Catholic vs. Other – 2017-08-03 – “Their Child” Part 2

The woman who wants to be known simply as “Their Child” emailed me asking to do Part 2, so I agreed. She says she had a private revelation from her Father about the symbolic meaning of the human umbilical cord. I let her talk without interruption.


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0:00 the umbilical cord do you see it
0:01 biblical the bellybutton feeding
0:04 mother’s womb in water gosh your butt no
0:08 more killing that’s why I be born again
0:11 in the water and spirit it’s so
0:13 beautiful
0:14 [Music]
0:17 the Bible speaks about a great
0:19 description the Bible speaks about why
0:23 does the road many take it and leaves
0:24 the destruction straight knows the paths
0:26 you find it the Bible is biblical
0:32 my father who is the creator majestic
0:36 God Almighty of all the universe’s
0:38 galaxies in heavens everything but a big
0:41 mess that many made and many include his
0:48 children who were given great abilities
0:51 they thought were powers the heavens
0:58 declare his glory the heavens are shaken
1:05 there is a great war in heaven the
1:07 reason why is because the fallen angel
1:13 teeth which man cannot do mortal man
1:19 cannot do with the immortal fall it was
1:24 man’s age cut short
1:26 not that all in angels they’ve been
1:28 around for a very long time it is my
1:32 father who is the creator of majestic
1:35 God Almighty of all the universes all
1:36 the galaxies all the heavens and
1:38 everything that lives he gives life to
1:42 everyone every single thing that is
1:45 living he has leaf life into it whether
1:49 it be the trees whether it be the bugs
1:51 whether it be humans the fallen angels
1:56 the stores every store has this name
2:02 there’s something so huge in the heaven
2:06 is going on right now but what he let me
2:12 see was the son said to one woman a
2:16 thorough please what good is it to love
2:20 those who only loved you your de love
2:22 those who persecute you
2:27 he’s the beginning in the end I kept on
2:30 asking the beginning in the end of what
2:32 that is the son of saying this because
2:35 my father’s always been and always will
2:37 be
2:38 and I know there’s a priest now
2:41 candidate who said that he’s always been
2:43 always will be he didn’t have no father
2:44 or mother if something happened there
2:47 because my father is not a priest my
2:52 father is my father
2:54 he’s perfect in every way he’s not good
2:58 he’s perfect he doesn’t make mistakes
3:02 but his children have just like little
3:06 kids do they make messes and this is we
3:11 known for a long time a long time how
3:15 long I don’t know I have no no idea it’s
3:18 a very super duper long time like
3:20 thousands and thousands of years there
3:26 is so much in that Bible that people do
3:30 not want to see all they focus on is the
3:33 blood the cross and a son who they say
3:37 is God he’s not he’s a son
3:41 and there’s many sons it says that NIH’s
3:44 a a45 start at verse 9 go to the end
3:50 read Isaiah 45 20 those who cry out to
3:55 wood and to gods that cannot save the
3:59 wood is a cross that is the cross
4:07 children
4:08 mistakes they took their abilities they
4:11 thought were powers they they do what
4:14 children do they grow up the big in too
4:17 big for the breeches they have their
4:19 terrible twos they get into the teenage
4:21 years and then they get to be adults and
4:23 they say bite we’re leaving and they run
4:25 off and they like they just like hope I
4:30 don’t need them I’m grown I know it all
4:32 but they don’t that’s why it says train
4:35 a child up so when they grow old they
4:37 will return that applies to the ancient
4:40 the Nephilim the Giants the men of old
4:44 the renown those are his children they
4:49 made mistakes they disobeyed they were
4:54 built rebellious they had children who
4:56 disobeyed and rebellious the thousands
4:59 of generations so says in Genesis
5:03 imagine squad and I will punish out to
5:06 the third and fourth generation but I
5:08 will say thousands of generations this
5:13 is when on a super wrong time but the
5:17 heavens declare his glory I will be done
5:20 on earth as it is in heaven
5:22 and yes recently my father showed me
5:25 biblical it’s biblical it’s biblical
5:30 okay
5:31 the umbilical cord the thread the
5:35 mother’s womb to be born again in the
5:38 spirit and in water the womb attached
5:44 that’s why everybody has a bellybutton
5:47 my father made him a wife they had
5:52 children and their children do with
5:56 children do in this day and age they get
5:58 grown and they think they know it all
5:59 and they leave and they get their own
6:01 house and you know they get their
6:03 mansion and this map that is not what my
6:06 father is about he has Commandments Oh
6:10 started out a long time ago as it says
6:13 in Proverbs listen license to father’s
6:15 instructions for I too was a son and
6:18 cherished by my mother that suppose
6:21 written by King Solomon so says this is
6:29 the conclusion of the matter many books
6:31 are worrisome this is a conclusion of
6:33 the matter fear God and obey His
6:35 commandments this is the duty and main
6:37 coin main claims held they don’t see the
6:43 commandments they don’t understand ik
6:45 members they don’t go through those
6:46 Commandments one by one and really
6:47 understand them love God with all your
6:51 heart mind soul and strength do not make
6:54 any graven images above or below it
6:57 leads to your grave across as a graven
6:59 image it leads to your grave
7:02 here’s the jail of God he punishes do
7:07 not take his name in vain do not ascend
7:09 to be as him it applies to those fallen
7:12 ones all have sinned and fallen short of
7:14 the glory of God I’m not trying to take
7:17 any glory I’m a child that’s why it says
7:23 in love what in in Corinthians love this
7:27 patient is claimed and you came to on
7:30 the reading I once was a child but put
7:33 away my child slaves and became a man a
7:36 man child which means your once was a
7:42 baby
7:43 you had childish ways he became a man
7:46 you put him away and became a child
7:47 again you understand who you are at home
7:50 in his house your child see God’s not
7:54 going anywhere my father he’s not going
7:55 anywhere he’s always been always will be
7:58 his house he’s got a wife honor thy
8:03 father and mother he was that
8:05 commandment with his own finger to his
8:09 children he willed it himself it applies
8:14 to the heaven thy will be done on earth
8:16 as it is in the heavens they have to
8:20 obey those Commandments or you’re not
8:21 gonna get into his house simple the one
8:26 time go then they became rules then they
8:29 became lost now their commands you do
8:33 them or you don’t get in that’s why you
8:35 on the outside
8:36 on your teeth because everybody at the
8:40 table enjoying the wonderful food my
8:42 father has enjoying the blessings that
8:45 he give by obeying him do not bear false
8:51 witness against your neighbor applies to
8:53 them as well as us who did what is
9:00 between them and my father
9:02 love is patient inclined it’s not get
9:05 puffed up does not brag does not boast
9:06 it believes all endures all it does not
9:09 fail
9:10 it keeps the counting no injury it
9:12 protects it does not cause harm what was
9:16 import is now incomplete is now perfect
9:19 my father’s always been by himself but
9:23 she’s always been there mother’s always
9:25 been there but people refused to see her
9:29 by whose hand was that done by don’t
9:32 know that’s between whoever did it and
9:35 my father and they got a chance to
9:38 correct it but that son
9:42 came to fulfill before that means to get
9:45 back boy to my father he came to tear
9:50 down all the stones that means to carry
9:52 on all the false teachings and to
9:54 redirect everybody back to father and
9:58 mother he didn’t go to his house he went
10:02 to his father’s house where mother is
10:07 honor thy father and mother that is why
10:10 as the only commandment with a promise
10:14 not so you can be prosperous here on
10:16 earth in the respect of what men think
10:18 on this earth it means you’re storing up
10:21 your treasures in heaven it means that
10:25 you see how big this is it means that
10:28 you leave those fallen ones prepared for
10:31 saving the devils and the demons it was
10:34 prepared past tense does it mean you
10:38 born there because that son said love
10:45 your enemies he did that for a reason
10:47 he’s testing everybody if same who went
10:52 to God and said can I go test job he got
10:56 permission there who’s to say Satan
11:01 didn’t listen well everybody hates me
11:03 anyways I’m not going to do nothing and
11:06 then they’re gonna say I’m the father of
11:08 lives would he lie about his name he put
11:13 out a name then everybody decided they’d
11:15 gone pinning everything on him he put
11:17 out a whole bunch of names and he said
11:18 we’re gonna see how many people go pray
11:19 into all these names well he had a bunch
11:23 of children and he gave him names and
11:24 made this guy they want to be false
11:25 cards I don’t know but the point of it
11:29 is my father desires for an under perish
11:32 but for all the repent he didn’t exclude
11:35 nobody man is the one doing that that is
11:40 why man the Horsham mini will be
11:42 revealed that’s why the son said the
11:45 testam testaments a how do you test them
11:48 by the commandments you test them by
11:51 will they understand like amendments and
11:53 how will we forgive and however they
11:56 bust and put pointing fingers at
12:01 everybody and on their own sense that’s
12:03 why you’re seeing in Romans three I
12:05 believe became conscious of ourselves we
12:09 see what we’re doing wrong now we see we
12:13 feel a huge picture we understand it
12:16 biblical
12:17 umbilical cord that is what is talked
12:20 about in the thread the thread the cord
12:24 that’s why we got belly buttons this way
12:27 that’s my father’s love for his wife
12:31 pour out his spirit to all of the world
12:34 he’s saying what kind of wife you don’t
12:38 accept her in this age or the next you
12:41 don’t get anything she’s my love that’s
12:48 that’s what was important that now is
12:51 made perfect because everybody distinct
12:54 there’s a father in the Sun in the Sun
12:56 is him and somewhere in there the Holy
13:00 Spirit went bye-bye
13:01 she’s like she never existed that’s the
13:05 Catholic teaching who did it who started
13:07 I don’t know
13:08 it’s went on for so long that’s why he
13:11 seemed to the Peter Simon didymus the
13:14 twin Satan wants to sift you as wheat
13:17 why why why did he say that because
13:24 maybe Satan Satan is the one that went
13:27 into Judas Iscariot and supposedly
13:30 betrayed him defeat Judas Iscariot
13:33 sought forgiveness he hated what he did
13:37 if he threw the money back he didn’t
13:39 want a report of it he could taken care
13:45 of
13:45 you got forgiven because my father can
13:48 do that but thinking is the one energy
13:52 to secure yet there’s there’s a huge
13:57 picture here it’s huge but it all goes
14:00 back to obeying my father’s Commandments
14:02 it goes back to that son nobody
14:05 thinks everybody thinks he’s the god I
14:08 hear all over the place everybody’s got
14:10 him Beeman God he’s not he didn’t put
14:15 himself there everybody else behind him
14:16 but did it that’s why he said many will
14:19 come in my name and say I’m gonna be
14:20 Messiah he said do not believe him
14:23 he knows who has to save him further my
14:28 father is the savior of everybody as it
14:30 says the first Timothy chapter 1 and
14:32 verse 1 by the command of God our Savior
14:38 only one as it says in Isaiah 45 read
14:43 isaiah 45:22 found it’s beautiful
14:49 it’s right there biblical he showed me
14:54 that he kept on saying this biblical is
14:56 biblical it’s biblical and I was like
14:58 I’m biblical I looked it up like yours
15:05 the URI here you know you give me my
15:07 food at my proper time he shows me these
15:09 things not because I put myself on a
15:13 pedestal not because I think I’m better
15:15 than any of them because I’m not just a
15:18 child at home
15:20 because father and mother and then my
15:24 brothers and they had that understand
15:30 they’re not a king they’re not a Ward
15:34 Ward is tacked to the words word of the
15:39 Rings that stupid movie that some that
15:41 has to do with something I don’t know
15:43 what but landlords I would look it up in
15:49 the definition the tycoon a mongrel
15:51 industrialist a slave owner a master
15:53 that’s why he said you cannot serve two
15:55 masters you will love one and hate the
15:57 other like well I’ll know whose Awards
16:01 are bomb serving every one of y’all was
16:03 my father’s ten commandments I could do
16:07 that
16:08 almost serve every single one of you
16:09 guys my father’s Ten Commandments and I
16:13 love you enough to explain to you
16:14 exactly what they need and why histor
16:18 there is he desires for none to perish
16:21 the Sun died for everyone said he didn’t
16:25 exclude singing The Devil’s in the
16:26 demons its mammoths than that man has
16:31 become lovers of self
16:33 I hear people and they say oh well I
16:35 want a mansion I’ve been suffering us
16:38 you people don’t even have a clue what
16:40 suffering is my father is one who slew
16:43 the anger among suffering you only have
16:45 a clue how long that wrong Safinaz went
16:47 on it’s went on for oh I don’t know look
16:52 a Joshua or the Book of Enoch one of
16:55 them I started listening to it somebody
16:57 was put in prison for 10,000 years and
17:00 all right Ford I said how long just went
17:03 on my gosh
17:04 a day is a thousand years and a thousand
17:08 years as a day some of you will be put
17:11 in prison ten days but was it really ten
17:14 days or was it ten thousand years so
17:19 this is so big there’s so much pain it
17:22 starts with my father trickles to my
17:25 mother who nobody believes she exists to
17:30 that son who’s saying love everybody
17:32 love everybody don’t they’re false
17:35 witness against your neighbor or give
17:37 you keep on forgiving until everything
17:40 is there’s nothing more to forgive
17:43 everybody’s killing everybody the Devils
17:49 demons the postcards require to the same
17:56 ones
17:56 – they’re condemning them they just
17:59 notified themselves they don’t exist no
18:01 more because the same way you judge will
18:04 come back on you
18:07 it got them dead they got the aliens
18:10 dead because everybody wants to kill
18:11 aliens like they said their demonic
18:13 father doesn’t exist mother doesn’t
18:17 exist so there’s nobody left in the
18:18 heavens and every one of them ran home
18:24 that’s why I like you guys but can you
18:26 not see I say you really think I know
18:29 Satan didn’t he’s not hanging out down
18:31 here she’s not
18:33 he’s like hot he was going to tell you
18:35 those fuck they think I’m really that
18:37 stupid that I’m gonna hey I hearing
18:39 you’re blaming everything on me and
18:43 they’re they got me dead I went home and
18:47 got forgiveness I cleaned up I got a new
18:52 name and what I what what happened what
18:56 I did was not remembered and more that’s
19:00 what they says that’s when he said when
19:04 he comes will he find anybody that has
19:06 faced everybody’s getting tested the
19:11 hearts and many are being revealed by
19:13 their own words they condemn themselves
19:19 in biblical is the umbilical cord
19:25 umbrella
19:26 my father cover you protect you has to
19:30 do obeying commandments and it applies
19:37 empowerment’s the heavens everybody
19:40 wants to kill the aliens he said he’s
19:45 not from here I’m not from this world
19:52 they killed them
19:54 they killed them they’re continually
19:59 killing everybody everybody’s killing
20:02 everybody
20:03 do not kill means do not kill do not
20:07 commit adultery adulterous generation
20:12 everybody’s thinking there that that
20:15 sons bride the body of Christ and the
20:20 Bride of Christ and I said they lost
20:23 their minds did they not understand it
20:26 says in Genesis man what marriages a man
20:32 a woman will get married they will
20:33 become one and then the man will leave
20:35 his father and mother and cleave to his
20:38 wife
20:39 one one one man one woman
20:44 it’s a bride singular female great
20:54 deception but it’s all right there in
20:57 the Bible my father told everybody that
21:00 would look I’m sending the great
21:02 deception it’s right here it’s right
21:05 here everybody follow in the Gospel
21:08 according to Mark Matthew Mark Luke and
21:11 John and Paul has got so many books
21:14 written and I’m sitting here saying as
21:15 that would King Solomon was talking
21:17 about in Ecclesiastes
21:20 there are many books many books are
21:23 wearisome
21:25 there are many books rail or Paul was
21:28 busy busy busy and Paul like to put
21:34 about their like he was the one that was
21:39 tore me the most
21:41 my Paul I don’t know about that you
21:43 better just regroup and that’s why that
21:48 son said why do you keep on persecuting
21:49 me and he lost his eyesight for three
21:53 days he’ll get made new I know it will
21:59 he’ll understand who he is in my
22:02 father’s house their children there is
22:06 no kings there is no word there is no
22:10 Queen my father is always been always
22:14 will be he’s not going anywhere
22:15 he’s gone mother my mother his wife to
22:21 marry they’re renewing their vows they
22:23 will all their children come home they
22:25 want a full house and it’s right there
22:27 in Scripture it’s right there in
22:29 Scripture he’s the husband husbandry
22:34 meant the one sent out all his workers
22:37 come to come to the wedding don’t come
22:39 to the feast the wedding feast
22:40 everybody’s too busy
22:43 they got this isn’t yes to do she’s done
22:48 doing something new as it says in
22:50 Revelations and as it says in
22:54 Corinthians prophecies will feast
22:57 talking in tongues will cease why people
23:01 think they got this foreign language
23:03 it’s a language to like I can’t talk
23:06 Brazilian or Spanish it’s it and you
23:10 need to translate this because English
23:17 is room universe language basically they
23:20 understand what I’m saying they don’t
23:22 need no translator and the prophecies
23:26 will cease because there’s a little
23:28 scroll john was told to eat and it’s
23:31 going to be sweet as honey in his mouth
23:32 and bitter in the stomach why because my
23:37 father why everybody was making their
23:38 plans my father had his
23:45 they had their agendas how they wanted
23:47 things to happen it didn’t line up with
23:51 my father’s my father’s desire is for
23:53 none to perish but for all the repent
23:56 understand what commandment for that is
24:00 his will that’s going to be done on
24:02 earth as it is in the heavenlies there
24:05 was fallen angels which are not
24:07 following no more they were once dead
24:11 but now they were alive the one sleeping
24:14 will become conscious of their sins and
24:17 they’ll be awake they will repent
24:23 the prodigal sons who went away to a
24:25 faraway country and spawned heard away
24:27 his inheritance
24:28 he’s telling this other one he once was
24:30 dead but now he’s alive this is all
24:37 about
24:38 father obeying him it’s his house he has
24:44 his life my mother the commandment he
24:47 wrote with his own finger it’s not
24:51 Moses’s law it’s my father’s
24:54 commandments people don’t understand
24:59 like Moses he came down from a mountain
25:01 with the Ten Commandments seeing the
25:02 golden calf police go it did him 30 to
25:05 kill each other he had those
25:09 commandments who said do not kill he
25:11 broke him literally because he threw him
25:15 down he turned around he told them to
25:16 kill Moses got in trouble that’s why he
25:24 was told to go up on the hill and die
25:26 you won’t enter the Promised Land but
25:29 then Moses and Elijah are talking with
25:33 Jesus and Peter wants to set up a tent
25:35 one so he’s a fallen angel he got
25:38 another chance and Moses cleaned up his
25:39 act and went home do not kill means do
25:44 not kill it says you will know by the
25:47 fruit of the tree it is good I asked my
25:53 father about that everybody seen its
25:56 children well he showed me something
25:59 different he can grow meat on trees it
26:05 was meat but do not kill means do not
26:08 kill he can grow it on trees literally
26:15 like he does bananas oranges apples nuts
26:20 coconuts figs he can grow meat on trees
26:28 steak tea branch steak tree branch steak
26:34 it grows in trees eggs the things that
26:39 we’re going to be the head of life in
26:41 him she
26:46 is he don’t want him dead no more no
26:47 more killing in his house no more
26:49 bloodshed
26:51 the animals are thrilled can be
26:57 slaughtered no more the fruit is good is
27:02 very good
27:04 it’s the best-tasting steak thing
27:07 anybody can even imagine but there’s no
27:12 blood in it it’s the most juicy steak
27:14 like it oranges are juicy it’s juicy
27:18 it’s great I haven’t tasted yet but I
27:20 know it’s fair it’s growing I know this
27:25 my father can do anything I could think
27:29 it he could do it and I know he can fix
27:33 anybody who ever how bad they are broken
27:36 hell no matter how many sins they
27:38 committed they want themselves to be
27:41 forgiven my father to forgive him he can
27:46 write his laws on their minds and in our
27:49 hearts they will be his people and he
27:52 will be their God because all Minds
27:56 collectively combined cannot touch what
27:58 my father can do but what is in
28:03 before all mine scripted we combined is
28:06 not from us boss author he can do
28:08 anything like I said in the Bible he
28:14 talked about it but the world his power
28:17 is what his love is would his desire is
28:23 it is simple obey the commandments there
28:26 no hard love against believe and things
28:33 not yet seen he can do it he wants to do
28:42 it he said if you would just cry out to
28:45 me I would come over and but nobody’s
28:49 quite that I’m crying out to him he I
28:51 know you I know he’s got me I’m looking
28:55 around and I’m like what all these
28:57 people are playing out to everybody but
28:59 you
28:59 he said yeah I know David there’s their
29:03 hearts are being revealed they refused
29:08 to open their eyes and they refused to
29:09 hear they got a son because he died for
29:16 our sins were not covered under the law
29:18 we’re not under the law that’s what I
29:21 hear people say we’re not under the law
29:23 we have the blood of Christ on us so
29:27 what are they doing
29:30 they think they can get
29:32 your house without obeying your
29:33 commandments how does that work I hear
29:41 people say I play the blood of Christ
29:43 over you I said what are they doing
29:49 they’re killing over and over and over
29:52 again my hands are clean
29:57 I’m not killing nobody I’m not
29:58 condemning nobody not one because I
30:03 asked with the expectation that I
30:06 already received that they all be made
30:08 new because he can do that and it
30:12 infuriates me say
30:19 we’ve got mercy
30:21 we got mercy even got Grayson and we’re
30:25 not perfect and we can do this in
30:26 Cynthia man and we got the blood on this
30:29 so that just gives us a little
30:32 get-out-of-jail-free card commandments
30:40 are not
30:41 to obey if you think you go waltz into
30:46 my father’s house why you been up into
30:50 that moment embracing sin and every
30:53 which way you can
30:55 sexual immorality off-the-chart
30:58 got killing in your hearts think of it’s
31:02 okay to own a gun because you got to
31:03 protect yourself when you don’t trust my
31:05 father to protect you
31:06 you live by the sword you don’t die by
31:08 the sword you live with the gun you’re
31:11 gonna die by the gun it’s in your heart
31:14 you think you got to defend yourself but
31:17 you don’t trust my father to defend you
31:19 even though he says I will send my
31:22 angels put them in charge of you and
31:25 protect you if you are walking in in a
31:30 way that’s pleasing to me you don’t have
31:33 to worry about that you don’t need no
31:36 gun you don’t need those for you got to
31:40 get the killing out of your heart you’ve
31:43 got to get all the black uglies out of
31:45 your heart
31:48 you got a cream your mind up you’ve got
31:50 to understand the mark of the beast
31:52 cause everybody young and old rich and
31:55 poor to take a mark on the right hand
31:57 the number of this name 666 666 false
32:01 god names after the everybody’s crying
32:03 out to has everything to do with your
32:09 soul it’s the spiritual food you can’t
32:16 eat or drink it’s the spiritual food you
32:20 won’t hear your ears eyes will be blind
32:23 because then work is under my hand and
32:25 in your mind who ever since my father’s
32:28 right hand your heart is void of my
32:30 father and his Commandments honor that
32:32 father my mother is him and his wife
32:37 everybody partner that I’ve seen
32:41 believes in that Kennedy thing that is
32:44 false teaching I’m not a religion I
32:50 don’t
32:51 religion my father does not have a
32:54 religion in himself he has simple
32:57 instructions to me there’s simple
33:00 instructions but many their command
33:07 either doomed or you die
33:10 I get it they’re not hard to obey
33:13 they’re not hard to obey they’re easy
33:19 it’s his house he commands to honor him
33:24 and mother it’s biblical I don’t know if
33:30 I told you but several years back I
33:32 found footprints in my yard and it was
33:36 just one set of prints and there was six
33:38 like fingers on each of them right and
33:41 then I found the same print on the
33:42 garage and I was doing something looking
33:48 at because there was something about
33:51 what the 666 and them whatever 24 I come
33:56 across this thing in the Bible and I
33:58 will send it to you because I took a
34:00 copy of it and I don’t know exactly
34:01 where it was because I bought fell over
34:03 there is a passage in the Bible that
34:05 speaks about somebody I don’t know their
34:10 name but they had six toes on each foot
34:12 and six fingers and David’s men killed
34:16 him King David’s men killed him and I
34:19 was like I had the same one that was in
34:23 my yard because I was like I did I
34:28 didn’t have these prints in my yard and
34:30 I sent a picture to my daughter I said
34:32 did some Big Bird land here and nobody
34:34 tell me about it and then I seen the
34:36 prints on the garage door and it was six
34:38 total of twenty four digits all the way
34:41 around it was bizarre and I found it in
34:44 the Bible and I was like I have to sing
34:47 one that was there you know cuz they’ve
34:49 been around for a long long time I said
34:52 you guys killed him why are you doing do
34:55 you want to kill me if you do not kill
34:56 my father guy’s soul he’ll get made new
34:58 I say quit killing if
35:03 phenomenal what’s going to happen I tell
35:06 you when in heavens open up 144,000
35:10 that’s like 144 thousand generations I
35:13 believe it in my heart I told you
35:17 there’s more out there than there is
35:18 down here like I will make you a nation
35:22 of the grains of sand and how much
35:25 grains the same that we had long as on
35:26 this earth can you see that this is
35:31 phenomenally huge and he just want to
35:36 obey His commandments give him all the
35:38 glory and honor to him a mom and do not
35:40 kill memoriam shop covered even
35:42 committing adultery Guillen stealing and
35:45 identity theft and all this ever in what
35:50 you can everlasting life and be with him
35:53 and forgive all the devils the demons
35:56 all of them because they can make them
35:58 new what’s more father who love them so
36:02 much I’m so ready to go home cannot get
36:10 one of you everything you got some
36:12 questions ready and okay all you got to
36:15 do it all you got
36:20 [Music]

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