CVS Live Guest - 2022-04-08 - Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Author Streamed Friday April 8th, 2022

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I've been following the hateful and unlawful persecution of Artur Pawlowski for months now. He is a real Christian walking the walk, and not just talking the talk. I am doing this video in order to highlight some of the existing interviews, because I don't want to reproduce them, but I want my audience to be aware of them and watch them: Please support Pastor Artur here:

CVS Live Guest - 2022-04-08 - Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Author Streamed January 11th, 2020



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okay so we are live i'm here with pastor artur pavlovsky arthur how are you good good yeah did i pronounce your family name properly kind of it's pablowski i'm closer now close enough i have been called wars so don't worry or anything like that not that i am aware of okay and the ski and is the ski ending is that a diminutive or is that from the place of or the son of or what is the ski ending in poland it's a polish it's it's polish yeah so if uh if you're unaware of the fact i did post a video yesterday in anticipation of my interview of you just sharing a bunch of the links of amazing heartfelt touching very touching interviews of you and as i mentioned just before going live here i'm going to do this interview a little bit differently and just focus on you and on jesus christ and on my own journey and just talk about the things i love talking about which is god and heaven and of course uh within the context of the tyranny in canada we have to talk a little bit about the devil too right so maybe just to get started um give this will be a challenge but give a five minute summary version of everything you've been through since kovitz started and then we'll talk maybe a little bit about what happened before covet but what uh what have you been put through well pretty much like everyone in our western democracies we have been attacked by this covet tyranny because that's what it is it's overreach and the elites have found a new way to deprive us to steal from us our god and state given rights i became the first canadian to get a cover ticket april of is no longer allowed that we are in the middle of the greatest pandemic of all times and we i have to stop feeding them so i i appealed it to the mayor i appealed it to the ministers and also to the premier of alberta jason kenny saying to them that if we are truly in the middle of the greatest pandemic ever my services are needed more than ever because if you're going to shut down the soup kitchen so what are those 15 000 homeless people going to do it didn't make any sense it still does not make any sense they have shut down the shelters allowing those people to roam the streets and i i just disagreed with their decision i said those people are still hungry even if we are in the middle of the greatest pandemic they will still be hungry tomorrow um no matter what the government or the health officials are saying someone has to feed them and so i persisted i kept feeding them and of course as you know i end up with tickets threats threats of arrest threats of million dollar tickets and um i have become i guess the most persecuted pastor in the in the country with 40 copy tickets 15 cover tickets for a christmas celebration tickets for feeding the poor tickets for uh you know prayer tickets for preaching you name it i have end up with dozen court cases which i'm still i'm still facing even two years has passed i'm still in the court and lately i have been arrested because i gave a speech a passionate speech a speech to the convoy the trackers to telling telling them to stand up for their rights to stand up with god telling them that sooner or later the totalitarian elite will have to bow before the truth the lie is being exposed and while the tyrants don't like that so the hammer came heavy i have been so far arrested 16 times five times during the covet hysteria like i said over charges i have been charged with inciting people to come to church officiating an illegal gathering a church service participating in illegal gathering church service that i officiated and i asked people to join i went to united states to tell my story on the way back i was arrested on tarmac again criminal charges were placed on me i have been found in contempt of number of court orders injunctions i mean everything that tyrants had they have thrown at me and i and i spent the past two months in prison in solitary confinement then i was on concrete trunk cells stripped naked subjected to all kinds of cruel punishments including metal box a number of times then max part in edmonton when they when they came and they literally kidnapped me shackled from calgary riemann to edmonton riemann and then they placed me in a mental ward believe it or not just like the russians used to do just like the north koreans and the chinese used to do to their political opponents my last interview and i think that's why they came so heavy on me at this moment because my last interview i did we had 15 to 20 000 people every saturday on the streets of calgary someone asked me on the record if if i would consider running for political office to replace the turncoat traitor jason kenny and this is what i said i said if enough canadians albertans would like a man like me to become their premiere then i would consider running for the office and that was my last interview a few days later i was in prison wow wow yeah so yeah you're the most dangerous criminal in canadian history uh i'm exaggerating a little bit but they act as though you're some posing some sort of threat to uh to whom i don't know to satan and his minions it's very interesting because the crown prosecutor during the bail hearings i mean that's how much they wanted me in prison and if you heard some of my interviews you are aware that the guards were inciting violence against me by trying to persuade the inmates to beat me up one guard said we're going to by accident we're going to open the doors of pawlowski's cell during the night hours so if you can do it we're going to give you incentives you're going to give you a time out of yourself um and and that's that's what they wanted to do the crown prosecutor during the bail hearing kept repeating that i am extremely dangerous and excuse me why am i extremely dangerous well i am because i am exposing their enormous corruption and as you can tell i grew up behind the iron curtain under the boots of the soviets um so i've seen this movie before and i'm telling you it does not end well we gotta stand up we gotta unite and we gotta replace those extremely evil wicked god-hating people with those that love this country and love god so i guess your enemies and you have many your enemies who identify as christian might be able to say well jesus said my kingdom is not of this world and if i wanted to fight in this world i could and you know judas wanted a worldly messiah and he didn't get what he wanted and those who want a worldly messiah those are the bad guys and they're burning in hell possibly and so that's what a christian enemy of yours could say to you i don't know if you've heard this but what they might want to say to you is well let's just comply and that's what jesus would have done jesus like i belong to the catholic church and the catholic church is very much about compliance and i was physically assaulted in a catholic church because i went in without a vaccine passport before the general order came down from the from the bishop well from monsieur lego here in quebec and then to my bishop before that happened there was one particular place that i love to go it's called saint joseph's oratory if you ever come to montreal i highly recommend you go there and there's a saint saint brother andre there if you want to read about that you and my listeners please go ahead and read about a wonderful saint one of my favorite places to go but i was turned turned away but i refused to go away i went in even without my uh vax password because i'm not vaccinated i choose not to get vaccinated and so uh the first time three cops came and took me out the second time the security guard said you're in big trouble you should not have come back and six cops came in the cops were nice enough but the security guard physically assaulted me he had his knee on my chest after throwing me around for the priest unfortunately sadly the priest that i knew i'd known for years he didn't help me he said uh he just turned a blind eye and he let the the security guard assault me even though i thought i had found safe haven in him when i entered the building i found him because the bishop actually my bishop is a nice guy and he told me no it's not correct you should not be turned away you should always have access to the house of prayer to do your sacraments and do your prayers and these sorts of things you should not be turned away he said go go back and this is what this is why i went back the second time i went he said go back and find a priest and talk to the priest but the priest ignored me the next day i talked to the priest he said i can't help you i have no authority but it's not true you pastor arthur pavlo pavlovsky you know that you have authority you like the centurion said i too am under authority and i have people under me we understand the chain of command we understand the hierarchy in the church right those of us who fear god but this priest sadly i won't i won't disparage his character but he was too weak to exert his authority i'd like to think that if you were my priest you would have stood up for me and you would have said wait a minute security guard what's happening here why are you angry at david what did david do wrong and we could talk about it if you were in that position of authority i'd like to think that you would have had the courage and the faith to assume the god-given authority that you have just as a christian is that right well first of all you would not be required of a nazi communist red passport to enter the church because um to this day we have never shut down the church the church is open i've never would even dream of asking anyone for some stupid paper to come in into the house of the lord i mean historically speaking the church has always been a refuge even for the criminals i mean that's a very historical um you know knowledge anyone that googles it up i will find that churches historically for thousands of years were always or synagogues uh before that were always places where you could find refuge where you could turn yourself in and and go from there to the trial um and god established even the cities of refuge where criminals murders could hit themselves until the trial could be heard so what we are witnessing right now is absolutely evil wicked those people are not just weak let me let me suggest to you that those people are turn codes they are the judas iscariots of today because they are selling jesus and the jesus's commandments for silver coin for comfort or like as of they have sold their inheritance for a bowl of soup so i can keep my job so i can keep my perish so i can keep my charitable tax status so i can keep this and this and this here so i can keep my bowl of soup i'm going to do this to another human being which is completely out of the biblical commandment it comes to my critics let me suggest something to you that the entire bible from the beginning to the end is filled with politicians in the kingdom of god shadrach meshach and abednego they were not just three little boys they were actually ministers high ranking ministers that refused to bow before a golden image because that was against the commandments of god so they had a choice in other words and if you don't like the old testament if you don't like the story of mordecai that refused to bow before evil haman or esther for such a time as this well esther was a politician she was a queen mordochi was a minister high ranking one i mean those are the stories that i read in the bible daniel daniel was high-ranking official in multiple kingdoms right for darius for cyrus you name it those were the people in a political arena bringing the truth the love and the law of god into into their system at that time if he know the story the story ends with shadrach meshach and abednego willing to go to the fire in the fire jesus deals with their enemies in the fire he sets them free in the fire he shows up to purify them in the fire they have a testimony a witness and in the fire that's where their promotion if you will happens also outside of the fire when nebuchadnezzar saw what was going on he made this declaration in other words nebuchadnezzar changed his heart and became the greatest evangelist of all times because he decrees that anyone that doesn't worship god of shadrach michigan and bendigo should be chopped to pieces in his house completely destroyed in a daniel we have a very similar story when the king makes a decree as well daniel is willing to die for his faith daniel is willing to disregard the kingdom the king's order in other words he refuses to obey the law of the land because the law of god is higher than the law of the land in the story of mordecai the only thing that he was asked to do is to bow before an evil haman it's like bowing before a tyrant a bowing before hitler bowing before stalin and this good man just could not do it it's like bowing before satan himself he refuses to bow because he would not bow the gallow is being built and he is to hang on the gallow the next day uh you know esther goes against the law again before the king and that's why she makes her famous statement if i perish i perish in other words it's okay with my soul but i rather do what's right than to save my own skin but if you don't like the old testament let's just quickly go to the new the book of acts chapter four there is a famous famous interaction with authorities when apostles are being told are paraphrased you're not allowed to do this the law of the land which is us um the premier the mayor the councillors the member of parliament the mlas whatever you want to call them the president of the united states of america we are telling you we are the law we are the government we are telling you you are not allowed to do that if you do this the hammer will go very heavy on you and apostles are giving them a very simple response this is what they say you be the judges whom we are to obey you man that is going to die and it will stand before the living god we will be judged for everything you said and everything you did or god i mean you be the judges in the chapter five of course we know the story they're being led out the first thing they do they go and they disobey the law they disobey the mandates they disobey the restrictions they are going against the law of the law and then they are being caught again charged again if you will like i have been charged multiple times and they are standing before the governors the judges whatever you want to call them and they give this unbelievable amazing response we must there's no question there's no debate this is not for a debate the commandment of god is very clear we must obey god rather than men well let's go to jesus right jesus we have this idea of jesus from 70s the smoking dope peace love jesus but the truth is that's not the jesus in the bible if the jesus in the bible is a roaring lion he's the one that goes to the church and sees corruption and he flips the tables and he overturns the tables and he yells at people imagine that going to the church these days you will be locked in a mental institution you would be arrested and and charged but jesus is doing that also he makes himself a whip he's so angry he's so frustrated and then he blocks with his own body the entrance to the synagogue that's the jesus of the bible not this made up you know fluffy mickey mouse jesus that is absolutely not in the bible but let's go to john the baptist john the baptist is the one that called her herod an adulterer in other words instead of pleasing the king and you know like kind of like clapping for the king and being good guy you know i'm politically correct jesus is telling me to love everyone and be kind to everyone now he says to the head of state he's saying to the king he says you're a bloody adulterer you should not be doing what you're doing and god will punish you for that sin i see this is what i see in the bible be strong and courageous like he said three times to joshua our job as a christian is very simple actually is to be the light in the darkness when the light shows up there is a conflict on a spot the moment you walk with jesus in you to any situation you're bringing the authority of the kingdom with you the name that is above every other name the power of the holy spirit you come in and the darkness is furious the darkness will fight you the darkness will push that's why we see what we see when the evil extremely corrupted people are arresting preachers arresting people for standing up against corruption because they're terrified they're terrified of the truth why they're terrified of the truth because the bible is very clear it says not your wishful thinking not your love not your mercy not your kind words but the truth the truth shall set the captives free the truth is it thank you for that is amazing uh the is it an established well-documented fact that churches not only the catholic church but maybe the orthodox and different protestant denominations uh have they received financial incentives to promote the vaccine yes or no i don't i'm not aware i i don't dig into it too deeply but it seems to be a possibility are you aware of the is this an established fact or could we just speculate at this time now it's established actually the churches have received millions of dollars i know of multiple churches that received millions of dollars right here for implementing and making sure that the parishioners are follow the mandates the restrictions and the orders for example center street church which is the third biggest church in canada it comes to protestant church received couple million dollars to enslave people you could not enter that building if you would not a social distance if you would not wear a muzzle like a proper dog but you know here is a fascinating thing for me you know i said to the people from the very beginning you want to wear a muzzle uh that's fine by me i mean i think you're stupid i i think that you just don't know the science um because you know we are being told all the time follow the science so i did i spent four months with the with the most brilliant minds on earth with biologists with doctors scientists in the united states of america so i asked them you know i'm not a scientist i'm not a biologist i'm not a biologist i'm not a doctor so i went to the ask you know experts and i asked them doctor tell me will the mask protect me the masks that they're telling me to wear will that protect me from viruses and of course every single one of them would say absolutely not because the virus is 1 it's freely going in and going out and just that's just the fact so why why are you telling me that i have to wear something that everyone that has a brain and the knowledge is telling me that it's not going to work so you question those things six feet apart it's a made-up stuff by some crazy people that later on uh they said oh we just we just made that up and that same with um with the tests when i was in prison and this might shock some of you people when i was in prison in solitary confinement multiple times i was asked again and again and again to do a copy test so i said to them listen i am in isolation right why do you keep coming asking me to do a test when i have no human contact i mean excuse me my bench gave me covet why i'll tell you why because what they need they need next next another one another one that's the only purpose they don't care if you live or you die they don't care what they care is money don't change yourself everything we see right now is tied to money we in poland as you can tell i'm a polish immigrant i grew up behind the iron curtain under the boots of the soviets so i've seen this movie before like i said before but we have this famous famous saying if you don't know what this whole thing is all about it's all it's for sure about money now they are receiving enormous amounts of money to implement the mandates restrictions the gowns the the masks the gloves you know all this nonsense that is not working and of course in police custody and in prison i watched those people when they thought no one was watching the gowns are down the masks are down um you know when they think no one is watching they are humans and they are behaving like everybody else they don't want to be muzzled because that's not for humans and it's not even for dogs one time i would look outside of our church and i saw one of the most fascinating things i've ever seen i saw a dog taking his owner for a walk the dog was extremely happy not muzzled but the owner was on a leash muzzled like a dog and the dog looked at me and it seems like he spoke to me i'm not kidding he says this is the weirdest thing i ever seen i am the freest dog ever and my owner is a slave you know and that's exactly what we are observing right now so yes you absolutely right there is incentive being given to push this ideology this new faith because don't kid yourself some people are worshiping covet covet mandates and restrictions like we are worshiping the living god they are worshiping the lie we are worshiping the truth and we know who is the father of life another angle in the story is that the politicians themselves most of them do not believe in this craziness they're implementing this for a bigger thing for money for control for power for tyranny whatever it's in their hearts i'll prove it to you remember when the politicians were traveling all over the world during the times when they absolutely shut the entire country do you remember the sky palace fiasco the hypocrisy in the province of alberta you can google this up and if you don't believe me it's a public knowledge even the mainstream propaganda machinery who was writing about this sky palace jason kenny premiere of alberta so here is what those boys did the moment they arrested me and my brother david in the middle of the highway 4 inciting people to come to church participating in illegal gathering and officiating illegal gathering we were arrested facing possibly four years prison but the premier of alberta with his minister of finance chiefs with minister of environment jason nixon and the minister at that time of health taylor chandra had a party and during that party someone snapped pictures and they were caught red-handed breaking their own mandates and and the regulations the restrictions red-handed and yet i don't see them being arrested i don't see them being ticketed i don't see them spending weeks or months like me in prison for breaking their own mondays what that tells me that tells me a lot of things that tells me that they themselves do not believe in this pandemic they they know it's a it's a hoax it's a sham and don't get me wrong i'm not saying that there is no virus i'm not saying that there is no flu with a kick that's not what i'm saying i'm not the flu denier i have three children when you have children you know that there is flu how do you know that because your kids every year will bring one home right and from time to time one key key kid or the other has to stay at home because it has a sniffle or a or a cough or it doesn't feel good or it's a stomach flu i mean i'm a father i have three children i have uh i have been through all of the flus including i had the flues as well because they would give it as a gift to me as well so i'm not denying that what i'm saying we are not in the middle of the deadliest pandemic the facts the statistics the data is telling us that it's a sham it's a it's a it's a hoax it's a lie and the politicians their behavior is proving that it's a lie if this was true they would be so terrified to vacation vacationing they would be terrified to to break their mandates and their restrictions but because they are not terrified because they are telling us one law for me one law for d that tells me that they are liars they are hypocrites they're manipulators they're tyrants and people should look at those things and and come to the same conclusion like i came to and you and others like us listen there's just those things just do not add up there is something more to the story obviously than what we're seeing uh i read i i started to read and then i just skimmed through and searched through klaus schwab's um covid 19 and the great reset uh i know if you're familiar with that book he says it's the least deadly pandemics in in 2000 years it's the least deadly in 2000 years but it's a good opportunity to implement all these things these forward uh forward thinking ideas and stuff like that um so i mean i'm not i'm not one to obsess over klaus schwab or agenda 20 30 or any of these things i'm loosely aware of them my obsession is more with god and jesus christ and getting to heaven and trying to stop offending god with my own sins so uh you know i'm praying for all the bad guys like this these so-called bad guys like trudeau and uh mr lego here and uh in quebec i don't know if you're familiar with mr lego but i want to talk a little bit about uh something that really shocked me a discovery that shocked me recently i'm sure you've read the constitution of canada at some point in your life and uh part of the constitution is that uh chart of rights and freedoms there was a a change that was made at some point in time i don't know the exact date but they replaced the word god with god and other deities can you just speak to how that lets the door open for satan to come in and for us to place ourselves under this under the authority of the gods quote unquote the gods but the gods as sacred scripture says the gods are all demons so can you talk about how that might shape a country like canada that's supposed to be protecting our rights and freedoms under god but now they've placed us under gods just talk about how important that little change is with that little s what what difference does that make for our country please well first of all you got to go back to the bible every single time the israelites would mingle or fool around if you will or go to bed like a good prostitute with other so-called gods or idols or demons we know what happened to that nation i mean the book of judges and the entire uh you know entire stories of the kings of israel and and samaria is showing us that when the king was going to bed with foreign idols the entire nation was under hammer of a curse so what does that what what does this do when you have a society government or a nation that goes to bed with demons you're going to receive the reward of the demons and you're going to lose protection of the living god and and that's i i think that's the most important thing to remember god when you invite god into your life into your society into your city into your council city hall or you know legislature or parliament where where he has his rightful place you are under the umbrella of god's protection that doesn't mean you're perfect because only jesus is perfect we are flawn people we are sinners saved by grace and david the beloved of god david the one that was after god's own heart is a perfect example that he was far from being perfect but he understood who his god was and who he was in god that's why and he was repentant he was repentant from from pretty early like uh didn't take much for his uh repentance to come out right that's key that's right you know and i i have even in my business card you know when i did my business cards very like there is no salvation without repentance so if you want to be saved you have to go to your knees you have to cry out to god and say god i've messed up i'm not perfect i'm not god i'm a you know or remember oh lord that we are just dust remember oh lord that we are just dust that's coming to god and saying god you have the answers i don't have the answers you god i'm not please forgive me for all my shortcomings the protection of god or the humility the humbleness if you will will give you that protection and god is going to fend off those hyenas if you will or the wolves what happens to a man society city or nation that kicks that protection away it's like going outside and it's pouring rain and you have your umbrella and now the umbrella is taken away from you you're going to be soaked wet and if you stay that way for a longer period of time like canada right now because let me tell you something canadians kicked god out many decades ago this is not the new thing the covet era just revealed how hateful and ungodly canadians have become but this started 30 40 50 years ago this this um this war against god this war against prayer at schools for the children this war against his ten commandments in our judicial system this war against prayer in our you know places of government this war against evangelism people that go to the streets and feed the poor and preach the gospel as you know i was the first canadian in the modern day history to be arrested for publicly reading bible in a public space 2006 2005 i received tickets for giving free goods and services in canada right now there are laws that prohibit people from giving a sandwich to a dying man on the streets of calgary if you do that you technically you have broken the law the another laws that they implemented is giving printed material printed material is you're not allowed to give away in a public space so i was charged with an offenses for giving bibles and gospel trucks away my bibles were arrested confiscated by the police and the bilo services and why because you know distribution of printed material is against the law now they have passed other laws like you cannot congregate without the mayor's permission you cannot preach you cannot do this you cannot do that they've done a very good job of eliminating the freedom of speech and kicking god of the bible out of this nation so let's go back in history canada is canada you know why because the founding fathers the first immigrants the refugees whatever you want to call it the people that came from persecuted europe in 16 they came here to find a new ward a world without persecution a new country a new world that you can worship your god without a fear the government is going to crack on you that's gone as well the founding fathers if they knew what you know how canada's is looking right now they would start flipping in their graves so the moment you walk away from god and you start to go to bed with foreign idols with with you know demons like you said now you are going to be subjected to number of things first of all you've lost protection of god you made god angry and he's the very one that can set you free he's the very one that can heal the land land has a cancer if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and turn away from their wicked ways and seek my face then so first you gotta go to your knees first you gotta realize i got a problem i have a cancer and the cancer needs to be cut out then i will hear from heaven and i will come and heal the land canada has a sickness called corruption canada has a sickness called a bloody murder we are murdering children left and right the future of this country canada has a sickness called ungodliness so you've lost protection of god and also how the demons are going to treat you the bible is very clear it says he comes to steal kill and to destroy he's pillaging canadians left and right without the protection of god that's why we're losing our economy that's why we're losing everything left and right because we've lost the protection of god so the only thing that can save us the only thing that can protect us is us on our knees going back to jesus christ with a simple you don't have to be you know a man with many words just go to your knees and say to him god i messed up i walked away from you forgive me for my sins please wash me with your blood from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet please forgive me for all the iniquities all the evil that i have done have you uh thank you for that have you met or heard of at least bill whatcott yeah i know him for many years actually he has been in my house many times i supported that man uh for a number of years and we went hunting together um so i know him of course yeah i interviewed him twice i interviewed him twice he's quite a character he's a larger than life character and uh i had a hunch that you might have rubbed shoulders with him but uh you know his story that you talked about the printed materials he went in disguise because he wasn't allowed to go to the pride festival in toronto as a christian so he said well i'm this and i'm that and i'm gay alien uh marijuana whatever and he got in and uh he surreptitiously put some in a condom packet or whatever it was some teachings about christ and how christ is the way the truth and the life and we need to repent and also some interesting educational materials about uh venereal diseases and the risks and hazards of sodomy on the physical plane much less on the spiritual plane so you know his story very well better than i do probably i've interviewed him twice but he's quite a character and this touches on that what you mentioned that we have a double standard if you're on the side of the demons it's anything goes but if you're on the side of jesus christ you better watch out because you're enemy number one i want to talk now uh briefly about tears uh i was very moved and people that i've talked to my wife and friends that i uh that are open to this sort of thing were very moved by your tears for your friend in prison who was roughed up and all of the friends you made in prison i was very moved but i have a problem where i'm only moved to tears by the love of the saints of the holy brave people that love jesus christ and by people like a mother no matter what her worldview or her religion is if she loves her child or if to uh even romantic love can move me to tears but i'm not moved to tears from my sins even though i've confessed my sins many times and i'm i'm sorry for my sins i haven't been moved to tears for my own darkness only for the light of christ that i see in you for example or in different christians that moves me to tears or even on a human level when people love each other and they do a self-sacrificial love that can move me to tears talk to me a little bit about what's missing in me where i can't feel the the sorrow which all of the saints have talked about you have to feel sorrow and if you read the old testament and the new you'll see that the good and holy men of god always are in touch with the tears of repentance david wetting his pillow every night all these sorts of things can you just tell me what's what's maybe missing psychologically or spiritually from me where i'm not yet able to have tears of repentance well perhaps perhaps you have to come to the holy spirit and say it say god please give me that revelation what those sins have done to me i'll tell you a story maybe this will answer kind of like you know in a more visual way i remember many years ago because i have been feeding the homeless people for 23 years now so many years ago i was on the streets i was doing my um humanitarian work and you know we were giving pizzas away and preaching the gospel and i was still in a business there was many years ago like i said uh you know feels like 150 years ago so when i was in a business and i was doing this part-time once a week i would go to the streets and minister to the people and and and i would preach the gospel i would tell them about jesus and his love but the truth is i didn't really love those people so i will never forget this one situation when i had my most favorite t-shirt with 10 commandments i bought it somewhere only one it was my evangelistic t-shirt i called it it was the best that i had i really loved that stuff i loved that t-shirt it was my favorite one so i'm preaching there is a crowd of people downtown calgary and this big native man comes in he's looking he's listening and then he says preacher i say yes are you preaching about love i said yes i am well then give me your t-shirt and i said in my own heart i said no way no way i'm giving you my t-shirt you know i didn't say anything i was just speechless and i said to my own head i'm not giving this guy my t-shirt this is my favorite evangelistic t-shirt i'm not giving it to him and he had holes in his he was like ragtag and and it was like messed up the whole thing but the pressure of the people there was a lot of people it was a big crowd and all the eyes of the people were fixed on me and the pressure was building you know how it is i i hated it i literally hated that moment and he looked at me and all the people were looking at me and i didn't want to give it to this guy no way but the pressure i cave under the pressure i took it off and i said here is my t-shirt and in return he took his t-shirt with holes in the in it and he gave it to me the stench of his t-shirt was unbearable i've never ever encountered such a strange it was like a a maneuver it was unbelievable so what i did i could not stand myself anymore and he was a happy copper he took my t-shirt and took off and i was in this misery first of all i lost my favorite t-shirt and now i was physically i wanted to throw up so i finished the meeting went straight to my truck and i was driving it away i opened the windows and the stench was so unbearable i took it off and i throw it out the window and then god spoke to me and here is what he said i will never forget that he said you don't really love those people you preach about my love you talk about me but you don't love them and you know what happened i started to cry because what he said was the truth and the tears were coming you know one after another and you know i started to sob and as i'm driving back home i realized i am preaching about god i am telling those people about love but i don't really love them i just have heard about love but i don't have it myself so here is what i did and tears coming me driving and i said god you know i'm not capable of loving them so you give me at least a little bit of your love so i can love them at least a little bit like you love them and give me eyes at least a little bit of your eyes so next time when i see them i'll have that love for them i'll have that compassion for them and i'm telling you the next time i end up on the streets i saw those people through a totally different eyes and i had a totally different approach a different love towards them so that's what you need if you are lacking something no man can give you that only god can give you compassion only god can reveal that your sins have nailed his son to the cross i had a vision and if for your listeners if you want to know what happened to me why i do what i do there is a movie a documentary that you've done all my life it's called street advocate and i am sharing over there why i do what i do my son was born with a heart on opposite side smash lines and it was a mess he was born dead and then they revived him back to life and he had bowels in his upper chest it was a big mess but that's what brought me to my knees that's what started this journey of trying to understand a little bit the love that was willing to die for his enemies because the bible says that when we were his enemies he died for us also i had a vision and you can see it the father's vision is called the father's vision on youtube i saw the crucifixion of jesus christ i saw the the way they treated him how they nailed him to the cross how they tortured him spotted him punched him in the face so when you realize that this sin your sin did this to him then you will have a little bit of different look and understanding at the sin but it can only be given to you by god logic cannot comprehend that only the holy spirit can give it to you yeah um i'm amazed i'm amazed by you and your story uh but even your presence your authority and your christ-like nature because you you are an instrument of god's grace for me and for others i can't imagine why anyone would be an enemy to you unless they are an enemy of christ i just can't imagine it and i can't imagine why anyone would choose to be an enemy of christ because the paltry pleasures we get in this life are so fleeting and they're so dirty uh even when it comes to a refined meal at a restaurant it's high quality and all the products are good they're ontologically good and there's nothing wrong with food but even that dainty pleasure is fleeting and it's it's nothing compared to the the pleasures of knowing and loving and serving god so i can't understand why someone would be an enemy of christ but there are enemies of christ but the the the notion that i want you to talk about next is the um the thing that transformed you was suffering and i'm amazed by you because of how you came out of prison and my wife told me not to say this on on live air but you're better looking now than when you went in you're like you've gained beauty and uh i don't know if your wife is your wife and kids have told you that but you're better looking because i think there's something that you gain every time you suffer uh and every time you suffer in unit in union with christ can you speak to that and then just speak to suffering in general the sufferings of saint paul always touch me the way he suffered and that story he tells about all the shipwrecks and all that that all really touches me and if you want to segue from that to um um gushing a little bit about saint paul and the other apostles i'd really love to hear you talk about saint philip he's someone i'm attracted to in the gospels so i've given you a lot to chew on there and talk about just go for it i know you can talk well the thing is that jesus has promised us suffering you know many people come to christ because they think they're going to be highly blessed and extremely rich and healthy and it can be i mean the bible is filled with people extremely wealthy and healthy and living long lives and having good good good this side of eternity that's true obviously god has the power to bless us with all kinds of goodies and and you know prosperous lives however jesus is very clear those that will live a godly lives will suffer persecution he actually goes as far as to say they hated me they will hate you they persecuted me they will persecute you it's not an option it's a promise they will persecute you why because the darkness hates the light that's why they hated him and he was perfect i mean you said you can't imagine why another human being would hate the giver of life the very person that gave you life you hate the very person that died for you you hate it doesn't make any sense unless you know that wickedness evil is turning those people into enemies of god because they want to you know continue in their wickedness so jesus is promising certain things he's promising us alive but also he's promising us difficulties and when you go through those moments of persecution the bible says something that i will admit i don't like i mean maybe there are some people that like to be persecuted hated punched in the face and tortured i don't like that i don't like when people don't like me and they want to hurt me my flesh screams no i want to be liked why you hate me however it says blessed are you when those types of things happen to you and a glo be glad and rejoice i mean it's very hard when you're being punched in a nose to rejoice that someone actually punched you in a nose at that moment i want to punch back when i was in prison i had a very difficult time to rejoice and to say thank you jesus for the solitary confinement i'm going nuts here they didn't give me glasses i can't read um and and they're taking me to concrete and my entire body hurts i actually had a chiropractor coming to my house few times because i am still on house arrest i'm still a prisoner but they changed the prison cell for my house so i had him a friend of mine came few times because they damaged me physically by taking me constantly to those cells with hard surfaces and and concrete so i would be a liar if i would say to you yeah every day i woke up and i said praise jesus i am in prison praise you god that i am in solitary confinement thank you that i'm going to spend a few hours on concrete or i'm going to be punched today or taken to the metal box or a ship to the mental institution like they did after when they shipped me to a mental ward in edmonton so i would be a liar that all the time i was rejoicing there were moments that was praising him there were moments that i understood that this is a lot bigger than arthur pulaski this is a lot bigger than just me in jail that there's multitudes of people that are being encouraged by my suffering i didn't feel encouraged i didn't feel like rejoicing i remember this one guard comes to me i was just shipped to another prison just for whatever reason no one knows so i am and i end up in a max part in edmonton for the most dangerous uh you know offenders motors those that attack guards so they placed me there in a very freezing environment so i could not sleep all day all night shivering and then they placed me after the court uh hearing when my lawyers fought for me that those conditions will be changed they took me to a mental ward and they placed me with this inmate that just murdered his brother with the machete so i'm thinking like my god um i looked for any weapons on his on his um you know desk and and he had a pen i'm thinking if i go to to sleep he's going to stop me i mean god if you don't come to the rescue if you don't help me this guy who knows he's a schizophrenic he's going to try to hurt me it turned out he was the nicest guy he was really nice he was very respectful i prayed for him i did bible studies a church service with him uh but you know you have those thoughts and when i had those thoughts a guard comes to me and he comes to me because he says last night god gave me a dream about you and i want you to say what he told me here is what he said to me to pass it to you this is what god is saying for you that he is here with you and you are an inspiration to millions of people and i look at this guard and i s you know in my own heart i didn't say it to him but i said it to my own head and i said if you would only know that i don't feel like an inspiration for anyone including myself i don't feel like i am an inspiration to myself never mind millions of other people i feel low i feel to i feel like i want to yell and scream god where are you take me out of this horrible place i didn't know when i'm going to be released and that's part of this psychological torture i never knew what was going to happen what they're cooking with their you know what they are going to bring forward when i was in prison for giving my speech to the the convoy to the truckers you know telling them to hold the line and and and not to give up faith they brought additional charges so i knew that their wickedness is going to piled up and they're going to come with more stuff and more stuff because they wanted to keep me there forever to send a message to other freedom fighters so i didn't feel like an inspiration but you see god came through this guard to remind me that he is there with me so when you talk about the apostles and the prophets of old when you talk about paul that i mean this man went through hell back and forth and god told him that's exactly what is going to happen to him he was a bloody murderer he was hunting down christians and jesus said to him i'll show him how much he has to suffer for my name's sake um but it's it was not easy when you look back at your stories and you say wow i went through this and i did that i mean that's hilarious that's funny at the moment at that time it's not very exciting it's it's not a really an amazing adventure sometimes you don't feel like you want to wake up in the morning because of the pain or the circumstances so what i would say to christians i would say to you that jesus is not a liar if he said that sometimes those different circumstances will come away in other words he says pick up your cross daily there is a daily fight for you and me there is a daily struggle to bring the kingdom of god to even our enemies we got to pray for our enemies we have to forgive our enemies it's not an easy thing to do but we have to because jesus is commanding us to do that so in other words we have to be like eagles and we have to fly above the storms of this life an eagle it's a fascinating animal because an eagle has the ability to fly through the storms and break through the clouds and here is what i want to tell you i used to fly little planes when there is a cloud so you are here on earth and you look up and the only thing you see is darkness i'm telling you if you keep looking up if you keep going up and up and up and up there is a sun shining you see jesus is always shining sometimes we don't feel him sometimes we don't see him sometimes we we don't hear his words but he is there and he's watching and sooner or later he's going to shine on your life you gotta just be faithful i wanna tell you a little uh life hack because i think you're gonna end up in jail or prison or something again i think so because you're not gonna cave you're not gonna you're not gonna be corrupt okay so they're gonna continue going after you so that's my prediction i think they're gonna try to do something else i hope not i hope not but let's hope your lawyers can keep you up but if you do end up in jail even for one day or whatever and they do give you a bible but they don't give you your glasses i'll give you a little life hack you can do this thing with your um finger have you tried this before you curl your finger into a pinhole and you can actually replace your eyeglasses in one eye and you can magnify just enough if you hold the book close if you have light you need light for this i don't know if you have light in prison but if you do you don't need glasses it'll be a bit of a pain in the butt to do but you can make a little pinhole tiny little pinhole with your finger and you'll be able to read your bible i i want to ask you now about uh your memory and your imagination because these are two things that are part of the the of the human nature um in solitary or in prison generally uh what role did the imagination play and then with memory there's something very interesting about memory which is that you might have some bible verses come to you you might have some overtly memorized you might have your favorite prayers that you do if you do set prayers i don't know if you do set prayers the catholics we do set prayers i was raised protestant but i converted from atheism because i was an atheist before i was protestant as a child till 14 puberty hit then i went to the dark side until age 39 i became a catholic but we have a lot of set prayers so i have a lot of set prayers memorized what solace did you get from the scriptures even though you couldn't read them i'm sure you have a lot of stuff in your memory bank just like you just you've demonstrated today with me and what a treasure that is and are you interested in adding to your memory banks just in case they get you again and they put you in and lock you up again so just talk a little bit about imagination how the devil can play on your imagination how god can illuminate your imagination even though that's not his primary role but he can illuminate your imagination and give you freedom from the devil and then talk about the memory please from your own perspective what you went through well definitely when you're there the devil plays tricks on you and the one that he kept hammering me with is you're never going to get out of here that's it you're stuck here and not even god can get you out of that of course you know that he's a liar but anyway when you're being punched over and over again um you know you get tired you get frustrated you get weaker um so when he was telling me i'll never get out uh god and his spirit was telling me that i am a freedom that who whose son sets free is free indeed even if i was to spend the rest of my life in prison i would be the freest the freest man in that facility so yes you're right you are bringing into a memory all those things you've learned about god before that's what keeps you sane but i'll tell you what was the most powerful thing in this ordeal it was not focusing on me but ministering to the boys over there so here is how it was unfolding i was i was the person an inmate that was treated the worst they they just had a hatred on me and they really wanted to break me but they would let me out for one hour outside i had i took a shower and because if you don't do that then another 24 hours you're in the hall so i took a shower and i called my wife or lawyer because for three weeks they would not allow me to see my lawyer was there warm water in the shower warm water in the shower it's cold it was cold in a cell and it was relatively okay in in in the in the shower so you got some relief from the cold you got some relief from the cold during your shower yes you know sometimes it was cold but most of the time was not not bad and then i would take my you know i would take the call out call my my wife and she would lift me up she would build me up and she would keep you know repeating that we will go through this just hold on don't give up we'll go through this like every single time so it's a it's an amazing thing to have a partner to have someone that is in on this side of eternity in this journey with you i'll tell you i don't think i would be able to keep my sanity without my wife it was she and my son nathaniel and and you know my brother it was the people that i love that were always encouraging me encouraging me to stay strong to keep the faith not to give up but i'll tell you what was the most powerful the most powerful thing during this ordeal was not for not focusing oh sorry um just give me a second oops yeah just give me a moment no problem yeah i kind of knew it's going to happen someone called when someone calls kicks me out of the video i blocked it already so um you know what was the most powerful thing when you shift your own hurt when you shift your own struggle when you shift your own weakness and you try to give life or strength to somebody else or the suffering in a very similar way that you're suffering so early on what i started to do with the remaining time that i had instead of whining and complaining for me for me i would go to the inmates that were the worst banging on the door yelling screaming i would go there through the through the door of course and i would calm them down i would pray for them i would minister to them i would calm them down and other inmates were observing this day after day after day when they were being released for their one hour they would always come to my window and here is what here's what they would say pastor would you pray for me i've heard you talking to this guy and i've heard what you said to this guy would you cancel me would you talk i have this problem it's very quickly i had like a little counseling sessions with number of inmates a little bible studies throughout the day um which which was fascinating because later on when finally we signed a petition to the director to let us out of ourselves together um i i had such a huge favor with those boys that very quickly when i said okay we're going to have a prayer the entire unit would come for the prayer when we did bible studies when we did the church service they would all come and sit at the tables and would listen to the stories so i taught them about shadrach michigan abandoned i taught them about daniel in the lines then i taught them about jonah when he was running away from god not willing to go and warn nineveh i was telling all kinds of different bible studies and praying for the people um there was a one situation that was so funny because we are praying and the guards yelled at us says go back to yourselves and the inmate said no we are still praying so you know i don't think they have ever seen something like this before because uh we have to remember we are not talking about your typical you know church boys um you know that are assisting priests during the mass we're talking about hardcore criminals um my friends were ex-murderers bank robbers people that sell drugs uh armed robberies you know serious criminals people that were associated with the gangs and it was them it was them they were coming to me for hope and here is what they were telling me they said when we saw you it's like the glory of god man is on you and hope which you don't have in prison in prison what you have is abuse of power and drugs that's what you have you know there's no hope there's nothing being done with those boys so when i was there i prayed to god god let me not waste my time here let me do what you call me to do and i'm weak too so i need to be ministered to as well but you know what's fascinating sometimes you think that your cup is empty sometimes you think that there's nothing you can give but that's not true when you obey god and you start giving out of your empty cup you quickly realize that it was never empty after all you just thought it was empty because when you give out of your poverty if you will god refills your cup and he reveals the cup to the person that you're ministering to you know when jesus thank you for that when jesus walked the earth he hated the religious hypocrites but he loved the sinners the tax collectors and the prostitutes and i think you know jesus says we have to be like little children we have to be innocent i think i'm pretty good at reading people and i can sense when someone is worldly and sophisticated versus innocent and a lot of the time it's the most despicable criminals that have that sort of innocence that child like thing can you talk just about that childlike innocence that you need to go to heaven without it you can't go to heaven did you see that in a lot of the prisoners and just talk generally about some of the surprises the delightful surprises what comes out of the mouths of these children i'm not saying they're actually physically children but these innocent the ones who are innocent and that are seeking god even though they're broken some of the surprising things that maybe were said to you where you're like wow i'm getting a blessing from this this criminal and taco emphasize please that innocence and child likeness please well you know that when i was here in calgary there was a protest an ongoing protest that was being conducted by my family my son nathaniel my brother david and his wife my wife and the church so for 44 days when i was here then they shipped me to edmonton i i saw through my windows a protest been going on and people were singing it was a church vigil and here is what surprised me the most because those people were there to lift me up and to put political pressure on the corrupted politicians to let me out very quickly i realized that those people are enormous blessing to the inmates and how did i know that because the inmates would come to me and would say wow there's so many people over there cheering for you and singing songs and praying for us and this and that and they would say i've never seen something more beautiful than this it was really touching their hearts i had multiple inmates coming to me and with the tears coming and says this is absolutely beautiful i'll never forget this guy um a gangster uh you know tattooed from the top to the bottom i mean a scary looking dude if you would see him on you know on on the street you would probably run the opposite direction so he comes to me i was locked in my cell and he says art what i have seen is so beautiful and he put his feast like this on his heart and he said this is restoring my humanity and he cried and i said my god i don't know who is more a blessing me on the inside or those people on the outside because you gotta remember you are in an environment without hope there's hopelessness there and suddenly there's bunch of people that are bringing hope they're bringing jesus and then there is a guy on the inside that is bringing jesus so i think that uh that's what touched me the most one inmate comes to me a bank robber and he said when i've heard you speak to that other guy that was banging on the wall and yelling and screaming here is what i said the light has come the light is here finally the light is here so when you hear and and then and another thing that touched me so i was kidnapped from my unit taken to a solitary confinement in edmonton and i reached my my bottom i i said to my wife they're going to really hurt me it's freezing cold i cannot sleep i'm by myself and this is this is going on for too long too long this is like 45th sixth day and i have enough i really have enough now i'm hurting um and you know my wife i was only allowed for myself 30 minutes in the morning 30 minutes in the evening and my wife said those words to me you know the boys called from jail from calgary they called me and they have a message for you i said what's the message and this is what they said tell art to remember what he was teaching us that jesus shows up in a fire he is in the fire and remember tell art to remember what he was teaching us when he was here in calgary with us so i thought my god now from the hopelessness they have become encouragers and they there was a time when i was encouraging them now they were encouraging me by grabbing the phone calling my wife so my wife can pass a message to me when i was in another solitary confinement in another city you know that made me that made me feel so amazing because suddenly i understood that god had me there for a purpose for those people i want to tell you a little uh story about a a saint a great uh christian i think it was the 17th century i'm not exactly sure but he was in france saint louis de montfort i don't know if you know him but uh i'm touched by his story it has something in common with your story uh what he would do he was in a wealthy family he gave up all his riches and he went against his families his wishes he went to service the poor okay and uh if you don't know his story go look him up say louis de montfort and uh so he would have a policy in his life where he would just walk and preach the lord and walk and preach jesus christ and if he would meet someone that's poor he was always ministering to the poor so he would exchange his clothing with the person that had worse clothing so it reminds me a little bit of your story with your favorite t-shirt and by the way did you ever replace your favorite t-shirt with this identical one or no no so anyway he would exchange his clothing with the the person that had the worst pair of clothes worst clothing and he would just wander from town to town and he ended up just looking like a bum or whatever the word is just a street person you know someone very disheveled and i'm sure in the 17th century or whatever this was walking around france from town to town it was pretty he was pretty rough looking i'm sure so uh you have to bear in mind that he comes from a very wealthy family he was very wealthy but he gave it all up for the lord to preach to the lord but what i found very very moving is at least on one occasion when he went into this town he would always find the church he would also go to the bars and the brothels to to meet the guys and bring them to church but at the church he would gather the poor and he would pray with them and sort of thing but the impression that the poor had of this great christian was that he was the poorest of the poor he's more poor than they are so they would this is so touching he they would these filthy dirt poor people would take a collection amongst themselves to improve his clothing and give him food and give him water it was so touching because you know when you minister to the poor you're ministering to jesus christ when you visit the prisoner you're visiting jesus christ and i think you're living proof of that today i'm so honored to meet you you're like a a saint of the 21st century i don't want to blow your head up and make you uh proud but i'm sure you've i'm sure you've heard the feedback that you're uh you're a holy uh you're holy man you're a christian man right it's not like you're uh an extraordinarily christian man you're just a christian man it's so rare to meet a christian man in in our day and age so i want you to talk about poverty i want to talk about poverty of spirit and that spirit of saint louis de mau4 where because he gave everything up he had people ministering to him in a way that was so touching and so so humiliating and so humbling and uh how jesus christ did that uh too in his in his walk well if if you know my background you know i used to be a businessman i used to run a multiple companies and quite successful i had office in the most prestigious place in the city of calgary i own a magazine development company building company i had multiple lands and multiple houses and sport cars etc when god told me to go and minister to the poor i always thought i'll keep the business make the money and then share it with the church but in 2005 after a few years of doing that clearly he told me that my destiny is not in a business my destiny is with the poor with the prostitutes with the people that no one else wants to touch and he told me to start a ministry that is very well known now as where we feed thousands of people on the streets of calgary every single week and we have over 40 ministries like this in different countries and different cities so you know the fascinating thing about god is that he's faithful he's faithful and he says that i'll never leave you i'll never forsake you the problem that we have as humans is that we rely on what we can do instead of relying on what god can do and that's why he sends paul paul as you know he was the pharisee of the pharisees he was the highly educated one like he finished howard you know harvard or some other university at the time under the biggest heads biggest professors of his time so god instead of using him for the he sends him to the gentiles and i mean what did this man know about gentiles nothing he was highly educated he could tell you a lot about the pharisees and sadducees i don't think he could say anything positive about the gentiles and peter peter smelling like a fish a fisherman he is sent to minister to the to the pharisees and the sadducees to the jews why is that because god wanted those men and us as well to rely on him instead of relying on our own wisdom or human strength and human power and it's like david said to to the uncircumcised philistine he says god is going to deliver you into mind you know david understood that without god you already lost with god you already won and that's what we need we may not understand the circumstances we may not understand what god is doing the only thing we need to know is that god is doing something and wants us to go and be obedient so when you minister to the poor uh it's fascinating because i remember this one time we were giving chocolate bars to the homeless people and we ran out i mean you can only have so many right so we ran out halfway through it and then i observed the homeless you know what they did out of their poverty the homeless would break their bar and share it with the next guy and i said to myself i've never seen something like this being done with the rage rich people want more and it's never enough but the poor even they're poor and they have nothing they were willing to give up the little they had with another another person and i see this quite often the most amazing people that i've met in my life were not the christians sitting in the pew were not the pastors or the priests the most fascinating people that ministered to me were those that are the stood their states you see the beauty about the criminals is they know they're criminals that's why they know they need jesus the prostitutes they know they do bad things and they need jesus but the pharisees and the sadducees the religious hypocrites they think they're gods they think that they are so polished so nice they don't need god and then and and they kicked god out of their life they kicked god out of their synagogues their churches you priests that you were talking about at the very beginning i'm wondering if jesus was the priest would he deny you to come to pray i don't think so i think that jesus would keep his doors open and say whoever whomsoever wants to come my doors are open to anyone whoever comes is welcome to come so your priest he walked away from the heart of jesus he has become the pharisee and the sadducee of today but when you go to the homeless i mean i did not see the craziness of covet on the streets the homeless were still homeless and they were behind the same way they were behaving a year before i want to talk briefly about the government in canada i know you have to go soon um the government in canada is godless i call them godless baby killers that's what i call them because they love abortion and uh yeah is that what's his name uh dr zev zalenko talks about child sacrifice he uses that analogy for uh for uh for abortion but um my wife's all excited about this particular conservative uh politician that may get the leadership he's ahead in the polls paul pauly ever whatever his name is i don't know him but she's excited about him and i'm trying to moderate her excitement and say look the devil runs this world he's not going to let someone with ideals and principles uh take some of his power like there be there may he the devil may allow some theater where i'll get people around giving his speeches and people get excited about freedom freedom freedom and you know having good policies if i get elected but i'm a little bit more cynical and i think that uh satan is running this world and we're not here to have a paradise on earth we're here to suffer with christ and to help our brothers and sisters get to heaven and of course like you said we can enjoy the good things of this world in moderation in their proper place but i want to talk with you just briefly about the idea that there could be a good godly god-fearing pro-life politician elected at any level of government in canada much less the highest position the prime minister of canada what would it take to go from where we are now to having a god-fearing politician who speaks openly about jesus christ what would it take and how many weeks months or years or decades would it take for us to get feasibly from here to that fantasy future great suffering i mean unfortunately human nature doesn't does not appreciate god when you have plenty so in western democracies is especially america and canada england france australia we had for too long too good and people have tendency when there is plenty of food when there is you know all the goodies and and the good stuff we have tendency to forget in the scripture there's a fascinating portion that says when you possess the promised land that i am giving you when you enter the promised land just do not forget about me when you possess the houses you did not build and the vineyards you have not planted do not forget about me i think canadians have forgotten who is the giver of blessings so i think what is going to happen i think what is already happening canadians are losing more and more and more and more their toys their bank accounts their money their houses their cars their vacations they're losing more and more and the more they're going to be losing i hope they will one day go to their knees and ask god to forgive them for their sins for the bloody sacrifice of the babies every single day because through the covet era you know that they have never shut down abortion clinics they shut down the churches but abortion clinics the holocaust for the babies were operational throughout this crazy time so essential services yeah i think yes i think i think i believe that the more suffering is going to come the more they will be inclined to turn to god and suffering has a way of reminding us that we're desperately need jesus need god i wish that that was not the case i wish the people would be smarter and would come to jesus when they have plenty but the history and the bible is teaching us that the people like to do what is right in their own eyes in other words they do whatever they want and then when the difficulties come then they come to god and cry god rescue us so i believe that we have been ruled for wicked evil people for a while we might be ruled for a wicked people for a while i don't know how for how long it might end very quickly i think it's up to us i think it's up to canadians if we come to god and say god forgive us for this great evil forgive us we repent we turn away from our wicked ways i mean god is going to bless us with the godly leader i truly believe on all level we can have a very godly leader in our municipal governments we can have a very godly leader in our provincial government or our federal government that goes to judges and teachers police officers chiefs of police you know you name it or pastors or priests we are in a desperate need of good clergymen like where are they where are the priests that will stand up for people like you what are the pastors that will not participate in this great evil called covet i mean it looks like the entire award is like during the time of goliath when goliath was mocking god and no one was willing to fight this uncircumcised philistine until an outsider came and nobody a boy shows up and says hey what's going on here i thought we are the army of the living god i thought we are the chosen nation and uh why is this uncircumcised philistine is defying the armies of the living god and boom he goes he uses what god has given him the smooth stone the slang and the stick he kills the giant and he uses the devices of the enemy his own sword he chops his head off yeah amazing uh the there's a little anecdote i want to tell you quickly and i'll let you go very soon here but uh there was uh one of my favorite churches was under construction a few years ago and they had to move temporarily into this building it just so happens to be the building where the morgan taller abortion clinic uh is active do you know about dr morgenthaler yeah anyway bloody morning there was there was a contract that these priests had to sign in order to have a sublease for a few months in this building with that in the same building with dr morgentaler's clinic they had a condition of their lease they had to sign under vows or oath or promise that they would never say dr morgenthaler's name they would never say the word abortion ever on the premises not allowed to utter the word abortion in their own offices that they're paying rent for they're not allowed to talk about it as soon as i went in and i talked to uh my priest there i said oh you're in the same building as dr morgenthaler's abortion clinic he's like [Music] so this is corruption i i hate to say i hate to speak ill of these priests because they're they're good men and god loves them and christ died for them but why are we why are we um compromising on something so fundamental uh is mind-boggling it's shocking isn't it you said you said they're good man well they're not good man obviously because if they were good man they would stand up for the for the children that that god created and loves here is the problem um and we touch that covet revealed who is who in the zoo if you will um what we're seeing right now is the sheep being separated from the goats and the sheep are being separated from the walls so you got three category of people you got those that are doing this for money and they want to keep their position and that's why they would sign the contract and keep the contract with the devil if you will because it was benefiting them for whatever reason they needed the building they needed this they needed that it benefited them they sold jesus and jesus's principles for a silver coin and then you've got a category of goats goats are mischievous they want to do whatever they want to do they don't want to follow the shepherd they want to eat all the garbage around they want to just destroy everything on their way they are very self-efficient self-centered it's about them they are the center of the universe in their own minds and then you get the sheep the sheep love the shepherd they hear the words of the shepherd and they want to spend that time with other sheep so now you know who is who god is separating the chaff from from the wheat he's separating the sheep from the goats and the walls he's shaking um the defense if you will um is purifying his church because in the bible it says that he's coming back to judge the living and the dead but he's coming back for a spotless church a purified church a holy church like he is holy be holy as i am holy and in order to do that he has to allow a little bit of the fire to come in because you know how the gold has been purified gold is being purified by the fire so he is allowing us to be in a fire in order for us to be purified so in other words it's not a bad thing what is happening right now it's a good thing because god is preparing his church for the greatest revival we've ever seen on the side of eternity i believe we are about to witness the greatest reformation ever the greatest purification the greatest revival awakening whatever you want to call it the greatest harvest that god is preparing for such a time as this ever seen on this side of eternity wow uh one of the things i'm excited about is the promise that uh is made in scripture i believe it's romans 11. you can correct me if i'm wrong where saint paul talks about a partial hardening of the jews and then the the full number will come in i i tend to overstate it and exaggerate it by saying that all of the jews will be saved but it's just a question of who's the jew is woody woody allen a jew i don't think so i mean he's not he doesn't believe in god so you can't be a jew if you don't believe in god can you interpret that for me according to your your lights about the jews and how they will all be saved and how we are a wild plant grafted onto the natural cultivated plant i'm very fascinated by god's chosen people i have a great reverence for the jews because jesus and mary were jews and all the apostles just talk a little bit about that all the jews will be saved is that is that a safe thing to say and what does it mean to be a jew today since the messiah came and a lot of the jews rejected the messiah well i i think that the jewish people are no different than us in christ right now because to be circumcised right now is to be circumcised in our hearts so in other words you are a jew i am a jew if you have jesus christ as your lord and savior you're circumcised in your heart and you are part of god's family however there is a difference between the old covenant and the new covenant that god made with them and with us so i believe that some of the jewish people will be judged by the old because they died under the old covenant and some will be judged by rejecting or accepting jesus christ as the lord and savior so i would i wouldn't say that all of them are going to be saved i believe that all of them that obeyed will be saved either the old testament if they died under the old testament or the new testament because that would be not fair if you lived your life rejecting god even under the old testament pillaging murdering raping and just because you were born in israel it means absolutely nothing if you're not willing to to follow and obey the commandments of god jesus said in his bible he said it's better to obey than to sacrifice so obedience if you're disobedient if your rebellion if you will it says like a is like a witchcraft and of course the bible is very clear it says if you're practicing witchcraft you will not enter the kingdom of god so god is not a schizophrenic if you were obedient to his law in the old testament you shall be saved you shall be saved under that contract we are living right now in an era where there was annex to the contract if you will a portion was added to the contract we call it the new testament which is one contract with an annex in it you understand that one bible there's no two bibles it's only one book one testament which called we which we call bible so um we're going to be charged judged by did we received christ or did we rejected christ the people of old are not going to be judged that way they will be judged under the old covenant so some rejected the old covenant and you've got a great example of people that didn't want to have anything to do with god they're not going to be saved i mean sorry the the god is a righteous judge he's not a joke he you can't treat him like okay i'm going to live like a devil and i expect him to save me the ui because i was born a jew and it doesn't work that way being a jew is a is a lot more than just being born in some territory or to some family and and the bible proves it it says that if there is a foreigner among you and he's willing to be circumcised and he's if he's willing to obey the law then you are to adopt him he is the jew that's the law in the old testament now in the new testament the bible goes even further says there is no jew or a gentile we are all in christ and grafted to the to the vine so i believe that the jewish people of old are going to be judged a little bit different separately and then the jews of the new testament are going to be judged a little bit separately differently and then there is gentiles like you and me and we're going to be judged what have we done with jesus christ did we repent it accepted him as our lord and savior or not because without him we cannot be saved so the modern day jewish people they have to about the knee the bible says very clearly that there is you know sooner or later one day every knee will bow and every time well confess that jesus is lord including the jewish people um so if they think that just because they were born in israel somehow they are excluded and they're just not reading the old testament the even the old testament the old one let's just give them the old testament in their old testament the prophets of old were prophesying about jesus there is no excuse for them right now there is what 400 prophecies about jesus christ in the old testament they have to take the knee they have to bow my wife asked me to ask you about the x the former archbishop of canterbury and the anglican church of england and how he said that uh this trans transsexual thing is a sacred journey that these these sick people are taking i i know you've already spoken about the uh wolves and sheep's clothing the weeds among the wheat the sorts of images we can draw on from scripture about uh the apostate members of the church or uh or at least people that are leading the flock of straits it's very widely known uh just a sort of quick reaction to that because my wife asked you to talk about uh talk about the whole trans agenda and the trans-humanist agenda just very briefly what do you think of all that i think i know the answer but well the the thing is it doesn't matter what i think i'll tell you what god thinks and he calls it an abomination period full stop i mean there's no other way to spin the thing around he calls it abomination people that practice this are not going to make it they're going to go to hell a period god created us in a specific way every single time every single time you go against his creation against his law against the way he he he built things he created things you are going to end up in a mess so those people are going against the way god created things and they're going to they're going to end up with a big surprise because god is not going to be mocked you cannot treat a certain organs in a way that god didn't intended them to be used you're going to end up in in trouble either you know health-wise or spiritually um you know homosexuality uh is very violent sin they're violent demons is telling god god you made a mistake and we're going to correct your mistake uh you know what audacity to go to god what a boldness what the arrogance to go to god and say you know what god you are making mistakes and we're going to fix your mistakes because we are better we are stronger we're smarter than you are and um you know that's an unbelievable um notion from an ant when an aunt comes to you know a lion and says i'm going to just beat you up right now i'm going to steal your sandwich away from you i mean it's a ridiculous notion so i feel sorry for those people i minister to them when i can um you know i in prison i ministered to a one that practiced uh homosexuality and i i loved him and i preached to him and i prayed for him if there is a humbleness and willingness to come to jesus our arms are to be open i'm not opposing people that are in sin because i would have to oppose myself as one as well or and you because the bible is very clear there is none that is without sin we all are sinners we all are saved by grace and grace alone but there is a difference when you are a homosexual activist and your maliciously are attacking the word of god and then you are attacking us calling me a homophobe why am i a homophobe i don't hate homosexuals i don't attack homosexuals i believe in the bible the bible is very clear and it says in the bible that this is a sin and everyone that practices sin should turn away from his sinful ways and receive jesus christ and his forgiveness um everyone and i don't uh pick this sin or that thing you know um alcoholism will and end you up in hell stealing lying cheating murdering you know uh taking bribes being corrupted politician um you know a liar and our corrupted clergyman those things will lead you to hell and so a sin of homosexuality so i would say pray to god that he would give you the gender back into your spirit i pray to god that he will heal you from your affliction and if you were born a man stay a man and just pray for god's healing if you were born a woman stay a woman and pray that god will give you healing out of this affliction i understand you're tormented i understand you're um you you have some discomfort or some trouble i get that but it's like saying about kleptomania a people that cannot stop stealing right and somehow we should come now and say well it's a sickness and there's nothing we can do so if he wants to steal my car i should let him because he's sick no what we do we try to help those people we try to tell them yeah i get it that you have that urge to steal my car but that's my car and if you will continue trying to do that you're going to get hurt or you will end up in prison so we teach people don't do this change your behavior but right now with the transgenderism and the homosexuality somehow we we are being forced to say yeah it's okay they want to they want our approval and they wanna justify that sickness which um of course we cannot we cannot allow them those people that are advocating those so clergymen because they're not the clergymen they're demons they are they are tone codes they're judas's iscariots to the word of god um those people are going to be judged double and i wouldn't want to be them because the bible says when you're given much it will be much required of the view and i can't imagine what is going to happen to those people when finally they're going to face my holy god and the righteous judge you know earlier i talked about you how your beauty increased with your suffering and i don't know how that happened but i was looking today someone i saw online a picture of madonna a very recent video she made and made an embarrassment of herself she had all kinds of plastic surgery or some kind of modification of her face and body and she looks horrible she looks like a monster no no offense to her i wish her well but uh she's 63 years old and she's dressing like a and she always has but when you're 23 versus 63 there's quite a difference in terms of how you you're seen by the world even by the her greatest fans are starting to wonder what's up with her but i went and compared for fun uh 63 year old uh christian with the face of madonna at 63. i couldn't really find one quickly and easily but i found a 64 year old image of mother teresa i'm sure you like mother teresa and the beauty and the radiance and yes there are wrinkles but there's there's a dignity and my point here with mentioning this is not to uh denigrate the character of madonna god help her but she thought that she was on the side of liberty and sexual license was good and she's going to have a lot of freedom under satan's uh dominion and i don't think she's realized yet the cruel slavery of the devil how cruel his slavery is and how light the yoke of christ is and the joy and the beauty and the naturalness and the and the beauty of the human nature as god intended it to be and that includes sexuality it also includes every other aspect of our of our beauty physical beauty inner beauty and everything else it just shines out of of a true christian you can see that and i'm sure there are good muslims and jews that are holy people that love god maybe they were miseducated or whatever but they love god and they have that inner beauty i'm sure you would agree with that right well here is here is the thing sin will always bring you to the same place to hell so when you're fooling around with sin like this woman is doing for such a long time i believe she's demon possessed she's messed up in a head and there's nothing beautiful about what she's doing it's actually sick you know when you look at what the people what they represent it's sickness it's it's it's unbelievable i can't even look at it it's sick those people are um demon possessed so um sin will do this to you when you walk away from the way god intended us to be when you walk away from his holiness you're degrading yourself every second of your life you you you're going to pit so mother teresa um it was a fascinating fascinating woman that devoted herself to how to into helping others and i think that's what kept her strong i mean and remember when we were talking about me being in prison when i focus on helping others at the same time i was feeling better i was being helped at the same time i was thinking i'm helping them but in fact i was helping myself by taking the focus from my misery and trying to help other human beings i think that's the key not to be selfish not to be self-centered believe it or not you're not the center of the universe i'm not the center of the universe is god that is the center of the universe oh i have to interrupt you i have to interrupt you there i think satan is at the center of the universe because if geocentrism is true i'm not not committed to geocentrism but if geocentrism is true isn't hell in the center of the earth or do you not believe that hell is in the center of the earth that would make satan at the center of the universe right no no i think god is the center he is the focus he is the alpha and omega he is the beginning and the end and let me say something to you that as much as we sometimes you know focus on our enemy the adversary the satan that the antichrist and satan himself um let me suggest to you that in the end of the day satan is just a creation he is not the creator so as much as we sometimes give power to that creature he is no better than a dog or an ant or an elephant or any other creature that god created you know here is the thing i remember one time i saw a picture on facebook with jesus wrestling with satan and i said how dumb is this how stupid this is there is no wrestling between god and satan there's no power struggle here between jesus the giver of life the creator of heavens and earth and then the creation the same way there is no struggle between a lion and the creator god created the lion if he wants the lion to drop dead it will be just like this he would not even have a you know you would not even have to say a ward so what i'm trying to say is that in the end of the day satan is nothing in comparison to our god actually the bible says that he's under our feet he's like a dust where was the last time let me ask you this question where was the last time you paid attention to you to the dust when you're walking outside your home well that's how satan should be for us sometimes yeah when you wash your boots you pay attention to the dust but not all the time and not every minute not every second just from time to time you need to wash your clothes you need to wash your shoes so that's the devil he should be under our feet and you don't even give too much attention to that creature because he's not worthy of that attention but our god in other hand he is the giver of life my adversary or the enemies that i have they are only alive because my father which is in heaven allows them to wake up in the morning in other words yeah god i think he thinks that they are still needed to be alive for whatever bigger purpose that i do not understand and when their time pops up it will be over for them and the same for us our lives are in the palm of our father's hands we live because he says i want you to be alive i think darwin is a big enemy of the faith and evolution i'm a young earth creationist i believe the whole universe is about 7 000 years old give or take uh what do you think about evolution uh what do you think about theistic evolution and what do you think about the influence that it has on the young people with the science trust the science trust the science and the great distance that evolution gives us between ourselves and the garden of eden even for a christian who believes in theistic evolution that great distance i think robs us of the proximity that i have as a young earth creationist i have a proximity to the garden of eden where i can be more contrite about my first parents sin just talk a little bit about evolution versus creation please so so last this is the last time i have to go because i got the church early in the morning so i still have to prepare so it comes to evolution i believe that the enemy the devil the liar the cheater the manipulator was aiming at the foundation of our fate and unfortunately our clergyman did not put up a good fight to reason with the young generation trying to explain to them how stupid the evolution is darwinism and all that nonsense that we are being taught in school the missing link is still missing has never been found out unless maybe the missing link is some of our politicians uh but you know as a joke um the missing link is still missing um the monkeys are still monkeys and they have been for those thousands of years they did not change um of course there is a little differences between within the species depends of where they're living but that's just a natural thing that's a normal thing for example when i am in a hot country's my skin color changes and it remains changed then in canada when i'm pretty much constantly indoors so i'm whiter all the time when i work in africa or in caribbean or other hot countries my skin is very dark because my my grandfather my grandma was romanian so my father is dark skinned and and i have that pigment within within my skin as well so i get i get brown when i'm spending you know um enough time in in the sun so there are slightly changes it comes to this but the evolution the the notion that we came and we evolved i mean tell that to the giraffe because in order for the giraffe to be alive she needs to have all of the things that she has to be able to drink water for example so i don't know if you know how their the giraffe is being built but they have they have within they have evolved when they are drinking water the blood is being stopped so if the the giraffe would not have that one little thing the blood from her body enormous neck would burst her head off right like a grenade so don't tell me that after thousands of years uh she was not able to sip her water and and you know it took her five thousand years to sit around and figure it out okay i can't have a sip of water that's why i have to evolve slowly without dying i mean how stupid you have to be to actually believe in a nonsense like this because we know that she would not survive without drinking water you know for a long time the same with humans the same with other animals i mean it's nonsense but that's the devil the devil always comes with the stupid things and he makes fools out of people with the masking the same way we're a muzzle we are following science yeah but the science actually tells us that the virus is one thousand times smaller than the bacteria and it's not going to work out uh what you're telling me yeah but it doesn't matter follow the science and when you tell them i do while they shut you down and they kick you off youtube right because now suddenly you are not following their science um never ending game the bible says known art was the devices of the enemy in other words we know he's a liar he's a deceiver he is repeating the same thing it's like copy paste copy paste he always does the same trick he looks for vulnerable stupid people he lies to them and he lies and he lies he does his propaganda and people unfortunately do not read the bible because if they would read the bible they would spot the lie very quickly and they would not make such a terrible mistakes thank you so much for taking the time i pushed my luck with you on purpose just to see how much i can get out of you today but i'm going to let you go now you've done your penance and i really hope and pray you'll come back and talk to me again about jesus christ our lord and savior because it's so powerful and uh it's it's it's embarrassing to say this but it's very rare that i meet a true christian and i'm not disparaging anyone's character when i say that it's just rare it is what it is i don't claim to be a true christian but i look up to people like you who are true christians and i'm aspiring to be a true christian and like you said if i ask the holy spirit to come and transform my heart replace my heart of stone with the heart of flesh then he'll do it right that's right exactly you know the only thing he wants i mean there is nothing you can give god except one thing you know that he owns all the silver all the gold he owns the whole universe i mean if he wants you can create another one or i used to say he can create a model number two a better version of human um adam and eve so he owns everything except one thing that you will the only thing he will not take away from us is our ability to say yes to him or no to him so every time you have you struggle with something every time you you need help the only thing he's waiting for is saying come to me i'm your father i love you i created you for a purpose for a reason come to me and i'll help you i'll give you what you need i will educate you i will give you wisdom because he is wisdom he is the truth so in other words what he wants is us to be humble and to come to our father with respect and say daddy please help me here next time you're going to explain to me why solomon the wisest man ever turned apostate at the end of his life and it's more it's more complicated than just all his thousands of women so thank you so much we'll talk very soon let's keep in touch and please promise me you'll come back and talk to me again yeah well god bless god bless you take care good night bye-bye goodbye you