 why I don’t know I never generate a
36:08 interest towards these activities it’s
36:10 optional yeah it’s optional for everyone
36:13 but but so far i know is always helpful
36:15 for yourself okay is it something in the
36:19 back of your mind where maybe one day
36:20 you’d like to i hope i hope so in like I
36:23 must do that actually okay yeah it’s
36:25 important it is important yes we believe
36:26 is important what percentage of people
36:29 here today practice yoga I have no idea
36:32 about that because this is a matter of
36:33 personal laughs it might be one
36:36 percenter might be 115 animals I know I
36:38 cannot answer this question because it’s
36:40 totally personal you know I don’t know
36:42 who is known and who I don’t know who is
36:44 behind there at home also
36:49 but these are you know principal
36:52 teachings and definitely your life can
36:55 change by doing the meditation represent
36:57 now when you wake up in the morning when
37:00 you have your meals and when you go to
37:02 bed at night and different special times
37:04 of the day are you raising your thoughts
37:06 to your Creator yeah of course because
37:08 due to due to his blessings I’m
37:11 recapping I mean trying okay due to his
37:14 blessings I’m having my food due to his
37:18 blessing I am having my work due to his
37:21 blessing my life is going on with my
37:22 family so I must thankful to him every
37:26 day we must remember him if you like it
37:32 will do if you think it’s got some
37:35 questions at the end hotel all you got
37:37 to do is all you got to do is

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