Catholic vs. Other – 2017-04-19 – “Their Child”

Occasionally I find long and obscure religious comments on my YouTube Channel. This nice lady, who humbly asked to be left unnamed, reached out with a form of Monotheism that I have never encountered. She asked to be labelled simply as “Their Child”.


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0:00 I know who raised me I know who taught
0:02 me and I know who guided me it’s my
0:05 father who is the creator majestic God
0:07 Almighty of all the universes the
0:09 galaxies in Heaven’s I was going to ask
0:15 about your actual biological father if
0:18 he was a strong presence or a good
0:20 presence or absent father or what your
0:22 home life was like my home life when I
0:26 was young my mom it was said that she
0:30 had mental issues but in my heart I
0:33 don’t believe that
0:34 and then before my mother passed away
0:37 she told me that he wasn’t my dad and I
0:43 believe in my heart of hearts of hearts
0:45 because of all the things that have
0:48 happened that he is my true biological
0:51 father are you referring to God now yes
0:54 but he’s not biological at all he’s not
0:57 physical at all is he
0:59 no no no see the reason why I get that
1:04 is all my life since I was little I’ve
1:08 been saying we’ve been put on this earth
1:10 to give glory to God I was not taught
1:13 that by anybody but it came out of my
1:17 mouth and I have said well everybody’s
1:21 making their plans God has his and I
1:24 have said when I had my children my most
1:28 important job is to teach my children
1:31 about God and I have said honor thy
1:34 father and mother is hell like a man
1:36 with the promise and some years back
1:40 probably five years ago somewhere in
1:43 there right before Christmas I sat down
1:46 and I said I want to tell everybody how
1:48 much God loves them see for me it’s
1:52 always been about God and there’s only
1:57 been one God and people ask me about the
2:00 son and I would say well throw grass all
2:03 over the world that He gave His only
2:05 begotten Son who everything lost I
2:07 believe in him I believe he took the
2:09 beating and died on the cross
2:11 but I’m not going to worship them and I
2:15 never had never once and I had a lot of
2:20 things happen to me and I asked him
2:24 what’s going on God well why is all this
2:27 happening to me and have I heard voices
2:32 Elias I’ve heard voices have I seen what
2:36 do you want to call them spirits yeah
2:38 I’ve seen them
2:39 I don’t really call them spirits because
2:42 see the fallen angels they’ve been
2:44 around a long long time those are the
2:46 ancients so they’ve been around a long
2:49 time and they can do all sorts of things
2:51 just like Elijah and Elisha they
2:53 exchanged their quote-unquote powers
2:55 their abilities well the best way I can
2:59 explain it is like a painting a picture
3:01 a long time ago my father this canvas is
3:08 the universe’s the galaxies in the
3:11 heavens and in my father’s house are
3:15 many mansions
3:16 well those ones are mansions are in the
3:19 galaxies the heavens and they’re like
3:22 planets this is where he showed me
3:24 that’s why you see in the Bible when he
3:27 talks about loosening the bands of Orion
3:29 plead ease to the bear all these things
3:33 pertaining to the stars in the heavens
3:34 and his will be done on earth as it is
3:39 in the heavens in the universe the
3:42 galaxies however big only he knows also
3:45 in the Bible it since three heavens so
3:49 he showed me this he showed me how big
3:52 he is and I got attacked people say by
3:56 him I said well no I’ll have a nose
3:59 that’s all that matters
4:01 it’s almost like they knew who I was
4:05 before I knew who I was and they tried
4:09 to kill me or somebody did because I was
4:12 literally poisoned and I wasn’t poisoned
4:16 with just one thing I was poisoned with
4:19 multiple things and God didn’t let me
4:24 die
4:25 he did not literally die I’ve been in
4:27 health care all my life I’m a registered
4:29 nurse and I’m like what is going on I’ve
4:32 never been sick of my life and all of
4:35 sudden I got autoimmune disorders well
4:38 my father can be more than all mine’s
4:41 collectively combined can imagine and he
4:45 started telling me you’ve been poisoned
4:47 oh it’s not just once it’s multiple time
4:50 not late
4:51 how many more times is it going to be
4:53 then I started I heard voices I’m
4:58 hearing things I’m seeing things and I’m
5:02 asking him what is going on why is why
5:06 am I seeing all this I remember
5:09 distinctly sitting at my door looking
5:11 out onto the street and I said
5:15 everybody’s giving Roy to everybody but
5:17 you
5:18 I said what have they done well he
5:23 showed me children their little babies
5:26 you know they get their poopy diapers
5:28 and whatnot and then they make their
5:29 messes then they get a little older they
5:31 start covering our walls then they get a
5:34 little older and they you know their
5:35 terrible twos their temper tantrums then
5:39 we get to the teenagers and they get
5:40 defiant and then they get a little groan
5:43 and then I see a little weed you know
5:46 more my father gave his children
5:49 off-the-chart abilities they abused him
5:54 they took off from home and they started
5:58 having their little rooms they tear up
6:00 the room move to the next room Planet
6:03 whatever you want to call it they move
6:05 and pretty soon they’re all on or
6:06 fighting they’re fighting they’re
6:08 fighting they’re fighting unless a will
6:10 welcome you guys do not understand
6:12 Commandments do not kill I said you guys
6:16 grab everybody worshiping you and we
6:19 forgot all about father and mother who
6:22 is the mother I don’t understand okay my
6:25 father showed me a scripture in Genesis
6:29 let us make man in our image did he make
6:33 two men no he made a man and a woman
6:37 now you go to proverbs 8:20 and it
6:42 starts off I was the first of his works
6:44 before his visible I was and it
6:49 continues before he made the world or
6:52 the dust of the world I was given birth
6:55 and I’m like wisdom is a child wisdom is
7:01 a female
7:03 everybody says wisdom is a attribute but
7:06 it is not that’s a child of my father
7:10 Winston has built her house on seven
7:13 pillars wursten mixes her meat and wine
7:16 proverbs lime it’s a female is a woman
7:20 in Revelation who built her house on
7:23 seven hills babylon the great mother of
7:26 prostitutes the woman in Revelation 18
7:31 come out of her my people she’s got all
7:34 the nations beginning from adenine line
7:38 and say whose wisdom why does she say in
7:42 Proverbs she has power and she rules all
7:44 the kings of the earth I say is that the
7:47 same mother a prostitute in Revelation
7:49 are those two different women one built
7:52 our house on seven pillars and one build
7:54 her house on seven hills now I probably
7:58 showed me in the scripture Mary when it
8:03 came time to make the water the front
8:04 quarter woman and I say son because he
8:09 said many would come in his name and
8:12 thus that’s why you see Jesus Jesus
8:15 Christ Christ Christ Jesus Lord Jesus
8:18 Christ etc many are right there in the
8:20 Bible Shiloh Immanuel toward more the
8:24 world I mean let’s go on I’m like I
8:27 don’t know which one is the correct name
8:28 on this whole column son so he Clara for
8:33 women and then when he’s wrong when he’s
8:37 outside and the Apostles come and they
8:40 say teacher teacher your mother and
8:42 brothers are out you know whoever does
8:45 the will of my father is my brother
8:48 sister mother
8:50 okay so there is another red flag he
8:53 called her a woman he said she’s not
8:55 doing the will of father and then the
8:58 wise men come wrong when he’s a baby and
9:00 we tell her things and she Ponder’s 15
9:03 June or hike her why is she pondering
9:06 things and then there’s a woman who
9:10 wanted John and James to be on the other
9:12 side of the Father those are the
9:14 strengths of thunder and then I found
9:17 the scripture Mary gets a sword through
9:19 her soul I said what’d she do I said
9:22 well the catholics cover being mother of
9:24 god over there does she try to make
9:27 herself be somebody that she wasn’t
9:29 because the calf has got her being the
9:32 mother of god they got the trinity thing
9:35 going on they twist things they have
9:39 taken scripture they have cherry pit
9:40 from squisher they have chosen to focus
9:44 on quote okay
9:45 the Gospels get the woman fuzzies but
9:48 they avoid the certain verses and they
9:50 saying there that doesn’t apply that
9:52 doesn’t apply like it says in matthew
9:54 23:9 you’re the crime no man on earth
9:56 father you only have but one father and
9:58 he is in heaven
9:59 oh but that’s not the same father honor
10:03 thy father another the one with the
10:06 commandment that’s not him that will
10:09 post all no no haha alright how can you
10:12 even do that
10:12 you can’t man does not live by bread
10:16 alone but every ward of God the bread is
10:20 the body the one that was took a beating
10:24 and died the Holy Spirit the one thing
10:27 that’s unforgivable is the same spirit
10:29 you have to be born in and to be born
10:32 you come from a mother and that is my
10:36 mother in the commandment and in Isaiah
10:39 45
10:41 do you question a father about what he’s
10:43 begotten well God so loved the world he
10:47 gave His begotten son that’s the father
10:49 or the mother as to when she’s given
10:52 birth on earth i father I let her and
10:55 then when we get to the commandment do
10:57 not bear false witness I said boy I
11:01 don’t know who did what
11:03 know what this is in the Bible but I
11:05 already know with me personally I had a
11:09 whole bunch of things write about about
11:11 me that I didn’t do
11:13 sure I can see it happening in the Bible
11:16 it says in the Bible every since John
11:19 the Baptist there’s been violence on
11:20 earth and in heaven I said what did John
11:23 do this Satan change his name everybody
11:26 think Satan didn’t change his name I
11:28 said you even leave to think again he’s
11:30 supposed to be the father of lies if
11:32 Jacob got his name change Sarah Abraham
11:35 saw the ball Peter Simon that makes
11:40 people think Satan didn’t change his
11:42 name I said oh oh yeah I’m just gonna
11:46 pray for every one of them I said do
11:48 your children you’re not gonna kill your
11:51 own children you discipline Shakespeare
11:54 you discipline your children they won’t
11:57 get hard but sprinkles if they don’t
11:58 straighten up I know they tried to kill
12:01 me if somebody did I don’t know who this
12:04 probably a whole bunch of them is really
12:07 my brother’s trying to kill me where is
12:09 wrong with him he said they’re fighting
12:12 over a crown I like really I said you
12:16 guys are fighting over a crown I said
12:20 what happens you gotta become as a child
12:22 where are we going to our parents house
12:25 father and letters do you think he needs
12:27 helping in his house no he’ll also be
12:32 being children he wants children who
12:35 obey and stop fighting stop coveting
12:38 stop committing adultery stop killing
12:40 each other stop at all as it says in
12:44 scriptures the heavens declare his glory
12:46 when in Robins Park there won’t be more
12:50 out there than there is down here on
12:52 earth that’s how big this is
12:54 you know Abraham is supposed to be
12:57 remembered as the grains of sand it’s
13:00 huge and I know I know I know I speak
13:06 the truth I know without a doubt there’s
13:09 a bunch of them went home because
13:11 there’s been going on for a while a good
13:13 while for me he said good put it out so
13:16 I put it out
13:17 I’m like how am I supposed to do this
13:19 I’ve never done this before I’ve been
13:20 taking care of people in hospitals all
13:22 my life so I started to send me emails
13:24 out would you be willing to put this on
13:27 my show what you’re willing to put your
13:28 message out there like that oh yeah
13:29 absolutely this is for my father this is
13:32 for all this worry he’s got it you see
13:35 the mark of the beast people need to be
13:39 I was just reading in isaiah 40:8
13:41 the blasphemy my name all day I see it
13:46 everywhere and I started sending out
13:51 emails all over the world you know obey
13:55 the commandments obey the commandments
13:56 God is married that is him in the
13:58 commandment honor that father and mother
13:59 and then you know my son got had you
14:04 know as it says every plan that they
14:05 make will come to earn the fall into
14:08 their own traps I didn’t know what that
14:11 meant until my father showed me when I
14:16 lived in my other house I was convinced
14:20 somebody was in my attic I heard noises
14:23 and when I moved to the basement and I
14:26 heard noises in my sub-4 and I was
14:30 convinced somebody was in here people
14:31 thought I was crazy
14:33 well one night I heard three distinct
14:36 knocks and when I woke up I shot up and
14:41 I was like what is that and then when I
14:44 woke up I woke up to these words Paul
14:48 Malcolm stealing three times when he
14:49 expired I am NOT on the ceiling three
14:54 times when he expired and then it dawned
14:58 on me ah that’s so Paul asked one in the
15:03 Bible it has to be and another time I
15:07 heard the words
15:08 who needs sure when they got a nice guy
15:10 like me and the only thing I could think
15:13 of at that time was John the Baptist
15:16 when he’s saying about the bride right
15:19 grandma whatever that joy is mine and I
15:22 like what I don’t know who saying these
15:24 things but you guys are in trouble
15:27 I’ll not pray for all of you guys
15:31 I’ve never been afraid I walk through
15:34 the valley of definite fear no evil
15:36 I’ve seen people’s eyes change and I’ve
15:41 heard heard the voice change I’ve seen
15:45 transparent people I was driving down a
15:49 street a certain Street in all of sudden
15:52 I’m on another Street and I’m like what
15:55 happened huh what is this right
15:57 teleporting I have no idea I know what
16:00 happened I know my father isn’t even
16:04 very worried about it but I know what
16:05 happened and so because of this stuff
16:09 that I have seen I know like Elijah
16:13 militia when Elijah went to death and he
16:16 gave it his rule abilities so like
16:18 Elisha you know Moses is supposed to win
16:22 upon the hill the guide but Moses and
16:24 Elijah are talking to the son they come
16:27 down and talk to him so I know they can
16:29 do stuff oh yeah I see it
16:32 but you guys are abusing them off the
16:34 Charter I said you guys are going to be
16:36 in so much trouble I said how are you
16:39 people going to my father doing this
16:41 stuff I said how many times he’s going
16:44 to try to kill me ain’t gonna work I
16:45 don’t care what you do isn’t gonna work
16:47 you’re gonna get a lot of trouble go
16:50 home go home I understand what
16:52 commandments mean he’s going to
16:55 discipline you however many times it
16:57 takes every one of them I went through
17:00 the Bible and I was like I will pray for
17:02 the soup and I will pray for that man
17:04 from dust you come the dust you go the
17:07 dragon I don’t care who they were in the
17:09 Bible I’m praying for me Satan in the
17:11 demons Legion legend whatever his name
17:14 is that 2,000 spirit I said he desires
17:17 for men to perish but all the repent all
17:19 not excluding nobody on denying nobody
17:22 it’s not my house
17:24 yeah we’re told very clearly in the COS
17:26 of church that Satan is damned forever
17:28 and it can’t be saved and that we were
17:30 not allowed to pray for him no no no no
17:32 that’s a lie so you you have a different
17:34 opinion that’s my cuz it honored it’s my
17:37 father’s Commandments on kill it call it
17:39 exist desire for Linda parish do you
17:41 think that everyone will end up in
17:43 heaven eventually I know what
17:44 the scripture I will come and write my
17:46 laws on their hearts and in their minds
17:49 and they will be my people and I will be
17:51 their God and he says every tongue will
17:54 confess in every knee will bow but this
17:57 is what I think because I had went
17:59 through this and mind you
18:02 prior to this probably three four years
18:04 ago I didn’t know nothing about false
18:06 gods
18:07 all my life I’ve just known when God my
18:12 father so what he like bring opened the
18:15 door and showed me all these false gods
18:17 and show me in Scripture where’s that
18:20 all have fallen short of the glory of
18:22 God that means to make themselves equal
18:25 to God see the Catholics they got their
18:28 stuff all over the world and these
18:32 questions they’re practicing the same
18:34 Trinity same exact and that’s that’s
18:38 where that revelation 18 come out of her
18:41 my people I don’t know what they got in
18:43 the Vatican but my father being really
18:46 is made sure that when I was to see I
18:49 got to see and I never knew none of this
18:52 stuff I never knew I never knew all the
18:54 different words in the Bible they’re
18:56 different words you got the capital all
18:59 capital you got the El capital you got
19:01 the lowercase those are different words
19:05 there Jehovah aren’t the most high over
19:08 the earth I like wait a minute
19:11 I thought it was Satan’s earth he told
19:14 the Sun just bow down to me and I’ll
19:16 give you all of this now who’s Jehovah
19:20 pushed over cuz he limited himself right
19:23 there he said aren’t the most high over
19:25 the earth my father’s way beyond work
19:27 that’s a false God my father showed me
19:31 all these false odds and I’m like oh my
19:33 gosh I can’t believe this I said to your
19:37 children what are we doing that’s when I
19:40 said well I don’t call him evil I don’t
19:43 call him wicked I call him snotty small
19:45 bratty brats they’re family
19:48 see if somebody else I guess would have
19:52 been trying to be killed they would have
19:53 been out to see blood and they would
19:55 have tried to get revenge
19:57 but I was never he didn’t make me like
19:59 that I came back from the Mayo Clinic
20:03 and I thought I was supposed to take
20:04 these brothers to court and my father
20:07 said no I’m coming the judge and I
20:10 remember being in my house I like oh I
20:13 yelled it I like I realize that he’s
20:16 coming to judge I said bring it Satan I
20:19 said you’re gonna know the commandments
20:20 perform that bread did I condemn him no
20:24 oh oh you’re in trouble let’s see all
20:28 right I don’t know who you are it would
20:30 be Jesus Jesus Christ Christ Christ
20:32 Jesus whoever I don’t know because it
20:36 says all have fallen I said you all are
20:38 going to understand what these
20:39 Commandments mean before on them because
20:42 it’s the ancient and they’re their
20:45 family I feel like I am truly a baby
20:51 ping paired to them I said been around a
20:55 long long long long time and I’m sitting
20:58 here in this world that’s all black and
21:02 it’s got blood splattered everywhere
21:04 actually I feel like I’m in a little
21:06 room and I’m sitting in the corner and I
21:10 got my siblings who I don’t know exactly
21:13 who they are but all I could see in
21:14 doing is pulling out their guns shooting
21:16 or knives or swords they got the whole
21:19 room painted black they’re splattering
21:21 blood everywhere they’re killing all
21:23 father and mothers on the other side of
21:25 the door then barricaded the door and my
21:28 father’s eland are they and I’m like
21:30 you’re back no they’re still fighting
21:32 they’re strict tighten and everyone know
21:36 he tries to open the door
21:38 and they spit in his face this good on
21:41 the commandments and they slam the door
21:43 in his face oh yeah
21:46 I thought something like that have you
21:48 met anyone in your real life or in the
21:50 history books that you think is a true
21:52 god-fearing person like you like
21:55 yourself
21:55 I believe my mother was and I believe
21:59 that son in the Bible now as far as
22:03 anybody else walking around in this day
22:06 and age so something I’m walking in this
22:07 earth giving Boyd God no I don’t know I
22:10 I don’t you ever
22:11 to anything no I never even knew about
22:13 the Trinity where were the Jews and the
22:15 Muslims are any of them worshipping God
22:17 in the right way um this is what I can
22:20 tell you no baby
22:22 calls their parent by their formal name
22:26 you see my father he’s my father
22:32 my mother is my mother and seat when I
22:36 address him as the creator majestic God
22:39 Almighty of all the universes the
22:41 galaxies in the heavens everything but
22:44 the mess I do that intentionally there’s
22:48 only been one glad all my life I know
22:50 that for a fact
22:51 but when all these false gods they were
22:54 like I knew they were I couldn’t see him
22:58 but I know they were you know how it
22:59 says in the scriptures shattered out to
23:01 the great congregation well that’s damn
23:05 I can’t see him and I know they’re there
23:08 I’m you’re me he lets them hear me and I
23:11 said just so you know that I know who my
23:14 father is
23:15 he is the creator and majestic God
23:18 Almighty of all the universes the
23:19 galaxies in the heavens and everything
23:21 but the mess do you understand how big
23:23 he is
23:25 so you may be the little king of Earth
23:28 and somebody else maybe of another
23:31 planet or wherever because the aliens
23:33 whatever they are they’re they’re real I
23:36 said whatever you guys are you’re not my
23:38 father I said so keep on keeping on
23:40 trying to pretend you are your around a
23:43 B that will never be him and I can tell
23:46 you this he let me see it and I said no
23:50 I said you don’t have to I told him I
23:53 said do you not have to go to anybody
23:55 and say may I have your permission I
23:57 said go to him directly he says to cry
24:00 out to him you want to be his child you
24:03 obey Him and you grow no child has their
24:06 sibling to talk to their father and
24:08 that’s why he said whoever does a little
24:11 our Father is my brother sister mother I
24:14 didn’t quite understand what your
24:16 objection is with the Jews and Muslims
24:17 is it because of the name that you use
24:19 for God rather they’re just calling up
24:22 false gods
24:24 on earth calling out to a false god they
24:27 are and they don’t even know it except
24:29 for you I I um all up Jehovah
24:34 they got Jesus being God they got price
24:36 being God
24:37 they got Mary being the mother of god
24:40 they got Jehovah being glad they got
24:44 Shiloh Yahweh I mean it goes on and on
24:48 and on and off can you talk a little bit
24:51 about the burning bush with Moses in the
24:52 burning bush me your perspective on that
24:54 I think that you know how says in the
24:57 Bible did not add to this book ride to
25:00 the plagues and did not take away in
25:02 Revelations I think that I am God I
25:07 think they left the word god off that’s
25:12 what I think there’s only one God and
25:16 Moses the stole to go up onto the hill
25:18 and die because when he came down with
25:22 those Ten Commandments and he seen that
25:23 golden calf he broke the commandments
25:25 and then he had them take care of the
25:27 calf the golden calf and then he turned
25:30 around and had them kill each other and
25:32 everybody thinks that it was because he
25:36 hit the rock for water
25:37 I don’t like go back to those
25:39 commandments he just brought them and
25:40 broke them and turned around and had
25:41 everybody kill each other and they’re
25:43 trying to make like my father did that
25:44 that’s where my father said test the
25:47 spirits I said Moses what’d you do I
25:49 said you’re in trouble doing do you not
25:52 understand
25:53 you’re on kill means do not kill I think
25:56 it’s right in the scripture I recommend
25:58 the Moses I like we you’re in trouble
26:01 see like they were right he let his
26:04 heart hardened I don’t know if Pharaoh’s
26:07 still running around you know in a
26:09 different form or whatever but I told
26:12 him I said do you not know who my father
26:14 is
26:14 I said why do you think he took favor
26:17 son contain kill him what Aaron did not
26:20 kill that son he took him home he took
26:23 him home to love him as he deserved to
26:24 be loved
26:25 I said Pharaoh wherever you are you want
26:29 your son you better straighten up I said
26:32 my father we got him others got every
26:35 soul there is
26:36 because he is who he is and he can do
26:38 anything he can bring back anybody he he
26:42 puts the souls where he decides for them
26:44 to go he’s swirl the Ingram long
26:47 suffering because he desires from them
26:50 to perish but all the repent they’re his
26:53 children and they go out of control they
26:58 have the rebound with commitments or
26:59 they have to understand a long time ago
27:02 there were simple instructions and then
27:05 they became rules then they became laws
27:09 now they are commands do you either do
27:13 or you’re kicked out now in the
27:16 scriptures it says he’ll put him through
27:18 the fight or several times get the gross
27:21 out my kids I wouldn’t never give up on
27:24 my kids I do whatever it takes and he
27:27 made me like that for a reason and I
27:31 know that he’s going to do whatever it
27:32 takes to get everyone with his children
27:34 home because he desires for men to
27:35 perish but for all the repent and he
27:38 could make that happen what’s impossible
27:40 for everybody else is not for him I said
27:43 so I’m here I’m the babysitter of you
27:46 guys and I’m gonna keep on keepin on
27:48 until he parts in heavens I love you
27:51 you’re my family I said that you’re
27:54 going to understand I will never give
27:57 anybody glory but him and I’m never
27:59 going to honor to anybody but him and
28:01 mother so if you’re looking for me if
28:03 you guys any honor it ain’t happening
28:06 I’m not doing it and see that’s the
28:09 thing of it everybody all over this
28:11 world is given glory and honor to
28:13 everybody but God himself and they’re
28:15 completely oblivious to his wife you
28:19 know him Arthur read here children you
28:21 know it is very personal to me because
28:24 he truly is her father he predestined me
28:28 for this I mean what would happen if
28:30 your if your teachings were put into a
28:33 book and then a hundred years from now
28:35 they discover this book and that the
28:38 true teachings about the true God and
28:39 the true nature of God do you think that
28:42 book would carry the same way to
28:43 Scripture or even more because the
28:46 scripture has mistakes in it apparently
28:47 according to you
28:49 you aren’t the truth of the matter
28:50 there’s little be notebook written
28:53 because my father I have no doubt
28:57 whatsoever will be porting in heavens
29:00 one of these days before you pass on I’m
29:03 not gonna pass on okay
29:05 I’m not either something like a rapture
29:07 or something like that in your world you
29:09 know I say I say that I say that because
29:11 I was totally miraculously healed I felt
29:15 him I felt him kill me and I even heard
29:19 somebody say I did that I was like well
29:23 you may have did it I said but it was
29:25 only because you were corrected or all I
29:27 father taught you I said I’m gonna
29:29 giving you no credit happening I said
29:32 but this is real this is real how do you
29:35 know that you’re not deluded by Satan
29:38 and by all the lies how do you know that
29:40 you that you can trust your own
29:42 interpretation without a church to bow
29:44 to it says in the Bible that the church
29:46 is the pillar of truth right I don’t
29:48 know I don’t know about that I don’t go
29:50 to church I don’t go to church because I
29:52 could go through that Bible and tell you
29:54 when you asked me about testing the
29:56 spirits I can go back through that Bible
29:59 and things that are hidden that your
30:01 interpretation oh but there there there
30:03 there there there there
30:05 oh there there and it’s not by my
30:08 interpretation it’s you know they are
30:12 kind of like Esther the book of Esther
30:15 Esther answer to Mordecai she did not
30:18 answer to that King she always went back
30:21 to Mordecai then Haman was trying to
30:26 kill them but she got the King to switch
30:30 the table she and Mordecai’s the ones
30:32 killing everybody they took the ten sons
30:34 put their heads on poles that’s not my
30:37 father
30:37 it was not there is a reason why Queen
30:40 veste veste she she left she wants
30:44 because that kid wanted her to come
30:46 dance in front of a bunch of drunk men
30:47 so if he wanted her to do it why didn’t
30:51 he’d want Queen Esther to do it well I
30:53 believe that she did what happens when
30:56 you got bunch of drunk men and a woman
30:59 and from Scripture it says she only had
31:02 a crown
31:02 on her head she would butt-naked
31:05 Esther’s feast they have that in the
31:08 Bible Esther Spees what is the Esther’s
31:10 feast they pieced it on Esther yeah
31:16 the dark things will be revealed the
31:18 secret hidden things will be revealed I
31:20 got to see you walk and I even at one
31:23 time was like I can’t read this one more
31:25 he said just focus on the things that
31:27 are pure that all right and then our
31:29 lovely I was like living the things that
31:32 I was reading it was horrifying to me
31:35 and I was like my gosh I said how long
31:39 has this stuff been going on you know he
31:43 says in Scripture some of the things
31:44 that he sees people doing he has to turn
31:47 away it’s horrible I want everybody to
31:53 know who the women only God is and how
31:57 majestic he is in every which way and
32:00 he’s perfect and he doesn’t make
32:02 mistakes but he has children that have
32:04 made horrific mistakes and to go back to
32:08 love love never fails you forgive you
32:13 forgive you forgive as long as it takes
32:15 you do not give up and love will take
32:20 care of it God Himself he can do
32:23 anything was impossible for everybody is
32:26 not for him he can do it thank you I
32:35 don’t want to do if you can get got some
32:37 questions a piano go all you got to do
32:40 it all you got to do

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