Catholic vs. Muslim – 2016-09-17 – Muhammad Zahid Siddiqui

I met this gentle man in a depanneur (corner store) in little-India (Jean-Talon). He runs a Mosque above his shop. After closing up, we went into the basement to conduct the interview. I was very moved by his humility, and his very simple, sincere love of God.


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0:00 hi my name is mohammad sadeghi you
0:02 listening to Catholic versus Muslim tell
0:09 us a little bit about yourself who you
0:11 are what you believe and why you believe
0:13 it yes I am Muslim from Pakistan I’m 51
0:17 years old and one Muslim my parents are
0:21 mostly so I believe on the one almighty
0:25 god i believe all the messengers that
0:28 has been sent from Almighty God for
0:32 Humanity time to time it’s not sure how
0:35 many but whatever mentioned in Quran
0:38 plus almighty says that there’s so many
0:41 that i did not mention i mean he did not
0:43 mention so i believe all the orders of
0:48 almighty i have to obey can you talk a
0:51 little bit about when you were young
0:52 when you began to think for yourself can
0:55 you tell me about how your relationship
0:56 when i was young then I heard about
0:59 Almighty God and about Makka so I
1:01 thought there is a God sitting in a
1:04 middle and all people has surrounding
1:07 the houses and I had a kind of
1:10 imagination that the big generous that
1:13 has a beer because I was maybe three or
1:15 four years old I’m talking about that
1:17 time now because I Almighty God explain
1:21 himself in Holy Quran you take a light
1:24 that coming from the lamp and it’s very
1:28 light is coming from everywhere but it
1:31 doesn’t burn you it doesn’t give you so
1:33 God mighty explain himself like that as
1:37 you age can you get deeper and deeper
1:40 with your face of course every human
1:42 being has different level of sensitivity
1:44 and the wisdom and everybody is
1:46 different not so it depends where I
1:50 stand in terms of my wisdom in terms of
1:53 my humbleness I read Quran with
1:56 translation because I do not understand
1:59 that a big phone so every time I read so
2:00 I got a different meaning out of it so
2:03 as we sat down for an interview you gave
2:05 me a drink can you tell me what the
2:06 drink is this is called samsung it’s
2:08 only come from one well in Saudi Arabia
2:11 pretty
2:11 in Masjid al-haram we caught it where if
2:14 they go for pilgrim and it was the son
2:17 of Abraham is my peace be upon him so he
2:21 was very young so he was very thirsty so
2:23 his mother was running around praying
2:25 and then God created a spring is that
2:28 near the big black cube yep it’s near
2:30 the budget can you tell me a little bit
2:32 about the significance of their cube
2:33 that’s the house of God when Abraham got
2:36 revealed that there is how its
2:38 everything is created Abraham thought
2:42 one day oh my god the son could be my
2:44 god because it’s very big and because
2:48 very Brown were born everybody used to
2:50 pray the statues at that time but he
2:52 says how I can worship a stretch ooh
2:54 because these cannot do anything himself
2:56 so he was thinking so he look at the Sun
3:00 and he said oh this is my god but when
3:03 sun sat down he said what kind of God it
3:06 is then he look at the moon then he look
3:09 at the stars then he sat down it says
3:11 whoever is there guide me so at that
3:14 time the angel jibril I think he
3:18 revealed it to him or somehow he had
3:20 done so then he got order from Almighty
3:23 that him a house for almighty to have
3:26 worship actually we should not worship
3:28 that walls or that thing all over mosque
3:32 masjid is the house of God not for
3:35 sitting down and drinking and that’s
3:38 worship place so after that he built
3:42 that place when his son is mine that was
3:45 at that time and also you see we had the
3:50 holidays a nice luster we cut the
3:52 animals lamb and everything that’s again
3:55 for Abraham because Abraham sign his
3:58 dream that almighty doesn’t use
4:00 sacrifice the dearest thing for me in
4:02 your life so the dearest thing for him
4:06 was his son Isaac in our term is smile
4:09 Oh Niagara has two wives and from one
4:13 wife is Isaac and one from one wife is
4:16 myra Rosanna so what our karate is us
4:20 that he covered his eyes for smiley was
4:22 young
4:23 ask him I’ll saw in my dreams that while
4:26 mighty told me to sacrifice you so he
4:28 said okay I’m your son I’m ready no I
4:31 you just do whatever your God tells it
4:33 to them so he said down when he tried to
4:36 slaughter him with the knife so that was
4:39 chained by the lamb so we all every year
4:42 all over the world it’s either a la but
4:44 in Saudi Arabian micargi the hutch is
4:47 going on over there this is a hutch one
4:51 part of Hajj is in compulsory it’s for
4:54 three days they go for a certain place
4:57 stay there praying then come they have
5:00 three statues not stretches as Chile
5:03 walls that disabled 22 devil big devil
5:07 middle devil then hanger so they put a
5:09 small strong very small stone so every
5:11 person the Muslim says I’ll take all my
5:15 T’s name and throw the pebble to that
5:18 devil to stone him what’s the name of
5:20 the Cuba Kaaba when was it built how
5:22 many years ago was that built when
5:24 Abraham was there it’s about what 5,000
5:26 maybe is it impressive when you’re there
5:29 were yes when I was around 15 15 and a
5:32 half I went for a privilege when I saw
5:36 the Kaaba I didn’t know how started
5:38 running so I run ran away I left my
5:41 shoes there and I started running
5:43 towards before coming to Islam this
5:48 cover was in the middle the house was in
5:50 the middle and surrounding they put the
5:52 statues different kind of statue and
5:54 they were worshiping every statue at the
5:57 end they believe on god to now the basic
6:00 basic essence of the islam is that you
6:03 believe on only one almighty god that he
6:08 is forever he will be forever in says
6:12 ‘can fuckin whatever he says it happens
6:16 and the day of judgment because
6:20 everything is we useless if we don’t
6:23 have their judgment so these two are the
6:26 basic basic things now the prophet
6:28 muhammad peace be upon him the messenger
6:31 Jibril came and Google the verses from
6:34 the God Almighty so now
6:37 Prophet Muhammad his life is example
6:41 that how a Muslim should be when we said
6:44 we are Muslims first thing is that we
6:47 have a believe there is only one guy
6:49 what about the character of Muhammad is
6:52 impeccable it depends that I’m doing one
6:56 thing and you don’t know my
6:57 circumstances and from outside you think
7:00 I’m doing a bad thing and what’s going
7:02 on and the best choice at that time what
7:04 it is and personally I don’t judge
7:07 anyone even in ordinary life I try not
7:11 to judge but as a human being sometimes
7:13 it’s cross your mind but still I try my
7:16 best because I don’t know what you are
7:18 going through what your situation is
7:20 because he fought lot of soft worse
7:23 because he was get attacked first in the
7:26 beginning you know when I converted to
7:29 God my first instinct was to be Muslim
7:31 because it’s simple Christianity that’s
7:35 a little bit more complicated actually
7:37 it is not when you look at teaching of
7:40 Jesus busy upon him he never cleans
7:42 Virgin Mary never claims that their
7:45 godmother of guard or something these
7:48 things came after because of humans like
7:51 us manipulate make money out of it make
7:54 power out of it but when you look at
7:56 true teaching of Jesus peace be upon him
7:58 we never clean obviously I’m Christian
8:01 so I’ve studied a lot and now I’ve come
8:03 to believe in Christianity I believe
8:05 that Jesus is the Son God and God is a
8:07 Trinity how do you as a Muslim interpret
8:10 the words of Christ when he says you
8:12 have to eat my flesh and drink my lab
8:13 again I have to attend teacake where the
8:17 word comes from that’s the main question
8:20 it could have been a try quitting or
8:21 actually wanted in the original
8:23 manuscripts we don’t have that’s the
8:25 main man co casa Plus what about the
8:29 nation’s the billions of people that
8:31 went before Christ what about them what
8:34 about the people that before the
8:36 Christian era salvation that crime rings
8:38 is for all men pass person what about
8:40 yea high offers Hall Pass
8:42 how because my past is gone because God
8:44 yeah it’s not in time so why he didn’t
8:48 came in the beginning his wisdom is not
8:50 our wisdom his wisdom exceeds our wisdom
8:52 okay this you should be comfortable this
8:53 as a Muslim okay God’s ways are not our
8:55 ways he can choose to do things that
8:58 would surprise us but the question of
9:00 salvation I find it very interesting
9:01 when Adam and Eve were made perfect in
9:03 the garden and then they disobeyed that
9:05 infinite offense against God Almighty
9:07 has to be somehow paid if God doesn’t do
9:11 it how can we put her goodness for that
9:13 Quran explained that God teaches some
9:17 word to Adam for asking forgiveness for
9:21 the sin that he commits for the mistake
9:23 that he made and I don’t know at that
9:25 time what prayer he was doing like a
9:27 Muslims prayer but the prostration
9:30 that’s the main thing if you you bear
9:33 something or you want to give your whole
9:35 life or world body your whole soul to
9:37 somebody so you bow so submission to God
9:40 so what in Quran it says that God
9:43 Almighty teaches some word to Adam peace
9:46 be upon him that now you made mistake so
9:50 you go and live on earth and you and
9:52 devil will be enemy to each other till
9:55 the day of judgment and whoever from you
9:58 obey me you will be okay otherwise all
10:01 other goes to hell can we have certainty
10:04 that we are in God’s good graces that’s
10:07 the thing in audio quran the most vs and
10:11 with that almighty is forgiver and in
10:15 one place it says that god is love his
10:18 creator seventy times more than the
10:20 mother like suppose our child made a
10:22 mistake right what I would mistake it it
10:25 when he asked forgiveness from the
10:27 mother what mother say and then almighty
10:30 claims and I love my creation seventy
10:33 times more than the mother so we all
10:35 always there in Islam the two things
10:38 Allah don’t forgive at the end he can do
10:41 anything but where he says one when you
10:44 make a partner with him in any and
10:45 anyway sorry to say either interview son
10:48 in terms of wife enters a subordinate to
10:51 him he can do only knew
10:53 can go direct to the guard because our
10:55 Prophet peace be upon us show us the way
10:57 go make ablution clean yourself stay in
11:00 front of God and ask him and if you have
11:03 something in your heart put two tears up
11:06 from your eyes and he will forgive you
11:08 and then second thing without reason to
11:11 murder any human being that’s unjust
11:13 killing would be murder if God forbid
11:16 somebody murdered my father as an elder
11:20 son forced my light either to forgive
11:23 him or not to forget it are my mother
11:26 the video so as a family we will sit
11:28 down we will consider what you do if we
11:30 are save you if given forgive and in God
11:33 says so many times if you forgive that’s
11:36 better for you but like I for an eye
11:38 that’s the rule but it says one time I
11:41 foreign I is s’pposed but after ten
11:44 times said if you forgive it’s better
11:45 for you if you forgive it’s better for
11:47 you if you forgive to take out your
11:49 plane side humanity to humbleness from
11:52 inside that you do make a decision on
11:54 your own forgive it’s better for you but
11:56 you have the right to take your eye for
11:58 an eye you have the right yes if you’re
12:00 doing that you’re not making any sin
12:01 total forgiveness is not in human nature
12:04 is against human nature forget about
12:07 Jesus be your body he was exceptional
12:09 look at the normal human being how many
12:12 human beings there can forgive at least
12:14 they will feel some kind of anger the
12:17 Jews say vengeance belongs to God alone
12:19 vengeance is mine says the Lord did the
12:21 muzzle have a similar conception low and
12:24 in our holy book God Almighty gave us
12:27 the right the widgets but true when
12:29 Jen’s mean just vengeance but as I told
12:32 you after that 10 times it says if you
12:35 fear is better feel now the underlying
12:38 issue for me is loved are you told to
12:40 love your enemies what kind of enemies
12:43 and every time the thing is that Prophet
12:45 peace be upon him used to go from one
12:47 path and a woman old woman that she
12:50 didn’t like him used to throw garbage on
12:52 him one day he left and garbage did you
12:54 came up so he asked her what you say she
12:58 is sick then he went to her house after
13:00 four huge feeling okay everything she
13:03 became Muslim
13:05 a god always tell us to love of course
13:08 god is love low there’s no more perfect
13:10 love than God know it but we have free
13:13 will we can abuse our free will right
13:14 this is what the Church teaches do you
13:16 believe that the human race is in a
13:18 fallen state since paradise when we’re a
13:21 new baby is born today is that child
13:23 contaminated with saying my church says
13:25 it is until it cleansed my baptism and
13:28 see by fæ that’s trouble what about all
13:30 other words that before Christ what
13:32 about Jews then the children that not
13:34 was now are not baptized by the church
13:36 what happened it was according to the
13:38 Old Covenant before again the thing is
13:40 that these things came to Christianity
13:42 after Christ what price was there there
13:46 was no such a custom but you remember
13:47 that Christ was baptized in the Jordan
13:50 no baptized by John the Baptist I don’t
13:53 know if you know the story no no we
13:54 don’t run our their dogmas in your
13:56 religion do you have like a pope and do
13:59 you have dog knows is there one head of
14:01 Islam now there is no other than God no
14:04 only prophet peace be upon him was there
14:07 and that’s it we have the teaching from
14:09 him today if to Muslims disagree then
14:12 they go to a human to ask now for the
14:15 truth no can they go to the Quran and
14:17 get this we can go to that whore on and
14:19 get the truth but as I told you again as
14:22 you human if you have some nature I have
14:25 an anger I have a greediness I have
14:27 every single thing in me and when it
14:29 comes to a certain thing since i’m born
14:32 sunny and i’ve been grown up in that and
14:35 and my mind is totally controlled with
14:37 that part that okay I’m am the right see
14:40 I have right so as I she want gia will
14:41 think same thing and there is no way to
14:44 put them on a single bit could they not
14:47 one day become United a personal opinion
14:49 know there are so many good people but
14:53 some I feed that hate for each other for
14:55 no reason same thing comes to Muslim and
14:58 non-muslim non-muslim hate Muslims
15:00 without and they don’t know about Muslim
15:02 but they then like some Muslim don’t
15:05 know about other Hindus are really ever
15:07 they start so this is personal when that
15:10 not from its really Jenny the human
15:13 weakness is you only what do you think
15:15 about Moses and the Ten Commandments is
15:17 this became from the Gaggia to be a
15:19 Muslim we have to believe all the
15:22 messengers including Jesus peace be upon
15:24 him came as a messenger of god and they
15:29 got revealed by angel jibril leash and
15:32 Jibril is the main chief angel that he
15:37 bring messages from almighty to everyone
15:39 you believe that it was Gabriel that
15:41 announced the birth of Jesus to marry
15:43 true yeah I basically the whole stories
15:45 in Quran that mary says allah almighty
15:48 how it’s gonna be no man touching me
15:51 ever and the law says it will happen and
15:54 then she was lying down there and she
15:57 used to get fruits and gifts from
16:00 almighty unseasonal food supernatural
16:02 supernatural food do you believe that
16:04 she had only one child or do you believe
16:07 that they had many children no there’s
16:09 only one child it’s mentioned in Quran
16:10 okay and you believe that her virginity
16:13 was before driven out for the beginning
16:15 after work yeah right yeah okay now what
16:17 do you think about Mary’s husband Joseph
16:20 was he a virginal no there was no
16:21 husband to the Mary you know Doris was
16:24 no fiance no she stay ever virgin there
16:30 was no man involved in our life no
16:32 because she was devoted to all my teach
16:34 and in Quran and it says that the
16:37 holiest woman on earth was Mary peace be
16:39 upon her she is the holiest woman in
16:41 Islam even so everybody used to submit
16:45 to a mighty he is Muslim just the
16:47 wording different like the true jews
16:51 were our brothers okay I claim that I’m
16:54 more Christian than a Christian and I’m
16:56 more jus than you why because I totally
16:59 believe of those but 10 commandments and
17:01 whatever Jesus peace be upon teaching
17:03 but as I told you since there are so
17:06 many personal vendetta involved from
17:08 different humans and same thing in Islam
17:11 why because this think aims too much
17:14 confusion we have 20 be only whoever he
17:18 was or he was the messenger like Moses
17:21 and if you see their teachings they’re
17:23 very simple and very light now we made
17:26 everything’s too complicated in every
17:29 religion who is the Jewish Messiah that
17:31 everyone was talking about we only
17:33 talked about Jesus peace be upon him
17:36 that he will come back because the rule
17:38 from almighty is whoever go in under the
17:41 earth he’s not gonna raise until the day
17:44 of judgment why because we believe that
17:46 Jesus was not crucified he was picked up
17:49 by God now this thing is connected since
17:53 he was not passed away st. he was not
17:57 buried since he was not crucified since
17:59 he was not murdered because he was
18:01 picked up by Almighty that’s why he will
18:03 come back why we don’t believe the
18:05 Prophet Mohammed will come back because
18:06 he passed away do you believe that Jesus
18:09 is the only one that was taken to heaven
18:10 before he died yes I he’s always easy
18:13 only one is because the we believe that
18:15 Elijah also make a yeah so let’s know
18:19 because whatever quran says we believe
18:22 that my Church teaches that Mary was
18:25 taken body and soul to heaven you don’t
18:28 agree we don’t know we don’t know it
18:29 could be what we know is that Jesus
18:32 peace be upon him was picked up the
18:34 Catholic Church teaches the the Jews
18:36 were the chosen people God chose this
18:38 people and he separated that made them
18:40 holy do you believe in the chosen people
18:42 that the Jews are the chosen people know
18:45 we believe they were the luckiest one
18:47 because they got more profit on that why
18:50 they cut profitable because they’re very
18:53 intelligent and they wanted to break the
18:56 rules not directly but indirectly every
18:58 time God Almighty told them not to fish
19:02 at the day of summer right so what did
19:05 it they start running the canals and
19:08 they open the canals on the day off so
19:11 bad and the fish come down now this is
19:14 to twist the laws and you see the most
19:17 lawyer and you and you see all the
19:20 banking laws wealth created by the Jews
19:23 and mostly profit was killed by a Jew
19:26 I’m trying to talk about prayer when you
19:29 pray that is it the same prayer five
19:31 times a day policy also say the
19:33 essential composition
19:34 supporters of the same starting from our
19:37 zoo below him in a sharpener regime I
19:39 take your a few of Almighty from the
19:42 devil ms mella have a menorah hain I’m
19:44 starting this with the name of Almighty
19:46 is very great and very gracious and
19:49 merciful hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen
19:52 all praises to go the almighty who
19:55 create all the words I lamine mean all
19:58 the words now how many words are there
20:00 we don’t know rahmani raheem he’s the
20:03 one who’s very merciful where the mercy
20:07 ends ID it’s starting from him Maliki
20:10 Amandine the owner and the king of the
20:13 day of judgment here cannot move over
20:16 here can assign for Almighty we worship
20:19 you and we ask strength from you and we
20:22 ask help from you and we ask everything
20:25 from you d do we worship and the aid we
20:28 seek show us the right straightaway so
20:32 rapala Xena an Impala cool those people
20:35 that were on the right parts put us on
20:37 the same path ready megumi alayhim wala
20:40 boarding I mean not the one who you were
20:44 unhappy with them not a nut after those
20:47 paths you see you answer my mighty
20:49 almighty will show you then we can read
20:53 any worse from four on whoever because
20:56 you know these millions of people that
20:59 remembers by heart the hologram I have
21:02 my be some part you have your favorite
21:05 verses when there’s asking forgiveness
21:07 that’s my favorite we talked about is a
21:10 cure naik a little bit he gave one good
21:11 speech about extreme Islam he said you
21:14 should be extreme extremely loving
21:16 extremely generous extremely kind
21:18 extremely diverse of all the good thing
21:19 when they tell me you are fundamentalist
21:21 i said and i am a fundamentalist i have
21:23 to pray five times a day I have to cry
21:26 in front of my almighty I have to be
21:28 humble what does mean not not harming
21:30 anybody and I should not be what I feed
21:34 that as much as I pray and as much as I
21:37 ask in my heart my heart is getting
21:39 softened that’s my personal experience
21:41 because when it comes and suddenly my
21:44 hairs stand up goosebumps and
21:47 and I cry it comes by itself when I
21:49 think that I have to go one day travel
21:51 ball mighty how I’m gonna face him I
21:54 commit sense on a daily basis I do but
21:57 take an example you’re going with your
22:00 son or somebody and here on the way he
22:02 hold you father father by me this father
22:04 father my minis and you get this unknown
22:06 unknown eastern you trying to have any
22:07 way so as it shall be asked for me o
22:11 Allah you have to forgive me Almighty I
22:13 so we have to be personal yeah so the
22:16 teaching as you were telling me about
22:18 the love that Prophet Muhammad personal
22:20 life is full of that is there an example
22:23 today alive today or someone who’s a
22:25 holy holy Muslim visa holy Muslim that’s
22:28 for him Slough there’s a doctor Milan
22:31 apology me when you listen to him oh my
22:34 god he always talked very full and full
22:37 of you see him cry when he talked about
22:40 lago humans what you’re doing and you
22:41 know it’s literally crying which
22:43 countries here is from pakistan but the
22:45 thing is that his holiness his pious
22:47 nest everything that’s benefiting him i
22:51 see in jews and in christians the
22:54 priests they are dear to tell you do
22:56 this and do that or command this a
22:58 commander I think the holiness means you
23:01 can start praising it alone we cannot
23:03 you know the best Christians and the
23:05 best Jews are going to be like only
23:06 showing the love of God pointing us to
23:08 God only we think that Muslim Jew and
23:11 Christian holds the holy books because
23:14 they believe on one God in the same God
23:16 I believe personally that I am a more
23:19 jus and I’m a more christian because i
23:21 believe on Moses peace be upon him I
23:24 believe a original Torah whatever came
23:26 if ur came Almighty God as the Bible
23:29 whatever teachings Jesus peace be upon
23:32 him they’re true and they came from
23:35 Almighty God so everybody should open
23:38 mind and heart for each other for
23:39 humbleness and hopefully see for the
23:42 best or we can say you like it will do
23:49 if you think it’s got some questions
23:52 Adele all you gotta do is all you got to
23:57 do is

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